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Dodgers Considering Signing Sergio Romo

Sergio Romo

The Dodgers are still searching for an eighth inning set-up man and could find him from an unlikely source. According to reports lifelong possibly broken Giant reliever Sergio Romo is considering signing with the Dodgers. He is also considering returning to the Giants as well.

The Giants are currently purging all of their crappy relievers from their roster as they rebuild their bullpen. A return to San Francisco for Romo would seem unlikely to happen. If you remember they had one of the worst bullpens in Giants franchise history in 2016 that contributed to one of the most epic second half collapses in MLB history. The Giants already have signed all-star closer Mark Melancon to fill their vacant closer role. Career Giant reliever Santiago Casilla already signed with the Oakland Athletics. Now it appears that Romo may be headed to the Dodgers.

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The question we have to ask is if the 34-year old right hander with the wicked slider is cooked, or if he still has some life left in his arm. Romo is from Brawley, California and was drafted by the Giants in the 28 round of the 2005 amateur draft. He’s spent nine seasons with the Giants and was a part of all three of their World Series championship teams.

The numbers suggest that Romo is not broken, as he put up pretty good numbers in 2016. Last season he appeared in 40 games for the Giants and posted a 1-0 record with a 2.64 ERA while tossing 30.2 innings pitched. Romo struck out 33 and walked only 7 while posting a K/9 rate of 9.7. He allowed just 7.6 hits per nine and a 1.076 WHIP. He also recorded 4 saves last year.

Romo also spent considerable amount of time on the disabled list in 2016 recovering from a strained right elbow tendon. Overall Romo has a career 2.58 ERA/2.71 FIP and has pitched 439.2 career MLB innings. He’s appeared in 515 games and recorded 84 saves. In 2016 Romo limited left handed hitters to a .242 batting average against, and right handers batted just .232 against him. Romo had a 2.88 ERA in the second half. Romo has 18 career blown saves.  He’s saved as many as 38 games back in 2013.

Apparently there are other clubs interested in Romo too. The veteran reliever earned 9 million dollars last season with San Francisco. The Dodgers are also still contemplating bringing back right hander Joe Blanton. Should the Dodgers ink Romo? Or should they just resign Blanton? Decisions, decisions, decisions. If he does join the Dodgers I hope he stops his annoying finger pointing. Oh and then there was some incident with a TSA officer. Well let’s just get him to stop the finger pointing.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

121 thoughts on “Dodgers Considering Signing Sergio Romo

  1. Why is the FO even thinking about Romo? Just resign Blanton and get it over with.
    Romo: .236 Ave against. Vs LHB-.242; vs RHB-.234
    J.B. : .194 Ave against. Vs LHB-.186; vs RHB-.198
    Blanton gave up 7 HR in 80 innings. Romo 5 HR in 31 innings.

    What’s to compare? The choice is clear.

    1. We should sign both Blanton and Romo, and just DFA Hatcher and Baez. The choice would be so clear if the FO can just dump those two. mixing in youngsters like Dayton and Ravin, with Romo and Blanton, would give us a set of really nice bridges to Jansen. But what do I know.

          1. And they could get them all for what they’re paying Kazmir or Hill to sit in Sick Bay all year.

      1. YF

        If Romo doesn’t have anymore arm problems, I agree with you.

        It isn’t going to be fun having to watch Hatcher, get another chance.

        And we have a lot of games, against the Giants early in the season, so we don’t need another replay from Hatcher, early in the season, like last year.

        I think our first rode game of the season is in Chicago, so are schedule does look a little harder, early this year.

  2. We should sign both Blanton and Romo, and just DFA Hatcher and Baez. The choice would be so clear if the FO can just dump those two. mixing in youngsters like Dayton and Ravin, with Romo and Blanton, would give us a set of really nice bridges to Jansen. But what do I know.

    1. When pitch framing comes up I always think of the ‘great’ catchers of the Atlanta Braves in the 90’s. Throughout most of the 90’s it was Javy Lopez but Greg Olson was there in the early 90’s. Those 2 catchers would be regarded as the greatest pitch framers of all time cause the Braves starters, predominantly Glavine and Maddux got every call 3″ off the plate throughout the 90’s. So how much of it was from their (Olson & Lopez) talent of pitch framing and how much was it because of who Glavine and Maddux had become. I take the later.

