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Screw Your Turf! Dodgers Win One For Mom

Blame Canada

The Dodgers wrapped up their series north of the Canadian border and also wrapped up their all turf trip in grand style with a 4-2 win over Toronto. Today is mother’s day and what better gift to give Mom than a neat little Dodger victory all shiny and glimmering. Try it on Mom, it fits you perfectly. The Dodgers and Blue Jays were all wearing pink to raise awareness for cancer, as is customary on Mother’s day. There were some colorful uniform accessories.

So without further ado, I dedicate this win to my mom. Hi Mom! Can a blogger dedicate wins to his mother? Is that allowed? The unwritten rulebook says….yes it is.

The lineup shuffling continued for the Dodgers on Sunday as Yasiel Puig was benched because he’s been swinging at too many pitches outside of the strike zone, and sucking. So Carl Crawford was penciled in left and Trayce Thomspon was slotted into right field. Howie Kendrick played first base, which came into play later in the game. Adrian Gonzalez was the DH.

Dodgers  4 8 0

Blue Jays 2 5 1





The Dodgers scored four runs in the last three frames to come from behind. Another huge home run from Joc, a sacrifice fly from Grandal and an RBI single from Kendrick were the offensive highlights for the Dodgers. Kenley Jansen picked up another 4-out save at the end of the game as well. Not sure how Hatcher vultured the win in this one. It must be nice to be able to come in and suck again and have your teammates bail you out. End the experiment Dodgers, please. If anything Stripling deserved to get the win today. I still can’t believe he hasn’t gotten his first MLB win yet.

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The Dodgers got a very good outing from starter Ross Stripling. Unfortunately he was being outpitched by opposing starter Marco Estrada. Stripling tossed six innings and allowed just one earned run on one hits while whiffing six. He walked none and that lone hit was a double from Toronto center fielder Kevin Pillar in the third inning.

The Blue Jays broke out first in that frame. After Pillar’s double, Russell Martin’s grounder moved him to third. Later in the inning, number nine hitter Ryan Goings grounded a dribbler to first. Kendrick had a play at the plate to get Pillar, but his throw was way off and Toronto took a 1-0 lead. I think Gonzo probably makes that play. Kendrick has started 78 games at first base in his career, but I think it’s been a while since he’s played there.

It was a 1-0 game until the seventh inning and the Dodgers were being no-hit until the top of the sixth. Thompson doubled off the wall in right. However Chase Utley flied out, Seager whiffed, and Gonzo grounded into a force play after Justin Turner drew a walk.

The Dodgers tied the score in the top half of the seventh inning. Joc Pederson crushed another monster home run. He now leads the club with six. The solo shot ties the game. The Blue Jays would come and retake the lead in the bottom half of the frame.

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For some odd reason, Stripling was removed from the game after just 85 pitches. I have no idea if he was tired, or not. Dave Roberts must have been delusional because he brought in resident gas can bum Chris Hatcher. After getting a ground out, and a line out, Hatcher gave up a ground ball single to Justin Smoak. Then he walked Troy Tulowitzki to put runners at first and second. Pillar comes up big again for the Blue Jays with a single to right that scores Smoak. Thompson bobbles the ball in right field and he is charged with an error. The Blue Jays lead 2-1. Luckily Hatcher gets Martin to foul out to get out of the inning. Hatcher “lowers” his ERA to 6.92.

The Dodgers would rally in the eighth. Marco Estrada is removed and in comes Drew Storen from the Toronto bullpen. Estrada pitched very well and is a tough competitor. He tosses seven innings allowing one earned run on three hits and strikes out eight.

Utley started the inning with a walk. Seager follows with a slicing double to right that sent Utley to third. The Dodgers are in business. The Blue Jays make another pitching change, and in comes Roberto Osuna. Turner is called out on strikes for the first out. After the obligatory intentional walk to Gonzo to load the bases Yasmani Grandal’s sacrifice fly to center scores Utley to tie the game. Kendrick’s run scoring single plates another tally, and the Dodgers take the lead 3-2!

Pedro Baez (who seems to now be Robert’s choice for setup) pitches a nice clean bottom of the eighth inning. He actually didn’t implode and struck out Ezequiel Carrera, and Josh Donaldson. Although he did run into trouble when Michael Saunders singled, the Dodgers called in Kenley Jansen to provide another 4-out save. Joey Bats hit a soft liner that Utley dives and makes a great catch to end the inning.

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The Dodgers picked up an insurance run in the top of the ninth. Puig was inserted into the game to replace Crawford. He singled to lead off the ninth and after a Thompson force out Utley and Seager both single. Seager’s single drove in the run and the Dodgers took a 4-2 lead.

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Kenley comes back out for the bottom of the ninth to nail down another save for the boys in blue. Edwin Encarnacion pops out. Smoak doubles, but Kenley gets Tulo to fly to right and Pillar whiffs to end the game. The Dodgers win 4-2! The Dodgers are now back above .500 with a 16-15 record.

