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Cubs: 10 Dodgers: 2 Urias, Bullpen Blow Chance

TORONTO, CANADA - MAY 6: Manager Dave Roberts #30 of the Los Angeles Dodgers returns to the dugout after making a trip to the mound in the seventh inning during MLB game action against the Toronto Blue Jays on May 6, 2016 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Dave Roberts
(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Julio Urias became the youngest pitcher to start a playoff baseball game. And with that you can always be sure that a day gives you some relevant information. A cool little factoid that will be bar trivia one day.

Nobody’s gonna remember his actual outing though, right? That’s how this works?

Who am I kidding, Julio Urias was pretty good until he wasn’t and the moment he fell off it was, well it was unfortunate for the Dodgers. Urias in his first postseason start ever got through 3 innings relatively unscathed but the Cubs teed off of him in the 4th inning. The inning started off with a bunt hit for Ben Zobrist who is becoming a Giants level nuisance to this team. Javier Baez followed that up with a single to left, and so did Wilson “Pete Rose” Contreras who drove Zobrist in with another single to left.

The common thread between those hitters? They all had two strikes against them at one point or another. Putting away batters like Hill did yesterday is important (huh).

This game was about getting the Cubs hitters out of their slumps, and Addison Russell, who is one of the better young shortstops in the game, hit a massive home run off of Urias to drive in both Baez and Contreras, putting the game in a precarious position at 4-0.

Pedro Baez would attempt to keep the lead there and while he got out of the inning relatively unscathed, Anthony Rizzo began his redemption game with a long home run to right center field making the game 5-0.

Now the Dodgers should be upset, both for the pitching effort, as well as the defense, as the umpiring (for both sides) has been horrible this series. But uh.


The Dodgers are lucky that this didn’t cost them a chance at winning the game. I guess you could argue that a 1-0 lead would have been psychologically insurmountable again, or that they play the game differently and circumstances would have been different and that the game would have been different.

I’m not willing to go there, and while Angel Hernandez is generally awful, he was particularly bad in this game I have talked to Cubs fans who feel that game 3 was awful in a similar light, perhaps not to the extent of literally costing a team a run by not using replay correctly, at the same time this doesn’t ease the fact that the bullpen was a tire fire and Julio Urias couldn’t put hitters away.

I am definitely mad about not getting a game 4 in Dodger stadium, it was a poorly played game and a blown opportunity but let’s look at facts.

Clayton Kershaw will pitch in one of the next 3 games

Rich Hill will pitch in another one of those.

Kenta Maeda and the bullpen will pitch in one more of those games.

The Dodgers are throwing their best pitchers at the Cubs. Because Maeda may matchup against Lester, the Dodgers will have an overwhelming advantage in at least the Kershaw start and if not they are close to even otherwise.

Winning two out of three in this context is certainly doable and while going back to Chicago sucks, it was probably expected that this was going to be a long series.

Simplifying it even more, if they win the Kershaw and Hill starts, they win the pennant. That is a situation you’d take coming into the postseason every single time.

Another fact is that the Dodgers offense has to put together a game like the Cubs just did sometime in these next 3 games, against Lester would be amazing. The point is obviously that the Dodgers cannot lean on shutting out the Cubs in every win, this is a good way to lose in the NLCS. But at the same time Kershaw, Hill, and Kenley are likely rested and ready to go, i’m guessing there will be a lot of them in the final 3 games.

NLCS. Tied 2-2. Best of 3. Kershaw-Hill-Jansen. Do the thing already.

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92 thoughts on “Cubs: 10 Dodgers: 2 Urias, Bullpen Blow Chance

  1. “The Dodgers are throwing their best pitchers at the Cubs.” They will be doing the same.

    Thoroughly forgettable game. On to tomorrow.

  2. I think who wins Game 5 wins the series.

    I don’t think you can allow the Cubs to increase their momentum. I think Kershaw HAS to start tonight.

    Maeda starts game 6 and Hill starts game 7 with Kershaw in relief.

    I predict Dave Roberts will change to Kershaw.

    1. Mark
      Lester a leftie is pitching today, why pitch Kershaw when it is more likely, we won’t get decent offensive support?

      And I know we hit Lester hard in that first game, but he may be on his game today, and it would probably be a low scoring game.

