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White Sox Reportedly Interested in Andre Ethier

Here’s an interesting tweet from this morning. writer Phil Rogers is reporting that the White Sox have reached out to the Dodgers about acquiring longtime Dodger outfielder Andre Ethier. Of course Ethier has been involved in trade rumors for the last few years now so this comes as no surprise. The White Sox have been known to be looking for outfield help and are also rumored to be considering signing free agent Dexter Fowler.

Ethier is a 10+5 man. Meaning he has 10+5 rights because he’s been in the majors for ten seasons or more and has been with the Dodgers for five consecutive seasons or more. (Those rights don’t kick in until April 21st) So if the Dodgers were to trade him after that date Ethier could veto the trade.

Andre Ethier had a very productive year in 2015 slashing a line of .294/.366/.486 with an .852 OPS in 445 plate appearances. Ethier slugged 14 home runs, drove in 53 RBIs and played in 142 games last season.

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Ethier has two years left on his contract with a vesting option year. He’s due to earn 18 million dollars this year and 17.5 million in 2017. He also has a 2.5 million dollar buyout. The Dodgers would love to be able to dump Carl Crawford instead, but nobody is interested in him because of his age, declining skills, and hefty contract.

The Dodgers also just recently acquired young outfielder Trayce Thompson from the White Sox in the Jose Peraza trade. Whether Thompson makes the opening day roster is unknown but he remains an intriguing option. I think the Dodgers would probably hold onto Ethier for now at least. However they could move him if they feel Thompson is MLB ready.

Ethier is currently the longest tenured Dodger. He’s been with the club since 2006, (acquired in 2005) and has spent his entire MLB career with the Dodgers.

What do you guys think? Should the Dodgers move Ethier? Or should they hold onto him? My vote is to hold onto him for now. I think Ethier is still a valuable player that can contribute in 2016.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

53 thoughts on “White Sox Reportedly Interested in Andre Ethier

  1. Andre was always one of my favorite players and getting rid of malcontent Milton Bradley makes it one of the better trades in recent Dodger history. That being said, I would try to trade him IF we get equal or better value for him.
    I’m not sure Chisox are a fit for the trade. Who would we get in return and would that player contribute as much as Andre did last year?
    One poster on another site suggested Ethier for Matt Davidson who is a quality fielding 3B but not a hitter(.203-191K’s in AAA)so far. He would be the heir apparent I guess if Turner leaves via FA. We have no 3B close if that happens. JMO

  2. I am sure the conversation started like this:

    “Hey, how much of Andre’s contract will you pay if we give you a mid-level prospect for him?”

    If the Dodgers can only pay half his salary the next two years, they should let him go for Badger, Roger and a bag of balls!

    Reason: CC is not going anywhere and they have plenty of LH hitting lefties in the outfield.

    1. So you are saying ….. Roger and Me ….. is worth 2.7 WAR.

      I accept that evaluation. I am indeed worth more than a replacement. As is Roger. Thank you for finally admitting that.

      ‘dre, in 395 at bats, put up 2.7 WAR. That’s about 2/3 of a full season. He deserves to play. Yeah, why not Chicago.

  3. I assume that buy out clause is for next year. So basically this can be seen as his final guaranteed year with the Dodgers?

      1. I think the Dodgers need Ethier’s offense, because of the unknown with Puig and Pederson. Ethier is like a used car. You never get what a used car is really worth, so it is just better to hang on to the car. The Dodgers will never get what Ethier is really worth to the Dodgers, so why trade him.

  4. I think he’s the best of our LF options. However, he’s also the only one of him and Crawford that actually could be traded. For that reason, and for the sake of his career, I’d trade him if we can get something of quality for him without having to pay a ton of his salary. It would be part salary dump and part open roster spot reasons, but for the future of the club, it’d be worth it. We have options now to replace him, and options coming up to replace him as well.

