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The 800 Pound Gorilla!

I recently got rid of most of my autographed baseball collection, but I kept three:

  • Steve Garvey – Because my son got it for me thinking I would like it;
  • Vin Scully – For obvious reasons, like the greatest announcer of all time; and
  • Clayton Kershaw – Nobody likes him more than me. I have argued for a long-time that he will go down in history as the greatest Dodgers pitcher of all time (something for which I have been repeatedly belittled).  The kid in the picture with Clayton is my son, who was 8 at the time (at Wrigley Field).  He’s now 17.  The ball is really his.

The point is: I love Clayton Kershaw and while I agree that any player is expendable, I would suggest that FAZ is talking to Kershaw about staying a Dodger for life as we speak.  In case, you don’t know, I have the highest regard for Clayton Kershaw, which makes what I am about to say so painful:  If not for Clayton Kerhsaw, the Dodgers might have won the pennant.  Of course, without him, they would have never gotten to that point!

Now, mind you, I am not saying it’s all his fault, but here it was:  The Great Clayton Kershaw against The Very Good Jon Lester and yet Clayton was cuffed around pretty good.  It could be argued that his last game of the season was his worst game of the season.  Now, if he was injured, I apologize to you Clayton, but if not, this was a shutout waiting to happen.  Then the Dodgers had Rich Hill who also looked unhittable in his last outing and lo’ and behold, that’s the pennant.  Only problem was – it didn’t happen.

Clayton Kershaw is the 800-pound gorilla in the room.  There is every expectation that he would have pitched a shutout… maybe a perfect game – he’s that good.  But, when I saw him throwing 95, 96 and 97 MPH, I felt he was doomed. Clayton pitches best at 92-94 – his pitches have more movement at that speed, it seems to me.

His slider and curve weren’t working.  In my mind, I think it was because he was amped up, psyched up and overthrowing.  Clayton is highly competitive, highly emotional and highly energetic.  He’s one of the hardest workers in baseball… maybe any sport, but in a clutch highly charged situation, sometimes you have to “dial it down.” But, is that something he can do?

Over his 9 years in the major leagues, Clayton is 126-60 with a career 2.37 ERA.  Some pitchers get close to a 2.37 ERA in a career year, but with Clayton, that’s just his average.  His strikeout to walk ratio is insane.  He’s so good during the regular season that you are surprised when he gives up 3 runs! But in the playoffs, he is 4-7 with a 4.55 ERA.  That’s almost twice what he does in the regular season!

Now, I will give you that while his regular season WHIP is 1.007, his playoff WHIP is only a little higher at 1.157, which suggests that he has been unlucky to some degree.  Yes, that is some of it, but Clayton has not been the same pitcher in the playoffs as he has been in the regular season.

“Trade the Bum!”  That’s not even an option insofar as I am concerned.  I say “Fix him” and I also think it’s easier than we might think.  I want Clayton on my team, but I want him to achieve what he is capable of achieving.  I don’t think he a choke artist – I just think he gets amped up too much.

How to fix it?  There are probably a myriad of ways: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Visualization, Zen and on and on. I can’t fix it.  You can’t fix it.  Only Clayton can fix it if he wants to.

The Dodgers really didn’t lose because of Clayton Kershaw, but they very might have won if he had been the Clayton we see during the season.  Here’s the million dollar question:  Is he open to change?

He has to change something. He’s still my guy!

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  1. I do agree that he gets too amped up and really that was the only argument for going on short rest. The two games he started on full rest he was overthrowing. His in ability to throw Uncle Charlie with any consistency tells me his back was not right. He really couldn’t get it over in Game 2 either. The Cubs figured it out, disregarded it, and in Game 6 he didn’t have a slider either.

  2. Agree Mark. But in some of those ball games where a great pitcher gives up a bunch of hits and runs — usually the OTHER pitcher does the same. Sometimes it is in the air, in the night, etc. and baseballs just seem to find their way to safety.

    In the future, Clayton needs his games and his rest. He needs to pace himself. There are many body parts that need to re-group. The concern is — that is not his style. He is a workaholic.

  3. I tried to make it through the other thread, but it was too much for me.

    I definitely think Hill’s back. I think DeLeon gets dealt.

    The top four of the rotation will be Kershaw, Hill, Urias and Maeda. That’s really quite good.

    Can Arenado be fleeced from Colorado? He’s really the perfect piece. RH, 3B, young.

    Ethier can’t be traded, and won’t be.

    The bullpen is obviously the tricky situation. I think Jansen’s gone. I wouldn’t be surprised with Melancon and one other closer and see the Dodgers emulate the Andrew Miller plan.

    1. Bluto,

      I would love to have the Nolan Arenado who plays in Colorado:

      .308 BA/ .355 OB%/ .937 OPS

      But on the road, he’s not even close to Justin Turner:

      .261 BA/..305 OB%/.762 OPS

      Rule #7: Never trade for a hitter from Colorado! You get ripped off!

    2. I can see the Dodgers having a second closer as an 8th inning guy or a guy who comes in when it’s a high leverage situation but what the Indians are doing with Miller can’t be emulated all season long.

      Colorado won’t trade Arrenado. I actually expect them to be pretty competitive next year. Turner will be back in my opinion. I believe Arrenado is theirs until 2019 and cheap.

      1. Yes on all counts when it comes to Arenado (one ar, I believe.)

        Not sure why the type of usage Miller is performing can’t be emulated. Let me rephrase that, I believe it would be one inning usage with the frequency like a closer, just in non-closer, high-leverage situations.

        1. Bluto

          I think having starting pitchers, that don’t go much beyond five innings, was not a success, and that was proven in this last series, when the bullpen guys collasped.

          A team can’t over use a bullpen like that, and expect them to pitch that well, after pitching way to many innings.

          And really they pay starters much more, so starters should pitch at least through the sixth and seventh inning, most of the time.

          Blanton’s two hangers, lost us two games!

          1. We hot blowed out in the last 3 games by a superior club. It wasn’t Blanton, though he surely didn’t help. It was the glaring fact the Cubs are better than the Dodgers that ended our season with a loss – 3 in a row actually.

            I was just reminded of something someone said back in June…… I believe it went something like this:

            “When the plan all works out in October, I’m going to rub it in everyone’s face and enjoy it”.

        2. Bluto

          Also in the post season, they have better scheduled days off, to be able to use Miller in that way, unlike during the regular season.

          1. Badger

            If your talking to me, I don’t think Blanton was the only reason we lost.

            But if we had the Cubs starting pitching, we wouldn’t have had to depend on Blanton all year, and the bullpen.

            I think what makes the Cubs so good, is mostly there starting pitching.

            The Giants probably would have won that series, if they had a decent closer.

            The Cubs didn’t really hit Bumgarner, Cueto and Moore.

            And the Cubs didn’t hit Kershaw when he was on, and didn’t have his curve and slider, working all the time.

            And they didn’t hit Hill.

            And they have been shut out three times in the post season.

          2. MJ, the Cubs have indeed been shut out a few times. But they woke up and smoked us and it’s my feeling they will do it again in the current series. It appears to me you may not realize how good this team is. After losing Game 1 to Cleveland, in a shutout, they are still favored to win the championship.

            It’s my opinion the Dodgers could play them again, and again after that, and the result would be the same. The Cubs are better than the Dodgers.