      And Kershaw could still help out in the bullpen, in the next game, if needed.

      And about yesterday, I was just frustrated by those broadcasters, and the game.

      Sorry I didn’t mean to take it out on you.

      But I did say that Barnes should stay on the roster, because of what Ruiz has already done in the post season.

      And we can’t get Ruiz many at bats, with Barnes not on this roster.

      And I guess the fact that Roberts keeps putting Kike at second, and putting Howie in left, and that doesn’t make any sense at all.

      And that is why he had to change them on defense, in the next half inning again.

      And Ruiz or Puig, would have been better hitting there, instead of Kike.

  3. Baby bears done woke up.

    I can see a desperate move like pitching Kershaw tonight. I wouldn’t do it, but I can sure see why Roberts would. Maeda? Yoiks.

    I know talking odds makes some uncomfortable, so I won’t post what the Cubs numbers are this morning. Besides, what does Nate Silver and his group of arithmeticians know about baseball? Only our geeks are credible. 538 believes this:

    Talk about Go Blue.

    1. That blows any credibility your hacks have. While I don’t think the polls have captured the whipping Crooked Hillary will be receiving, here is the latest from one of the better polling organizations.

      I have faith that most average Americans don’t want a career criminal like Crooked Hillary as president. But, after seeing that she paid dirt bags to attack Trump supporters at Trump Rallies, we know she will stop at nothing to steal this election.

      1. Box, you sound just like Trump so there is no wonder you would be for him. That is not a put down unless you don’t like the way Trump sounds.

        1. Love the way Trump sounds regarding thieving politicians. Crooked Hillary said she was broke when she left the White House (while trying to steal the furniture). Been receiving gifts and speaking fees (And if you think people paid for her speeches because she if so interesting, you have got to be among the most ignorant people on earth) in exchange for selling out the U.S. taxpayer ever since. Did you see where Qatar gave Bill a million dollar birthday gift? The American taxpayer is probably going to pay billions for that million. Here is where Huffpo confirms it.

          So Bumsrap, your willingness to overlook Crooked Hillary’s crimes puts you at the same level. Not a put down unless you are also on the “take”

        2. Bum

          You shouldn’t be getting all over me.

          You should save it for Buck!

          Everytime Joc and Grandal come up to bat,
          he talks badly about them.

          He is always talking about Joc’s big swing, even after Joc hit that ball, the other way.

          When Baez from the Cubs swings hard, Buck just says that Maddon wouldn’t be happy with Baez swinging like that.

          Having to listen to Buck is pure torture!

          I would listen to the radio broadcast, if it wasn’t ahead or behind the TV broadcast.

          1. MJ, What Buck and Smoltz say don’t really bother me because they are mostly making comments based on old analysis provided to them and I don’t care what they think.

      2. You are ignoring the obvious problem, that we are given little choice, we either vote for her, an equally bad Trump, or a minor minority party candidate who has less chance of winning than I have of winning the Power Ball. The two party system is as bad as one party. Political parties should be outlawed, people should have to campaign and run on their merit exclusively. No more politics or discussion of same for me. Over and out.

        1. You may or may not like Bernies policies but everyone had a chance to vote for someone with integrity. So, now your choices are what they are. Thus, we get the govt we deserve. Trump calling someone else crooked is quite hilarious though. I should take some integrity courses at Trump U. And become less crooked. #whineylittlebitch

    2. Badger

      I really don’t know if the Cubs really woke up.

      The pitch there shortstop hit for a HR, was right down the middle of the plate!

      I don’t understand why are pitchers are pitching to the eighth hitter, when they are down on the count, and the pitcher is on deck?

      This is the second time in the post season, that one of our pitchers was pitching to the eight hitter, and got down on the count.

      And instead of putting this hitter on first, and pitch to the pitcher, they have given the eighth hitter, and pitch right down the middle of the plate.

      And both times, the player hit it out, like most major leaguers, are suppose to.

      And actually Rizzo probaby got a nice pitch from Baez too.

      If Toles makes the throw like he usually does, this game would have been a lot different.

      I can’t get all over Toles, because that was his first mistake, that has hurt us this year.

      It is just tough having to listen to the unproffessional bias from the broadcast too.

      But I heard something from Orel that tells the true story, about the Cubs hitting.

