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Corey Seager Blasts Three Home Runs in Dodgers Victory Over Braves 4-2

The Dodgers are home after a 3-4 road trip against the toughest teams in the National League East. They’ve been struggling to score runs, but the good news is they were facing the lowly Atlanta Braves, who are struggling even more than the Dodgers.

1st inning
Quick 1-0 lead.


2nd inning  Braves 1-0
Three singles, another run. 2-0


3rd inning  Braves 2-0
Kenta Maeda settled down – if settling down meant he finally stopped giving up runs.

4th inning  Braves 2-0
Maeda was swimming around trouble again with one on and one out. Teheran, the Braves pitcher, attempted a bunt, which he popped up. Maeda ran forward and caught it. He then spun around to double up the runner off first base to end the threat.

Corey Seager solo home run! Dodgers on the board 2-1

5th inning  Braves 2-1
Trayce Thompson went BOOM! Solo home run 2-2

6th inning  2-2
Corey Seager – another home run! 3-2

7th inning  Dodgers 3-2
Kenta Maeda out. Adam Liberatore in.
Job done. Braves had not hit since the fifth inning.

8th inning Dodgers 3-2
Joe Blanton in for the Dodgers.
Easy street with two Ks.
Corey Seager blasted his THIRD home run of the game! 4-2

9th inning  Dodgers 4-2
Kenley Jansen vs Braves
Nick Markakis : F9
Tyler Flowers: PF4
Kelly Johnson: Single (First Braves hit since fifth inning)
Jeff Francoeur: 5-3

Dodgers win! 4-2

Kenta Maeda started out shaky, giving up two quick runs, but settled down and never gave up another through six innings. The bullpen once again combined to keep the opponent scoreless as well. A solid outing tonight from the pitching corps.

The offense was powered by the long ball, courtesy of Corey Seager and Trayce Thompson. Corey was on fire with three solo bombs, and Thompson’s was hit with no one aboard either.

Which leads me to the one caveat in tonight’s victory. Nobody else could get on. The Dodgers have pretty much stopped putting together rallies.

It’s an old refrain, but I’m going to keep saying it because it needs to be shouted from the top of Elysian Park, and it seems no other writers are willing to point out what has been painfully obvious, and stated by LADR for weeks – Justin Turner is HURTING the Dodgers.

That’s right, hurting the Dodgers. He turns the top of the order into the bottom of the order and kills rallies. When there’s nobody on, he doesn’t start rallies. He’s throwing water on the Dodgers’ tiny sparks every time he comes up. The madness has got to stop. I’m not advocating benching him, because his glove has value. But for the sake of all that is Blue – remove him from the top of the order!

On the other hand – Corey Seager!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenta Maeda (5-3) went 6 1/3 innings with 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 ER, 2 walks, 5 Ks.   ERA 2.84

Home runs: Are you kidding me? Corey Threesome Seager! and Trayce Thompson

Team with RISP: 3 for 7  Better.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

121 thoughts on “Corey Seager Blasts Three Home Runs in Dodgers Victory Over Braves 4-2

  1. The Braves’ first run was a gift. Maeda toughed out the first few innings and got stronger as he went along, which is good news. Bullpen was fine. Seager 3, Atlanta 1–assist to Thompson. Good thing, because Cueto won his ninth in St. Louis.

    1. Attn anybody wondering what happened to an erased comment today. I erased it because it crossed the line over a sports argument and went personal.
      The poster said things that would probably get somebody punched in the nose if it was said in person.
      I will delete any comment I see here that crosses that line.
      Carry on…

      1. Both needed a time out. Although not as vulgar as the post that was deleted, Watford’s was pretty offensive in its own right and was a needless provocation.

  2. “And was told by Watford that I was the problem and should take my observations elsewhere”.

    Did I say that?

    What a embarrassing excuse for a man you are.

    1. Watford
      I didn’t think that sounded like you at all. And I don’t remember you ever saying anything like that to anyone.

      There has to be something that was taken wrong or something, because that sounds nothing like you.

          1. Yes I can scan the posts, but I would rather not have to do that. I mean I don’t have the time to be policing these boards. I expect everyone here to conduct themselves in an adult manner and treat everyone with respect

  3. Cory Seager to the All-Star Game — enters the HR contest — and that screws up his swing . . . please do not do that story.

