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Winter Meetings Doll-Drums

Hello fellow Dodgers fans. I have been away for a while, I had a real hard time getting over that Game 7 loss in the World Series. The missed opportunities of that series are very haunting. I needed to get away for a while to mourn. But life goes on and a new season will begin. That brings me to the winter meetings going on right now in Orlando.

The Dodgers lost Brandon Morrow to the Cubs and the Cubs also got Tyler Chatwood. Of course the elephant in the room, Giancarlo Stanton going to the Yankees. The Yankees got within a game of getting to the World Series. They are the odds on favorite to win it at this point. But this season we have to hear about the financial constraints of the Dodgers while the Yankees go and get Stanton when he wanted to come to the Dodgers. Imagine a right handed stick like Stanton in the Dodgers lineup. Dodgers would’ve been very hard to beat. Now he will form a Murderers row with Judge and the Yankees. All these teams that don’t go the extra mile like the Yankees to win have to realize your going have to be beat the Yankees to win the title. Why keep helping them?

The Dodgers had a magical season, but their are no guarantees that it will be replicated. Right now I just heard that the Cardinals are the favorites to land Marlin’s outfielder Marcell Ozuna. The Dodgers have a lot of prospects and depth to pull from to make these type of trades, so why don’t they? Dodgers attendance is always at the top of the league. They also have their TV deal which stinks for most of us, to add more money to their already rich pot. The idea of millionaires worrying about money and how to make more of it is lame.  Guggenheim also has other businesses at their leisure. We the fans want a title delivered, it’s been 30 years. So we don’t want to hear about financial constraints.  We always hear about all our depth and prospects but yet other teams make deals and we don’t.

Maybe Stanton was to big a fish to pry. But you cant allow every team to get better while we stand pat and expect to win a title. FAZ is supposed to be brilliant, well it’s time to get creative and add to our arsenal to make another run at a title.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

111 thoughts on “Winter Meetings Doll-Drums

  1. Dave Roberts said Walker Buehler will be a starter in 2018 after relieving for Dodgers in September.

    Roberts said Andrew Toles is expected to be healthy and will compete for LF job.

    Roberts won’t give timeline on Julio Urias’ return from shoulder surgery beyond sometime in 2018.

    Roberts said he wasn’t surprised to hear Yu Darvish was tipping pitches to Astros in World Series, but said there also was poor pitch execution.

    Roberts reiterated that Kenta Maeda is expected to be a starter after relieving in the postseason.

    1. Zaidi said:

      1. Trades are more likely than free agent signings for the Dodgers in the next week. He expects the next two weeks to be busy in the industry after a slow winter.\

      2. The club’s search for relief help is focused on the value end, not the top end. Sorry those who were delusional about Britton.

      3. The club still is having active dialogue with Darvish, a free agent. About the story dealing with him tipping pitches, said the possibility was already on club radar before Game 7. Thus, in response to the unasked question, “Did they have something on him? It’s certainly possible.”

      4. The team doesn’t feel it needs a lefty hitting 2B, Chase Utley’s role the last two seasons.

  2. James
    Thanks for the post. Finally, a voice of reason, not somebody to just say “Well, we don’t need Stanton” or “He would have cost too much money” or the back end of his contract to too much to bare. The Dodgers were hurt by not getting Stanton. He would have been a done deal if they had wanted him. Friedman is a cheap SOB and and runs the team like it is a little league team. He does that crap all the time and I am sick of it. I will not make excuses for somebody who has thrown money away on some foreign players and not signed at least some top tier talent. He bets on the come and scours the hurt player pile. Why can’t he have a little class and try to win at least 1 WS. Last year was luck. We will see about next year.
    P.S. Please write some more.

  3. Would anyone like to bet the Dodgers will get Ozuna, Darvish, Yelich, Hamels, Cole, McCutchen or any other above average talent? Make it light on yourselves.

  4. About the only interesting Dodger news was the Roberts news conference. As far as the winter meetings I expect things to heat up some this evening and tomorrow for sure. Headley is a Padre again. Glad he is not in his prime because he used to kill Dodger pitching. I, like many others, do not expect much from Friedman this week.

        1. It’s just a question. Would you bid seriously for him or not?

          He will get somebody’s top prospects. Would you give Buehler, Ruiz and whatever for him? Knowing what we know, do you trade for him?

          Just so you know, I don’t. Tell you why later.

          1. There’s nowhere for Machado to play. 3B and SS are sown up. He won’t want to move off those spots, so why even begin the conversation?

