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Ty Blach Beats The Dodgers Again, Miserable Season Continues

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The floundering Dodger’s miserable season continued on Sunday afternoon with a pathetically predictable 4-2 loss to the Giants and Dodger killer Ty Blach. The Dodgers now fly into Arizona after losing three out of four in San Francisco and now fall to 12-15 on the season. When the Dodgers are trailing after seven innings, they are 0-11 so far in 2018.

Some people may tell you that the Dodgers try and find new and interesting ways to lose, but I disagree with that assessment. Actually the Dodgers lose in the same mundane ways each day. There may be individual plays that are new and pathetic, like for instance Pedro Baez falling off the mound the other night was new, but the overall themes of the losses are all the same. Don’t get it twisted. The Dodgers lose games in only two ways.

  1. The bullpen instantly implodes blowing any and all leads (or ties) obtained. Or…….
  2. The starting pitcher immediately puts the Dodgers in an early hole before the national anthem is sung and the offense does next to nothing the entire game.

Today’s loss was the number 2. Kenta Maeda allowed three runs in the bottom of the first inning before I had a chance to finish my first beer and the Dodger bats rolled over like a folding beach chair. Maeda wasn’t terrible mind you, but he finished with four earned runs on five hits with three strikeouts and four walks over six innings.

Dodgers 2 8 0

Giants     4 6 0





On the other side of the coin the bats once again couldn’t figure out Dodger shutout machine Ty Blach. The Giant’s southpaw entered the game with a 0.82 ERA against the Dodgers and hadn’t allowed an earned run to the Dodgers this year. For the record the Dodgers did score twice against him this afternoon but that was all they could muster. Blach tossed six frames allowing the two earned runs on six hits with four punch-outs and one walk to pick up his second win of the season, both against the Dodgers.

The Giants scored those three first inning runs with two outs in the opening frame. Buster Posey doubled to left and Brandon Belt walked on a questionable strike zone calls. It didn’t matter because Evan Longoria’s three-run home run to left essentially put the game on ice.

That’s because the Dodger bats once again did practically little to nothing the rest of the game. The Dodgers had eight hits, two for extra bases and drew one walk. They scored single runs in the sixth and seventh innings and had just two runners in scoring position during the first five innings.

The Giants added an additional run in the third against Maeda when Belt walked and scored on an RBI double from Posey. That was more than enough to back Blach. The Dodgers couldn’t even mount any kind of rally against the gas cans in the San Francisco bullpen.

The Dodgers did try though, fail as they did. Cody Bellinger’s lead-off double in the fifth was wasted when Austin Barnes struck out and Kyle Farmer lined into a double play. Note that Barnes has been horrendous in 2018.

In the top of the sixth Chris Taylor doubled and Enrique Hernandez’s ground ball single plated Taylor to get the Dodgers on the board. That made the score 4-1 San Francisco. Matt Kemp followed by singling Hernandez to third but Yasmani Grandal’s strikeout ended the inning. Note that Hernandez has been battling flu-like symptoms the last couple of days, so his efforts are much appreciated.

In the top of the seventh the Dodgers closed the gap to two runs. Bellinger was pulled after the sixth inning for reportedly not hustling on a grounder the inning before. That decision would become important because Max Muncy beat out a broken bat dribbler to third. One out later Joc “meet me in the middle” Pederson’s RBI ground single into left field scored Muncy to cut the Giant’s lead to 4-2. But Sam Dyson struck out Chase Utley and got Taylor to ground out to end the inning and any hopes of the Dodgers winning this game.

The Giant’s bullpen led by former Dodger Tony Watson who the front office refused to bring back this year for some unknown reason limited the Dodgers to just a Corey Seager single the rest of the way. The lowlights included Matt Kemp grounding into an inning ending double play in the top of the eighth. The Dodgers lose and are still terrible. When will the suckfest stop? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Dodgers are 4-6 against the Giants after ten games and won’t see them again until June. They won’t travel to San Francisco again until the very end of the regular season. Good riddance is what I say. The boys in blue will now travel to Arizona to play a four game series against the first place Dbacks in which they are guaranteed to be swept.

The Dodgers could be 10.5 games out of first place after they lose all four in Arizona. In the meantime Yasiel Puig has been placed on the disabled list because of a sore hip and Brock Stewart or Ross Stripling will start against Arizona on Monday. These are your 2018 Dodgers folks.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

36 thoughts on “Ty Blach Beats The Dodgers Again, Miserable Season Continues

  1. Star date: 29042018. Captain’s log. Dodgers are not a contender. Now they head to Arizona and, contrary to reports, the Vulcans and the Borg are both betting bigly on the Diamondbacks taking the series. I repeat: both, bigly. This is, like, a worse probability scenario than Infinity War. (Doctor McCoy in the background: When the Vulcans and the Borg are betting against you, you know you are fucked.)

