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Scott Kazmir Joins Kershaw In Punching Out San Diego

Just 24 hours after the Dodgers pummeled the San Diego Padres with the biggest Opening Day trouncing in history, Scott Kazmir stepped to the mound in Petco Park, and made his own mark as the second half of the one, two lefty punch at the top of the Dodgers’ rotation.

The Padres broke out their funky oldies, 1970’s brown and gold uniforms, perhaps in an attempt to change their mojo. Here’s how Game 2 of the young 2016 season went down.

Spoiler Alert: It did not go well for the Padres.

1st inning:

Corey Seager got the first Dodger hit of the night with a broken bat, one out single.
Justin Turner then batted into a double play to end the inning, but Seager put in a hard-nosed slide at second and Utley’d Padre second baseman Cory Spangenberg. Yup, I’m coining a new baseball term for a hard, but clean take out at second. It’s called the Utley.
Matt Kemp‘s first at bat was with a man on 1st and one out. He flied to CF but Yasiel Puig almost crushed young Joc Pederson in another incident of not listening to his center fielder calling for the ball. Puig helicopter’d young Joc as he quickly came at Joc from out of nowhere, almost causing a collision. Pederson had to reach behind himself and make a circus catch for the 2nd out.
Pederson then got a can of corn for the 3rd out. No Puig helicopter on that one.

Cameras showed Puig and Pederson talking in the dugout afterward. Puig seemed to be apologetic. Let’s just hope he’s more aware out there tomorrow.

2nd inning

Yasiel Puig walked on a very disciplined at bat. He then took second on a Padre passed ball.
Joc struck out to end the threat and the inning.

A 1-2-3 inning for Kazmir with 2 fly balls to Carl Crawford.

3rd inning

The Boys in Blue returned the favor with a 1-2-3 inning for their turn.

Another three up, three down inning for Kazmir.  8 in a row mowed down at this point.

4th inning:

Corey Seager got the second Dodgers hit of the night.
Matt Kemp then ran a J-shaped route to eventually chase down an Austin Barnes long fly ball and make a desperation catch.
Adrian Gonzalez smacked out a double on another Padre misread by John Jay in center field.
Yasiel came up with 2 on and one out.
Puig absolutely BLASTED a deep triple to CF, cashing in both runs!

Carl Crawford then brought in Puig with an RBI single.
Young Joc then struck out for the second time.
Barnes flied out to end the inning.

On the TV broadcast Bulldog Orel Hershiser broke down Kazmir’s secret of the night as the big speed difference between his pitches. He was delivering a high 80’s fastball and then was dropping 16-18 mph with his change up. The strategy was working because Kazmir proceeded to retire the next three Padres, making it 11 in a row. Kazmir  was absolutely matching Kershaw as the second big lefty in the Dodgers rotation.

5th inning

Kazmir led off and became James Shields 5th strike out victim of the night.
Corey Seager then smacked another Dodger Double.
Justin Turner was looking for 2-out ribbie, but he instead skied a can of corn to Kemp.

12 in a row. 13 in a row. 14 in a row. Bang bang! Kazmir is dominating now.

6th inning


Shields struck out the Butter and Eggs man with a called third strike that sent him back to the dugout real slow, whispering sweet nothings to the ump.
Puig and Crawford finished the inning in order.

Three more Padres out – 17 in a row and only 75 pitches. Kazmir was done for the night.

7th inning

Kevin Quackenbush came in for Shields, who ended  his night giving up 3 runs, 6 hits and a walk.
Enrique Hernandez batted for Kazmir.  Kike got on thanks to a Padre error.
That was all for the Dodgers in the 7th.

7th inning stretch

Pedro Baez in for Kazmir. Now the Padres have to face a 95mph fastball.
First man struck out.
Kemp up. Back to back Ks for Baez.
Third out, ground out.
Baez with one inning, no hits, and two punch outs. 20 Padres in a row mowed down by Dodger pitching.

8th inning

Brandon Maurer in to pitch for the Padres.
Justin Turner was unbuckling his shin guard for a walk to first, when he was rung up by the blind ump on a bad call, third strike. Turner went back to dugout with no-doubt-about-it words for the ump.