The Dodgers now return home to open a nine game home stand with the Mets, Cardinals, and Angels. They’ll kick off the home stand with a NLDS rematch versus the Mets. The four game series opens on Monday evening with a battle of lefties as Steven Matz counters Scott Kazmir at 7:10 PM.

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Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

25 thoughts on “Screw Your Turf! Dodgers Win One For Mom

  1. Seems like every year there is one pitcher that throws well but gets bupkis for support. Welcome to the show, Ross!

  2. Great team win today – great to see Stripling pick things back up.

    Hate the pink unis.

  3. Thompson has been well, lets face it, screwing up on defense. I am worried about him. But, I think he is an excellent defensive player that is pressing due to not getting much of a chance to play. Its tough for a younger player to play occasionally. They think they have to play perfectly to get another chance.

    I think Utley should play 65% to 70% of the games at second and I guess Kendrick would get what remains. I wouldn’t put Kendrick in LF. I would put Thompson in LF, again for about 65% of the games and more if he does well.

    Kike’ is the young guy that might have to wait another year to get a regular position or this year if other players get hurt or don’t hit.

  4. I loved that they came back, in both games, and tried to in the first game. And I liked that everybody played a role in this win.

    I think Roberts having them come together as a team, has worked. He can’t help that the bullpen the front office gave him, isn’t that great. And he is still learning about all of his pitchers. But he and his coaches, may still turn Baez into a better relief pitcher, in time.

    Of course, I feel this way about Baez, because he did well, today. Stripling pitched really well, and didn’t let any of these big name players, rattle him. I know everyone want the youngsters to play, but I like watching Utley, showing the youngsters how to play the game.

    Joc had a good weekend, and tied the game today, with his HR, and that was big at that time. Grandal had a big at bat, when it was needed. And Corey, Chase, and Howie, all got hits to score a run. And the youngsters picked up the slack, when Turner and Agone, couldn’t make it happen. Like I said before, this wouldn’t have happened last year.

  5. I was just thinking about the Angels and how they need more starting pitchers.

    The Angels could still salvage their season but they have some holes as well. They also need a 2B. They could also use a LH bat in LF like Carl Crawford (or DH).

    It’s crazy, but how about this:

    Howie Kendrick, Carl Crawford, Alex Wood, Scott Kazmir, Yasiel Puig, Zack Lee and Joc Pederson for Mike Trout… plus $40 million dollars. 7 for 1. The Angels would be better and so would the Dodgers.

    1. Utley/Hernandez 2B
    2. Seager SS
    3. Trout CF
    4. Gonzo 1B
    5. Turner 3B
    6. Grandal C
    7. Thompson RF
    8. Van Slyke/Johnson/Ethier LF

    Rotation (temp):
    1. Kershaw
    2. Maeda
    3. Urias
    4. Stripling
    5. Bolsinger

    Yes it is crazy!

    1. I can see Crawford, Kendrick, and $40M as throw ins but to get Trout, I think it will take Puig and one of Urias, DeLeon, Holmes. I would try to add Thompson and Lee to also get Street. And, I would keep Joc in CF and Trout in RF. Once the Dodgers have both Joc and Trout on the same team, then they can be played where they best fit, but until then, Joc is our center fielder. Keep the energy positive.

  6. I know it’s a hypothetical trade, but I’d pull the trigger on it, no doubt.

    Funnily enough, it would work for both parties which isn’t always the case.

    Kershaw & Trout in the same team…

  7. Angels have one of the worst farm systems. They’ll want prospects.

    With the number of pitchers we have, and I think our window is a bit more open than the Angels, I’d think we want to keep Urias and De Leon.

    That leaves Grant Holmes, Verdugo, Austin Barnes, and possibly a few seconf tier big leaguers – like Crawford, Van Slyke and both Kazmir and Wood to cover for their two down starters. I don’t think they want Pederson and Puig – the Angels will be looking at the long term if they want to trade Trout.

  8. It’s impossible to understate how screwed the Angels are, but they won’t trade Mike Trout.

    I’m pretty sure Mark meant we send $40 million to the Angels though it doesn’t read that way. Also, it was Harold who wrote that article, not Cervenka (not Cervanka either) Attention to detail. As for that trade, I wax nostalgic reading another of Timmon’s out of left field trade scenarios that will never happen, and this receives a stamp of no f’n way. If Trout is for sale, and I refuse to believe the Angels are that stupid, it will take 5 top prospects to get it done. If you still believe Hamels would have taken Seager and Urias, what do you think Trout would really cost? As that article mentions Trout’s WAR production over the next 5 years will likely be higher than anything that returns for him.

    I just googled why the Dodgers are not concerned about payroll and it was a fascinating read. I was especially interested in the comments of fans as well as their predictions. If you have time, you might try doing some reading from writers who have researched the concept. No shortage of opinions. Most agree, as I do, that building a strong system is a must, and we dropped the ball on that, especially during the mcBorrow years. The people responsible are all gone now, and the future does look bright. The present? Well, there are a few who live in the now, and for those I will say only – have patience. This might still work out in a few years.

