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World Series Game 5: Buffalo Dodgers Go Quietly into The Winter

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The Dodgers made history on Sunday night at Dodger Stadium in their pitiful 5-1 game 5 loss to the Boston Red Sox. No not the kind of history that the Red Sox made as they clinched their fourth World Series championship since 2004. The Dodgers made history by losing their second consecutive World Series and have now made the postseason six straight years without a title. The championship drought has now reached 30 years and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

That’s because the biggest and brightest stars for the Dodgers like Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen will choke on the biggest stage in front of millions of people. Everyone should be used to this by now, but it doesn’t make it any less horrific. Kershaw as usual disappointed the Dodger faithful. He pitched seven innings allowing four earned runs on seven hits with five strikeouts.

As for the game, it was atrocious and the Dodgers were never in contention in game 5. Kershaw in what could have been his final start in Dodger blue allowed three home runs over seven mediocre frames, securing his legacy as one of the biggest postseason chokers of all time. He lost both his starts in the World Series this year and will go into another off-season without a ring. He’s got 72 hours to make a decision on his opt-out clause.

World Series Game 5- Boston wins series 4-1

Red Sox 5 8 0

Dodgers 1 3 0




The Red Sox struck first in the bottom of the first immediately putting the Dodgers in a hole only minutes after the national anthem. Andrew Benintendi’s one-out single preceded Steve Pearce’s two-run home run. Boston scored single runs in the top of the sixth, seventh and eighth innings all on solo home runs. Mookie Betts homered off of Kershaw in the sixth, J.D. Martinez homered in the seventh, and Pearce hit his second home run of the game against Pedro Baez in the top of the eighth.

The Dodgers literally did nothing with the bats the entire game, as I and many others expected. The lone run of the game for the boys in blue came in the bottom of the first inning when David Freese homered leading off the game. That was the only highlight of the game for the Dodgers. The Dodgers had three hits and almost no offense for the rest of the game. Freese did triple in the bottom of the third on a deep fly ball that sailed over Martinez’s head. He must have lost it in the lights and charitable scoring gave him a hit. Of course the Dodgers stranded him at third when Justin  Turner and Enrique Hernandez both made outs. Opposing starter David Price tossed seven innings of one-run ball hardly breaking a sweat. He struck out five, walked two and allowed just three hits.

Joe Kelly pitched the bottom of the eighth and Chris Sale pitched the bottom of the ninth to end the series. The final out was quite fitting, small market loser Manny Machado, acquired to give the Dodgers a World Series ring struck out swinging. Machado, the man who doesn’t hustle batted .182 in the World Series. Good riddance. I hope he gets his money, but what a bust. Once again we were forced to watch another team celebrate a World Series championship at Dodger Stadium. The visitor’s clubhouse has now seen this two years in a row.

That about wraps it up. I want to thank everyone here for reading and commenting throughout the season, and also want to thank my writers as well. You guys make losing again bearable, and I hope you’ll stick with us throughout the winter and next season as well. The Dodgers will be back in 2019, hopefully with some changes and a bit wiser. The Dodgers are indeed the Buffalo Bills of Major League baseball and man is it painful. Thank you Dodgers for another exciting season.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

48 thoughts on “World Series Game 5: Buffalo Dodgers Go Quietly into The Winter

  1. An embarrassing show by the Dodgers. Had Price on the ropes in the first, and let him escape. Kiké and “The Smirk” the rally killers.

    DR starts a lineup with 4 of 8 batting below Mendoza Line. Can’t win like that… where is his sense of urgency? Kiké starting over Kemp or Pederson or Bellinger?… Batting 3rd?…. “The Smirk” batting cleanup? RIDICULOUS.

    Dodgers end with six straight K’s. Totally gave up.

    Kershaw struggles. He would be stupid to opt out, at this point. Not like he pitched a gem and got no support. Nobody is gonna’ give him $30M/year. But then again, he might opt out, just to get out of Dodge-er Stadium. He just stunk… bottom line.

    Bye Bye, to “The Smirk”. It is a shame that he makes so much money. He is a fraud, and the Dodgers took the bait…hook, line, and sinker. He is a disgrace to the Dodger Blue.

    ANAL-ytics loses again. What a joke. Heads will roll.

  2. My quick predictions:
    Machado…..Gone. (He might as well take the first flight leaving for the east coast.)

    Grandal….Gone. (He probably will not be seen again after cleaning out his locker.) No QO being offered. No chance for that.




    Kershaw/Ryu…..only one will be on the roster next year. Kershaw opts in, Ryu is gone otherwise Ryu will be signed.

