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Grab a Unique Dodgers Collectible From Foco!


As our boys in blue are absolutely crushing it down in Los Angeles in the first month of regular season action, it’s no question to have high hopes and aspirations for the 2024 Los Angeles Dodgers and for years to come with the massive signing of Shohei Ohtani. As the Dodgers are in first place in the National League West division, a 19-12 record is just what the doctor ordered to kick of the 2024 regular season. If you are a true fanatic of the Los Angeles Dodgers then you are not going to want to miss this unique and special bobblehead launch from our friends at FOCO.

This morning, the folks at FOCO created a masterpiece for a Dodgers bobblehead. Newly released and available now for preorder is FOCO’s Dodger Dog Los Angeles Dodgers Mascot Bobble Dubblz Bobblehead. As we mentioned, this bobblehead concept is unlike anything you have seen before with any bobblehead FOCO has launched. This bobblehead will feature the Los Angeles Dodgers mascot, Dodger Dog, as he is portrayed holding a miniature bobblehead of himself in the palm of his hands. Dodger Dog is standing on a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball field base with his mascot name and team name on the front decal of the bobblehead. The miniature bobble he is holding is an exact clone of the life-size bobblehead of Dodger Dog.

A couple of very important notes on this bobblehead launch to be aware of. This bobblehead is not individually numbered and will be only be available for preorder within a 72 hour time window.  Whatever the total amount of bobbleheads are purchased within that 72 hour time window is the exact amount of bobble dubblz for Dodger Dog our warehouse will be making and shipping to our customers. SO, make sure you click on any one of the links in this article to grab yourself a Dodger Dog Los Angeles Dodgers Mascot Bobble Dubblz Bobblehead before they are all gone.

Like all FOCO bobbleheads, each one is hand-crafted and painted so that no two pieces look exactly the same creating a unique and diverse presence to each collectible FOCO releases. Go ahead and snag a Dodger Dog Los Angeles Dodgers Mascot Bobble Dubblz Bobblehead today and cheer on your Dodgers Bobble Dubblz style!!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

10 thoughts on “Grab a Unique Dodgers Collectible From Foco!

  1. Not sure what’s going on here beyond the Bobble-head stuff, but the Dodgers are rounding into form nicely.

    Grove and Vesia have found their stride. Buehler and Treinen have returned and will have time to find their’s.

    Ohtani is a monster in this line-up, and the team still isn’t receiving full value from him at DH.

    Lux finally showing confidence at the plate.

    The load management is a bit extreme, but what’s the downside? With all the starters (current group + Miller, Knack, Sheehan and Kershaw) it’s only going to continue.

    1. Yup, FOCO Bobbleheads have taken this Blog hostage. The only thing good about it is, these bobbleheads agree with everything I say!

      Unfortunately Scott, this blog is basically whittling away. It has been fun to express my views, freely and uncensored. I know lots of negativity towards our Dodgers, but in majority of times, we’ll deserved criticism. Don’t get me wrong, this team is great, and in the end I will always have their backs. All teams lose, but it is the way the manage to give games away is what really T’s me off. Bottom line, I just don’t think anyone is reading this blog anymore.

      So, in closing, my prediction for this season is, this team will make it to the World Series, but will not win.

      Thanks for providing this platform, Scott. It has been a blast. But, I believe it is time to say sayonara to LADodgerReport. Good luck in all your endeavors, Scott.

      Go Dodgers! Oh yeah…. A Big Sayonara, and “Banzai!” To Bluto.

      1. I need money Blue, and I’ve been really busy with work, so it’s been hard to find time to write, or do anything else. right now I don’t have anyone to help me over here. If you wanted to write any articles Blue, let me know and if you’re familiar with wordpress I can grant you access. Otherwise it’s just me over here and I don’t want to just give up and walk away yet. People still read over here, just don’t comment as much.

        There’s actually one more bobble post coming here, and after that I’ll cool down on those for a while. Maybe I can find some time to write an article or two this weekend.

    2. The downside to the load management is already occurring which is the overuse and injuries to key relievers. Theyve already lost Brasier, Kelly, Phillips, although Phillips was just a freak injury. Graterol hasnt pitched at all this year. The thing LM is trying to avoid is what it’s causing. Injuries to pitchers.

  2. Why in the hell is MLB dragging their asses on the Robo-Umps? The quality of the home plate umpiring has gotten worse and is a total farce. They have the technology and the means to fix the problem. Also, I am still amazed that even with the review system for plays on the field that they still get some of them wrong.

    1. even with technology, there is no way they can get every play right, every call, every ball and strike. There is always a grey area in life and in baseball. I agree that some of the home plate umpiring has been pretty bad. But wondering if they can just fire or demote the bad ones? There are plenty of good umps around.

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