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World Series Game 6: Trick Or Treat! Dodgers Force Game 7

Joc Pederson WS HR

There has never been a Dodger game played on Halloween eve in the history of Dodger baseball. This is actually only the fifth MLB game ever played on Halloween and the first since 2010. However the Dodgers gave us the ultimate treat without any tricks thanks to a two-run sixth inning rally to beat the Astros 3-1 and force a decisive World Series game 7. The Dodgers gave Dodger fans and all of Los Angeles the ultimate treat on this hallows eve, a World Series game 7.

The game appeared to be a pitching mismatch with Justin Verlander countering curveball master Rich Hill. Verlander was predictably dominant with 6 innings of two-run ball and nine strikeouts. However Hill nearly matched him with 4.2 innings of one-run ball. In the end, the Dodgers rallied (as they always do) to score two in the sixth (Chris Taylor RBI double, Corey Seager sacrifice fly) and one in the seventh (Joc Pederson solo home run) knocking Verlander out to overcome a 1-0 deficit and the Dodgers won 3-1. We’ll play a game 7 tomorrow for all the marbles.

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World Series Game 6- Series tied 3-3

Astros      1 6 0

Dodgers   3 5 0





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The game began with Verlander and Hill both dealing exchanging zeroes. Hill started the game with a strikeout of George Springer and we were off and running on Halloween. Springer would come back to haunt the Dodgers later, but Hill worked around a Alex Bregman single to strike out Jose Altuve on a check-swing and get Carlos Correa on a force out.

Verlander recorded a 123 bottom of the first with a called third strike on Corey Seager. Hill recorded a 123 top of the second and Verlander pitched around a Yasiel Puig dunker to center by whiffing Cody Bellinger and Joc Pederson to end the frame. Although Joc would get his revenge later in the game.

In the top of the third with two outs, the Astros would strike first with a booming solo home run from Springer. Hill settled down to get Bregman to ground out. Unfortunately the Dodgers continued to struggle against Verlander. The veteran had his off-speed pitches zipping, but his fastball had little movement. Regardless he was able to get through the third and the Astros still led 1-0.

Hill mowed down the order again in the top of the fourth and Verlander matched in the bottom half of the fourth. Turner and Bellinger would whiff again and the only Dodger hit was Yasiel Puig’s bloop single in the second.

The Astros threatened in the top of the fifth. Brian McCann singles to right. Marwin Gonzalez’s double to left put runners at second and third with none out. The Dodgers had a little luck on their side as the bottom of the Houston order was due up. Hill bears down and whiffs Josh Reddick for the first out. He then whiffs Verlander (no DH at Dodger Stadium) for the second out. Springer is intentionally walked to load the bases. Out comes Dave Roberts with the hook and in comes Brandon Morrow. Somehow he gets Bregman to ground out and the Dodgers wriggle out of it like a ghost. However the Dodgers go down 123 again in the bottom half of the fifth.

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Hill pitching line: 4.2 IP 1 R 4H 1 BB 5K

Morrow gets the first two outs in the sixth and then gives up a two-out single to the racist Yuli Gurriel. In comes left hander Tony Watson and Chase Utley is double-switched into the game at second base. Mccann is hit by a pitch but Gonzalez lines out to Utley to end the inning.

The Dodgers rally in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead and knock Verlander out of the game. Austin Barnes slicing single to right gets it started. Then Utley is hit on the leg with a pitch and the Dodgers have runners at first and second. Chris Taylor’s RBI flare double to right ties the game and sends Dodger Stadium into pandemonium. Seager strokes a long fly ball to right field that sends Reddick to the wall to make the catch. The sacrifice fly scores Utley and gives the Dodgers a 2-1 lead!

Verlander pitching line: 6IP 2R 3H 0B 9K- 1HR- 1 loss

Move to the top of the seventh. The Dodgers holding a one-run lead and the Astros mounted a rally. Reddick walks and the Dodgers go to the bullpen once again and this time bring in kenta Maeda. Evan Gattis grounds into a force out and then Springer reaches on a ground ball single to short that Seager got a glove on but couldn’t do anything else with. Bregman’s fly ball to center moves pinch-runner Derek Fisher to third with two outs.

So the Astros had runners at first and third with two outs and the Dodgers up by one run. Naturally I was worried so I did the only thing I could do…..I PRAYED.

My prayers were answered as Maeda got Altuve to ground out to third thanks to a great pick by Bellinger. Maeda pumped his fist and celebrated as the Dodgers walked off the field. Meanwhile I continued to pray. In the bottom of the seventh Joc goes oppo boppo with a solo home run his third of the series to give the boys in blue a 3-1 lead. Joe Musgrove got pinch-hitter Andre Ethier and Barnes to make out. We move to the eighth inning.