    Freese…..gone. Will get more playing time elsewhere. Not sure he was thrilled being pulled early in games.


    I think Kike and Pederson survive the off-season.

    Chris Taylor resigns with the team.

    1. I trade Kike long before I trade Puig. He has a team friendly contract and is much more valuable and the best RF in the league. His defense alone makes him worth keeping and he has finally acquired some discipline at the plate. I would trade Pederson too. Verdugo needs somewhere to play. I really hope they try and re-sign Freese. He is the RH version of Chase Utley with a great clubhouse presence and mad hitting skills. Good riddance to Dozier, Machado and Madson.

      1. The problem, Michael, is Puig is worth a lot more than either Kike or Joc, even combined in a trade scenario which can bring back someone(s) that could help this team get to the next level. Kike and Joc are very good utility players that every team needs and they come cheap to the Dodgers. Puig has made strides this year, but he still spend too much time on the DL and cannot seem to raise his game to the level we would all like to see. I also think there is a good chance they keep him, but I’m with Chili and would go in a different direction. I also think that Roberts has made it difficult for Freese to get the PT he needs and deserves. True, he is not the future of this team, but he’s got a hell of a lot more gas than Utley has had the last few years. Freese deserves a contract.

        Kershaw will probably stay with the team as no one in their right mind would pass up all that money that is guaranteed to you.

        1. Puig played 125 games this year and was only on the DL once. He hurt his hip in May crashing into the low wall down the line in right. The other thing, and I forgot this part, he is eligible for arbitration this winter and he made 9 million this year. Do they dare go into the mid teens for a contract for Puig, and how many years would they be willing to offer? I think Joc and Kike are expendable because there are other players on the team who have the same skill set. Taylor needs to cut down his strikeouts, I hope they keep Freese. He is a solid veteran presence.

      2. Not saying that this is what I would do……just my predictions on who stays and who goes. Kershaw controls his fate. There are a few on this team that would have been gone long before now if I was calling the shots.

        I think they will attempt to move Matt Kemp but with his contract not sure they will be able to.
        Having his RH bat on the team might be needed anyway.

  3. Honestly, this organization sucks. They want us to be happy competing for titles rather than winning one, despite blacking out the majority of their customers with an unlimited TV budget deal and backing it up with Ryan Madsen as their setup man. I never thought they’d win a championship, even after the NLCS. They just won a terrible league and will beat their chests about it all winter while Boston has 4 rings in 14 years and the Dodgers 0 in 30. It’s totally beyond a joke,

    A few things, Kershaw can leave. Really he’ll only get worse and I’m not interested in a playoff choker at this point with declining stuff. Thanks for the regular season memories.

    I’m tired of these platoon positions that when you add it up, disappear as a combination. Dodger offense was a joke this postseason. This approach hasn’t worked. Find every day players.

    This front office can go with Roberts.

    Jansen can go, but wait, we’re stuck with his fat gas can ass because of his deal. Make him a mop up guy. He’s been brutal the last couple world series.

    Lastly, thank you Scott for this site. So sick and tired of the tbla and dodgers digest support the troops loser mentality. I appreciate your emotion and passion and willingness to say it as is.

  4. Well now it starts. The off season is officially here and in 5 days players can start declaring their free agency. There are 4 new managers already, Ausmus with the Angels, Baldelli with the Twins, Charlie Montoya in Toronto and David Bell in Cincinnati. Baltimore still needs a new skipper. A few coaches have been fired or quit including Mark McGwire in San Diego. Dodgers who are sure to declare, Grandal, Machado, Freese, Madson, Axford, and Ryu. On the fence…Kershaw…..Lots of tradable pieces. They need a starting catcher who can hit and play defense, not much on the free agent market there, so the best option is a trade and I would pursue Realmuto of the Marlins. Not sure what they will be after in the free agent market, but I have no doubt relief pitching will be on the list. They have a few arbitration eligible players, and we have to wait and see how that plays out too. The winter meetings should be very interesting. Angles opted out of their lease with the Big A.

  5. Thanks Scott for your patience with all the complaints.

    We just were not that good. When I look back at this year and last year, I will say that we choked last year but overachieved this year.

    At the end of the day, looking at the Astros and the Red Sox, and how they were able to win … there are just a lot of similarities. Our approach, from the FO to the coaching staff, needs to change.

  6. Well that ended pretty much as I expected it to – 6 straight strikeouts says it all. As expected, the all or nothing approach came up just bit short.

    I agree with Jeff and Bluto. Analytics is here to stay, the best organizations are all using it, they’re just using it better than Friedman.

