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Bud Norris Gives Up 6 Runs. Dodgers Never Recover, Lose 9-2

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

82 thoughts on “Bud Norris Gives Up 6 Runs. Dodgers Never Recover, Lose 9-2

  1. Well I hope they enjoyed first place, because the Giants will be in first place tomorrow, when everyone wakes up by a half a game.

  2. Dodger pitching. Disaster. Not easy to come back from a 6-0 deficit.
    Reddick? Try him as PH. He can’t be worse than Hernandez. I think the honeymoon trial is over. Remove him from the lineup, please. Make an appointment with the team psychologist and get to work. It’s all mental. This is not the time and place to indulge a player in a huge slump. Where is Yasiel? No way that they can justify not bringing him back. Put him in a baseball clinic after the season. Educate him in baseball theory and situational analysis. This is real help, not punishing him.

  3. I thought the 13th pitch to Joc was an inside frustration pitch.

    Joc’s eyes looked like he had an allergy last night, he looked like he stood a smidge closer to home plate than just 2 games ago, and he was lifting his back foot off the ground and setting it back down to start his swing.

    It will be interesting to see where Reddick bats tonight.

  4. Friedman traveled to OK to visit with Puig and apparently it went really well.

    Puig might be back after all.

    1. Bum
      I read that about Puig too.

      Friedman said that Puig was doing well, and made a good adjustment with his swing.

      I thought they might bring Puig up, unless that is just publicity BS.

      You never can tell with Friedman.

      1. I’m not good at MJ. I do think that if a hitter is looking fastball he will take a longer swing at an off speed pitch.

        1. Bum
          I guess I have seen Reddick looking late on fastballs, and that made me notice he has a long swing.

          And I think Orel or someone had said that Reddick needs to cut his swing back, in certain situations in games, and that made me think more about Reddick’s swing.

      1. Sure. Why not.

        Moustakas and Frazier are younger and free agents after next year. You interested in either of them? Moustakas is from Chatsworth, so obviously it’s worth chatting about.

        1. Frazier, .207 BA, .291 OBP, 31 HR, 30 yrs old. I don’t like low BA & OBP guys.

          Moustakas, ACL surgery, 27 yr old. I do like that he is from Chatsworth, close to my old stomping grounds. What’s his price?

          I like Turner for $60M, 4 yrs. Can play, GG 3rd base or 1st base (or close to GG). Seems like a bargain when comparing to Headley, Zobrist, Beltre and Sandoval contracts.

          1. Valid points. Frazier hit better in the Cincinnati bandbox. Still, 35 home runs on this team could mean 90 ribbies.

            And what’s a Chatsworth? I don’t know but 4 and 60 oughta do it.

  5. Greetings earthlings.

    Been watching while on vacation. Some interesting takes in here. Also a lot of bs propaganda. After some very interesting conversations with some unnamed friends, thought I might drop a dime’s worth of Badger genius on you.

    We are the same team we’ve always been. Nothing much has changed with the Dodgers as far as I can see. I could regurgitate what I said early and often but why bother? We were playing .550 ball on July 1st and I see this morning we are at .554. The difference between then and now is not our play, but the play of our rivals. If they get their collective stuff together they will play .600 the rest of the way.

    MJ. Reddick. I think he hit .275 in Oakland because it’s Oakland and everybody there gets thrown strikes down the middle because it’s Oakland. This is LA. Things is different in LA.

    Blister Boy. Don’t tell me you are surprised by this. He wasn’t pitching when we traded for him. It was another gamble. It might still pay off. Remain patient.

    One of our resident FAZ cheerleaders has been going on about how nobody had a take on what we should do instead of gathering up a collection of the disabled. Well obviously whoever that was is ignoring my suggestion – which is we do nothing. I said it before and I say it again, keep all of the young talent. In fact, stack it deeper with intent of a roster remodel after the real goal is achieved. What is that goal you ask? Payroll to non luxury tax level. We don’t need to be the $68mm Rays or the $98mm A’s, we can be the $179mm Giants or the $180mm Cubs. And when does that happen? Take a guess.

    I’m done. Hey, what do you expect for a dime? Ten cents doesn’t get what it usta did. I can remember when a huge Boston Cream Pie was 13 cents. mmmm pie. I used to collect pop bottles and trade them in for a Boston Cream Pie and an RC cola then go home and dine while listening to Vin and Jerry. But, I digress.

