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Toles Grand Slam Highlights Incredible Rally as Dodgers Split DoubleHeader

Andrew Toles

And to think Oscar thought the Dodgers may never score again. I had some of this recap all written up and ready to go when the Dodgers were losing 8-2. I had accepted the fact that the Dodgers were going to be swept by the Rockies and see their lead in the NL West dwindle to a half game. Andrew Toles sure had other ideas. The Dodgers rallied from 6 runs down to score 8 runs in the final two innings. The late game rally was highlighted by Toles’ grand slam with two outs in the top of the ninth inning to give the Dodgers a 10-8 win.

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This was what I had written before the late rallies in the eighth and ninth innings…..Rewrite!

I want to congratulate the Los Angeles Dodgers for successfully flushing whatever momentum they had from the last home stand right down the toilet. The Dodgers had just taken four out of six games from the Cubs and Giants on the previous home stand and travelled to Denver with a 2 game lead in the NL West. That lead is now down to a half game after they were pathetically swept by the Rockies. After they lost the first game of the doubleheader 7-0, they dropped the nightcap by an 8-5 score.

The Dodgers lost the second game much like they have lost many of the games they’ve lost this season, in the first inning.

Shortly before the game scheduled starter Rich Hill was scratched because the club was scared his blisters would get worse in the thin Denver air. Honestly I have no idea if blisters get worse in the rocky mountain altitude. I’m not a blister expert.

So they started right hander Bud Norris instead. That pretty much seemed like it doomed them to a loss before the game started. Norris’s long and established failures pitching at Coors Field is well known. He didn’t disappoint Rockies’ fans as he allowed 5 earned runs in the first inning, including a grand slam home run to unknown minor leaguer Stephen Cardullo.

Dodgers 10 10 2

Rockies  8 12 1





The Dodgers had gotten on the board immediately thanks to a Chase Utley solo home run in the top of the first off of rookie Jeff Hoffman.

The game was actually book ended by grand slams. The Dodgers thankfully hit the one at the end. They couldn’t do much of anything off of rookie Jeff Hoffman. He allowed just two earned runs on three hits over 5 innings of work. Norris allowed 6 runs (five earned) on 6 hits over 3 innings.

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The Dodgers were down 6-2 in the seventh when Nolan Arenado hit a huge two-run shot off of Joe Blanton that seemed to put the game out of reach. But you know what? These Dodgers do not give up.


With Jake McGee on the mound and one out in the eighth inning Adrian Gonzalez started the rally with a double. Yasmani Grandal’s double scored him to cut the lead to 8-3 and the Dodgers were off to the races. Josh Reddick walked, and Joc Pederson’s single brought home another run. Pinch-hitter Howie Kendrick’s sacrifice fly scored another run and the Dodgers were down 8-5 going into the ninth inning.

In the top of the ninth, Adam Ottavino began the inning by walking Corey Seager. After Turner whiffed, Gonzo lined out to short and the Dodgers were down to their last out. Then magic…..Grandal singles Seager to third. Reddick singles up the middle to finally drive in his first run as a Dodger. Pederson walked which set the stage for Toles.


And there you have it. Kenley Jansen pitched a scoreless bottom of the ninth to record his 40th save of the season. Dodgers win 10-8!

If you have any doubts about this Dodger club, leave them at the door now. Sure they have problems, but this team is capable of magical moments. What a day for Andrew Toles! He goes 3 for 5 with 5 runs driven in and a grand slam. Do we need any further proof that he should be playing every day? I don’t think so.

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The Dodgers are now 74-59 and increase their lead to 1.5 games over the Giants in the NL West. The Dodgers have a scheduled off day on Thursday and then begin a 6-game home stand on Friday against San Diego and Arizona. Julio Urias will get the ball against left hander Clayton Richard. Let’s hope the Dodgers put out a good lineup this time around.

News flash Dodgers, Kike Hernandez and Charlie Culberson can’t hit anybody! Lefties, righties, middlies, they couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. Toles is a superior player right now and the Dodgers need to play the hot hands. We’re in a playoff race for goodness sakes.  Anyways, enjoy the win tonight guys.

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

60 thoughts on “Toles Grand Slam Highlights Incredible Rally as Dodgers Split DoubleHeader

    1. That’s interesting. Both teams admitting a mistake?

      My initial reaction was – ef him, let him stew in the desert. But actually, that deal never made sense. The Dodgers can afford him, the dbacks can’t. If they would maybe be willing to spread out most of that extra year they gave him, I’d certainly support the idea. Say – $3.25 mil a year for 6 years? Give them a low A player too – to make it look better to the fans.