        3. I see. In the playoffs he’s been doing a lot of multiple innings stints. So, I believe we meant the same thing then and from all accounts that’s what they had in mind for Chapman.

          1. Hawk

            I think this the Indians will hit Chapman better then most think.

            It seems like American League hitters, don’t have much problems, with velocity to much, and look at what our team did.

  4. Surely well thought out and surely he’s his own enemy. But maybe he’s also the kind that NEEDS the old 4 man rotation with 3 days rest to max his potential. I haven’t thought this through and I won’t own this to be what I think to be, but it has entered my head. I mean the military elite train quite differently than grunts. Maybe Koufax would of been less affective in a 5 man rotation. Lets ask Sandy.

  5. Good article. I argued the same thing in one of those threads the other day. It’s not really an indictment of Kershaw. He’s not a selfish player. He’s not a knucklehead. I think in that game he just tried to put all the weight of his team and all those expectations on his shoulders and tried to will it too much. In that sense, he has a bit of a Kobe Complex. My irritation with him is that, because he’s wound so tight, so high strung, so intense and so hypercompetitive with this go-it-alone mentality, it makes him uncoachable when he really needs to listen to Honeycutt or Grandal tell him he’s overthrowing and to settle down. Had either tried he would have just growled at them. He’s Clayton Friggin Kershaw, The Chise, The Guy. You don’t even talk to him on game day. I think Mark Walter actually tried one time according the the Molly Knight book, and Kershaw growled at the partner in the Guggenheim Group. NO ONE talks to Kershaw when he’s pitching.

    1. Dodger Patch

      I think Mark is right, it has to be something mental.

      We don’t see many pitchers that are as good as Kershaw, have these problems, in the post season.

      The only pitcher I know that has these post season problems, is David Price, but he isn’t as good as Kershaw, in the regular season.

      And I think your right about Kershaw wanting, and giving Kershaw to much control.

      Obviously it isn’t working for Kershaw in the post season, so he needs to be open to advise, and change his approach.

      And if I was the manager, in the post season, if Kerhsaw is still in the game, in the seventh inning, and if someone gets on base, I pull Kershaw right there, no matter what Kershaw says.

  6. Dodgers Digest talks about arbitration eligible Dodgers and says YES to Yasmani Grandal with this statement:

    Grandal is obvious (despite people who think otherwise for comical reasons).”

    Yasmani Grandal (4.115) – $5.3 Million
    Alex Wood (3.123) – $2.0 Million
    Luis Avilan (3.166) – $1.5 Million
    Josh Fields (3.092) – $1.2 Million

    Louis Coleman (4.018) – $1.5 Million
    Chris Hatcher (3.146) – $1.4 Million
    Scott Van Slyke (3.151) – $1.3 Million

    Chin-Hui Tsao (4.075) – $800,000

    Yasiel Puig (3.070) – TBD

    This is all dependent on Puig opting into arbitration. He’s signed for $6.5 million in 2017 and he’d probably make more through the process, but he’d also be risking the $7.5 million he’s signed in 2018. Considering how he performed most of the 2016 season, he might want to take the sure $14 million. Regardless of what he does, I think he plays for another team in 2017.

    1. “Grandal is obvious (despite people who think otherwise for comical reasons).”

      LOL…..Dustin Nosler had to have been reading the comments in this blog.

  7. 2016 suggested that the Dodgers can win the Western Division without Kershaw and if that is true and Kershaw won’t get the Dodgers through the playoffs, how valuable is Kershaw to the success of the Dodgers?

    Harsh? Yes. Too harsh? Yes. A bit of truth? Yes.

    Because of Kershaw’s back I don’t think he will opt out of his contract but might agree to upgrade his existing contract this off-season. Hopefully that would not include a no-trade clause.

    The Angels finished 2016 with a 74 – 88 record and were 21 games out of first place. Keith Law ranks Angels’ farm system dead last, says it’s ‘worst I’ve ever seen’. Hamilton’s and Pujol’s contract minimize their free agent acquisitions. They need to trade Trout.

    Kershaw for Trout won’t help them although it would give Angel fans a replacement hero. The Angels need multiple players. So, how about Urias, De Leon, Puig, Toles. That relieves the Angels of Trout’s cost which would help them add a free agent and as such should be considered a part of the trade.

    I would like to get Trea Turner from WA as well. Verdugo, Diaz, Calhoun maybe?

    2B Trea Turner
    SS Seager
    RF Trout
    3B Turner
    CF Pederson
    C Lucroy (for Grandal and Gonzales)
    1B Bellinger
    LF Thompson

    1. Bum

      I think you make a very good point about Kershaw!

      The fact that team played harder, and out hit teams once Kershaw went out, is why I wasn’t upset with our players, not hitting in that last game.

      I think they probably felt kind of defeated, once they saw how Kershaw was pitching.

      And Kershaw didn’t have a shut down innning, I believe.

      If Kershaw is healthy there, he wasn’t pitching much in the last two months of the season, but the players, were playing hard during that time.

      That is why I expected more out of Kershaw!

      I wonder if Kershaw knew before that game started, that he had non of his pitches.

      Because I sensed that the game was getting to Kershaw, even after that first hit he gave up.

      It felt like the inedible was going to happen, because Kershaw looked stressed in the first inning, even before Toles dropped that ball.

      But I can’t see trading Kershaw with the way the rotation looks now.

      We need a number two pitcher as it is, we can’t get rid of Kershaw, until we know we have a more secure and better pitchers, in the one and two slot.

      And we don’t need Trea Turner, so why even think about him.

      He still hasn’t been at the major league level long enough, to know what he really is, and he is a shortstop, and the Nats won’t trade him.

      And I am not trading Toles, because he does know how to hit, and he has hit better, then any of these outfielders have in the last two years.

    2. Considering how much we would be given up that lineup is not as strong as it should be and what would the pitching rotation look like?

      But the thinking out of the Box is good.

      My quick take is that Trea Turner hasn’t proven quite yet that he can hit. He has shown potential though. I do like him. After Trout, everyone else in the order has question marks. JT had his best year this past year but he was playing for his next big contract and he is on the wrong side of 30. Pederson is still a .220ish hitter. Lucroy is solid but not going to put up huge offensive numbers, well he has yet to do so anyway. Bellinger and Thompson, the jury is still out.

      But you are right that you have to give up something to get something. Many folks here have all of the prospects labeled as the next Kershaw, Grienke, Harper, Trout…..etc. And of course they will conveniently forget those thoughts in the next couple of years and I guess then will be saying that about the next wave of prospects and on it goes.

    3. It would be amazing if the Angels needed to trade Trout because the contracts of Hamilton and Pujols prevented them from resigning him. If that was the case. Wow!
      But playing him in RF????

  8. I think the 800 pound gorilla lives in Chicago and bats in the middle of the Cubs lineup. We will be slugging it out with those guys for years to come.

    These Cubs could win 100 every year for the next 5 years. Will we win the West every year? Yeah, sure. Nobody but the midgets to beat, right? They’re no good.

    It’s not going to happen by wishing we had the young stars from other teams here. Arenado, Trea Turner, Manny Machado, Mike Trout are not coming to play for the Dodgers. We will have to do it on our own and I think it’s going to be done in ’17 the same way it was done the last 2 years.

    First things first – Turner and Jansen. Guys like Grandal are obvious and easy. As are Hill and Reddick. (bye bye) Guys like Turner and Jansen may not be so easy.