      The Cubs have struck out more then any other team in the National league this year.

      And the Dodgers pitchers, has struck out more hitters, in the National League, then any other team this year too!

      That is why we match up better with the Cubs, and we have kept them, quiet at times.

      1. And I forgot to say, that Urias pitched a good game, it wasn’t his fault that he didn’t get the defensive support, that is important to do, especially when a young pitcher, is pitching in any game.

    3. Badger

      I hope those polls are right, because I think the unfavorite in this poll, has a lot of older white support, and older white people, tend go and vote, more then others in society.

  4. Advantage: Chicago. The Dodgers cannot go into Chi-Town needing 2 wins. The need to somehow figure out Lester really fast. Explain to me again why Andre Ethier with an OPS over 2000 was not starting over any of the other OF’s who played last night. They could use Andre’s experience on the field more than in the dugout. Joc Pederson has totally reverted to that wild swinging kid. He had 1 good AB last night. I do not trust Maeda to win tonight’s game, he has been very beatable his last few games. I would have given Wood the start instead of Urias. Experience counts for something. The kid was over matched. The umpiring is another issue. Hernandez is awful and the call at the plate not withstanding, probably the worst Ump in big league baseball. The defense last night was terrible also. They made more errors in last nights game than they had in all the previous playoff games combined. They have a few hours to get their game face on and figure out lefty’s. If I was Roberts I would have all the LH pitchers on the Dodgers throwing extra BP today at the starting lineup…..

    1. Yeah, Chicago’s probably the better team, but some of your queries are from Mars.

      Ethiers leg won’t let him play the OF and Wood has been a reliever since he returned.

      Solutions not based in reality aren’t solutions, they’re daydreams.

      Hernandez is and was just dreadful. Not just the Gonzalez slide, but his balls and strikes were variable.

      1. Ethier has already played the OF, and played well. His leg is fully healed. Wood may be rusty, but he pitched well last night. And they are not queries, just my take. You do not have to agree at all and that is cool. Chicago is the better team, they have been all year. You give a team like that an opening and you are asking for trouble. It is like asking Kersh to be nails every time he goes out there on short rest. As far as having extra BP against lefty pitchers it makes sense. Those are not dreams, they are moves that are possible. All this would be moot if FAZ had gotten some real help at the dead line, but he felt Hill was enough. My opinion……Another thing….why is Kike Hernandez even on the roster??? Because of what he did to lefty’s last year??? He has not had a hit yet and is absolutely terrible at the plate….Give me Culberson…..

        1. Hill looks like real help. You wanted more? We all would have like that, but, did you notice the cost in prospects for Hill? Were you for gutting the farm?

          Pessimistic bunch around here today! We are tied 2 games apiece. Now best out of three. Last night hurt, but, we can still win this.

          I don’t start Kershaw tonight.

          1. Nah, Hill sucks. That game where he shut down the Cubs was an eternity ago. FAZ, if they weren’t utterly worthless, should’ve gotten some “real help at the deadline.” Who that help is and what the cost would’ve been, no one seems to know, but apparently it’s pretty easy to do.

          2. Boxout

            I think your right about not pitching Kershaw today.

            Why waste Kershaw today, and lose one nothing?

            We are facing Lester today, who is a leftie, so we don’t know how much offense, we wil get today.

            And because of that, it would probably be a low scoring game, and it could be decided by just one run.

          3. Yeah, that’s fine and all, but among all those names, the only pitcher I would want would be Archer, but:

            1. He hasn’t been that effective this year. He’s more or less equivalent to Moore, who the Giants picked up – a pretty good third or fourth starter. Hill, statistically, has been one of the best pitchers in baseball this year, and I know he’s old and is Blister Boy and all that, but he showed the other night why the Dodgers went and got him.

            2. Because Archer is young and controllable, he would have been more expensive in terms of prospects.

            Hill gives the Dodgers the closest thing since Greinke last year to a true 1-2 punch with Kershaw. You have to have that to match up with playoff teams.

