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Angels Broadcaster Rush(es) to Judgement, Gets Schooled

Maybe you saw the tweet last night from Angels post game radio host, Trent Rush. It was a doozy.

Mr. Rush, like many of us, watched as the traveling Dodgers fan group, Pantone 294, unfurled their trademark giant “LA” flag in Anaheim’s outfield bleachers during last night’s contest between the Dodgers and Angels. However, Trent, unlike many who are familiar with the Dodgers, ESPN, or other national sports affiliates, had no idea who Pantone 294 is, or that they are a fun-loving bunch of loyal  and loud, yet peaceful, fans of the boys in blue.

Pantone 294 has been around for a few years, and recently their visibility has grown through local and national stories covering their spirited  “takeovers” of opposing team’s stadiums, including San Francisco, Chicago and New York’s storied Yankee Stadium. How Rush, as a media professional specializing in baseball, missed the coverage surprises me. But what really registered on my sports Richter scale was his over the top reaction to Pantone 294’s presence and his resulting tweet.

I can’t show you the original, because it’s no longer on Rush’s Twitter timeline. I suppose he deleted it. Here’s what he had to say:

This is what Angels fans are fired up about. As they should!! This is outrageous! Angels fans DO NOT ENGAGE. Let them be classless. Be smart. – Trent Rush via Twitter

Fans were cheering for their team to get a hit and win the game, and good ol’ Trent had the audacity to call them “outrageous” and  “classless”.

Needless to say, Rush’s Twitter feed was immediately bombarded with folks responding to his panic. Some replies were angry, others sarcastic, and more than a few used their time and limited Twitter characters to educate him on just who and what Pantone is.

After what must have seemed like thousands of similar Tweets, Rush calmed down, took a step back, and tweeted this in a reply to a Tweet from Pantone 294:

I’m glad that Mr. Rush was able to eventually ease off the fire alarm, but my question is, why would that be the first reaction from a professional team representative? Did the fans in blue really look like threatening, potentially violent, soccer hooligans? Did he see scuffles and shoving matches breaking out?

I doubt Rush was anywhere near the group. All he could see was a large blue flag and all he could hear were loud cheers. Ten seconds with a pair of binoculars would have confirmed what many already knew. It was a boisterous bunch cheering for their team. Rush would have benefited from a bit more observation and a lot less frantic thumb-typing.

Last night’s attendance (44,669) in Anaheim was the second-largest since 1998. The Angels are averaging 36,661 customers per game this season.  Pantone 294 and plenty of other Dodger fans sprinkled throughout the stadium helped pad the Angel’s nightly attendance by just over 8,000. That’s a lot of extra peanuts and hot dogs ringing up on Anaheim’s cash registers.

I wonder if Mr. Rush will take a second to tweet a “thank you” to the Dodgers fans who filled those seats and helped set that record – peacefully.





Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

39 thoughts on “Angels Broadcaster Rush(es) to Judgement, Gets Schooled

  1. I don’t get involved in twitter wars. I stay away from that stuff (which probably means I’ll never get elected president).

    I also dont know much about this group. But Pantone 294 is a cool name!

    Stadium violence is stupid, even at Dodger (LA Raider) stadium.

    1. I very rarely post on twitter and never take any of it seriously because all it is is someone’s opinion. I see people getting all fired up over Trump’s tweets. I think it is much ado about nothing. I care less what he, or anyone else tweets.

      1. I don’t do the twitter either, but Trump’s tweets are often clumsy, cretinous and down right embarrassing. It’s just not dignified for thr President of the United States to behave in such a gauche manner. I wish he would stop, but I know he won’t.

        Sounds like Rush was just uninformed. He made an attempt to back it up a bit when he learned who they are.

        1. Badger

          I guess some people don’t value integrity, or class.

          This guy is so insecure, he can’t help himself.

          And he doesn’t tell the truth even when it doesn’t matter.

          He is just one big con, that people believed, because they bought his image, from TV.

