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Brock Deals, Joc Smashes, Dodgers Best Dbacks

Joc Pederson

The Dodger’s talent shined bright as they defeated the Dbacks 6-2 on Saturday night to take a 2-1 lead in the four game series, Rookie Brock Stewart turned in an admirable effort tossing five innings and allowing just two earned runs on five hits and struck out 6 to earn the win. The Dodger offense did their part as they plated six runs on 11 hits.

They scored one run in the first and 3 runs in the fourth frame before adding another two runs late in the game. Corey Seager tripled in the first inning and scored on a Justin Turner Sacrifice fly. That hit gave him his 180 base knocks to give him the all time Dodger rookie record for hits in a season. Joc Pederson hit a monstrous 463 foot home run and Kenley Jansen struck out the side in the ninth showing that his wrist is just fine. The Dodgers now improve to 20 games above .500 and the magic number is down to 11. Here’s how the game played out.

Dodgers 6 11 1

Dbacks   2 6 1




In the top of the first, Seager tripled down the right field line and then scores on a Justin Turner sacrifice fly and the Dodgers jump out in front early 1-0. The Dbacks would come right back to tie it in the bottom of the first. Jean Segura (whom the Dodgers can’t seem to get out) slugs a home run just over the wall in the left field corner for his seventeenth home run of the season. That ties the score at 1-1. The Dbacks almost scored another run, but the Dodgers had a call overturned via replay. Seager’s fielding error and subsequent throw on a Wellington Castillo was wide, but Utley kept his foot on the bag to record the out.

The Dodgers came close to scoring in the top half of the third when Chase Utley doubles and Seager walks. Unfortunately Turner’s force out ends the inning without scoring. Stewart sets down the Dbacks in order again in the bottom of the third.

The Dodgers score three runs in the fourth inning to break the game open. Gonzo walks to lead-off the frame and Reddick follows him with a single to move him to second. Another passed ball from Castillo who has been lackluster in the series allows Gonzo to move to third and then score when Castillo throws the ball away. Once again Arizona’s dreadful team defense helps the Dodgers lengthen their lead. Joc Pederson immediately crushes a monster 463 foot home run to give the Dodgers a 4-1 lead. Seriously guys that ball was smoked.

In the following frame Castillo atones for his poor defense by hitting a solo home run to pull the Dbacks closer. The score is now 4-2 Dodgers after 4 innings. The Dbacks strung together some more hits but they have a runner thrown out at the plate on a great throw from Andrew Toles. Yasmany Tomas singled, and Drury walked. Mitch Haniger’s singles to left and Toles fires to the plate to nail Tomas. Credit Carlos Ruiz with a terrific tag as well.

Move to the sixth inning and Adam Liberatore is in to relieve. He whiffs Jake Lamb and then Dave Roberts brings in Louis Coleman to finish the inning. He retires Castillo on a pop out and then whiffs Tomas for the third out.

The Dodgers added another run in the top of the seventh. Rob Segedin walked and Utley doubles him in to make the score 5-2 Dodgers. Pedro Baez tosses a scoreless bottom of the seventh and we move to the eighth inning. Joe Blanton pitches a scoreless eighth frame.

The Dodgers add another run in the top of the ninth to go ahead 6-2. Singer and Gonzo single and a wild pitch from Silvino Branch scores the sixth run across for the Dodgers. Finally Kenley Jansen enters the bottom of the ninth and strikes out the side to record the boys in blue’s 84 win of the season. Dodgers win 6-2! The Giants blew another late inning lead, falling to the Cardinals. The Dodgers magic number is now 10!

The Dodgers wrap up the series and the road trip tomorrow afternoon as rookie Jose De Leon will battle left hander Robbie Ray at 1:10 PM. The Dodgers come home afterwards for their final home stand of the season and a big series against the Giants.

Go Blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

52 thoughts on “Brock Deals, Joc Smashes, Dodgers Best Dbacks

  1. Hey Scott, thanks for linking the highlight videos in your game recaps! I missed Toles’ throw in the game yesterday, but man, what a laser throw! I didn’t know his arm was that strong. Even more reason I like him starting in LF.

    Even if we lose today, we come home tomorrow with a 5-5 road trip. That’s not the worst thing, to go .500 on the road. A 6-4 trip would be fantastic though. JDL vs a leftie today, so our world famous all rightie lineup will be starting.

    Happy Anniversary! Today marks the 10 year anniversary of that insane game v the Padres where we hit 4 consecutive home runs in the 9th inning!

    Meanwhile, I”m off shortly to the LA Coleseum to welcome the NFL back to Los Angeles. I’ll be the weirdo in a Chicago Bears tshirt and a LA Rams hat, who’s paying more attention to the Dodgers and Giants on his phone than to the Seahawks and Rams on the field!

