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Remembering Adrian Gonzalez: 2013 NLCS Mickey Mouse Ears

Adrian Gonzalez

On Saturday afternoon the Dodger executives stunned the world by trading Adrian Gonzalez along with pitchers Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir and plucky utility infielder Charlie Culberson to the Atlanta Braves for former Dodger Matt Kemp. The move was considered a straight salary dump for the Dodgers who are struggling to stay below the luxury tax threshold. It also frees up several roster spots on the 40-man roster.

Unfortunately it also meant that Adrian Gonzalez’s tenure with the Dodgers came to an end. It’s important to look back on Gonzo’s career and remember what a rock he had been for the Dodgers during his five plus years in Los Angeles. Gonzalez was acquired from the Red Sox in that blockbuster trade that also sent Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to the Dodgers as well.

The stoic first baseman homered in his first at-bat as a Dodger. That set the tone for the strong quiet slugger to be a leader in the clubhouse and have a wonderfully successful career. We’re looking back at some of the best Gonzo moments of all time as we say goodbye to our butter and egg man.

Favorite Adrian Gonzalez moment: Game 5 2013 NLCS: Gonzalez blasts two home runs against Cardinals, flshes Mickey Mouse ears

The Cardinals had accused Gonzo of conducting mickey mouse business so he did just that by flashing his version of disneyland during the first of two towering home runs in game 5 of the 2013 NLCS.


We’ll never forget you Gonzo!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

39 thoughts on “Remembering Adrian Gonzalez: 2013 NLCS Mickey Mouse Ears

  1. I have a question about Kemp and “value”.

    Per Bluto: “The last two teams in MLB to trade Matt Kemp received nothing of value.”

    So I have a question for Bluto: How is it that when the Dodgers sign Culberson, McC, and Kazmir that is, according to you, depth. I think you are a prime proponent of that concept. If that isn’t you, my apologies.

    When FAZ sign those sign players like that, a multi position player with options, and starting pitchers who can spell those that end up on the DL, then guys like you regurgitate depth, depth, depth! But the moment they get traded away they are, according to you, zero value players. How do they go from essential elements of a division winning team (because of their specific roles) to ball players who have no value whatsoever? If Kemp has no value, then be default neither do the guys we sent to Atlanta. But those same guys were part of the depth, depth, depth FAZ BS chant that we have been given over and over again.

    So again, how did they lose their value? I’m of the opinion that they never had value. We just get that idea shoved down our throats by FAZ and their stooges.

    1. Hi Artie,

      Can you boil down your question, I don’t think I understand it. That said, I’ll take a stab at what you are saying:

      1. If your question is: What does it say for the Dodgers depth that four players can be traded and represent “no value”? Aren’t those four players part of said “great depth”?

      Then my answer is: First of all Kazmir produced nothing and cost a lot. Thus he’s a major negative (read: sub-zero) value. Similarly, Gonzalez is paid a lot and hasn’t contributed much. He’s a negative WAR. He is also a negative value. They don’t really factor as non-contributing depth, because both were on the DL for most of the year.

      McCarthy was a disappointment. There are no two ways about it. He was a disappointment, and now he’s gone. Process > Results. The process that went into his signing made sense, it didn’t work out. It worked out for Morrow and Blanton. It worked out for Wood. It didn’t work out for Kazmir.

      If your question is simply, how did they lose their value?

      That’s a simple question to answer. Sometimes players stop developing or contributing at an MLB level. This is why there’s always a need for Rookies or players from Japan, because players careers end.

      I can’t imagine anyone with an above room temperature IQ doesn’t realize how great the Dodgers depth was and is, but yes parts of that depth are not always going to be healthy or great. When they aren’t they often are not on the gameday roster (as all four traded players were generally not.)

      If I missed your question, I’m sorry. Please try to rephrase….

  2. I think we got lucky with several players, and unlucky with others.

    Nobody, including those with iq’s above room temperature figured Taylor, Wood, Bellinger and Morrow would do what they did. We were unlucky that Kazmir and Gonzalez got hurt. McCarthy’s failures should surprise no one. “Rather be lucky than good” has played a huge part in sports for decades. It went right for the Dodgers right up until the egg was laid in the last game of the season. The depth worked out, though 3 pitchers were added at the deadline.

    Not sure what to expect this year. More of the same? Maybe.

    1. I do not expect the team to be close to what they were this year. 92 wins would be great and I think they will be close to that number, but no way they get to 104 again. Of course we will all have a better handle on what we have when they finish spring training.

  3. Bluto

    How can you say that Agone didn’t contribute to this team, he carried this team for at least, three years?

    Unlike McCarthy and Kazmir, that spent more time on the bench tweeting, then out on the mound!

    Agone was hurt last year, and that is the reason he had a negative war!

    And maybe if Agone went on the DL every time he was feeling a little sore or hurt, like McCarthy and Kazmir did, his back wouldn’t be like it is!

    Last year was the first time Agone had ever went on the DL in his entire career, because he never wanted to let his team down!

    So even when Agone wasn’t feeling 100 percent, he was still in the line up, unlike both McCarthy and Kazmir!