          2. Badger
            I am not real high on him. He goes into huge slumps and sometimes his defense is less than required. Don’t think I would go for him.

          3. Nowhere to play? Seriously? Where’s the vision man? He wants to play SS. LET HIM! Seager goes to third, Turner to second. Forsythe goes to Lithuania. What an infield! That lineup rivals the Powerhouse Yankees!

            And why are you trying to stifle free speech? First amendment dude.

            But I don’t do it. I’ll tell you why later.

          4. I think we need to keep Buehler because he is suppose to be a top of a rotation pitcher.

            He just needs to get better command of his pitches, for the majors.

            Machado has played in a lot of games the last couple years, but he has had a surgery on both of his knees.

            And I think eventually if he does start playing shortstop, that will put more pressure on his knees.

      1. Bluto
        I think you are right on Machado. Friedman won’t get players who the team needs, why should we expect him to get players they don’t need.

    1. He spent about $250 million on Cubans, including $62.5 million for Olivera. $62.5 million for that guy? I think that’s damn generous. That’s generous to a fault.

      An argument could be made that these guys are better at dealing with high risk players and younger team controlled players. Trading for vets and signing senior players, to $48 million contracts, must be their lucky number, hasn’t been their episcopate. For every Taylor there’s an Anderson/Latos.

      1. Badger
        He spent all that money on Cubans and couldn’t find any money for Stanton. They were none of them worth shootin. That is just bad business on their part. Stanton was a known and would have been successful I think.

        1. Yep. There was plenty of money to spend a quarter billion on the IM, more high risk moves, and plenty to sign Turner and Jansen, and a few $48mm deals, now what? I don’t see them anywhere near the free agents, I don’t see them trading the prospects needed for guys like Cole or Archer. I don’t know what to look for except more of the same – minus the IM spending obviously.

      2. THIS!

        A great point by Badger.

        You do the Taylor and Latos trades until the cows come home. Because you give up nothing. Similarly you sign players like Anderson because the cost is relatively low to the market.

        It’s upside plays, and when it turns out (like Taylor) you reap major benefits. When it doesn’t turn out, you aren’t that compromised (who or what did the team give up for Latos?!??!?)

        You sign Machado, and get a disgruntled player because of position shifts and you are sitting on bad contracts. You sign Ethier to a seven year deal, or trade for a rapidly declining Crawford and you are all downside plays.

        You sign Stanton and there’s no DH and you are sitting on big money for horrible or no defense (at least that’s the theory.)

        1. All downside plays? If you mean the end of the contracts are downside, yeah, that certainly does happen. But Ethier and Crawford both had good years in LA. The goal in having them here was making the playoffs, which we did. No titles of course.

          I agree about bringing in the no names and the inexpensive high risk players. It’s just so Tampa though. This is LA. I think the fans want stars. I know I do. But, we have them in Puig, Seager, Bellinger, Kershaw, Jansen, AGon and Turner, players who were winning Division titles before FAZ got here. The players like Taylor and Wood, each with 1 good year, we can keep our eye on. The younger picks, and the quarter billion dollar Cubans, we are on hold.

          So after 4 winter meetings and hundreds of transactions, we still wait for that elusive title. Maybe this year? Yeah, maybe. There are some really good teams to get through out there.

          1. 100% agree.

            Thats why I’ll qualify years when the team doesn’t win the World Series, like last year, as perfectly acceptable and great.

          2. Yeah, that’s valid. 104 wins and 7 games in a World Series should be viewed as great. But, isn’t there a degree of disappointment there Bluto?

          3. Yes, disappointing to not win the final game, but the entire season is a success to me.

            Also disappointing is/are:
            1. Not getting Stanton.
            2. Kazmir not performing
            3. Darvish tipping pitches
            4. Grandal regressing
            5. Gonzalez sucking
            6. McCarthy not at optimal levels.

          4. Agree with all that, though as you know, I never expected much out of Kazmir or McCarthy. It’s my opinion their below average was predictable, and in fact predicted.

      1. Badger
        Surely you are not going to agree that that not winning the World Series is acceptable and great? That is crazy. Why play if you don’t care if you win it all? The goal isn’t winning the WS but achieving SOME number of wins that makes it a acceptable and great season? That has got to be a FAZ thought for sure. The very reason I would love to see them gone!!

        1. I think you know I am VERY disappointed we didn’t win. But, I’m not surprised. Remember, I didn’t think this was a championship club. I am only acknowledging the fact that some don’t look at last year as a disappointment.