          4. Who said anything about gutting the farm? Who knows what they might have gotten from someone else for the same package? You got zip from Hill for almost a month and he is what, 4-2 in all his Dodger starts? Reddick was and is worthless, no power, little production and some shaky fielding at times. I just think there were other options, they might have had to trade or add someone like Kike or Barnes and I would be fine with that. Kike has been pretty much worthless all year. Why settle on a 36 year old rental and another LH hitting OF when the team is loaded with them ?? You FAZ lovers can believe what you want and fantasize how great they are. But I am far from convinced and the great Grandal makes me even more skeptical…

          5. Look….

            The other evening I took a poke at you when, in a moment of exuberance when Grandal hit his homer, I told you and the other Grandal haters to “eat shit.” I apologize for that. That was immature and unnecessary.

            I gotta tell you, though, when you write stuff like what you wrote above, you make an inviting target because it’s not based on reality. It’s like that drunk guy who sits in that dive bar every night complaining in a really loud voice about how much better things used to be.

            “Who knows what they might have gotten from someone else for the same package?”

            Yeah, ok. Why don’t you tell us, Mr. Armchair Baseball Executive. If not Hill, then who? And if you say Kike was utterly worthless to the Dodgers, why on Earth would you think he would have any value to another organization that pays attention, let alone enough value to land someone better than Hill. I mean, what planet are you living on?

            The ONLY pitcher that would have been better than Hill, this year, would have been Sale. Getting him, even if the Sox were selling, would’ve absolutely and completely gutted the farm system.

            Hill was and is the best solution, and if you want to complain I’ll listen to good arguments. He already showed his value the other night. If he wins a game 7, then he was worth it and more. …..and I’ll probably gloat and take a poke at you. I just won’t be crass. What about, “how ’bout dem apples, Blister Boy haters?”

        2. Well Dodgerpatch, in the first place I did not read the Grandal comments and his homer did not make up for his lousy play so far. Blind squirrel found a nut. I also said what I was saying is my opinion….you want better options, how about Tyson Ross, or Archer. Matt Moore was on their radar. They had a lot of options to chose from and sorry grass hopper. I do not think Hill was the best. 1 whole month after they got him he was on the DL….wasted games, Reddick sucked so bad the whole board hated the trade. Who knows what could have been had and at what price. I do know from a story I read that Tampa did not want to deal with Freidman. I also know that I care less what you, Mark, or any of the other FAZ maniacs think or say. I voice my opinion. Open for attacks? I do not care. I also do not have to like a player just because he wears the blue. I can name a bunch from times past that I did not care for…..Grandal just happens to be at the top of the list. So say and think what you like, I will do the same, and I doubt we will ever agree…….but there were other options..

    2. Michael

      I think the lefties should have been pitching to everyone, at least after the Allstar break, when it was obivious that we had trouble hitting lefties.

      But Kike is starting in leftfield today, so that should make you feel better, about today.

      It is time for Kike to deliver, because having him on this roster, instead of Barnes, will be a big mistake, if Kike doesn’t finally do something.

      With Barnes on the roster, that gives Ruiz more at bats, and he has already given the team two big post season hits!

      1. No it does not. Kike has been in a funk almost all year. I would prefer to have Culberson on the post season roster because he is just as versatile as Kike, and this year at least a better hitter. Having him on the roster is already a huge mistake, did you see that throw he made last night? Awful and he had no shot at getting the guy anyway…..

        1. Michael

          I don’t know if you are talking to me, but I didn’t want Kike on the roster, instead of Barnes, so Ruiz would be able to get more pinch hit at bats.

          And as for Kike over Culberson, Culberson is the better defensive player, at short, and in the infield, and Culberson has hit better then Kike this year.

          And I know Kike plays in the outfield, unlike Culberson, but we have plenty of outfielders, so that isn’t an issue.

          1. I was just replying to what you said about me being happy Kike was starting….I am not. I have zero confidence in his ability to even hit me…..and I throw left handed….

  5. I may well be wrong, but I’m sure they showed Kershaw having a full Bullpen workout – the full one that he routinely does between starts – on the coverage last night?
    That would suggest to me that he wouldn’t have done the full session if there was any chance of him pitching tonight.
    I think they fancy Maeda to pitch better at Dodger Stadium than on the road, plus he has to pitch one of the games as they do not have anyone else realistically. He is the best of what they have left.
    Remember, we could have won Game 1 but for one pitch from Blanton. I think they will stick with him.