The Dodgers at one time had Alex Wood warming up and Clayton Kershaw. Instead they stuck with their elite closer. Kenley Jansen came in and this time there was no stopping him. He gets a 123 top of the eighth and the Dodgers try to extend the lead in the bottom half of the inning. Charlie Culberson singled and Justin Turner walked against Luke Gregerson. But Francisco Liriano struck out Bellinger to end the inning.

In the top of the ninth, Kenley got Gonzalez to pop out. Reddick struck out and pinch-hitter Carlos Beltran (yes that Carlos Beltran) struck out swinging. Dodgers win 3-1! We’re going to game 7!

I have no idea who is going to pitch tomorrow. I know Yu Darvish is supposed to start for the Dodgers and Lance McCullers for the Astros. We know that those guys will probably not be the ones to finish the game. It’s all hands on deck and anything goes in a World Series game 7. Happy Halloween Dodger fam! We’re going to game 7!!! What a treat!

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

29 thoughts on “World Series Game 6: Trick Or Treat! Dodgers Force Game 7

  1. Well all you Joc Pederson haters out there, guess who leads the team in world series home runs…..Joc picked the best part of the year to come out of his funk..

    1. It’s okay with me that Joc only gets to play in the WS!

      Now, who will get the start tomorrow? Wood or KKKKKershaw? Do the Dodgers live and die with Kershaw? Does history have any bearing on this decision? Kershaw IS the Dodgers in many minds, and I think Roberts is one of those minds. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

      1. It is Darvish’s turn….But it will be all hands on deck. First sign of trouble and they are out of there.

    2. Michael

      No one here, said like you did about Kike, who has hit as many HRs in the post season as Joc, that a Squirrel gets a nut, once in a great while!

      1. Yeah that may be true. But Joc has hit his in the World Series. When the chance to be the Champions of baseball is on the line. Kike did it to get them here. They both did the job. But I have seen far more people ragging on Joc, especially you about how he should be better, play harder. You have gripped about his being a 3 year player and not getting better. You have no patience. And the squirrel has always been Grandal. Neither Kike nor Joc had a great regular season. But Joc is doing the job now and that is all that counts.

        1. Michael

          Joc has only hit like this for two weeks, against the same pitcher, in the Astros bullpen.

          And the Astros don’t have a good bullpen!

          And the other one he hit, was on a hanging slider, that any major leaguer, would hit out!

          Non of Joc HRs, were game winning hits, when the game was on the line!

          And when the game was really on the line, Joc couldn’t even put the ball in play, when there was a runner on third, with less then two outs.

          Kike had a good season, if he didn’t, he would have been sent down.

          And you made a Squirrel reference about Kike, right after he hit that grand slam, and that was a game winning grand a slam, against the Cubs, so don’t deny it!

          That is because you don’t give credit, when credit is due!

          You are only patient with the players that you like, and you like Joc.

          If you didn’t like Joc, you would have be complaining about him, just like you complain, about all the other players, you don’t like!

          And apparently I was right, that Joc should be hitting better, after three years!

          Why do you think he was sent down to AAA?

          And I have always felt that Joc should have been sent down, in his first year!

          Because I wanted him to do well.

          I said Joc should have hustled out of the box, after he hit that ball in Houston, and I think every player should hustle out of the box, unlike you, if you like a player!

