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Verlander Shuts Down the Dodgers

Kenta Maeda bows

A pitching duel broke out again in Motown. The Dodgers completed inter-league play as Justin Verlander took on Kenta Maeda. Chris Taylor and Cody Bellinger were missing from the line-up. Both Pitchers took no-hitters in to the sixth inning as the Dodgers went for the sweep. New Dodger Curtis Granderson hit a solo shot in the top of the sixth off old buddy Velander to break up the no hit bid.


In the bottom of the sixth inning the wheels fell off for Kenta Maeda. John Hicks of the Tigers started it off with a single. Andrew Romine then hit a double. Kenta Maeda in the sixth inning was entering the twilight zone. Dixon Machado then doubled in two runs. Justin Upton the self proclaimed Dodger Killer then hit a two run shot and the Tigers took a 4-1 lead.


Austin Barnes in the 8th inning hit a two out single for the only other hit off Verlander. Miguel Cabrera who had been cold the whole series doubled in two runs off Tony Cingrani. The score was now 6-1 Tigers which was the final score of the game.



The Dodgers will try to regroup with a four game set against the Pirates in PNC Park as Alex Wood will take the mound for the first game of that series. I still feel the Dodgers need a shut-down left-hander out of the bullpen to cover all their bases. The Dodgers still have till Sept. 1 to get that job done either internal or external.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

101 thoughts on “Verlander Shuts Down the Dodgers

  1. No shame in getting shut down by Verlander. There’s a bit of something for every opinionated fan in this gane. The old school guys look at Verlander wistfully (we still have the prospects to get him actually as he’s cleared waivers, but I think the Tigers need to take McCarthy off our hands – I would trade ). The SABR guys look at Maeda and shake their heads – why push your luck there in a close game, with his third time through the lineup.

    I am still hopeful for two of Watson, Cingrani and Dayton to get us there, but if we have to go with a righty on righty match up then I’m not that concerned either. One thing though, Ryu did well against Miguel Cabrera with off speed stuff – Cingrani needs to throw more sliders with the elite hitters and command his fastball on the edges.

    1. More bad news. Dayton is being shut down. Yikes.

      The FAZ may need to do another lefty trade this month, or we take a longer look at Paredes.

      1. They have 4 lefty’s in the pen right now. Watson, Avilan, Paredes and Cingrani. They just claimed a RHP, Jordan Jankowski from the Astros. Good pitching beats good hitting. We saw that today. 40 games left, they have a 21 game lead on Az and 20 on Colorado. And a win tomorrow ELIMINATES the Giants……….that felt so good to say.

  2. Agone 2 for 12. Too early to draw conclusions. Just pointing it out.
    With our lead he has plenty of time to work things out.

    1. Artieboy

      I know your just pointing that out, but remember he has hit in three runs in those 12 at bats, and no one really hit Verlander yesterday, and that was only Agone’s third game back, and Verlander was at his best.

      And we didn’t have both Taylor or Cody in our line up yesterday.

      But I do value your thoughts!

    1. On second thought, I think Pantone 294 needs to get Mr. Snider to a game during the regular season where the Dodgers to break this jinx. If that fails then keep him away from a Dodgers post season game at all costs!

    2. YF

      That has to be so frustrating for this guy!

      But it must be nice to have season tickets, and the time and money to get there, when your living so far away.

      But I think I might not go to the first post season game either, and just watch it on TV.

      Because he is right, it is worse being at the stadium and losing a game, then at home.

      But when we have to watch these post season games, with these other networks, and anouncers, that is pretty painful too, if we don’t win, because there is so much east coast bias.

  3. It has surely been nice having the Dodgers win so often this year but there is an inherent danger. FAZ is liable to think the Dodgers are winning because of his signs and trades. That is true to a small extent but a lot of luck is involved too. Signing better pitchers would have made this year even better. His crap pitchers have contributed little or nothing. And next year, if Lady Luck doesn’t move in again, it could be a different outcome. And for Badger, Lady Luck is good for about 10.0 WAR….

