Rich Hill Wants to Talk About His Son, We Should All Pay Attention

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L.A. Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill just wrote an article for The Players Tribune. In it, he tells us about enduring the worst tragedy that could ever befall a family, and how they came out the other side. Powerful stuff!

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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24 thoughts on “Rich Hill Wants to Talk About His Son, We Should All Pay Attention

  1. In a way too early award, by a person who is generally wrong, that is sure to get Package’s blood flowing. The dingbat Jim Bowden awards the best manager in the NL to:

    Dave Roberts, Los Angeles Dodgers

    The Dodgers said goodbye in the offseason to Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Yasmani Grandal and Alex Wood and haven’t missed a beat. Insiders in the clubhouse say it’s the best environment they’ve seen under Roberts

    1. Uh, well it is way too early and this kind of thing might make Pack’s head explode. Clubhouse cultures change all the time. Yasiel’s act had gotten old for a lot of the guys. I do not believe Kemp was all that disruptive last year. He looked like he genuinely was having fun. Never liked Grandmal and we all know Wood was not happy about being in the pen. They have missed a few beats there my friend, they still strike out too much and the bullpen is a crapshoot…losing 2 of 3 to a team as bad as the Gnats are is not the sign of a great team.

        1. Well Bluto, that might be. But 12 K’s in a game is way too many. I do not like strikeouts Period. They are wasted at bats and this team has a penchant for striking out too much,

          1. Don’t get me wrong.

            The batting trends in baseball do NOT make it more aesthetically pleasing. It can be a grind to watch.

            I was just trying to contextualize the issue and point out the Dodgers are actually doing pretty well statistically contra other teams in MLB. And until these batting trends stop paying off, it’s only going to get worse!

  2. Why would anyone sign a player with a clear track record of being hurt all but one year of their career? Andrew Freidman (Dummy 2) He throws away money on bad and hurt players and then always gives the story that he cannot sign great players because they cost too much. Maybe it wouldn’t be so much if he quit throwing money away? So now that Pollack is gone probably for the majority of the season and the team goes to plan B and that is to continue using players like Taylor because that is all he has left. So goes the Dodgers for 2019.

    1. Package’s Says:
      Why would anyone sign a player with a clear track record of being hurt all but one year of their career?

      Bluto’s Says:
      To get value.

      Package Says:
      Andrew Freidman (Dummy 2) He throws away money on bad and hurt players and then always gives the story that he cannot sign great players because they cost too much.

      Bluto Says:
      Friedman never gave that “story” ever.

      Package Says:
      Maybe it wouldn’t be so much if he quit throwing money away?

      Bluto Says:
      That makes zero sense.

      Package Says:
      So now that Pollack is gone probably for the majority of the season and the team goes to plan B and that is to continue using players like Taylor because that is all he has left. So goes the Dodgers for 2019.

      Bluto Says:
      Let’s hope it continues so. It’s going quite well.

      1. Bluto
        Did you ever think that you don’t get it because you might be Dummy3? Also Dummy 2 has said that premium players cost too much.

        1. Considering who dummy 1 and dummy 2 are in your eyes (highly desired, highly paid GM and Highly regarded, highly paid manager) I’m not sure there’s much wrong with that.

          Where did Friedman say that?

          I’ve never see it.

  3. True,

    (Post Deleted)

    Please refrain from making personal attacks on other posters. It is a violation of posting guidelines. Thank you and Go Dodgers!

    (From your friendly editor)

    1. Tru…. Wow!, I am sorry I missed your post. You are usually right on target. Hopefully I will not miss the next one. Have a good day.

  4. True Blue
    There is no need for the type of personal attacks you posted. Please be better than that. I like Scott’s attitude on this: People paid by the team can take the personal attacks, but do no attack other posters. (paraphrase)

    I tend to defend your right to have an opinion and express it. But often you are just being argumentative. It gets tiring. Why do you insist on policing what people post? Can’t you just laugh it off and move on, when you see what you consider a silly post? Just like you, they also have a right to their opinion. Do you really think what you are doing is changing minds? It is certainly not making you any friends. Seems like an exercise in futility, if you ask me.

    Also the copy paste call and response method is the lowest format of internet debate, in my opinion. My advice is to just post your opinion and let it stand on its own merits. Trying to win hearts and minds is pointless.

    The dodgers front office does not need you to defend them. Running a baseball team brings with it a lot of criticism from the fans. That is why they are paid so well. Also they have pretty good job security, considering the results of their tenure. They REALLY don’t need you. They have countless defenders in the media, blogosphere, and most importantly the ownership.