        1. Jonah

          We have had McCarthy a year longer, and he hasn’t left the bench, to much.

          So he has been a total waste, in the first two years, of his 48 million dollar, contract.

          Kazmir has made more starts in one year, then McCarthy has,in two years,
          although Kazmir’s starts, are nothing to brag about.

          And at least when Hill did pitch, he did pitch pretty well.

  3. Here is something for all you FAZophobes to chew on.

    Looks like Greinke’s 158 IP of 4.37 ERA ball for AZ last season only cost them $84M ($34M + $50M) to $94M ($34M + $60M) last year.

    In the event the Diamondbacks rebound from a nightmarish 2016 to contend for a playoff spot this year, they should still be prepared to jettison right-hander Zack Greinke if the opportunity arises, opines ESPN’s Buster Olney (subscription required/recommended). Greinke will make $34MM in 2017, meaning he’s currently taking up a major league-high 46.7 percent of his team’s payroll (the Diamondbacks are at $72.8MM in commitments), notes Olney, who argues that dumping the 33-year-old’s contract should be one of the organization’s highest priorities. Greinke still has an unappealing $172.5MM left on the $206.5MM contract he inked as a free agent last winter, though Olney suggests he could be movable if the Diamondbacks agree to pay $50MM to $60MM.

    1. I think it’d take more than $60MM to move him. Do you really think FAZ deserves a lot of credit for not topping a completely ridiculous offer like Stewart made? Stewart had to be on something to bid that much and only a damn fool would have tried to outbid him. Stewart might have raised the again, you know. I give FAZ credit for not being a fool there.

    2. All in retrospect.

      Not matching Stewart’s offer doesn’t say much. Most fans everywhere thought it was rich but it comes in perspective of how much FAZ also offered (a ton of money) for Greinke’s services, and in retrospect using part of the money “saved” to sign Kazmir was a mistake. If you asked me, they should have outbid Oakland and signed Hill to the half of the offer that they made to Kazmir. See how we can always play this game but we don’t.

      And why are we on this again? Or should we go back to how much of a mistake was the Trade?

      1. YF

        And just think if they would have signed Hill in the first place, we would still have three of our top, pitching prospects.

        And maybe we would still have JDL, instead of one of those three pitching prospects, that were lower prospects, then JDL was.

      2. Were you saying that a year ago or just now that you know how well Rich Hill pitched last season. I didn’t see anyone clamoring for Hill when Kazmir was signed. The Dodgers were in on Hill and yes I wish they would have signed him instead of Kazmir too, but it’s not like everyone could see the type of year Hill had coming. Kazmir was a panic sign after blowing the Iwakuma deal. And to be fair if Kazmir had been healthy last season he would have opted out.

        1. Of course Hawkeye. That’s all in retrospect. The reason I bring up the scenario is in response to the incessant posts about Greinke’s contract. Which in fact was only 1 year off from the FAZ contract offer. Time to move on.

          1. Exactly. FAZ offering 5 years/$170M….genius. Stewart offering 6 years/ $206M….total dumbass. Sounds to me the ‘genius’ got lucky the dumbass made the offer otherwise……

          2. True. We will see how Greinke performs this year. I bet he bounces back to some extent. Despite the injuries, he still won 13 games. If he’s pitching well and AZ is sitting in 3rd or 4th place, I bet he gets shopped. We all knew he would’t finish there. AZ only fills up the place when Dodgers fans do it for them. They can’t afford Greinke’s deal and give Goldy what he’s worth drawing 22,000 a game.

    3. Boxout

      The problem with your argument is that there were other pitchers out there to choose from, then just Greinke, and Kazmir.

      1. Yes, Maeda. Anything wrong with your argument to sign Greinke at any cost? Wasn’t Greinke supposed to know his body and age like a fine wine?

        1. Boxout

          You are talking about only one year.

          And I do bet that Greinke will have a longer career then Kazmir, and the rest of the bunch.

          And although I like Maeda, he didn’t pitch even close to what Greinke did, in the post season.