    Ok, back to my coffee and blueberry scone. Carry on troopers.

    1. Thanks Badger

      I think the same way about Reddick, and it just reminds me about when they brought Johnson from the Braves, over here, because he had good numbers with the Braves.

      And really bringing Johnson over to the Dodgers, from a team that is rebuilding, was actually worse then bringing Reddick, and we have seen the results from Reddick up to now.

      I just want to know why they have not brought Del Leon up to the big team yet.

      I guess Del Leon threw more innnings last year then Urias, because of Urias having his surgery.

      And Del Leon doesn’t have many innings on his arm this year, so why haven’t we seen Del Leon get his chance, instead of Stewart, or having to watch the Pillsberry dough boy, make another appearance in this tight pennant race today?

      I think that is what you call Anderson Badger.

      1. Get him to the majors too soon, and then he can become a free agent sooner. Waiting for Sept if they bring him up at all. They probably want him to get playoff experience at OKC, who will definitely be in the AAA playoffs. They owe that to their affiliates who can market a championship team much better…..what I am surprised at is why Kike Hernandez has not been sent down. He is a worse mess than Puig was….

          1. Urias in their mind is 1 year away, if that. Deleon has been in the organization 1 year longer than Stewart. but they are both the same age. Deleon has taken a little more time to develop, and maybe they do not want to put too much pressure on his arm right now. What is more puzzling is why Frias has basically been banished to AAA never to be heard from again.

      2. first of all, it is de Leon.

        Second of all, there’s no room in n the 40, and why start the clock for a single start.

        Relax. The team is doing great all that nags considered. Roberts proving viable.

        1. Fredo
          I know I made a mistake with the spelling.

          I guess you don’t make mistakes.

          And who is talking about one start, and isn’t that what our farm is for?

          They have had no problem, uses other young pitchers, and the Dodgers have plently of money.

        2. And you better believe that Roberts has been viable, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need help with his starting rotation.

      3. We haven’t seen Deleon because when it was time to add someone to the 40 man roster he had been injured, was building up his arm strength, and wasn’t throwing as well as Stewart. His velo was down to0 early in the year. Now he’s caught in a numbers game with bums like Norris coming off the DL. Anderson too. I don’t get sending Stripling down while they carry Josh Fields who is just plain awful.

        Go Maeda, Kazmir, Urias, Stripling, and Deleon until Kersh comes back. I’ve seen enough of Norris and those like him. I think the kids have a better shot at going 5 than the Bud’s of the world.

  6. Reddick will sit today because a leftie is pitching. What other team has a platoon player batting 4th??

    1st place was kinda fun! (for 2 days). It’s ok; let’s just split this 4 game series in Cincy and I”m satisfied; they’re playing great the last month as it is. The real test is next week at home; sf and Chicago

    1. Bobby

      It was really tough watching these last two games, especially once they had took the lead.

      And they held on to this lead, almost as long as they did the last lead, which is very disappointing.

      And you are right about Reddick today too.

      I believe Roberts said that Reddick would have a day off today, and I knew just like you, it was only because the Dodgers were facing a leftie today.

      If Roberts could just move this guy down, it wouldn’t be so frustrating.

      This is not like when Roberts stuck with Turner, because Reddick has never been the hitter that Turner has, in the last few years.

      There is nothing in Reddick’s stats, that shows he should bat forth on this team.

      Did you notice that Reddick finally got a hit in the ninth inning, after the game had been over, for some time?

      Reddick now has five singles, since joining the Dodgers.

  7. Welcome back Badger! Just wanted to say that I really have no comment on the debacle that was last nights game. I turned it off after Norris’s second 3 run inning………by the way, he is no relation so do not blame me or my family! What a wonderful collection of misfit pitchers the FAZ master has assembled for our viewing pleasure! Best part of the evening was watching CK throw off of flat ground in the Cincy outfield. These pitchers are so fun to watch. You never know how many runs they will give up, or if by some miracle they actually go 6 innings. 7, well that is a pipe dream since only 1 guy has done it in so very long, and he is a rookie, who oh by the way is now at OKC. Jansen has not had a chance to pitch on this trip, and we have not seen Urias in a while. To watch the Dodger starters, and a certain relief pitcher now known as Home Run Baez, you need a strong constitution, a very strong stomach and a large bottle of TUMS. If that does not work, I suggest a HUGE portion of Jack Daniels on the rocks. If you have to watch Reddick hit cleanup again, I suggest 2 large portions of JD.