    1. He was lousy his last Dodger Stadium outing vs the Nats, and Kersh had a normal BP session. They will no doubt give him the start and hope the hitters figure out Lester which is the bigger problem

    2. Good observations. If he’s already pitched his bullpen session, then there’s no chance that he’s pitching tonight. And I think you’re right about Maeda. If he has to pitch a critical game in this series, would it be better that he’s at home or a hitter’s park like Wrigley?

      The advantage in this series is now back to the Cubs. The Dodgers had the Cubs offense perhaps doubting themselves a little bit, but last night the Cubs got their mojo back and showed why they won over 100 games during the regular season. Rizzo got on track, as did Russell. There was a lot of pressure on the Cubs before last night, a lot of goat talk, even amongst Cubby fans. The pressure is now on the Dodgers.

      It makes you wonder what would have happened had Toles made a solid throw and gotten that runner out at the plate. He probably had him beat if he makes a good throw. Maybe that changes the trajectory of the game. Adrian was probably safe on that play, but I still don’t understand why they keep sending him home in those situations. A good throw and tag gets him out easily.

      This series might just come down to Rich Hill in game seven. Will he pitch like he did the other night, or like he did in his first game of this series?

      1. Dodger patch

        They sent Agone home, because there was two outs, and the pitcher was coming up to bat.

        And Agone was safe, they posted a still photo that showed Agone was safe.

        I don’t know how they can say, that they couldn’t see if Agone’s hand touched the base, when Agone’s hand was right on the plate, and the catchers glove was six inches from Agone’s neck.

        It is same old thing, why are the umps making these calls, in NY?

        They are to bias and usually go with the call on the field, by a fellow ump.

          1. LOL! That was constructive.

            “I could give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks. 2+2 = 5 Goddam it!! No one’s gonna tell me otherwise, and if you disagree you’re a moron!!

            ..and GET OFF MY LAWN!!!”

    3. Watford

      I feel bad for Bobby, because he had to watch that game in person.

      And that game started out bad, even before it was played, by just knowing the worse ump in baseball, would be behind the plate.

      I don’t blame that ump for the call at home, because it was close, but umps shouldn’t be making the decisions in NY, because they are bias to fellow umps.

      And really that is only one game, and because the Cubs got mostly pitches, down the middle of the plate, that doesn’t mean they will come out hitting today, even with Maeda pitching.

  6. I’ve thought West, Diaz and Buckner were the worst for some time now.

    Hernanandez ain’t good, but he’s among the average bad. This is from ’14. I know some umpires have admitted using technology to improve. I doubt West does anything to improve, including diet and exercise.

    box, you don’t need to bother with this. It’s from those nerds that are not credible:

  7. The positive thing about yesterday, is that Kenley wasn’t used, and most of the good arms in the bullpen, we’re not used either.

    Maeda will have plenty of fresh bullpen help today.

    Orel also said that Baez probablywon’t be used in any high leverage situations today either.

    Maeda needs to get ahead on his count, if he wants to do a good job today.

    The Cubs scored a lot of there runs this year, with people on base, that had walked.

    And although Urias pitched well yesterday, he did walk a couple of hitters, and allowed to many hitters, to get hits, with two strikes.

    But that has happened with a lot of our pitchers this year, and that can’t happen, because your giving hitters, an easy escape from being down in the count.

  8. we made a lot of mistake,s yesterday on the base pads and in the field , that game could of been a lot closer then it was..seem like when the got hits ..we had them 0 and 2 they use to fine a pitcher for give up home run ..

  9. And like I said above why waste a good outting from Kershaw today, when we don’t know how well our offense will do today, against Lester, who is a leftie?

    The pitcher the Cubs use a lot to set up there games, went out of the game yesterday, so the Cubs don’t have all of there bullpen, and they had a mostly bullpen game too, yesterday.

  10. Flush it. Bad game all around. Urias deserved better, but can’t miss your spots 0-2 like that. Agone was safe. Not sure what the point of replay is if you could’t tell that. The pitchers who nibble got burnt. Bryant wants to nothing to do with an inside corner fastball. Base running was poor, fielding was poor, and I though the coaching staff did a bad job. So just flush it and move on.

    Positive-Kenley, Dayton, and Mr Pancakes are ready to go. Maeda is a proud man and I expect a solid performance. I thought the Doders had a good plan against Lesturd last time and they can get him. I want to see Kike in CF, Toles in Lf, Puig in Rf and Howie at 2B. Would be stupid to waste Toles’ speed with Lesturd pitching. Joc was the one player who looked awful against in him in Game 1.