          1. I must have missed Greinke pitching in the post-season last year.

            You got a bet, Greinke against Kazmir, Maeda, McCarthy or Anderson.

  4. 1. Maybe FAZ was just wisely driving up the price on Greinke.
    2. Kazmir a mistake? Kazmir had a Greinke like season last year. FAZ also signed Maeda with the savings.
    3. Yes, Hill would have been a better signing.
    4. We are on this again, because, it’s Dodger baseball related. Many here still argue that FAZ should have signed Greinke.
    5. Always ready to discuss the trade. Better than politics?

    1. The Dodgers offered a little over $30 million for Greinke which was more than I thought he was worth. The argument made then was simply the fact that at age 32, in a contract year, he had the second best WAR year of his career (age 25 the best) and I felt the odds of him doing that again were slim and none. But, at age 33-35, still teamed with Kershaw, what the hell, give him the money for 5 years. He took a better offer and sure enough, I was right about slim and none. Screw him. He’s the dbacks problem now. Looking forward.

      Kazmir simply did not earn his money. I doubt he will this year or next. Same with McCarthy. Predictable, and predicted.

      1. Actually his contract year was age 31. We would have had him teamed with Kershaw 32-36. And though nobody in their right mind would expect 9.3 WAR again, he could conceivably earned his $31 million with 4-5 WAR each year. But, again, hegone. Let the dbacks hope he earns that money.

        And, why so much moderation still going on here?

    2. Boxout

      First that is only based on one year.

      And the great FAZ, have not gotten much, from the starting pitchers, that they have signed.

      How many starts has FAZ gotten out of the starting pitchers, they have signed?

      And we’re the innings,
      these pitcher pitched, good innings?

      They didn’t even need to sign Anderson, in the first place.

      They traded Haren, and paid his salary, and then signed Anderson, in that first year.

      And guess what, Haren pitched better then Anderson did,
      that year.

      And Anderson not only cost 10 million dollars, he cost 25 million dollars, thanks to Faz’s QO!

      And then there is McCarthy, who has predictably been on the bench, for almost the entire first two years, of his contract.

      That is an easy 24 million dollars.

      And how many pitchers have they had to bring in, to make starts, because Anderson, McCarthy, and Kazmir, couldn’t make there starts?

      And those added pitchers, have cost the team more money too.

      1. MJ makes this kind of statement over and over, and it’s just a recitation of performance.

        What is not said, is what a possible other route was.

        Even though it didn’t work out, it made and still makes perfect sense to use the Dodgers financial edge on cost-contained risk. In last year’s case the risk didn’t pan out, but that’s an outlier to any rationale expectation. If one of the pitchers does well this year, it almost pays off.

        1. Bluto

          I don’t agree because that is all wasted money.

          But I understand, where you are coming from

          The thing you don’t understand, is those were not the only reasonable pitchers, out there.

          And Anderson wasn’t needed, in that first year.

          And he should have never got that QO.

          They were very very lucky, he made his starts, that first year!

          Our GM signed pitchers, that were with the A’s, when he was there.

          He didn’t look at the other reasonable pitchers, because he looked at these former A’s pitchers.

          The front office tried to sell the Dodger fans, that Anderson’s injuries, were just freak injuries.

          And all you have to do, is watch him pitch more then one start, and you see his problem.

          And once our young pitchers take there place in the rotation, they better stop, throwing money away.

          1. MJ,

            At best this is being naive, at worst it’s a lie:


            How do you know who the front office looked at and who they didn’t?

            This next part is another hugely misrepresented tidbit:

            <<The front office tried to sell the Dodger fans, that Anderson’s injuries, were just freak injuries.??

            Nobody said all of his injuries were freak injuries, in fact the only one they called a freak injury (when he fractured his finger due to a HBP) WAS a freak injury.

            The other injuries (Tommy John, bulging back and stress fracture in the foot) were unrelated and relatively commonplace (which is itself subjective, I grant.)

            Anderson was signed for 1 year. There are none, zero, nada, niente bad one-year pitcher contracts for large market teams. None.

    3. Boxout

      You should talk to your son, and try to have him take a longer look, and take a little more time, before he joins the service.

