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With Alex Wood’s Sore Elbow The Dodgers Must Rely Heavily on Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir

The Dodgers announced on Tuesday evening that left handed starter Alex Wood was placed on the 15-day disabled list with elbow soreness. Apparently he’s flying back to Los Angeles to have his elbow examined. As a result the Dodgers have recalled mega-prospect Julio Urias to take his spot in the rotation while the Dodgers figure out how bad Wood’s elbow is. It’s a tough blow for the Dodgers since Wood has been pitching very well lately. The Dodgers and all of us are hoping that it’s nothing serious beyond general soreness. The Word is that it is not a structural problem.

In the meantime Urias will likely start on Thursday with Mike Bolsinger taking the hill on Wednesday afternoon. Kenta Maeda is questionable for his next turn after getting hit on his pitching hand by a line drive in his last start. With the injuries continuing to mount, the Dodgers are going to have to rely heavily on left hander Scott Kazmir, who turned in another dominating start in the Dodger’s 5-0 win over the Cubs on Tuesday evening.

The Dodgers inked Kazmir on December 30th, to a three-year 48 million dollar contract. However Kazmir can opt out after the first year. The Dodgers are paying Kazmir 12.6 million dollars for this season, and if he decides not to opt out, 17.6 million the following two seasons.

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Kazmir had gotten off to a poor start in the first month of the season which perhaps can be attributed to adjusting to a new league and a thumb injury on his pitching hand. Kazmir tossed six innings of shutout ball on opening day in San Diego. After that he allowed four earned runs or more in his next three starts. He continued to struggle into the month of May. His struggles reached a zenith point during a start in San Diego on May 20th, which was just three starts ago. On that day he allowed five earned runs and seven walks in 5.2 innings pitched. Overall he has been pitching much better in the month of May.

So far he has won three out of six decisions this month, which include a dominating performance on May 14th against the Cardinals in which he was just one out away from a complete game win. He struck out 12 last week against the Reds. Tuesday evening he tossed six shutout innings against the Cubs. He allowed just one hit and struck out seven while walking only one. Over the last 12 frames he’s allowed one earned run on five hits with three walks and 19 strikeouts.

This month Kazmir has limited opposing batters to a .188 batting average against. He’s 3-1 with a 3.46 ERA in May and has 46 whiffs in 38 innings pitched. He’s lowered his ERA to 4.38 after his second consecutive dominating start. Kazmir has whiffed 9.4 per nine over his 11 starts.

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Kazmir seems to be finding his groove and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the Dodgers. With a slew of starters on the disabled list, and now Wood falling victim to injury the Dodgers need Kazmir to be on his A-game.

Kazmir has certainly been inconsistent this season. Things have a funny way of averaging out in baseball. Kazmir is definitely not this bad of a pitcher and the last few starts he’s proving that true. Kazmir was well known for being a control pitcher and his command has never been this off when healthy.

If the Dodgers are going to survive all of these pitching injuries then they are going to need a healthy and productive Scott Kazmir. Right now we are seeing what that looks like and it’s pretty darned fun to watch. Keep on Kazifying the National League Scott. We need you more than you know.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

12 thoughts on “With Alex Wood’s Sore Elbow The Dodgers Must Rely Heavily on Scott Kazmir

  1. Kazmir being the topic of this thread I’ll just say I am pleasantly surprised with some of his success, am not surprised by his 4.38 ERA, don’t expect him to throw 200 innings and would be astounded if he opts out. He will be 33 next year, which is 3 years on the wrong side of that post steroid era MLB career cliff.

    Wood? I sure hope he’s ok, but would I be surprised by him needing surgery? Of course not. We now specialize in the surgically repaired.

  2. Ryu pushed back, Wood now on the DL, McCarthy a huge question mark. Urias will not be allowed to pitch a lot of innings. This pitching staff has serious issues. Might be time to call up Zack Lee and give the kid a real shot. I do not trust Bolsinger to be more than a 5 or 6 inning guy. And to tell the truth, a trade is needed…

  3. I just read that Zack Lee’s BA against is around .300. Must have been a misprint. I hope.
    Quote from Baseball America: Speaking of Cubans: “I think we take things for granted(and)just assume that people know certain things, especially something that has so many different definitions. I feel like, as an industry, we’ve failed the Cuban players. We sign them for a lot of money and fast-track them to the major leagues…..” Guess who said that? Andrew Friedman. An example he used is the habit of Cuban players to show up at the park an hour before game time. What an idiot! Maybe even a knucklehead. Yet he keeps signing these guys. WE are failing the Cubans; the CUBANS are not failing us. Dumbing down at its worst. This is the guy who runs this team. Or one of them. He says the “industry” is doing this; in this case, the industry is the Dodgers. Sounds rather Trumpish. Now he is stretching HIS idiocy to all of baseball. Misery loves company. Think of the millions that have been spent on these guys, with zero results. If they were good, I would give it a pass. But ours, at least, stink. Now, our best? is hurt again. Good riddance.

    1. Well the Cardinals didn’t fast track their Cuban signee. Played minor league ball for 2 years. In fact they took him off the 40 man roster and now he might be on the All-Star team. That is nothing but an excuse and a cop out and some of you think this FO has the knowledge to build an organization. Give me a break.

      One of their American castoffs (Hazelbaker) has more HR’s than their star Cuban does.

  4. Ok. I’ve calmed down a bit. Kazmir’s fastball was unhittable yesterday. Must have had great movement. Was getting swings and misses. Good job. Most important, for me, is the team winning a bunch of games in the 8th and 9th inning. That’s what the giants do. I love it. Besides winning the game, it must have some residual effect on the other team. I hope that happens today. I am more than curious about Urias tomorrow. The second time he has had to go against a good team in its yard. We shall see.

    1. Wondering
      That is who gave advice to Turner, about becoming a better hitter! And I think they both use the same hitting instructor, in the off season.

    2. Cleveland does not want Carl Crawford so you can forget that…….his contract still has way too much money owed

          1. SVS is basically your only POWER bat off the bench. Until Ethier is ready, I doubt they trade Scott…and the Dodgers would have to eat almost all of Crawford’s salary to get anyone to take him. Now they could trade Alex Guererro over there. He has some OF experience, and he is cheap…would not get much back, but at least something.

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