  2. Luckily I was otherwise engaged playing music this afternoon so I did not have to witness the debacle. I did watch the condensed replay and after watching that I was very glad I missed the game. I read Roberts reply’s to the press as to why he pulled Cody, who was 2-2 in the game. He felt that Bellinger did not hustle on the double which was hit into triples alley there at AT&T Park. Cody slipped coming out of the box, and was content to stay at 2nd. Roberts felt he should have been on 3rd and that’s why he pulled him. It became huge when Farmer lined out to short and Cody was doubled up. I have said this many times since spring. This team is not the 2017 Dodgers. There are pieces that are no longer here. Especially in the bullpen. You look at the bullpen now and last year and there is no pitcher out there who is the shut down machine that Morrow was, who by the way has 5 saves in Chicago. Alexander has been an unmitigated disaster. Baez, no matter how effective he was early, has regressed his last few outings He also has lost what little confidence he has. I would even at this point be scared to death bringing that guy in to start an inning. I would send him down if for no other reason than to send a message that unless you perform, your job is not safe. Hell, they did it to Pederson, so why not Baez. They could call up Venditte who has pitched very well at OKC and he can pitch from both sides. And to those of you who think they should bring Buehler here, that is not going to happen. They are seriously monitoring his innings, and that’s just the way it will be. So Maeda to the pen is not going to happen. They are losing because of inconsistent offense, bad bullpen outings and starting pitching that is also inconsistent. And they are losing because the FO in their infinite wisdom has seen fit to load the system and roster with players who are either infirm or lacking in skills. Low risk high reward is their credo. They will not and have not signed premium free agents. Koehler was the big thing this year, and look how that turned out. They traded for Kemp and hoped to dump him before spring training. He fooled the hell out of them by reporting in shape and playing well, and guess who is the leading hitter on the team as of today and the only regular hitting over .300…..that’s right Matt Kemp. Grandal is dropping like a rock this last week, now at .291. This is not as of today a Championship caliber team. They are what they are………mediocre. We all hope the return of Justin Turner will light a fire under their asses and they will play better. Hill opens the AZ series….good news is they will not have to face Ray who is out with a strained oblique….Stewart recalled, Puig to 10 day DL and Buehler sent to Rancho.

  3. I don’t know what is going on in that clubhouse. But benching Bellinger is so stupid.

    How about sending Joc to AAA for failing to work on his game during the offseason?

  4. There you go. Benching Bellinger because Roberts isn’t very smart is wrong. Good for Bellinger not backing down and insisting he did hustle and did not want to run his team out of an inning when behind. Good Baseball. Screw Roberts!!!

  5. Monitoring innings can happen anywhere. You don’t need to be in the minors for that. Buehler should be pitching in LA, not Oklahoma. In fact, I can think of a few more young strong arms I would like to see monitored here. Remember all those depth chants we heard from the FAZophants? It’s time. Let’s see it.

    Roberts thought Cody didn’t hustle and he pulled him. If that’s true I have no problem with it. Neither should any of you coaches out there. The team is playing with an intense sense of lethargy. Send a message. You don’t hustle? Take a seat meat. Only Cody knows if it’s true. If it isn’t, that’s between the two of them.

    The team isn’t hitting well. So f’n what? I’m not worried about that and you shouldn’t be either. They will hit. What I’m more worried about is pitching. Where will it come from with so many ailing? Well the first place we should look is the system Friedman has allegedly been stacking for 4 years. If it ain’t there, well one should first ask why the ef not, then look where you know FAZ is looking, the wires and the rehabbing veterans playing for teams named the Iron Pigs, the Wingnuts, the Savannah Bananas and the West Mustard Condoms.

    All things are temporary so there are two things I’m sure will change – the dbacks won’t continue at a .700 pace and the Dodgers won’t finish under .500.

    Relax. Have a latte and enjoy the morning.

    1. I thought it was the West Condom Mustards???

      I think we have two concerns, it is the hitting, there is no reason to think otherwise, you stay calm Badger and I will be concerned. It is the pitching, both starters and bullpen. The 2017 Dodgers have really fallen off the cliff and are laying at the bottom of the cliff as the 2018 Dodgers.

      I’m really starting to think that this approach of the FO is just lining up with a sell-off of the team to the highest bidder. It really is an investment for Gruggs and Co., it ain’t a love affair, except a love affair with money. I give it two years and this team will be under new ownership.

