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Dodger Bats Explode in 12-4 Rout

Maybe it’s the Coors Field altitude but the Dodger bats exploded again on Saturday afternoon en route to a 12-4 rout of the Rockies in the second game of their three game set. The Dodgers scored 11 runs in the series opener which means they’ve plated 23 runs over their last two contests. They spread around the wealth as several Dodgers had a great day at the plate. Joc Pederson collected 4 hits and hit two home runs. Matt Kemp bombed his ninth shot of the season and Chris Taylor had two hits and two runs driven in including a triple. Even little spunky Breyvic Valera had two hits and drove in three runs. The Dodger’s eight run rally in the seventh inning blew the game open.

On the pitching side, Walker Buehler started the game and was shaky from the beginning. He was constantly in trouble from the start but like any good pitcher was able to limit the damage. Buehler threw five innings and allowed four earned runs on eight hits and struck out two. The Dodgers induced three double plays during the game that helped tremendously.

Dodgers 12 13 0

Rockies   4 10 0




The Dodger bats faced Colorado right hander German Marquez who’s been terrible at home (ERA over 7), and he wasn’t terrible. Marquez pitched six frames allowing four earned runs on seven hits while striking out eight. The Dodgers feasted off the Colorado bullpen. The Rockie’s relievers allowed eight earned runs.

The Dodgers scored two in the top of the second to jump out to an early lead. Kemp (the best hitter in the National League) singled and Joc doubled him to third. A Yasiel Puig RBI grounder scored the first run before Breyvic Valera’s trickler past DJ LeMahieu’s diving glove into right field plated the second run.

The Rockies answered with four runs in the bottom of the second inning to take a 4-2 lead. A Trevor Story single, an Ian Desmond walk and a Tony Wolter’s ground ball single gets the first Rockie’s run across. Later in the inning LeMahieu doubles and Charlie Blackmon singles. Colorado up by a 4-2 score.

Meanwhile Buehler wiggled out of a jam in the bottom of the third and settled in after that four-run second inning quite nicely. Story doubled to open the frame and one-out later Ian Desmond is hit by a pitch. Buehler immediately gets Wolters to GIDP and the Dodgers get out of it.

In the top of the fourth, Joc goes oppo boppo for the first of his two solo home runs to get the Dodgers closer. The score is now 4-3 Colorado. Joc would homer again in the top of the sixth, this time into the right field bleachers to tie the game at 4-4. Pedro Baez got into some trouble in the bottom of the sixth after allowing two runners to reach. However he got LeMahieu to ground into an inning ending double play to end the inning without any runs scoring. The Dodger bullpen overall was fantastic, tossing four scoreless frames.

The Dodgers batted around in the seventh inning. With Marquez out of the game and Bryan Shaw on the mound, Taylor started it all with a single to center. After a wild pitch Justin Turner singles Taylor to third. Yasmani Grandal’s force out breaks the tie and gives the Dodgers a 5-4 lead. No lead is safe at Coors so the Dodgers figured they would be better off not taking any chances. So they scored a bunch of runs.

It was an onslaught. With Grandal aboard, Kemp lines a laser beam over the left field wall for his ninth home run of the season. The Dodgers lead is now 7-4. Mike Dunn walks Cody Bellinger and Joc singles Bellinger to second. After a walk to Yasiel Puig to load the bases, Valera’s ground ball single up the middle plates two more runs to extend the Dodger lead to 9-4.

There’s another Colorado pitching change and Enrique Hernandez walks. Harrison Musgrave’s wild pitch scores the Dodger’s tenth run. Then Taylor triples in two more and the Dodgers are now leading by a 12-4 score. Scott Alexander, and Daniel Hudson finished the rest of the game for the Dodgers. The two combined for three scoreless innings and three strikeouts.

