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Dodgers Out-Thunk, Out-Pitched and Out-Scored 8-4

Things in the NLCS were shaping up for the Dodgers, who had taken a two games to one series lead over the Cubs. The boys in blue seemed to have momentum on their side, and then they ran into a Chicago buzz saw. They were crushed in Game 4, the Cubs tied the series, and everything was different again.

In Game 5, the Dodgers sent Jeckle and Hyde starter, Kenta Maeda to the mound, while the Cubs used southpaw Jon Lester.  This meant manager Dave Roberts trotted out another of his subpar, ridiculous righty lineups.

Kiké Enrique Hernandez was in the leadoff spot, Carlos Ruiz batted leadoff, and sparkplug Andrew Toles rode the pine. Like I said – ridiculous.

Here’s how the game unfolded:

1st inning
Maeda started out shaky, walking a runner and giving up a couple of hits to surrender the first run.
After that, he settled in and got the job done.
They threatened to score as well, with a couple of baserunners, but couldn’t get anyone home.

2 inning  Cubs 1-0
Another walk, but nobody  scored. 45 pitches after two.
After a very low strike three call, Adrian Gonzalez slowly walked closely behind the HP umpire, jawing and grumbling about the strike zone. That was the only interesting thing from the Dodgers’ ups.

3rd inning Cubs 1-0
Maeda masterful. An easy two strike out inning.
Justin Turner got a two out, seeing eye base hit.
With Corey Seager up, he stole second. But the veteran Lester struck out the rookie on a cutter in the dirt.

4th inning  Cubs 1-0
Maeda gave up a lead off double that just missed going over the short wall in the left field corner.
He then hit Jason Heyward in the wallet. Two on, nobody out.
Maeda struck out Russell for the first out. F8 for the second out. And with that, Maeda was done.
Josh Fields in. F7, job done.
After a weak fly out by Carlos Ruiz, Howie Kendrick shot a screamer down the third base line for a double.
Up stepped Adrian Gonzalez. Then Kendrick ran! The call on the field was out, but the Dodgers immediately went to replay. SAFE!
Gonzalez hit a little nubber that Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo took and then dropped. Kendrick came home to tie the game. 1-1

5th inning  Tie 1-1
Grant Dayton in. Two Ks and a streaking line drive headed for the gap in right-center field, that Yasiel Puig ran down and caught.

6th inning  Tie 1-1
Joe Blanton in.
Gives up immediate base hit. Then gives up stolen base.
K on a bad pitch for the first out.
Then he gave up a dead CF blast for a 2-run HR. 3-1
Corey Seager shot a one out single past Rizzo. They left him there.

7th inning  Cubs 3-1
Luis Avilan in. Job done.

8th inning  Cubs 3-1
Pedro Baez in.
A quick error and hit became two on and no out.
Then the inning just disintegrated into death by a thousand cuts. Little hits and bigger mistakes led to a 5-1 Cubs lead.
After 2 hours and 2 out, Roberts had finally seen enough and pulled Baez.
Ross Stripling in. He gave up a bases loaded double to clear the bases. 8-1.
Andrew Toles (finally) got in the game and blasted a lead off double.
JT took a ball in the upper left arm to give the boys two on and nobody out.
A double play put Toles on third, and Ruiz drove him in. 8-2  Yay?

9th inning  Cubs 8-2
A walk and a single put Gonzalez and Puig on third and first, respectively.
Ol’ Smoke and Mirrors came in to hit a gapper to score Gonzo. 8-3
Toles sac flied Joc Pederson in. 8-4
That was it.

Dodgers lose 8-3

Cubs manager Joe Madden kept his .333 hitter (Baez) in the lineup and he only got hotter.
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts took his .333 hitter, Andrew Toles, out of the lineup. And he inserted an anemic .190 hitter at leadoff, and put a guy batting 0 for 14 against Lester in the leadoff spot.
Which moves would you think paid off?