    1. Again, I’m only referring to WAR because that is what FAZ does. It’s their language, not necessarily mine.

      We have to win 11 games in post season. The last 40 of this season prepares for that. This Division was won a while ago. There will be some excitement down the stretch for some teams, but not for the Dodgers.

      September call ups. That’s the next thing for us and it doesn’t happen for another 11 days. For now I’m just watching the daily jacuzzi list. In fact, I’ve been watching it all year and I’ll be watching it the rest of the way. With this club it’s going to be – who is healthy in October. We are hitting a tough stretch schedule wise. Not from teams. From the schedule itself. Only 3 days off the rest of the way.

    2. I sense a pivot in rhetorical strategy among the incurable FAZophobes. Rather than the success of this year’s team hinging entirely on the Solomonic wisdom of Ned Coletti and his prescient drafting and signings several years ago, which as an argument becomes more and more untenable as time goes by, they simply attribute any success of this current Dodgers team – and the success has been truly historic – to good, old fashioned luck.

      It’s a pretty elegant solution.

      One need not provide evidence or a solid argument based on sound logic or reasoning. Everything is just simply “luck.”

      So, if a person happens to have a visceral, cult-like animosity towards the current Dodgers front office and believes, contrary to every statistical measure or observed evidence, that the front office needs to be fired for the Dodgers to be successful, then the luck gambit allows that person to maintain this faulty belief system. Delusional? Yes, but it does allow, at least within a purely logical framework, for that person to maintain a position completely at odds with a standard definition of reality.

      The Dodgers have the best pitching staff, both starting and relieving, in the majors?

      “it’s luck. FAZ signings have contributed nothing.”

      Dodgers on pace to win 117?


      Dodgers win 162 games and sweep the playoffs and the World Series, and every player FAZ signed batted .1000 and had and ERA of 0.0?

      “It’s still luck. FAZ sucks! …and if you think otherwise, you’re drinking the blue Kool Aid.”

      I think the more accepted definition of a cultist or, as you so elegantly put it, a Kool Aid drinker, is a person who holds a certain belief in isolation and completely separate from most measures of accepted reality.

      Oh, but wait! You’re an independent thinker. An iconoclast. A realist.

      1. Feel better now, Patch?

        The only kool-aid drinkers references come from someone on another site, you appear to be confused again.

        1. You appear to be angry again. Yes, I do feel better. Thank you.

          Perhaps you missed Chile’s fantastically bizarre, better than thousand word novella on differently shaped Kook Aid bottles, or Jonah’s reference the other day. I think that was the preferred trope of the Dodger Therapy crank.

          Now that we’re having a discussion, I really should point out that your user name is spelled incorrectly. It should read “through and through.” Even if you wanted to have a colloquial contraction of the word AND to simply the letter N, it would still be better if they were separated with apostrophes.

          Even Ray Charles can see that.

          1. “Even Ray Charles can see that.”

            Take your head out of Timmons’ ass. That has been his favorite stupid quote for two decades. Ray Charles has been dead for years, as has that tired line. We all know what you think, FAZ is your favorite topic on which to comment. Do you have anything else?

          2. “’Even Ray Charles can see that.’

            Take your head out of Timmons’ ass. That has been his favorite stupid quote for two decades. ”

            Which is why I included it. I thought that would’ve been obvious. Meant to trigger the paroxysm of vituperaton above, though I was expecting one of TruBlu’s obligatory homophobic/homoerotic comments on anal intercourse.

      2. Dodgerpatch

        That same commentor complimented Faz yesterday!

        And I think they only want the team to be even better for the post season, and our new lefties have had their problems, since they got here.

        Like I said yesterday, how can anyone not think that the whole Dodger organization including the front office, are not doing well, with the team dominating the regular season, like they are!

    3. I think this is what baseruns is meant to evaluate:

      Why BaseRuns:

      We frequently find ourselves asking the question, “how well has this team played?” The default reaction is to simply look at their record to determine how many wins and losses they have. However, wins and losses are an extremely blunt tool for making this kind of evaluation. Winning 7-1 communicates something different than winning 9-8. Winning 2-1 and losing 10-3 is different than winning 3-2 and losing 4-3.