    Thanks for everything Andre, but it’s time for you to go (for your sake as well as ours)

    1. Unless the Dodgers can trade Ethier for a third baseman or relief pitcher of equal cost and WAR, I don’t think the Dodgers can improve their team by swapping Ethier for another team’s player. Ethier would have to be packaged for the Dodgers to make an improvement in this year’s team.,

  5. Mark — the announcment will be made later tonight — but YOU have been traded to Korea for that pitcher with the ankle transplant, and is one armed right hander (he is missing his left arm). Your Spring Training will be on Wake Island beginning February 25.

  6. There might not be a straight up trade with the Sox regarding Ethier. How about Ethier, Wood, Montas, Chris Anderson, some money for Chris Sale?

  7. As much as I appreciate the way Ethier turned it around last year, I would be okay with a trade to the ChiSox for Davidson (3b), Alvarez (2b/ss) and Garcia (LHP). Dodgers pay salary this year and ChiSox assume 2017 and buyout or 2018 contract.

    1. I like the edit capability but that’s about it. There’s two sides of success to do with ads though. Keeping ads to a minimum is nice at this side but I’m sure there’s better money maxing the ads for you. It had gotten ridiculous at your old spot with ads. It’s your business and my two cents are two cents shy of two cents worth.

      1. Thanks Artie I’ll take that into consideration too. I’m just thinking about it. I wanted to see what you guys want first before I install anything. I know the comment system in place now while not real time is very easy to use.

  8. It really is difficult to judge a trade of Ethier especially where the other side of the trade hasn’t been disclosed. There are weaker pieces of the roster and I don’t agree Ethier’s value is as low as most. I’ll admit that there has been players in the past that I didn’t like and was happy for their departure while their play wasn’t bad. Most here are guilty of like crimes here as well. Ethier is still a stud and I can see it’s possible he could perform even better than his improved last season. If his contract is bad then I’m of the opinion that there’s been contracts of more players adding up to cost more and improve less to the Dodgers. For this one I’d need a crystal ball.

    1. His contract isn’t “bad”. Anybody that can put up 2.7 WAR in less than 400 at bats has considerable value.

        1. Rather than that, I keep him and make sure he gets 400 at bats. We won’t find 2.7 wins amongst anybody we would have to pay $18 million for. Also, while on the subject, I don’t value second round draft picks or 25 year old prospects as highly as I do a 2.7 wins player.

  9. I am a relative newby, but don’t mind current comment format. I enjoy the comments for the information they contain.

    Don’t know enough about diskus to offer much as to an opinion. Would hope whatever system you decide on makes it easy to continue the informative comments that are so valuable in this blog.

    Not to downplay the original article which I enjoy.

  10. So Ethier might be traded to the White Sox !!

    Interesting — without some new super star coming in, not on the roster now — I am not sure I like the outfield.

    We go with Puig in right, fine. We go with Pederson in center, fine, if he can find the stroke and improve his hitting. Might be backed up with Enrique Hernandez and ever Trayce Thompson (if he makes the final 25).

    So that leaves left field. All I see is Carl Crawford — and no way do I pencil Crawford in for 150+ games in 2016. And even if he made 125, how productive would it be???

    But if the real intent is to get rid of Ethier and his contract and clear the roster — at all costs — then he will be gone.

    I do not hold stock in Scott van Slyke as a starter for this team. He is backup only. Alex Guerrero is a maybe, just maybe.

    So if Ethier is traded — then someone else must be coming in, via a trade — a .300 average and timely hitting is hard to throw away without getting a new body to take that place — more problems for the Dodger roster.

    1. Roger I agee totally with what you have said. I like the round about way, that you presented your case for Ethier, and the Dodgers. And you are right, don’t trade Ethier just to trade Ethier, without getting a better replacement, that can at least put out the same numbers that Ethier can. And has put up consistently in all the years he has played, except one time. His 5 10 Right’s are not a big deal with only two years to go. I expect the Dodger’s offense to be better this year with Roberts, but they still need all of the offense they can get.

  11. I would keep Ethier. I have always liked him. He may be getting older, but some of the problem he has had recently is being yanked into and out of the lineup on an irregular basis.