Welcome back home: Vin Scully returned to Dodger Stadium for the first time since his retirement. Eric Karros and Steve Garvey introduced him, and then Scully rallied the crowd with his classic “It’s time for Dodgers baseball!” mantra.


It’s going to take more than butter and eggs: Adrian Gonzalez was once again instrumental in the Dodgers’ offense. He brought home Kendrick with their first run of the night.

A record breaking night: Justin Turner has now reached base in 15 consecutive postseason games, an LA Dodgers record. Carl Furillo‘s previous record stood for 60 years.

A back breaking night: Including a grand slam in game one, Joe Blanton has given up three home runs in the NLCS.

Kenta Maeda went 3 2/3 with 3 hits, 1 run, 2 walks, 6 Ks.

Dodgers with RISP: 2 for 10  As Scott would say: PATHETIC! 

Cubs lead the best of seven series 3 games to 2.  Back to Chicago! See you on Saturday night.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

59 thoughts on “Dodgers Out-Thunk, Out-Pitched and Out-Scored 8-4

  1. Another disaster. The best bullpen in baseball has now given up 21 runs in three games. If Maeda wasn’t good enough to face Lester with two outs and two on, why was he starting the game?

    Someone said Kershaw and Hill would have to win two games apiece for the Dodgers to win the pennant. They’ll have their work cut out for them with the confidence the Cubs have been given in the last two games.

    1. I will say one thing, Blanton doesn’t look upset at all.

      Maybe if he was more upset, he would have made sure, he would’t have thrown a hanger, to the Cubs eighth hitter.

      I know relievers need to have a short memory, but this is about making it to the World Series.

      The only hope we have, is Kenley and Kershaw, if they hold up, because Blanton and Baez, are sure not the answer, just like Kike hasn’t been all year!

      And it was ridiculous to think Kike who hit 190 against both lefties and righties all year, was the answer to this team beating Lester tonight.

      And leaving the only true guy with speed on the bench, who is hitting 500 in this series,.

      And Toles did hit for Kike today, and hit a double, and hit a sac fly, that scored a run, unlike Kike!

      1. Maybe Blanton has been instructed to keep throwing his slider, just as Roberts has been instructed to play Kike and Reddick, instead of Toles and Ethier. The players don’t deserve all the blame.

        1. There’s nothing I love more on this blog, than the conspiracy theories that Roberts “has been instructed.”

          It’s the perfect inarguable, counter-factual. No, the perfect one is simply saying “this is my opinion, and you can’t question it”. But the conspiracy one is equally juicy.

  2. Is this really the best bullpen in baseball?

    It looks like it will be up to Kershaw and Hill to pull the rabbit out of the hat.

    This is the 2nd game Blanton has melted down in. He and Baez don’t seem to have ‘cluthness’ in their toolbox.

    Kike? Should have been long gone this year. Let’s hope they don’t bring him back.

    Toles has earned a starting spot in my lineup. Get out the prayer mats, folks. It’s going to take some major sacrifices and praying for the Dodgers to outlast these Cubs.

    1. Well Jimbo, is a right hander starting?

      Maybe the bullpen is tired. Been a very long year for them.

      “The only thing we have is Kenley and Kershaw” We also have Seager, Turner and Gonzalez. Puig has contributed, though it would be nice to see him flex some fast twitch more often.

      I’m thinking we have a have a 46% chance at seeing a game 7. I’m also thinking I’m seeing the Cubs with an 81% chance to move on. And those aren’t my calls. I’m viewing those numbers through reading what the numbers guys are saying. You see, the game is all about the numbers now.

      1. Badger

        You just don’t get it.

        Kike is hitting lower against lefties then Toles.

        And Howie is only hitting one point higher then Toles, against lefties this year.

        Toles is a hitter that makes consistent contact, and that is more then many on this team do.

        He slows the game down, much like Corey.

        He did make that one bad throw, but how can we get all over him about that, when Reddick has made four errors, and is no rookie, that started in A ball this year.