  4. Well, somebody has to point out the obvious –

    Mark is off his meds again. Most are ignoring it. Probably wise.

    Atlanta is the worst team in MLB. And against that team we we were 5 for 29 (.172) with 11 K’s. Utley struck out 4 times. We were 0 for WRISP again.

    Yes, it was fun to see Seager go off. Thompson with 2 hits. And that was it.

    We won, and that is a good thing. But clearly the issues have not gone away with one win against a last place club. All the concerns remain.

    1. Badger
      I didn’t think they would get Utley on his last at bat again, with a change up, on his hands. But I think Utley is to smart, to not adjust to the way he is being pitched. He might be a little tired, but I wouldn’t bet against Chase!

  5. I have a theory what is wrong with the Dodgers hitting: Lack of urgency. What I mean by that is that underperforming is tolerated in the sense that Carl Crawfish is kept on the team as a result of his contract. Everyone knows that if he had a one year/$4 million dollar deal, he would have been DFA’ed already!

    The only thing that keeps him on the team is because he is owed $40 million. He’s a nice guy, but he seldom stays healthy for long. He has been on the DL multiple times every year since 2011! He is a poor fielder, an even poorer thrower whose only redeeming value is that he is LH.

    This team needs to be sent a message: “It doesn’t matter who you are – you are gone if you don’t produce. End of story!”

    Cut CC today and have a team meeting where it is concisely articulated that “your pay grade or press clippings do not determine your roster spot or playing time. Your production is all that counts. If we will cut a guy we owe $40 million, you should not become too comfortable. It’s time for a sense of urgency. This is not a country club!”

    Dave Roberts is a nice guy… maybe too nice sometimes. This is where he has to put on his mean face!

  6. On Justin Turner: I would sit him for 3 or 4 games and start Howie at 3B. Then I would bring him back and bat him 8th until he figures it out. He is moving better than ever on the field – his defense is great – I do not think it is the surgery – it’s in his head! He has to fix it!

    Here is my lineup for today:

    1. Utley 2B (L)
    2. Hernandez LF (R)
    3. Seager SS (L)
    4. Thompson RF (R)
    5. A-Gon 1B (L)
    6. Kendrick 3B (R)
    7. Pederson CF (L)
    8. Grandal C (L/R)

    Grandal’s leash is short too – he has to figure it out soon – he has about 60 less AB’s than Turner so I will give him another weeks or so – It could be Austin Barnes Time. Barnes could be nice spark. He would be a nice #2 hitter.

    1. Mark
      Turner is behind on a 92 fastball. Roberts can’t continue to hit him third.

      It is not what is best for the team. No one here, is saying Turner shouldn’t play, out of respect, on the way he had played, in the last couple of years.

      But he is now hitting 220, and making the other team’s pitchers, job way to easy.

      His at bats, are effecting the heart of the order.
      When the line up was Utley, Cory, and Agone, that is the most productive the offense, has been, in the last couple of weeks.

    2. A couple of points. First although I agree CC is an anchor they should lose, you and I both know that they are not going to just cut a guy making that much cash. Now if they could trade him, they would and probably gladly eat a portion of his contract. Howie would probably be at third, but his shoulder is barking. So he is getting another short breather. Hernandez has had a couple of nice AB’s lately, but he is also below the Mendoza line. Roberts is a management lackey. He is playing pretty much who the Zilcho and Fart Brain tell him to play. But he did sit Puig down for not hustling. They still need, and do not have, a #2 starter. They are playing with a 4 man bench and 13 pitchers. Not smart. Cut the dead weight, and get some hitters in the lineup, starting with benching, trading or sending to the minors Grandal, Hernandez, and Crawford. Get 2 used ball bags and some old bats. Only saving grace right now is that the Giants just had a huge blow losing Pence for a couple of months. Time to make a move is now.

  7. But Mark, do you recall your prediction for Grandal? I believe it was .285 with 30 home runs.

    I still think Turner will hit. I still believe Crawford will hit. Neither will reach career averages, but both are better hitters than they’ve shown.