    1. Badger, if you are going to be practical you are not going to have any fun. Join me with the Gonzales trade to get MJ’s dander up. Gotta talk Kershaw and Trout trades to send everybody to their keyboards to say how crazy that is don’t we?

        1. Badger

          I could say trade Joc to anywhere, even if we got more then Joc is worth, Bum wouldn’t want that trade.

          but I am not like that!

      1. Bum

        The problem is that Badger doesn’t think Agone is the problem that you think he is.

        Badger knows he regressed this year, but he isn’t the biggest problem on this team.

        1. MJ, Gonzales has been a tremendous asset to the Dodgers on the field, in the clubhouse, and in the community. He has been a top 10 clutch RBI hitter for the last 10 years. I like him. He is my wife’s favorite player.

          I am just ready to watch the team that will be playing for the next 10 years and say good bye to those whose best days are gone. If it were only about winning I would want George Allen to replace Freidman and load up the team with veterans like Gonzales. But I am not all about winning.

          Bellinger will not be the player he will be in 2017 and Gonzales will not be the player he was in 2016. They are both a year away from being a real strength. I would rather watch a player evolve than watch a player decline.

          1. I think Bellinger steps in after the ’17 season. The ’18 season seems logical for Bellinger, but AGon is still paid $22mm that year. Might be an awkward transition.

        2. Adrian played 156 games and hit .285 with 90 ribbies. 2.1 WAR. Off year for him. I believe he could do that again next year. I don’t think there is anyone else in our organization ready to do that at first base.

      2. Bum

        How many runs did Joc hit in, in this last series?

        I just want Joc to get better, I don’t dislike him.

        You should want that too!

        Joc can hit better, if he wants to.

        He just doesn’t totally believe that if he changes his approach, he will still hit enough HRs.

        Corey doesn’t swing from his heels, on every pitch, but he still hit as many HRs, as Joc.

          1. Bum

            I have never said once, to trade Joc, and that isn’t what I want.

            I think your thinking I think like you.

            I guess that is why you are so game to trade Toles now.

            I just don’t think Joc is one of the best hitters on this team, like you think.

            But I think Joc could do much better.

            I know the saber numbers, that rate Grandal and Joc high, but I don’t think, ops is really a great evaluation of what some players, contribute offensively to a team.

            A couple of people here, said something about Joc not going back on balls good defensively, and I didn’t say a thing, because I don’t think that is true.

            I just don’t like when Joc doesn’t adjust and do something different, when he has two strikes, especially with runners are in scoring position.

            It seems like at times he tries to adjust, but he doesn’t do it consistently.

            And I think Joc is still learning to hit.

  9. The Dodgers exceeded my expectations this year and I expect them to be hard pressed to repeat in 2017… Don’t get me wrong, just the realist in me… But…
    AGone stays becuz Bellinger has much to prove… Kershaw goes??? ludicrous… Andrew Toles, yep got my juices flowing, the sample size, lets wait and see… I got excited with the the likes of Sellers and Joey ‘Baseball’ Thurston based on hot ST stats…
    Braun, Cespedes, etc. in the middle of our order… Sweet!!
    ST will again shape the 2017 Dodgers… Buehler could be the biggest news out of spring, holding down a spot in the pen and SP in 2018… Just too nasty of stuff to ignore…
    P.S. Just make Puig go away… If you go to ST as I do every year, there is always someone talking to or mentoring Puig…

  10. I would love to have Trout and Trea Turner, but that’s not going to happen.

    Arenado hits this at home: .308 BA/ .355 OB%/ .937 OPS

    But on the road, he’s got a .261 BA/..305 OB%/.762 OPS

    Brian Dozier has also been mentioned, but all of those players will take a huge bounty. What you need to do is figure out the guys who might be ready and are blocked, like the D-Bags did with Jean Segura.

    Segura is 26 and before the 2016 season, Arizona traded for him. He was coming off a year in which he hit .257. He hit .319 in 2016 with 20 HR, 33 SB and 41 doubles. That’s what you have to do – get a guy before he’s that guy. Players under team control or players with great contracts cost too much.

    Most likely, you will see FAZ trade for someone who is about to be Trea Turner or Dozier or Segura. Every fan looks at the TOP players and says “I want them.” Most of those deals never come to pass. Trout would be nice, but at what cost and would Moreno deal with the Dodgers? He would lose a boatload of fans to them if he traded Trout. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but here’s what that might look like:

    Angels trade Pujols, Trout, Simmons and Street to the Dodgers.

    Dodgers trade A-Gon, De Leon, Puig, Pederson, Lux and Stewart to the Angels.

    Trouts contract is only 4 more years – the last three are $34 million a year. Pujols contract is the moronic one. It is for 5 more years at around $140 million. Can Pujols play 1B a few more years? He’s 36 now. A-Gon would come off their books in 2 years, which saves them about $100 million. It would also mean that we extend the QO to Turner and Jansen, but not sign them. Maybe Melancen.

    What do you think:

    1. Toles LF (L)
    2. Simmons SS (R)
    3. Trout CF (R)
    4. Seager 3B (L)
    5. Pujols/Bellinger 1B (R/L)
    6. Grandal C (R/L)
    7. Thompson RF (R)
    8. Kendrick, Hernandez, Calhoun 2B (R/R/L)

    It’s a really big risk and I really don’t want to move Seager to 3B, but Turner would have to be sacrificed, unless by some miracle he takes the QO. Lefties would no longer kill us!

    1. You left off Seager and Urias.

      FAZ will not allow Pujols in the door. If the Angels want to move him, big if really, 31 home runs 119 RBIs, an AL team is the only answer to that ridonkulous contract and even that will cost the Angels. How come we see no tasteless sophomoric “Lucille and The Drunk” posts about Arte and Carpino here? Is it because 31 home runs and 119 runs batted in just might be worth buying a ticket? The Angels, as bad as they were, averaged over 37,000, good for 7th in total attendance. They have new tv deal ready and are talking a new stadium. The Angels will be just fine.

        1. Awwww shucks……that’s ok for a moron like me, but the great Mark man misspelling a word, let alone a players name….embarrassing….by the way, I blame that one on spell check!!!

    2. Mark

      Good point, and Kershaw isn’t an everyday player like Trout.

      So Kershaw would only draw the fan base, every fifth day!

    3. Trout alone would put the Dodgers in the poor house. JMO though. Lets just fix the pitching and defense. Also JMO.

  11. The THC level has hit an all time high…
    This could be an interesting off season…
    Anybody thought of Javier Baez for Chooch and Toles maybe throw in Sierra???
    Don’t you all know that nothing major will happen during Hot Stove Mania???

  12. I spent last off-season pushing for them to sign Ian Desmond, but they went with Kendrick, and look how that turned out. I’ll try it again. Desmond can play anywhere on infield (including shortstop if you want to move Seager to third) or outfield and hit with power. And he’s a right handed batter.

    1. There was a story yesterday in Dodger Blue. The FO has no intention of moving Seager from SS. At least they said in the near future………

        1. MJ, the only guy I want in CF is Joc Pederson, and I say let him play every day, do not platoon the guy, and let him hit against all comers. Anybody BUT Joc out there weakens the defense. Kike, and Thompson proved that. Toles could probably play CF, but his arm translates to a corner OF spot. Putting a transformed inf out there is asking for trouble.

