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Under LA Sun, McCarthy Wilts, but Bats Thrive. Dodgers Win 8-4

It was a beautiful day for a ball game. The Pirates certainly felt good after putting the Dodgers to bed last night, 5-2. The Dodgers were hoping a new day would bring them closer to first place. Brandon McCarthy was hoping the bright sun would smile upon him and change the bad luck he’s had on the mound lately.

1st inning
McCarthy did not begin strong. He walked two and hit a batter to load the bases. But he wasn’t done. He walked one more to bring in a run. 1-0
Lucky for the Dodgers, McCarthy was able to dig deep and pitch his way out of it. He ended the inning with 2 Ks.
Chase Utley woke up the crowd with a double to RF.
Josh Reddick followed with a bunt so good that everyone was safe.
Corey Seager hit into a double play, but he picked up the run to tie the game. 1-1
Adrian Gonzalez and Joc Pederson followed with singles. The Dodgers had four hits in the inning.

2nd inning  Tie score 1-1
McCarthy remained wild. He loaded the bases and walked in another run.  2-1
The Dodgers had seen enough and finally lifted McCarthy. .
New Dodger Josh Fields took over. Buc’s Single! 3-1
Rob Segedin singled and was knocked in by another double by Utley. 2-3

3rd inning. Bucs 3-2
Fields left with one on and two out. Julio Urias in. K! Job done.
After a successful replay challenge, second base was awarded to Adrian Gonzalez. Howie Kendrick came up and hit what looked like a sure out.  But he was safe and Gonzalez scored on a Bucs throwing error. 3-3

4th inning. Tie 3-3
With Josh Reddick on second, and two out, Corey Seager came up with an RBI base hit. 4-3

5th inning  Dodgers 4-3
Joc Pederson doubled and took third on a bobbled wall.
Howie Kendrick followed with another double to score Pederson. 5-3

Kendrick was then involved in another replay challenge on a play at the plate. The Dodgers won the challenge, and went up 6-3

6th inning  Dodgers 5-3
With two out and one on, Dave Roberts pulled Urias.
Joe Blanton in. He walked one more batter and barely got out of the inning.
Corey Seager opened with a base hit.
Joc Pederson jacked an opposite field home run into the Dodgers’ bullpen. 8-3

7th inning  Dodgers 8-3
Another scoreless inning for Blanton.

8th inning  Dodgers 8-3
Pedro Baez in. He gave up a laser beam homer. 8-4

9th inning
After Josh Ravin walked a couple, Manager Roberts went to closer Kenley Jansen.  He came in and closed the books on this one at just under four hours.

Dodgers win! 8-4

McCarthy was a man without a fastball today. He never really challenged any batters, and his shaky control seemed to deteriorate with every pitch. It was later reported he has right hip soreness. Prepare for another DL announcement.

The Pirates certainly had their chances: Dodgers pitching provided the Bucs with 1 hit batter, 10 hits and 11 walks.
They left 18 MOB.

Bullpen Bright Spots: Julio Urias and Joe Blanton combined for five scoreless innings of relief.  Urias got the win. He’s 3-2 for the season.

The bats were back: The Dodgers scored in every one of the first 6 innings.  They had 17 hits, 5 doubles and one home run. Utley and Kendrick had two doubles apiece.

Corey Seager and Joc Pederson both had 3 hit days. Pederson was 3 for 5 with a home run and a double. He also scored twice and had two RBI’s.

The win puts the Dodgers 1/2 game out of first place. The Giants play later tonight.

Team with RISP: 4 for 17 Hmmm…Staying positive.


Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

97 thoughts on “Under LA Sun, McCarthy Wilts, but Bats Thrive. Dodgers Win 8-4

  1. McCarthy is going on DL.

    I don’t know if it is physical or mental.

    They said McCarthy hurt himself fielding a bunt in Colorado.

    They said it was something about his hip, but it sound like MCCarthy really didn’t know, when they interviewed him.

    1. According to, he has a bad hip, do not know when he hurt it, but that certainly would explain the wildness, and boy have they gotten their money’s worth out of him…..NOT…..

