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DODGERS: 4 ROCKIES: 3 diVINsion winners

I don't think there are words to describe what happened early this morning for baseball. Being a person of Cuban descent, the impact that Jose Fernandez had as a baseball player on me cannot be described. I have never experienced a communal experience through my roots outside of baseball, and Jose Fernandez/Yasiel

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Vin Scully

Dodgers 5 Rockies 2 A Thorough Appreciation for Vin Scully

  Vin Scully's retirement is near and it is finally sinking in that the legendary announcer won't be calling games after next Sunday's sure-to-be-emotional farewell in San Francisco. It was an emotional pregame ceremony which included Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti giving Scully a key to the city, and Mark Walter Jaime

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Joc Pederson

How Should The Dodgers Feel After The First Road Trip?

Okay so that road trip had some ups, some downs, and almost nothing in the middle. The wins were either dominant and exciting (shutout sweep of San Diego/coming back for Kershaw) or brutally frustrating (blowing leads in all of the losses at the phonebooth). All in all, a 4-3 road

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Average Rankings For Dodgers Top Prospects

Prospect Ranking season has almost run it's course and that means that rankings are generally set (with the exception of Dodgers Digest and True Blue LA) for the upcoming season so most Dodger fans know who's worth paying attention to this upcoming minor league season. The system has seen some impressive gains

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