    I think Roberts will be extended. Kershaw? He’s not worth $35 million one more time let alone 5 more times. But they will offer something.

    I look for more of the same next year. 31 and counting. I said early and often this was not a championship club. This team still has a way to go. I think they were maybe the 3rd or 4th best club in MLB this year, and if the right moves aren’t made they will slip from there.

    I really enjoyed Mexivin putting Timmons in his place a while back. And Scott finally stood up to him. Took you long enough Scott, but good on you. More of that and this place would be far more interesting. You must be getting more traffic though. I counted 15 ads on the page. Congratulations. You’re on your way to the 1% no tax zone.

    Time for Rams football.

  7. The Dodgers have come up a $$$Dollar$$$ short, again.

    Lots of talent and huge salaries. So why the repeated failures in October?

    IMO, it is not completely the Manager or Player’s fault. The fault goes to the FO and “ANAL”-ytics. Is the spreadsheet a true indication of a player’s ability? If results are any indication, analytics is just that…. “ANAL”.

    It seems that once the spreadsheets are scutinized, a player is basically “branded” to be a certain type of player. All of a sudden, after playing baseball his entire career, he comes to a team like the Dodgers, and finds out that he can no longer be trusted to hit vs. a R/H or L/H pitcher. Or as a pitcher, he cannot pitch to a R/H or L/H batter.

    Once a player is “branded”, he never gets a chance to prove that he can play well, regardless if he is a righty or a lefty. The numbers are inaccurate. “ANAL”-ytics do not take into consideration, a player’s true state. A pitcher that has good command on a particular day can bowl over any batter, righty or a lefty. A hot hitter can hit any pitcher, regardless of which side of the rubber the pitch is coming from. If a left handed hitter is in a slump, he cannot hit the side of a barn, even if he is facing a right or left handed pitcher.

    In order to say that “ANAL”-ytics is a valid indication of a player’s ability, you need a valid, balanced database, not a swayed sample, biased to one side or the other.

    With the Dodgers, the dreaded “Lefty Lineup” has been their achilles heel. It is insane to sit your All-Stars and heavy hitters, and play “Mendoza” caliber players in their place. “ANAL”-ytics and matchups, causes starting pitchers to be pulled too soon, and wears out the bullpen. With “ANAL”-ytics, Relievers are expected to pitch every day. Maybe to just face one batter, due to matchup, but it still takes as much time to warm up if facing one batter or six batters. Many times, in a pinch, the reliever is not even given enough time to loosen up.

    “ANAL”-ytics eventually make batters believe they cannot hit a righty or a lefty, and starting pitchers to believe that they only need to go 5 innings if he will be pulled from the game due to matchups in the later innings.

    Baseball is a game of streaks, confidence, repetition, trust, and heart. Elements that “ANAL”-ytics cannot measure.

      1. Bluto
        Yeah, I enjoyed BlueFan’s comment and found it to be very thought provoking and correct. Thank you Bluefan.

  8. Quick thoughts, not fully fleshed out:

    Red Sox were, ultimately, a much better if not great team!

    Here, I’d love to see more contact.

    I am not nearly secure that Roberts returns.

    Grandal is arguably a top five catcher, and I’m not sure I’d like to see him back. The QO seems a no-brained though.

    If not Grandal, and if Realmuto can’t be acquired where does the team go.

    Will Verdugo finally get a shot? Will Tolesy?

    Can anyone take Kemp? Will they?

    Buehler, Urias, Ferguson and Santana are the early semblance of a strong young staff.

    1. Bluto & Package,

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      As far as Roberts returning, I think he will be back. The only way I see him leaving is if after two failed trips to World Series, the FO is put under a microscope, and in order to save their hide, Dave is their sacrificial lamb, and they have to fire Roberts. The FO would love to bring him back because they have been able to pull his strings and make him do what they want. A great manager would make sure they have total control of gametime decisions, without FO intervention, before they accept the job. Dodger FO only wants puppets.

      Grandal has overstayed his welcome. I do not think he will be back. He needs a change of scenary. Dodgers have to find a top of the line catcher who can call a good game, gain the confidence of his pitchers, and accept his roll of a number eight hitter to protect his pitcher, and still perform in the clutch, when needed. Sort of what AJ Ellis brought to the table, every single game. They do have two high prospect catchers in the farm too. Barnes may have to go, so one of the prospects (Ruiz or Smith) will have to be called up as backup. Will Smith can also play 3B. Farmer has been working on positions other than catcher. Could be valuable bench player or trade bait.