      1. I love minor league team names. They are very creative. I lived in El Paso when I was in the army. AA Texas league team. Over the years I was there, they had 3 name changes. When I got there they were the Sun Kings. They became a Dodger farm team for a year and were the Sun Dodgers. I saw Lee Lacy play for them. Then the Angels took over and they became the Diablos. They wore bright red unis at home, pants and all with yellow trim. Their manager was an exe Dodger, Norm Sherry, and they were owned by Kurt Russell’s dad, Bing. Kurt also played there for a while before his career was ended with a serious arm injury. Kid could hit I will tell you that. As for the Dodgers, I think their FO needs one of my favorite Minor league names…….the Wing Nuts…….

      2. True

        I just can’t believe they are not making a lot of money, just off the operations of this team.

        Why sell a money maker, that is constantly making money, from the mere operations of this team?

        The Dodgers team is always going to be going up in value, even the hapless Marlins owner, got quite a bit of money, for a team, that is not ranking in the money, like the Dodgers are, year after year.

    2. Firstly, why is Joc getting 14 plate appearances in this series, and Kemp only 7?

      To Joc’s credit, he got a hit yesterday, but he is no number three or four hitter like Kemp is, and I don’t believe he learned how to hit, in one month.

      Hitting is just not that easy?

      Kemp should not be sitting on the bench, because of of Joc, or any of these other outfielders.

      And Roberts isn’t going to sit Taylor that often, because he is the only one on this team, that plays center well.

      Now that Puig is out, Kemp better get four at bats, in every game now, and from now on, or this team will continue to struggle.

      Who knows what Kemp could have done in this series, if he would have got more at bats, like Chili said.

      Kemp has always been an everyday player, and he can’t be pulled in and out, of the line up, like has happened.

      About Cody, this is either a misunderstanding, or Roberts is trying to pump this team up.

      But this shouldn’t have came from the expense of Cody, who always goes all out, just like he told Alana.

      Cody had no idea why he was pulled, because he didn’t loaf!

      But like Tim said, this team is over managed, and because of this, the team can’t get any consistency.

      Because either they are giving young players days off to often, at the very beginning of the season, or they are constantly platooning the line ups, even if some players, have reverse splits.

      What happened, I thought they were about the numbers?

      They better start playing their best players.

      Although I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Hill return to start in Arizona, I am not any more confident in Stripling, starting this game.

      Because Arizona is such a hitter’s Park, and even very good pitchers, have a hard time pitching in Arizona.

    3. Well Badger, I respect what you post as always. You in my opinion are one of the more knowledgeable posters on here. I think if the manager feels you are not hustling and pulls you, he must have seen something you did not. Since I did not watch the game, I can not really comment on what happened. I have read both Dave and Cody’s quotes. Cody is pretty pissed about the whole thing and said so. I respect that because it shows he really cares. But Roberts is the manager. And it is on him to set the tone. If that little benching for a couple of innings lights a fire in Cody, well, it will be a good thing. He still strikes out too much. Even though he is hitting .291, it seems like a very soft .291. He does not seem to be really hitting balls as hard as last year. My concern with the hitters is really centered on Taylor. He looks nothing like the guy who was playing last year. His OBP is under .300. He is definitely striking out way too much and a ton of those are looking. Striking out for you and me was a no no. I understand it does not hold the stigma in this so called new era of baseball. But striking out looking with the bat on your shoulder and not even trying to hit the damn ball to me is worse. And from what I am seeing, this team does that way too much. Protect the plate guys!!!!. But Badger, there is no way I am drinking some foo foo shit called a Latte…..sorry, strong black coffee just like I drank every morning in the Army ! Peace and love my friend……

      1. Cody didn’t loaf in that game, and believe me, I have seen plenty of times when certain players, didn’t run all out, even in the post season, and Roberts didn’t do a thing.

        And when a player like Cody, who plays all out, is done this way, it isn’t good for Cody, because he will take this to heart, because his heart is always, in the game!

        And Cody happens to be one of the best players on this team!

        He is still learning to hit, and play, in the majors, but he is always looking to improve his game, and help this team!

        1. I agree with all of that MJ, and like I said, I did not see the game. I was playing music all afternoon. But in Roberts judgement he felt Cody was not running all out. That’s his stand, not mine. As for not benching other players, well that is a different subject altogether. Tommy would and so did Alston. Yes, Cody is young and learning more everyday. And I myself think he plays as hard as anyone I have ever watched. He actually reminds me of Kemp when he broke in. He was very much that kind of player. The point is, whether we think it is right or wrong is that the manager runs the team. His word is final on all matters on the field, and not you or I, or anyone else here is going to make him think different. His word is final. I have no doubt those two will have a pre-game private meeting. And although one of the things discussed will be the reason DR felt Cody needed to sit, the other will be venting to the press. Most teams like to have the players keep those discussions in house. Which is one reason no one knew how much Don Sutton hated Steve Garvey until after they had a very big fight in the club house.