      1. Badger, you know they are not going to get rid of Pederson. He is in a slump. So was A-Gone. Pederson is 3rd on the team in homers. The kids are doing the job and the only vets doing theirs are A-Gone and Utley. Ward needs to fix the kids mechanics again, because he seems to have reverted to old habits. I give him a couple of weeks, and if that does not do it, send him to AAA and call up Verdugo.

          1. Thompson have pretty even
            Splits against lefties, and righties, in batting average, and HRs, and that is really good sign.

          2. He pretty much will be with Puig on the shelf, and like it or not, Pederson is still the best CF on the team with Trayce not far behind. SVS will start getting some playing time. No reason to be pissed off at the kid. He is still on a learning curve, and he was getting better there for a while. I have seen worse, trust me. Henry Rodriguez ring a bell, or maybe Billy Ashley. Someone brought up Joel Guzman who was a huge flop. in less than 1 1/2 seasons in the bigs, Pederson has 34 dingers already, and Thompson has almost double what he did last year. Let us see how the kid looks in July. He is at home where Ward can work with him more.

          3. I’m upset because he is either not listening and making swing adjustments or all the batting coaches are blind to the problem. I think it’s the former. Contact first. That has been the problem for a year now.

  8. I agree with you on CC. He should of been gone yesterday.

    Three guys in the bull pen scare me. They are Baez, Hatcher and Howell. Sooner or later Baez and Hatcher will throw one pitch right down the middle for a HR. That is why you cannot trust them. I hope Montas can be brought up soon. I would keep Howell, but should be his last year.

    I have always said you need your best 25 ball players on the team. The trade has caused some of the problems, but FAZ has also caused some of them. One of the reasons the Seahawks have been successful, is because they get rid of players when they loose their effectiveness. Regardless what their salary is. You cannot keep players around because of their salaries.

    1. This is Howell’s last year. But he can be released at anytime. Baez pitched better last time out, 2 scoreless innings. But Hatcher is a bomb waiting to go off. Montas had serious control problems with the Sox last year, and is still re-habbing. There is no guarantee he will be any better than what is out there. Yeah, he throws hard, but as you have seen with Baez, that means bupkis. The problem with the FO here is that they have been shopping at K-Mart to stock the shelves at Macy’s. The Dodgers should not be signing all the injured cast offs of other teams. But that is what Fart Brain has decreed. And how many of those guys are NOT DISABLED? FO is responsible for this mess….

  9. You are right Oscar on our HR’s last night. All were solo shots. I watch Seattle when I am not watching the Dodgers. They brought in people who get on base this year. This year their home runs are 2 and 3 run homers and not solo shots. Now they are winning and last year they were losing. Right now our batting order should be Utley, Kendrick, Seager, Agon, and Thompson. Fill in the rest.

  10. I agree with Mark 100% on the urgency part. I don’t think anyone in the FO or on the bench has the balls to do it though. We are living and dying by the long ball.
    And yes Mark you were very high on Grandal when he came over. I will give you credit for starting to see its time for him to get going.
    The vets have got to feel the heat from the kids. Someone has got get them motivated NOW!!!!!!!!
    The FO still scares me..

    1. You are easymoney. If anyone should understand guaranteed money it’s you. Guaranteed contracts are going nowhere.

      And none of it is what is wrong with this team. Those who keep swinging at that idea are continuing to go 0fer, just like most of the team did last night. If the Dodgers wanted to they could cut Crawford without blinking an eye.

      Still don’t understand how much 2.5 billion is do you.

      My guess is Utley could use a break. He was brought in to platoon and be a mentor. In this pathetic offense he’s the leadoff hitter. NOT part of the plan. THE PLAN appears to have some threads being pulled.

