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How Should The Dodgers Feel After The First Road Trip?

Joc Pederson

Okay so that road trip had some ups, some downs, and almost nothing in the middle. The wins were either dominant and exciting (shutout sweep of San Diego/coming back for Kershaw) or brutally frustrating (blowing leads in all of the losses at the phonebooth). All in all, a 4-3 road trip, coming back to Dodger stadium, winning 4 out of every 7 road games is a desirable outcome, but lets reevaluate the performance thus far.


Astoundingly good, really kept the team in all 7 games for the most part, they look like a more cohesive unit thus far, with superstar performances from Adrian Gonzalez who is a lock to give good production, and Yasiel Puig who, if healthy, will go a long way in making this a competitive lineup on a nightly basis. Joc Pederson looks competent at the plate, something that I could not say with any confidence after the all star break last season. The Dodgers should pick up the home run pace, there is too much power on the team not to, and they did play more than half of their games against a good pitching team inside the hardest ballpark to hit home runs when it was very damp. And… perhaps this is where it all falls apart for Chase Utley and I will accept full blame for it, but Scott put up a very important post about his effort so far this season, remember that Utley was a >4 win player as recently as 2014, yes the difference between 35 and 37 is huge, and that was sandwiched by a season where we it seemed likely he’d retire at the end, but he is one of the most talented 2b of all time and looks healthy this season, it’s something to keep an eye on.

The offense was the biggest question mark that nobody was talking about, depending on your expectations of the pitching staff, it is easy to overlook the injury/performance questions that the collection of position players have because whoa that pitching staff as a whole looks awfully vulnerable (more on that in a sec). Unfortunately, the pitfalls are still there, the team is not that far away from starting Jose Tabata in left field in mid-April, depending on how Scott Van Slyke‘s back holds up.

However, I have faith that Corey Seager is going to start hitting balls out of the park, ditto with Justin Turner who hasn’t slowed much from his microfracture surgery in the offseason, Adrian Gonzalez is hitting like he always does and that will translate into home run power, I am bullish on Yasiel Puig this season, same with Joc Pederson, oh and the Dodgers get Yasmani Grandal back on Tuesday, no offense to Austin Barnes or AJ Ellis, but Grandal has the ability to put up a 20 home run season. Perhaps this is my perspective given my fear surrounding the offense coming into the season but I see reason to be optimistic.

Starting Rotation

This is still as up-in-the-air as it gets, I would certainly say that this is the root cause for most of the concern in the offseason, and only two pitchers have thrown 2 games, on is Clayton Kershaw who was fantastic in the season opener, less so in his last start (7 IP 9 K’s 1 BB/ 8 IP 5 K’s 1 BB 2 HR’s, respectively) although he’s the best on the planet until he isn’t and one could certainly forgive his un-Clayton like start in San Fransisco because of iffy weather conditions throwing him off of his routine/ it being generally cold and damp -remember Madison Bumgarner looked kinda awful that game as well-.

The story was similar for Scott Kazmir who had a 6 inning 1 hitter shutout in his season debut followed up with a 4 inning 6 run effort in which he gave up 3 dingers and couldn’t hold a 5 run lead spotted to him from the beginning. Though, if we are giving Kershaw the benefit of the doubt, we should reserve total judgement on him until later, although he’s certainly not Clayton Kershaw. Similarly with Alex Wood, good things were there, the velocity was better than it has been in awhile, but he was as hittable as ever, and we haven’t seen him pitch in a place that isn’t San Francisco yet.

I wasn’t personally WOW’ed by Kenta Maeda in his last start and I suspect he’s going to be frustrating at times because of his stuff, but I am a big fan of his control, out of the 2-5 options I am most comfortable with him right now which. While this isn’t saying much, because it was only one start, I think the floor for him is reasonably high and the rotation needs that.

I don’t know what to say about Ross Stripling, he had that no hitter going but he didn’t have much control/command of his pitches, it worked but his K-BB ratio has to be above 1. If nothing else he’s A) healthy and B) has pitches above the Zach Lee tier which makes me interested to see what he becomes, more marginal prospects have turned themselves into good pitchers.

TL;DR: we can’t really draw conclusions yet but some good, some bad.


Yikes. The bullpen allowed 11 runs on 3 home runs in the past series even if it was preceded by a perfect series in San Diego, nevertheless, they didn’t exactly inspire confidence and that’s a huge problem.