Don’t look now but the Dodgers are now only two games behind in the wild wild National league west. The boys in blue improve to 28-30 and are now 14-13 on the road. Maybe the Dodgers can salvage this season but they’re going to have to continue to score runs when they return to sea level as well. The Dodgers have now won 12 of their last 16 games. They’ll go for the sweep on Sunday afternoon with Alex Wood on the mound. Wood was pushed back because of leg cramping. Hopefully the mile high air won’t bother him. Colorado will counter with right hander Chad Bettis. First pitch is scheduled for a little after noon (12:10 PM PST).

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

37 thoughts on “Dodger Bats Explode in 12-4 Rout

  1. Everyone was complaining about Pederson. He showed today why the team has been patient as he gets comfortable with his new swing and approach. 2B, 2 HR’s and a single. Not a bad days work. Kemp with 2 more hits including a 2 run dinger to help blow the game open. I like this Valera kid. Switch hitter and he gets 2 hits and 3 ribbies. Taylor is awake now. Pretty much everyone on the team contributed in some way. Kemp made an awesome throw in the 1st to cut down Blackmon at the plate. Buehler had a bad 2nd inning, but then settled down and did well until he left the game. He missed the big run explosion, so he did not get the win, that went to Baez, who managed to wiggle out of trouble in the 6th. In the 7th they scored 8. Kemp hit a laser shot into the seats. It was fun to watch. The only downer for me was watching Cody Bellinger flail away again. He looked like he was not using his new stance all the time and he missed a couple of center cut fastballs that were right down the pike. It is time for the kid to rediscover that swing back in AAA. He walked and scored a run, but struck out 2 more times and in general is not helping the team. A little AAA time might be just what the doctor ordered. Verdugo is back over .300 down there as is Farmer. Farmer has really picked up his game with regular play. And if I am GM, Forsythe is gone, this week, the guy is totally worthless.

    1. Bellinger is OPS’n .725, OPS+ of 98. That isn’t that bad, just below league average.

      Let him play first and bat low in the order. I got a feeling he’s close. Trust the process.

      1. I would if he were making contact. He is not even coming close most of the time. And last year he was killing those fastballs like that. I personally think his confidence is way down. Just look at his face when he walks back to the dugout. Right now, he is showing little. He did have a 2 hit game right after he changed his stance. Since then, nothing.

    2. Agreed on Bellinger. Send him down. He’s not doing anyone any good at this point.

      Great to see Pederson have the kind of day everyone dreams about. Can he return to the glory of his earlier days when he would homer routinely? I thought his power was gone, after all it’s Coors Field. Let’s not read too much into one game.

      The bats are making the difference. That’s all I can say at this point. I have no solution for the pitching at all except prayer…………….

      At this point, how do you re-sign both Kershaw and Jansen? Both seem to have seen better days and Kershaw really is seeing his body fail him, at this point. We need a major overhaul.

      1. Jansen is signed until 2021. For A LOT of money. He can opt out next year but I don’t know why he would.

        It would seem like I’m the only one who wouldn’t give up on Bellinger just yet. I don’t believe Roberts would send him down, but I wouldn’t be surprised if FAZ did. Who replaces him?

        1. Badger
          I am not giving up on Bellinger just yet. I think he will come around but I realize it is taking a long time. Give him a little longer as some have given Joc 3 years and we are still not sure he has it.

          1. It’s my opinion Bellinger can turn this around quickly.

            On June 1st Joc Pederson had an OPS of .713. On June 2nd his OPS went to .795. Players that can do what those guys can do are rare. It’s the Dodgers way to stick with their young talent when they believe in that talent. These guys are players everybody wanted in trade the last couple of years and they are still here. FAZ and Roberts believe in them. Let’s just see where this goes.

          2. Michael

            One game does not make a season, or prove anything.

            And you complain about certain players, more then anyone here.

            And don’t give certain players credit, when credit is due.

            Everyone here, gave Joc credit yesterday, but most just kept it in perspective, unlike you, because it was only one game.