    1. Michael
      How many times have we seen one of our pitchers, give up a hit to the opposing pitcher, with runners in scoring position, and after our pitcher has two strikes on the opposing pitcher?

      That is a killer.

    1. And Toles was sent down, after he was hitting 300 at the major league level.

      Toles in less at bats then Reddick, had 12 hits, and three doubles.

  8. The book on Baez is probably to sit on that belt high 96 mph straight as Heston fastball. You’ll get at least one per at bat.

    Glad you explained that Norris thing Mike. I’m sure you would be asking me questions if a pitcher named Taxidae gave up 6 earned in 3.2.

    Good point about De Leon, though my first thought was – ef Oklahoma. They are lucky to have us there in the first place. My second thought was – damn Badger, that’s cold. Isn’t it bad enough those people live in Tornado Alley? Still, if it’s me I plug De Leon in there. This is why we have minor league teams. Use them dammit.

    Since I have no expectations I’m still thinking it’s possible we see Kershaw, Blister Boy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and McCrystal back to back to back to back sometime in September. That would be cool. And it would shut up all you idiotic anti FAZ morons. Or, maybe not.

    Puig will return soon. I look forward to it.

    1. Badger

      Do you really think that Puig will be brought back up, with Reddick on this team?

      I just don’t see them moving Howie out of leftfield, because he had been hitting really well, until these last couple of games?

      There would be no room for Puig, unless they used a platoon, and Puig hasn’t hit leftie pitchers well this year, either.

      I just don’t see them benching Reddick, unless Friedman puts his foot down, because Friedman has no connection in the past to Reddick, like our GM does.

      And thanks for coming back Badger, I hope you had a great vacation!

      1. Puig will be back. Probably by Sept 1. Whether Reddick is on the team or not. And what Puig was doing earlier has no connection to what he is doing now. He is crushing the ball at AAA and there are some pretty good arms down there. It is a case of lesson learned. If they platoon him with Reddick, that is fine by me, but Puig has traditionally hit all pitching when he is hitting like he is now. Reddick is a rental. They have Puig under contract at least 2 more years after this. Who would you rather see out there? Give me the Wild Horse any day.

        1. Puig of course, if it was my choice.

          And I think Puig hitting so well in AAA, has given Puig back, some of his confidence he might have lost, in the last two years.

  9. How sad to say: “We really need Rich Hill.” We will realize, once again, that this is just a business when they bring up Puig, after the last 3 years. Just win, baby. I’m more concerned of the teammates’ reaction to bringing him back up and maybe benching Reddick, who is probably that team player type guy. With this stinking pitching, the only way this teams beats the Hated Ones is to hit, hit, hit. And bullpen, bullpen, bullpen. Quite a formula for success. I wonder how many arms are getting pre Tommy John’ed by all the pitches out of our bullpen. This season is probably wrecking a few arms.

  10. Did not see much last night game, as my son’s HS team had their opening night of football at Lucas Oil Stadium. They lost 18-17 but my son had 12 tackles. I didn’t miss much I guess…

    I wanted to go to Cincinnati today to see Kershaw’s bullpen session, but heavy rains are in the forecast, so I am going to wait to go tomorrow. I just hate to drive 2 hours each way only to have the game cancelled. Hopefully it might be a doubleheader Sunday.

    So far, Hill and Reddick cannot be justified, but there are six weeks left. The history of this one is yet to be decided, I would have been fine with FAZ standing pat… unless Hill and Reddick get hot, then I will change my mind. We have no clue how this will play out… and I have no predictions.

    You can say the Dodgers rise is all about the Giants collapse, but I tend to think the fact they have the 2nd highest batting average in baseball since the break played a part too. Ray Charles said he could see that! He also said that if the starters don’t start pitching deeper into game, the Dodgers were doomed. Yes, even Ray Charles can see that!