J.P. Howell has appeared in 3 games, got 3 batters out, given up twice as many runs and he is one earned run away from his 2015 season total, Yimi Garcia has thrown too many meatballs, Pedro Baez, Chris Hatcher and, Joe Blanton too, but you guys already know the story. In reality, the Dodgers need somebody or three that can hold down the late innings, they’ve got their closer in Kenley Jansen, but everybody else has warts.

I’d be surprised if the team has the same bullpen that it’s running out there, but excluding Kenley, the core of the pen returns from last year and they weren’t that impressive last season.

We can’t make an informed statement on this group yet, it was only one bad series in one bad ballpark but the level of winning the Dodgers have experienced thus far is simply not sustainable, for this team to contend, the bullpen cannot be the level of bad that it has been. I personally will take a 4-3 road trip all the time, and this is no exception! Despite this, we should understand that in order for the winning to continue, the bullpen has to be better because there are positives to draw from the rest of the team.

Adrian Garcia

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73 thoughts on “How Should The Dodgers Feel After The First Road Trip?

  1. Nobody talked of the offense? I know I did and I said it would be surely improved. To me it seemed very clear there was too much discontent stemming from I don’t know for sure what, but the poison was obviously therein the clubhouse last season. This assembly knows how to hit baseballs better than they showed last year. I don’t know if Kasmir had untimely re-reinvented himself, but letting last night’s get away like that better be a fluke and it’s been too long since Howell could be considered dependable. With the pen….get them right or get them out of here! The rotation has a couple seat warmers so those who want to stay better perform. I just hope those giving their all don’t get too discouraged and keep pulling on the rope. This team is better than the Giants!

  2. We will talk in a week or two as patterns emerge. Right now most of you are so full of knee-jerk reactions that it’s just silly. My eyes tell me this is a good team with lots of options. The bullpen is bad? I don’t agree with that assessment… yet! Time could change my mind.

    Kaz is horrible? Too soon, but we have lots of options.

    Calm down unless this is your first rodeo…. then I understand.

    Rest assured, I will be here to remind you…

    1. MM how about Libatore being that lefty in the pen? He pitched well, at the begining of the season last year, and his era is deceiving, because Mattingly almost pitched him, against righties, as much as he pitched him, against leftys.

  3. Going 4-3 in on the road against division rivals is good…period.

    Now let’s see how we do at home with this pitching staff!

    1. Not really – they went 3 -0 against the horrible Pads – 1 – 3 against the team that they have to beat for the division, the Giants. Not good.

  4. PBS tonight — Ken Burns’s —- Jackie Robinson, 2 night special, 4 hours total.

    I hope that the entire Dodger org. is watching this — or they give each person a copy of the DVD to see how baseball should be played.

  5. Like Badger has said the past couple of seasons —

    This roster will play baseball with ups and downs, good outings and poor ones, learning on the way — waiting for maybe a trade or two in July or August —

    Which translates to FANS — get used to it.

  6. So far so good with this string of comments. Refreshing.

    I went to the Red Sox home opener opener today at Fenway Park. Hanley Ramirez played first base and made three very good plays at first base scooping up one hoppers and stretching big time to get 2 other outs. He looked great defensively and got a couple of good contact hits/sac flies that kept rallies alive. He also tagged up at second with two outs on a popup to center.

    1. Bums, I love Dodger Stadium, but there really is nothing like seeing a game at Fenway. I had the privilege watching my son at Fenway in 2004. An absolutely magical venue.

      1. One of the experiences I enjoyed this time was leaving the stadium to walk on a closed street that during games becomes part of the venue. Got an Italian sausage dog and a beer in the 5th inning on that street and walked back to my seat. Just a different feel that I would guess is unique to Fenway.

        1. Bum I have always wanted to go there too. It looks so different and the culture is so different, from how we grew up in southern California.

          And you always hear, how the fans there, are so vocal, and so different from Dodger stadium.

          I think Dodger fans, are really under estimated, about there fervor. They may not vocalize in the same way, but there are difinitly a lot of fanatic Dodger fans, in southern California, and in the world, as we know, from a couple of our people on here.

  7. The team’s offense was much better, over all, and that is why the bullpen’s performance, was so disappointing. They can be better with runners in scoring position, but I think that they will get better.

    And these our the same players, that Mattingly couldn’t help hit, or score. Both Pederson, and Puig have done well, and Cory is quietly doing really well too.