            Joc had a game like this toward the end of April, but he didn’t do much of anything in May, so Cody is not the only one on this team, that didn’t hit well, in May.

            And it is unbelievable, that you are criticizing Cody after one bad month, because Joc didn’t hit for an entire half of a season, in his first year, and still has not hit consistently, after three plus, years.

            And Joc has never come close to having the season that Cody had last year, either.

            Cody does look lost to me, but I think Package May be right, that it is going to take Cody a while, to get use to the added muscle he put on, in the off season.

            And I think Badger is right, we should give Cody a little more time.

            And I don’t see them sending Cody down after one month, especially when the team is doing well.

            I am glad that Joc has changed his approach, and I hope he can keep it up, because this is what I wanted him to do, for three years.

            And I think he is a better hitter today, even without those HRs, but it is a long season.

            And Buehler wouldn’t have gave up that many runs, if Puig would have thrown the ball to the right base, which was second, not home, to keep the double play, set up.

            Puig needs to start getting back to the fundamentals of the game, because that could have cost us, that game.

          3. Package

            Badger is right, everything can change in one game, Joc had no value in War yesterday, and now after just one game, his value in War, is 0.5.

            And yesterday Cody’s War value was 0.4, which was higher then Joc’s 0.0 War, at that time.

            But Cody’s War is still 0.4 today, even after he didn’t get a single hit, yesterday.

            And I think the front office will stick with Cody longer then most, because of what he did all last year, and because it has only been, one month.

            They stuck with Forsythe all last year, and that was probably because this front office values defense, pretty high.

            Because the only reason Forsythe had any value at all last year, was from his defense.

            And as long as the team is playing well, and Cody is providing value with his defense, they are going to give Cody every chance they can.

            Because Cody has such a high upside, and because he is still a very young player, with a very good, work ethic.

        1. Rock

          The last time we heard from you, was after one good game in April.

          What happened to you, for the entire month of May?

          I am sorry you have only had, two good games, to crow about, in the last couple months.

          But maybe you will get another chance, but it is a good thing, your so patient.

          Don’t you love that Colorado affect?

    3. NEWS:
      We have an Andrew Toles sighting in OKC. He completed his rehab in Arizona and the plan is to activate him for Tuesday’s game in Sacramento. (Team is off Monday.)

      Roberts said Bellinger’s confidence has been “wavering.” and as a result he is sitting on the bench today against a right-handed pitcher. Dave Roberts described this season as “tough sledding” for Bellinger but said the team has not broached the topic of demoting him to OKC yet.

      Yet being perhaps interesting….

  2. MJ,

    Sending Cody down is not a punishment. Nobody is giving up on him. It is a way for him to work through certain bad habits so he can improve himself and the team. No one wants a one way player, at least I don’t. It irks me to see Forsythe at bat and it doesn’t make me feel any better that he is a good defensive 2Bman. I want him to play both sides, like in most sports.

    Muncy is a good replacement at 1B while Bellinger gets right. And, I hope it doesn’t last very long as I like Bellinger and believe that he can turn it around. No one is giving up on him. Not after last year’s performance.

    As far as Puig goes, it does look like he’s made some big strides offensively. He still falters occasionally on defense and base running when he has to make a split second decision. For some reason, his innate baseball IQ may not that high, but I believe he is talented and his athletic level is very strong.

    1. There are 5 players on the team with an OPS lower than Bellinger. You gonna send all of them down to work through bad habits? And if he is sent down, who you bringing up? Verdugo, Farmer and Locastro all have a lower OPS than Cody.

      If it were me I’d go back to the beginning with him. Play a lot of pepper, soft toss drill and hit the ball off the tee. Do these drills every morning after breakfast, go take a nap, come to the park relaxed and ready to hit.

    2. Jeff

      I know from you, it is only concern for Cody, because you only want Cody to get back on track.

      And I think most feel that way, because we know what he can do, when he is right.