    I got an e-mail from a source who has given me some good and bad info before, but he said Puig was not on the flight to New Orleans… that he was headed to Cincy. I do think Friedman plans to bring Puig back BEFORE the Giants series. Just my two cents.

    1. Mark
      I think that the Giants were not as good as everyone thought at the begining.

      I feel there collapse or there bad start after the Allstar break, was more about the schedule they had in the second half, as compared to there first half schedule.

      The Giants had an easier schedule then the Dodgers did in the first half, and that is why the Giants kept on winning, even though they had a few of there position players on the DL.

      The Giants first half schedule made them look like a much better team, then the Dodgers.

      There big advantage is there top two pitchers, in the starting rotation, but if we can hang in there until Kershaw is able to come back, the Giants advantage will go down quite a bit.

      Mark I hope your info is right, because that would make me feel better, about Friedman, and I hope Puig got his confidence back, and can come up, and helped this team.

  11. Badger: “thought I might drop a dime’s worth of Badger genius on you”.

    OK, Let’s see it.

    Badger: “We are the same team we’ve always been. Nothing much has changed with the Dodgers as far as I can see. I could regurgitate what I said early and often but why bother? We were playing .550 ball on July 1st and I see this morning we are at .554”.

    No, not really, Dodgers have been without Kershaw since July 1st. The post July 1st Dodgers have improved their winning percentage, without the best pitcher in baseball. By the way, 162 x .554 = 89.75. 90 wins was my preseason prediction.

    Badger: “Blister Boy. Don’t tell me you are surprised by this. He wasn’t pitching when we traded for him. It was another gamble. It might still pay off. Remain patient”.

    Talk about hedging your bet or talking out of both sides of mouth.

    Badger: “My suggestion – which is we do nothing. I said it before and I say it again, keep all of the young talent. In fact, stack it deeper with intent of a roster remodel after the real goal is achieved. What is that goal you ask? Payroll to non luxury tax level. We don’t need to be the $68mm Rays or the $98mm A’s, we can be the $179mm Giants or the $180mm Cubs. And when does that happen? Take a guess”.

    Agree about getting out of luxury tax territory and future payroll being around luxury tax threshold. So, your suggestion is stand pat until 2018? Blow off both the 2016 and 2017 seasons? What if Kershaw comes back next month? FAZ said before this season, we would be competitive in 2016 and a lot better starting in 2017, but, you stand pat? You sound like you have a small market GM philosophy, this is LA, fans expect to compete EVERY year.

    Badger: “I’m still thinking it’s possible we see Kershaw, Blister Boy, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and McCrystal back to back to back to back sometime in September. That would be cool. And it would shut up all you idiotic anti FAZ morons. Or, maybe not”

    More hedging your bet?

    Badger: “Puig will return soon. I look forward to it”.

    I look forward to it also. We could sure use “at least” a right handed masher to platoon with Reddick. I am sure Puig’s off the field behavior had a lot to do with his demotion. It looks to me that 2016 Dodgers are a serious bunch, who want to win. Puig’s lack of serious game preparation wouldn’t sit well with this bunch, but, they are just what is needed to keep him on the straight and narrow if he comes back.

    Badger: “Ten cents doesn’t get what it usta did”.


    Welcome Back!

  12. Mark, Most of us have been championing how well the bats HAVE been since the all star break. Even Stevie Wonder can read that!!!!!
    It is the pitching that is hard to watch or even read about.
    No comment on the trade deadline blockbuster elite player deal. I agree the jury is still out, but Reddick can only win on appeal at this point.
    Let’s see if Puig comes back and hopefully stops acting like a spoiled brat.

  13. We have been, are, and likely will be a .550 team that is do because our starting pitching has been, is, and likely will be suspect. I’ve said all year we would hit better, and we are. It’s resulted in a .550 team, which computes to about 90 wins, which is the under on 92, which some of us, including me predicted. That’s not genius, it’s math. And the genius thing was meant as sarcasm box, but happy to see you expect it out of me. I’m sure to disappoint. The point, apparently missed, is I think in two years we can be better than 92 wins and compete with the other better than 92 win teams. You disagree. I get that. And maybe Kershaw and Weak Arm Band will rally this year. It’s possible.

    Win on appeal. I see what you did there buddy.