          1. Michael

            I was thinking only about rightfield, but I think we need a better hitter, then Desmond.

            I think Joc should play center, and play it everyday, until it is proven he can’t hit lefties.

            But I actually think Toles has a better arm then Joc.

            But I would keep Toles, in left or right, for now.

          2. If they trade Puig, they are making a HUGE blunder. That is my opinion only. Why give up on a guy with that much talent who is that young. I do not want Desmond or any other retread inf in my outfield. He is good as a infielder, but I doubt he has a RF arm.

        1. Michael

          I said if they trade Puig.

          I would have to know what we got back, to say if I want Puig traded or not.

          But actually Desmond, was making a lot of errors, the last time he played shortstop at the beginng of the year.

    2. Wondering

      That was one of the best signings, and best deals of this last year.

      And Desmond is a guy that I think our front office might look at, but his value is probably going to go up, so you know our front office only wants good bargains, so who knows!

      It seems like we only have a couple of positions, that are open, too bring a good rightie hitter, with power, to this team.

      It looks like second base and right field are these positions, if this front office trades Puig.

      And I know we still have Howie, but who knows what offensive production we will get from him.

      And I don’t know if Kike, is even in the picture, after this year.

      He hit well the year before, but that got him nothing.

      The front office signing of Howie, shows what the front office, thinks about Kike.

        1. Quas

          I know it sounds funny to knock good bargains, because everyone should love a good bargain.

          But I didn’t think McCarthy, Anderson, and now Kazmir, are good bargains either.

          But some here, still think these pitchers, are good bargains.

          I guess I should say, the front office doesn’t believe in the phrase that you pay for what you get, most of the time.

      1. Desmond will not be considered unless he is found to require surgery and forced to sit out some time, thereby causing a reduction in cost.

  13. Get Kersh a sports shrink. Get the young arms up to speed ASAP. Practice defense more and more and more yet. Now go out and get us fans a pennant next season. Go Dodgers.

  14. You hit it on the head. Someone needs to work with Kershaw. He needs to mellow out before a playoff start. He gets too amped up, and the edge comes off his stuff.

  15. Unless Turner gives a huge home town discount in terms of cost and years, he is gone. Same goes for Jansen.

    I see Puig being dealt somewhere also.

    Lots of changes coming, we will see if any of them are good.

    1. That’s how I see it too Howard.

      How do they pull off the “compete now” illusion again while targeting luxury tax levels and paying Kershaw, AGon, Crawford, Ethier, Kazmir, McCarthy, Kendrick, Guerrero and Arruebarrena …. heck they still owe on Kemp.

      ’17. Third verse of the FAZonian Low-Tariff Rhapsody.

      1. Here is my next thought on changes….I see Kershaw elsewhere as well, maybe not this year, but soon.
        I think the front office sees us as talented enough to get to the post season even with the coming personnel changes. I think they saw how the team competed and won the west without Kershaw. I think they saw that he has a mental block in the playoffs. Ergo, we can win the west without him, we don’t win in the playoffs with him, so???

  16. Puig, Pederson, Calhoun, Lux, DeJong and Rhame for Arrenado and Gerardo Parra.

    Gonzo and 20 Million to Seattle for Zack Littell and Tyler Smith

    A bit much yes, but I still take Arrenado and his stats over what we have. I sign Turner to 3 yrs 70 and move him to 1st. Only defensive liability would be 2B.

        1. Not even a full year at AAA. He is the Joc Pederson of his era…..Gonzo will be at 1st, unless they can find a taker, which is doubtful.

    1. What happened to that kid we got we got last off season. I think his name was Johnson. Guess he didn’t pan out at 2B.

        1. No, he was talking about the one we got in return. Micah Johnson… Peraza went to the Reds….and he was slotted there as a SS, but ended up doing a little of both

        2. Micah Johnson? He’s currently like 21 on our Top Prospects list and at age 25 I doubt he is in the plan. It would be great if he could hit, and play defense. Apparently he does neither well enough to be of any value.

          1. He is not a bad hitter. Not as good as Peraza, and definitely not as good as Calhoun. And 25 is not all that old for a guy to make the majors the first time. He did not really get a long look in spring. He hit .263 with 26 bags, not too bad….by the way, he is rated higher than Toles….

      1. Did not get a real shot. His glove is supposed to be below average, sounds a lot like Calhoun, but he can hit and has speed. They had signed both Kendrick and Utley, so it was pretty well written in stone he was going to AAA.

    2. You would weaken the CF defense on this team. Parra is a nice but not that great player. Arrenado as pointed out by many has average numbers away from Coors. You are trading way too much. Besides, the Rocks would not trade him in division. He is their Seager…..

        1. He was in 36 Games and had 100 at bats. He hit .230. You cannot draw much from that few games. In his minor league career, over 2000 at bats, he is a .292 hitter and I think that is more of an indicator of his skills. His glove has always been the bigger question.

        1. 1960’s version of the Pirates would beg to differ…..Dr Strangeglove, Dick Stuart butchered that job for years, and you obviously never saw Marvelous Marv over there……Grandal has a lead glove at that position too……..Gold glovers over there are a prized commodity, and Dodger tradition dictates a decent fielder at that spot…..Camilli, Hodges, Parker, Garvey, Karros, and Gonzo.

          1. Doug Camilli was a catcher Easy.

            I saw him hit a line drive into that screen at the Coliseum that would have been out of any stadium in the league. It was a rocket, and it was a single. I’ll never forget it. I was 12.

          2. Wrong Camilli…….I was referring to his dad Dolph. Played in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Doug was a catcher….

    1. I believe he falls under the rules of any other signing free-agent and can’t be traded until something like June or July 1st. I remember that being the case with Sad Sack Anderson last year.

  17. CK looks pretty good for a gorilla. I doubt he goes anywhere this year. Or next for that matter. And wasn’t Mark the one who eschewed trading one teams bad contract for another? Trade all those guys and basically all you are getting that is worth a damn is Trout. And you are stuck with Albert, who should do nothing more than DH the rest of his life. And I am pretty sure that deal would defy the modus operandi of the FAZMASTER. Talk to me in mid December after the meetings are over, and we will see what reality the FO has in store for us in 2017……

    1. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. FAZ always surprises me, I might even like what he comes up with. I’m certainly not condemning any trades he might make before he even makes them…

    2. I agree we won’t know much until after the World Series – and beyond. Moves are made by these guys every few days, but not yet.

      Others have mentioned this, the most recent for me was with a former blogger friend of mine Venice Glen when he was in Sedona recently. He said “it would be a shame if the Dodgers wasted Kershaw’s best years”. He could say that being a giants fan with 3 titles, but I knew exactly what he meant. Kershaw is 29 next year, still a prime year but after going through what he has in LA, and now with a back issue, it’s quite possible we’ve seen the best we are going to see out of him. He can opt out after ’18, but with $70 million left on his contract – would he?

      1. I don’t really see it as the Dodgers wasting Kershaw’s best years. They have put themselves in position by making the playoffs 4 straight years. As great as he is, if he had a little “Baumgartner” in him, we would have a couple rings.
        As far as opting out, one never knows what the future holds.

        1. That would be interesting….who the hell is Baumgartner? Bumgarner is a Giants pitcher, never heard of this other guy..