        2. Badger
          One benchmark rule of management is____ If you want the best, then demand the best and give the tools necessary to achieve that goal. FAZ does not do this, instead they accept a better than average season and do not give all the tools necessary to win. As long as they get to the playoffs, they consider that successful. To acheive that would mean good solid starting pitching,great to above average position players and an excellent bullpen. Obtaining these players when available is mandatory. By FAZ and company being satisfied with good and not great seasons proves they will not win it all on a consistant basis. Typical Atlanta Brave baseball when Kasten was there. You can see it all. Yes, they may win at some point but they will stumble upon it rather than work to achieve it.

          1. Won’t dispute any of that pack. They inherited a team that was very good and it continues to be just that – very good. I personally think a great team would have closed it out with a win on their home field.

            Now the question might be – how do they take that final step? Not sure about that, but …… continue to do what they’ve been doing and hope for a better finish appears to be the order of the day. It could work.

            I think to continue we need to replace Darvish and Morrow.

    2. Friedman is not cheap. A dead Kazmir $48m contract cost just as much as an underperforming Cueto contract. The FAZphiles and FBZphilrs don’t venture out of the Dodgers universe so they don’t see how other FOs operate. Somewhere, a frog at the bottom of a well is convinced that the sky is just a blue circle as large as the bottom of the well (and maybe smaller). Old Chinese proverb.

  5. “He spent about $250 million on Cubans, including $62.5 million for Olivera. $62.5 million for that guy? I think that’s damn generous.”

    I would ask two questions:
    How much of that $ got in the way of Stanton becoming a Dodger?

    How is a guy like that still employed?

    Baseball is a strange business.

    1. How is a guy like Friedman still employed.

      Let’s see….

      Best record in MLB?
      – Nyah.
      One win from the WS?
      – Prolly not.
      Dodgers voted best organization by Baseball America?
      – Nope.
      Widely regarded as a top Front Office person?
      – Doubt it.

      I’m not sure.

      1. Seems to me they spread those awards around. At least the results suggest that.

        Widely regarded as a top front office person? Yeah, I’ll give you that. But he hasn’t won the Executive of the Year Award in quite a while.

        Tell you why I don’t think the Dodgers will be landing any marquis players – I smoked a bowl of Purple FAZ and it all came clear to me. They don’t want Machado because he is due to hit the FA market and will demand an enormous contract. FAZ don’t want enormous contracts, they want a team that is filled with team controlled positive WAR players, and when the time comes they will lock up two or three of them with pre FA extensions, kinda like what AZ did with Goldschmidt. We won’t see another Kershaw and we won’t sign a guy like Harper or trade for a guy like Stanton. These FABAZ guys are going to do it their way. History is prologue. Don’t listen to what is said, watch what is being done. What they know is what they will continue to do. Old guys with spin rates, 135 inning starters, Seager, Bellinger and a continued pipeline of ROY candidates that will be team controlled for years. Also look for more high risk high reward players everywhere you look.

        It’s what they do. It might work.

        1. How is Badger defining “enormous contracts”?

          I think he is, on the whole, correct. The enormous contracts almost NEVER work out. Not just for the Dodgers (Kemp/Ethier), but every team (Pujols, Ellsbury, Sandoval, etc.)

          1. I don’t think the McKazhill contracts are enormous. I do think the Kershaw and Stanton contracts are huge. Also, all the big name free agents we keep hearing about will be paid enormous.

            It looks to me like the guys we intend to win with will nearly all be paid reasonable money. We won’t get under the cap this year, but we will stay under $237mm. I think it’s possible to reset the luxury cap in ‘19 or ‘20 but I would hope if the right players become available they won’t worry about that.

    2. NONE of the International money affected Stanton.

      The issue was luxury tax, which is only (I think) applicable to the 40 man roster.

      Stop making stuff up.

  6. News: Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani has a damaged ulnar collateral ligament in his pitching elbow, according to a physical obtained by Yahoo Sports.

    1. Well so much for 102.

      He had PRP shots in October so apparently all teams were advised. He’s out 3 months from PRP so he will give it a go in ST.

    2. So what? He’s on a super cheap contract. Shall we compare him to Oliviera or other Cubans? We blew through our international signing bonus for nothing.

      1. He cost the Angels $22 million. But, apparently all teams knew something.

        $22 million for a guy with an inflamed UCL sounds like a FAZ move to me. But, it’s a first degree sprain, so they must think he will be ok. I read at ESPN this morning he is injury prone, having already missed chunks of time with various maladies. Not sure what the “free floating body” might be.