    1. Hawkeyes
      Good point about Joc!

      But Kike is playing left today, Roberts said it last night.

      And we did hit Lester pretty hard, in that first game, but there was good defensive plays on our hard it balls.

      And I am not convinced that the Cubs offense, has come alive like some think.

      Our pitchers just made some bad pitches with two strikes, like you have said.

      And that HR by the Cubs shortstop, was right down the middle of the plate.

      You can’t throw any major leaguer, a ball right down the middle of the plate, especially a free swinger, like there shortstop is.

      1. Kike is absolutely one of the worst players I have seen in some time and I have watched a lot of terrible players in my lifetime of watching baseball. Kike is so bad that he makes me yearn for Garret Anderson. He can’t hit, field or throw. I don’t understand why the Dodgers are so fascinated with him. He is horrendous on both sides of the ball. He should be immediately cut from the roster in place of anyone. The needs of the team should outweigh hurting Kike’s feelings. Keep him around as a cheerleader, but stop playing him.

        1. Scott

          I agree.

          I wanted Barnes on the roster, so Ruiz could get more at bats.

          But for some reason, they have went out of there way, to play Kike.

          And like Hawkeye said last night, why is Kike coming up to bat, instead of Puig.

          My first choice wouid have been Ruiz, because he has had two big hits, in the post season already.

          And Ruiz has much more patient at bats, and that is what is needed, when runners are in scoring position.

        2. What? I suppose you don’t like bananas either.

          Scott, if Kike’ has a big game tonight I will blame you and MJ.

          1. Please blame me, I’ll gladly eat crow if that mendoza line bum actually gets some hits tonight. I’m pretty secure in the probability that he will not.

            I have no problems with bananas but now every time I see one I think of Kike striking out or grounding out weakly

        1. I agree……how many pitches right down Broadway did they just sit there and look at last night? Amazing…..

  11. Roberts said that since this not an elimination game, Kershaw won’t start. Implied: if it were, he would. How can we argue with our Zen Master? Also, Blanton, Dayton, and Jansen were saved yesterday, he said, so they are good to go today. Look for Blanton and Jansen to pitch 2 innings each. Roberts shrugged off the game as “one of those things” that happens in a long schedule. Pretty Zen. He has been right a lot, so until he isn’t, I won’t second guess. I hope I won’t. Hard to believe that the replay wasn’t conclusive on AGon’s slide. The way he tumbled, I thought he might be hurt. Tough guy. Roberts was definite that Kike would play today. The only question was Ruiz at catcher. Otherwise a right handed lineup, with Puig, et al. giants’ fans in the Bay Area are real quiet right now. The only thing I hear is all the changes they must make. They socked a lot of $ into those pitches last year, and I wonder how much budget they have left for the changes the fans want. I hope none. It’s all gravy. The giants suck.

      1. Kiké usta could hit. His .307/.346/.490 slash line last year apparently wasn’t convincing to the guys who traded a batting champion for him, because through their off season moves they made him obsolete. Maybe shoulda traded him when he had some value. Now? Heck I’m a fan of his and I’m not sure I’d play him in a game as important as this one.

        And it’s not being pessimistic to point out what we did, and are apparently still considering – Kershaw and Jansen throwing their collective arms off – as a sign we have shortcomings. Depth? We have it in the bullpen. It’s not apparent in our rotation.

        1. Well, the kind of depth that we’re talking about is more important during the regular season anyway, especially this last one where the Dodgers needed all of those guys. In a playoff series, it’s all about the four best guys. The Dodgers had lots of serviceable arms, we just right now don’t have truly excellent ones after Kershaw and Hill, which is a weakness. Would’ve been nice if Ryu had came back as Ryu. Oh well.

  12. 1. Ethier’s leg is not 100%. He did play the field one game and it bothered him the next day. He is cleared for light duty,but not playing defense. If he pinch hits, there’s a strong likelihood he will have a pinch runner.

    2. Wood is going to be a reliever going forward. PERIOD! He might (MIGHT) be capable of Two innings!

    3. Rich Hill was the best rental pitcher available at the trade deadline… and yes, he is a rental. Most have complained about how much he cost. Imagine what a controllable one would have cost. The three pitchers we traded for Hill plus at least Urias! No thank you!