      1. If AZ wanted to get out of Greinke’s contract and the Dodgers wanted to mitigate Greinke’s 5th and 6th year cost, then trading Ethier, Kazmir, Kendricks for Greinke would accomplish both.

        If AZ also wants to save face on their trade that sent their shortstop prospect to Atlanta for Miller, AZ could try to also get Gavin Lux from the Dodgers. Other players could be involved from both sides.

        1. Wow. You have some early morning mad GM skills Bum. You make that deal before 7 in the morning? I’m impressed.

          I doubt they would be interested in Kazmir, but Ethier might interest them. He’s from Arizona and loves hitting in that park. Something might could be worked out.

          1. Badger
            They could have had Ethier a year ago, but the Dbacks owner, wouldn’t sign off on the trade.

        2. Ethier is 10/5 player and can’t be traded without his permission. For extra $$$ he could be persuaded but how much extra?

  1. I hate Coors, the field and the beer.

    Next time when we play at Coors I’m going to see if drink Coors beer will bring good luck, just to try something different.

  2. Possibly, the worst beer in the world.

    Well, the phoenix rises! One of the best come-backs I can remember. Very satisfying.
    An electrifying win from Avilan! An ordinary save from our less than top 10 closer, ah hem, struck out the side. What would they have done if they had gotten Chapman?

    Toles is our new hero. Let him lead off, see how he does.

    It is really scary how badly the Dodgers hit LH pitchers.

  3. Scoring 10 runs is quite a feat when the first four hitters in the lineup are 2 for 18.
    Toles is Puig lite, but maybe soon I the “lite” can be dropped. I’d like to see an outfield of Toles, Pederson, and Puig–speed, power, and arms.

  4. That was fun.

    I don’t expect to see that often, but when it happens? Oh yeah.

    A manager must play the hot player. Toles must play. He’s not a .397 hitter. Nobody is. But currently he’s the team’s best hitter. Toles, Pederson, Puig sounds fine to me.

    1. One more thing before my second cup of joe –

      A grand slam by one team in the 1st to go ahead 4-0 and a grand slam by the other team in the 9th to win it. I don’t recall ever seeing that before. And that is only one in a thousand reasons why baseball is the best game ever.

    2. It’s not just being hot. Opposing batteries haven’t figured him out yet. Actually me neither. High and inside, low and away, and he doesn’t seem to chase. Maybe inside, in the dirt?

      Him being a slap hitter makes him a different animal to tame than guys like Puig and Pederson.

      While the other teams are still trying to figure him out, keep playing him.

  5. For the sake of controversy and because FAZ has shown they don’t care about heart and soul, here goes–

    Kershaw for Trout in the off-season.

    Kershaw: has an opt out after 2018
    2017 29 $35,571,428
    2018 30 $35,571,428
    2019 31 $34,571,428
    2020 32 $35,571,428

    2017 26 $20,083,333
    2018 27 $34,083,333
    2019 28 $34,083,333
    2020 29 $34,083,333

    Add Puig and Gonzales from the Dodgers and find a third team (American league) to get Pujols with the Dodgers sending that team lots of money and the Dodgers getting a player from that team.

    LF Toles
    3B Turner
    RF Trout
    SS Seager
    C Grandal
    CF Pederson
    1B Bellinger
    2B Kike’/Calhoun/Barnes/Surprise

    Have fun with this or be a poop, your choice.

  6. Keyshaw damaged goods and Trout is the only fish in the Angel pond worth paying to see. They won’t trade him, and if they do they will ask for Seager, Urias, Bellinger and Hamels.

    1. I think they would take a lot less to get out from under Pujols’ contract. Gonzo, Kershaw, Pederson? Not saying I’d do it, mind you.

    2. If Kershaw were to prove himself healthy by pitching the Dodgers into the WS and maybe winning it, Kershaw will not be damaged goods.

      This is no Frank Howard for Claude Osteen trade nor is it a Milt Pappas for Frank Robinson one either. This would be historical with two MVP players swapping teams.

      The Pujols contract has long term impacts for the Angels especially with the team still paying for Hamilton. Dodgers take on lots of Pujols contract with the money they save by adding Agon, Puig, to the deal.

      Angels get fan favorite Agon, Kershaw, and yes Puig.

      MJ, I would miss Agon as well as Kershaw. Bellinger is ready enough.