Chris Hatcher on the mound for the Dodgers.
Another 1,2,3 inning. 2 ks and a sharp shot up the middle to Utley, who got him with a great run, grab, and throw to first. 23 little Padres knocked out in a row.

9th inning

Puig led off with a ground out.
Trayce Thompson in for Crawford. Strike out.
Joc Pederson worked a 2- out walk, and then stole second during Barnes’ at bat.
Full count to Barnes. Padres pitcher Fernando Rodney struck him out with a good, high breaking ball. Barnes ended his evening 0 for 4, with two strike outs.

Kenley Jansen came in to close the game. He showed no lasting effects from taking a ball off the eye during batting practice last night. BTW – We reported on that in last night’s LADR postgame show on ZCast. Be sure to join Scott and I as we break Dodgers news and break down the games the next time we podcast.

Back to Kenley…

The first Padre up cracked his bat for an easy out.
Brett Wallace hit in the pitcher’s spot. Whoosh! A blazing fastball from Jansen struck him out.
John Jay stepped to the plate as the last hope for the Padres. He got a sharp hit past Jansen, who tried to kick at it, but Jay was too fast. He became the first Padre on base after 25 in a row shut down by brilliant Dodgers pitching.
Whoosh! Jansen delivered strike three on the high hard one to put the hapless Padres to bed.

Scott Kazmir ended the night with a line of 6 innings pitched, 1 hit, no earned runs, and 5 k’s to keep his – and the Dodgers’ entire pitching staff’s ERA at 0.00

How sweet it is, indeed.




Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

73 thoughts on “Scott Kazmir Joins Kershaw In Punching Out San Diego

  1. Now that’s a leg kick! Keeping pace with the Jints–a laugher in Game 1 and a pitchers’ duel in Game 2. Should be an interesting weekend. Two triples for the “knucklehead” already; I just hope he doesn’t put anybody else on the DL.

    1. Love those high leg kicks, they remind me of old-time pitchers. Puig was due, so hope the bat stays hot and the wheels stay strong. Gotta take some bad with the good with our Wild Horse.

  2. Nice effort, and pin point control. Shows you do not need a blazing fastball to get guys out.

  3. Isn’t it ironic how people who claim they are not negative still always try to turn a positive into a negative? After Kazmir went 6 innings, Badger says: “75 pitches and he’s gone? I think I remember talking about this very thing just a few days ago.”

    Not that Spring means anything, but Kaz had a bad one. I think it would have been felony stupid to send him out for the 7th since he had not pitched deep into games. Yes, it was the Padres and they are maybe the worst team in MLB (next to the Phillies), yes it would be nice if he threw 100 pitches… next time or the time after would be better. Let him build on the success. There was no downside for Roberts taking him out.

    That is a classic case of taking a very positive thing and turning it into a negative, which Badger does so well. Also, I have called the Giants horrible names and so has Badger, but when I call Stewart and LaRussa Lucille and the Drunk, he called me out. It’s OK to call the Giants names, but don’t call his team names. That’s right, his team: The D-Bags. He lives there and has adopted them… maybe he likes them better than the Dodgers. He sure sings their praises!

    He can have ’em! I bleed Blue and I have proclaimed that the Dodgers have as good a chance as any to win it all. I like the depth and possibilities FAZ has created. I like the name “Encarte” (like I call Adrian A-Gon, and CC, Crawfish, I combined his first and last name to make a specialized moniker. Not saying that I am not not capable of a typo – I AM VERY CAPABLE! Roberts is “DOC”. If Austin Barnes sticks (and I think he will), I am going to start calling him Barney!

    Enjoy rooting for your D-Bags, Badger. I see where your loyalties lie.

    BTW, I see Shelby Miller gave up 6 runs on 3 Home Runs last night! Hummmmm….

    Maybe the Dodgers won’t win another game this season, but I like the way they are playing. They aren’t looking for the long ball. They are being aggressive. They are giving themselves up to move runners and are hitting behind runners. Maybe even Puig is filing off his Knuckles on his head! This seems to be a team this year. There will be rough sorts – there always are, but playing as a team can minimize them.