  2. McCarthy back to the DL, Anderson, Norris coming off, 2 for 1 night. What a delightful pitching staff the FAZ master has assembled for our viewing pleasure. If it wasn’t for some stellar hitting, this team would be in the tank. But the hits kept coming and a 3 for 4 day for Joc has got to be a good sign especially since he hit his homer to left. Reddick actually hit the ball. Segedin had a nice day at the plate. The first 7 hitters all had multiple hit games, the only guy left out was AJ Ellis, but the way the rest of the team was hitting, he was not needed. Urias 3 innings, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts to get the win and Jansen gets one hitter for save #35. All this on a day that Justin Turner was out with a sore hand. The Bucco’s aided the cause with 3 errors. And they were errors since the official scorer said so. Not like the phantom errors all you tried to lay on Seager yesterday. The Dodgers actually stole 2 bases today, but so did the Buc’s including 1 by the catcher……..

      1. I stated a fact. If you enjoy watching this collection of injured misfits, you are either deranged, or a masochist.

        1. Maybe I am both, but I have enjoyed watching the players pick each other up. To me, that is inspiring and tells me this team has a lot of spunk!

          1. Mark
            That is one thing I agree with you about.

            And I have almost always put my focus on the players, and Roberts, and his coaches.

            I could tell that this was a different team this year, from the way Roberts and his coaches, have got this team to buy in to playing like a team.

            Roberts and his coaches, and the players, deserve a lot of credit, for the way they have played, and turned this team around this year.

            But I still don’t agree about signing certain pitchers, with long histories of injuries.

            Because this could have turned out really bad this year, if Roberts and his coaches, didn’t keep the team stable, throughout all of these injuries.

          2. Most of my comment directed at the pitching staff. Watching those guys will give you an ulcer……..

        1. Michael
          Vinny would tell you, nothing ever comes easy for the Dodgers.

          But that is what makes you love them.

          They are our Bums.

    1. When a pitcher keeps throwing his fastball to the backstop, it makes his curveball that muh more effective. Scary job going up to homeplate knowing a pitcher can’t get his fastball near the plate.

      1. I could care less. I call em like I see em, and I for one am not enamored with the FAZ master or his acquisitions. I think he could have acquired better players and have said so often. The opinions stated in this post are mine and mine alone and not the responsibility of the head blogger……

    2. Michael
      I was the one that thought Cory should have gotten an error, and when a player fields a ball cleanly, then double clutched, they usually get an error.

      1. MJ, 1. The official scorer disagreed with you. 2. The original call was out and only overturned on appeal. 3. I think the official scorer was right. 4. If it was not close at all and the guy was not originally called out, maybe he gets the error. 5. Maybe the official scorer likes Harrison and did not want him to lose points on his batting average because he was aboard on an error………6. It is what it is, and what you or I think has no bearing on the call…….

        1. Michael
          I agree but maybe the official scorer didn’t want Cory to get an error.

          But how do you feel when Grandal double clutches a ball, and let’s the runner get in scoring position?

          1. And I like Cory, but I just try to call it like I see it.

            When a player, can’t make a routine play, because he double clutches a ball, that call usually goes the other way.

  3. I don’t know what McCarthy’s issues are, but if he was intentionally avoiding throwing his fastball today, it could be because he felt that twinge in his elbow, and he knew if he let it loose, the elbow would go.

    Now that he’s on the DL, I do wonder if he reinjured his elbow. Too bad; he did look good for his first few starts

    1. Bobby
      When MCCarthy was interviewed after the game, he really didn’t say much.

      And he acted like he didn’t really know what the problem was.

      They asked about his hip, and he didn’t really say that that was the problem, so who knows.

    2. Main issue is that McCarthy for most of his career has been injury prone, I seem to remember that was part of the reason they dumped Kemp….different player, and he has never been much more than a sub .500 pitcher his entire career. He turned a decent season with the Yankees into a 48 million dollar windfall, and so far he has not earned any of it.

  4. I am so happy that the FO is finally learning that long relievers are a very important part of the LAD team, and any team for that matter.. However, it is so sad that they had to learn under the current circumstances. A wiser group of people would have learned a little earlier in the 2016 season. As for me I have been lobbying for this structure for several years.

    1. Think Larry Sherry in the 59 WS. As I remember, relief pitchers mostly pitched multiple innings. Now its max effort for 20 pitches max.

      1. Remember Sherry well, and he was a neighbor for a while…..2-0 in the series with 2 saves. MVP of the series and won a new Corvette as the prize.