        1. They did that for years. And back in the day a player could actually have his pay cut. But they play with different rules now. First off, the players union would never allow a return to what they considered serfdom. Second, guaranteed contracts go to the guys who the team deems to be assets. Most guys on minor league deals on not on guaranteed contracts. But you can bet there is not one guy in the majors who does not know exactly what his contract states. Most know how many options they have left. Carl Crawford’s contract was given to him by Boston, and the Dodgers assumed the terms of the contract when they made the trade. They knew what they were getting and chose to make the deal. It was a contract dump for the Red Sox, and the only real piece the Dodgers were sure of was Adrian Gonzalez. I am sure if CC was not owed close to 40 million, he would be gone. He would also be gone if they had found a taker last winter. But it did not happen. I would expect though that he will be gone this winter, either released or traded with the Dodgers eating most of his remaining money. They cannot afford to go into next season with the chain of CC’s and Andre Ethier’s large contracts blocking the kids who are on the way..

  11. I am still high on Grandal – I did predict he would hit .260 with 25 HR. Many baseball scouts think that too, but it is what it is. He has the potential to be a very good player – we have all seen it, but he has to execute. Sometimes, you trade a guy away and he reaches that potential. Grandal is still young.

    1. Mark
      I think Grandal’s problem, is all in Grandal’s head. Because he has always been able to hit, and he just can’t do it right now. It is really mental with him. He is always looking very furstrated, when he is up to bat

      1. He might have hit in the minors, but the majors? Please the guy is a .240 career average slug with power. I think he was grossly over rated by the front office, and not worth what we gave up to get him. He is lousy at throwing out runners, terrible at blocking balls in the dirt. You are right about one thing. He is a head case…

        1. Michael
          Before this season, I would have said that Grandal is a better hitter, then a defensive catcher. Because he was hurt most of the season half of the season. He started the season late, but when he first came back, he was hitting ok, so that is what I was basing it on.

          1. And I didn’t want Kemp traded either. Because I knew the team would miss his bat, and it would affect the team’s offense. And I think that if Kemp was with the Dodgers, he would have better offensive stats, then he has on the Padres.

            He didn’t look like he cared to much, in that last series, against the Padres. And I know he was in a big slump, but I didn’t see any passion in his eyes, like he kind of gave up.

          2. Yep, for all of 2 weeks and then right back in the tank……….he should have been on the DL the second half of last year, and had whatever was bothering him fixed. I blame a lot of that on the front office. But the fact remains that this guy is grossly over rated, non productive and a total head case…Matt was in a pretty bad slump when the Dodgers were in town. That seemed to me why he was missing the pitch so much, but he got a clutch sac fly that helped his team win. He is hitting better now, and has 14 dingers at this point

    2. You are just high………no way that guy hits .260……potential is worth nothing. Results are what matters. Puig has more potential. So does Thompson, but until you prove it by getting the job done, it means crap.

  12. Cory has more HRs, then Coria on the Astros has. And Coria was the shortstop, that was the big guy in baseball, last year!

    It is amazing when Cory hits those oppos, into the bullpen, and just in the foul pull, like he did last night. It looks like he barely swings, when he hits those oppo HRs.

    And Cory is playing decent defensively too! He is just so advanced, and he is only going to get better.

    You guys should have seen Ned on the after show, when they were talking about Seager. Ned was smiling ear to ear. He looked like the bird that ate the Canary last night!

    1. That would be Correa and he is younger than Seager. The two of them should lead the way for SS for some time. Though I still think we will move Corey eventually.

      1. Badger
        Do you think they will move Correa too? He looks a little more filled out then Cory, considering he is younger then Cory.

        But I really don’t know for sure, just how big most of the players are, on TV. I believe that Cory is 6’4 but he doesn’t look like he is filled out yet. And that makes his appearance, look a little smaller.

        1. They migh MJ. Depends on the progress of their best prospect, SS Alex Bregman. Check him out.

          Actually, they’d probably move Bregman to third. Houston got options.

          1. It is. If Seager stays thin, he could handle short for a few years. It is harder on the legs than is third. More weight could make it worse. I’d still like to see the 4 dWAR shortstop signed by the genius squad. He could hit like Grandal for all I care. I want a fast vacuum out there. I want Usain Kirby.

  13. Logan hit a HR on Corey,,, of course, when he is available at the time you pick, timing is everything.

  14. Yankees need a first baseman, what do you think they might give for Agon?…. Calm down, I was just kidding….

        1. Chapman, Sanchez, Mateo, Judge and they take Crawford. I’d throw in Grandal just to piss off Mark.

          1. I throw in Grandal, but we have no replacement for A-Gone….although he would be a MONSTER in Yankee Stadium….

          2. Ethier and Van Slyke could platoon there. But you’re right. No replacing Gonzalez. AGon has been the heart of the 3 Division Title team lineup for 3 Division Title winning years in a row, consecutively. Will he get a forth? (that was for you MJ) meh, not looking good for that…..