          1. Yes, well MJ, hopefully it won’t last 4 years.

            In all the years I’ve been going to baseball games I’ve only seen two incidents involving what might be called violence. Both involved alcohol. One was in the Metrodome when fans in the left field pavilion pelted Chuck Knoblauch with water bottles and nachos and hot dogs – it was a mess. Game was halted and I think Knoblauch didn’t return. A few unruly fans were ejected. The other was in SF after a giants game against the Twins. Twins won. A young couple in Twins gear were walking in front of me and a very large drunk giants fan started getting very rude with them. They said nothing but I could tell they were nervous. The guy made a move toward them and I stepped in, told the Twins fans to keep moving. This guy was probably 6’4″ and 400 pounds. Big ugly dude. I got right in his face. I told him to stop acting like a lout and said “you’re just pissed the f$&!@ng giants played like crap”. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like I had just fallen out of a blimp or something. I think he figured beating the hell out of some older dude over 200 pounds lighter than him proved nothing so he turned and walked away. I wasn’t worried as I knew there was no way he could catch me if I took off. The couple disappeared in the crowd. Other than those two incidents I’ve never seen anybody get into any trouble.

        2. I understand all that, I just do not give a rats ass. It is his personality and the way he is, but I find it extremely humorous that such a big deal is made about tweets. I value results. He does not get that and he will be out of office. I also find it rather amusing that CNN is under the gun for all the false news they reported. Oh well, I do not trust the media neither, and what they or our president do has little effect on me at this point. Still have my guns, which if the wicked witch had won, I might not have.

          1. He’s the Commander in Chief. He sets the tone Michael. He must claim the dignity of the office. It’s important to A LOT of people, not just the 24% that voted for him. People all over the globe are watching us and so far only the Russian people approve of this guy.

          2. Wait.

            Do you really think Hilary Clinton would have done anything to your guns?

            What kind of guns do you have?

            What do you think she would have done?

            Force you to turn them in?


          3. Bluto, I have a 9 MM, a 45 semi auto, a 357 magnum, 2 .22 rifles, a tactical shotgun and a 9 MM carbine rifle. She made numerous statements that older vets were too mentally unstable to own weapons. Whether she would have backed up stricter gun laws is only supposition right now, but they always blame the gun. They have for years. Gun laws are pretty much useless because criminals do not get theirs that way. As for the other stuff, like I said, as long as it does not impact me, I do not care. Been around too long, seen too many corrupt politicians, and served a government that did not really care about us. So why should I care about them? Integrity is their problem. Not mine. Of course those are my feelings only. They elected a adulterer, so why should I worry about a business man who just says what he thinks and damn the consequences? Just my opinion, I expect no one to think the way I do. By the way, I have never had to fire my weapons in anger, and I hope I never do, but if it was necessary, I would….in a heart beat. And sorry Badger, I really do not care. not my problem

          4. It’s a specious argument Michael. Nobody wants to take your guns. It’s done to rile up those that don’t know any better. You should know better.

          5. Worse than that. Guns, Abortion, and several other items are used merely to get money donated or votes cast. The politicians themselves don’t really give a shit but telling you they do can get votes and campaign contributions. We are being used. And I have more guns than you do, Michael. At one point six or seven years ago, I counted 50! But I am way down, got to get to zero before I die.

          6. That’s bonkers!

            1. Congress would never let such a law pass.
            2. The court would never let it happen.
            3. There’s absolutely no mechanism to collect the guns proactively.
            4. At the worst for gun owners would be state action, not federal action!

            And what does “blame the gun mean”?

  2. Yes sir.

    You know, it might be more constructive to lead the conversation in the direction you might prefer it to go. Trying to push donkeys and/or elephants is fool’s play.

    We got mad launch angle mojo going tonight. That and Kershaw. It is probably safe to check out early on this one. Reading a piece on Theodore’s younger brother Elliot. You ever heard of him? I hadn’t. Interesting, troubled fellow. Eleanor’s father. Did you know Franklin married his cousin? I don’t think I knew that. If I did, I forgot. I forget stuff. Anyway, go Dodgers.

  3. What is with the bat flip and the slow trot to first base on the walk to Escobar. Double standard. Next time drill him in a cool way but make a statement.

  4. It was a plunking. Just a subtle baseball tradition. Not a hard bean ball. Come on its not some dumb ass dangerous throw at the head or behind.

  5. Badger, sorry my friend, they have been trying it here. That’s why I am a member of the NRA. We have a governor here who is very anti-gun. I know it is not that way in AZ because I lived there a long time and no one ever even talked about that stuff. I know what you mean Jonah, My son cannot inherit my weapons so I will have to make sure they are gone by the time I shuffle off. Probably will give them to my nephew. Well, they won, and Kersh is 12-2. Jansen is a beast. And Joc is heating up. Bluto, the Dems have been attacking the 2nd amendment for years, and that includes a lot of senators and congress men. As far as congress stopping it, well they keep trying to make it harder to own one when places like Chicago, which has the strictest gun laws in the country, has the highest murder rate in the US. Criminals do not obey the laws. And they blame the gun every time someone does something like San Bernardino instead of the two nut cakes who did the deed.