    1. Badger
      Were you able to find out the other top prospect that the Phillies initially asked for, besides Gallo, and Profar, that was a top pick like Cory, and Urias?

      1. I’m sure the Phillies asked for the Rangers top prospects. They didn’t get them of course. You always ask for more than you’re going to get. The Phils settled for a package that began with much less than De Leon.

        1. Bingo. Amongst well informed professionals, you never know what you’ll get unless you ask, but once the deal is made, you’re rarely surprised what you got is what you got. That’s a quote from me after decades of being a professional negotiator.

          This also means that Hamels was probably not all that, according to advanced metrics. But yeah we could have used him last year. Water under the bridge now. Letting Greinke walk, and then get him back while unloading Kazmir and Ethier plus a pitching prospect (Chase De Jong?) plus losing a QO pick would be fine and dandy by me.

        2. Badger
          I know that, that is why when some said they asked for Cory, and I knew they would, you just don’t give them your top prospect.

  7. I think all of these Faz people, should stop knocking Greinke, because there great Faz, even know that Greinke is a top pitcher.

    And Greinke is just a good player, to have on your team.

    He can hit and defend his position, and mostly, makes most of his starts.

    1. Us FAZ people aren’t knocking Greinke, we are knocking his contract. Big difference!

      Should be clear to ALL you FAZ haters, Greinke’s contract is a disaster! Ask yourself, why would AZ trade Greinke? Answer: They know his contract is horrible and probably only going to get worse. FAZ is all about “VALUE”. If the lights have turned on in AZ land and they are willing to eat a BIG BIG portion of his salary FAZ will be interested. I am guessing AZ wouldn’t throw in Goldschmidt or at least Lamb, so the deal didn’t happen. Give it time!!

      1. Boxout
        You all were saying how bad Greinke has pitched this year, and that he would not pitch well, when he gets older.

        And by the way, if you combine what McCarthy made last year, and this year, and add Kazmir’s pay for this year, that is almost the same amount of money, that some complain about what Agone is costing the team.

        And Agone has played more and been on the field more, then any other Dodger player, since he became a Dodgers.

        I can’t say the same thing about McCarthy, or even Kazmir.

        And Agone has been one of the most consistent players, in all of baseball, and that didn’t change, when he joined the team either.

      2. Not clear to me box. I think he can pitch until he’s 37 and in the process help a team win a lot more than they lose. It’s my opinion FAZ knows they f’d up by letting a rival get him and they would like a redo.

        1. Not much of a rival. I think the reason they might be willing to part with him is that they know they won’t be able to contend anytime soon and so don’t need him and could use the money elsewhere.

          1. Rival? Well, maybe not currently. But they have been to, and won, a World Series this century. And you know they would like nothing better to step on any chances of us getting there before them.

      3. Well the Dodgers offered him a deal worth over 160 million for 5 years, and he was within 30 minutes of resigning, when AZ upped their offer to 6 years. They came back and asked the Dodgers for a 6th year, which they declined, so he signed with AZ. His contract is heavily back loaded and he gets close to 50 million after he is retired……..and that is the worst part of his deal.

  8. If Puig has got his confidence back, and is hitting leftie pitchers now, I think they should bring him up, to see what he will do.

    That is because the front office didn’t get the team the big right hand bat that the team needed, and have needed, since they traded Kemp, and let Hanley go.

    That problem hasn’t been fixed, and getting Reddick wasn’t the answer.

    The only thing that Reddick has done, is block Toles from playing as much, as he should be playing.

    What do they have to lose by giving Puig this chance?

    And please don’t say that he will ruin the chemistry of this team, because they already have shown, they don’t know a thing about team chemistry.

    If Puig gets out of line, they can just send him on his way, to start his time off, for the year.

  9. Greinke isn’t and won’t be worth $34 mil a year going forward, but he could be worth 24$ mil a year or so going forward. I would fully expect we re-visit this deal in the offseason. Kersh/Greinke, and then Urias, Deleon?? Damn. But man, what a shot in the arm this would have been if we had gotten Zack back for the stretch run. I’d say World Series faves.

    As far as Cole Hamels, Badger, you’re clearly a moron! Texas top prospect, baseball’s #45, was WAY BETTER than Urias and Seager, who we HAD to give up!!!!! Oh wait…….

    These days off suck. At least we can watch SF go to Chicago for 4 games this weekend. Today 5pm

    1. Bobby
      That is exactly my thoughts too!

      I hate these days off, but the players really need this day off, especially Cory, to give his wrist another day, to heal.