      You might hear this referred to as “luck,” but it is better to thing of it as “sequencing” because that removes any kind of value judgement. BaseRuns isn’t saying that a particular team is getting lucky when it outperforms its BaseRuns record, it’s saying that teams who have those underlying stats typically do not win that often. It’s up to the reader to decide if the team is fortunate or doing something that BaseRuns isn’t measuring.

      The Dodgers are middle of the pack. Prettty much performing as they should.

      But even if they were lucky (I don’t think they are) and even if we double the ludicrous (in my opinion) 10 games. They would STILL be thirty (30) games over .500!!!!!!

      1. What I read there was a list of rankings by WAR. The most balanced player on that list? Anthony Rendon. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am.

        1. Badger

          I read that about Rendon too, but earlier this year, and it still may be, Turner had the second highest WAR in the National League.

          I think it may be because defense is more valued at third, then in the outfield, but I am not sure that I would value it, that way..

  4. I was just casually looking at Stanton’s BR page and wondering what’s going to happen with that guy. This off season will be the time to move him. He’s 27 now, obviously in his prime, and this is the last year his contract is Miami affordable ($14.5mm). Next year it goes to $25mm and for 10 years that’s the lowest it goes. I would think in 5 years or so he has DH written all over him. He’s easily earned over $25mm this year, how long can he do it? Until he’s 32 maybe? Maybe longer if all he does is hit. He’s 6’6″. Can he play first base?

    He’s from Southern California, though at this point so what. He could be FAZ material, for 4-5 years maybe. What AL team can afford him, several actually, what ballpark in the AL would he destroy, a few for sure, and will new ownership in Miami want to build around him or ship him to start over? This offseason could be the time he is moved.

    1. I wouldn’t want the Dodgers to get him. So there is a chance FAZ will try to do that. He never listens to me.

      1. Stanton has to much trouble staying on the field, and that is why I wouldn’t want him, with that big contract.

        That is the irony about Stanton he is built like an Adonis, but he has not played more then about 110 games a season on an average, or a little better then that.

        I like him because he is a California guy, but almost no one is worth that much for that long.

        I feel the same about Harper, and Trout is the only guy I do think might be worth that type of money, if you still get him, when he is relatively young, in his prime.

        1. I read that Joc was playing in leftfield last night.

          I wonder if that is where he normally plays, when he has went down.

          1. Verdugo has been playing CF every day, they probably did not want to upset the apple cart, besides, they are more concerned about his bat. Ethier got his first rehab hit at Tulsa.

  5. Fun fact: if we slump hard, and go 22-18 in the final 40 games of the year, we’ll still set the NL record for wins in a year

      1. I did. I got my playoff ticket invoice last week. But it’s expected. I saw this all the time with my Laker season tickets as well: prices jump up each round.

        For example, my 2 Dodgers season tix are in Reserve 15, Row M. They cost me $18 a game. Here are my playoff prices per ticket, per game: NLDS: $43, NLCS: $85, World Series: $216

        1. Bobby


          I wasn’t sure about the different rounds, I just saw a headline that said starting prices for the World Series, was $158, and I thought of you.

  6. Badger always speaks of WAR as if it means something. I confess, I’m ignorant, I don’t know how valid it might be. OK, FAZ’s starting pitchers, Kazmir, McCarthy, and Hill, how much WAR have they personally contributed to whatever the Dodger total is?

      1. Starter WAR numbers are very inflated. But it is what it is and the FOs are catching on. But the lazy SABRmetricians haven’t tried to figure out better WAR numbers for pitchers.

    1. Go to fangraphs and read up on it Jonah. It isn’t that complicated.

      MJ, Stanton has 5.4 WAR in 120 games this year. That kind of production makes him very affordable and in that few games he could possibly last until he’s 40, especially if he’s used as a DH. Boston, Toronto, New York look like good fits. I just wonder what Miami and new ownership may be thinking.