        And Howie throws a little flat footed at times.

        I know Howie has been primarly a second base man, but he can change the way he throws, when he is in the outfield.

        I guess the point I am making is that there is about no one on this team, that hits lefties well, except for maybe Chooch.

        Puig has even splits, but he is hitting around 250 against lefties.

        I just wish that Reddick wasn’t brought to this team, because maybe Toles would have got a lot more at bats, and playing time, to make an even better difference.

        And with the little playing time Toles has gotten, he has still done quite well.

      2. It’s quite easy to look for people to blame. Tired bullpen, Kike over Barnes.

        Barnes over Kike? Come on!

        Let’s look, as per Badger’s lead, at some simple numbers.

        The CUBS are really good. They’re the best team in the majors. Blanton misses a pitch to a pinch hitter on the Nats or the Giants and 7/10 times nothing negative happens. With a good team that goes down.

        Every once in a while, the best team will win in Baseball. This could be that year.

        Here’s the reason to be sunny. It’s a very well constructed team, with widely admired front office, robust farm team, bundles of money to spend and a strong core.

  3. This best pen in all of baseball business things just bugs me. Mark has brought it up a lot toward the end of the season.

    But the eye test is what I follow. Some of these Dodger relievers just do not know where the ball is going. Andrew Miller they are not. But many are just GM cheap pickup guys who they hope will make the team.

    If Jansen is not signed over the winter — what will the GM do? Clayton will be watching and if he does not like the decision, that will push him to move on I believe. He will want his future games protected.

    But for the business at hand — I believe the Dodgers can will the next two games and march on to the World Series. But Roberts will have to start the right guys in the lineup. Like who is in the outfield. Key: Puig is just overmatched these days — little ground balls, popups, fly balls . . . oh, if only Puig would have two good days.

    1. This is an interesting point.

      Are teams going to try and acquire two “closers” or high-leverage performers for their pens now?

      I wouldn’t be surprised. This was, as posted many times, the Dodgers plan before Chapman’s trade went blooey. One pitcher to “close” the other to get out of sticky situations.

  4. Hey Roger. You in your new digs yet?

    I agree with your assessment on the bullpen. No names there other than Jansen. I think there are some good arms there, but no, there are no Miller’s there. They are affordable risks, and it could be they are just out of gas. Been a long year for them.

    I think Jansen has the chance to earn himself a lot of money this weekend. He might throw another 50 pitches on Saturday, and come out again in Sunday. This is where we are. With the season on the line, who else in that bullpen do you put out there vs that Cub lineup?

    81%. Steep odds.

    1. Will I guess that is the point.

      You can’t have a starting pitching rotation like this, and not have a pretty good set up pitcher, to help in these big moments.

      And obviously the front office knew this, or they would have never went after Chapman!

    1. Sounds accurate to me, mirrors what some of us have been saying. Best statement in the article:

      “No franchise has spent more in pursuit of a championship than the Dodgers — not even the Yankees — and so far the only one they won was for the 2013 Red Sox.

      In attempt to honor that win-now credo, the Dodgers obtained Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez in August 2012. That removed the majority of their long-term commitments from the Red Sox, who reacted by spreading their money around to create a more diversified/deeper roster then won it all the following season”.

      So very true.

  5. What has happened is that two guys, one who has been solid all year and the other who has been outstanding all year have imploded. Stripling (the long-man) has a 13.50 ERA and and Joe Blanton, the set-up man has a 21.00 ERA. The Dodgers would have never gotten here without Blanton, who had an amazing year as one of the best set-up men in baseball. He was 7-2 with a 2.48 ERA and a 1.01 WHIP. The league hit .194 against him this year. How can I be mad at him? He’s not happy – that I know, but what can you do?

    This year, the bullpen has been the best on all of baseball. So, you are going to use the “eye test”? That is fine. Just use it over the last 172 games, not the last 5 to be fair! The “eye test” tells me they were the best all year, but not the last 5. Many want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I don’t subscribe to that activity. To get this far takes an incredible team effort, depth and talent.