  5. On whether the Dodgers are prepared to sever their relationship with the 25-year-old Puig, manager Dave Roberts told Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times, “I think that’s up to Yasiel. If he chooses to continue to grow as a baseball player and as a man, then he’d be welcome back here.”

    1. I read that the souvenir shops in Dodger stadium are almost devoid of anything Puig–a remark to indicate that Puig is not expected back. I have no way of knowing that either is true.

  6. Another injured starter, the Dodgers’ Rich Hill, could debut for Los Angeles next Saturday, according to Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register. Hill, whom the Dodgers acquired from Oakland at the non-waiver trade deadline, has been out since mid-July on account of blister problems on his pitching hand. The left-hander is scheduled to make a rehab start Monday with Triple-A Oklahoma City, and he’ll join the Dodgers if that goes well. However, the Dodgers have already had to postpone his first start in their uniform twice. Hill is confident that won’t happen again, though. “It’s healed and 100 percent ready to go and I look forward to getting out there,” said the 36-year-old.

  7. Many of you don’t like THE PLAN… and that’s OK, but you have to admit that FAZ has stuck to THE PLAN!

    THE PLAN was always “Win Now While Building For The Future – 2018 and Beyond.

    That simply means that instead of going through 3 or 4 years of agonizing losing like the Cubs and other teams have done, they have tried to remain relevant while rebuilding. The full effect of the rebuild is still going to kick in by 2018, so you can expect more of the same stuff you bitch and moan about now. (BTW, BOB, that’s not criticizing, that’s just a statement of fact).

    What is key to all of this is that by 2019, the Dodgers will not have any (well maybe one) long-term contract with aging players. Kershaw is the lone exception. I believe they will open their pocketbooks for him, because he is a once in 50 years pitcher. Greinke wasn’t and Crawfish, Ethier and Gonzalez weren’t either.

    Ethier comes off the books in 2017, Gonzo and Crawfish in 2018.

    Now, you can agree or disagree with the concept, but if you don’t sign long term deals to guys like Cueto, Price, Samardzija and Greinke, you end up having to sign or trade for Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir, Maeda, Chavez, Blanton and Wood.

    The fact of the matter is that the Dodgers have been pretty good with those pieces this year, even with their Ace on the shelf. The Giants owe Samardzija $79 million AFTER THIS SEASON! The Dodgers owe Scott Kazmir $35 million AFTER THIS SEASON. They owe Anderson nothing. They owe McCarthy $23 million after this season. They owe Maeda $17 million AFTER THIS SEASON.

    Ryu is owed $15 million AFTER THIS SEASON They owe Howie Kendrick $10 million AFTER THIS SEASON… and that is an amazing bargain! They owe Yasiel Sierra $30 million over 5 more years. Guerrero is owed almost $8 million and Olivera is owed $18 million.

    The Dodgers have no obligation after this year to Hill or Reddick but could elect to sign one or neither! Look at the Giants payroll obligations going forward!

    Do you see where this is going? Their long-term payroll obligations are going down as the farm is ready to produce. Will they sign Justin Turner? He’s on the wrong side of 30 to warrant a big long-term deal, but they might offer 4 years/$60 million – that’s a push but he is well liked.

    They could have gotten Hamels, but we would have lost Urias or De Leon and either Seager or Pederson. I have never been a Pederson fan, but it looks like he is really growing and maturing as a player. He won’t be a superstar like Seager, but he’s a Jim Edmonds-esque player. I am glad I was wrong about him.

    Anderson is due back today. Norris and Hill are due back later in the week. Thompson and Kershaw will hopefully be back in September as will Yimi Garcia. Segedin and Toles have been “finds,” and the Farm System is absolutely loaded!

    The Dodgers are right in the thick of it – they can win the NL West for the 4th consecutive year – something they have never done. Of course, some will say “They didn’t win with Kershaw and Greinke last year, how can we expect any different this year?”

    When Kershaw went down, no one expected them to actually get better, but they did. This is baseball – you never know.

    Oh, FAZ always wanted some long-men for the pen – they just weren’t available at the right price until recently. Part of THE PLAN is not to overpay… and actually how can you arguen with their success?

          1. Thompson has fractures in 2 places in his back. No way he returns this year, Ethier MIGHT come back in September. Puig keeps hitting, and they HAVE to bring him up in September.