    Kazmir pitched like a #2. If he gives 6 or 7 innings, that’s fine by me. The dude can pitch and it’s likely that Maddux has helped him as they pitch in a similar fashion. I’m anxious to see what Maeda and Wood do.

    I still want Encarte!

    1. What do think of that bullpen? I think its deep and good. I know AlwaysCompete hasn’t been on the Baez train, but, 96 MPH fastball and it looks like he has some little offspeed offering. I like him.

      1. I think the results speak for themselves. These guys have great arms. All they have needed is that off speed pitch thrown for strikes. I’m encouraged. I can’t wait to see them perform against Major League hitters.

      2. The sequence and timing has a lot to do with the results yesterday. The San Diego hitters were looking at 80-88 with the shadows. Then 95 heaters as it gets dark. I think we will be seeing this more with Roberts staff.

    2. …Kazmir pitched like a #2? Wow, he pitched a perfect 6 innings other than the ground ball that Utley could have earned an error on that was scored a base hit. One game doesn’t make him an ace but in that one game he pitched like an ace.

      Because he was near perfect, one batter over the minimum, he would have started the 7th against hitters that would be getting their 3rd look at him. The Dodgers needed to give the relievers some work. Kazmir got to go to bed last night feeling perfect and if he faded in the 7th he would have lost the mental edge that he slept the night on.

      It wasn’t that he was only good for 75 pitches. Roberts did what I wanted mattingly to do and take a starter out an inning early instead of an inning too late.

      1. I should have checked out the end of the last post as the 75 pitch count had already been vetted.

        In Scott’s previous post Always Compete said:

        …”Now let me preface… I am not (I repeat not) comparing him to Greinke. But when the discussions turned to how Greinke is going to pitch fine into his late 30s because he has learned out to pitch and he relies on his command rather than MPH. I recognize that Kazmir has NEVER been a Greinke, but the argument is the same. Both need to rely on command because neither can overpower like they used to.”

        Its funny how careful we have to say things and preface our comments so that someone won’t find a way of spinning it in a way that was not said, thought, or intended.

        1. I think it’s fair to compare Kazmir to Greinke. I’ve always believed you can compare and contrast anything. Greinke throws harder than Kazmir. Why would I say that? PitchFX says so.

          In my opinion, looking at the numbers, Greinke is a #1, Kazmir is at best mid rotation. They are paid accordingly.

  4. #2? I guess somebody could say that. I don’t. As good as he was he only threw 75 pitches. Apparently that means nothing to anyone else, but it means a lot to me. I think his progress in Spring Training was stunted by his abdomen issue. I posted numbers on his history, but again, history means little in here. In 8 of his last 9 starts he hasn’t thrown 100 pitches. He’s thrown less than 90 in his last 4 starts. He is 2-6 in his last 8 decisions. #2? Not in my estimation. I did like what he was doing last night. But it’s a very weak San Diego offense and I would have liked to see him throw 90 pitches and take the team right to the set up man. I do hope he can continue getting stronger and give the team 32 starts. Projections all say no, but I’m ready to give him the benefit of doubt. He looked very good last night. Credit where credit is due. Next up – a very different challenge.

    To Mark’s post I can only say bullshit on all of it.

    1. Kazmir did pitch “right to the set up man”. Didn’t you watch the game? Looks like to me, Dodgers have lots of set up men.

      1. In baseball, a setup man (or set-up man, also sometimes referred to as a setup pitcher or setup reliever) is a relief pitcher who regularly pitches before the closer. They commonly pitch the eighth inning, with the closer pitching the ninth.

        1. This is the 21st century. Now set-up men set up the set-up man. See KC Royals.

          It’s also a FAZ thing, while we wait for multiple 1’s in the minors to get here.

          By the way, we were debating spending $20M on pitching instead of Kendrick. I responded, O’Day wasn’t coming, Madson, uck. Who else you got? I like our bullpen.

    2. It will mean something to you if you’re searching for a nit to pick. He throws one-hit ball and he still sucks. You have to do some serious digging to come up with that spin.

      If you’re going to do some research, what is Cueto’s ERA and record in his last 8 decisions going back to last season? That’s what you’re doing, right? Your making a case against Kazmir by looking at his performance at the end of last year? How did Kazmir do in the first half of last year? Better I presume.