    “Cheap pickup guys?” Do you really want to go there? Do you really think “expensive pickup guys” are the way to go? Experience says NO!

    It’s not over. In the next two games we have the #1 and #2 starting pitchers with the lowest ERA’s in baseball (counting starters with more than 110 innings pitched). Kershaw is #1 in WHIP and Hill is #4. In batting average against, Kershaw is #1 and Hill is #3. Both pitchers had outstanding outings in their last starts and they both will be on FULL REST. Oh, and Kershaw gave up 8 HR, while gave up 4 – ALL SEASON!

    This is why FAZ gave up three nice prospects for Filthy Rich- just for an occasion like this. You never know how many of these opportunities you get and the Dodgers are right where they need to be-their two best pitchers are starting. Correction: The two best starting pitchers in baseball, this year are starting. Let the games begin.

    Why is everyone ragging on Kike but giving Chase a pass? Chase has a .233 OB% in the playoffs. Kike has a .300 OB% in the playoffs, but it is time to put Toles in the leadoff spot! In OB%, Ethier is at .400, but can’t play the field. Toles is at .435, Turner is at .488, Pederson is at .352, Puig and Redick are at .333. Even Grandal is at .303.

    The guys who are hurting us the most are Kendrick, Seager, A-Gon and Utley. I’ll give the 22 year-old a pass, but A-Gon, Utley and Kendrick need to step up, but many of you rag on Kike, Yasmani and Reddick, because… well, of course you do. It’s on the vets and Corey! Everyone needs to man up.

    This would be my lineup for the 6th game:

    1. Toles LF
    2. Reddick RF
    3. Turner 3B
    4. Seager SS
    5. A-Gon 1B
    6. Pederson CF
    7. Grandal C
    8. Utley

    1. Oh yeah….Grandal is having a great playoff run…….NOT………Reddick is one tick above mediocre and Kike is nowhere to be seen………… the stats stat guy….they suck..

    2. Mark, when are you going to start your blog you mentioned a few weeks ago. I’m ready to talk about the team I want next year and would rather do that on your blog.

      I think Seager and Pederson would create sparks if rubbed together so I would bat them next to each other.

      Agon needs to bat 6th. He is clogging the bases and could best score on a Grandal home run, that goes for Grandal as well 🙂 Agon has been thrown out at home twice and stayed at third last night on Joc’s ground ball toward short. The rule is always to run home in a double play situation. Outs are precious in the 9th inning and an out at the plate is better than two outs at second to first.

        1. Scott, Mark and I enjoy talking trades and prospects and few here share that enjoyment. Usually the only response I get here is cold water or dislike of suggesting changes.

      1. And maybe Joc should have pulled the ball to the right side, so it would be easier for Agone to go home.

        Joc is a leftie hitter, and he is suppose to get the run in, by hitting it to the right side.

        That isn’t Agone’s fault, that Joc hit it to the shortstop!

        And Agone hit in the first run last night, and he is the best one on this team, to hit a run in, in the clutch.

        1. Geeze MJ, No one is going to pull an up and out strike that is coming in at 101 mph. And I will add that no one is going to hit a ball to the opposite field that is high and inside or breaking toward their knees.

    3. Mark
      What is our bullpen’s inherited runners percentage?

      For the whole season, and in the post season?

      Are you kidding, Utley has not hit well, but when he does, he has driven in runs, in the post season.

      And Chase is one of the leaders on this team, and Chase didn’t hit 190 all year like Kike!

      The mistake they made with Kike, was not make him stay in AAA for a month or more, to try to get him hitting again!

      Kike isn’t going to suddenly hit a pitcher that might be the Cy Young winner this year, after hitting 190 all year, against both lefties and righties.

      And Blanton has done well in the regular season, but he is no set up guy.

      He had to be one, because Hatcher, didn’t do his job.