    1. Badger the only problem is that Friedman, and his GM, were both at small market teams, and never used any real money, to buy big free agents, because there teams, couldn’t afford any big free agents. And Mark sometimes compares that our front office, are going to try to build the Dodgers like how the Cub’s front office, has done.

      Except the Dodger’s front office, are trying to do that, and still be able to be competitive. The problem with that, is that the Cubbies head guy, was with the Red Sox, before the Cubbies, and he has brought big free agents to both teams.

      And our front office, probably won’t do that. Because they are always trying to save money, and trying to make a steal, and they just can’t help themselves, from not doing deals this way. The Cubbies are good, because there front office, added a mix of free agents, to make the Cubs better.

      The Cubs do have really good young players, but what has made them better, is the addition of free agents, especially free agent pitchers. And I don’t think our front office, will do this, because they are always trying to make a steal, instead of doing the obvious.

      And when they have spent money on the free agent market, they have signed pitchers, that have long injury histories. And when these pitchers were able to pitch, they were not that good anyways, to take such high risks on.

      And when they signed these type of free agents, it seems like they over paid them, and gave them more money, then any team would pay these guys. And if you just look at the free agent pitchers, they choose to give multi year contracts to.

      It makes a person really question, whether they really know what they are doing, when it comes to free agent signings. Especially when they have never done to many free agent signings before. It sure looks like they way over valued these type of free agents, especially the free agent pitchers, they gave multi year contracts to.

      And I don’t count Maeda, because he was never really on there list, and if Maeda didn’t want to come to the Dodgers that badly, they would have never signed him. Because most free agent pitchers, would have never signed the contract, that Maeda signed, when he bet on himself.

      This makes me wonder, if they can really make the Dodgers as good, or better, then Epstein has made the Cubs. Because they will have to do different things, then they have done, in the past. And they will have to learn from there mistakes.

      1. Point taken MJ, and I believe the model may indeed be the Cubs.

        I would ask, how long has Epstein been with Chicago? And if we are to believe we are following the Cubs model, we must ask – could it take Freidman as long as it took Theo?

        Yeah, I think FAZ wants all LA fans to believe they are trying to win now – and though I am not now, nor have I ever, suggested they are trying to LOSE now, I don’t believe for a second they believe this is a championship club. To use a word that has become common in here, they aren’t that stupid. If they didn’t go for it when they had Greinke, why should I believe they will go for it without him? No, I believe this movement will take a few years. I do believe the long term plan has merit, and, after a cooling down period, I support it. In the mean time, we flirt with .500 and will be in contention in a .500 Division. I don’t see any team running away with it in the West. Who knows, maybe FAZ surprises at this year’s deadline. I’m not expecting it. I still think we are a couple of years out.

  9. Actually having read up on how screwed the Angels are, they’d be ideal trade partners for us to unload some middling talent and open up some roster spots. We should sent them two of the three of Zach Lee, Woods and Kazmir. They also need a scone baseman. That may even get us Street and maybe even Heaney as we can afford to wait. I believe Zach Lee is actually better than than any of their pitching prospects, that’s how bad their farm system is. I smell a do-able trade here, just not a Trout trade.

    1. I fail to understand why any team would want the Dodgers’ castoffs, spare parts, and failures. I read all of these trade proposals (“lets send the Angels Crawford, Kazmir and a bucket of balls for the best player in baseball – after all, who wouldn’t do that?”) and wonder if Dodger fans really think that the GMs of other teams are really that dumb.

      1. I think the Angels would be better served to wait out the bad luck and go with their own pitching prospects. They have a few, none stand out but you never know. With the injuries they have suffered, their fans should understand. One thing they wouldn’t forgive is the knee jerk trading of the one guy on the team that sells tickets. Patience Orange County. Maybe if you dropped the bogus connection to Los Angeles the juju would change?

        1. I think the Angels traded their best pitching prospects to Atlanta for Simmons. They started the year in win now mode. Their minor league system is empty and they are stuck with Pujols and Hamilton’s contracts. They can’t afford more free agents.

          They have a choice to tank and get good draft choices like Washington and Chicago did or do what they can to take advantage of having what most say is the best player in baseball plus Pujols. Many people here are saying the Dodgers are wasting Kershaw by not trading some of the prospects to win while he is here.

          I don’t think the Angels will want to trade Trout to the Dodgers unless they think they could as a result win now and get players that are fan favorites in the LA market and or get relief from Pujols’ contract.

          That said, I would think the Dodgers would also have take Pujols to get Trout and give up Agon, Ethier, Puig, Ryu, Kendrick plus Thompson, Lee, Stripling, and Urias.



  10. Great outing by Stripling. He has game and a brain. I hope we don’t screw him up. I keep hoping for the next Don Sutton. I remember the day he broke in. Great from the start, with that curveball. Come from behind win. Check. Great starting pitcher. Check. Good bullpen. Check. Get-away day win. Check. Now for Kazmir and Wood. Against a real good team, the Mets. Home cooking has not been great so far. How about Puig trying to be as good as Cespedes? I think it used to be the other way around.

    1. Bobby17 Puig finally hit a pitch the other way, in yesterday’s game, for a hit, so hopefully he is back on the right track.

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