      You certainly like to cherry pick statistics to make flawed arguments.

      1. Why the condescending attitudes here? I said he pitched great. I’m only giving stats that I feel are relavant. A starting pitcher that only throws 75 pitches against a very weak Major League lineup? A recent history of pitching less than 6 innings 7 times, a 2-6 record, and not being able to throw 100 pitches means something. Well, apparently not to some.

        Is critical thinking and honest analysis no longer accepted in here? Or is personal because I don’t crap from Timmons?

        1. Critical thinking also means dissecting a flawed conclusion and a flawed argument. Nothing personal. I think it’s premature to conclude that there is a problem or flaw with Kazmir based on one game….one excellent game….and some less than excellent outings at the end of last year.

          Is 100 pitches some sort of hard and fast rule? There are several reasonable reasons why pulling him wasn’t a bad idea: third time through the order in a three run game, he was due to lead off, it’s early in the season, the pen needs the practice, you want to conserve his energy so he doesn’t really fade during the second half of the season, you want him to leave with a shutout and a high note, he’s still working though spring training issues or injuries….any number of reasons. I wouldn’t fret too much because he was perhaps taken out an inning early.

          Obviously, being his first game, it’s a little premature to start predicting that he’s a mediocre pitcher, (“middle of the rotation” is your euphemism for mediocre, and implies FAZ shoulda gotten Cueto or Smardija….the “studs”). I’d let the season play out a little more.

        2. Sorry, Badger – I can’t let you off scot-free with your minimizing of Kazmir’s most excellent performance last night. I mentioned in his previous ST outing that he looked ready for the regualr season, and he proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt.
          “#2? I guess somebody could say that.” ” …only throws 75 pitches against a very weak Major League lineup” <– That was 75 quality pitches that sat down 17 major league professionals in a row. That bearded catcher is a pretty darn good hitter and Matt Kemp isn't exactly a scrub. He dealt them all big doses of "sit down and collect splinters" juice last night. Sometimes you gotta keep it real and give credit where credit is due.
          Check his pitching line and the scoreboard for further reference.

  5. 75 pitches in his first game means nothing. Let’s see how his is in May. There’s 160 left. Anybody making any decisions or conclusions after 2 games is an idiot. This isn’t the NFL, this is baseball

    If we lose today, oh well. We still won the series. If we win today, icing on the cake. We won a road series either way

    1. These last two games, have been good, but some want to keep these games, in prospective, because it is a long season. There is nothing wrong with that, and I do think we all do that, but not everybody voices that.

      And the Dodgers have not faced a real good hitting team, but the Padres do have some players that can hit, so there is some good, that has come out of the last two games. And there is no reason, not to be positive.

      When it comes to any pitcher, if they are not asking to leave the game, or they didn’t pitch badly, and they had to be pulled, I have no problem, with them coming out of a game, a couple innings early.

      Actually Kazmir, did want to pitch another inning, but Roberts took him out. I do think it was good, that Roberts let the guys in the bullpen, get some work in, before the Dodgers face the Giants, because Hatcher, and some of the bullpen pitchers, didn’t pitch that well, in last spring training games, against the Angels.

      So I think it was good, to have some of the bullpen pitchers, to get some work in, in this series, before all of the pressure situations, come up.

      And Mattingly wasn’t good with the bullpen, in this way, so I see this, as something positive, that Roberts, and his coaches are doing. Remember when Mattingly kept on saving JP to pitch in tight situations, and those situations didn’t come up, and JP didn’t get enough work, and wasn’t ready, when he was needed? I think this was in 2013, or 2014.

  6. I’ll reserve judgement on the ‘pen until they have to protect a one-run lead for more than one inning. I agree there’s no point in pushing a starter who’s had some problems in ST in April when you have guys in the ‘pen who need work.

    1. “A starter who has had some problems in ST”

      That’s my point. The problems go back to the end of August. Maybe it’s nothing. But with what we have seen happen to this team, Kazmir makes me nervous.

  7. Any fan who has watched the LAD for the last 15 years should understand that the LAD SPs rarely pitch as many innings in the spring as other teams. LAD has their their own ideas. Maybe with new trainers they might work now.