      1. You might look into the Peace Corps also. Travel involved and (hopefully) nobody’s shooting at you. Probably a lot more pleasant job than military, no DIs.

        1. My sister was in the Peace Corps and it did her a lot of good, both during and after. I had to help her convince our mom because she was going to an Ebola infested region of Africa. But it all turned out well for everyone. I’ve got respect for that program.

        1. Thanks MJ and jonah. I can tell you are sincere!

          This son is like I was. Got a mind of his own. See’s the NV National Guard as a good deal and wants to serve his country. I know war is the real deal. I am not wild about the idea, would much prefer Peace Corps (I will mention that) or trade school. Kind of weighs on me, but, supposedly the NV National Guard only deploys every five years over seas and not everyone goes. He would have either a three or five year active commitment and more inactive reserve for a total eight years.

          The process has brought back memories of my parents telling me, “just wait till you have kids”. They were right, as usual! I joined Marine Corps at seventeen in 1969. Needed a parent to co-sign. Dad, a WWII naval officer on a troop ship, and tons of uncles and cousins in Navy (including Naval Academy) tried talking me out of it. Go Navy. I wouldn’t hear of it, just made me more determined. Dad finally co-signed, I suspect my Mom didn’t talk to him for quite a while.

          I am doing what my Dad did, trying to show pluses and minuses and letting him know he has OPTIONS. Like me, he will make his own decision! In my case, during the three years after making my decision, I realized Dad was a hell of a lot smarter than I had been giving him credit for!

          1. Boxout

            I could tell you weren’t to crazy, about what your son, was going to do

            And I also know if we try to stop a kid at that age from doing something, they will usually go the opposite way.

            I don’t know much about the National Guard, but I do know that that some had to go to Iraq, after nine eleven.

            I just wish those countries in the Middle East, would learn how to get along, with each other.

            But once 911 happened, I knew we would be in these conflicts, in the Middle East.

            And it also bothers me, that most of these politicians, don’t have kids, that will have to fight in these wars, so they are not as affected enough, to try to be very more careful, with what they do.

      2. Bluto

        First they did try to sell Anderson’s injuries, as freak injuries, if you watched the Dodger broadcasts, and shows, on the Dodger Channel, after they signed him.

        Why sign him, when we already had Haren, signed for the 2015 season?

        And Haren was only signed for that one year, in the 2015 season.

        And the front office traded Haren, and paid for his salary, that year.

        So they paid for both Haren and Anderson, in 2015.

        And Haren pitched better,
        then Anderson.

        And paying these two pitchers, counts more then for one year, since they were both paid the same.

        And Anderson not only got paid for that one year contract, they made a mistake, and offered him a QO.

        And Anderson took there offer, and he got paid an additional 15 million dollars, for the 2016 season.

        And he didn’t make it through spring training, before going on the DL, again.

        So by signing Anderson, and offering the QO, it actually cost the team, 35 million dollars, if I add Haren’s salary, that they also paid for, in that first year.

        And take a look at every player that this front office has traded for, or signed, since they joined the team.

        You will find out, that most of these players and Pitchers, have been on the A’s, in there career.

        Without even looking it up, I would say 90 percent of the players and pitchers, that they have made deals with since they took over the team, have played for the A’s.

        1. You continue to look at the result and think that it implicates the thinking that went into it. It doesn’t/shouldn’t and won’t

          Also, stop conflating Haren and Anderson. They are two distinct players who have nothing to do with one another. One


          Does that include:

          Dayton? Utley? Kendrick? Fields? Ravin? Thompson? Kike? Austin Barnes? Chris Hatcher? Wood?

          1. Bluto

            GMs are not judged, about the thoughts they had, they are judged, on the results.

            Almost any real Dodger fan, could tell you that McCarthy, was a terrible signing, and they did, even before, he predictly went out.

            And with Anderson, you could see after a couple games, that he was no athlete, and that is why, he always gets hurt.

            Anderson couldn’t even make it to first, to cover.

            And trading Haren, caused the signing of Anderson, so they are directly connected.

            Kazmir never was able to pitch well, from the start, for the Dodgers.