        2. Howard says:
          October 26, 2016 at 12:01 pm
          my bad

          In more ways than one.
          Kershaw and every other MLB player gives 100%, they have no regrets in that area. I guess you don’t understand baseball is a team sport and it takes more than one player to win. Both teams give their all, one team wins, one team loses, neither has anything to be ashamed of. “Fans” who have the attitude that “their team” choked or gave up just because they were beaten are the poorest example of fans possible.

          1. Badger

            Kershaw had two three decent teams, especially in 2013, and 2014.

            The Giants had no pitching rotation really in 2014, and Bumgarner pitched most of those innings, in that post season.

  18. Some of these trades scenarios are hilarious. There is no regard to why the other team would want to do that. Teams aren’t going to just make the Dodgers a lineup off All-Stars because we want them to do so. Colorado isn’t trading Arenado nor is Washington in any hurry to trade Turner.

    JT will be a Dodger next year. Bank it. Ian Desmond would be an interesting sign if he wants to play 2B. Stop with the Seager to 3rd stuff. Doc and Friedman said they haven’t even given it a second of thought. It may happen in the future but not anytime soon.

    The Trout scenario at least had some real thought and facts behind why the Angels might do it. Doubt they trade with the Dodgers but there is some logic behind trading him. Hell, the Pirates may trade McCutcheon. He’s only got 1 yr left on his contract and had a bad year. There needs to be reasons why the other team would deal someone. Arenado is the face of the organization and an organization that is getting closer not rebuilding.

    If the Dodgers want someone to do what Kike and SVS were supposed to do this year think Pierce from Baltimore. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he’s a free-agent. I think he’s coming off an injury though.

        1. Pierce from Baltimore is a Raven. He could probably crush it in slow pitch, but I doubt he could turn around a 96 mph heater. He weighs 340.

          1. You?? An irritant??? surely you jest! I am the irritant, seems I get under a few skins here and there…….I know it is because I can’t possibly know anything about baseball because I played the game and have followed the Dodgers all my life……dumb me…….and my other fault is that I do not think Friedman is the genius everyone else considers him to be…….

    1. Hawkeye said: Ian Desmond would be an interesting sign if he wants to play 2B. Stop with the Seager to 3rd stuff. Doc and Friedman said they haven’t even given it a second of thought. It may happen in the future but not anytime soon.

      AND THEY NEVER LIE!!!!!!

      1. If you watch the press conference you can tell they aren’t even thinking about it yet. The Dodgers would have to acquire a great SS to even think about it. After watching Rollins and Hanley out there they’re content for now.

        1. I don’t get it. I watched all year, nearly every game, and I don’t see him as a SS. I don’t understand defensive metrics as he ended up with a 0.7 dWAR but had 18 errors and below league averages in range and fldg %. I would think the pitching staff would want a high speed vacuum out there, and that he ain’t. No SS around here that is ready (Peraza in Redville) and Lux is maybe 2020. Yeah, he’s our SS. But I think we can do better defensively. In 2018 maybe?

          1. Badger

            That doesn’t sound correct to me either, but I have no problem with Corey playing shortstop, because that is what Corey wants.

            Just look how Trout was hitting, when the Angels played Borgiuos in center field over Trout.

            You want to make your best players happy.

            And Trout isn’t bad on defense in center really, either.

  19. Super article, Mark. The surprising thing to me about game 6 was how Kershaw seemed to be dominated by the gravity of the game. He is a VETERAN player and has been down this road a lot. I might excuse the lack of stuff, but there is no excuse for him to be overcome by the circumstances. Rookies do that. That was the most disappointing thing to me. Before the series he said he was the most relaxed he has been in the post season. I wonder if a combination of some doubt about his body holding up and the general uncertainly of his stuff on any given day might have forced the issue. He should have been better in the first inning. Period. Even though Hendrick was on, as usual, if the game was 0-0 in the seventh, we might still be playing. Even with 2 hits. I just don like the fact that he seemed to be overcome by the circumstances of the game. He is supposed relish those situations. If he did, it worked against him, I think. He is still great, but he is a big reason why the team has gone 10 straight post seasons without reaching the Series.

    1. Bobbie 17

      I feel like you about Kershaw.

      I didn’t think he was over amping a all.

      He just didn’t look to confident to me, even against his first hitter.

      All I can think is that Kershaw already knew before hand, that he didn’t have his pitches.

      Roberts said something like maybe Kershaw had to much time to think, before that game.

      He kind of pitched like he did, in the first game he pitched against the

      Why does everyone think that Bumgarner is nails in the post season, and Kershaw isn’t?

      1. If you looked at the radar in Game 1 of Washington, he was often sitting at 95-96 Mph on his fastball. Clayton works more around 92-93 during the regular season and worked in the 92-93 range in the games he pitched well during the playoffs. Tells me, he was overthrowing in Game 1 of NLDS and game 6 of NLCS. Both games, higher velocity on fastballs with less control of breaking stuff. Flat sliders in both games with almost non-existent curve balls.

          1. Hawk

            That just sounds to simple, because I would think, that Kershaw would shake that off, in the next inning

            It could be right, but like I said, it seems so preventable, after the first inning.

  20. RE: Braun. From what I have read he was almost traded to us at the deadline. We would take on his entire($72MM) for four years and they would get Puig, McCarthy and their salaries + 2 minor leaguers. One was already agreed to but the second was still being discussed when time ran out.
    No doubt it will be revisited again in the next month or two. Arizona and SF were also interested among others.
    I see NO reason not to trade for him if the price isn’t too steep. I could care less about his PED use and lying about it. What I do care about is what he does BETWEEN the lines. He is the answer to our RH power hitter.
    There is not one player on our team this year that had better numbers than Braun.
    Look it up on BR if you doubt it. Pay particular attention to his average for: RISP, average in Dodger Stadium; average vs LHP; etc.
    For an average of $18MM per year that’s a great deal and pretty close to the QO and doesn’t include Puig’s and McCarthy’s salary which combined is what $18-20MM per year for the next two years?

    1. I think Braun or Cespedes is coming whether we like it or not. Seems inevitable. Our bench coach can fill in the front office on Cespedes and what he’s like in the clubhouse. It wasn’t the PED use or lying that rely made people dislike Braun the way he is disliked. It was destroying the career of the sample collector while doing so and labeling him as Anti-Semetic in the process. Once he started screwing with the livelihood of someone else, then it sunk to a new low.

      1. You really believe FAZ is willing to commit to that kind of money? I doubt it. But like everyone says, we shall see.

        1. They were working on a deal for Braun before. They wanted McCarthy included to offset the luxury tax hit for taking on Braun, but they were definitely looking at adding him. They offered to take Greinke and pay $25 million a year of his contract. I think the thought they won’t take on money is false especially considering after 1 year they are done paying Ethier and Crawford and after the following year they will be done with Gonzo, McCarthy, Kendrick and Kazmir.

          1. Yeah…you are right, but two more years of Kazmir? That is cruel and unusual punishment. Greinke, I think they knew the Dirtbags would turn them down. But unless they can unload some of the flotsam they have on this roster, I do not think they add any money….

        2. Braun is owed $72MM; subtract $14MM for Puig and $24MM for McCarthy leaves only $34MM over 4 years. That’s less than we owe Agon for the next two years.

