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Numberfire Takes a Closer Look at Chase Utley’s Iconic Career

Chase Utley

On Wednesday Dodger’s second baseman Chase Utley became just the third oldest player since 1913 in baseball history to have a six-hit game. Utley went 6 for 7 (2 doubles) during the Dodger’s 14-inning 6-4 loss to the Orioles at Dodger Stadium. There hasn’t been a Dodger to collect six hits in a game since Shawn Green’s legendary 4-home run game back in 2002. Not many players can get 6 hits in a game. It’s a rare feat accomplished by only a select few players. Our friends over at Numberfire take a closer look at Utley’s production this season and explain why he could be headed for the hall of fame.

The question is does Utley’s career warrant a hall consideration? I think he should at least be in the mix. He was an iconic presence for the Phillies for 13 seasons in Philadelphia. He won two National League pennants, a World Series championship, four silver slugger awards and was selected to the all-star game six times. This year he’s been a revelation for the Dodgers in the lead-off spot. The guys at Numberfire take a look at his unlikely production. To think that the aging infielder is 37-years old this year is quite remarkable.

Utley has played in 75 games for the Dodgers this season and posted a slash line of .270/.349/.387 with 5 home runs and 27 runs batted in. Numberfire has his contributions worth a 3.0 fwar this season, for those number nerds. That’s pretty darned good for a guy his age.

Whether you love him or hate him for his recent controversial slide, Utley is an incredible athlete and a great player to watch. He can still hit, run the bases, and play a solid second base. Personally I love watching him perfect that shovel throw to first he does on grounders so well.

The Dodgers signed Utley to a one-year seven million dollar contract extension this past winter. It’s anyone’s guess whether the Dodgers will retain his services for another year. Given his age, it’s more than likely he’ll either end up with another club or retiring. Still it’s fun to watch Utley have one last great season in the sun. Chase Utley has been and continues to be a very valuable asset for the Dodgers this year. How long can Utley keep defying father time? Do you think he belongs in the hall of fame once his career has ended?

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Numberfire Takes a Closer Look at Chase Utley’s Iconic Career

  1. Scott
    Personally, I think the Dodger’s offense, isn’t as good, when Utley isn’t in the line up.

    Last night, without Utley in the line up, there wasn’t much hope.

    And the way that Utley plays, makes Howie look like the older guy.

    It is to bad that Mattingly didn’t have the nerve to play Chase in the post season last year, against the Mets.

    That might have changed the end result last year, because Chase owns the Mets.

    1. MJ:
      Utley probably needed a day off following that marathon the day before. He also doesn’t hit very well vs LHP. Lifetime vs LHP – .258 vs .290 RHP.
      This year: vs LHP-196 vs RHP -.285. OBP- vs LHP .229 vs .370.
      Chase is one of a very few I would call my favorite. Always professional and level headed like AGon.

  2. I am starting to see more and more empty seats at Chavez Ravine. And you darn well known the camera men are being told to not show them. If things don’t turn around really soon it will get ugly in Dodgerville.
    Badger mentioned 6-4 in our last 10. Yes a six game win streak and a 4 game loss streak. Can we beat the fathers this weekend? I hope so.

    1. Slotim
      I just read some where, that the Dodger owners, we’re not happy with Friedman in some way, about the major league team.

      And Mark made a remark about the owners giving Friedman a hard time.

      But Mark has not elaborated about it, but it sounded like he would.

      I think that would be interesting to hear, even with Mark being a FAZ guy.

      Friedman has been talking about the trade deadline, and elite players.

      But the players, I have heard in the news, linked to the Dodgers, are not elite players, or pitchers.

      And they wouldn’t really help the Dodgers that much.

      This year it seems like there are not as many good players, or good pitchers, aviable at the trade deadline, like last year.

      1. The stupid jerks have procrastinated to the point that there is not likely anyone available who could make a difference. And they will have to grossly overpay them and we will never be happy with them and they will claim that nothing they do pleases us… True enough, because the time to do something was two months ago. That lost nail has cost us the battle.

  3. Hey Scott,
    How did your pow wow with Mark go the other day? Or did you post about it and I just didn’t see it.

    1. Hey Tim, We met for a drink, but it was a short meeting because he had a plane to catch. Mark is an extremly kind, patient, and wise man. I am glad I got to meet him. He shared a lot of interesting information with me. He actually predicted Andrew Toles getting called up.

  4. Based on what the brass did do and didn’t do last season during the stretch run and what they did or didn’t do before and thus far this season, can anyone really expect a big and/or significant move to improve the roster? Maybe but highly unlikely. As long as there are butts in the seats and merchandise being sold, ownership will sit on their hands. Now if the stadium really starts to look like a empty seat graveyard, then they might do something. However along those lines, the brass has made most of their ticket sales money by way of season-tickets that have already been paid for, so that may not spur action. It won’t happen, but if season ticket holders let them know they will not be returning next season, that would spur action, but like I said doubtful a significant revolt from season ticket holders will arise.
    We are all frustrated and the frustration is growing, it’s to the point that it is actually difficult to watch an entire game, it just lacks entertainment value, more action on “flip or flop tv show” with the hot wife than the Dodgers provide. I’ll take a peak every few innings at this point, but …

  5. Silver lining department: I haven’t heard anyone complain lately about not getting to see the Dodgers on TV. That should be bad news for the Dodgers. Or maybe they don’t care, just pare the payroll down to $60MM or $70MM and collect $300MM from TWC…

    1. Did you see who Terry Collins replaced Bumgarner with for the the Allstar game?

      He replaced Bumgarner with Bartolo Colon.

      1. What a joke!! I have a lot of respect for him given his age but there are more deserving players than him.

        1. The All Star Game IS a joke. How valid can it be when anyone can vote and vote thousands of time if he wants too. Meaningless.

          1. Meaningless other than a somewhat arbitrary selection of players winning a single weird game played under bizarre conditions determining home field in World Series.

            I say again – best record.

            And for those who think the game should “mean” something, that is nonsense. It should just stand on its own as a show.

  6. The Dodgers have designated infielder Cole Figueroa for assignment, per a club announcement. His 40-man spot was needed for the activation of outfielder Andrew Toles, with righty Carlos Frias optioned to clear active roster space.

    Andrew Toles, our new Saviour…

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