            And the Angels not to many years ago, had to eat money, after signing Kazmir, because he was in effective.

            You don’t give out multi year contracts, to pitchers like these, who have a long injury histories, and were out of baseball, because they couldn’t pitch well enough, to stay in the majors.

            And with Hill, at least he is a good enough pitcher, to take a chance on, unlike these other three

            And why don’t you look at some of the other pitchers, that were out there, that were free agents, in 2015, as well, as 2016.

            Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir, Johnson, Calaspo, Chavez, Reddick, Hill, and that is just off my head, I will look it up later.

            But if I take your list, and look at my list, it shows that almost fifty percent of the players, that they have dealt for, have been from the A’s.

            And because Kazmir and McCarthy have been so bad, we couldn’t even trade them, in the most obscure pitching market, in a long time.

          2. Friedman’s results are quite good, thank you.

            I think you are listening to a small cadre of voices, and then assuming that’s what “almost any real Dodger fan” would think. Most of the fans I hear from were intrigued and saw the wisdom in the Anderson signing.

            The signing of Haren had nothing to do with Anderson. Anderson had more to do with Kazmir, McCarthy, and Beauty. All represented a move into risk.

            Yes, that’s a very good idea. Look at the other pitchers who were available in ’15, look at their cost and term which they signed for.

            50% of signings being from Oakland? That’s probably still high, but even if we say that’s the number. It’s not 90%.

    4. Boxout

      You can’t combine all of those pitchers innings, and then compare them, to Greinke’s innings.

      And did Maeda pitch in the post season last year?

      He wasn’t in a game long enough, so many probably, missed him.

      1. Bluto

        The signings of these pitchers, and Reddick, is my only complaint about the front office.

        And hopefully they learned
        from these signings.

        I liked how they brought in those pitchers, to freshen the pen last year.

        And I am glad they got Logan.

        It should be a good year, this coming year.

        1. Yes, we’ll have to disagree.

          I don’t mind continuing to buy riskm(though given the amount of pitching in the system, maybe try risky RH power?) I think it’s a smart play.

          It should be a myriad of good years to come.

      2. Bluto

        Yes I over estimated that, but like you said, that is still a lot.

        And Josh Ravin was signed by the Dodgers in 2013, and that was two years, before Friedman came to the Dodgers.

        And I do think our GM is the guy that brought all of these former A’s to the team.

        I just think Friedman bought in to these moves, because of our GM.

        Like I said, and you showed in that one article, Friedman only uses saber metrics as a tool, but I believe our GM is a purest, when it comes to saber metrics.

        1. purist, not purest.

          Some are odd cases, Rich Hill was never in Oakland when Farhan was.

          HEre’s my take:

          1. Obviously they trade for players they feel they have the most information on. The more information the better the evalutation.

          2. The As, like the Rays, Padres and Marlins have limited resources. Thus less resources to keep everyone. Thus it’s easier to get players with upside from them.

  5. Let’s talk about a Urias. There is talk about him staying back at training camp to control his innings. I am not in favor of that move. Why not team Urias up with Stripling or Stewart. Have Urias pitch 5 innings and Stripling 4 innings. Benefits:

    1. Controls the innings for Urias. (160 innings)
    2. Allows Urias to be in the rotation on a consistent basis.
    3. Allows Stripling or Stewart to pitch consistently in the major leagues. Good experience.
    4. Hope it would give the bullpen a day rest.

    I do not see any negatives.

    Just a thought. Shoot holes in it.

    1. I kinda like it. Although outside of guaranteeing Stripling innings, I don’t see any reason that Stripling has to be the 2nd half of that platoon.

      I’d rather Urias be limited to 5 innings and matchups determine the remaining 3 or 4.

    2. On paper it sounds like a good idea. But the practicality of it, not sure.
      Here’s some quick thoughts.
      1.) So Stripling could not be used at any other time as he would be counted on to throw 4 innings every 5 days.
      2.) What if Urias is pitching really well through 5 and pitch count is only around 70 pitches, still pull him in a 1-0 ball game? What if Stripling comes in and doesn’t have his command? Guess my thought as to why teams do not do this is because in theory 2 pitchers need to be on their game. 1 is, 1 isn’t will result in a loss 85% of the time.