      But like you Bobby, that Cubs Giant game, will hold me over.

      1. Bobby probably has me pegged.

        But at the time De Leon was #20, and Holmes was on the list too. He’s moved up, De Leon dropped down a few pegs, but the point is we could have beaten the Rangers offer, then beaten the Mets, clobbered the Cubs and won it all. AND, we would still have Seager and Urias.

        My sky is Royal Blue and cloudless.

  10. Roberts said after the game that the team has really “taken” to Toles. Making an assumption, the team never has “taken” to Puig. Toles at one time showed up late for team meetings with other clubs, etc, but has learned that is not the way to the majors. He learned and changed. What a concept! I’m not sure Puig will ever learn and changing may be only temporary, until the next flareup. Man, that was a great win last night. The giants have 4 with the Cubs this weekend. Arrieta, Lester and ? for them. They still have 6 with the Rockies, I think. And 6 with Grienke’s team. I like that schedule….for us.

  11. I’ve done the math.

    To earn his money over the next 6 years Greinke has to put up about 25 WAR. I think he can do it. Here’s how:

    Mariano Rivera was putting up between 3-4 WAR a year when he was in his mid 30’s. I think Zack can average 4 WAR as a starter for 4 years and become a steely eyed closer for 2 more, getting close to 25 WAR in the process. We get a solid pitcher back on our staff, maybe Ethier goes home, and everybody but box and Mark are happy.

    Just having Zack around makes everybody better.

    Roll that up in your Zig Zags and inhale it.

    1. Badger: “Just having Zack around makes everybody better”.

      Tell it to AZ DBag fans, last place!! That must be some good shit your smoking!!!


      1. I don’t smoke anymore. I’m more an edible guy.

        Perhaps you missed the stat about how many games the dbacks have won when he starts. Not surprised. Would you like me to post it again? Ok, the dbacks are 15-7 in games he starts. Not sure how that looks through your FAZ lense, but in the real world, that’s a pretty good win %.

    2. I like that. Ethier would give up his 10 and 5 rights to go to Phoenix. That would save us $20 MM. If we gave them Kazmir and a prospect, I’d consider it workable from our point of view. No point in even offering it till they shake out their front office. Figure it this way: Zack is owed $180 MM in the next 5 years; we save $20 MM from Ethier and $32 MM from Kazmir; We would owe him only $128 MM over 5 years in new money. Better yet if they could be talked into eating some of that $180 MM…

          1. I didn’t take Algebra in college either. I did take calculus or sum thing though, can’t remember.

      1. Wondering
        I love Greinke, but the Dbacks owner wouldn’t sign off, on a trade that brought Ethier to the Dbacks, last year.

        But I bet the owner would love to save a lot of money, more a then veto a trade of Ethier.

        And like Badger said, the front office now knows, that they messed up on that deal somewhat.

        And I bet all of these signings, of these pitchers, that have been constantly on the DL, has made Greinke look so much better.

        And I know Greinke went out for an oblique strain, but that is not something, that Greinke has had happen a lot in his career.

        And the front office must be thinking, all of that busy work, and multiple signings, of pitchers, with long injury histories, and pitchers, that have been in effective at times in there careers, really isn’t worth all of the work that it entails, because the savings is not really that much.

        1. I first took statistics, at a GC.

          Then when I transferred to a four year college they said I had to take college algebra.

          On my college algebra book, it said pre calculus.

          But that was the only C I got in college.

          I’m not a math person.

      2. If they were willing to spend $110 MM over 5 years they could have had Cueto. I believe they will try to limp along until their prospects are ready. TBD may be our new #2 next year.

        1. So…… Snider, you’re saying FAZ may be marking time, waiting for our best prospects to mature ….. and maybe have some payroll clear. Perhaps a couple of years? Hmm. That would explain many of these high risk low cost investments they’ve added to the portfolio.

      3. I don’t think Ethier would give up his 10/5 rights to go to a last place team. I know everyone thinks that every ball player wants to play for his hometown team, but it just doesn’t work that way.

        1. You could be right about that. If he did well in Arizona, he would be received very well here. Better than LA. But, Ethier might be an LA guy now. He sure looks like one out on the town. Who knows. The odds of any of this happening are slim.

  12. Always been a secret conspiracy theory of mine. Dodgers have under 50 mil contracted in 2019. Gonna be a very good FA season in 2019. Could be a plan or even a vision coming together.

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