          1. Mr. Norris
            You are correct, Cody is pissed and I do not think he would have vented to the press if he truly was not giving it his all. He did have a little trouble getting out of the box but after that he was hustleing. I don’t know when it will happen but players will not continue to back a manager when they are wrong or making bad decisions or not making good decisions. Sounds to me like Cody is not going to say Dave is right when he feels he is wrong and let me remind you of last year when Dave sent Cody to the DL so his favorite Agon could play. Go Cody!

          2. The benching was not so much about not making it to third yesterday as much as
            it was for Cody not running out a high pop up last week that should easily have been caught but was not, and that Cody was standing on first base.

            Not saying I agree with it though.

            Hey MJ, Joc hit 500 for the week by the way, and a couple good grabs out there.

          3. A players revolt in this day and age? I doubt that will happen. I admire Bellinger for standing up for himself and I said before I think the kid hustles all the time. I have seen Puig pulled early in his career for lack of hustle. I will tell you this, putting Cody on the DL last year was not Roberts decision. It was not done just to get A-Gone back in the lineup. That decision was totally the training staff and the FO being cautious. Cody was their best player, and even though the injury was deemed minor, they were more worried about it becoming serious. The manager has little say in who goes on the DL. That is mostly on the DR.s and trainers and the front office.

          4. Unless you are at the game you don’t always know if a guy is or is isn’t hustling out of the box – but I know I’ve seen a lot of it caught on camera over the years. Yeah, Bellinger is usually hustling but it’s possible he’s been caught pouting while running a couple times. Frankly I have a difficult time thinking Roberts overreacted on this one. He’s a former player. He’s been coaching a while. He knows better than that.

            I’m gonna try to remain positive here. Who knows, we may look back on this as a turning point. But for now…… it’s 27 games…… and we’ve had some setbacks. Until we get healthy we don’t know what kind of team we will be. Play well today. It begins with effort.

            So the call up is Stewart. Ok. Seen that movie. Just read a nice piece on our prospects. It reads the same every year, a few name changes, but most of the real talent lies at AA and below. Obviously. If it was Major League ready the call up wouldn’t be Stewart.

            I look forward to watching the offense tonight. I think they are always an at bat away. The pitching? Yeah, it’s always an at bat away too.

  6. Actually, the Dodgers are in the top 4 of NL in hitting. Take a look at the sortable stats. They are getting hits, scoring runs, and still losing. Why? Mostly pitching woes. Blaming Bellinger is bullshit. He leads the club in 4 categories, runs/hits/triples/BA. Kemp has a higher avg but hasn’t played as much. Bellinger is not the problem here. Why scapegoat him? Roberts is a bloody boob.

    Sending Buehler back down is a terrible move. The FO must want to lose. They are undermining this team big time. Please don’t bring Stewart back. Venditte is not on the roster so we won’t be seeing him. This season is looking bleak. When is Turner due back?

    1. Kemp has hit consistently all month long, and he is tied for the lead in HRs, on this team.

      He should be playing everyday, it isn’t his fault, Roberts played him less, after he got hot, who sits down a real number three, or four hitter, when they are hot?

      And I have noticed the more consistent at bats, Kemp has gotten, he has hit with more power.

      Once Kemp was not played as much, this team started to go down, and that isn’t, a coincidence.

      1. Package

        I just read an article in the LA Times, and you will love the title of this article.

        Dave Roberts ( and others) look in the Mirror, not at Bellinger.

        Use the link here for the LA Times, and if something comes up, to subscribe to the Times, wait a few seconds, because a little plus sign will show up at the top right hand corner, and you can push that, to release that, and go on and read the article.

        1. MJ
          I tried your idea of getting on the Times site but it still says I have used my allotment of articles. I also never saw anywhere to click to give me the article. I did wait also.

    2. Rock

      Where have you been, do you only show up, after one good series, that the Dodgers didn’t even win?

      Why is that such a big thing, from a player that is in their fourth major league season, especially after getting opportunity, after opportunity?

      A lot of players got three hits in that game, that had a lot less, major league at bats, but they took advantage of every little chance, they were given, that is the difference.

      This is a game of adjustments, after a pattern, so we will see!

      Ok Bum?