  15. Watford, I’ve never heard u talk negatively on this board to anyone. I’d like to see the proof that u actually did. Otherwise you’re all right in my book!

    Few articles ago somebody pointed out the stats of our pen regarding inherited runners scoring. That was huge. And embarrassing. Yanks may make Andrew Miller available. That could be our chance to pounce.

    I agree. Time to drop JT in the order till he wakes up. I still believe he and Grandal will.

    1. Here is the post to which you referred re: the bullpen:

      An interesting comment from Houston Mitchell of the LA Times about the Dodgers’ bullpen:

      ” There is also an important bullpen stat that rarely gets talked about. A relief pitcher’s ERA isn’t always the best indicator of effectiveness. (An important stat is) inherited runners scored %. The lower the percentage, the better the reliever has done. So how has the Dodgers bullpen done this season? Not well. Their team IRS% is 34.6% (28 of 81 inherited runners have scored), which puts them 11th in the National League. Who leads the NL? The Giants, with a IRS% of 20.4% (20 of 98 runners scored).”

      The only Dodger reliever with a percentage lower than 21.4% is Kenley Jansen (no surprise) – 10%. Joe Blanton is 27.3%, Chris Hatcher 30%, Pedro Baez 60% (!) and JP Howell 75%(!!).

      1. Blanton is second on our team, and be has a higher IRS, then all of the pitchers, in the Giants bullpen combined.

        And Roberts has had Blanton setting up quite a bit lately. I have not seen Mark using that stat, when he has talked about the Dodger’s bullpen.

      2. That’s why you want most of these guys to start a clean inning. In the old days, guys like Perranoski and Labine didn’t often come in until there were men on. And they pitched two or three innings if needed. Those guys were worth a lot more than today’s “specialists” IMO.

    2. Bobby
      That should be the most important stat, when it comes to a bulllpen. And I believe Dodger rick, posted that. That stat tells much more then an era does, when it comes to relievers.

      I have always looked at how many innings, a particular reliever has pitched, and looked at how many runners, that reliever put on base. And I have compared this innings pitched, and runners put on base, with the Giants pen. And the Dodger relief Pitchers, seemed to always put more runners on base, then innings, pitched.

      And the Giant’s relivers, have almost always, had much better numbers, then the Dodgers. And that is why the Giants have been able to win it all, with only one good starting pitcher.

      And that is why Bumgarner was able to throw so many innings, in the post season. Kershaw has had much more stress, when he pitches in the regular season, because Kershaw has to pitch perfect, all season long, to get the ball to Kenley.

      Bumgarner doesn’t have to pitch like that. Bumgarner doesn’t have to pitch so many stressful innings, because he knows he has a pen, that will save his win, more times, then not.

      I think our front office is looking more at strike outs, and swing and misses, then either one of these type of figures. Of course there are times when strike outs are needed, but swing and miss pitchers, seem to give up more HRs. I don’t know if that is accurate, but it seems that way.

        1. Badger
          I look at whip too. But you wouldn’t believe how many of the Dodger relief pitchers, put more runners on base, then innings pitched. I haven’t looked as much this year, but I am sure it isn’t much different.

          That is why I hate when a reliever comes in and starts getting behind on the count. And walking the hitter, and putting them on base, epecially when the Dodgers are only one or two runs ahead. I believe Hatcher has the worse numbers, when it comes to this, and almost everything else.

          1. Strike throwers. Strike throwers with unhittable stuff. For 3 outs every other day.

  16. I don’t understand all of the vituperation and bellicosity here. We are all Dodger fans here, and most of us knowledgeable. We have difference of opinion about how the Dodgers are run and how they are playing. That is the whole point of commenting on this board.

    So why all of the vulgarity and personal slurs and impugning of character?

    I disagree with Mark, for example, on some things but not all things but don’t stoop to name calling or profanity.