      3.) What if Urias is getting lit up in the 2nd inning? Do you pull him and bring in Stripling then? Or do you piece meal it until you get to the 5th or 6th?

      Not sure any of these are clear cut reasons for not doing so but I do think each of these scenarios are much more common than just Urias throws 5, Stripling throws 4, Dodgers win every 5th day these two pitch.

      1. I think Idahoal’s program is designed to keep Urias innings down so he can pitch into the postseason, and deep. So the program will be off by Aug/Sep. Before that time, in the dog days of summer, I still pull Urias just like Rich Hill was pulled short of a perfect game/no hitter.

    3. Idahoal

      I am not in favor of them, doing that to Urias either.

      Because I think he needs consistent starts, to get better.

      And I think any time you take a baseball ball player, or pitcher, out of there regular routine, it isn’t a good idea.

      And I think your idea, isn’t to bad of an idea, if it isn’t to much, to do this on a weekly basis.

  6. I really do not think Thatcher deserves another chance. It is ST, and no harm in seeing what he has left, I guess. Sign Blanton for one year. Tell Baez to speed up or pitch for AAA. I believe our bull pen will be strong. To many good arms to choose from. However, I do not think we can use the bullpen like last year. The starters have to go 6-7 innings. I am ready for ST.

    We had snow on the ground since mid-December in Boise, Idaho. The worst winter in the last 30 years.

    1. Global Warming? Al. Sierras and Lake Tahoe have got about 180% of normal snowfall. There is even talk around here that the drought is over!

      1. It’s climate change. Not global warming.

        By inserting more energy (in this case heat) into a closed system you get more exaggerated behaviors. This is simple science. Newton’s laws and all that.

          1. Yes, a pattern of warming, dating back to the end of the Industrial Revolution.

            Hence the name global WARMING.

          2. “Over the last 800,000 years Earth’s climate has been cooler than today on average, with a natural cycle between ice ages and warmer interglacial periods. The transitions out of ice ages leading to an eventual global temperature change of around 4-7 degrees C.
            It’s warming up anyways. Google Earth “pollution in China”, and ask yourself where should the manufacturing should occur.
            I believe it would be prudent to relocate in western countries

          3. The cycle I was noticing seemed to take between 8-15 years. Warming, wet, cooling, dry. Interesting.

          4. That’s from the Committee on Climate Change in the UK.

            I’m glad you cited them, because here’s their main finding:

            Human activity is affecting the earth’s climate with long term consequences.

            But stay happy and (until now) uniformed.

        1. I stated the facts up to the point that they seem to get murkier, please read this and related articles, New Reports: There Is No Global Warming
          I don’t insist on being right.
          I would however, like to not be misled

          1. Oh gosh.

            Is that NewsMax??!!?!?

            You can do better than that. They are about as reliable as DailyKos.

            However, they do cite some NASA facts, so why don’t we go to the source. There will be nothing “murky” here:


            This data illustrates the change in global surface temperature relative to 1951-1980 average temperatures. The 10 warmest years in the 136-year record all have occurred since 2000, with the exception of 1998. The year 2015 ranks as the warmest on record. (Source: NASA/GISS). This research is broadly consistent with similar constructions prepared by the Climatic Research Unit and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

        2. I have my own tongue (not the cat), there is quite a bit out there if you google “Global Warming” Especially recently.

          1. Was that English? Was it intended to prove a point?

            Go make more moronic replies to MJ. Keeping adding zero value to discourse.

  7. Romo grew up a Dodger fan. They may get him on the cheap. Sign both Romo , sign Romo and Blanton, or sign none of them. I don’t think it makes or breaks the season. Hopefully they can showcase a healthy group of starting pitchers in spring training and trade one off for a good relief pitcher . Baltimore has a couple of good set up men and could use a starting pitcher.

    1. Yeah, and FAZ is very good at juggling the 25 man roster. They could start Stripling for the last four innings of one game, send him back to minors, bring up somebody else for relief pitching, send him back down in time for the next guy to come up for the four innings with Urias, and repeat. Interesting thought!