      Might be stuck with Kemp, as well as Kershaw. Kershaw is guaranteed way too much money, to think he can do better in the free agent market. Kemp just needs to be respected, and allowed to play more. I think Kershaw was not 100% healthy. I hope he can resolve his back issues, and regain the dominance he once had…regain and refine his curveball, regain his fastball velocity, and eliminate the hanging slider. Things that a stronger back can cure.

      Verdugo deserves a shot. The only thing I am afraid of is he will get caught up in the platooning fiasco, and lose precious playing time. Platooning has vertually destroyed Pederson’s, Bellinger’s, and Kemp’s confidence. Verdugo needs to play every day. As much as I like Toles, he is good trade bait. With the overcrowded OF, I do not see Toles being used effectively.

      The one positive thing the Dodgers have, and I am excited about, is the young pitching staff, and the new sherrif in town, Walker Buehler.

      1. It’s easy to write:

        “Dodgers have to find a top of the line catcher who can call a good game, gain the confidence of his pitchers, and accept his roll of a number eight hitter to protect his pitcher, and still perform in the clutch, when needed.”

        I, like many here, are maddened by Grandal’s streaks. But he’s a top, top catcher by the stats that are important to those who make decisions. Beyond Realmuto there’s not much out there.

        It’s very hard to execute. Neither of the prospects are ready, and from everything I’ve read there’s question if Ruiz will even stay at catcher.

        1. Agree Bluto, very easy to write, but hard to execute.

          Catcher is a very important position, and hard to fill. I just do not think the majority of fans will be receptive to his return, regardless of his ranking. If he were really that great (as his ranking apparently indicates), than he would not have been benched in back-to-back WS. It is unfortunate, but he dug his own grave….Piss-Poor defense, inability to get on the same page with his pitchers, and erratic offensive performance.

          It will be ineresting what transpires before Spring Training.

          1. I think some restructuring and change in srategy/philosophy is what’s needed here. I would like to see the majority of the pitching staff return. Assuming something can be worked out to keep Kershaw in town and retain Ryu.


            One other reliever.

            For the bullpen I like ottavino. Anyone who can post a sub 2.50 era and stike out over 100 pitching in Denver is pretty good.

            The changes will come on the position player side. Joc is a good trade candidate. I’m fine with grandal returning as long as they find someone decent to pair with him. The rest of the positiona should be more set roles but with some versatility. I like DJ lemahieu for second base if he’s available. Good hitter, solid all around player. Keep muncy at first and bellinger in center. Full season of seager back at short and possibly Taylor or Kemp in left would probably be fine. But would like to see verdugo in left full time next year. I would love to see freese return.

            Please immediately give unconditional releases to the following players. Don’t question the financials just eat the money and get them out of town. Those players are : Barnes, Hernandez, Dozier (Dozier is a free agent thank God) the Mendoza group. Alexander, Koehler, madso.

            Don’t expect the front office to make any huge splashes. Bryce Harper is not coming here. They’ve never signed a star player in free agency before and I don’t expect them too now. It’s not their M.O. for god’s sake please reduce the brainless matchups for next season.

  9. Bluto
    In my opinion on your thoughts
    Yes, The Red Sox are a great team.
    I think you know my answer to Roberts.
    The Dodgers will have to get creative on the catcher, maybe a trade or use a minor league guy.
    I think Verdugo should be traded for quality pitching, same with Toles
    I think some team would take Kemp but the Dodgers will have to eat a lot of contract.
    I wholeheartedly agree with your thought on the young pitching staff.
    Good thoughts Bluto, at least you know my thoughts but probably don’t care.

    1. Care but don’t necessarily agree!

      They are much better than that post above from blue fan. Is there nothing worse than bad sophomoric humor?

      It’s like the worst posts from that true blue dingbat.

  10. As long as FAZ is here, they will stay the course. They are too invested in this philosophy to change now.

    It is up to ownership to step in.
    Guggenheim should install Stan Katsen as president, Ned Colleti as GM, Mike Scoscia as manager.
    Take the ANAL lytics department and rent them a building downtown. (out of Dodger stadium)

    Sign AJ Pollock, DJ Lameaheiu, David Freese (inf), Kurt Suzuki (C). Patrick Corbin (sp), Zack Britton (rp), David Robertson (rp), Adeiny Hechavarria (inf), Brett Gardner(OF)

    AJ Pollock (CF)
    Corey Seager (SS)
    Justin Turner (3b)
    Max Muncy (1b)
    DJ Lameheiu (2b)
    Cody Bellinger (LF)
    Yasiel Puig (rf)
    Kurt Suzuki (C)