      1. I’m just having fun with you MJ.
        You’re too caught up in what Joc is, and is’t doing so
        I just wanted to yank your chain a little.

        Obviously I, unlike you don’t believe that Joc is the reason for all
        our struggles this year.

    3. Jeff

      What were those offensive numbers, before that blow out game?

      I don’t know for sure, but that run away game, could have padded our offensive numbers.

      Because we did score a lot of runs, in the one game, in this series.

      1. MJ, too lazy to look up the old stats. They weren’t doing too badly, IIRC. They were gaining consistently in batting average and number of hits. They are down in power, though. Not nearly as many HR’s as other teams and we were very high up last year. It seems to me without the power, the Dodgers don’t win. The power was what kept them in games and what surged in winning them. Not playing Kemp everyday, we lose the power of his bat. This is a fact.

        We need both the power and the average hitting in order to be a good team. Without Turner and Seager, we’ve lost a lot of power and will have to revert to singles and doubles, something the Dodgers are not particularly good at.

  7. Lattes are good. Especially if you have a cannabis scone to dip into it.

    I’m all in on this team being groomed to sell. I just hope it isn’t garnished in no name rehabbing pitchers just before the papers are signed. This team should have the sexy that the Yankees do. If you’re going to lose, look good doing it.

    I keep telling you guys this team will hit. And honestly, does anyone believe Taylor is a conventional lead off guy? He’s not a .300 hitter with a .400 OBP. This team hasn’t had a stereotypical leadoff hitter in years and frankly I don’t think they’re looking for one. Taylor will slash maybe .275/.345/.425 and that will be good enough because Seager and Bellinger can both flat out hack. The other squirrels on this team will find their nuts. Come summer you will see that I’m right about this. As Jeff just pointed out, you’re already seeing it.

    Pitching. Different story being told there.

    Will somebody (Bluto?) explain to me why, after 4 years of trading and signing and stacking the system we aren’t prepared to light the Cubans and smoke the West? Where the hell are Sierra and Alvarez? Some guy named Banuelos has a 2.16 ERA, 0.88 WHIP and 29 Ks in 25 innings. Why not him? Schlitter 0.94 WHIP. Stewart, 1.02 WHIP. Venditte 1.11 WHIP. What do we have a AAA team for if not to supply replacements?

    Make some moves dammit!

    1. Stewart was called up yesterday. No, I do not think Taylor is a viable leadoff man. They do have a candidate for that at AAA, Locastro. But then again I think batting Hernandez anywhere other than 7-8 is insane. Toles could be a viable lead off guy, but he is not here. I think Seager should always hit 2nd, Bellinger 3rd at least until Turner gets back. And there is no way you will ever convince me that Latte’s are good.

      1. Rock

        Since you love small samples.

        Toles in six games, before he went out, 467/500s/700s/1200s

        And that is against both lefties, and righties.

        1. I wanted him to break camp with the big club out of spring training but
          unfortunately I don’t make those decisions.

          1. Rock

            How about a little peace?

            This was more about putting in the work, then anything else.

  8. MJ……..Stripling was brought to the majors as a starter. He has said numerous times that he still prefers starting. And he is pretty good at it. So, maybe he will pitch better tonight than Maeda or Wood did over the weekend. I have as much faith in him as I do that Wood will turn his season around when he starts on Thursday. Will Kershaw finally get his second win? AZ has been a house of horrors for him. They could very easily get swept here. The only plus is that they will not see Ray since he is out with a quad injury. Blach is fast becoming this generations Larry Jaster….

    1. Michael

      I hope Stripling does, because I wasn’t actually looking forward in Hill making this start, in Arizona.

      Because Hill got hit hard the last time he pitched in Arizona.

      And Maeda, Hill, and Ryu has had trouble pitching in Arizona, I guess, because the ball doesn’t break well there.

      Although I think Ryu might pull it off, in this series, because he can be very stubborn at times, so he will fight every hitter, to avoid giving up a run.

  9. Well, another game with no Matt Kemp. Instead we have Joc and Kiki and a rookie. Another lousy managing job by the Dummy. I guess Kemp will continue to sit. Wow is he ever being abused. What a shame. It is still early and I have projected a 85 to 90 win season before the season started but i think I might be a little high on the wins.

    1. Package

      Corey is going to have TJ surgery.

      I totally agree with you about Kemp.

      Everyone else that are considered everyday players, don’t get sat for a platoon advantage.

      And I have noticed after Kemp is sat, it takes him a one game, before he gets back on track, and hits with power again.

      He only got three at bats, in the first three games, of this last series, and now he is sat again.

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