  8. I just checked every box score in the league and discovered what I already knew – Kazmir threw far fewer pitches than any starting pitcher yesterday. “75 pitches means nothing”. I disagree. It means at least two things – Kazmir was damn efficient. And it means he’s not yet in shape to throw deeper into the game. It could mean more, but I don’t have privy to any inside information. Maybe the pattern that has been set over his last 10 starts or so will be broken. A #2 should give a team 32 starts and 194 innings. I know that sounds arbitrary to some but that’s how I see it. In looking at our starting staff I see only one that will do that.

    Set up man. Semantics. This is the 21st century? So that means the definition for the 8th inning guy has changed? I missed that memo. For as long as I have been watching, coaching and playing baseball set up meant setting it up before the closer finishes it. Those who come in before the set up man are called middle relief – as in the middle between starter and set up. You’ve changed the definition in here. I’m not going to argue that point, but I can see what’s going on here.

    Bum, I do follow the Dbacks as they are the local team. I respect them, but they are not “my team”. I’m a baseball fan. I have a strong dislike for only one team and that is the Giants and it goes back to my childhood. I find those who try to make something of any of that boorish.

    There was a time, long ago on another board where we talked baseball and there was only one guy who got personal. Several of the guys on that board, wreckingcrew, Lawdog, Venice Glen, many others got weary of the contention and left. I’m sure Roger remembers those days. Same thing happened at LADodgertalk. Those that disagreed with Mark were actually banned, including me, The others have not come back. I’ve talked privately with all those old guys and they all said the same thing.

    I hope it doesn’t happen again here. Seems like it is.

    1. Badger, I was trying to give Mark a little grief. I knew and know that you are a Dodger fan first and foremost. I used to always pull against Notre Dame but not so much any more. I don’t want the Giants in the WS but if they do get there, I will root for them as I would for any NL League west div team. But, I would pull for the Angels over all but the Dodgers in a WS.

      1. I don’t think I can pull for any West team in the World Series. Maybe the Padres, but I’m probably safe saying that. I am way more concerned about the Giants getting there. They look scary good. But – ef them.

        Did anyone else besides me give their WS predictions? Let me guess, you all take the Dodgers vs. OKC.

      2. Bum I use to and probably would, still root against Norte Dame if I was watching them play. My dad is from Indiana, and he would take every team, that I didn’t like.

        And I grew up in California, so I always liked the Dodgers and USC in football, and UCLA in basketball. And my dad would root for the Giants, and Notre Dame in football.

        But my dad would listen to every Dodger game, in the garage, and he is the one that got me into the Dodgers. He just liked to tease me, and get a reaction.

        I loved that one game, when Notre Dame, was leading against USC, at half time, by a bunch, and then USC came back, and killed Notre Dame.

        This was the game, when Anthony Davis, ran the opening kick off back, at the begining of the second half, and USC came back, to beat Notre Dame in the last minute of the game.

        1. That was one of my all time favorite USC games. Ara Parseghian said he has had nightmares about a white horse running around a track. I would love to have the John Wooden days return to UCLA. My dad and I would sit outside by the garage and listen to Dodger games on the radio as well. Loved growing up in Southern California but probably would not move back there if I won the lottery.

    2. Badger, About folks running off and dropping out: I’m new here, but not new to the internet. You know everybody pops off a little too much sometimes, and nothing gets the juices going like getting passionate about our favorite teams.
      That said, LADR is under good care, and I don’t see us banning anybody unless that person forces our hand by being completely belligerent and destructive.
      Argue baseball and the Dodgers to your heart’s content, folks, but do be aware there is a line between representing for your favorite players and trying to belittle someone. Can’t we all get along?
      PS Badge…like mom said, just ignore those boys. They’re not your real friends.

    3. Badge, you and I are old enough to remember before there was such a thing as a setup man! Perranoski came in and pitched two or three innings if the starter couldn’t go the distance. Things have changed–but I agree the setup man is still an eighth-inning specialist.

      1. The Dodgers probably owe Perranoski back pay for being three pitchers–the setup to the setup man, the setup man, and the closer. Then there was Larry Sherry and the 1959 WS.