          1. Trading Puig, especially to a team in the NL, is a dumb move. That guy will come back to haunt you, and I for one would much rather have the 26 year old Puig than a declining Braun…especially since I do not think his power numbers will translate to Dodger Stadium which is more a pitchers park than Miler Field….

          2. I’d rather keep Puig too, but we have to give them something. Kendrick? Kike? Kazmir and a bunch of money?

          3. Actually, I believe it is only $20 million for McCarthy. His contract was front loaded. There is also a cheap club option for 2019. I agree 2 years of Kazmir is cruel and unusual punishment if he looks like this year’s version.

  21. Lots of rumors and scenario’s floating around out there in the electronic abyss known as the internet. I am not from Missouri, but I am a show me kind of person. One has the Giants after almost any warm body. They are looking to retool with free agents it seems and not trades. But I guess we will all find out in a few weeks….

  22. By the way, any trades I bring up are merely for discussion. I think the odds of any of them happening are less than 1.007%.

      1. Seems like SVS just can’t shake nagging injuries every year. I had hoped that he would give Adrian some much needed rest this year. Still for $2 million I grab him and use him as an asset in a trade. Is he really a lefty masher or did Wade Miley make him look like one a couple of years ago? I see why he’s listed as a maybe at Dodgersdigest.

    1. I don’t think FAZ has a lot of interest in bringing SVS back even at $2MM. They could offer him a minor league contract with an invite to spring training..

  23. Van Slyke has 5 years in the Majors, all as a backup, only 2 of them were any good, and they weren’t recently. I see no reason to keep him. He can go.

  24. There are annual concerns with SVS.

    Any salary you pay him. He will get hurt. He lumbers along on the bases. He is taking up space on the roster. He might have pop in his bat off the bench, but there are other guys. He is getting older and older.

    Just move him in a trade, or do not sign him.

  25. Desmond is a nice player, but what you hit in Texas ain’t what you will hit in LA! If you get a player from Texas or Colorado and think they will hit anything close to that in LA, you are going to be very disappointed.

    Nolan Arenado will be Maikel Franco in LA. Not bad, but not Nolan Arenado (yet). Desmond in LA will be Jacoby Ellsbury!

      1. Timing is everything. If they had moved last year when I advocated it, he would have jumped all over 5/$25MM.

        1. Desmond signed a 1-year deal for $8 million with Texas. I think he would have had to get more than that for 5 years. You also have to wonder what happens to some guys when they get that security and tank.

          In the AFL, Alex Verdugo is gassed but growing in experience:

          Alex looks like he needs another year at AAA. On the other hand, Cody Bellinger is impressing. He’s hitting .286 with a .384 OB% and has cut his strikeout % to 21%. Since he can play 1B and all 3 outfield positions, I can see him arriving in LA sometime next year…. depending on what happens to A-Gon. He’s hitting lefties well in his small sampling.

          1. Bellinger hit .265 at AA this year. He had a slow start coming off of is injury, but he will need a season at AAA with a September callup on the radar. He will start the season in the same boat as JDL this year. Not on the 40-man, so it will take something urgent to move him there.

      2. Desmond will probably get a QO from Texas. Therefore, would also cost the Dodgers a draft pick. Not happening in my opinion.

  26. The only thing I see Desmond has going for him is he doesn’t get injured, which immediately drops him from the Dodgers interest list. He’s a career 100 OPS+ guy. Very average. The average MLB player makes about $5 million. He put up 2.7 WAR so I suppose he’s worth more than an average player, but he’s 31, and his home/away splits are very revealing. He is not FAZonian material.

    Other than Urias and De Leon, I don’t see anyone in our system knocking the door down. We done traded those guys.

    The Arizona Fall League is basically the equivalent of a AA All Star game. A lot of Major Leaguers come out of there, obviously, but clearly there are no guarantees.

    What do these guys have in common?

    Chip Cannon, Sam Fuld, Tommy Hanson, Grant Desme, Dustin Ackley, Nolan Arenado, Chris McGuinness, Kris Bryant, Greg Bird, Adam Engel.

    The last 10 Joe Black Award winners.

    1. Badger

      When Wondering made that suggestion about Desmond, it would have been a much better signing, then giving Howie two years.

      Desmond is younger, and has much more power then Howie does.

      And obviously Desmond is more athletic then Howie to, because he played shortstop at the big league level, and actually played centerfield this last year.

      They had said that some of the players were complaining about playing time, and I think one of those guys, must of been Howie.

      Because Howie has always been a everyday player.

    1. The old fivethirtyeight bunch. Based on those geniuses projections, I got 100 push-ups on Cleveland against your 200 on the Cubs. Bet?

      1. You obviously didn’t read up on the 538 bunch. They are all millennials.

        62%. The same number they were favored over the Dodgers right before they buried them. Tim ain’t gonna like that as I already have a “restaurant of winner choice next Spring” bet with him. What’s with the favoring the Junior Circuit? You guys pissed the superior Cubs smoked the inferior Dodgers? Screw Cleaveland. Not that I care that much for Chicago. Flat and cold in Chicago. May they both lose. I hope the rest of the games are played in the snow.

        100 straight up.

        1. I stopped liking the Cubs when they stopped being the cute losers they always were. Their mission in life, in my opinion, was to roll over for the Dodgers. Dislike them now.

          I do like the Cleveland team, would have liked them better if Carrasco was still available.

          Millennials? I know some. The young whippersnappers lack experience.

          C’mon the punks say 2 to 1.

        2. The Cubs beat the Indians number six starter last night.

          He wasn’t even in the starting rotation, most of the year.

          The Indians lost there number two, and three starter, right before the post season.

          In fact one of there main reporters, that travels with the team, made a prediction, that the Indians wouldn’t do anything in the post season, because they lost two of there starters.

          And some players were mad about the guys honesty.

          1. I rather see the Cubs then the Cards or Giants, but because almost all of the media is so in love with the Cubs, it makes me sick.

            Just like that bad call on Agone at home.
            Hairson said, that he felt that call might have been different, if everyone didn’t want the Cubs to win.

            And when we took that two one lead in that series, the media wasn’t very happy.

            The thing I like about the Cubs young players, is that they do have free swingers, but they do adjust when they have two strikes.

            I don’t know if Maddon is responsible for those adjustments, like Buck made it look like, but Roberts needs to pass that advice along, to our free swingers.

            Because that will make them better hitters, and they will be able to help the team more.

          2. Any team that loses 2 of its top 3 starters is not going to feel too good about their chances. Sure the players will use it as motivation as they should. They are professionals and take pride in their abilities and performance.

            But they have rode the backs of Kluber and Miller along with the rest of their bullpen.

            For the Indians to win, Kluber will need to win games 1, 4 & 7 and someone else HAS to win a game. I don’t see that happening. Meaning either no one else will win a game or Kluber/Indians do not win all 3 of his starts.

            Here we are game 3 and the Cubs are trotting out the major league ERA leader. Lackey next and then Lester, Arrieta and Hendrick to finish off the series.

            Cleveland has their work cut out for them but that’s why they play the game.

  27. In reply to Michael’s post wherein he mentioned a declining Braun whose power numbers would not translate to Dodger Stadium. Here is what Braun has done at Dodger Stadium for his career:
    .346 BA
    .419 OBP
    .644 SLUG
    1.003 OPS
    In addition Lifetime:
    vs LHP- .336
    RISP -.314

  28. Chili

    A lot of people don’t agree with me, but the Cubs starting rotation is one of the main reasons, that makes them to be much better, then other teams.