      1. I realize they did that often last year but isn’t there a limit to the number of times a player can be sent to the minors? Anyone know what the parameters are for when a player runs of out options?

        1. I don’t know that answer but I do know that a player sent down can not be brought back up for at least 10 days, UNLESS someone goes on the DL.

        2. Once an option has been used it covers the entire year. That’s why its officially known as, but rarely called, an option year. So you can go down and up as many times as the team cares to enact.

          I do believe, but haven’t researched, that you cannot be recalled to the majors within a ten day span to provide really out of control machinations.

  8. Chili, I agree there will be variations. If Urias is pitching well after 5, let him go farther. At the next start I may start Stripling and let Urias come out of the bullpen. Both Urias and Stripling pitched out of the pen last year and both have been starters. Yes, you cannot exactly say it will be 5 and 4 innings.

  9. I note one big difference between me and other commenters here: I follow and hope for the players as individuals to do well, while most of you think getting to the World Series is your only concern. I guess I don’t have a competitive streak.

        1. Jonah

          I had trouble getting through, and I wanted to tell you that.

          And I thought that was a small sentence, to see if I could get through.

  10. I look at it this way. When Romo is on, he is very good. That slider is killer when it is working. When it is not working he tends to hang pitches in the zone. Our luck signing exe Giants has not been all that great. I shy away from this guy and bring Blanton back. Also according to reports, Chase Utley is close to signing with someone… undisclosed.

  11. A tough RH batter is up to plate with the game on the line in the NLCS. Who would you go to? Romo, Baez, or Hatcher? Out of those three my choice would be Romo. I can’t stand the guy, but he has pitched in some big moments. I’d sign both Romo and Joey Pancakes to inexpensive one year deals. However, each comes with the cost of removing someone from the 40-man roster. I’m not sure how soon the Dodgers can move Yimi to the 60-day DL. FWIW, Romo grew up a Dodgers fan.

      1. It is a one year contract, so he will be pitching for his next contract, so if he is healthy and able, he will be good out of the pen.

        Toward the end of last season, he was pitching ok.

      2. Jonah

        We are going get you more involved,with the Dodgers this year.

        When you follow them and watch or hear them, play most every game, and invest the time.

        That draws you in to wanting them, to go farther in the season.

          1. Jonah

            I use to go to bed early sometimes, during the night games, but they use to have quick pitch on the MLB Channel, that I could watch, all of scoring, and important parts of a game, the next morining.

            But they don’t offer that, for the next day now, in my time zone.

            They have a baseball show on, instead.

            And they show some, but not like quick pitch does.

  12. Well someone is going to have to be traded or released because the roster is at 40 right now without Romo. Guesses anyone on who that might be???

    1. Deal not done yet, but if done I am hoping it’s Baez in a trade. I have nothing against the guy, but as a baseball fan I’d rather not watch him pitch 20 minute innings every time out. And those are the good outings. If it’s less than 20 mins than it means he got hit and had to be yanked.

  13. Well the latest on Romo is the deal is not done with the Dodgers as a mystery team has upped its offer. Who is the mystery team? The Nationals?

    1. Hopefully we lose out on Romo and resign Blanton. There are some who have said we would not have made it to the PS without Blanton. I agree.

  14. Deal pending a physical so if he fails it he’s a Dodger.

    Forearm flexor. It’s worth the risk I suppose. I just checked his Caribbean stats. 1 IP. 3 WHIP. 9 ERA. 1 K. He gave up a solo home run.

  15. Maybe we could get Tony Romo for the pen.

    I agree with many posts in here, I don’t trust Baez or Thatcher, both are gas cans on the verge of exploding. Hard, flat and straight usually get launched at the major league level, occasionally they can get away with it, but a decent hitter at this level usually deposits those pitches into the bleachers.

  16. True Blue, I agree with you on Baez and Hatcher. When Baez comes in I usually go to bed. I can watch it in the morning when I can fast forward it. Hatcher, I just do not like him.

    ST is getting closer. I used to have Extra Innings from Direct TV. I switched to MLB package. I did because they would broadcast all ST games. Last year they just broadcast the week end games. Have any of you heard what ST games will be broadcast?

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