      1. Badger

        This is when Stanton is at his highest production, and if we knew for sure that he would produce like this for the rest of his contract, that would be an excellent deal.

        But we don’t know that he will produce like that every season, and I think he is at the end of his prime years, and that is the problem!

        I wasn’t thinking the DH because I was thinking about the Dodgers.

        And I have no idea how valuable a DH is, when it comes to WAR.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if Patch is actually trying to sound stupid, if so, he does an excellent job of it. If not, wow what a waste of energy and air.

    Durr, even Charles Barkley can see that.

    1. patch is heavily invested in his opinion on Friedman. It’s important to him that he is right and that all of us here know it. I wouldn’t let it get to you True.

      1. Badger

        I bet most Dodger fans wouldn’t guess that McCarthy has a higher WAR this year, then Hill.

        But as you know, WAR isn’t always a true measure or value of a player, or a pitcher.

        The same for OPS, when it comes to true offensive production.

          1. I agree Bluto. I’ve been looking at WHIP for a few years now. It’s simple. FIP, by definition, is a good one too, though I don’t know what algorithms go into it.

          2. Bluto


            I still have a lot to learn, and I appreciate your input, because although I do know some of the numbers, I am really not a number’s person, in general, when it comes to most things.

          3. I was wondering how many times Baez has came into a game this year, when runners have been on base.

            Because he has a pretty good numbers, when it comes to, inherited runners, but I don’t think I have seen him come into to many games, with runners on base..

          4. MJ, Baez has inherited 15 runners when he has come into the game and 1 has scored. You can find that on the Dodgers site under Baez’s stats. Scroll down under the regular stats and you will see an IR and then and i R s.

          5. I agree with Bluto there. I like WHIP and FIP and. ERA+ for pitchers. BB/9 is usually a telltale stat for pitchers as well.

      2. Look up “psychological projection.”

        I don’t HAVE to be right…..

        ….but it is pretty damn fun when I am. 🙂

        1. I agree. That’s why I so much enjoyed pointing out how often Timmons was dead wrong over 20 years. It happened so often I got censored on his site a few times. It was worth it.

      3. Thanks Badger, but I truly can’t say it gets to me, more accurately it amuses me. Patch seems to be a very unstable person. Something of deep concern is going on inside that melon. He seems like one of those neighbors you dread living near and aren’t surprised when his name appears in the newspaper. At least that is the vibe he gives off. Geez, even Charles Dickens can see that.

      1. My comment would be to ask him what’s the view like in there? To quote a very old saying, but turning the tables, The Giants? Are they still in the league? Was originally quoted as Brooklyn? Are they still in the league……..Giants found out later that they were as the Dodgers knocked them out of the pennant. 40 games to go. Magic number is 20.

      2. Not in parody, but to trigger the Timmons haters. I was trolling.

        It’s not as much fun if I have to explain it.

        Anyway…moving along…

        FIP versus WHIP versus WAR….I dunno, nor really does anyone here. The stats are created by guys (there might be a few females in the sabre community, but I think it’s pretty safe that this is the domain of young, geeky males) who are smarter than me, who devote a lot of energy to this, and probably come from mathematic or statistics educational backgrounds. It’s also a crowdsourced community. Insights make their ways to others, who build on them. Fangraphs, which I think every baseball fan should read, created some of their own stats, but more often than not include those created by others.

        I don’t think there’s any single one unifying stat that defines the value of a pitcher. I suppose WAR comes pretty close, but I’m not sure I’m as comfortable with WAR for pitchers as I am for hitters. There are some rankings that just make me scratch my head. I suppose if I really researched and dug into the formula from which WAR for pitchers is calculated, I’d have that “ah, ok! I get it now” moment, but I’m probably not going to take the time to do that. I like looking at xFIP

        1. You were setting traps for Timmons haters? Why would you do that? Because it’s fun? Do you even have a clue what it is he did to spend time in prison? If you did, and you are setting those people who have a problem with him up, you sir are a first class jackass.