      And the front office went after Chapman, to help the starting rotation, but did nothing after they let his deal go, but sign Blanton, who was probably attractive for them, because he was cheap.

      And it is obvious now, that you don’t build a starting pitching rotation, the way they did, because some guys in the pen, are probably running on fumes.

    4. The two best starters in baseball? Hendricks and Kershaw? Should be a good game.

      Let’s not use the eye test. After all, you gonna believe what you see or what you are told?

      Frankly I’m happy to be where we are. With the starting rotation that was cobbled together, and the bunch of no-names and guys past their prime players brought in by wheel chair I think to still be in this thing is a remarkable achievement.

      Yeah Mark, where’s the new blog? And the mountainmover book? And the movie? Will the morons and sh*t eaters be welcomed?

    5. Utley

      I’d leave Josh and his impotent stick on the bench. Wouldn’t have a problem dropping Utley to 8th in the lineup. He’s has done nothing.

      1. Hawkeye

        You have been saying this for a while now, and you are right!

        Almost everything else, just doesn’t make sense.

  6. Oscar I find your praise of Gonzalez interesting. I see him as slower and slower and slower: on the base paths, at the plate, even with the glove. Maybe it’s just my bias. But when I see the Cubs 1B beat out a ground ball to 3B, I just wince. Hopefully it’s just a slump and he begins to drive the ball.

    1. Artieboy

      Agone hit the first run in last night.

      And he is the best one on this team, to hit in an important run, in the clutch.

      He doesn’t swing from his heels with two strikes, and with runners in scoring position, and strike out and not get a run in, like others on this team.

      He shortens his swing, to get the run in, like a good team player does.

    2. I have to agree artieboy, serious question: Is Gonzalez the slowest position player in the majors? It looks to me, that he is and the speed of the game has passed him by.

      I sure hope that Gonzalez doesn’t do a Crawford on us the next two years. If the bat speed goes the way of the leg speed, he is toast.

      1. Yes! Kudos to you because you said it much clearer than I did. It seems, as you stated, the “speed of the game has passed him by.”

      2. Boxout

        I don’t think that age is the reason Agone, runs so slow.

        I just think he always has been a slow runner.

        But he does hit in more clutch runs, then most anyone on the team.

        Because he shortens his swing in those type of situations.

        And like Badger, and the broadcasters said, the Cubs second baseman, has quick reflexes, and has a gun for a arm.

    3. To answer your Q, Artieboy:
      Game 1: Dodgers down 3-1, 8th inning, 2 out and bases loaded. Agone comes up with HUGE double to tie the game. We lost, but he didn’t load the bases for the Cubs or throw that grand slam pitch.
      Power wasn’t needed there, a smart base hit was. That’s what Gonzalez delivered.
      During and after the game, took leadership roles – intangibles.
      Game 2: Hit home run, the only run the Dodgers scored. They won. Credit Kershaw? Sure, but equal credit to the only run produced. Power needed – delivered.
      Game 3 – Agon thrown out at home by a mile. True, but he was following incredibly stupid advice from the third base coach. That grounder was retrieved in short LF and NOBODY should have been sent home. Carl Crawford could have thrown out Dee Gordon on that play.
      Game 4: Want speed? Agone bolts for home and is called out by ump and NY replay officials. The replay clearly shows he was safe and the Dodgers were cheated out of the first run of the game.
      Game 5: Agone steps up again and drives in the first RBI of the game. Later Gonzo scored himself. He was behind 2 of the 4 runs we scored.
      If that isn’t worth noting and praise, I just don’t know what is.

  7. Did I see it right last night or did I imagine it.
    Did they get Agon to lead off an innings with an attempted bunt?

    I would never have envisioned a situation where that could possibly work. I think he was given out after a review. Couldn’t believe they even attempted it.
    Agon is a tortoise.

    Maeda was poor last night again.
    It’s a shame but he has run out of steam at the wrong time.

