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Buehler Outstanding in Dodger’s 6-1 Win Over Helpless Friars

Walker Buehler

The Dodgers got back in the win column on Sunday afternoon thanks to another outstanding performance from standout rookie sensation Walker Buehler. The kid racked up eight punch-outs over seven strong frames without issuing any walks. Because of that he earned his third MLB win, as the bats backed his solid pitching with six runs including two more home runs. The Dodgers knocked off the hapless Padres by a 6-1 score to win their third consecutive series. Things are starting to get better.

The Padres used four relievers in what was essentially a bullpen day for them. Left handed youngster Matt Strahm started the game technically and gave the Padres two scoreless innings, striking out two and walking one. He was followed by Adam Cimber for three innings, side armed Kazuhisa Makita, and Tyler Webb.

Padres    1 4 0

Dodgers 6 10 0




The Dodgers scored two runs in the bottom of the third and four runs in the bottom of the eighth. During the third inning consecutive hits from Buehler, Chris Taylor, and Enrique Hernandez plated the first Dodger run. After Hernandez’s RBI single, Justin Turner’s line drive double play was almost turned into a triple play, but Taylor’s heads up base running instead gave the Dodgers their second run of the day.

The Padres only run came in the top of the fifth when Freddy Galvis doubled, advanced to third on a wild pitch and then came around to score on a Raffy Lopez sacrifice fly to left. Meanwhile Buehler kept on keeping on. He struck out the side in the top of the seventh and left the game to a chorus of cheers from the Dodger Stadium faithful. It was well deserved.

In the bottom of the eighth, Max Muncy bombed one (with Taylor aboard) halfway up the right field pavilions to give the Dodgers a 4-1 lead. After a Yasmani Grandal walk, Cody Bellinger smashed a two-run shot over the center field wall to put the Dodgers up by a 6-1 score. The Dodgers have now homered 14 times in their last 8 games.

The Dodger bullpen handled things the rest of the way. Tony Cingrani pitched a scoreless top of the eighth inning and Josh Fields took care of things in the top of the ninth. The Dodgers win it 6-1! With the win the Dodgers improve to 24-28. They’re still bad of course, but they seem to be inching towards something that we thought was an impossible achievement; a .500 record. Even better news, in case you haven’t heard is that Clayton Kershaw is making his return to the mound on Thursday night.

The Phillies come into town next as the Dodger finish their home stand with a four game series with the NL East leading club and former Dodger executive Gabe Kapler. Vince Velasquez and Brock Stewart will face off in the Memorial Day matinee.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

62 thoughts on “Buehler Outstanding in Dodger’s 6-1 Win Over Helpless Friars

  1. Buehler is making a believer out of me. He definitely has some Bulldog in him. Hershiser with better stuff. Kershaw back on Thursday against the Phils’. So if Maeda and Stripling can keep it up, the starting pitching looking a lot more stable. Now just fix the porous bullpen and get a hitter or two and things will be looking a lot brighter. Yeah, Bellinger hit a dinger, but there was no pressure when he hit it. When the chips have been down, Cody has not played well. Hopefully this will help turn him around. Stewart on the spot tomorrow.

  2. At this point it looks like we will need Buehler in the postseason, assuming we get in there first. This means he will be on innings watch soon, or we need to go a de facto 6th man.

    Taylor looks like he is getting better. Bellinger needs to get right – I don’t how but I think he has more talent than he’s shown. I think Puig is doing fine and will steadily improve. One good thing I noticed about Puig this year is that, unlike Grandal, he is being more consistent in his approach even when he gets into slumps.

  3. Without Buehler, this team will falter in its starting rotation. There simply is no one better at this time. Let’s worry about the playoffs if we get in. In the meantime, the job is to win now and get back our mojo. Buehler helps provide this. They are not going to ruin him by pitching him. He is in his physical prime, the strongest he will ever be! Being mindful is the appropriate action that the club should take with him, not a generic limiting routine that FAZ seems to subscribe to.