    1. Right. Chicago and LA have very strict laws, but you can still buy a gun.

      Much less not have them taken!

      There’s no way ANYONE could ever take a gun. It’s bonkers.

      1. Agree Bluto.

        I don’t get the fascination with guns. I didn’t grow up with them, my father was a WWII Master Seargant in the Marine Corps, served in the Pacific. He liked to fish, so we did a lot of that. My only weapons were military issue and I learned I was damn good with them. Qualified expert with an M-14 and a 45, carried an M-16 in Vietnam, also was pretty accurate with an M-79 grenade launcher. The only hunting I ever did was for people, and they were hunting me. That’s a perspective that is likely different than most. I know what guns are for, I’ve seen what they do. I want nothing to do with them. But I don’t judge those that choose to own them. I will however debate those who are naive enough to believe the bullshit the NRA pumps out about “taking your guns”. It’s just not true. Read up on it people. And I am against the sale of assault rifles. If we actually get to the point we as citizens NEED them it will be because the government is using them against us and if we get there we are all f*cked anyway. Common ground through common sense people. Can we at least have civil, sensible discussions about our issues?

        Baseball – as long as the Cubs flounder and the Nats have bullpen issues, I like our chances in post season. So do the oddsmakers. Long way to go.

      2. “There’s no way ANYONE could ever take a gun.”


        But there are large numbers of advocates and interest groups and politicians that would like to…someday, and if you gave them unfettered power they would do so in a heart beat. That’s why you need checks and balances. That’s why you need interests groups that push back and are advocates for a swath of the population that values the 2nd Amendment.

        The NRA and the pro abortion people use the same tactics. They resist any restriction on what they see as a fundamental right because they see any concession as a slippery slope to eventual abolition.

        1. Now or ever. For the very reasons you lay out. This idea of taking guns from people may be the silliest fear I’ve read in a while.

          Abolition of what?

          Of owning a machine gun? Ok. If I squint very hard, maybe those SALES will stop. Maybe ammunition gets limited, but there’s no way. Simply no way, of people taking guns from people’s home.

          The country too big, the laws too engrained. It’s bonkers. It literally (not figuratively) cannot happen.

          1. Has happened. In England, Australia, Germany, lots of other places. It WILL happen here. Every politician, every leader wants that so they can stop elections and remain in power. I suppose I would too if I were in that position. But not in my lifetime. I never worried about it. But I do understand the need for some control and that conditions have changed somewhat in the last 250 years…. The problem is always the same, our leaders are too inept and too focused on their own desires to pass a reasonable law that would actually solve a problem.
            Michael, have you read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross? It exposes the origins of a lot of these problems. Interesting book. I can send you the ebook if you like.

          2. However unlikely it seems, as long as there is an agenda that wants to see that happen, it remains a possibility. It seems unthinkable that our civil liberties such as our freedom of speech could ever be traduced, but they are, insidiously. The ACLU should be there to safeguard them, but that organization is too compromised by selective ideology. Individual rights will always be in opposition to the impulse to centralize power.

            I agree, however, about confiscation. If a government actually tried to do that, all those NRA types who are armed would prevent that from happening. It’s a chilling thing to contemplate if or when it would ever come to that point, but I already think in some ways this culture and country are already in the midst of a civil war.

          3. Jonah.

            That’s nowhere near true.

            I defy you to find one piece of evidence that anything like that happened in Germany/England or Australia. In Australia they BOUGHT back guns from people! That’s not taking them! It’s the opposite.

        1. “What is it going to take to stop that slippery slope argument”

          Have the roughly half the country that is anti-gun tone down the rhetoric. If there is an anti[-gun movement, NRA types will continue to feel threatened. The NRA didn’t emerge from a vacuum.

          1. READ THIS CLOSELY!

            We are not talking about being anti-gun. Nor are we talking about being pro-gun.


            We are talking about this insane idea that the Government is going to take away people’s guns. That’s it. The Government literally taking people’s personal property.

  6. How would you like to be that Yankee rookie who plays his first game in the majors, crashes into a wall and is out for the year with a knee injury. I really feel for that kid.

    1. From what I read, repair and rehab from that injury can be real iffy for a gifted athlete. Here is an ugly picture of such an injury.

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