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Walker Buehler and Trevor Story Reunite Over Cup of Highbrew Coffee

As The Dodgers prepare to open their first road series of the season at Coors Field in Denver against the Colorado Rockies we remember back to 2018 when Colorado shortstop Trevor Story broke Dodger’s right hander Walker Buehler’s rib with a 108 MPH line drive. It was a vicious hit if you remember and it left Buehler with not one but two broken ribs.

Buehler is one tough SOB and continued to pitch for several weeks with the cracked ribs. Eventually he had to succumb landing on the disabled list until the injury healed. It was pretty significant at the time for the Dodgers as they had gotten off to a terrible start and Buehler was their best starter during that stretch. With Clayton Kershaw and several other starting pitchers on the shelf, the Dodgers were relying very heavily on Buehler’s powerful young right arm.

Of course Buehler came back and was just as good as he ever was. Eventually the Dodgers faced the Rockies in the NL West tiebreaker (game 163) which Buehler got the ball and shut the Rockies down pitching the Dodgers into the postseason. That was the last time these two clubs faced. Buehler is scheduled to start Saturday evening’s game. But did you know that Buehler and Story reunited in the spring to declare their love for Highbrew coffee? I did not know that they were buds, but you can check out the video and hear them talk a little bit about the line drive from last season that connected them. You can check out the press release and read a little bit about Highbrew coffee as well. Drink up boys!

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MLB “Rivals” Walker Buehler and Trevor Story Find Common Ground Over a Cup of Cold Brew Coffee

The pitcher and shortstop may have a history as opponents,

but the duo recently united thanks to High Brew Coffee’s latest ad campaign

Austin, Texas (March 2019) – Major league baseball players, pitcher Walker Buehler, and power-hitter, Trevor Story, have more in common than their jerseys and positions might suggest: a love of High Brew Coffee. Having only been on opposing sides of the diamond, the two players found common ground thanks to the Austin-based brand. As the 2019 MLB season gets underway, the two rising stars were “Brought Together by High Brew”, a new campaign from the company whose mantra has always been “For Those Who Do.”

Powered by Natural Energy, these division rivals are set to square off against each other on April 6, but Buehler and Story have a history that dates back to a May 2018 game in Los Angeles.  Story hit a 100 MPH comebacker that Buehler stopped with his body, and despite being bruised, he recorded the out and stayed in the game. The two first clinked cans of High Brew’s Triple Shot Espresso socially this past March, while starring in a new video celebrating the coffee that fuels them, both on and off the field. It’s not shocking that they found commonality in High Brew’s functional and clean energy benefits, which speaks to the brand’s mantra “for those who do.”

“To me, being a ‘doer’ is having the confidence to not only set expectations for yourself, but to exceed them,” says Buehler. “In the moment, if I can get the right energy, none of it matters and that’s where High Brew comes in.” Story echoes Buehler’s sentiment saying, “being a doer is not having a plan B, plan A is the only plan.” He continues, “I love the clean energy of High Brew Coffee because as an athlete, a big part of it is what you put in your body, and I try to be as natural as possible with what I’m eating and drinking.”

High Brew packs two times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee and is made from the best direct-trade coffee beans all in a convenient, on-the-go can. With flavors including Black and Bold, Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mocha, and additional options like Creamy Cappuccino + Protein and new Milk Chocolate + Protein, Triple Shot (for a triple dose of caffeine), and Sparkling, there is an option for just about any “doer” out there.

Buehler and Story’s video can be viewed on High Brew Coffee’s YouTube channel and fans can see both professional athletes in various point of sale advertisements wherever High Brew Coffee is sold. For more information on High Brew Coffee®, visit

Buehler and Story talk about line drive

About High Brew Coffee®
After working tirelessly for 13 years to turn his tiny tea company into a household name, David Smith, co-founder of Sweet Leaf Tea, embarked on the sailing adventure of a lifetime. Discovering the benefits of refreshing cold-brewed coffee during warm nights navigating rough waters, the idea for High Brew Coffee® was born. Founded in 2014, High Brew is an all-natural 100 percent Arabica blend ready-to-drink cold brew coffee made from Direct Trade coffee beans. Brewed with zero heat, High Brew Coffee® offers premium low-calorie cold-brews in smooth, delicious flavors such as Double Espresso, Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mocha, Black & Bold and Creamy Cappuccino + Protein. The brand also recently launched three Sparkling Cold Brew Flavors in Classic Black, Vintage Vanilla and Midnight Mocha, as well as Milk Chocolate + Protein, with 3 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein. Additionally, the brand has a new line Triple Shot, with 3 times the caffeine of a traditional cup of coffee, available in convenience stores. High Brew Coffee is shelf stable to perfectly accompany an active and on-the-go lifestyle. For more information, please visit

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