    They have a bullpen and Chapman of course, but really there players don’t hit good pitching to much, and don’t hit curves really well either.

    1. MJ,

      Good pitching always stops good hitting. That’s why the big power hitting teams haven’t fared well. Now a team that can hit with average and power and can play small ball, that’s a different story but those teams are rare.

      Vice/versa, a good pitcher will look ‘better’ than maybe he really is throughout the season when he will be getting starts against the likes of Atlanta, San Diego, Colorado(away from Coors), Milwaukee, Cincinnati, San Fran’s ‘weak’ lineup throughout most of the year (that was for you MJ) as he will not be going up against those type of teams in the playoffs. It’s a different animal in the playoffs.

        1. You’re thinking run differential but that’s not what I was saying…..I was saying I ‘thought’ the Cubs and Red Sox led their respective leagues in runs scored. Maybe that doesn’t show exactly a good hitting club but that does show a team that scores runs.

          1. I heard all year that the Red Sox had the best offense in baseball, and about the Cubs sometimes too.

            But the run differenial, of these two teams would be interesting, because of the big difference in there pitching, and especially the starting pitching.

    2. I might be wrong on this and not going to look it up but if my memory serves me correctly I thought the Cubs led the NL in runs scored. If so, what does that say about everyone else’s offense?

      1. Chili

        Yes that is why if Kershaw would have been better, in the last game, even we had a chance.

        A lot of the Cubs runs were scored off teams like the Reds, Braves, Phillies, and Brewers

        Everyone says the National league West, is so weak, but even the Rockies, Padres, and most of the Dbacks starting pitching, was better then the Reds, Braves, Phillies, and Brewers starting pitching, most of the season.

        And the Cardinals didn’t have there usual good starting pitching either.

        And Chapman doesn’t look as good as he did, because he is only good for that one inning, most of the time.

        Kenley looks better now then Chapman, is some ways now too, because of how he pitched in the post season.

        We let the Cubs eighth hitter, beat us twice, and we lost those two games.

        What is your opinion on Kershaw, in the post season?

        1. Not sure you want to know my opinion. Well maybe you but others probably don’t.

          My opinion is that Kershaw has felt like he has the weight of the entire organization on his shoulders to break the WS drought. It has been exacerbated with Bumgarner’s post season performance.

          The first 2 years (2013 & 2014) the bullpens were very weak and Mattingly had very little confidence in anyone not named Jansen. Therefore rode the Kershaw horse longer than he should. Again, not playing the sisters of the poor in the playoffs. You don’t create heroes in the post season, they happen.

          In 2015, the bullpen was still very weak outside of Jansen but the ‘big’ game of the series was game 3 of which the team did not have a proven quality performer ready to go. They got shellacked, lost the momentum and Murphy caught fire. They lost.

          This year they ONLY got past a depleted Nationals team because of the performance of Kershaw and Jansen.

          The Dodgers won a total of 5 playoff games. Kershaw started 3 of those wins and saved another. The fact that he did not win his 4th consecutive playoff start is truly not someone that ‘choked.’

          If I’m part of the management I have to question why no one else performed/competed or why the organization/manager had little to no confidence in them. That’s where the improvement has to be made.

          It’s a little thing called when your pointing at someone else that you have 3 fingers pointing back at you.

          1. Chili

            In 2013 the bullpen wasn’t bad, but 2014, and 2015 yes.

            But Mattingly never tried anything different either.

            It was like Mattingly was scared to confront Brian Wilson, and Mattingly just on kept handing him the ball.

            Even after Wilson failed time after time.

          2. We all know that this was the worse starting pitching we have had, in the last four years.

            And if we didn’t have our young starting pitchers, this last season, would have turned out much

            Yes about Kershaw it is hard to watch a pitcher like Bumgarner, pitch all of these innings, and pitch the Giants to a World Series, with even less starting pitching, then we even had this year, because the Giants had no young starters, like we have, when the Giants won that last World Series.

          3. Since you asked……well maybe you didn’t ask but my thoughts are that Zaidi needs to go. The GM needs to be Alex Anthopoulos.

            Why? Cause I feel that Zaidi thinks wayyyyy too much like Friedman. Sure they’ve (actually ownership) brought Anthopoulos on board but he is more of an adviser IMO. He is an ex GM, in fact the reigning ‘executive of the year’ until it is handed out in a couple of weeks.

            Despite being on the payroll THIS is not his team. Make him the GM. Zaidi should be released, he can go back to Oakland. Anthopoulos is not a Money Ball guy so he will balance out Friedman and he won’t be near afraid to challenge Friedman or ownership. Just like any other high level position state your point, show a good enough ROI on paper and it is difficult for the boss to object.

      2. Chili

        I can’t think of that stat either, but part of the reason the Cubs had that good run production is that they had better pitching, to stop other teams, run production.

        I think even when we had Kershaw, Greinke, and Ryu, the Cubs have a better starting pitching rotation now, then we did, then.

        Lackey is older, but he knows how to pitch, and he gets stubborn, when runs are in scoring position, like Bumgarner does, and just bares down in those situations, and doesn’t allow many runs to score.

        And Lackey is the Cubs number four.

        And we didn’t even have a number two pitcher, most of the year.

        1. Chili

          Friedman isn’t a money ball guy, as much as our GM is, believe it or not.

          That is why Joe Maddon bunted and ran Friedman’s team, like he wanted to.

          Friedman had no choice, he had to run that Rays that way, because they didn’t have enough financial resources.

          If you notice, Friedman hasn’t brought many former Rays, players to the Dodgers.

          Our GM has brought a bunch of former A’s to our team.

          I know Friedman has to sign off on these players, but our GM is the on that knows these guys.

          1. I would digress to say that a non-Money Ball President would not want a Money Ball GM. I disagree and feel they think more alike than you give them credit.

  29. Le’s say the Dodgers sign Jansen 4/$60MM and Turner 4/$80MM, trade Puig and McCarthy and some prospects for Braun, what would their payroll be 2017 through 2020? Rough guess, no other major changes…

    1. My quick answer is that it would go up in 2017 (in comparison to 2016), be back down to the 2016 # in 2018…..after 2018 Kershaw will dictate a lot of where the payroll might be.

  30. I like SVS, but with his injury situation, he has no place on the team. He cannot be relied on to play when needed. If he can be dropped, he should be. The fact that he can back up AGon shouldn’t make a difference. We have other backups there. I’m not sold on Bellinger, though. His BA is usually low, and the big leagues, it will be lower. Until he can hit .290 in AAA, he should stay there. No one mentions Segedin. I think he might be in the plans on the big team next season. I also look for the Kyles, Farmer and the other one, to get some major league playing time in ST. Farmer can back up at 3B and catch. The other Kyle plays OF and has some power. Both are college guys, I think. Let’s get rid of some dead wood, if we can. I’m not sure of contract status of SVS, but he can find a home somewhere else. Maybe with 66.

    1. I always thought that if SVS was given a full season to play he wouldbe good for .260-.270 and 25-30 HR per season. That’s before his injuries the past few years.

  31. Brock Stewart will be Yuge for the Dodgers very soon…maybe this coming season. He’s got talent, savvy and wants it badly.

    1. 1958

      I know JDL is rated better then Stewart, but I totally agree with you!