    1. Bobby
      You weirdo have a great day, and I don’t blame you, for bringing your phone, to watch the Dodgers and the Giants today.

      I couldn’t watch that last Ram game, I don’t know how my brother is able to watch the Rams right now either.

      I knew Toles had a decent arm, because he had thrown two runners out at second, when he was playing rightfield before.

      But the runners were not called out, because Corey has a lot of trouble tagging runners, for some reason.

      But after seeing Reddicks lame throw in the game before to home, it makes me wonder why Reddick is playing rightfield.

      Maybe Reddick didn’t charge the ball like Toles did last night.

  2. I appreciate that Joc hit a HR last night, but it really makes me question his decision making.

    Joc hit that ball out, with a runner on third, with no outs I believe.

    The problem is that Joc is still swinging from his heels with runners in scoring position, when he has two strikes.

    The problem is that Joc doesn’t always hit a HR in those instances.

    He often pops up, or strikes out.

    Joc shouldn’t be swinging like that with two strikes, with runners in scoring position, or when runners are on, that need to be moved up into scoring position.

    And in fact, Joc didn’t move the runner over last night, in one of his previous at bats, because he didn’t shorten his swing.

    Roberts and his coaches, had to tell Joc to shorten his swing, in his next at bat.

    He shouldn’t have to be told that.

    If I was an old time manager, I would have fined Joc, for swinging for the fences, even though he hit that HR.

    That isn’t being a team player.

    1. That was why Stengal didn’t put the Mick on his all time 9. Then again that’s why Mick was so beloved. Course Joc ain’t no Mick, not close. I love what Mick said about Pete Rose, “If I’d a spent my career hitting singles like Pete, I’d wear a dress”.

      1. Only two players in MLB history had over 300 HRs AND under 500 strikeouts. Hint: Both Yankees. One of them was the reason Mickey didn’t make Casey’s all time 9; the other was a catcher-philosopher.

          1. With a huge drinking problem. Just think how good Mick would have been had he partied less, and not injured his knee.

          1. Mick was the best one legged player ever. Babe Ruth drank a bit too. Maybe if he hadn’t drank he’d a had a thousand HRs. Maybe not though.

        1. Not even close to Mick. Joc is good, but Mantle was a switch hitter with power from both sides, and a triple crown threat every year.

    2. Awww, he tried to hit a sacrifice fly just to make the people who are hung up on “productive outs” happy but he hit it too hard. FAZ ought to trade him off for someone who can bunt and hit grounders to the right side….

          1. He did not swing from the heels on that pitch. His swing was smooth and controlled. He hit it solid and it went a long ways. You are expecting an awful lot from a KID in his 2nd year in the majors. He is much more controlled now than he was earlier. He is hitting close to .250. He was in the low .220’s for most of the first half. He has made an adjustment to his swing, and as he gets more comfortable with it he will improve. He may never be a .300 hitter like Corey, but he is a good fielder, and a decent hitter. If you notice, he is pretty hard on himself when he knows he missed hitting a pitch he should have crushed. He is a better hitter than Grandal, who has more homers and ribbies, but has a sub .230 batting average.

          2. MJ you could not have been watching the same at bat I was. His swing was smooth and controlled and that pitch was a fastball down and in. He missed almost the same pitch today. He is still a kid…..

          1. Michael
            When Joc swings from his heels on off speed stuff, he is unbalanced even when he hits a HR.

            And when he hits a fastball, he looks smoother

          2. Michael
            Sorry it is not to much to ask, for Joc to cut back on his swing, when there is a runner in scoring position, that will score from a hit.

            It is ok, if no one is on, and he doesn’t have to strikes, but it is not to much to ask him to shorten his swing, for the team, to get the run in.

  3. Dodger rick
    I just read that the Dodgers have reached out to both Kenley and Turner, to tell them they are wanted, after this year.

    1. Michael
      Grandal has had a bad elbow, but I don’t like either one of those guys, swinging for the fences, when a hit will score a run.

  4. giants fans aren’t even watching the games on tv anymore. A combination of silence and whining. Can your hear it? Music to my ears. It is hard to believe, though, that the giants’ closer can be that bad. Snake bit, a bit. Ground ball just under shortstop’s glove tied the game. Maybe the baseball gods are doling out even numbered karma. Very ok with me, as long as it lasts another 2 weeks. Not time for instant reverse karma now. Great win last night. I saw a Stewart slider that got Goldschmidt swinging, and what a thing of beauty. I love a slider pitcher. He looks like he knows what he’s doing. Roberts said after the game that the young pitchers have showed great maturity on the mound, and that, as much as the act of pitching, is why they have been successful. I’ve been bitching about player development for a long time, but maybe, just maybe, that has turned around. Character counts. I think the development people have done a terrific job with this group, with more to come hopefully. I did like the way Roberts bochied the 6th inning with the pitching changes. I think he likes the toys in his toy box right now.