    4. Complaints – no solutions. Typical!

      1. Your sarcasm aside, he is right, you know. It would have taken much more than what we gave up, and the production we would have gotten wouldn’t have necessarily been better.

        If not Hill, then who? …and for what?

        1. You have a short memory. It goes well with your bitter “eat shit” attitude. My plan was to trade nobody. I still have Cotton, Holmes and Montas. I’ll go back even further. I still have Peraza and Schebler. You FAZ guys were the ones that worshipped every move they made, yelling at us about “depth”. With that illusion as a foundation, as of yesterday Kershaw had pitched 4 times in 10 days and Jansen is throwing multiple innings and as many as 57 pitches in one game. Reminds me of what Torre did to Broxton a few years ago. Some depth.

          We are, by the grace of the baseball gods still in this thing. Who knows, it might still work. Stranger things have happened.

          1. Well great. That just means we’d be at home watching football and wouldn’t even be watching the Dodgers. If you’re grand plan was to just throw Urias and DeLeon out there from April on and watch them struggle and ultimately get sent down because they weren’t close to being ready (and probably overwork their arms in the process), well, the Dodgers would not be close to being a competitive playoff team, and we’d listen to the howls of protest from you and all the rest. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

            So the FO swallowed the olive by not getting Cole Hamels – a rental at the deadline. But, they go out this year and get the best pitcher available and you’re unhappy? I think you just like to hear yourself complain.

            Calling me bitter is just dumb. Saying me or anyone else worships everything FAZ does is just dumb. Adds nothing….doesn’t address the central question I asked.

          2. Watching football? Well yeah – you’re not?

            Wouldn’t be watching the Dodgers? Uh, I don’t think it was Hill that got them into the playoffs.

            Where did I say throw Urias out there?

            You haven’t paid any attention to what I’ve been saying for the last year have you.

            Hamels wasn’t a rental. Read up.

        2. I would have parted ways with Urias and Puig to obtain Sales. But that’s me and while I was at it would have ‘checked’ into Todd Frazier. RH bat this year and the possible replacement to Turner next year.

          So yes, the 3 we traded plus Urias and Puig for Sales and Frazier.

          1. I read that the hypothetical asking price for Sale was Urias, DeLeon, Bellinger, Verdugo…there was someone else mentioned, I forget…but the author went on to say even that wouldn’t have been enough. It would have gutted the farm.

          2. Chili, you and I are in a small minority who believe a #1 starter in the hand better than one in the bush. But who knows if it could have been done. I see Frazier as a RH Grandal, lots of power, not enough contact, especially with RISP.

            Maeda was our most effective pitcher at the trade deadline. I can’t fault FAZ for not foreseeing his slump. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but obviously if he were in mid-season form they would have three strong arms and a much better chance. Without him, we need two wins each from Kershaw and Hill in Chicago. No pressure.

    1. Ya know Mark, no one gives a rats ass what you think. We may not have all the answers, and that’s ok with us, but we do not like what the FO did at the deadline and we are like you entitled to our opinions. How in the hell do you know there were no better options? You a Dodger insider in on trade talks??? I doubt that. There were better pitchers available, younger arms who were controllable, and how about using some of that so called depth to get someone who can actually pitch every 5th day. You sure Wood is a reliever from now on in his career? Where did you get that info? I may be wrong about Ethier, but I am sure he would rather be playing than getting one AB a game. There is no where it says or said that Urias was to be part of any trade. And if the FO is as smart as you claim they would never give him up in a deal. But they have a lot of highly rated prospects that could be traded because not all of them are going to be of any help anytime soon to the big club. But you sit there and be content to watch the same lame drama play out every game where the starter barely makes it out of the 5th inning, and then it is roller coaster time until the game is either won or lost by the bull pen… thanks……I like a little more positive innings from my starting pitching, and maybe some where down the line we get that.

      1. For not giving a rats ass, you sure read it a lot, you bitter old man. Why did you became so bitter? It’s like eating poison and thinking someone else will die!

        I have little inside info – not like I used to, but I have one thing that many don’t: Common Sense! Actually, right here, hight now, common sense is very uncommon!

