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Dodgers Win The NL West…..Again

Heyward and Rojas

The Dodgers clinched the National League West division title on Saturday night at T-Mobile Park in Seattle with a 6-2 win over the Seattle Mariners. The Dodgers exploded for five runs in the top of the eleventh on three flare singles from Max Muncy, Chris Taylor and Enrique Hernandez to break a 1-1 tie. With the victory the Dodgers won their tenth division title in the last eleven seasons. They also clinched their tenth consecutive playoff appearance. The boys in blue notched their 90th win of the season. Pretty damn good considering all of the injuries and pitching problems they suffered this season.

The Dodgers persevered throughout all of it. They lost Gavin Lux in spring training when he tore his ACL. Their entire starting rotation was on the injured list. They lost Dustin May for the entire season. Tony Gonsolin had to have Tommy John surgery. Julio Urias in not returning. The bullpen was terrible in the first half of the season. Despite all of this, the Dodgers overcame so much adversity to win the NL West again.

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The club has a junkyard dog mentality. They don’t give up. They grind and grind and wear you down. They’re a very good club and perhaps this is their most impressive division championship. It took the entire organization and every player to achieve this. The Dodgers never gave up and their confidence never wavered.

Hey maybe we should give some credit to manager Dave Roberts. While Friedman and the front office acquire the players, Roberts is the one who has to put all the pieces together. And he does it well, year in and year out. It’s very clear that the Dodgers own the National League West. If the other clubs want to win it, they’re going to have to play better. Otherwise the Dodgers will keep on winning the division, every single year. That works for me. It never gets old. Now go and win the World Series boys.

“This is special….Enjoy it”

You damn right Doc.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

5 thoughts on “Dodgers Win The NL West…..Again

  1. Wow! Yes, Scott, they did it!

    No doubt, all due to their early winning ways, which enabled the Dodgers to build a nice lead going into the final stretch AND the weak NL Western Division cooperating, failing to take advantage of the Dodgers’ stutter steps throughout the season.

    You have to agree, that they struggled in the Division clincher. The bats were all but absent through 9 innings, posting a miserable 5-15 RISP, 9 LOB, 10 KO’s.The bottom of the lineup came through in the end… YES, a little “luck” was necessary. The overworked bullpen (no thanks to another short Kershaw, 4 inning start) showed their weariness, as Vesia and Phillips struggled to close out win. So, inconsistent offense failing to cash in valuable runs, Starting pitching, and worn out bullpen, and occasional sloppy defense on simple plays, will be their Achilles Heel. All we can really hope for is, the opponents they face in October “Choke”, big time. Baseball is a sport where anything can happen, like the miraculous 5 run, 11th inning last night.

    You are right to praise DR for working through the issues, with Buehler down, Gonsolin shut down after struggling with arm problems, Urias swept out of the clubhouse, and countless injuries too numerous to mention. BUT, a lot of the problems could actually be attributed to mismanagement. So, “luck” played an important part in DR’s drive to another Division Title. All we can hope for is they have a little “LUCK” left in that magic lantern for the playoffs.

    Like DR said in the post-game celebration, “Enjoy this moment”….could he just be insinuating that it could their last “moment” this season. Let us pray, that they have not run out of LUCK! Let us pray that the Rookies and Bottom of lineup can continue to bail out the team.

    Get some rest, Dodgers. BUT don’t get rusty. The REAL season begins in October!

        1. You know I have been a strong critic of DR throughout the season, BUT like you said, it is amazing that they were able to get 100 wins again. Maybe there actually is a method to his madness.

          With over half the pitching staff on Workman’s Comp, the pitching staff was still able to keep the team in many games. The loss of Urias was the biggest blow, not to mention Dustin’s May’s premature return from TJ, and Gonsolin’s lingering arm issues which led to shutting him down. Kershaw is hanging on for probably one last run for a ring. The addition of Lance Lynn has worked so far. Both Kershaw and Lynn are prone to giving up too many HR’s. But the real heros were the kids, Miller, Sheehan, and Pepiot. The bullpen has the burden of carrying the load, as the starters still lack the ability to provide length. It will take a lot of luck with only two veteran starters who can barely get to 6 innings. With three promising rookies to fill the void, we might see a bullpen game or two, to get through the October Gauntlet. I hope DR and Prior can continue to work their magic.

          The offense has been great, except they tend to fall into those dry spells where missed opportunities have continued to haunt them, resulting in embarrassing losses. RISP and KO’s have to improve.

          The Dodgers should have no trouble in the NLDS, as I believe they can handle AZ or MIL. The problem arises with the Braves (potential opponent in NLCS). They were 2-1 in ATL, but were 1-3 at home… So much for HFA. They will need some luck to get past the Braves. I think Freddie has something to prove against his old team. That might be the edge the Dodgers need to beat the odds and make it to the WS.

          Too early to worry about the WS right now. Dodgers have to concur the NL first. The AL is up for grabs. Hard to tell who will be the last team standing.

          Only time will tell. I hope the 1week layoff will not mess them up. They must stay sharp.

          “The Real Season Begins…” Hang on to your baseball caps!

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