    Bench: Alex Verdugo (of), Adeiny Hechavarria (inf), Will Smith (C), David Freese (1b/3b), Brett Gardner(OF)


    Patrick Corbin
    Clayton Kershaw
    Walker Buehler
    Julio Urias
    Rich Hill


    Kenley Jansen
    Zach Britton
    Pedro Baez
    Tony Cingrani
    David Robertson
    Caleb Ferguson
    Josh Fields

    1. This means trades of Chris Taylor, Joc Pederson, Scott Alexander, Alex Woods, Austin Barnes, Enrique Hernandez, Matt Kemp, Kenta Maeda (for whatever/JT Realmuto(C) Taylor, Joc, Wood and a minor leaguer for Realmuto and a minor leaguer?

      1. I know. That is why FAZ needs to go. They would never do what I proposed. Because it is a well balanced team with set roles for everyone and not a platoon merry-go round.

        What would you do Bluto. If you were in charge.

        Bluto: Majority owner of the dodgers would sign…..

        1. Oy.

          Way too hard this early on. And I’ll probably change it if I had more time to think.

          But I’d be comfortable with going youngish at Starting Pitching. I’d presume that Urias and Santana will have pitch counts, so:
          Kershaw, Hill, Buehler, Stripling and Urias/Santana.

          I’d definitely like to see Verdugo get a regular slot. Puig’s in a final arb year, so I’m not sure he has much trade value. Let’s presume he doesn’t.

          I’d sign Harper. Go with Verdugo, Harper, Puig in the OF. Turner, Seager, and Bellinger in the IF. So, 2B with Muncy and Kike slotting in everywhere.

          DFA:Koehler. Non-tender Garcia. Keep Cingrani if his shoulder checks out ( He was fantastic in 2017)

          Keep: Fields (He has an option left, which the FO highly values.) Locastro because he’s versatile, which this FO also loves.

          QO to Kershaw (if he opts out), Grandal (he won’t accept it as he’ll get a lot more money in free agency & lots of teams desperate for a catcher of his ability.) and Ryu.

          I don’t like LaMahieu as a target. At 2B I’d see hot much Jed Lowrie would want for a season or 2 until a longer-term solution (Lux?) is ready. If Lux isn’t that close, maybe see how much it would take to trade for Gennett.

          Other trade dreams:
          DeGrom, Realmuto, but don’t see either the Mets nor Marlins trading and both will cost a lot (in DeGrom also because he’s close to a new deal.)

          1. I like it Bluto. Not much different from mine. But very expensive in terms of what they would give up in trade.

            I think the key is to try to fill out the top of the roster. (any way they can) This front office spends way too much time and energy working around the fringes and looking for depth. The names you mentioned are mostly top shelf. I fear the FAZ does not prefer to shop in this price range. That is why I think they need to go before any meaningful changes can take place.

            P.S. Every tried a rose/rosato? It is pinkish red but does not qualify as a red wine. I have found a couple of good ones.

          2. I disagree about the fringe. Two years ago it netted Taylor, this year Muncey. Keep focusing on that until the cows come home

      2. Bluto,

        Speaking of pinot…

        A 2013-2015 of Lafond Pinot has been my go-to recently. I recommend, if you are into wine. The Santa Rita Hills region has been my favorite region for wine for a while.

        1. Ha!

          I prefer Washington Pinots when we discuss a region.

          But for casual drinking (not to imply I drink hard) I’m into petite syrahs and red blends. Trader Joes has some very nicely priced blends.

  11. Mexivin,

    I would keep CT3, as he is valuable INF/OF option. He needs to work on his issues at the plate. Turner Ward should make CT3 a high priority project. We know the potential is there.

    Maeda should be kept, because of his contract and low salary. With all the young arms coming up and available, he should stay in the pen, and used as a spot starter. They might have to restructure his contract, since most of his salary is incentive laiden, based on his use as a starter. If they do not restructure, that could be considered a breach, and they might have to let him go as a F/A.

    If they plan to continue to platoon Pederson, he might be better off traded. I would hate to lose him, but he is not getting enough playing time. Joc would probably be happier playing more. Pederson could be valuable trade bait.

    Wood, Hernandez, Barnes, and Alexander are expendible. If the Dodgers were not obligated to pay the remaining portion of Kemp’s contract, he would be expendible too. Since they have to pay him, they might as well keep him and play him more. I do not think there is a team out there, willing to absorb the remainder of Kemp’s contract. Wood and Kiké could be valuable trade bait.