      2. “We blew through our international signing bonus for nothing.”

        Apparently that is irrelevant. It gave us executive of the year. I assume that is what the fans want. At least one fan that is.

        That, and: platoons, five inning starters, and a daily update of who is on the DL.

  7. FBZ will be under pressure to win it all in 2018 and 2019. Then you will see what they are made of. My bet is we will see a new regime in 2020. The fact is other FOs have passed them by, except for the Dodgers fans who don’t see it because they’ve been screwed by McCourt. I would bet on us seeing s new FO in 2020.

    1. YF
      That is a wonderful dream. It really makes me happy. Let us hope. Any chance this dream could include Kasten too?

      1. The FBZ was hired by Kasten to slash payroll. Once that’s done they will be let go unless they can win one. They are sitting on the best team in baseball and Kasten knows there’s plenty of FO talent .

  8. These winter meetings are about as exciting as watching a casket warp! It should pick up some tomorrow. Texas and AZ discussing a Greinke deal. Do NOT EXPECT any move from the Dodgers, who are also considered out of the running for Ozuna.

  9. Stanton’s contract is a bad contract. If you sign any hitter over the age of 30 to a long contract it is a bad contract. All we have to do is look at Crawford, Ethier, and Agon. Age and injuries start to creep in. How much money is and was wasted on just three of our own players. Bad luck, maybe.

    In building a team you look at pitching, then defense and then hitting. FAZ will not trade what they think is a good pitching prospect. Look at the pitchers they did trade. Not one has really been good. Some of the kids they traded I thought were pretty good and I was disappointed. I am not disappointed now. I think the front office, manager and coaches have a good feel for the farm kids they think will make it. If you look at Kazmir and McCarthy before they were signed had pretty good records and stats. Hindsight now tells us the signings were bad. I know some of you think FAZ is horrible. I do not.

  10. The Dodgers are not going to sign Machado. Would you give away 2-3 good prospects for one year of Machado who wants to play SS.

    I hope we resign Kershaw. He has given a lot to the Dodgers. Yes, he has a stubborn streak in him. He needs to be a Dodger for life.

    1. Hey al, good to see you here.

      If we re-sign Kershaw it would be more an extension than anything. He’s making $35mm per for ages 31 and 32. We extend that we are risking a lot of money on a guy who will clearly be on the downside of his career. A strong argument could be made not to do it. I won’t make that argument. But al, you just did. When you sign a star to a long term contract you do it knowing the front end of that contract is where the cost effective years reside. Very few of those deals look good in the last few years. It’s the price you pay for that up front WAR.

      Maybe if we limit his starts, and innings pitched, he could last longer. Turn him into a Rich Hill – 25 starts <150 innings. He needs to put up 4.5 WAR every year to earn his money. If anyone can do that on 150 or less, it’s Kershaw.

  11. The Hardball Times has their top Franchise Players rankings out. Meaning players whom you want to build teams around (and hand big contracts to if the chance arises).

    The Astros have 2 in the top 10 (Correa and Altuve), and the Angels(!) have two also (some guy named after a fish and Ohtani). Our Corey Seager comes in at 11.

    The Yankee’s minor leaguer Torres comes in at 4th (!). Guess how the Yankees got this franchise talent?

    1. I’m betting Chapman was involved.

      Has this changed?


      7: Brewers, Yankees
      6: Astros, Braves, Phillies, Pirates
      5: Indians, Nationals, Padres, Rockies, Twins
      4: Cardinals, Dodgers, Red Sox
      3: Rays, Athletics, Blue Jays, Giants, Reds
      2: Cubs, Mets
      1: Diamondbacks, Mariners, Orioles, Rangers, Royals, White Sox
      0: Angels, Marlins, Tigers

  12. Another day of inactivity by the entity known collectively as FAZ, or now FBZ. Not entirely unexpected by me. Rockies have signed 3 relievers in the last 2 days, Cardinals snap up Ozuna, and still the Dodger FO is silent. Not even any rumors attaching them to any player. Except the mild on suggesting they are openly communicating with Darvish. Let us have a reality check here. Anyone who expects the Dodgers to have another season like 2017 next year is slightly delusional. To repeat that kind of year means all those players who surprised with their performances this year, Bellinger, Wood, Taylor, Puig, have to do as much if not more next year. Guys who did not contribute much, have to step up. At this point 7 pieces of the puzzle are gone. So far no replacements have been acquired. Hopefully Toles fills the holes left by Gutierrez, Ethier and Granderson. He has the tools and we know he will be chomping at the bit. But who replaces Morrow and Darvish? Maeda is going back into the rotation. So that should help, Kersh is Kersh, hopefully Wood improves and Hill stays healthy. But there are a lot of questions that are yet to be answered. Again, I shall with hold judgement until I see what they leave Arizona with.