    The truth is McCarthy and Kazmir never contributed to this team, and about all they did, was sit on the bench, and happily collect there checks!

    And McCarthy should have never been put on the World Series roster.

    He not only didn’t deserve to be on the World Series roster, it makes me wonder about the person, that put McCarthy on this roster!

    Because McCarthy’s did exactly what I thought he would do in the World Series.

    He put in a half hearted effort, and almost immediately lost game two, after only facing two hitters!

    And the front office would have never pulled off this big move, without Agone, because he was a class guy, to the end!

    And we can’t say the same about McCarthy and Kazmir!

    And Bluto, if Agone didn’t contribute much to this team like you said, why did Vin Scully call Agone the Dodger’s Butter and Egg Man?

    I think Vinny, has saw a lot more baseball, then any one of us!

    1. MJ,

      Once again, your ability to respond out of context has me mystified. What are you talking about? When did I favorably compare McCarthy and Kazmir to him?

      Past performance is not indicative of future (or current) value.

  4. I want to put this on the record, I bet McCarthy will pitch more innings, and possibly pitch better for the Braves next year, because that will be a contract year, for McCarthy.

  5. MJ
    It has been a long time since Agon carried anything. I told you he was through a long time ago. Back when he was keeping Cody from playing 1st base. Guess who was right? You guessed it…………ME! This is the best thing that could have happened for the Dodgers. To get rid of Robert’s Buddy is of real value. Don’t think Agon didn’t enjoy collecting his 21 mil last year on the bench. He did. Bluto is right, Agon had negative value last year. Remember we cannot go back years to when Agon played well. We don’t want excuses, we want results. Agons results were poor. It is not what have you done, it is what have you done lately.

    1. Package

      First I wouldn’t brag to much, about knowing Agone was not the same anymore at the time, you are talking about!

      Because everyone knew at that time Agone was not the same, so don’t take to much credit for yourself!

      And you were not right over me, because I never said Agone should take Cody’s place in the line up!

      I said if Agone was healthy enough, he could help this team!

      Because if Agone was healthy enough, he would still be a better hitter, then
      some of the hitters, we had at the end of our line up at that time, like Forsythe!

      And Bluto didn’t just say Agone was a negative war last year, he also said Agone had not contributed much to this team, and that is just not true!

      And even in you, admitted Agone did play well for this team, before he got hurt!

      Bluto is also trying to make an excuse for this front office, for signing both McCarthy and Kazmir.

      He is trying to make a case that it made sense to sign McCarthy and Kazmir, even though, they both had a long injury histories.

      And he is using the signing of Morrow and Blanton, to try to make his case, and even Wood.

      And you can’t compare these other signings, to what the front office did with McCarthy and Kazmir.

      Because the front office gave McCarthy and Kazmir, not only more money, they gave these two starting pitchers, multi year contracts.

      And they only gave Blanton a one year contract, and I think they only gave Morrow a spring training, invite.

      And Wood was not a free agent signing, like all these other pitchers, so Wood does not make his case either!

      And even though I love Wood, I don’t think Wood contributed much to this team, before last year, especially if we use Bluto’s favorite way to value players, WAR!

      And if you are trying to say Agone is a malinger, by saying he enjoyed collecting his 21 million dollars.

      Agone has a better record then most players have, for staying on the field, in his career.

      Agone has a much better record, then McCarthy and Kazmir, so there is really no comparison there!

      And since this thread was about Agone’s career with the Dodgers, it is not only about what Agone did, last year!

      And I think you better take your own advice, because when it comes to your favorite players, you can’t handle it, when others finally want results!

      1. MJ,

        What the heck are you talking about? Why do you make stuff about about what I’m saying or have said?

        This is bonkers stuff.

  6. Last year, 2017, Gonzalez did not contribute much nor did he really earn his contract. To be fair, it was because he was injured. When healthy he was indeed the butter and egg man. Now also to be fair, it was only because Cody was doing so well that Gonzo was allowed the time he needed to heal, and the Dodgers were extremely lucky that they had Bellinger to fall back on. Gonzo was not blocking Cody because Cody definitely could have used an entire season at AAA. But for the majority of his career in Dodger blue Adrian Gonzalez was a rock. He held the team together and was the one reliable hitter in the clutch. Remember, only a couple of years ago he led the NL in RBI’s. So lets show him the respect he deserves. He may have slipped in his ability to contribute, but as a player and a person he remains a class act.

    1. Mr. Norris
      I have to disagree that Cody needed another year at the AAA level. He is the current ROY and put up great numbers. Don’t forget Cody was put on the DL when when he seemingly did not need that much rest. It is my opinion that this was done to to give Agon playing time. That blocked Cody in my opinion as he was hot when that happened. He did slip in his ability to contribute and that is what is in question. He did not have anywhere near the value to make 21 million bucks last year. You have a much higher opinion of Agon than I do but to each his own. I am happy he is gone.

      1. The team did well with AGon as its rudder. I agree with Michael about Adrian being a rock. He was considered by most to be the leader of that team. I have a lot of respect for him. I hope he finds a team and finishes his career well.