    1. Maeda has bonus clauses which can bring his total contract to over 100 million. But base salary you are correct, and pretty sure Crawford’s contract ends the same time as Ethier’s. And come on Mark, it should be ARGUE….not arguen, is that even a word??????

    2. Oh by the way, the Dodgers are still paying more than a few players who have been gone a while……but not as bad as the D Backs who will owe Greinke 50 million after his contract is up…

    3. Mark
      There were other pitchers out there, that didn’t have the injury history that MCCarthy and Anderson had.

      They were not top tier pitchers, but either is McCarthy, or Anderson.

      It seems like they went straight after former A’s pitchers, instead of looking further.

      And it looks to be the same, when they were looking for position players.

      Friedman brought Libertore to the Dodgers from the Rays, and I thought that was a good deal, even before I saw Libertore pitch, because of his stats.

      And you have t admit, that this front office has went out of there way, to bring former A’s players, to the Dodgers.

      When the rotation started falling apart all the relivers in the pen had to work harder, and pick up for the starting pitchers, who have went out on the DL, as well, as the starting pitchers, that can’t pitch deep into games.

      And because of that, some relievers have already had to go out on the DL, right after the all star break.

      That could have caused a burn out in the pen, so there is that concern.

      And about Reddick, everyone here wants Reddick, or any Dodger, to do well.

      Some people are just concerned about Reddick not hitting that well yet.

      I know you have give a player some time to hit, but there is not much time left, and I guess Roberts hitting him mostly fourth, makes every at bat he has, stick out.

      And he still hasn’t hit in a single run yet.

      1. I recall a mid season pickup who hit from the first day he was acquired, and Ned Colletti got him….His name was Manny, and he went on to have maybe the BEST 2 months in LA Dodger history, sparked the team to the playoffs where they flattened the Cubs, and the floundered in the NLCS……re signing him was a huge mistake, but for 2 months he and Mannywood ruled LA !! I still have my #99 T shirt

      2. FAZ motto: go with what you know. They know Rays and A’small. I doubt that the future will be like the recent past.

    1. I hope Puig can come back as a better player, and has got his confidence back, by hitting well in AAA.

      I just hope he hasn’t burned his bridge with the Dodgers yet.

      He always seems to say all of the right things, but has trouble doing what he should do, on an everyday basis.

      That is why I think Roberts couldn’t deal with Puig anymore, because Roberts has had to much on his plate this year, and he doesn’t have enough time, to baby sit Puig.

      1. Puig reminds me a little of an Apostle and of me.
        The Apostle Paul said: For the good that I would do, I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

    2. Mark
      What are they going to do when Puig comes back up, with Reddick playing rightfield.

      And with Howie playing well in left, and hitting well?

  8. I have enjoyed a lot with this team this year.

    I have enjoyed seeing Corey Seager grow towards superstardom.

    I have enjoyed seen Joc Pederson grow towards being a middle-of-the-order hitter.

    I have enjoyed seeing Chase Utley play like a kid.

    I have enjoyed seeing Turner and Kendrick come back after slow starts and become difference makers.

    I have enjoyed seeing Toles and Segedin get their chances at retribution.

    I have enjoyed watching Yasmani Grandal become a TOP catcher.

    I have enjoyed watching the pitching staff just pick each other up.

    I have enjoyed seeing all the new players.

    I have enjoyed watching a rookie manager grow.

    I have enjoyed seeing these guys grow as a team.

    1. Change Grandal to decent and you have my vote…….he is not top tier yet, and he needs to improve his pitch blocking, and clutch hitting.

    2. Mark
      I agree with all you said, and it is great to see your focus is on the players, instead of the front office.

      And because of how this team has gelled together, and has played hard together as a team, they need to bring Turner back, because he is a big part of this team, and this team’s new attitude.

      Not to mention that Turner has made himself, into one of the best hitters in baseball, and he is a big part of this team’s offense, and he is solid defensively at third.

  9. Nice win, but an ugly game. No style points, for sure. Except for the offense. Must have been hard to watch with all the BB, errors. So far it has been quantity over quality with the starting pitchers. Not a good playoff formula. Grienke goes this am against Boston at Fenway. Should be a good one. giants go with Cueto today, so they should win. A must for us. I’m starting to like run scoring more since the pitching has been so screwed up. It would be nice if we had both; some 8-0’s would be welcome. Go Trumbo and O’s.

