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Check Out All Eight of The Dodger’s Opening Day Home Runs

Now that all the ceremonial glee from the opening day slugfest is over, the season can really begin. The Dodgers and Dbacks continue their four game series on Friday evening at Dodger Stadium. Robbie Ray will take the mound for Arizona while the Dodgers will give the ball to right hander Ross Stripling. Friday night’s affair won’t be as easy as opening day seemed to be on Thursday afternoon. After all Ray has posted a 1.80 ERA and limited Dodger batters to a .164 batting average against at Dodger Stadium. He’s fanned 13.5 per nine at Chavez Ravine and holds a career 2.68 ERA against the Dodgers. He’s struck out 121 in a little over 90 frames versus the boys in blue. The Dodger bats are sure to have their hands full.

But that’s on Friday. On Thursday afternoon the Dodgers set a new MLB record by hitting eight home runs on opening day in their 12-5 thrashing of the snakes. The Dodgers hit four of the eight long balls against former Dodger turncoat Zack Greinke. Joc Pederson and Enrique Hernandez both hit two bombs. Shortstop Corey Seager hit one out in his first game back from Tommy John surgery since last year. Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy each hit dongs and even Austin Barnes surprisingly hit one out as well.

It wasn’t just the bats that impressed on opening day. Starter Hyun-jin Ryu filling in for injured Clayton Kershaw tossed a masterpiece. Ryu dominated from the outset, tossing 6 innings of one earned run ball. Ryu allowed just four hits and struck out eight without a walk to pick up the first win of the season. It was all quite a site. Check out all eight home runs below.


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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

22 thoughts on “Check Out All Eight of The Dodger’s Opening Day Home Runs

  1. From Pedro Moura @TheAthletic:

    The Dodgers all received printouts analyzing their individual matchup with the opposing starter, Zack Greinke. Hitters had specific pitches in specific areas they were told to target.

    “If we didn’t get them,” Muncy said, “we didn’t swing.”

    The article went on:
    “In 2019, the Dodgers will depend on many of the same players they did last year. Their roster is not dramatically different. But their Opening Day lineup was. Only three 2018 starters returned, two playing the same position. Of the 15 men who appeared in Dodger whites last March 29, only six are on the roster right now. “

  2. So is Greinke that vulnerable or just that predictable? Are the Dodgers hitters that disciplined or were they facing a very spent pitching staff? I can’t imagine that discipline at the plate would have existed with Puig in a batting order, can you?

    I still got no buzz about this team. It’s absolutely flat-line down in SoCal

    1. It surprised me Greinke was missing his spots as badly as he did. Also, he and his new catcher were never on the same page. Brenly commented a couple times on that. Greinke is better than what he showed yesterday, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he wants the hell out of there. That squad sucks.

          1. Myabe we should trade Justin Turner and Bellinger to the Dbacks for Greinke and then cut Greinke the next day. Yeah yeah that’s the ticket.

          2. Good point.

            Great point.

            You are right. I think Greinke will be more “moveable” end of the 2020 season, when he’s down to his final year.

            Jeez. That was a stinker contract.

          3. What’s interesting, now that Badger has me thinking, is that the Dodgers dropped out of the bidding when the D’Backs added the sixth year.

            If the Dodgers had gotten him to sign the five year deal, then IF WE ASSUME that Greinke is as bad as he was yesterday (debatable, IMO) he would be more “moveable” than he currently is.

  3. Greinke did seem to make several mistakes . We’ll see if he is just building up, or in decline. Positives all around, minus brock. Nice game plan and execution.

  4. Good day folks, and let’s hope Dodgers can do something tonight against the lefty Ray, who it appears has their number more often than not. Many times last year Dodgers followed a 10+ run game with a pitiful showing the following day. Now Ray is a LHP so we already know that Roberts on MLBN Radio said Martin will start tonight at catcher. Nothing against Martin at all but how does Roberts and the FO sit Barnes after the game he had yesterday? And Joc, after a 2 HR, 3 for 5 performance yesterday with 4 RBI’s will probably sit tonight….

  5. I think that anyone who had a hit yesterday should be sat down and given some rest, call up some guys from AAA and put them in the line-up. You don’t want hot hitters in there getting hits, that only messes things up. Ah platooning is such a great concept, don’t let anyone get in a groove and produce consistently. That’s the way baseball was meant to be played.

    1. Jon Morosi asked Dave Roberts on MLB Network Radio if after the 8 OpeningDay home runs, he will use the same position player lineup for Game 2. He laughed. “Absolutely not,” he replied.

      Russell Martin (C), David Freese (1B) and Chris Taylor (LF) will be in the lineup today vs. LHSP Robbie Ray, Roberts divulged.

      Roberts also said, Clayton Kershaw (shoulder) is set to throw a 3-inning simulated game on Saturday, but the team still hasn’t set a timetable for Kershaw’s first start this year.

      “He’s in a really good spot right now physically.”

      1. And that ‘platooning’ saga makes its 2019 day view SMFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable, when yes, it’s only the 2nd game of the season, but both he and his “Master of puppets” upstairs had indicated there would be much less need for platooning. Yet in all his splendor, he sits Barnes, Joc after each had great games on Thursday! LUDICROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Paul
        Just like last year with new players. Now if Joc, Muncy and Barnes don’t like it, the Dummies will just give them away. SSDD. Got to admit that I am not high on Joc but after last night he should certainly be played again along with Muncy and Barnes.

  6. If you are a Dodgers player that did well the night before and then find yourself riding the bench the next day, I would print up some shirts with “No good deed goes unpunished” and wear them to batting practice.

    1. It’s the Dodger success formula. Nobody sits for long. LH pitchers give Joc trouble so sit early and be prepared to hammer Bradley later. Fans want to see Martin. Freese aganst left handers just makes sense. It’s why he’s here. I have no problem with tonight’s lineup.

      Greinke will eventually be old and in the way, but not this year. 190 IP, 3.6 ERA, 13-14 wins, 3.6 WAR.

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