      I don’t have the answer myself, and I know Cody doesn’t look close, but one month is not that long, in a baseball season, and that is about all, I do know.

      But I totally understand where you are coming from, it isn’t easy for me, to watch Cody go through this, either.

      I like Puig a lot too, but he is much smarter then people think, he knows where to throw the ball, or I wouldn’t expect that from him.

      I only want the best for Puig, and the team!

  3. MJ
    I think everybody ought to leave Cody alone. He has been hitting a certain way since he was a small child and now there is no telling what he has changed. He might need to seach a little by himself and maybe he can figure it out. I know, I know, everyone will say he has had time but I think he is getting help, maybe too much help. Tell him to relax and let it happen. Go back to basics. Just my opinion. ROCK what do you mean?

    1. I would agree except for one thing Package, they exposed him in the World Series last year. 17 strikeouts in 7 games. He has a huge hole in his swing. They pitch him low and inside and he is a sucker for it every time. Now it seems, he expands his strike zone and then when one comes right down the middle, he is not hitting it for what ever reason. The kid has great instincts, just not a lot of experience. A couple of games ago, he used his new stance, where the bat is more upright than sitting on his shoulder like before, and he immediately got 2 hits. The problem lies in that this is the major leagues. They are trying to get back into the race, if you are going to continue to bat him in the middle of the order and he keeps not producing, you have a huge hole in the lineup. He has hit some homers and is tied for the team lead, but his batting average has sunk 70 points in a little over a month. He needs a confidence boost, and continuing failure is not going to cure that. That’s why I said send him down for a couple of weeks. They are winning without his help right now. Get his head on straight and then bring him back. They did it with Joc, and Puig, and a lot of other players over the years. I think in the long run, Bellinger is going to be more like Corey than what he is now. A solid middle of the lineup bat that can do good things.

      1. Mr. Norris
        I agree that Cody had a huge problem in the W.S. last year but the thing I wonder is why he did not have that hole during the season when he was on fire. Seems to me that if that hole is as big as you say, they would have found it before the W.S.. He seems like he is just off a little but when he gets to 2 strikes he gives up. I sure don’t know why he loses confidence or gets frustrated but I do think he needs some time to figure it out either on the bench or in Oklahoma City. I definitely do not want to make him think that we have lost confidence in his ability. Agree?

        1. Package

          They never sent Joc or Puig down, after a month.

          And Roberts has already said, they are not at that place, right now.

          They let Joc flail away like that, for half a season.

          I think it is more then just making an adjustment.

          Because pitchers made adjustments on Cody all last year, throughout the season.

          And he was able to hit high fastballs, last year!

          I saw him hit a Fastball up by his ear last year, so I think this is something else.

          The problem Cody had in the World Series last year, was slow curves, on his hands, not fastballs.

          Colletti said, he had never seen another player that can adjust, like Cody can, so I am sure, he will figure it out.

          And I think Cody will ask to be sent down, if he thinks he needs to do that.

          1. MJ
            I don’t think that Cody should be sent down necessarily . I just think they need to let him have some time to sort it out. I think everybody is trying to help him and nobody is in Cody’s shoes but Cody. Let him try it his way.

    2. Package

      I agree , I don’t think Cody should have changed his swing, because I think it is something else, because he was just fine, last year.

    3. Package

      Rock comes here, every time Joc has a good game, to try to prove his point.

      He didn’t like that we thought, Kemp should play over Joc, but I think Kemp has already proved, our point.

      And the last time I saw Rock here, was in April, what happen to May?