    I take Puig over Reddick at this point. Platoon on horizon. Insert blind man reference here. Who goes down? Is Taylor still here?

    btw, Tim is right with reference to Stevie Wonder as anyone with access to information more current than 2004 knows Ray Charles has been dead since then.

      1. How about Johann Sebastian Bach? He was essentially blind for the last decade or two of his life?

        George Shearing the great jazz pianist?

        1. Blind Melon Chitlin:

          “Goin downtown, gonna see my gal

          Gonna sing her a song – I’m gonna show her my ding dong!”

          My all time favorite blues singer.

          1. Badger
            After listing that song, and those lyrics, no wonder you are having a blueberry scone with your coffee.

            What other sweets are you eating, because of the munchies?

          2. Cheech and Chong MJ. Maybe before your time? Classic stuff for the old timers on this board.

          1. Ronnie Milsap, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder..all great musicians and all played piano….

  14. a late post from yesterday…

    The return of pitchers off of the disabled lift was supposed to be a big advantage for the Dodgers. Just look at who might be available – Kershaw, Ryu, McCarthy, Anderson, Norris, Wood. Even Hill, whom they traded for while he was on the DL.

    McCarthy had 4 good starts – but 4 bad ones and now he’s gone. Anderson has given us 1 inning and 5 runs. Norris less than 4 innings and 6 runs. Ryu less than 5 innings and 6 runs. Hill has yet to make an appearance after being sent to the Dodgers 3 weeks ago – he hasn’t gotten an out since 7/7.

    The cavalry has to ride to the rescue soon. The Dodgers’ closest thing to a consistent starter is Maeda since Kershaw went down.

    Roberts has said he hopes to get 2 or 3 starts from Kid K before the post-season begins. Wood is supposed to return, if at all, as a reliever. Ryu is done for the year. SO…

    The Dodgers will have to ride Maeda, Kazmir and whatever cast of characters they can scrape together to the post-season. Their next 2 series are against the Cubs and Giants, and they’d better pitch better than they have against the dregs of the league (Philly and Cincy) to have a hope.

  15. Badger: “I think in two years we can be better than 92 wins and compete with the other better than 92 win teams. You disagree. I get that”.

    NO, I don’t disagree at all. Us FAZ supporters, think they are building a “Juggernaut”, laying the groundwork to regularly compete and dominate.

    I guess where we all disagree, is how FAZ has operated/transitioned while they are burdened by the bloated contracts/salary structure left by Ned. The pro FAZ people clearly understand the reality of the position they were left by Ned. The team Ned put together, to win two division titles had the highest payroll in baseball, Ramirez fading and a free agent, Kemp fading and a big long long contract, Ethier fading and big contract, Crawford fading and big contract, Gonzalez fading and big contract, Greinke one year and an opt-out. Truly a team in transition.

    The biggest complaint this season is starting pitching, why didn’t FAZ bring in the “big dollar” starters on the market? Why didn’t they resign Greinke? Why didn’t they trade for an Ace without gutting the farm? Well, the evidence is that they have a budget after all, AND a farm system whose strength happens to be starting pitching. It just might make sense to sign stop-gaps for 2016 (and hope Ryu would come back) and keep and reap the benefit of all these young starting pitchers in the future years. All the while competing!

    No, we don’t disagree the Dodger future is bright. Pitching prospects look good and deep, Urias, De Leon, Alvarez, etc., etc. Young good position players, Seager, Pederson and Grandal (maybe Puig) and more in the minors. I know 20 months into the FAZ rein, critics like to point out Seager and Pederson and others weren’t acquired by FAZ, but, it looks like, to me, they have been keeping the good stuff and getting rid of the chaff.