    Bye bye, To the expensive rentals and UFA’s Dozier, Madson, and Smirk.

    Ryu is UFA in 2019. Will they re-sign Ryu?

  12. Just read something I did not know. Kershaw has until Wednesday to decide whether to opt out of his contract or not. He has 3 days, not the 10 he thought he had. Kershaw said that he and the Dodgers are going to be talking the next 3 days to try and work something out. He is actually owed 65 million the next 2 seasons. 32.5 a year. As for some of the suggestions listed in prior posts, I like the idea of Lamahieu, and he is a free agent. Roberts has an option year, so I am thinking the FO goes that route first before offering another contract and give him 1 more year to get the team over the finish line. I think now, that Kersh stays because I doubt very seriously that any team is going to pay him 32.5 a year or more no matter where he would go. Grandal is not worth 17.6 million dollars a year, that’s just my 2 cents. I think a more logical option is to sign a veteran free agent catcher, there are a bunch, and that gives Ruiz and Smith 1 more year of development. Pitching wise there are some interesting free agents including Patrick Corbin and Joe Kelly, former Dodger Nathan Eovaldi will be out there too. I think there is zero chance they go after either Manny or Harper. Both of those guys have seen the market for them shrink somewhat. The Yankees according to a story in have soured some on Machado because of his behavior. They also have stated that Harper does not really fit their team. The rumor is that they really want to upgrade their pitching staff and that will be their first target in free agents. I would re-sign Ryu, attempt to trade Maeda, or Stripling. They have no need for 2 RH long men in the pen. They have a lot of moving pieces. I have a sneaky feeling that one of the coaches might end up getting fired if Roberts does not get let go himself. Someone has to bite the bullet for the loss and getting rid of a coach is the easiest way to do that. My gut feeling is that Honeycutt will be the one. He almost retired at the end of last year. Finally, a little poll. I have thought about this a lot. Have analytics and saber metrics made the game better? And any thoughts on why either way. Have a great day.

  13. Free agent catchers…..Grandal is the youngest at 30 years old…..Wilson Ramos, Kurt Suzuki, Martin Maldonado, Nick Hundley, Matt Wieters, A J Ellis, Devin Meseraco, Jonathon Lucroy, Rene Rivera, Drew Butera, and Jeff Mathis. 2nd basemen: Jed Lowrie, Asdrubel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler, DJ LeMahieu, Daniel Descalzo, Dozier, Daniel Murphy, Andrew Romine, Neal Walker, Sean Rodriguez and yuck, Logan Forsythe. Outfielders who could peak their interest, AJ Pollock, Leonys Martin, Marwin Gonzalez, Adam Jones, Austin Jackson, Harper, John Jay. Starters, Kuechel, Corbin, Eovaldi, Ryu. Relievers: Ottovino, Familia, Kelly, Kimbrel, some of those guys might get the FO’s interest. Going to be interesting seeing how the 2019 Dodgers are put together.

  14. I just found out something else I did not know……the Dodgers have a 6 million dollar team option on David Freese. Makes sense they exercise that option. Most experts expect Machado to leave, and Kershaw to work out a new deal, if he opts out, the Dodgers can make a 17.6 million dollar QO, so if he does sign elsewhere, they will get a pick. They get nothing if Machado walks. Some are also suggesting that Ruiz and Smith will get long looks next spring.

    1. Hopefully Freese will be retained. Why not put Muncy at 2B? He proved a valuable asset throughout the year and I think he can handle 2B, definitely not 3B or SS. I had penciled in LeMahieu a couple of years ago as a player they could target for 2B, but I think Muncy deserves a shot and Taylor can be used as a backup utility at 2B and OF. I would love to see what Muncy can develop into with more PT and a real committment from the manager. I don’t think they would pay what Cabrera would want.

      The catcher situation is the most crucial but Grandal was a FAZ man, don’t forget. Barnes, fuggeddaboutim.Hundley could buddy up with Puig!

      Machado looks like a no go. FAZ needs to balance their act out with obtaining talent from both FA and trades. The Farm will kill us, eventually. Few rare talents down there. They are going to have to pony up the dough in order to improve this team. As much as I like Kershaw, it would be much better for this team if he did not exercise his option and freed up all that loot for new acquisitions. Then we could be looking very well set up for the future, financially, having more options to play with.

      Dozer is a snorer, another 2B jinx for us.

  15. Interesting points Michael,

    I did not know about the team option on Freese.

    Also the scenario, if Kershaw elects to opt out. Dodgers in good position.