    Taylor and Kemp are our best hitters. They get on base, get rbi’s, and score runs. Taylor has proven already that last season was not a fluke. He’s back at leadoff where he belongs.

    I think Bellinger is just under the sophomore jinx. It’s a common occurrence that many a good player has experienced. He will still hit a lot of home runs and get a lot of rbi’s. With Kemp and hopefully, Turner and Taylor, the rest of the team will be gravy. Even Grandal seems to be holding instead of sinking further. These are good signs, not to speak of the clutch Muncy.

    The bullpen is still our weakest link, weaker than our hitting. If Cingrani holds, it will help us a lot. It will not help us if they continue to insert Baez and Hudson into situations where the game is tenuous. They also need to figure out if Alexander and Fields can serve as a bridge to Jansen. So far, it is questionable for both of them and where is our long man?

    1. Agree 100% about the pen. I also Have a lingering concern that the starters will revert to six innings which will increase the pressure on the pen.

      Alexander is close to being reliable.

  4. Stewart will fill that role. He is only starting tomorrows game because DR wants Maeda to get 1 extra day of rest. Down on the farm, OKC wins 3-2, Farmer gets his 10th RBI in 9 games. Banuelos gets his 5th win and Schlitter save # 9. Tulsa loses 6-3, Peters hits HR # 10. Rancho wins 7-2. Lux, Thomas and Wong hit HR’s. Wong’s was # 11. All reports say Kershaw will be back to start against the Phillies on Thursday…Dodgers now only 2 games back of Arizona.

  5. I was hoping Buehler was going to step up this year, and I have seen a difference with Buehler this year, because he is throwing his fastball more about 95, instead of 98 plus most of the time, like he did last year.

    That drop in velocity is helping his control, and he has more movement on his fastball at 95, then at 98.

    He could easily raise his fastball on hitters just above a high strike, and get a hitter out even more quickly.

    1. Hey MJ
      Looks like the Dodgers are on a roll. They are in it for sure. Should have a reasonable schedule for the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to close the gap some more.

      1. Phillies are a good team this year. We are 8-2, they are 5-5.

        3 of 4. We are favored today. 8.4 runs. Dodgers 5-4.

      2. Package

        I hope they can take advantage of the schedule too, but the Phillies have been playing well, so they should not take them lightly, but I don’t think they will.

        This young pitcher tonight, is from close to where you grew up, in Southern California, and I bet that area has changed a lot, since you grew up.

        We have hit this pitcher pretty well, if I remember right.

          1. Stewart was born and raised in Normal, Illinois. Found all the info you need on his Wikipedia page….

  6. I’m in favor of trading draft picks.

    e.g. – our first draft pick, Joc Pederson and a relatively high rated prospect (decide who our catcher of the future is and trade the other one) for Machado. Throw in some cash. We won’t miss any of those guys, or the money, and Balmore gets $, a 0 WAR Major Leaguer and 2 highly regarded possibly can’t miss prospects.

    Maybe I should reword that last sentence.

    1. Badger
      I once read an article on Manny not too long ago that said he may end up being the greatest player who ever lived. I know it sounds out there but this article was also reviewing Harper and Trout. I think it would be a chance well rewarded and he will definitely be one of the best. Get him if you can is my opinion.

      1. I agree. The question remains – does he want to be a Dodger or would he rather be a Cub, Met, Brave, Brewer, giant, Cardinal………. or……. Yankee? We could trade a ton for him then SF signs him as a FA. That would suck giant begonia.

          1. No. Of course not. Just a play on words with Normal and the strange but true story of the Fearplex at Pomona. Didn’t mean anything but humor.

            Seems I may be misunderstood around here.

  7. I still think any trade for Machado is a pipe dream unless he agrees to an extension. I just cannot see FAZ trading top prospects for a rental. That being said, it should be interesting to see how FAZ’s 4th draft class looks. It is the 50th anniversary of Campanis’s 1968 class which produced 11 major league players and is considered one of the best in history. Early game today. Wonder what lineup we will see from Wonderboy Roberts. 2 back of AZ, .5 back of the Giants. Things getting tight in the NL west.