    1. First off get some of your facts straight. Kemp was not fading. He was injured seriously and it affected his play. He obviously lost speed after the incident with the wall in Colorado and it took him over a year and a half to get back to even close to where he was. At that even his 2014 season was far better than any of our present OF’s are playing at. I know why he was traded and that’s ok, but he was far from fading. Diminished skills maybe. Greinke was with the team 3 years and he opted out after the 3rd, not one and then an opt out. Ramirez was injury prone and I have no big problem with that, but he was not signed by Ned, so the contract came with him from Miami. And it was approved by the new owners. Same with Gonzo who is also not fading. If anything outside of Corey and Turner he is their most consistent hitter. Crawford was forced on them and his contract was a product of Boston. Ethier is the only player who was signed during Ned’s regime. And Ned did a lot with little when he was working for McCourt. Kemp’s contract was signed when he was 27 and made huge sense at the time. When he was hurt in 2012, he was hitting over .350 and he had 20 dingers. He hit only 3 when he tried to come back before he was ready. Ethier’s contract was a panic move and everyone knows that. But you are laying a lot on a GM who did everything he did with the approval of the owners. FAZ does nothing without input from Friedman and Kasten, and absolutely nothing unless ownership signs off on it. I have no problem with them not signing a big ticket long contract with Greinke or any of the other free agents who were out there. What I do have a problem with is them signing so many injury prone and borderline pitchers. Kazmir has been ok, not great, Maeda has been pretty steady, but is nothing more at this point than a 5 inning pitcher. Putting great strain on the bullpen. Anderson and McCarthy are full fledged BUSTS. They should never have given him a QO. They could have used that 15.6 million to sign someone like JA Happ……Keeping the kids is great until you shoot the whole plan in the foot trading for 2 rentals who have done squat.

      1. Get my facts straight?

        Regarding Kemp:

        2011, 7.8 WAR
        2012, 2.3 WAR
        2013, .5 WAR
        2014, 1.1 WAR
        2015, .6 WAR
        2016, -.7 WAR

        Looks like a fade to me! At $20M/yr, we needed more. 2016 Dodger outfielder WAR, Pederson, 2.9 WAR, Kendrick 1.0 WAR. I was a big Kemp fan, but, FAZ saw this train wreck coming. Good move FAZ.

        My point, Greinke had one year remaining before opt-out when FAZ took over.

        Ramirez, I liked Ned getting him, good move Ned. My point, Ramirez was a big part of pre FAZ success, he was free agent. Good move not resigning Ramirez FAZ.

        Regarding, Gonzalez:

        2014, 3.9 WAR
        2015, 3.9 WAR
        2016, 1.6 WAR, 12 HR’s

        Two more years of Gonzalez after this year. I have no problem with Gonzalez, other than his salary/length of contract and that we had to take Crawford to get him. When FAZ took over 32yr old Gonzalez had four years left on contract at $20M/yr. My point, that is a big chunk of team salary. I am sure FAZ had long discussions on Gonzalez situation and alternatives. Bottom line: He is still here and productive, but fading, and it could get ugly the next two years.

        Back on you, While you “have no problem with them not signing a big ticket long contract with Greinke or any of the other free agents who were out there. What you do have a problem with is them signing so many injury prone and borderline pitchers”. What was the third alternative you think they should have done? I know, Happ, but was he really an option? He left Toronto twice and went back both times. Maybe that is where he wanted to be. What other options do you see they had?

        1. Box,

          The fact of the matter is that everyone who criticizes the injury-prone acquisitions HAVE NEVER offered any other option…. because they can’t!

          It’s easy to second guess, but they offer no answers.

          Asked and answered!

          1. Yeah we did.

            The problem is our opinions are written at 4.4 speed and you read at 5 flat.

          2. Answers? There were a lot of options out there Mark, and not all of them were high dollar. Some under the radar signings and trades have made teams better. Why not trade with Detroit for Porcello like the Red Sox did. They made what they thought were good moves. We just disagree and are not drinking the blue Kool-Aid.