    My two cents is that the only way this front office can get the leeway you think it deserves, is by earning it with a ring. Until then they can take the flak. IF they fail to win the big prize, they will go down in dodger history as a mere footnote. Nobody will celebrate a run of second place finishes and clever roster manipulation.

    1. Fair, I guess?

      I really do not try to police what people say, nor do I have any interest in convincing people’s hearts and minds. Please show me one place where I did any policing.

      I don’t like the cut and paste method either, but for that specific post full of questionable statement I felt it best.

      The front office is not well paid because of fan criticism. That’s a silly postulate.

      The front office also does not need in the way. Leeway? All they need, in my opinion, is the credit they deserve.

      Winning a World Series is the goal, as is sustained success, and financial viability.

      I don’t care much for opinion, I care about why the team does things and If that reasoning resonates with my poor simple mind.

      1. Bluto,

        Please get yourself out of this cycle. You call my points silly and tell me I’m wrong about a post I made to HELP YOU put things in perspective.

        On the other hand you could just say: Thank you for your opinion, but mind your own business. (Which seems like good advice that I should take. Have at it Bluto. Enjoy all the trolling flame wars and hate you will bring upon yourself.)

        1. Let me see if I get their straight, when you post your thoughts on my stuff it’s helpful.

          When i post my thoughts on your stuff I have to get out of this cycle.

          This is a great way to drive discourse.

          1. I never attacked the content of your posts. Just the delivery.

            That is the difference.

          2. Bluto

            RE-READ your first post and tell me you weren’t trying to continue and old pointless argument with a specific poster on an article that is about Rich Hill’s dealing with the loss of his son. It is off-topic and intentionally provocative. (troll-level tactics) It is your prerogative to conduct yourself like this, but it is next level obnoxious. I am sure you are smart enough to find a better way to make your point.

        2. I see where you are coming from, Mexivin.

          Full disclosure: I almost never read the blog posts. I don’t find them great. I appreciate the time it takes Scott to write them, and appreciate Scott creating and maintaining this blog, but the posts are not my cup of tea.

          As for my post, how you have read it is a far cry from how I intended it to be read.

          I obviously directed it at Package and deliberately and clearly said so. But I also called the source of the content (Jim Bowden) a dingbat. If that’s perpetuating an argument or trolling behaviour in your opinion, then you and I have drastically POVs on that.

          Package thinks Dave Roberts is a dummy. I think he’s a fine manager. That’s a disagreement about a baseball subject. In my mind having those types of good-hearted arguments are what this blog (and others like it) are for.

          1. I think Roberts is very average as a manager and have made that point numerous times. He is however no dummy. He is educated and articulate. He says what is on his mind and he obviously has developed a connection with his players. But as for his in game managerial skills, they are far from fine.

          2. I tend to agree. He’s a little dogmatic and with a quick trigger when it comes to L/R matchups and the TTOP, but the players seem to like him and it’s incredibly hard to quibble with him results.

  5. I wasn’t posting a personal attack on Brutus, the use of A-hole for him is a descriptive term. He has proven time and time and time again, that this description on his posting is very very accurate. So it wasn’t a personal attack, and everyone including you, Scott, know it.

    BTW, you all got robbed of reading a great post due to censorship

  6. Pissing contests are not allowed. We all have an opinion and the right to express it. It betters the site if the comments are kept to baseball and not someone’s personality. I have been guilty of doing that in the past, I try to avoid it now. Package has his opinion of what he thinks of the Dodger front office and leadership, and Bluto has one too. They rarely agree and probably never will. But that does not make either of them right or wrong. It is simply their opinion. I do not agree with all that is said on here either. Sometimes the arguments get a little testy, but Scott is right about censoring personal attacks simply because of what happened here before. There were a lot of those type things of a highly personal nature. So he is doing what is right to keep things civil. This is a Dodger baseball blog. Lets keep our eye on that and keep the comments baseball related and if you disagree with someone, state your reasons and move on without calling the other person names. That is unnecessary.

  7. Dodger lineup for tonight’s game, Kike, 2nd base, Bellinger, 1st base, Turner, 3rd base, Seager, SS, Taylor, CF, Verdugo, RF, Barnes, C, Pederson, LF, Kershaw, P. Seager is hitting .228 and he is in the 4 hole? Taylor in the 5th spot sporting a mind blowing .162. Roberts is definitely drinking. And it is not Kool-Aid.

    1. MIchael
      I don’t think its who is in what hole, it is the fact that they are right, left, right, left, right,left,right, left. Dummy hasn’t got enough sense to pour piss out of a boot. I can’t believe that Dummy does these things night after night and just a very few of us see how dumb he is. What makes them dumber is that when they cannot figure out why he does these things they blame it on the FO working with dummy to make the lineups and that makes everything alright.

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