    4. Badger just let it go. Timmons and some of the others seem like they’re gloating. Let them. The team is winning. I like your critical takes and so do others, so just take it as if we are just leaving the room go out and have a beer on the porch. Leave their rah rah party inside.

    5. I have to recall with fondness the Dodgers pen of 2004, when Gagne was the closer and they had 3 set up guys (Mota, Quantrill, Shuey and Martin as a LOOGEY).

  9. This place is starting to be fun again. Thanks Mountain and Badger. I remember Kazmir at Tampa and saw him pitch against the A’s and again in spring training with Cleveland. He’s always had that motion. Beautiful to watch. Early in his career, he couldn’t put guys away and pitch counts got up there. Anyway, he had a nice game yesterday. He’s been through a lot in his career and was out of professional baseball not too long ago. Tough guy. The NL hasn’t seen him much, so that might be an advantage right now. I think he’s been pretty durable. To the optimists: great start to the season. A bit surprising to this pessimist. Seager is playing like he belongs. Solid big league demeanor. I like a team 0.000 era. I hope it lasts until Monday, at least. Utley just might become the most important backup on this team. Not Kike. He’s an allstar. Kike will probably never be. I tip my hat to the optimists and am waiting to eat some crow on Monday.

  10. I’m suprised that I have not heard much praise, about Puig today. I thought Puig had a good game, and had some good at bats. That was the first time, I have seen Puig hit a ball, like he did to center, last night.

    And he took off running from the begining, and Puig also looked like he was really into the game. He was talking to Ward again, and wanting to find out, how to get better, with every at bat.

    And the team looked like a team. Everybody was talking, and bonding together. Did you see how much praise, and support, that Turner, and Agone, and the rest of the team, gave to Puig, after he hit that ball to center?

    They did the same thing, to Joc yesterday. The Dodger bench, was so active, and they were exchanging knowledge, about the pitcher, asking Ward for advice, and looked more alive, then they ever have, in the last three years.

    Not many of the players, were sitting in between inning. It looked like, everyone was really involved in the game. And Cory just looks better and better, with every at bat, he gets.

    Cory has the soul, that all great players, in baseball history have had, because he makes everything look easy. Cory handles himself, much like Mike Trout.

    And he is even more advanced in that way, then Bryce Harper, because Harper, let’s his emotions get in the way, at times, and that affects Harper’s play, and affects Harper’s relationship, with his team mates.

    1. Thanks for bringing Puig up, MJ. I noticed him running like Pete Rose to first on a walk. I liked it!!

      1. Boxout, I noticed that as well. It used to be he didn’t want the walk. Now he seems to relish it (okay accept it). I do like the hustle.

    2. Good points on Puig – and the team jelling under a new kind of atmosphere.
      I’m going to credit the new skipper with that. This season might just have some magic in it!

  11. MJ, praise is not a staple in this place… I for one am happy with a W and a series win…
    How about those Villanova Wildcats??? I’m stoked that Coach Rollie could make the bell… Is this not the best part of the year for sports fans or what???
    One of the few golf tourneys I’ll tape n watch is the Masters starting today… A humbling experience for many after the manicured and easy courses of Az. and Florida.

    1. peterj, you sound like a guy who would appreciate this.

      One day an Irishman, who has been stranded on a desert island for over ten long years, sees an unusual speck on the horizon.

      “It’s certainly not a ship,” he thinks to himself. As the speck gets closer and closer, he begins to rule out the possibilities of a small boat, then even a raft.

      Suddenly, emerging from the surf comes a drop dead gorgeous blonde woman wearing a wet suit and scuba gear.

      She approaches the stunned man and says to him, “Tell me how long has it been since you’ve had a cigarette?”

      “Ten years,” replies the Irishman
      With that, she reaches over and unzips a waterproof pocket on her left sleeve and pulls out a pack of fresh cigarettes. He takes one, lights it, takes a long drag and says “Tis that good!”

      “And how long has it been since you’ve had a sip of good Irish Whiskey?” she asks him.

      Trembling, the castaway replies, “Ten years.”