  5. Kyle Farmer: 3-5 in the OKC elimination loss yesterday. At 3B. What a great finish to the season for him. Spring training will be interesting for him. Maybe as backup catcher. BTW: Are we puzzled by the lack of playing time of Ruiz. He’s playing less that Ellis did. Is he gone after this year?

    1. Yes. No way they resign the guy. They would not have resigned Ellis either. With Barnes, and Farmer, and Leon in the pipeline, they are courting youth.

      1. I actually think Will Smith has a chance to be a great defensive catcher in the Steve Yeager mold. Question is if he can hit enough.

    2. If they’re not going to use Ruiz, then why did they trade for him? Just to get rid of AJ? Once again, much of what FAZ does seems to have little or no meaning….

  6. Missed the game as I went to a concert with Collin Raye. A benefit to raise funds for guide dogs for the blind. It was a great concert, he is one of my favorite singers, and I used to do some of his music when I was playing regularly. Came home and watched the game on Joc crushed that ball, and he should really watch a replay of that swing. It was smooth and not from the heels. Magic number is 10. I also watched a replay of the Giants BP collapse. If they resign Casilla their fans will probably burn the guy in effigy. Despite all that they are still in the wild card hunt, and the Cardinals are 2 games back of them. The Dodgers can deal their playoff hopes a serious blow if they can at least take 2 next week.

  7. The Giants will be involved in “bidding up” the prices for Jansen and Chapman as they try and get a closer. The Dodgers will try and sign Jansen, but I would bet that some team like the Giants will drive the price up too high. Closers should be cheaper and they are very fickle.

    I was looking at RH Power bats and thought Dozier of the Twins would be nice, but he would cost a Kings Ransom and the odds are this is his career year. FAZ wants to get Dozier BEFORE he’s that guy.

    Who thought Jean Segura would become what he is now? You want to get these guys before they breakout.

    I would doubt that Ruiz will be back. The Dodgers have Austin Barnes and Kyle Farmer and Will Smith and Keibert Ruiz. Farmer is not in the TOP 30 but likely will be.

    Peraza is looking pretty good right about now. That could be one that got away. He was part of other deals and I know that it’s early in his career. He is hitting like crazy, but there’s nothing that suggest he is that kind of hitter. We will see.

    I do not believe that the Dodgers will be involved in getting Fernandez UNLESS they value Puig highly. I’d do Puig, Alvarez, Oaks and Sierra for him, but Miami wouldn’t… unless the Dodgers were to take Stanton off their hands.

    1. I said earlier that Puig would be traded to Miami but I forgot about Mattingly. It will take some other players for Fernandez. Maybe Puig for Lucroy…

    2. Mark
      Right hand power is obscure in baseball right now.

      I was thinking it was to bad, that the Bluejay’s, are in the pennant race right now, because they have a couple of big right hand power bats, that are free agents, after this year.

  8. Does anyone know who the two prospects were in the supposed Puig, McCarthy trade for Braun. Apparently Braun and his entire salary would be traded for McCarthy and Puig(and their entire salaries) + 2 prospects from us. One prospect had already been agreed to but there was a problem agreeing to both sides agreeing to the 2nd. Just curious since the consensus of opinion is Braun will in fact be a Dodger next year.

      1. I think you are right about the trade, but it is to bad, Braun wasn’t just a free agent this year.

        Because maybe we could have got him for a lot cheaper.

        And then, he would only be with the team, the rest of the season, and into the playoffs.

        Because we need a rightie bat, that goes off on leftie pitching badly!

  9. Except for the Starting pitchers the 2016 Dodgers are quite a bit better than any team DM had. Injuries or no. the BP is head and shoulders above anything DM ever had except maybe 2012. 2013 BP was pretty good until the play offs.JMO

    1. A lot of the reason this team is grittier, is because of Roberts.

      And Roberts has learned and adjusted all year, with learning on how to work the pen.

      Roberts has also learned how to use each of his pitchers, in the pen, in the difference situations, in a game.

  10. The improvements in BP usage points to manager as well. We don’t have BP stars and they’ve all faded when used too much, but Roberts doesn’t ride the same mid inning guys like Mattingly (and Torre) did.

    Also not a surprise now that Honeycutt retained when the others were allowed to leave. He’s done a good job with the youngsters like Stripling, Stewart, Dayton, etc. (but Baez who’s still the same and Howell is not good anymore)..

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