      JDL didn’t get that many chances, so he is better then he looked, but almost everyone including Vin, has liked the way Stewart throws, and handles himself.

  32. Edwin Rios to be the Dodgers 1st baseman of the future. Bellinger too good an athlete not to play somewhere in the outfield. I see a future outfield of Toles, Bellinger and Verdugo vs rightys. Vs leftys Heredia, Diaz, Scavutto. Reserve the right to change my mind. And I’m talking a few years ahead. Walker Buehler will help next year at some point.

  33. Some of us not too hot to get Braun. Cespedes too for that matter although he would cost more…. Which one do you want?

  34. Have given Cespedes/Braun more thought. Not happening in my opinion. As I keep saying, Dodgers want to get payroll back under control. Both these players result in a high priced long-term contract, Cespedes will also cost a draft pick. Braun 33 yrs old in November. Dodgers need to allocate scarce payroll better than that.

    Heresy you say? Think about this. Both above would be acquired to address hitting against left-handed pitching problem. But, look who is already on the outfield roster, Toles, Pederson, Ethier, Kendrick and Puig. Neither Cespedes/Braun can play center, probably not right. You going to sit Ethier/Toles/Kendrick in left field, against righties to play those guys? Probably, but, FAZ wants to get younger and more versatile. Look for more platooning in the outfield in 2017 and FAZ going for good young CHEAP defensive players, who can play all three positions, with good splits against lefties. FAZ may also still feel that VanSlyke or Thompson can fit the bill.

    Of course, my analysis could change, if Puig is traded. I only see Puig traded if his teammates hate him or he is a problem in clubhouse. As bad as he was this year, he still pretty much earned his salary and sooo much potential.

    As Michael said earlier FAZ will try real hard to trade Ethier, but, result will be the same as trading Crawford, in my opinion. I am not saying they DFA him like Crawford.

    1. Agreed. Keep Puig till he totally wears out his welcome. But use him; he does no good on the bench. Same with SVS, he’s so cheap, why bother throwing him away?

      1. If everyone wants to keep Puig, what position will be open, to bring a good right hand hitter, with power?

        And Puig is not that type of hitter, at this point of his career, and he might never be.

        After Kemp was traded, they thought Puig would step up, and be that good righthand hitter, but that hasn’t happened in the last two years.

        We need a good hitter, that hits good pitching, and has power.

        And I am not talking about a power hitter, that doesn’t hit much above 250.

        1. My outfielders: Toles, Thompson, Pederson, Puig, Ethier
          My infielders: Gonzales, Turner, Seager, X
          My pinch hitters: Kendrick
          My catchers: Y, Barnes, Rios

          My trade acquisitions:
          X= A new righty hitting second baseman hopefully Trea Turner
          Y= Lucroy for Grandal

          My rookies that will have a significant role in 2017 eventually:
          Bellinger, Buehler,

          My rotation:
          Kershaw, Stewart, Stripling, Urias, De Leon

          My bullpen:
          Jansen, Dayton, Wood, Garcia, Fields, Avilian, Ryu

          1. What are we giving up for Lucroy and why would Texas do it? He has one of the most team friendly contracts in baseball next year. Same with Turner, what do you think Washington is going to want for the most productive rookie the 2nd half of the season? It won’t be the garbage that we want to get rid of.

    2. I don’t think it is good to platoon with young players.

      And platoons may help the payroll, but platoons, also take up more space on the roster.

      And I am not convinced that there platoon team this year, would do better then the almost everyday team, even with some of the players bad stats, against lefties, on the almost everyday team.

      1. To answer both your questions:

        1. All positions open for better right hand hitters. Probably mostly right handed lineups AGAIN. Hopefully with better results.

        2. Platoons do take up roster spots, but, also can add flexibility, via pinch-hitters, etc.

        Everyone would love stud everyday players. Who are they? What cost? Where do they fit in considering players already on roster?

        Don’t forget, young cheap platoon players can also be shuttled to AAA and back, effectively expanding the roster.

        1. Boxout

          First your almost all rightie line up, of mostly part time players, and a few of our regulars, ranked dead last in offense, in all of baseball, throughout the season!

          Even teams in the past had players on the bench, to pinch hit, you don’t have to maintain a platoon line up, for that!

          It obviously didn’t work!

          A platoon line up is suppose to give a team an offensive advantage, and ranking dead last in offense, is obviously not an offensive advantage!

    3. Howie would play 2B. Puig would be part of the package for Braun. Ethier has not shown me much this year(small sample) but we know he can’s hit LHP.

  35. Just saw a clip where Terry Francona was talking about Kyle Schwarber. He said “I know why Maddon sent a plane for him. Special players can do special things.”
    That’s a statement FAZ should tattoo on their foreheads so that when they look at each other in their never-ending trade plotting, they are constantly reminded of it. Special players (like Kershaw and Jansen) are the ones who make a team great. That’s because baseball always comes down to a one-on-one battle. That means players like Puig need to be kept (and played!) instead of replaced by two guys that have to be platooned. We have a lot of prospects, but not many great ones. And if we trade him for Braun, remember, Puig will still be a Special Player in his twenties when Braun is done.

    1. Emerson

      Schwarber was a very high pick that the Cubs got, from tanking the team.

      The problem about Schwarber, is where do you play him on the field.

      Bryant was another top pick that the Cubs got, for the same reason.

      But I know what you are saying, and that is not players like most of the former A’s, that have been brought to this team.

      1. Something else to remember about Schwarber: He really is a catcher, he has marginal mobility in the outfield and he will lose even that in time Don’t put him up on a throne, he will fall off.

        1. He has all the makings of a DH…….and a good one at that. But in the mean time, he might help the Cubs win a title or two.

    2. No one can deny Puig has special talent and potential(how Ihate that word) BUT it’s what’s between his ears that really count and I don’t see that happening with him, I just don’t. Him running in front of Joc could’ve caused a serious injury.

  36. Been gone all morning. Just caught up.

    Good stuff. You guys all have your A game going today.

    Box, 62-38. Those are the odds – that’s the bet. You want yo double that? Yeah, sure. I need the work. And, I look at that Cubs team and I see the ’27 Yankees. I don’t think the Indians can beat them. Read Chili’s posts explaining why.

    “Special players”. I agree with the concept. I’m used to calling them stars. And I think the Los Angeles Dodgers should have more of them. Cull the roster of all those guys being paid now for what they did then, and dont do those deals anymore. Trade them all for a few prospects then trade all of them for that one every day guy that will be here for years. Get the draft right, and construct a roster like the Cubs did. They started it by sucking and drafting right. Doesn’t look like we are willing to build through the suck model, so getting the scouting right, trading correctly and hitting on first and second round drafts is a must. And sign those free agents that can play everyday for the next 5-7 years.

    Interesting idea to dump Farhan and replace with Alex. Aren’t they sharing an office? We have so many great names in this organization I don’t know where the management team ends and the union guys begin. We have over 30 names listed in our front office personnel file. I sure hope they get along.

    The Puig near crash in the outfield happens to every team. It happened to the Cubs this year. And that wasn’t a near miss, it was a collision. My advice for fans is to let it go.

  37. Here’s a scarey thought: 2020. The best baseball players have been making $15MM to $30MM a year for several years now. What if a bunch of them decided they have enough money and all want to be on one team, one fantastically good team? They all sign with ??? for $1MM each. What would baseball do?

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