          Take that crap back to the other board where it belongs.

          I didn’t even read the rest of what you just wrote.

          1. Yikes, Hey Badger I looked up Mark Timmons v. State of Indiana from January 1992. Wow, is that the correct case? Yikes!!! If it is, some of his loyalists should make that must reading.

          2. Knock it off, Badger. If you want to continue to obsess over Timmons, that’s on you and your issue. You start calling me names, now you just make me angry.

            You give Timmons so much power.

            Just person to person without the BS, I’ll share something. I have people that I hate. I’ve dwelled on it sometimes, let that resentment occupy my thoughts too much. I still hate my former boss who fired me ten years ago. But when I really reflect on where that hatred comes from, like really peel away the onion layers, I realize it’s more about me and my insecurity or unresolved issue, that the person I hate is more a trigger and the animosity a way not to really address my own fundamental issue.

            I feel better when I can acknowledge that so it doesn’t have as much hold over me, so that person and that animosity doesn’t occupy so much mental space, because that’s a waste. I don’t want to give that person that much power over me.

            Whatever legal issues Timmons had really are irrelevant. That’s not why you hate him. It’s what you use to make it seem like you’re taking a principled stand, when really it’s always been about your ego and insecurity. He could very well be scumbag, he’s certainly a blowhard sometimes. It doesn’t matter. Your reaction to him does…for you anyway.

            Trublue is just a bad person, you’re not . So deal with it. I just want to occasionally come on here and make fun of FAZophobes and occasionally talk about baseball and don’t really want to be the recipient of your Timmons butthurt.

    1. Stewart. He hasn’t pitched 5 innings yet. You think he will against the Pirates? They aren’t the White Sox or Detroit. O/U 5 IP. I’ll take the under.

  8. Wow Badger, I’m glad we got banned from that site. Any association with that class of guy is too much. You’d think if that info got out on him, he would be a lonely guy over there, at least he should be. Shame and disgust !!!

    1. He had the appalling arrogance to post that court decision right here on this site. In your face everybody. People didn’t seem to care. Even MJ followed him over there, which shocked the hell out of me. Oh well.

    2. Well I suppose everyone deserves a second chance to hell under the eyes of heaven … the law clerk for the Indiana Supreme Court did an interesting thing there to describe the case in such lurid detail. He or she did not like Timmons.

      1. No second chance deserved when you do that crime. Now I am getting a much clearer view of his tough guy act and bombast act, I thought it had to do with things that may have been “imposed” on him in prison. No, more to due with his sick acts and getting caught. Cover up to cover up.

        Really sick stuff. Appalling really.

        1. And known by many for a long time. No sense of humility in that guy. When confronted on anything he just yells louder and calls people names. It’s all ok with some.

          1. Badger

            I love you, but you know how those child custody cases, can be sometimes.

            Parents say some of the worse things, to get their kids.

            And Mark’s own daughter, is still close to Mark.

            And she is suppose to be the victim, of this crime.

            And you know once a person is like that, they can’t be cured, so they go after more children, and nothing more, has happened.

            I am sure some have tried to look, to see if there are other crimes, and I am sure if anyone found out about anymore incidents, they would have surely posted it, by now.

            And that never stopped any of you guys, from continuing to post on Mark’s site, after finding out.

            I love everyone here, and that hasn’t changed.

          2. MJ, we have only Mark’s word the girl in the picture is his daughter. To me, she looks about 10 years too young to be his daughter. Not that any of this means anything….

          3. MJ, did you read the court’s decision? If not, maybe you should, because with all due respect you are dead wrong with so many of your comments here. After you read the courts decision, and what is posted is the denial of his appeal, you will be far better informed. You also need to read up on recedivism rates, of those who get treatment and those who don’t. And as I have said here MANY times, there are several former posters who left immediately when they found this out. Some are still in touch with me. One in particular finally wrote me, long after he left, and asked if I knew. I didn’t. For years I didn’t. Every time I asked Mark he was silent about it.