      She reaches over, unzips her right sleeve, pulls out a flask and hands it to him. He opens the flask, takes a long swig and says, “Tis absolutely fantastic!”

      At this point she starts slowly unzipping the long zipper that runs down the front of her wet suit, looks at the man and asks, “And how long has it been since you’ve played around?”

      With tears in his eyes, the man falls to his knees and sobs, “Oh, Sweet Jesus! Don’t tell me you’ve got golf clubs in there too.”

  12. Damn! Really happy with the outcome of the game I missed due to falling asleep in the first half of the first inning. The night before was spent staying up all night trying to catch the thieves that vandalized this building where I occupy the upstairs fallowed by heavy disputes with realtors who think I have no right to privacy and the same with the bank’s attorney. It may seem I’m unreasonable, but when a realtor wants entry for a smoke detector check but in reality is open house for selling, I close and lock the door! I get it, it’s theirs. But it’s better to talk strait if you want cooperation from me.

    But damn! CHEERS! Ever though I have another day ahead assured for toil.

  13. MJ, that’s why I think Seager’s career is more like Jeter. He has that winning, real baseball type of game. He won’t hit 40hr, but he will be in the middle of every big inning .

    He’s the franchise

  14. I am not a hitting coach obviously but it seems to me that Barnes is not going to hit the ball if he doesn’t stop dipping his body in the middle of his swing. He has more down movement during his swing than anybody I have ever observed.

    Seems like a simple fix. Just get your head at the height you want it to be in the middle of your swing before you start your swing.

      1. Count me as a Barnse supporter. He showed some great playing ability in his short call up last season, and he’ll find it again. I haven’t counted too many passed balls yet.

        1. He looked awesome on defense yesterday. When he was hitting early in spring training I don’t think he was dipping his body during his swing.

          1. It’s Barnse’s first time being a bona-fide 25 man roster player, and not a minor league call-up. That’s a lot to drink in for a young guy.
            He’s trying to do many things at a major league level all at once, so he needs some time to feel comfortable starting behind the dish with brand new pitchers too. I say let him get that down and the other factors in the game will slow down for him eventually.
            The kid can definitely hit, and he runs the bases like no Dodger catcher has done since who knows when.

  15. Kazmir had a rough Spring and didn’t have the chance to build up his arm strength so it made sense to pull him early. Bullpen was great last night – the problem last year was inconsistency so let’s see if they are more consistent this year.

    Kazmir’s velocity WAS down. (See below from Dodgers’ Digest.) It didn’t matter last night. It might going forward – we’ll have to wait and see.

    “Last season, Kazmir’s four-seam fastball averaged 93.0 mph (92.3mph in April). In his Dodger debut last night, the pitch averaged 90.6mph. That’s a difference of 1.5-2.5mph, depending on the timeframe you use to compare.”

    Good to see them get off to a strong start against a weak opponent. They have 6 coming up with the Giants – they have also started well against a weak opponent. They need to punish the Giants early. These games will matter.

  16. Yeah, they matter. We will need every win before this is over. The Giants will be a tougher test.

    Puig looks good. I thought he looked great when I saw him in person. In fact, most of the offense has looked good. After 18 innings we lead all of baseball in runs scored and are third in hitting. Arizona and Colorado are 1 and 2. Arizona, my team, is hitting over .350. Of course, nobody else has played the Pods yet.

    Colorado with 7 home runs and SF with 5. There be some thumpers in our division.

    1. Badger the Dodgers are not in a hitters park, like Arizona and the Rockies, so that is a positive.

      And I think the Padres have better pitching then the Dbacks and the Rockies too. I think Miller, is a good pitcher, but not as good, as the Dbacks valued him.

    2. Badger they were asking La Russa about there centerfielder’s injury, and La Russa said that they are fine, because they are deep, and I thought that was funny.

      I think that the Dbacks will still have a decent offense, even without there centerfielder, but I really don’t think they are that deep.

  17. Good night for the boys in blue. This team looks so differently to me than last year, and yet many are the same. Even the relievers were pitching and not throwing. I am hoping Maddox is the difference. Honeycutt is still there so I do not see him being the difference. Some of the relievers actually threw a slider or curve on the first pitch.

