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Dodgers Dump Noah Syndergaard in Trade With Guardians, Acquire Shortstop Amed Rosario

Noah Syndergaard

Around 4:30 PM PST you might have heard a loud cheer eminating from across Los Angeles. That’s because the Dodgers have traded miserable starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard to the Cleveland Guardians for shortstop Amed Rosario. Reportedly it’s a one-for one swap (pending medicals) that relieves all Dodger fans from ever having to watch another excrutiatingly bad Syndergaard start ever again. The Dodgers signed the veteran this winter to a free agent contract hoping he could regain some form from his halycon days when he was a pitching standout with the Mets. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. Syndergaard posted a 7.16 ERA across 55.1 dreadful frames, and before a mob of fans stormed Andrew Friedman’s offices with pitchforks and spreadsheets, the Dodgers finally placed him on the injured list with what was reported as a blister problem.

The real problem was that Synderfaard stunk up the mound posting 11.5 hits per nine and a 5.54 FIP, while allowing more hits (71) than innings pitched. The Dodgers told the media that he was going to be going on a rehab assignment and scared us by telling us that he would be given as much rope as possible once finished with the minor league rehab assignments to return to the starting rotation and suck as much as a 30-year old injury riddled pitcher with diminished velocity can.

The move makes sense across the board. The main reason for the trade wasn’t just to get rid of Syndergaard (thank god) It was to pick up a shortstop who can hit at least league average levels so they can move Mookie Betts back to right field. Amed may not be the best or smoothest fielding shortstop, but the guy can hit while displaying decent combinations of power, and speed. Rosario is slashing .265/.305./369 with 3  home run and 40 runs batted in. He hit 15 home runs back in 2019, and 11 jacks in 2021 and 2022. It’s a win-win for the Dodgers. They never have to watch Syndergaard toe the rubber again in Dodger blue, they get a decent hitting shortstop for the rest of the season and Mookie can shift back to right field. Rosario is a free agent this winter, so he could be a rental. Or the Dodgers could sign him if he impresses.

Another great part of this trade is that it will send (hopefully) Miguel Rojas, and Yonny Hernandez to the bench permanently. Hernandez could possibly go back to Oklahoma City, or even be placed on waivers. Rojas and Yonny are both horrendous hitters and the Dodgers can’t continue to justify giving them at-bats. Rojas is a good defensive player, but he was hitting .222 with 0 home runs entering today’s contest against the Blue Jays. Hernandez came into play batting .143, also with no home runs. Speaking of Hernadezs’  the Dodgers re-acquired Enrique Hernandez from the Red Sox, who started at second in Wednesday afternoon’s loss to the Blue Jays. Kike` went 2 for 4 with two singles. Expect more moves to come as we get closer to the trade deadline on August 1.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

8 thoughts on “Dodgers Dump Noah Syndergaard in Trade With Guardians, Acquire Shortstop Amed Rosario

  1. Thor, you were the weakest link. Bye bye!

    Even the if just a rental, a great deal!

    Boy, a sucker born every minute, Guardians!

  2. It works for them. They get out from paying Rosario next year, and they’re paying him over 8 mil AAV.

    Still, a characteristically brilliant move from the ever brilliant Andrew Friedman. Right Scott? I know how much you love him.

    Praise Andrew Friedman! Praise him!

    1. I’m fine with it mostly because they get a semi-competent shortstop and stop giving at-bats to Rojas and Yonny.

      “Praise Andrew Friedman! Praise him!” really Patch? lolz

  3. Friedman was able to pull off the deal of the century by dumping Syndergaard, although I believe there must have been cash considerations. Hard to believe there was a team out there that could be suckered into such a deal, just as AF was suckered when he first picked Thor out of the dumpster and signed him for $13M.

    As far as what they got in return for the two trades, there was a definite improvement in their lineup…. What wouldn’t help. Rosario and Kiké have provided immediate offensive punch, unfortunately not enough to spark the lifeless offense. The last two losses, Kiké and Rosario were a combined 5-10, but the team was a putrid 4-23 RISP, 17 LOB, 16 KO’s, 5 GIDP. Seems the all Friedman ended up doing was to add two more players to DR’s offensive player pool, increasing the options for his Ouija Board lineup, erratic platooning and matchup choices, untimely, and mandatory rest days.

    Same old story with pitching. Gonsolin continues to struggle, Urias sputtering, Rookies under pressure to perform and carry the team, Kershaw’s mysterious shoulder problems. Bickford’s and Almonte’s wildness. Will the addition of Lance Lynn and the return of Joe Kelly be the answer? Can these two come back from disappointing 2023, and return to form? Is this just another roll of the dice by Friedman, hoping they can use the change of scenery to resurrect their careers? Can Prior work his magic, or is he out of tricks? He has not done much with his pitching staff so far. Maybe Friedman can find Prior a Magic Lamp in the bottom of a dumpster… Mark’s old lamp has been rubbed out of wishes.

    Does Friedman have another deal in the works? Dodgers need immediate impact players to fill the holes in their roster, not plastic fillers.

  4. Reds’ pitchers stymied the Dodger lineup Saturday, except for Muncy.
    Hey, no RISP, no LOB. Not surprising, since the Dodgers could only manage 2 hits, both by Max, and both happening to be HR’s. Other than that, the Dodger offense was shooting blanks.

    A somewhat shaky start by Sheehan (definitely better than his last), but he kept the Reds at bay, and kept the Dodgers in the game through 5. He just expended too many bullets in the process and left the game winning 2-0, and in the hands of the pen. Disaster struck in the 6th with Ferguson yielding 2 runs in 2/3 of an inning, and squandering Muncy’s 2-run lead. Joe Kelly came in with two on and two out (nice standing ovation as he came in from the pen), and shut down the Red Rally. Muncy grabbed the lead back in the bottom of the 6th with another HR.

    So, what lineup will DR’s Ouija Board come up with today? Hard to establish a consistent, productive offense if you change the lineup every game. Hitters cannot establish their roles if they do not know if they will be playing, or where they will be in the lineup. DR now has just way too many options. A smorgasbord of players to choose from.

    When will Lance Lynn make his debut with the Dodgers?

    “Baby Thor” Bickford DFA’d! Another great move! Whoo Hoo!

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