    1. I read Roberts is thinking about playing Muncy at second.

      I am surprised they hadn’t tried that sooner, because Muncy at first, puts to many of our players out of position, although Cody is our next best centerfielder on this team, after Taylor.

      But Cody is also a very good first baseman, that makes our other infielders better, because he saves quite a few bad throws, when he is at first.

  8. Package

    I was talking about the Phillies starter tonight.

    That is why I said, we hit him pretty well, the last time he started in LA.

    1. MJ
      Sorry, my mistake. Yes I see where Velasquez is from Pomona. He went to Garey High and I went to Pomona High. Yes the area has changed but some is still how I remember it. The orange groves are gone but much of the housing is still there. Doesn’t matter though. He has to be beat today! Right?

      1. Package

        I hope so, because we have hit him well.

        I had a friend that went to Pomona High too.

        I grew up in Corona, so I know about the lemon and orange groves, that were once there, too.

        We only had one high school in Corona, when I went to school.

        I hope Corey can have a big day, after he hit that one out, yesterday.

        Colletti said, Cody was able to adjust better then any other player, he has seen, so I hope Cody can adjust, soon.

      2. Pomona isn’t what it usta was. Not much in Orange County is either. I worked at Pomona General in ‘74. Maybe it was Pomona Valley, don’t remember. I only went there on occasion but I do remember the area being quite rural. Not so much now.

  9. MJ
    I like Muncy in there but I don’t like it when they pull Kemp because Cody goes to the outfield and they have no place to play Joc. Joc needs to play left out.

  10. Badger
    It was Pomona Valley. My Dad and I were born there. He was born there the year they opened in 1914. Mostly just orange groves back in the day. Grandpa lived in San Dimas and ran the packing plant there sending lemons east. I am definitely a native.

    1. Then pack, you know about the Pacific Colony? The Fearplex at the Fairplex?

      I know the County Fair was always a blast.

  11. Could there be bullpen hope on the horizon? We can only hope.

    Tom Koehler will be throwing a bullpen session shortly. He said he is progressing well. He could rejoin the Dodgers before the All-Star break.

    1. I see the second half being a lot different than what we’ve seen so far.

      Remember …. it’s not the start…’s how you finish.

      1. Badger
        Remind me of the pacific colony. I lived just a small distance from the fairgrounds. The Drags used to wake me up on Sunday Mornings.

        1. You can google it pack. You’ll find it. It’s part of Pomona history. In fact, it’s a part of California history.

          1. Badger
            If you had called it by another name I would have known what you meant.

        2. Package

          I use to date a guy that lived in La Verne, and you could hear the drag races in the theater, there.

  12. Badger
    I definitely know about the Fair as I lived a very short distance from there. The drags used to wake me up on Sunday mornings. Remind me of the pacific colony?

  13. For all those who find it offensive, I am sorry but Dummy has taken Kemp out of the lineup again. It is BS when you take a player who is playing as good as he out of the lineup. I don’t think he needs a rest. Fire Dummy!!

    1. In addition to the above comment. Kemp is hitting 113 points higher than Puig and 83 points higher than Joc and some don’t want me to call Roberts ‘Dummy’? I know, I know, there has to be some history that suggests that they are better than Kemp. Sounds like sabermetrics at their finest.

          1. Read about it. That area has a history doesn’t it. Actually, we have a long history of cruelty.

          1. He appears to be in great shape, and for that I am grateful. It’s not June yet, and I know he’s been through a lot physically in his career. I want him there and well rested for the pennant race. That race doesn’t begin in earnest until late August September. We play the division a bunch (19 times) in the last 30 games. I believe we will be in first place, or very close, by September 1st. I want to go 20-10 to finish the year and I want Kemp available in all those games, even if it’s just to pinch hit.

  14. Badger
    I understand that if Kemp gets hurt that would not be an excuse for number of abs, but if Dummy just holds him out and pulls him late in games, that is not my fault. What say you? You know 50 pushups for an old fat man is hard.