        2. They could have traded lower level prospects and gotten somebody better. They could have signed Fister, they could have done a lot of things. There were a lot of trades over the winter, but they went to the bargain basement and got jobbed. Anyone with half a brain would not have offered Anderson a QO, but FAZ did. Did he think a guy with an injury history like Anderson was going to get a better deal than 15.6 million anywhere? Maeda has turned out ok. He is on a very team friendly contract, but they also have injury concerns with him. So far unfounded, but maybe down the road. Kazmir is what he is. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, always unpredictable. I do not know if JA Happ would have signed with the Dodgers. Point is they never even looked at him. Regarding Kemp, his WAR started going down AFTER he was hurt, and he was busting his ass trying to catch that fly ball..I know, I saw the play. Sure his WAR went down, he is not the same player he was then. To tell you the truth, I give a crap less about WAR. What I look to see is if the guy is driving in runs, and Kemp still does that better than anyone in our OF. As a fan, I have always liked the home grown guys and there was a long period where that was one thing we did not have. And sometime soon they will have a bunch of homegrown guys on the roster. Great…works for me. The point is and will be, FAZ’s track record on trades and free agent signings at this point in time is pretty shaky. I am not asking them to not make trades or sign free agents. I am saying there were better options out there. And trading as much as they have with 2 teams that they are so familiar with has netted us, with the exception maybe of Liberatore, JUNK. Hill has 6 weeks to prove the trade was a good move. He better make like Sandy Koufax if this team expects to go deep in the playoffs, and had better pray Kersh is back and healthy, because if not they have no shot. NONE, ZIP, BUPKIS. That’s the reality of the situation. They are where they are because they are a tough minded bunch and have played their butts off. They are also there because the Giants fell off a cliff, something I expect a Bruce Bochy managed team to turn around soon. You and I will never agree and that’s cool. You and Mark buy into the plan and that’s cool too. But I am a show me kind of person, and FAZ has shown nothing.

  16. The Jolly Green optimist strikes again!

    Of course, the trade might still offer something, and when it was made,
    I thought Reddick would struggle, and Hill we’d be lucky to see in September.
    but the former MIGHT be a long-term asset. So no short term surprises
    at dismal impact so far in my house.

    Hill’s absence has put even greater stress on the pitching staff. That counts,
    right now, and will continue to count the rest of the way, no matter how
    things change. The damage of extra stress is done! Reddick, still,
    wonder-of-wonders batting in key RBI slots, left
    men on base in the last two losses, as he has consistently for three weeks.
    Those three weeks were part of what he was brought here for, just as Hill
    was. No free passes just because you’re trying to mask how mediocre and
    worse these guys have been at trades (how’s losing an All-Star 2b for three
    current non-contributors?) Both these guys will have to be extraordinary
    for the last six weeks to partly erase these odorous three…

  17. I’m still not convinced the Los Angeles Dodgers, with 3.8 million buying tickets and a lucrative tv deal, have to count pennies. I say that’s a choice. That said, I have no problem with looking to the future. But after the long hard look I took following the, in my opinion, obvious gag at the deadline last year and the signing of Maeda and Kazmir instead of – whoever – the handwriting was not just on the wall in Dodgers management private suites, it was billboard all over the city – “we are not going to sign big name stars that require The Rock type money, we are doing this OUR way.” Thus the signing of the infirmed. I’m on board now. Just don’t try to convince me they are “all in” on this year. I’m not gonna buy it. If our walking wounded go to a tent revival and get healed, yeah, anything can happen. But I don’t believe for a second we are as good as the Cubs, the Nats or frankly even the midgets. Then there are the big guns in the AL too. That’s not negativity, that’s reality. I think we could be 90 wins good. That’s 23-18 the rest of the way. That’s .561. If all goes well we could do that. Maybe we are the reincarnation of the underdog ’88 team. Hallelujah if we are. But, living in the now, I do not expect a miracle. I expect to stay the course and build that juggernaut.

    1. Badger
      I answered you Cheech and Chong.

      Just look up all of the starting pitchers, that were free agents, after the 2014 season.

  18. They are “all in” within what The Plan is. They will trade a few prospects but will keep their top prospects. It’s that simple. Evidently, they did not value Holmes, Montas and Cotton like some fans did. They traded them for two rentals to help them win now. They could have gotten Archer or Moore, but De Leon and/or Urias would have had to be involved. Chris Sale most certainly would have cost those three plus Urias and De Leon and Bellinger.

    We might be as good as the Giants and Nats but the Cubs have the most talent – they got that way by hording prospects along with a few Free Agents, which you can afford when you build from within. But one deal that will really hurt them going forward was the dumb acquisition of Jason Heyward.

    It appears that by 2017 or 2018, the Dodger CORE will be largely homegrown. Then, free agents can be added in the right spots. Look at Carlos Gomez – he was one of the best Fantasy Players before the season. Look at how fast he has fallen… faster than Kemp. Without PED’s these guys are losing it quickly. I am convinced we have more arm and injury problems (not just the Dodgers, but everyone), because they can’t recover as quickly without PED’s.