    The only negative is Puig and Pederson nearly colliding. Puig almost ran over Kike, and Kike gave him a hard look. So Puig did not learn from the first incident. Puig is hitting so all is good.

    Kasmir had a great game and you cannot spin it another way. I thought Barnes called an excellent game. I bet Ethier would like to be part of these two days. It is early, but I am going to enjoy it.

  18. I’m no fan if Kazmir but got to give him credit. He pitched great last night. Can he pitch like that on a consistent basis? We shall see!

    But after only 3 games does SD make us look better than what we actually are or do we make SD look worse than what they really are?

  19. Well, Jeff Samardzija, went 5.1 innings and threw an all important 98 pitches today. His ERA in his first start 5.06, compares closely to his 4.96 ERA in 2015. Contract 90M for 5 yrs.

    Scott Kazmir, went 6 innings and threw a measly 75 pitches of one hit ball yesterday. His ERA in his first start of 0.00, compares favorably to his 3.10 ERA in 2015. Contract 48M for 3 yrs.

    Nice job FAZ! I know, I know its one game, but, I would appreciate a “mediocre risk” refresher from Professor Bumsrap.

      1. Thank you Professor, but, I just realized Doctor dodgerpatch was the poster who lectured on the “mediocre risk” subject.

  20. Kaz is pitching for another deal. He’s been around the block a few times, so I suspect he is deliberately “ramping up” his pitch count and speed. If he is smart, he will pick the brain of Greg Maddux who threw about the same speed.

    Greinke had a couple of pitches that were 92 on Monday, but he was mostly in the 89-91 range. KAZ and Greinke are the same age, so it’s natural both will be throwing slower.

    Of more interest to me is Shelby Miller’s loss of velocity! He’s down 3 or 4 MPH!

  21. First of all, being a Trojan, I never refer to that school from South Bend. MJ, I was at that game that you alluded to, November 30, 1974. I graduated in June, but still had student tickets. It was arguably the greatest game that I have ever seen (except my 1st USC game 01-01-63 Rose Bowl).

    With respect to 75 pitches…Could he have gone 7 IP and 90 pitches? I am sure he could have, but why? Bums is right, I am not a big Baez fan, but he is on the 25 man so he needs to work. Kaz had a great 6 innings, turned it over to Baez and Hatcher. Neither looked like the pitcher they were in ST.

    I think the Dodgers see Kazmir as he was from April through July. Badger is right, Kaz hit a wall in August after an outstanding July. 34 IP, 15 H, 6 BB, 24K, 2 R (1 earned), .26 ERA. Through July, he had a total 124.1 IP and a 2.10 ERA. Kazmir is a command pitcher, and if he loses his command he is going to get hit, and at times…hard. Keep his pitch count in control, and maybe he gets a good 175 IP. Does that make him a solid #2, probably not. But I will take a 2.10 ERA through July and then see what the trade deadline brings. Maybe FAZ gets the solid #2 this year, or maybe that belongs to Urias or De Leon.

    SD has a good three solid SP, and LAD faces the toughest of the three (for them) in Cashner. Ross, Shields, and Cashner keep them out of the discussion of worst in MLB. That title still belongs to Philly, with the Brewers not far behind. Some believe “big deal, it’s only the Padres”. But the Giants are tough because they beat up on the Brewers? In my opinion, the SD starters are better than the Brewers. Colorado has 7 HRs and SF has 5 (going into today). But Colorado is the most friendly NL hitters park, and Milwaukee is either 2 – 4 depending on Cincinnati or if the wind is blowing out at Wrigley.

    All that being said, while I want LA to win all 4 this weekend, I am not going to get too down if they lose all 4. They got swept in SF in both April and May last year and still won NL West. I am also not going to get too excited if they do sweep. It’s a long season, and I want to enjoy every game, without the emotional highs and lows, until September.

  22. AC – Big time South Bend fan here… Jeff S. was a helluva WR for me, but I got down on my knees and gave praise when the Blue passed on him… And how much Monopoly $$ did the Gigantes give him???
    The era of specialization… CG’s a relic of the past… I used to love to see Big D or Sandy go to the ninth with a 1 run lead… Sweet Jesus, don’t get me started…

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