        Take two tablets of Dumbass Vaccine and call me in the morning!

        … oh wait – there is no dumbass vaccine? Sorry!

  13. Lester doesn’t like to throw to 1st or field bunts so start Joc over Toles. Dumb. Oh well, I’m happy to eat crow.

    1. Our esteemed manager makes too many dumb moves like that for me to ever think him competent. But temper that with the fact that I don’t ever recall a Dodger manager that was. Managers of other clubs? I don’t pay enough attention to make a call on them.

      1. Wondering

        Do you really think Roberts believes Reddick is a good outfielder, and a good player?

        And why is Kike hitting in important situations with runners in scoring position over Ruiz who would be my first choice, or Puig?

        It just doesn’t make sense!

        Just like Howie once again playing leftfield, and Kike playing second base.

        And a half ininng later, Roberts moving them where they should have been, in the first place.

        The Cubs and there fans, think they have already won this series, with even Kershaw coming up to pitch on Saturday.

        And on TV they are talking about all of the hits the Cubs had, in the later innings.

        But we made four errors, and that is why most of there runs scored.

        1. MJ said: Do you really think Roberts believes Reddick is a good outfielder, and a good player?

          And why is Kike hitting in important situations with runners in scoring position over Ruiz who would be my first choice, or Puig?

          I think there are only two possible answers to her questions:
          1. Roberts is not a smart manager, or
          2. He follows explicit instructions from FAZ.
          Either one makes him someone most of us shouldn’t respect.

          1. Wondering

            I don’t think it is that concrete, and you have to remember this is Roberts first year.

            And look at what has happened to the starting pitching rotation this year, and losing Kershaw too.

            Roberts got much more out of these players, then most anyone would.

            That is why I don’t understand why everyone is afraid to get behind this team.

            They are mostly winning, and doing well, despite, some of the moves, the front office made.

            This front office has helped some, but they are not as responsible for where the team is, more then Roberts, his coaches, and the players.

            Just because Mark or anyone proclaims, that the team is where they are, only because of the front office, it doesn’t mean it is true.

            There is a lot of different factors, but mostly Roberts, and the players.

  14. Kershaw has to go tonight. Need to go up 3-2 going back to Chicago. It would be tough to win two straight over their. This is a chance to go to the world series. Its a home game and they need to take advantage of that because lester is a left hander and we know how much the dodgers have issues with those. Use Maeda game 6. Kendricks pitches good in Wrigley. So cubs would probably take game 6. Game 7 hill vs arrieta in Chicago. all pressure on Chicago. Cant let cubs offense completely explode which they will if its maeda. Kershaw can come out of bullpen for game 7.

  15. I don’t follow the logic James. What difference does it make if Kershaw wins game 5 or game 6? We need to win two more. I’d rather he was well rested to even it up, or finish it, in Game 6. Continued short rest outings is risky business with a $200 million ace.

  16. I know one thing…..anybody not named Kershaw HAS to be on a short leash! Can’t gamble on finding out if they got the mud to get out of jams, not in a ‘do or die’. If Dodgers go with Maeda, which I think they should, yank his ass if it’s sorry enough that he smiles as he did in game one. Hope he now understands that here in the US it’s not just a casual thing and we expect passion on top of just a good job. Do you hear that Joe Blanton? At this point there’s simply NO damn excuses! LOL Okay a bit much, I know. Though I really do expect more passion and zilch lackadaisy. Now lets get this Pennant!

  17. Here’s an interesting article written back in September BEFORE the Dodgers beat the Nat and had the Cubs at 2-2 in NLCS:

    The front office are idiots and Roberts is a dumbass (according to many here)… and yet here we are.

    No good players.
    No front office.
    No manager.

    Go figure!

    Roberts may be manager of the year and Friedman the Executive of the Year!

    Many are still in the running for the Dumbass of the Year! Results soon…

    Here’s another prediction:

    Dave Freaking Roberts!

    1. Only mistakes were…..

      1. Signing those injury riddled bums Brett Anderson and Brandon McCarthy who have both contributed nearly zero value to the Dodgers in anyway whatsoever.

      2. Fascination with the automatic out of Kike Hernandez and batting that Bum in every game against left handers…. gee what do you think he’ll do tonight? I’ll take a guess at another 0 for 4.

      Otherwise they have done well.

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