  13. Farhan Zaidi says the Dodgers are more likely to make a trade this week than sign a player. He also said they are not close on anything.

    1. Trades are easy. Here’s an example:

      I’ll give you this head of cabbage for two rutabagas and a beet.

      I expect something as exciting as that.

      1. Badger

        Did you hear the Dbacks are trying to move Greinke, to sign JD Martinez?

        I know Greinke costs way to much for the Dbacks, but I don’t think that would be a good idea for the reason, they are trying to move Greinke.

        1. Yeah, I heard they were working on a trade, didn’t know it was to sign Martinez. I would think the dbacks need Greinke to compete in the West.

          1. YF & Badger,

            I think Greinke has something to do with the Dbacks starting pitching rotation, being much better.

            He must give those young pitchers a lot of tools, that has helped them be better pitchers, as well, as lot of confidence.

            And although I like JD Martinez, he is in his thirties now, and I guess he isn’t much of a defensive player.

            And pitching a way to much of the game, to lose someone like Greinke, because he is still a very good pitcher.

          2. I think Martinez is a better fit in Boston, or at least somewhere in the AL.

            I’m all for Greinke getting out of the West. The dbacks were 22-10 in his starts. He had a 6 WAR. Get him outta here!

    1. It’s a minor league contract. But if he can make it to cleaning toilets at Dodger Stadium he gets a bonus. Tons of upside, which per one of our bloggers here, is a good thing.

      But I wouldn’t have him scrubbing latrines in the post season. It’s too dangerous, a la Mr. upside Brett Anderson in NY.

  14. Big story on is that they need to fill the coaching positions where they have lost quite a few people. Latest to leave is Juan Castro who took a position as head of operations for a Mexican league team. Pretty bad when a coach leaves for a better position in the Mexican league..

  15. I don’t think Juan Castro had much to do actually. He was an extra coach in a newly created position called the quality assurance coach. The player developments coaches on the other hand are very important.

    Read a couple of articles on other teams which explains some of the moves being made this winter and what the other FOs are doing. There is an article in the NY Post saying the Yankees were wanting to get below the luxury tax but still made the move for Stanton. Another article in Fangraphs stating that the Cardinals’ pick up of Ozuna was excellent because they have too much depth (imagine that – another team with loads of depth) and the move represents “talent consolidation”, which I guess is the new way of saying when you have too many vets and prospects blocking each other, you trade some of them for proven talent. And another article saying that the Yankees have enough talent in their system to land another team controlled starter from a rebuilding team, like your 2016 AL ROY Michael Fulmer. I am not posting the links to avoid moderation.

    While we are working on 5-6 year plans, the other teams are doing the same in 2-3 years.

    1. Good take YF. Including not posting the links.

      The Yankees were trying to get below the cap, but when you’re offered an MVP for practically nothing you have to take advantage, right?

      Maybe not.

      The good news is – teams are making moves in an effort to beat the best team – the Dodgers. The bad news is – teams are making moves in an effort to beat the Dodgers.

    2. YF

      I also heard the Yankees were talking about Greinke too, but I can’t see Greinke dealing with the press they have in NY.

      Like I already said, the Yankees sure turned over an older line up, to a younger line up, really fast.

      But there GM has been with the Yankees for almost twenty years, so he must be doing things right.

    3. Hey YF,

      I’m pretty brain dead after work, so please excuse me if I missed it elsewhere, but can you explain the

      5-6 year plan vs. the 2-3 year plan?

      What plans are these and who made up those terms?

      1. That’s just a way of saying the other FOs are working faster than the FBZ, and actually some of what we post here is not directed at you – it’s leftover stuff from before you got here, when there were a few posters who don’t understand other teams have excellent FOs. Every big FA signing by other teams was laughed at – and all kinds of excuses were made in advance explains why Jansen and Turner are not all that and therefore it’s ok if the FBZ doesn’t sign them, then FBZ did sign them, and then it’s I told you the FBZ are so smart they signed Jansen and Turner. I know you don’t do this but just to fill you in on some of the history so you understand that we oldtimers remember those times and say stuff because of that bit of blogohistory.