    I am glad to hear Ruiz and Smith will get a strong hard look in the spring. Almost guarantees that Grandal (UFA) will be gone, and maybe even Barnes too. I think they maybe should keep Barnes (still under team control) through spring, and then waive him, should Ruiz and/or Smith make a good showing. I like Kurk Suzuki, a real gamer and excellent reciever.

  16. New report says Dodgers working to sign Roberts to a long term contract. A’s extend Beane and Melvin, Giants pick up Bumgarner, and Sandoval’s option.

  17. I think the Dodgers are secretly hoping Kershaw opts out. Then they use his salary for Harper. I also think they exercise the $6MM option to keep Freese.

    Good luck to whoever signs Machado, he is this year’s version of Darvish.

    The other free agents….most are gone, especially Grandal. Barnes is a place holder until one of the rookies steps up.

    I am hoping the team has a change of heart (direction) and actually invests in a couple pitchers. That is where we fell short this year. Talk about lack of situational hitting, two out hitting, whatever…but a decent bullpen and we won 3 of the 5. They have to be looking for another closer, they have a limited life span, and Jansen has passed that. Maybe see if our minor league system can supply the team with something, then fill in the blanks with real pitchers, not just castoffs or reclamation projects.

    I also put Bellinger in the lineup day in and day out, just like Turner and Seager. Mix and match all you want on the other 5, but those 3 need to play every day.

    1. Howard, You are dreaming if you think they are going to fork out the kind of money that Harper wants. Yeah, he is young and has a ton of talent. But they are loaded with outfielders, and they are going to address what they consider needs. 2nd base for instance unless they decide that Muncy can handle the job every day. Kershaw would be nuts to opt out. He is getting 32.5 million dollars each of the next 2 years if he stays with LA. With his declining skills, there is no team out there that is going to pay him that much a year for probably the 5 years he would want. And he has to make a decision by tomorrow. Rumor is that he is talking to the Dodgers right now. Grandal is gone…no way they make a QO to him that would pay that guy 17.6 a year. You can hope all you want for a change of direction, this is the way FAZ operates. Small market mentality is still there, and probably a directive from Guggenheim to not get to extravagant on salaries.

  18. You are probably right on Harper. And Grandal. I do think they are ok if Kershaw opts out.

    Their most pressing need is pitching. Thinking back, we were tied in the 7th inning of game 1, we led in game 2, we could have won much earlier in game 3, and we were up in the 7th inning of game 4. With good pitching, no one would be talking about all the strikeouts or the failed policy of launch angles or anything else.

    1. Uh, hate to burst that bubble, but Dodger pitching was ranked 2nd in the majors just behind Houston. They were one of only 3 teams that allowed less than 600 earned runs. Houston and the Cubs being the other 2. the team ERA was 3.38, only .27 behind Houston. Opponents BA against the Dodgers was .230 and their staff actually walked less men than the Astros. They won the pennant with 1 starter with 10 wins, Hill. So somebody had to be pitching pretty good. They had the deepest starting staff in the league, of course they needed every one of those guys. But look at the list of starters, Kershaw, Buehler, Hill, Maeda, Stripling, Wood, Ferguson, Stewart, and Urias who is coming back from surgery. Jansen had a couple of bad spots, especially when he had the heart problem, but for a good portion of the season he was nails. Baez improved dramatically. Where they do have problems is the bridge to Jansen, and the fact that because they do not really have a backup closer, he gets a lot of high stress innings. Oh yeah, I forgot Santana, he made a start too. I, like you, think they make too many moves to pick up low risk, high reward players, which leads to guys like Hudson, Goeddel, Venditte, Axford, what a waste he was, Madson. Then you have guys who have a decent track record who after their trade do not perform at a level the FO thought they would, and that would include Floro, Alexander and Cingrani. Alexander was supposed to be a ground ball specialist. He gave up as many homers this year as he had in the prior 3 years combined. Then there was their only free agent signing, Tom Koehler. He ended up not pitching the entire season. The HR was the bane of most of the staff and guys like Kershaw and Jansen gave up a lot. Jansen 13 on the season. He had never given up double digit HR’s in his career before this year. Probably one of the biggest holes was the fact that they did not really replace 2 guys who were really good for them last year, Morrow and Watson. Morrow last year was a beast, and no on in the Dodger pen throws as hard as he does. One option this year could be a guy I think they should really consider going after, Joe Kelly. High velocity and he sure did a job on Dodger hitters in the series. They do have a guys who was at AAA who throws BB’s also, Joe Broussard. He got a look last spring and will no doubt get another this year. The also have another guy, former outfielder Stetson Allie, who throws in the high 90’s. By the way, we will know what Kershaw is going to do by tomorrow afternoon. That’s his deadline to opt out. QO’s have to be submitted by Friday at 5 PM. So we will also know if they give one of those to Grandal. QO’s this year…….17.6 mil…

  19. Howard,

    Dodgers were definitely overmatched, but the Bosox’ were not invincible. Like you said, the Dodgers were in the driver’s seat in three losses, and should have run away with wins in those games. On the other hand, they blew too many opportunities, and stepped on their own feet. If they had converted any of those opportunities, they would not have been in the situation of Jansen and Kershaw choking on the mound.

