Our New Youtube Video has Advice for Roberts and Lots of Astros Whine

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Theres no beer review today, but no worries, we’ve got plenty of Astros whine. Enjoy!

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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7 thoughts on “Our New Youtube Video has Advice for Roberts and Lots of Astros Whine

  1. I was surprised Kuechel made such a big deal out of Culberson’s HR trot. The guy was in the minors all season, has had a couple of cups of coffee in the majors and did not expect to be in the playoffs, let alone the World Series. I would have been doing cartwheels around the bases……

  2. I assume that was Culbertson’ s first ever WS at bat. Players can spend their entire career playing and never reaching the WS. Hit a HR in your first at bat, in extra innings. Sounds pretty exciting!

  3. I don’t know Culberson’s history, but why not play that guy at 2B, with all the shifts they do now you need a SS arm to play that position anyway. As much as I love Utley, I think he is just showing signs of being overmatched by the top team’s pitching. Against lesser teams Utley is fine, but not at this playoff level anymore. What isn’t Utley like 0 for 37 or something in his last 37 post season at bats, that’s no bueno.

    Roberts needs to settle down and not over manage, like he did in Game 2. If he sticks with what got him to the dance (asking for 6 outs from Jansen did not get him to the dance, panicking and pulling Morrow prematurely did not get him to the dance).

    I think Morrow should officially change his name to Mower, that kid can flat out clear the landscape. Ride that Mower for a while Roberts, the yard will look great when he is done.

    ***Blog Alert*** Felony Dufus, please do not try and comprehend this and other posts, you’ll just give yourself a headache and look stupid in the process. Now back to our posts.

    Darvish again will be a demon on the mound tonight. Through out the post season our consistent ace really has been Darvish. That won’t change tonight.

  4. I just think Culbertson got caught up in the team spirit, and he just wanted to help the team.

    He isn’t a HR hitter, so he got excited to be able to help the team, by hitting that ball out.

    He was looking into the dugout, at his fellow teammates.

    He wasn’t showing anyone up, he was just excited, that he actually hit a HR.

    They also said the Astros shortstop threw his bat, after he hit the HR, and the Dodgers didn’t say a word about that.

    I think the guys in the broadcast booth, are the ones that started all of this, not the players.

    Remember they were saying that Culbertson acted like, he won the game?

    They just didn’t understand that Culbertson is not a HR hitter, so he was excited, because he doesn’t do that often, and it was in the World Series!

    I hope we beat the Astros tonight, because suddenly it seems like the narrative is, the Astros took it to the Dodgers, so they will win this now!

    The Dodgers hit the Astros top pitchers in there own pen hard, in that last game.

    And both Turner and Corey hit the ball hard, but it was right at someone, right before Culbertson hit that ball out!

    The Astros were lucky to win that game!

    Because they won’t be facing McCarthy, Stripling, and Fields again, in this series.

    The Astros only really hit Kenley, and the pitchers at the very back of our pen.

    And Kenley is not going to miss his location again, he is just to good.

    Roberts will probably not use Stripling, Fields, or McCarthy again.

    The Astros only got one hit off Morrow, and they didn’t hit the relief pitchers we used, before Morrow came in the game.

    We got to there closer too, but there closer, has not been as good as Kenley has, all year.

    And Kenley only made that one mistake with his location, but Kenley has excellent command and the confidence to get the job done, and he won’t let that happen again!

    The top relievers in the Astros pen, have not been good at all, in the post season!

  5. That was actually Charlie’s second WS AB. He has played parts of 5 seasons in the majors with 3 teams. He played 1 year with SF, had no HR’s, 2 years with the Rockies and hit 5 HR’s. He has hit 2 as a Dodger. 1 clinched the NL West on Vin Scully’s last broadcast from Dodger Stadium, and the other was Wednesday night. I would be excited too. Charlie hit .455 in the NLCS replacing Seager. He has probably the best glove of anyone on the bench in the infield. The guy has to be in 7th Heaven even being on the World Series roster. He was caught up in the excitement about the same as Puig was when he hit his homer in the 10th. Kuechel is just another insufferable pitcher who thinks the hitter is trying to show up the pitcher….This is the World Series idiot…..it is OK to get excited.

  6. 4 hours to game time….I can hardly wait! the picture is of the USS Dewey. WWII destroyer. My dad was transferred to the Dewey in January of 1942 because his ship, the Nevada was undergoing extensive repairs after Pearl Harbor. He served on the Dewey until 1945 when he was transferred to a destroyer tender for the remainder of the war. His ship took part in many island landings as the US Island hopped it’s way to Japan.

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