            I don’t really want this to be our focus here, but I do find it astonishing so many people don’t know, or just don’t care, who this guy is.

  9. Junkie or not, you don’t stay associated with anyone who could and would pull that kind of stuff. That really is as low as it gets in my opinion. If someone is capable of that, what aren’t they capable of? Total disgust if you hang with that sort.

      1. Not everyone knew.

        So now that you know you will stop posting on his site?

        Many chose not to engage him. I chose the opposite. What will you choose?

        1. Badger

          Everyone that said that about me, did know, and that includes you, and True!

          And you both knew long before Jonah posted it, but you continued to post on Mark’s site.

          And that is the truth, and I will do what I want!

        2. Badger

          You were posting on Mark’s site, before Scott has this site.

          And so did True, and you both learned long before Jonah posted that.

          And you already said that, so that is not being honest!

        3. Badger

          It is true that you and Blue, knew about this, long before Jonah posted it, on here.

          But you both still posted on Mark’s site, long after finding that out!

          And that is not cool!

          1. I think you’re confused.

            Jonah didn’t post it on this site, Mark himself did. Right before he left.

            Said what about you?

            You know what MJ, I’m really surprised at you! Why are you NOT appalled? It sounds like you are defending the man.

            If you must know I kept posting because I’m gonna let a creep like that run me off.

        4. Badger I think we should let off MJ here. I know you’re a military man who’s seen some action, more than Timmons for sure, and similar military guys I know tend not to be forgiving, especially Marines I might add. But us civilians are not wired the same way. So give MJ a break here … you are well respected and don’t need to be so pushy, especially on a Dodger blog.

          And it looks like your reservations are proven right again … Wood heading to a DL stint coming soon ….

          (Maybe we pick up Verlander after all for Alvarez and Kazmir ….)

          1. We may need relief help in the near future. At least 5 used tonight, and look at the schedule.

          2. I didn’t mean you Bluto, so I’m sorry about that.

            But Badger and True, knew long before Jonah posted that.

            And they continued to post on Mark’s site, so I a

  10. Sorry MJ, but I didn’t know, never read that stuff until today for some reason. I always figured he had some white collar crime, bad on me for not investigating I guess. Like I said I also thought his loud mouth insulting bad boy schtick was do to stuff that happened to him in prison, just today I realized it had to do with the shit he pulled on an innocent child. Now that I know I won’t even check into his site (only occassionally did it at best anyway). I simply refuse to be around someone with that issue. Those kind of degenerates need to be isolated not celebrated, in the least.
    So now that you know MJ, how does that make you feel, hopefully sick to your stomach like I do. I’m a dad and a grandfather and that kind of evil turns my gut and makes me see red. I will not make excuses for anyone that does that stuff. That court document noted marks and signs of abuse on a child and was pretty damn specific, so someone did that to the child, child custody case or not, something occurred that was very very wrong.

    Where I come from, he would be labeled “a sick f&^%” and would have a rough time in the community. Rightly so.

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t ever want to hear his name or hear anything he has to say. I’m done with this conversation, think I’ll go puke.

  11. Everyone, take a breath and back off MJ.

    Those who are more tolerant and forgiving shall be welcomed, not pressured to give up that which makes them shine the brightest amongst the unforgiving and the unforgiven.

    1. We all think of things differently, MJ is just more forgiving, like the Bible says we all should be. TB,T&T is more of an old testament kind of guy. Both are right because they are feeling and doing what their minds say is right. The rest of us fall somewhere in between. I read his blog because it is well run and informative, he has some excellent contributors there. He also has some follower fools who parrot what he says and follow him in flip-flops of thinking like in George Orwell’s “1984”. That is why I don’t post there, that plus maybe I’m banned. Don’t really know, I left after he called “Strike Two” on me. If MJ wants to be friends with him, that’s fine with me…. If Badger and TB,T&T want to burn him at the stake, that’s OK with me too. How about we let everybody decide things for themselves? We’re all adults here except maybe Brutus. (Just kidding, Bluto)

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