        Cody turned 22 in July. He was obviously not scheduled to be a starter last year. He took off like a rocket but like all rockets started falling back to earth later in the season. 17 Ks in the World Series? Yikes. That record could last a while.

        1. Badger
          The team never won a championship with Agon at the “rudder” and as a matter of fact he did not do all that well in hitting in the post season. His overall defense could have been better also. Also, as far as him being the team leader. That is a bit subjective I would say. No credit for Agon here. He may have played his last game period.

          1. Them not winning a title is more on the FO than Gonzalez. You win as a team and you lose as a team. No one player is responsible.

      2. How much of all the money he was paid did Crawford or Ethier earn after injuries sapped them? No, A-Gone did not earn that 21 mil last year. But whether Cody was placed on the DL to give Adrian playing time, or whether he was sore enough to merit the 10 days off, you do not know which it was since neither you nor I are in on the machinations of the inner workings of the team. I for one think not playing him and giving his ankle time to heal since it was a minor sprain was the smart move. Why take a chance at making the injury worse? As for blocking Cody, had A-Gone been healthy all year do you think Bellinger would have even been on the team before September? Doubtful. I respect your opinion, but I think your reasoning is way off.

    2. Mr. Norris……There are other players who do not get the respect they deserve from some commentors. What is fair, is fair.

      1. Yes they do, but A-Gone was the glue. Anyone who could not see that is just fooling themselves. His power dropped off in 2016, but he still led the team in RBI’s. He averaged over 150 games played and 24 HR’s and about 95 RBI’s a year over his 4 full seasons as the Dodger’s starting 1st baseman. No other Dodger in that time frame comes close. The Dodgers clubhouse leader mantle now goes to Justin Turner. Those stats and his steady play merit respect in and of them selves. By the way Package, we could sit here and argue this back and forth all day. What is past is over. Cody Bellinger is the 1st baseman for now and the future. But he has a long way to go to prove he can be as steady a player as A-Gone. Let us hope he avoids the sophomore jinx and continues to improve. Less strikeouts would be nice.

      2. Package

        You should be the happiest person on here right now!

        And you should appreciate Agone, for helping the team, make this happen, not all players, would do this.

        1. I am happy. Why should I appreciate Agon? All players would do what? I don’t understand what you are talking about.

          1. Agone could have blocked that trade, because he had full trade rights.

            And even if the Dodgers would have released Agone, his salary would still count, against the luxury tax.

            And we got rid of those two horrible signings, of McCarthy and Kazmir.

            This will help the Dodgers not only get under the luxury tax, and let them make a move, at the trade deadline.

            Let’s just hope we get lucky, at the next trade deadline!

            And the Dodgers will have more money to spend in 2019.

        2. Cody sprained his ankle, and the trainer was the one, that made the call, when Cody could get back on the field.

          And everyone doesn’t heal precisely, at the same time.

          Like I said, you should be happier then anyone here, if you really believe that!

          1. I truly believe that getting rid of Agon was a good thing and that makes me happy. Also, you can believe the trainer made that call but I think the FO and the manager made that call.

      3. And Package, fair might be fair, but it is not always there. Life is not fair either. You have to earn the respect. Some have not, others never will, and some are still too young to appreciate it.

        1. Mr. Norris
          I respect your opinions and perspectives. Some here have the audacity to run down players that absolutely have no business being run down. When I grew up 7 decades ago, you had better be able to take it if you can dish it out. I have been accused of saying and doing things that are over the top by certain individuals that do not seem to get it. My opinions of Agon are just mine. I have my reasons and they are just mine. Those who have done that have also done that to you also, for whatever that is worth.

          1. I totally respect that. I have very strong opinions on Grandal and have been told numerous times that I am wrong. I care less. Grandal would have to have a monster season, and I am talking 30 homers, 300 average 100 ribbies and improved defense and fewer K’s before I would even consider calling him one of the best. Why do I think he is marginal? Because I have seen what a truly great catcher looks like, and he is not it.

    1. It is ok to have an opinion on a certain player, but you can’t expect others, not to have there own opinion, or critique your favorite player..

      And it isn’t right to say someone hates a certain player, if they are critiquing your favorite player.

      That is an ad hominem attack!

      A critique is nothing personal, it is about results, like you talked about.

      No one here hates Kershaw!

      We all want Kershaw to succeed, because that is best for the team.

      And we all should want every player on the team to succeed, for that same reason..

      It is called, give and take!

  7. Michael

    If you get a chance, you should check out an article, on Dodger com, about Roberts, supporting Kobe Bryant, on his big night.

    Lower in that article, there is a post from Puig, and it is a picture of Puig, and Kobe.

    Kobe makes Puig look so small in that post, it is amazing.

    And I am not talking about only the height difference.

  8. Knowing that Kershaw’s opt out clause comes into play at the end of 2018 I think the team should try and extend and restructure his contract if he would agree. I feel he has earned the right to remain a Dodger for his entire career.

      1. Badger
        FAZ will probably not go for that but it is time to see their true colors. One thing about it though, I am not the only fan who will scream bloody murder if they allow him to walk.

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