    1. So, evidently the Dodgers should have signed him, but when the medicalk staff raise flags what do you do:

      1. Sign a deal like Maeda did; or
      2. Just ignore it like Ned did with Jason Schmidt.

      Hindsight is 20/20

      Also, Rumor has it that LaRussa, Stewart and De Jon Watson are going to be out of works for the D-Bags after the season.

  10. Badger
    Comeback we are missing all of your witty words.

    Don’t let anyone stop you from posting here.

    Because I know you enjoy the talk amongst all of us.

  11. From the box score, it looks like Puig made 2 outs at the plate yesterday. I see a CS Home and a PO from LF. At least the hamstring is ok. From Mattingly’s comments last year to the demotion this year, we have to wonder about those hamstrings. I think there is some malingering going on, which, for these guys, is pretty easy to spot. We talk about his bonehead plays and his inability to learn, but malingering might be the biggest reason for his downfall–so far.

    1. Bobbie 17
      I think Puig might have done that, right when he thought he was being traded, but I am going to give him the benefit of doubt on that.

  12. For the record, I do not think FAZ is perfect and I don’t worship them.

    They may have made a blunder or 5 with the Cubans – I can’t say yet, but they sure dumped Olivera with a quickness and when they figured out he was a lemon, they made lemonade. We have something to show for that.

    Latos and Johnson were horrid, but anything more was not in accordance with THE PLAN. I hate the deals now, but get the rationale.

    On the Dodgers getting A’s players – that frequently happens with new GM’s because they have a degree of comfort with those players. They know them. They know their makeup and they may have a good relationship with the front office. Ned got Jason Schmidt, who was a bust. If GM’s or Team Presidents leave their organizations on good terms, they often have dealings with those teams. I see nothing unusual about that.

    But MJ, you said: “There were other pitchers out there, that didn’t have the injury history that MCCarthy and Anderson had.

    They were not top tier pitchers, but either is McCarthy, or Anderson.”

    WHO! I’m interested to know. BTW, last year, Brett Anderson had the 50th best ERA of all starters in baseball… and they signed him to be the #5.

    1. Anderson was 10-9 last season. You might say he was our #3. But, here is a pitcher who has a career losing record. Does this inspire confidence?

      Hopefully, we will not see McCarthy back this year. Why bother with a pitcher like this? There are better possibilities on the club, now! I would love to see this team clear up the muddle of who is on the rotation. Weeds are for plucking. Can we get the pitching grounds crew in here, please?

    2. And Mark I never said you worship the front ofice, but you talk abou the front office more often, then anything else.

      Maybe you don’t realize that.

      And I have given you credit, for saying that the front office, has made some mistakes.

      And by doing that Mark, that gives you more credibility.

      I just don’t back filling a starting pitching rotation, with pitchers, with
      long injury histories.

      Pitchers as it is, have more injuries, then most position players, so why sign pitchers, that have been on the DL more, then innings they have pitched.

      That can break the back of a starting pitching rotation, and the bullpen too.

      But like you Mark, I thought the team would be better this year.

      Just the addition of Cory, had to make the Dodger offense better.

      And I thought Roberts would be a much better manager, then Mattingly was for the Dodgers.

      And the way that Roberts and his staff, have learned to use the right pitchers in the pen, for the right moments in the game.

      Has shown great growth though out the season, and has improved with every series the Dodgers have played.

      And just the way Roberts manages every player, and the team, is a marked difference from Mattingly.

      Roberts is much better people person, and that is a good trait, to be a manager of any kind, especially if your dealing with a lot of different people.

  13. Well hopefully Brett Anderson is fully healthy today, because coming into the year, I did expect him to have a better year than last, after having finally pitched a good, full season!

    If he can give us 6-7 today, that’s a great start. And taking this series would be great, regardless what sf does.

  14. Next years’ rotation will have a different look.

    1. I Ryu finished? I have no clue.
    2. Kershaw will likely be back strong even if he has off-season surgery.
    3. McCarthy will be in the mix.
    4. Maeda will be back.
    5. Kazmir will likely be back but if he finishes strong, he could opt out.
    6. Urias will be the #5 next year.
    7. De Leon will be in the rotation
    8. Oaks, Stripling, De Jong, Stewart and Wood are in the running
    9. Norris and Hill won’t be back.
    10. I would not rule out Anderson – let’s see what he does today.
    11. Walker Buehler – he could be in NEXT year!

