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Potential Dodgers Free Agent: A.J. Pollock

What if the Dodgers could acquire an impact bat? You might as well put on your nightcap get ready for bed and dreeaaaaaaam…..dream dream dream…..dreaaaaaaaam….because the idea that Andrew Friedman would actually acquire a true star impact player is normally a pipe dream. Sure he did acquire Manny Machado this past summer, but like most of his midseason acquisitions, Machado turned out to be a bust.

Obviously the Dodgers are not signing Bryce Harper. You should know this by now. You should know how Friedman and merry men of small market penny pinchers work by now. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a zebra to change his stripes. Certainly acquiring another strong bat would greatly increase the Dodger’s betting chances of reaching the World Series for the third consecutive time in 2019.

Of course we can give credit where credit is due. The Dodgers will still be a deep competitive club in 2019 despite having weaknesses at second base, catcher and middle relief. The Dodgers could end up flipping Joc Pederson, or Andrew Toles in a potential Yan Gomes trade with Cleveland. If that happens the Dodgers would have an opening in the outfield. Potentially, an A.J. Pollock signing would be pretty awesome for the Dodgers.

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Pollock is a player that would be an immediate boost to the offense. The 30-year centerfielder has spent his entire MLB career with the Arizona Dbacks. He’s had five seasons of average to above average offensive productions, with his best season coming in 2015 when he posted a 130 OPS+ and batted .315. In that season Pollock hit 20 home runs and stole 39 bases. Last year Pollock slashed .257/.316/.484 with 21 home runs and 13 stolen bases in 460 plate appearances. Pollack has hit 74 home runs, swiped 103 bases and reached base at a .338 clip.

Pollock’s combination of power and speed would be great in the Dodger lineup, especially at the top of the lineup. And oh look he has an .804 OPS when batting lead-off. He also hits right handers and left handers equally well. The Dodgers could sure use that.

The former gold glover ranks very well defensively too. Pollock has racked up 52 defensive runs saved and can play all three outfield positions. He’s committed just eight errors in seven years. As for salary, he was making 7.75 million dollars with the Snakes in 2018. I’m sure the Dodgers could work out something reasonable with him in terms of a team-friendly contract. Of course there is some risk involved here. Pollock has had some injury problems over the last several years. However at the end of the day, Pollock is an all around solid player. If he can stay healthy would be a nice addition to the Dodger offense.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

17 thoughts on “Potential Dodgers Free Agent: A.J. Pollock

  1. Fun Fact: AZ drafted Pollack with Dodgers’ draft pick, compensation for Orlando Hudson. Doh!
    But how would you make room for Verdugo, and where does Bellinger end up? Of course, you could put A.J. in left and trade Verdugo for a catcher or second baseman. But this FO hates parting with prospects almost as much as parting with money so don’t hold your breath.

  2. I agree. We HAVE TO find a spot in the outfield for Vertigo. Trade Pederson, or whoever. And you can have 2 players in 1-2 positions that hit for contact and and steal bases in Vertigo and Pollack!

  3. Keep Vertigo, add Pollack and trade Pederson, or whomever in the outfield besides Cody. And you have your 1-2 punch at the top of the lineup who are contact hitters and steal base.

  4. Another fun fact. When the current front office came into power they wanted to trade for AJ Pollock.

    Another, another fun fact: Pollock not Pollack.

  5. I like the guy, he fits Freidman’s MO as a player who has injury issues, and as of yet there is really no buzz as to what he wants contractually. But there are, as there always are, obstacles to getting something like this done. 1st. There is no need for an outfielder. 2nd. To create the need they have to trade at least 2 of the ones they have on the roster right now, and the prime candidates in most circles are Puig and Kemp. Although Toles would be up there too. It is my guess, and this is only a guess, that they will address the main hole, catcher before they do anything else.

  6. Pollock’s combination of power and speed would be great in the Dodger lineup, especially at the top of the lineup. And oh look he has an .804 OPS when batting lead-off. He also hits right handers and left handers equally well. The Dodgers could sure use that.
    That is good to know and other than injury concerns he would be a good fit basically for the above reasons alone. However, let us not hold our breath at all because Pollock will NOT want to sign with the Dodgers out of a possible concern of him being made into a p player and the analytic platoon L-R-L-R philosophy to an obsession will more than likely keep him from wanting to come here in the first place.

  7. Oh. I don’t think this front office, nor any other good one with an existing surplus of OF, will be passionate about signing a 30 yo CF to a multi-year deal.

    I just know the front office was once interested.

  8. Scott
    What makes Pollock so good? His numbers aren’t any better than Kemp. Why has everyone got their panties in a wad to get rid of Kemp. Pollock does not excite me. If they do that they will end of spending more money for the same thing. Not only that but you know that Friedman doesn’t do anything in the offseason. Give me a break.

  9. Bottom line: you can’t guess accurately what this FO will do. They constantly do a 180 from what anyone else would do, they have done it since arriving. For the last few years when we thought we were just a player or two away, they sat on their hands and did nothing. Last year, when no one in their right mind thought they would go after Manny, they go out and sign Manny (an ill-fated and stupid move in my opinion, yeah hindsight is perfect 20/20 but at the time last year I wasn’t in favor of acquiring a rental player with a surly attititude).

    Face it, we are the Braves of the 80’s or whenever they could dominate the season and choke in the WS. It won’t improve until this current FO is replaced.

  10. True
    You are correct. The Braves of the 80s. At least they had a few stars like Smoltz Glaven Maddux and Murphy among others. How many little boys have heros on this Dodgers team aside from Kershaw and maybe Turner? This is the Vanilla Los Angeles Dodgers. What a shame. If they had no money it would be one thing but they are the 2nd most valuable team in the MLB. Their management and ownership suck. They have built a competitive team with platoons and bench players. All of the ownership and management must be replaced before we would have a chance to have a team to REALLY care for.

      1. True said it first so he got you confused. I wonder if the head coach of USC will get his walking papers after a 5-7 season. No bowl for the Trojans or Bruins this year. Except maybe the toilet bowl. Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving…..

  11. Zack Neal signs with the Siebu Lions, Zack pitched at OKC last year and had a cup o tea with the Dodgers. Jacob Scavuzzo is the first of the prospects left off the roster to sign elsewhere. He goes to the Padres. Pack, I think the main reason a lot of guys like Pollock is his defense and speed. He is one of the better CF’s in the league, he does not possess Kemp’s power, but he does hit dingers now and then. He hit 21 homers this last season, but he only hit .221 against lefty’s. Not good, and of the 21 homers he hit, 9 of them came against the Dodgers, so against the rest of the league he hit only 12. Little tidbit of a rumor that is starting to gain legs……Az is looking more and more everyday like they are going to trade Goldy who is in his walk year.

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