    “ Could of” and”Should of”…. the Dodger Story all year, and the theme that should have been on their playoff tee-shirts, NOT “Determined”

  20. You are right Michael,

    Pitching was great, except for the meltdowns of Kershaw, Jansen, and Madson.

    All boils down to blown offensive opportunities, led by “The Smirk”, Kiké, Grandal, Barnes, Dozier, and Bellinger.

  21. My point was that all offense ineptitude aside, we were tied and game 1 and led in games 2 thru 4. With everything gone wrong offensively, had our pitching held up we would have won 3 of the first 4, possibly swept. I know it is woulda shoulda, but the fact is it was our pitching that failed us.

    1. In the World series it definitely did. But, you are not going to win many games getting 3 hits. They folded like a wet taco when they needed to be a lot better than that. Just think, same score in the clinching game as last year and at home too. They win a game when their BP had to be their best, 18 innings. But look at it this way, that game should have never gotten past the 9th. Roberts brought in Jansen, who this year has not proved he can pitch 1 clean inning, to try and pitch 2. Bad move. Same as the bad move he made in game 2 He micro manages, he then compounded that by asking Jansen to do it again in game 4. He gives up the tying homer and the very tired bullpen collapses and they lose the game, that is compounded by the miscommunication with his starter, Rich Hill, and he takes the guy out right after he strikes out a hitter. Madson comes in, why, no one knows since up to that point in the series he had allowed every inherited runner to score and boom, 3 run homer, 1 run game. No homer, no reason to bring Jansen in early. But that’s what you get with Roberts. Plus he replaced Ferguson with Alexander on the roster, a guy who had not pitched in over a week, and he melts down and cannot throw a strike either. A lot of this is on the players, that’s for sure, but Roberts is the WORST in game strategist I have seen in years, and I also think the way he manages is dictated by the FO. He is a smart guy, he was a very good and smart baseball player. If left alone, he might manage differently. But as long as Friedman, Zaidi, and the rest of that crew in the big room is in charge, this is what you are going to get out of Dave. But what pisses me off the most, and also confuses me no end is why the guy, Matt Kemp, who had the best stats with men in scoring position of any player on the team including Machado and Turner, started one game and then languished on the bench while we had to watch Hernandez and Pederson and all those other guys flail away and not do a damn thing. Machado hit under .200 for the series. All he had was 4 measly singles and he struck out 3 times in the deciding game……PITIFUL

  22. Howard,

    You do not believe all the RISP, GIDP, K’s were the primary reason why we lost those games? Pitching did “suck”, I will give you that, “but” the pitching kept them within striking distance, or at least limited the Bosox to very little in those games, sans the meltdowns by Jansen,and the piss poor performances by Kershaw.

  23. You know what? All those things were important, yes. And analytics are important, yes. To a point. Numbers and stats are a guide, an indicator. But it is still a game played by human beings who have good days and bad days. The analytics will tell you that a hitter can or cannot do this, but they go on a streak when they are “seeing” the ball well and they defy the stats in the short run.

    Over a long season, the numbers and stats bear out. In a short series, they may have a hot or cold streak. When that happens you need to go with the flow and defy the odds and maybe let someone play where you might not in June or July or over a long stretch of the season.

    But on your point. Yes all you say is important, but the fact remains that despite no situational hitting, all the strikeouts, all the GIDPs, they led in games 2 3 and 4, and were tied in game 1, and I believe with better pitching, could have actually won the series.

    Did the better team win? Yes, no doubt in my mind. Was the series winnable? Again, yes, no doubt in my mind too.

  24. Point well taken, Howard.

    … and yes, the better team won, because of better situational hitting, and taking full advantage of every mistake the Dodgers made. Bosox do play a better quality of baseball, but they won mainly due to Dodgers lacking the ability to take advantage of Bosox’ mistakes, and Dodgers tripping over their own feet.

    They had their opportunities and just blew it.

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