    Personally I would DFA Crawford, he really shouldn’t be playing, and I see him at this point as a sunk cost we would have whether on the team or not. At least off the team, it frees up a roster space for someone who might be able to help.

    1. I understand the Crawford sentiment, but if he’s healthy he’s the best option we have, other than Ethier. I agree with keeping Andre. We are going to need seasoned, professional hitters against the suddenly improved pitching staffs of our West rivals. I have Crawford penciled in at .280 for 300 at bats, and Ethier doing what he did last year. I don’t see anybody amongst the guppies group who can do that. Hernandez can hit .280, but I don’t know what the plan for him might be. He may not like being asked to backup everywhere. Then again, he might be thrilled to be on the team. I have no idea, but I would think the former. He’s earned a starting role. Seager MIGHT hit .280. Hope so. We’re going to need it.

      1. I agree with Dodger Dog, DFA Crawford. The IF’s, if’s, if’s are too big. IF he get injured again, and then again, and then another again — it is back to rehab and waiting. And the Season calls for playing, not rehabbing.

        Suck up the money, and get a new star. Someone to count on the play and perform. The team still needs a power bat, not another rookie to “try” and make it.

        1. Remember the Dodgers have good insurance on Crawford, so they will save some of his salary with insurance money. And even if a player, is not on the 25 major league roster, this front office won’t hesitate to bring a player up, from AAA, to fill in if Crawford goes out. We don’t want our young players on the bench. It is better that they are playing fulltime in AAA, because they will be better prepared to fill in.

  12. I wouldn’t trade Ethier unless the White Sox take on at least 75% of his contract or pony up one hell of a prospect. Send them Crawford and pay 75% of his salary for a decent bullpen arm.

    Don’t know anything about diskus but this format is very easy to use.

    1. I threw the diskus in junior high. I drove a Javelin in the 70’s. I drank a shot now and then. Broad jump? Of course. Every guy did that as often as possible. I could track and field ground balls with the best of them for decades.

      Ok I’m done.

      So, with Crawford DFA’d, we start Ethier in left? And when we platoon, and you know we WILL platoon, we do it with Van Slyke? Puig and Pederson are full timers? Is that the play? It might work – until Pederson dips below the Mendoza line and Yassie scroinges his maximus hamstringeus gluticus.

      I like Crawford. I may be the only fan left that does. He’s only 34 so by Utley standards he’s still a freshman.

  13. I think we all forget that Crawford will hit if he is playing. The only reason he looked so bad in the playoffs last year, was because he was out so long, and when he came back, he was platooned a lot, so he never caught up, but if the guy plays he will hit. The only problem I have with Crawford, is his arm. I think he could improve on his weak arm, by just using the basics of throwing and catching the ball.

    1. Crawford will hit if healthy and unlike Ethier he can hit lefties if given AB’s. At Andre’s age, he could break down too. Andre had a nice 2015 and CC had a nice 2014. I would happily take the 2014 CC that is stealing bases at a high percentage and batting .300. I’m not opposed to trading Andre, but I just don’t see a match with the White Sox that will improve the roster.

  14. Badger, it seems like were on an island sometimes with our thoughts on CC… If healthy, hitting in the 2 slot, he’s a + for my Blue.
    Anxious to see Michael’s boy Trayce in CF this spring, because my leash on Joc P. is a short one… Curing his swing problem is akin to me finally quitting smoking and that was a bi—…

  15. There is no way any major league team would DFA a player like CC. If he is healthy (not very likely), he will produce. If he experiences a career-ending injury (likely), the insurance pays off. He has no trade valve, so all the Dodgers can do is hope he can produce or get severely injured!

    1. Bite your tongue mover. We wish nobody but the gints bodily harm. Especially that Buttgatherer guy. A pox on his piriformis. It not possible to pitch properly post pulling a piriformis. Crawford can hit, and he can still run. He’s only 34 and remember what Bonds did at 34. Wait, I think he was injured that year. Bad example. Remember what Mickey Mantle did at 34. I don’t of course, so I looked it up. 170 OPS+ on 393 at bats. I’d take it. Crawford isn’t nearly as dinged up as the Mick was.

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