          1. MJ, I care less what you think or say. It is your right to your opinion as it is my right to mine. Kike is hitting .320 in the post season with 3 homers and 8 RBI’s. And he has been on the roster in all 3 rounds. For the season he hit .215 with 11 homers and 37 RBI’s. Joc is hitting .316 with 3 homers and 5 RBI’s in just 2 rounds. He has also scored for every hit he has recorded. For the season he hit .212 with 11 homers and 35 RBI’s in 102 games. Kike played in 140. The blind squirrel reference I did use after that game, but for most of the season, and I am not the one who first used it, it was used to describe Grandal’s ineptitude. You think I dislike Kike. You could not be more wrong. I just do not think he is all that good a player and the only reason he did not go down to the minors was because of his ability to play multiple positions. Nobody cares that you felt Joc should be sent down his first year because you are not the one who has to judge his talent. Yeah, all players should bust it all the time, some do, some do not. But most of the time Joc does hustle, so if he has a bad moment, I am not going to get down on the guy for that. If he does something totally stupid maybe, but when it has absolutely no effect on the outcome of the game, I am way more forgiving than you are. I know why Joc went to AAA the same as I know why Puig went down last year. And who gives a rats ass when a player hits a homer unless it is in a blow out. You always demean the pitchers Joc homers off of. They are MAJOR LEAGUE pitchers lady. I would like to see you hit a HR off of a 90 plus mile and hour fastball. You could not even come close to hitting those balls. Listen to the drivel you spout. It takes excellent hand to eye co ordination to even time those things. I saw Cody hit a homer off a high pitch most could not touch. Joc’s homer extended the lead. Would you rather have Jansen protecting a 1 run lead, especially since he has blown 2 of those in this series, or a 2 run lead? You mind your own business lady and leave mine to me. Do not even think to force you dumb ass analogy’s and player evaluations on those of us who see things in a different light. You have a right to believe what you want, but you always like to argue with me, fine, I care less. I have watched enough baseball to know that the game can be an unforgiving mistress. I also know that the skill it takes to succeed is far above any of us who sit here and moan and groan when our team loses. You are nothing but a fan. Not a talent evaluator, nor a scout, a fan nothing more. Same as all of us on here. I do not have to like a player simply because it reads Dodgers on his uniform. I can sit here and see what I see and form my own opinions as to his over all performance. I see very little difference in the season long performances of Kike or Joc, and very little difference in this post season. You were right? Joc should be hitting better after 3 years? Please, it sometimes takes longer than that before a player gets it, or finds the right stance. I can name hall of famers who did not start out like a house on fire.

  2. I was hoping for a well-played game, interesting from end to end.

    Still don’t like Dave’s moves, but they worked anyway:-)!!!!

    These teams both deserve a game 7.

    Hope it’s another classic…..

    1. Michael

      You are never consistent about anything, when it comes to any player, you happen to like!

      But you constantly complain about other players, and that is just a fact!

      And you wouldn’t even give credit to Kike, when he had that game winning, grand slam!

      Unlike you, I give credit, when credit is due, like I did with Joc!

      And I don’t hate any player on the team, like you do.

      I am acually happy for Joc, and I am glad, he has finally worked with Turner Ward, but just like Joc said, he still needs a lot of work!

  3. It’s a Game 7. All hands on deck. It’s going to be a Darvish, and we may see a Darvish hit 99mph when he faces Yurriel. If he gets through the lineup twice it will be a miracle for us – but Wood will be ready at the first sign of trouble. Kershaw will be available to close after Jansen. It’s another cool night tomorrow and could easily go extra innings again. Our stars have totally sucked this series. Keep the faith and peace out.

    1. It is often the stars who do not have a good series. But in today’s game the extended playoffs have to take a toll. Just look how well Turner played in the first two series. Since his game 1 homer, he has done very little. Cody woke up for 3 at bats. Corey has struggled. Taylor has been inconsistent, but has a couple of clutch hits. But look at Joc and Culberson. Culberson is batting .500 in the playoffs. The best thing that could happen tonight is that they jump on McCullers early. He does not pitch that well on the road.

  4. The worry over the skin of the World Series baseball continued last night. Verlander and Jansen each threw several balls out of the game based on their feel, with Jansen once firing the ball toward his dugout with visible anger. “Yes, I fired it,” he said. “I’ll keep my thoughts [on the ball] to myself for now, but I’ll just say anybody with common sense can see what is going on.

    1. Bluto

      Orel said the difference in these World Series balls, is that the seam is different.

      I am sure Darvish has been trying to get the feeling of these balls, after his short start.

      And if Darvish is not happy with any of these World Series balls tonight, he will do the same that Kenley did, and find one he feels comfortable with.

        1. Bluto

          ON the Dodger post game show, they were talking about these World Series balls being different, and Orel was holding one and he said the seam was different on the World Series balls, if that is what you are talking about.

  5. Yahoo!!!

    Just a few short takes:

    Hill: Wow, it can be argued that the two best starters have been Hill and Wood (both have crazy low ERAs for the series).

    Hill again: I loved that he stepped off the mound and allowed the booing to explode when the racist mfr came to the plate. Now, that is great gamesmanship and theater. You the man Hill, good job.

    Joc: You may very well be watching the WS MVP. Not only has he given us some great RBIs, he has put a whole new electric charge into this team. Just when you think you have seen everything.

    Taylor: Should be our Team MVP.

    Batters 2 thru 4 are giving us very little (okay Seager did have an important sac fly but): Zero for 10 is not going to get it done tonight. Turner has only been visible with his glove, he is a no-show at the plate, not even making productive outs, tonight he returns (Book it Dano!)