        I’ll never understand why is it so hard to get people to understand there are more than a few strategies to run a baseball team.

        1. I don’t feel or see anything directed at me.

          But I’m still confused as to what teams are doing what faster than the Dodgers. The Dodgers are rebuilding their farm system and being one game away from winning the World Series AND getting payroll under control.

          Who else is doing that?

          Are the plans you reference comparable? Or just dealing with one of those qualifications or two?

          1. Of course it’s not going to be comparable down to the last detail. Other teams have fallen short just like we have, and some have even won, with a much lower payroll. If you think the FBZ is better than the FOs of the Astros, Yankees, and I can name a few others, you may want to check out what they’ve been doing. I like the FBZ but I just don’t put them in the top 10% of all FOs.

  16. Farhan Zaidi said it’s unlikely the Dodgers make a move this week, but there is a chance stuff could happen next week, “We don’t have very clear needs.” He did also indicate to McCullough (I think) that the Dodgers have talked to Joc Pederson about improving his conditioning to regain explosiveness on the bases, in the field.

    1. I read that also Bluto. He said there were some things in the works that MIGHT come to fruition next week. The story about Joc is on the Dodgers WEB site. Zaidi talked to Joc about what the team wants him to do. Kinsler to the Angels, no other late deals yet. Rule 5 draft tomorrow.

  17. Verdugo and Toles are better fits for this team than Joc. We should do him a favor and trade him where he’ll get more playing time.

    1. But Joc is on a donut restricted diet now. He could show up at his AAA weight which would allow him to butter beat out buns. I mean to better beat out bunts.

      Dave Roberts: “Joc, if you stop eating donuts you will add 5 years to your career”.
      Joc Pederson: “Yeah, but it’s just 5 long years I’d be craving doughnuts”

      Just perused the blog community, less one, and it’s pretty quiet this morning. Digest is talking about the Rule 5 possibilities, which I found interesting. We pick last so, who knows if anyone of interest will still be there. There are a few hard throwing pitchers coming off Tommy John that we know FAZ will be looking at.

      Somebody at ThinkBlue believes Sierra makes the jump to the pen. That might be interesting. The guy is 27 in June, so now would be good. He got his WHIP down to 1.27, but in 21 innings at AAA it was 1.7. He does have K/IP over 9. K/BB over 7 seasons is only 1.72, but in two seasons at AA it was 4.05. Maybe he’s ready. It would be encouraging to have somebody out of that quarter billion dollar Guggencuban investment pool make the varsity. We been waiting a few years now.

      1. Badger

        It is about time to give Sierra a chance, we don’t want him to waste all of those innings on his arm , in the minor leagues.

        And I think Buehler will be up in the second half of the season, if everyone stays healthy on the big team.

        Buehler had the TJ sugery so we don’t want to waste to many innings in AAA on his arm, either.

        Shouldn’t Buehler have better command this year, because he will be two years removed, from that TJ

      2. Yaisel Sierra was always pegged as a bullpen guy after his first year. He needs to get his walks down more.

        I’m fact I think our other more touted Cuban, Yadier Alvarez, should be groomed as our next closer. But hopefullly we’d have traded him before then while his stock is still high.

        1. I think Alvarez is better. I think everyone believes he’s better. He’s 21 The thing is – Sierra is about to be 27. If we are waiting for him to throw strikes at this point he’s a mistake. I’d give him his shot this year. If he fails, oh well.

  18. No space on 40 man. No choice and no loss in ML portion of draft.

    Is Friedman even there? Tee time maybe?

    I think most team reps leave town after draft.

      1. It’s also in the Bible:

        Ecclesiastes 10:19

        “A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.”

        And that could explain some
        curious contradictions.

  19. “Dodgers took Orioles IF Angelo Mora in AAA phase of Ruke 5 draft. Switch hitter hit .291/.334/.435 between AA & AAA in Phillies system in 2017. Played 2B/SS/3B/LF/RF, turns 25 in February“

    This allows the Dodgers to trade Kiké for bullpen help.

    Or not.

    Bad Jew Bad Jew…. whatcha gonna do when they come for you…

    Hey, I don’t know Ecclesiastes from he collects miasmas seeds, but we’ve known for a long time that behind all man’s strategical moves are record breaking profits. It’s everywhere you look.

  20. There was a trade that was made that did something nice for the player. Piscotty was traded to the A’s by the Cardinals. They accommodated his wish to be near his mom who has contracted Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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