    That’s a lot of arms and there are a lot more….

    I think Calhoun, Garlick, Verdugo, Rios and Bellinger could use another year, but one or two may make it next year.

    Then, there is Toles, Johnson, Barnes and others. Why is Toles not playing much at AAA? There is some backstory here.

    The Dodgers need one more SuperStar player to go with Seager and I believe they have the pieces to package players to get one.

    1. Mark
      How often does a player get sent back to AAA, after they have hit at the big league level, like Toles did, when he was up with the big team?

  15. I wish I could get an honest answer on Edwin Rios’ defense at 3b. I’m pretty sure he’s no Nolan Arrenado, but is he passable? Or is he Pedro Guerrero? It’d be amazing if he could stick at 3b, but from what I’ve read or heard so far (which isn’t much), he’s not that great at 3b.

    Sooooo, that means he’s basically a 1b, with an incredible bat, but probably a decent glove. After having guys like Loney and Agone the last few years at 1b, I would hate to lose that kind of gold glove defense at 1b. Bellinger seems to be a gold glove at 1b, but Rios may not be. However, Rios seems to have an impact bat, maybe even better than Bellinger! Of course, like the majority of our very top hitting prospects, he’s also left handed.

    If we add Rios, Calhoun, and Bellinger to our infield with the Franchise, that’s 4 left handed hitters. Combine that with Joc, and then someone like Verdugo who’s also leftie! We need the right handed bats to step up; guys like Garlic or Mieses or Scuvazzo.

    Be interesting to see how much trade bait we’ll have next year. Do we dare ship a lot of it down the freeway for Mike Trout????

    1. Here’s an honest answer:

      Rios will not play 3B in the majors. No way.

      Rios could be a below average 1B defensively.

      I think his only place is LF if he can just catch stuff. He has a good arm.

    2. I read he’s recovered from a shoulder injury, which could explain some of his problems at third. I’m pretty sure they’ll give him a chance to improve, like Calhoun and Johnson.

      1. Everything I read says he has a slow first step and the common word used is “lumbering.” Maybe ballet would help…

        I’m serious.

  16. I don’t remember the exact quote by Karros, but he said that with desire and hard work defensive skills can be significantly improved. By my own observation, it takes a few years for improvement to be recognized by the press. Maybe Rios just needs some time. If that doesn’t work, maybe he will be good enough to trade for a two-month rental.

  17. Zack Greinke has given up at least 10 hits and 9 runs in 2 innings today!

    Current ERA – 4.31!

    How do you like him now?

    Kazmir is better!

  18. Did any of you “grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” people notice? Greinke, 1.2 IP, 10 hits, 9 earned runs, season 4.31 ERA. Just another day at the office. Oh well, Dbags got another 5 years, or is it six, at $30M per to look forward to. Thank you FAZ for passing on Greinke.

    1. 5 years at $34 mil per!


      That’s part of the reason LaRussa, Stewart and Watson are headed to the gallows!

      I tried to tell ’em!

  19. The Dodgers have made a handful of roster moves, according to Doug Padilla of ESPN. Los Angeles has activated left-hander Brett Anderson from the 60-day disabled list and placed right-handers Brandon McCarthy (hip) and Josh Ravin (triceps tightness) on the 15-day DL. The club has also recalled righty Brock Stewart from Triple-A Oklahoma City.

  20. 2018

    1B Bellinger
    2B Calhoun
    SS Seager
    3B Turner
    LF Rios
    CF Pederson
    RF Verdugo
    C Grandal

    Subs: Toles, Barnes, Hernandez, Thompson

    … but there could be a blockbuster trade for a star.

  21. What was the best free agent pitcher signing over last winter?

    Hint: He signed a 3 year/$36 million deal early in Free Agency. It’s not Cueto or Price or Greinke who all signed STUPID deals!

    He’s 16-3 with a 2.96 ERA.

    This just proves that YOU NEVER KNOW!

  22. So Ravin going to the DL now sets the all time record for dudes going on the DL by 1 team in the same season ?

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