    You all know what’s coming (and needed): EdDingerEDDingerEDDINGERedDingereDDINGEReddinger, good karma baby, good karma!!!

    Ed Dinger: The real Gold Glove winner in the NL, without a question, it isn’t even close.


    Star Wars will be releasing their new feature, in an unprecedented move, tonight at Dodgers Stadium –

    Star Wars: Return of the Darvish

    (Our star is going to tear the Astros a new one tonight)

    1. True

      I agree about both Wood and Hill!

      They both put in very gutsy performances!

      About 2 thru 4, remember they are hitting at the top of the line up, unlike Joc and Culbertson!

      The sac fly ball that Corey hit last night to hit in a in the go ahead run, , was in a clutch situation, unlike when Joc hit his HR and Corey hit that harder, then Joc hit his oppo!

      And this is only Cody’s first year, and he is hitting fourth, and even with that, Cody was the star of the fourth game we won, in Houston.

      Also last night, Cody saved us, on defense!

      Remember there were two runners on base, when Altuve’s grounder was hit to Turner last night, and Cody made a very good pick, on the other end, of Turner’s throw into the dirt, and that saved us, at least one run!

      I appreciate Joc for giving us some insurance runs in this series, and especially for Kenley last night.

      Joc’s insurance run last night was big, because Kenley is not as good, with only a one run lead.

      I don’t want to talk about the MVP, let’s just win this game tonight, and not get ahead of ourselves, and tempt fate!

      Darvish not only has the motivation to pitch well tonight, because it is the seventh game in the World Series, he also has the motivation to shut the Astros up, because of Gurriel!

      I don’t know if I said this here, but I read the true translation for what Darvish said about Gurriel, was that Gurriel has no class, so Darvish wasn’t as happy as some made it sound, about what Gurriel did!

      If Darvish pitches tonight like he has, most of this post season, the Astros are in for a very long night, tonight!

      Joc hit his HR when we were already two runs ahead in that same game, so Joc was not under the same amount of pressure that Cody, Forsythe, and Barnes were, in that game, but they all did there jobs, and Forsythe hit in the first run, with two outs.

      Last night Barnes started that rally, and it was Taylor who hit in that first run, and the sac fly Corey hit, was the go ahead run!

      And Corey hit that ball harder then Joc did last night, and all three of these guys, did this, off Verlander, unlike Joc!

      About Turner, I think he is beat up, but he is responsible for getting us to the World Series, because Turner hit really well, in the first two series, and he helped us, win the very first game, in this series!

      1. On my fourth to the last paragraph, I was talking about who helped us, win that one game we won, in Houston.

        Because Cody is the one that came up big in that game!

        And Forsythe had a really good clutch two out hit, in that same game, and Barnes put the ball in play, and hit a sac fly, to hit in another run, in that game!

        And all three of these players, did this, in pressure situations, and Cody came up big twice in pressure situations, in that game!

        It has been a total team effort!

  6. Insane. We’ve all been rambling on with our mostly goofy comments and predictions since March.

    Now we’re here, game 7 of the World Series. I will be there. I’ll think of all of you if we can pull this off!!!

    1. correction not “if” it’s “when”

      We are having a discussion and giving our thoughts, what the hell is wrong with that. Hell, Babe Ruth even called his shot. We are calling some shots, some will prove to be goofy but some will prove to be right on target.

      Have fun at the game Bobby but no room for Grimace to attend.

  7. Yeah, could MVP be down to Joc or Taylor?

    That’s so bonkers when we remember how awful Joc looked.

    But he’s streaky, and this is the good part of that….

  8. Well they crown the survivor tonight. And that is who it will be. The team that does the right thing at the right time and takes advantage of the situation. After 104 regular season wins, 10 wins in the post season, it all comes down to a single game. We as fans are all glad they are here at this position with a chance to win for the first time in 29 years. For the Astros, their fans are hoping for the first time ever. The butterfly’s for both will be dive bombers for most of the game. When that last pitch is made, one of two city’s will erupt with the joy of a Championship, while the other will wonder what could have been. Having had the experience before, I know what all will feel. Having had the other side happen also, I have known disappointment too. I want this for the city of my birth, the team, and the fans. I also want it to shut up the Giant fans. Even though it has been a great season, we all know what the Gnat fans will do if the blue were to lose, and I for one am sick and tired of their gloating. I have a good feeling because the Dodgers are a very good home team. The starter we are throwing at them is fresh and well rested, and if he has his best stuff, he is capable of throwing a dominant game. Now I hope that tonight, the offense does it’s best King Kong impression and goes ape shit.

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