    1. Watford

      That is true about Maeda, but at least he pitched his best, to not let another run to go in.

      He had runners in scoring position, a couple times last night, and pitched really tough, to not allow another run to go in.

      Unlike a couple guys, in the bullpen.

      1. The bunt was a good idea. Rizzo did it beautifully. Baez is a superior athlete. None of our guys make that play. Credit where credit is due.

        We’ve got a few problems with this team. Gonzalez is not one of them.

        1. Badger

          Your right about Agone, he bunted that ball really well.

          And players that are shifted on so much, that they have no third baseman in sight, need to look how Agone bunted there.

          Because when there is no third baseman in sight, all the hitter has to do, is bunt I passed the pitcher.

          Players in those situations, don’t have to rush out of the batters box.

          They need to square around and make sure they bunt it beyond the pitcher.

          If they do that, even the slowest runner on the team, would make it to first safe easily.

          Some players just don’t get that.

  8. The biggest problem I had with the game last night was our unwillingness to run on Lester. Kike said something about not wanting to give Lester a break by getting thrown out as his reason for not running in the 1st inning. To me not running gave Lester a break. If a leftfielder has a weak arm ( ala Kendrick) you take advantage of it. I don’t know if it was the coaching staff or the players that decided not to run but IMO it as a big mistake. As a whole Blanton has had a good season but he has been terrible in the LCS. If/when Jansen leaves is there anyone on the roster that you can look at and say he can be our closer. I don’t know if I can but I will say that Fields could be interesting in that role.

  9. I agree that we should have run in Lester. If you can’t steal the base they are literally allowing you to steal, then how tf do you intend to beat theses guys?

    Blanton has been good all year. The Cubs appear to know what to do against him. Who else you got down there?

    Maybe Kershaw can silence the bats. He’s pitched ok so far. 4 games, 3.72 ERA. Hendricks I think has a 3.0 in post season. He’s pretty good, but, he ain’t left handed so we have a shot.

    1. Badger

      We know that Blanton throw two hangers to Montero, in that one at bat, and Montero hit the second one out.

      And we know Blanton hung that ball, that the Cubs shortstop hit out last night.

      Have you noticed any of the Cub’s pitchers, throwing hangers to our hitters, that our hitters, are not hitting out?

    2. I think our players trying to get Lester off his game, and not taking advantage of the big leads, that Lester gave them.

      Caused our hitters to get off there game, and they didn’t get Lester off his game, much at all.

      Why did Joc bunt the ball right to back to Lester?

      Joc didn’t have any defense, from shortstop on, because of the shift.

      All Joc had to do, was square around, and just make sure, that he got his bunt, beyond Lester.

      If Joc did that, he would make it to first easily.

      And Joc doesn’t even have to have Lester pitching, to take advantage of the shifts on him.

      Joc has no defense on him, from where the shortstop normally plays, to the right side of the infield.

      But Joc is more worried, about getting out of the batters box quickly, and he doesn’t have to do that, if he takes his time, and squares around correctly.

      All he has to do, is punch the ball passed the pitcher, down the third base line.

      And Joc would get on base, in everyone of his at bats, until his bunts, changes the shift on him.

      1. MJ that play has been available to both Joc and AGon all year. (See Rizzo bunt for how to bat 1.000 against the shift). Neither of our guys took the time to learn how to do it. Apparently the analytics used did not add up to “winning by bunt”.

        1. Badger

          I guess I get frustraded, because I see the same mistake done almost everytime we see a player bunt, and it is such an easy fix.

          1. Bunting is a lost art.

            In 1957, the first game I ever saw in person, I watched Mickey Mantle drag a bunt up the first base line and he was so fast getting to first there was no play on him. I was 9. I wanted to learn how to do that – so I did. He did something similar, but went the other way against Drysdale in an All Star game in ’59. Drysdale fell off the mound toward first base and Mickey bunted it to the shortstop Ernie Banks who swallowed the ball. I watched what Rizzo did last night and laughed my ass off. Why that isn’t done more often is the question. If they give you the base, you are an idiot if you don’t take it.