    I would like to see it stop.

      1. “in the mean time, best to ignore the stupidity.”

        lol…and then there’s the insults of a passive aggressive variety. We know who you’re talking about. 😉

        I make a distinction between Mark’s use of “moron,” which is more about chiding the opposition and getting under people’s skin, and uglier and vulgar insults that reflect truly bad feelings. I laugh at Mark’s posts. The exchange between Watford and AC was unfortunate and uncomfortable, and is a reflection of some truly hurt feelings in the past. Too bad, because they contribute a lot. I don’t think anyone has a better knowledge of the game and the ability to articulate it than AC.

        I don’t want Mark to change his style.

        1. He won’t. Once the bug is up his ass he won’t stop. I sometimes laugh too, admittedly at him. Sometimes I think it’s sad he has stooped so low. Yeah, I know, passive aggressive.

    1. I agree. It’s not necessary. Scott already took the first step requesting people to stop insulting others! Hopefully being a mature audience that will suffice.

      Now the creativity of insulting FAZ is entertaining (“Fart Brain” 🙂 ). Keep it coming.

      1. I find the insults of the current front office team and the name calling, such as Fried Brains, etc., to be personally offensive and want them to stop.

        1. “I find the insults of the current front office team and the name calling, such as Fried Brains, etc., to be personally offensive and want them to stop.”


          “I don’t want Mark to change his style”[calling someone else a moron].

          You do realize that your preference is in contradiction to Scott’s request for people on this board to stop insulting each other. I’m not stating you are wrong (it’s your personal preference). Just saying it doesn’t match Scott’s petition.

          1. Point taken.

            In fact, henceforth we should recognize that any and all criticism of Andrew Friedman and Zaidi is likely motivated by anti-semitism and anti-Middle Eastern sentiment, and should recognize that there is no room whatsoever for bigotry and racism in a society and a blog that celebrates diversity. All insults of any kind should be prohibited and, going forward, we should be required to refer to each other by the ethnically neutral and non-offensive term, “comrade.”

            ….pity that folks in this day and age have a hard time distinguishing between the somewhat serious and the tongue-in-cheek.

          2. I try to write everything tongue in cheek. Subtlety is one of my charms. Don’t you think?

            A Jew and an Arab working side by side. Imagine that. Whoda thunk it possible?

        2. Fried Brains is a trade mark and it fits. Especially these guys, and I have no intention of toning it down as long as they continue to stock this team with cast offs and has been’s do not like it, tough….pass the post by and say your peace. Last time I checked, this was the USA and free speech is encouraged…..

          1. And since MORON, I am part Jewish, there is no anti Semitism involved you dolt. I do not like their methods, or their acquisition’s, and since I have probably been watching this team longer than you have been alive, I am entitled to think what I like.

    1. I dont believe his talent has ever been questioned. He needs only to refine what it is he already does.

    1. Cotton, Stripling and De Leon are at AAA and so are Montas and Frais. That’s a bunch of really good arms.

      1. OK, BUT…….Stripling is on the DL….Deleon is not pitching well and Montas has been in 1 AAA game. Frias is 0-2 with a ERA north of 7. Cotton is 4-3 with a ERA over 5. The guys at AA have better stats right now. I notice you do not put OKC”s top winner on that list…….Lee is 6-3…….Until they can prove it either at AAA or in the bigs, they are just prospects….

        1. Exactly. It doesn’t matter how good your arm is as long what’s between your ears function properly.

        2. Lee has never been on my list – NEVER!

          Stripling is on the DL just to limit his innings – he is fine. They want him to build up slowly after TJ.

  17. Why all of the yelling and name calling here?

    Could be a hold-over from outside the ballpark world —- Bet you, that most of the present yellers and name callers here — love Donald Trump. He is the head yeller and name caller.

  18. I am on record as hating Trump, so someone else can step up for that one. BTW, I hate Hillary too. America, this is the best we can do?

    1. I like Trump a hell of a lot more than Killary or the socialist, and unfortunately what you see is what you get.

      1. Democratic Socialist.

        I’m going Green. Don’t even know the persons name, but I’m voting for Mother Earth. May she forgive us all.

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