    Bring back steroids!

    Jose De Leon should be up by September. McCarthy, Anderson and Hill are capable of pitching 5-6 innings, but can they, will they? Kershaw looked good throwing hard off flat ground. He was raising his leg as high as ever. Kazmir and Maeda are also capable, but who knows what is next? In September, we can call up so many arms it will be starter by committee.

    If you are inclined to be negative, you will say McCarthy, Anderson and Hill will all flame out. BTW, I think Ryu’s Dodgers career is over. If you are positive you will have faith in them. Me? I have no clue, but I am going to enjoy watching it because these guys have become a TEAM. That’s big start.

  19. If everyone thought watching Reddick hitting forth was bad, look at today’s line up!

    I will say this, this almost all rightie platoon line up is the worst offensive line up, in all of baseball.

    How much better do you think they will be, with Cory getting a day off today?

    So we don’t have to watch Reddick, but it still comes at a price.

    And this is the game that Anderson is starting.

    I just hope that reverse thing happens, and we win this game today.

  20. The gints are going to top of the second . Colonoscopy is pitching. I love this guy. He’s what 50 years old, probably had a breakfast burrito 20 minutes before game time and has the moves of a sumo wrestler. We have Anderson. See what I did there with the comparison? Oh wait Colon still wins games.

  21. Moore looks off. Yeah, I saw what you did. Anderson will be an even fatter grandpa by the time he’s Colon’s age.

    My Dodgers team still has most of the young talent we’ve traded. I probably don’t trade Gordon…. but after that….. You know I liked Peraza, and he is lighting it up lately, .351 in his last 10. He must be tired cuz he only has 1 stolen base in that time. I think I read his career numbers show 250 strike outs and 220 stolen bases. I would think a 25/22 k/SB ratio would be good. If Joc had done that last year he would have stolen 149 bases, and that would be a rookie record. I keep Peraza. And I liked Montas, even though he did have surgery. Following surgery …….. he could take 2′ off his fastball by easing up a bit and still throw 96. Take your time kid. Just slide back into 100 mph kid. Now both those guys are gone. Micah Johnson hasn’t impressed and Thompson joined our MASH league team. If Holmes wasn’t all that why draft him in the first round? I thought Holmes was showing progress and could develop into a near 200 inning pitcher. I never saw him as a #1, but with Kershaw, Urias, De Leon, and Wood I didn’t think he needed to more than #4. Now hegone too.


    We’re doin ok for the number of punches we’ve taken. So I say we ride this rented mule to the finish line. This donkey is currently in second place and playoff qualified. With that? – I’m good.

  22. OK, this is my last word on this and I will try to make you see what the point is. To the average Dodger fan, who is by no means into WAR, WHIP, OBP, or any of the other stat geek and saber metric trash, the moves the FO has made make little or no sense. They want a winner now because as we all know, 1988 was a long time ago, and the hated JINTS have won 3 world series since 2010. This is unacceptable. The former powers that be went after name players at the deadline in an attempt to break that 20 year plus drought. That does not mean that they do not like having a ton of PROSPECTS in the system. What it means is that they are just that, prospects, they are not MLB ready by any stretch of the imagination. Don’t you think that if the FO thought that Deleon was ready he would already be here? Trading 3 prospects for rentals is not unheard of. But trading 3 prospects for 1 guy on the disabled list and another who is not really a run producer produces a shaking of the head and wonder about what the hell were they thinking up there. How many of the Dodgers so called top draft picks have really contributed to this team in the last 20 years? Not many. Corey Seager and Joc are the closest thing to stars that have come out of the system since the 90’s . Kemp was home grown but the injury ruined him. Gordon wins a batting title in another city. The list just goes on, and so does the drought. Best chance was 2013 even though Kemp was hurt. Ramirez was carrying the team and very hot until the Cardinals broke his rib. Fans are getting older. Fans are getting restless, and fans pay for the junk the FO has acquired. So fans are disgusted by what they see. You need Alka-Seltzer to watch this bunch. That or a really stiff drink. There are some nice players on the team, a couple of surprises, and a bunch of OH NO! Not him again! There goes the old ball game.!!!!

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