          2. It’s not quite ‘an easy fix’ but it is something of which practicing it would definitely improve one’s performance. But so does free throw shooting. And how is that working out for the notorious bad free throw shooters.

            Bunting a major league pitch takes some skill. No person off the street will get in the box and get even 3 of 10 strikes bunted in fair territory, little lone placed where they want it.

            Pitch recognition and location. Keeping the bat still actually catching the ball with the bat. Making contact with the top part of the baseball (hence why they are taught to start with the bat at the highest point in the strike zone) while holding the bat at the proper angle to position the ball where it’s not going right back to the pitcher all must take place for a successful bunt.

            It must be practiced.

  10. Badger your Rams are in town to play the Giants.
    1st ever NFL game at our National home of Rugby, Twickenham. Great stadium & sold out – 80,000

    Won’t be long till we have a London team in the NFL. It will happen because there’s lots of money to be made.

    1. Should be fun for the locals!

      The BBC showed a clip of a Rams player taking a few swings as a batsman. Pretty cool.

  11. The bunt, the bunt, the bunt. I’m referring to Zobrist’s in game 4. It seems the offensive onslaught that has been dumped on us all started after that beautiful bunt base hit by Zobrist.

  12. While my emotions were at a much higher level during and shortly after the game, I’ve now calmed down a bit and can see we have a pretty fair chance obtaining the NL pennant. Nothing will be a given in either games, but it’s not an unreasonable bet for our #’s 1 & 2 to be on their ‘A’ game. Of course some offensive batting from our boys wouldn’t suck. But won’t it really be something if the Dodgers do indeed pull it off? It’s not supposed to be easy! Shuffle up and deal and may the best team win………scratch that last part.

  13. we get Maeda for 7 more yrs…what a mistake..,,they moved agon for the 4th spot to the 6 th spot..he knots in runs ..but in the 6th spot it put him on the base,s in front of the others..kershaw can pitch good …but if you dont get him runs ..we can still loose. and yes toles should be in the line up with left or righties sorry can spell any more..bais sucks and hope we dont have him next yr..

    1. Jerry

      I understand the spelling problem.

      I know I mess up to much, but it is so hard to correct things on my iPhone, and especially after these lines appeared.

  14. We were totally outplayed last night. Start with terrible pitching all night. Behind in counts to just about everyone. Not many pitches hit the catcher’s target. Can’t believe how these guys can get people out without hitting the target. They depend on the batter hitting pitches out of the zone. There were plenty of those. Whatever the past success, without strike 1, the odds are bad for the pitcher. On the offense, Lester didn’t seem to have much trouble with the lineup. I agree that Toles should play everyday. Not Puig. Basically, though, last night’s game and the one before were games of stress brought on by bad pitching from top to bottom. At least we have a rested Jansen. It’s all gravy. The giants suck.

  15. There was a point said on the broadcast last night that I think has merit. Comparing a team with 4 solid SP’s to a team such as ours that relies on the BP to eat the majority of innings. We need our relievers to come into high leverage situations and automatically have their best stuff… No time to find it and lock in like a starter. Obviously no one will have their best 100% of the time and because of the situations they are brought into their mistakes = Runs. With the exception of Kenley none of our relievers have had their best stuff. Every single big hit came off of a mistake pitch…

    We are in a position to win this thing with CK and Hill but I can’t help but think back to last year and say the exact same thing about last night…. ” If only we had a bulldog #3 that could go 7″……

    I hate the move of having Kike in any postseason game against any pitcher in any situation. Chase needs to be in the lineup… He has the most playoff experience, he’s a leader and he’s had CLUTCH hits. I know math says I am wrong but… How did that math work last night?? It was Game 5 of the NLCS and Kike Hernandez was batting leadoff…. It’s really hard to say out loud much less watch… Sorry.

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