  4. MJ, you do not agree with 90% of what I say. Fine, I really do not care, and more than you know I realize that one game does not a season make. I have been watching this team and this game a hell of a lot longer than you. I was just commenting on one of the reasons the team had not given up on Joc. Criticizing Cody? I was telling the truth. The kid has looked bad, really bad, and could probably stand a little time at AAA. You don’t agree, fine. I like the kid. I think he will be a really good MLB player for a long time. You have been criticizing Joc for 3 years or more. And I even criticized Puig for his dumb move yesterday. Hell, I get on Grandal and Kike more than anyone on here. I have no favorites. I said earlier this year, during spring training as a matter of fact that Toles deserved to be on the team more than Pederson and that trading Joc was probably the best thing for the team and him. You have your opinions and that’s just peachy. You don’t like what I say because it is about one of YOUR PET players. You play favorites more than I do, and when you dislike a player, woe be unto the front office for having the gall to not trade them because the all knowing MJ knows what is best for the team. I do not know you personally, and you do not know me at all. So please, do not assume to know what I think or why I think it. I watch EVERY GAME< and I go back and watch certain plays over and over. What I see with my eyes is what I believe. And what I hear and read in reports is what I believe. The front office and the manager make the personnel and lineup decisions based on the data they have accumulated. Not me. They like Joc, and always have. And this organization has a history of sticking with it's prospects. You can go back 10 years and see the same thing. Even before FAZ was here. We all know that most of the team is struggling. And we all know how bad certain players were. The only consistent guy has been Kemp. Grandal has fallen in a black hole, Taylor really looked bad for most of the month until the last week or so. But for you, it ALWAYS comes back to Joc. Not my problem. Take a chill pill and go bitch at someone else.

    1. Michael

      You haven’t even been on this thread for three years.

      And most Dodger fans have felt the same about Joc, in the last few years, not just me, and with good reason.

      And unlike you, I don’t have favorite players, so I don’t have double standards like you, with your favorite players.

      And yesterday, I was actually happy that Joc had a good day, because of have a friend, that is a big Joc fan.

      And he has suffered along with Joc, through the years.

      You don’t know what the Dodgers think about any player, because they are to smart, to say anything negative, about any of their players.

      If you have watched so much more baseball then me, then you would know, that Puig should have thrown the ball to second, just like Eric Karros said, in that game yesterday, instead of talking about all the runs Buehler gave up, in that inning.

      Because if Puig makes the right play there, Buehler would have got out of the inning a lot sooner, and he wouldn’t have given up, those extra runs, like he did.

      And Puig knows better, so there is no excuse for that, he was lucky we didn’t lose that game.

      It did ran up Buehler’s pitch count yesterday, but to Buehler’s credit, he fought through that inning.

  5. Sure has been nice to spend a whole weekend watching Dodger baseball, and absolutely no Orel to have to listen to thank heavens maybe package him with Forsythe for a bucket of peanuts.

    1. Tim

      Orel was on the Dodger pregame show in LA, and I thought the same, when I saw him on that show today.

  6. From following the game on’s gameday this game seems to encapsulate everything I don’t like about Coors Field baseball.

    Odd fact:
    Josh Fields is now in line for a win, although he didn’t technically face a batter. I guess he only threw one pitch before picking Desmond off second base.

  7. I gotta say, next to Brandon McCarthy Logan Forsythe is among the bigger disappointments (TO ME) in recent years.

    I say that just in part for McCarthy’s twitter.

    1. I think the lights of LA may be to much, for Forsythe.

      Because he did have two pretty good years, for the Rays.

      But your right, he has been a big disappointment on offense, but at least last year, he didn’t let his bad offense, affect his defense, like he has, this year.

      I just saw, that was his sixth error to date, today.

  8. Well, Kemp is out again. No one can tell me that this is a good idea. If he is hitting .344 what would keep him from continuing at .344. Dummy just keeps proving my point. It is all the fans who get screwed not ever being able to see Kemp with a walk off hit.

    1. Package

      I totally agree with you about that.

      Because you can’t take out your best hitter at Coors, unless the team has plenty of runs, but who knows how many runs are safe, at Coors, and I guess that is your point!

      1. What spirit from this entire team, have we seen, in every game in Colorado!

        They just never stopped coming at the Rockies, in this entire series!

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