    1. Package

      You know I have been supporting Kemp all season, and he hasn’t had a day off for a while, so I am ok with Kemp getting today off.

      He ran into the wall a couple times yesterday, so he is probably bruised up a little, so it is probably good that he is getting the day off.

      He might hit later anyways, like he did against the Marlins, when he won that one game.

    1. MJ
      Kemp is playing awesome as you know and I hate it when he is pulled or left out and all the while they play Joc. It angers me. He and Kike have got to know someone.

      1. Package

        I know what you mean, but at least Roberts has stopped pulling Kemp anymore, and if he does, it is only for the last inning, when we have a good lead.

        I don’t understand why Joc still has all of his options left.

        But at least he isn’t swinging from his heels with two strikes, when runners are in scoring position, anymore.

        With the way this game is going, we are probably going to see Kemp soon.

  15. On the International Front:

    Diego Cartaya, Venezuela
    Size: 6-1, 199, R-R
    Trainer: Alexi Quiroz
    60 yards: 7.11 seconds

    Cartaya, 16, is one of the premium prospects in the 2018 class, but he also ran into the worst luck. After getting hit by two pitches, Cartaya was behind the plate with a righthanded hitter at bat. When the runner on first broke for second, Cartaya reached out to catch the pitch on the inside corner and throw to second, but instead the swing clocked him squarely on the left elbow. Cartaya exited the game, then afterward had his arm wrapped in a sling. He’s out of the sling now and recovering back in Venezuela.

    Agile and flexible behind the plate, Cartaya has a strong arm that he showed in the pre-game workout, when he registered pop times from 1.79-1.83 seconds. In BP, Cartaya showed a short swing and gap power with a middle-opposite field approach, then in games demonstrated a keen eye for the strike zone. Cartaya is linked to the Dodgers.

    Miguel Droz, Venezuela
    Vitals: 6-0, 164, R-R
    Trainer: Jose Guacaran
    60 yards: 6.94 seconds
    Games: 1-for-5, 2B, HBP, SO

    Droz should stick in the middle of the infield, where he shows good body control and a good internal clock. An average runner, Droz is a line-drive hitter with doubles power right now who will have to improve his pitch recognition and contact skills against live pitching. The Dodgers are tied to Droz.

    youtube (DOT) com/watch?v=HJfMS-qNA7o

    Jerming Rosario
    Rank: 30
    Hometown: Bani, Dominican Republic
    Position: RHP
    Age: 15 DOB: 05/08/2002
    Bats: R Throws: R
    Height: 6’1″

  16. Kemp is just in the zone. Great pinch hitting today again.

    Taylor strikes out 4 times. Yikes. He just tries to do too much when he bats further down (just Puig does when he bats further up). I wish Roberts would stop over thinking and tinkering, but that is never going to happen.

    Yimi Garcia did well. Vin Scully really liked him and compared him a few year ago to a young Alejandro Pena. He would be a huge boost to the pen if he can get back to a few years ago and we can finally drop Baez (that’s probably not going to happen either ….).

      1. After the game:

        Q: Do you win this game two weeks ago?
        Dave Roberts: “Probably not, no, we don’t.”

    1. Between Taylor, Bellinger and Utley, they struck out 8 times. Meaning they were 8 of the 11 total by the team. That is flat pitiful, and Bellinger looks so lost up there. Utley is showing his age. Muncy can more than do the job Chase was signed to do. Utley needs to retire.

  17. I had friends over for the Warriors game. Missed everything Dodgers. What was the score? 5-4? Why does that sound familiar? Oh, yeah, now I remember.

    Bluto, are those guys ours?

    1. They are “associated” with the Dodgers.

      Which in the ultra-shady world of the International signings means one or more of the following:

      1. Sure to sign with the Dodgers
      2. Sure to sign with the Dodgers, then have the Dodgers fined for illicit behavior.
      3. Sure to be not the age they say they are.
      4. Sure to make an obscene amount of money, especially in light of their background.
      5. Sure to take along time to develop or fail to develop as they are 16 or 17 years old.
      6. Sure to sign with someone else with or without a whiff of controversy.

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