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Dodgers Need Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, Rich Hill And a Little Luck To Win NLCS

The Dodgers were historically pathetic on Thursday evening after their 8-4 loss to the Cubs in game 5 of the NLCS. The Dodgers lost game 4 by a 10-2 score, meaning they were outscored 18-6 in games 4 and 5. During perhaps the most important games of the season the Dodgers went

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Zack Greinke

Dodgers Score Early, Hang on Late To Beat Turncoat Greinke and Snakes 3-2

You know Greinke went for the money this year and maybe he doesn't regret it with his 210 million dollars. He can't be happy though with the lousy team he inherited. He may be rich with money but is very poor with wins. This is the last time the Dodgers will

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Rob Segedin

The Price is Right For Dodgers, Rob Segedin

The price was all right for the Dodgers in an exciting 8-5 victory over the Red Sox at Dodger Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Brandon McCarthy was effectively wild walking 5 and hitting a batter but only allowing two earned runs on 3 hits over 3.2 innings pitched. McCarthy looked shaky

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Adrian Gonzalez

Dodgers May Never Win Again

Ever Again...... The Dodger’s losing streak has now reached five games and we’re beginning to enter defcon 5. Last night's pathetic performance was just another pathetic performance in a long line of pathetic performances. The club scored one run and the bullpen imploded again in the late innings. Even the most ardent brain trust

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J.P. Howell

The Dodgers Need a Long Man, and Clean Up The Bullpen Mess

This latest series loss to the Giants has greatly exposed the Dodger’s primary weakness. That weakness is middle relief. I am specifically referring to the lack of a long man in the bullpen. The Dodgers lost to the Giants by a score of 9-6 on Sunday afternoon, losing the series

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Ross Stripling

Ross Stripling’s Magical Night Ruined By “Bullpen”

Notice how I used the term bullpen in parenthesis, because those collection of bums do not assemble a bullpen. The Dodgers suffered another painful loss at the hands of the Giants on Friday evening by a score of 3-2. The front office and Dave Roberts joined forces to not only steal

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Dodgers Preparing For a Wonderfully Boring Spring Training

In about nine days spring training will begin for the Dodgers. The first couple of weeks of spring training are the most boring. There are no games going on and not much else. Nothing to do but watch the players hop around and do jumping jacks, play catch, and take

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Did Joe Blanton Benefit From Francisco Cervelli’s Excellent Pitch Framing in 2015?

Never have so many words been written about Joe Blanton within the last week. The Dodgers recently announced the signing of the 35-year old veteran hurler to a one-year four million dollar contract laden heavily with performance incentives. The deal initially seemed horrifying to many of us who had to

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