    And I think Utley wants to play second, most of the time, and he has showed this, with just action.

    I know Roberts talked about the Giants team offense, and I am sure, he has stressed, team offense, with his players, long before the Dodgers played the Giants. And you can really tell the difference.

    1. MJ, Roberts is not at the Bochy level (or even close), but I think he will get there. Doc played for Bochy from 2005-2008 at both San Diego and San Francisco, and he considers Bochy a mentor and adviser. Why not, he is the best in MLB. He proved it with both the Padres and the Giants. Like it or not, Doc is always going to be complimentary towards Bochy.

      1. I didn’t take that Roberts said anything bad, about Bochy. He mentioned the Giants team offense, and I believe that Roberts, has already talked to the team, about team offense, and wants the Dodgers to do the same.

        I thought it was a complement to Bochy, which I have no problem, so I don’t understand AC, because I think Bochy is a good manager.

        The only thing I thought was bad, was what Panick said. I want Roberts to implement any good stuff that he learned from Bochy, that he thinks will help the team.

        Maybe we miss understood each other, because I am right with you, about that!

        1. MJ, my comment was not intended as a criticism. It was meant to add to your comments about Roberts and the Giants. I addressed you because I was responding to what you wrote, but my comments were meant to be in general. I understood what you said, and I agreed. Sometimes the written word is not received as it was intended by the sender.

  8. I think you know how the players feel after the Blind Squirrels tanked the 3 games in SF, Shitty! And they should feel shitty. The real question is “how does the front office feel about how the season has gone so far?” Do they feel it is acceptable or do they feel like they need to take immediate action to try and rectify the situation? We will see in the next few days or weeks how the front office feels. It really is pretty simple and it has nothing to do with pessimism (negativity) or whatever horseshit mover is selling. It is about being real with what is pretty obvious to see if you want to see it.

    1. I agree with you in principle TrueBlue, but I have to ask the question – after watching them operate through two off seasons and one deadline, what do you think they will do? I say – not much. And at 4-3 without having played a home game yet I doubt they feel any urgency. The bullpen did fine in San Diego, maybe none of them like pitching in wet and cold weather.

      They will keep moving pawns, but they won’t do anything big. I don’t think we’ll see much other than the moves that have to be made when Kendrick and Grandal get back. Who knows, maybe a home win streak is right around the corner.

      One more thing, I’m still waiting for that move that gets fans excited – like the trade did, like Manny, like Hanley. I haven’t seen anything like that from them. Until we do, I have no reason to believe we will.

      1. I just read Dodger com, and Panick said that the Giants won, because they have character. What a bunch of BS!

        The Giants were pretty lucky, to win some of the games they won. And the series was closer, then the final result showed.

        These Giants believe the propaganda, that team, is always trying to push. They like to push, that the Giants are a working man’s team, and they try to act like, they are a small market team.

        When they have a player, that has only hit about three HRs, in there entire career, and a rookie, that hits there first HR. I call that, lucky timing. And Cueto didn’t pitch well enough to deserve a win, if he got a win.

    2. It’s been seven games. Calm down.

      And there’s really not a lot the front office can do to “rectify the situation” right now. Major trades don’t happen seven game into the season. The Dodgers either promote from within or they pick up prospects.

  9. The Reds just got what the Dodgers have got . . . blowing a lead of a nice pitched game. Russell took the Reds deep.

  10. Adrian, there is not much to disagree with what you stated. One thing that caught my eye is how spoiled are we when we talk about a pitcher who throws 8 innings (91 pitches) gives up 4 hits and two runs, and we call it un-Clayton like. You are right, Kershaw is the best pitcher on the planet, and has proved it for the last several years.

    As I stated after Kazmir’s debut as a Dodger, he is bound to have a meltdown game. He always has. He is not a co-Ace, a 1.5, or a #2. He relies on his command, and when it is off, he is going to be hit, and hit hard. If he has multiple consecutive negative games it will be time to call up one of the youngsters. I know some have questioned his potential IP, saying he will top out at 150. For his last three years; 158, 190, and 183. He will have more positive games than negative. If I am wrong, I am sure there will be more than enough “I Told You So’s”. My Giant buddies are far more concerned about Cueto and his $130M contract. They feel this is Barry Zito all over again.

    I have already spoken my opinion on the bullpen. There is no reason to repeat it again, and again, and again. But I was reviewing some of the higher quality relievers and I was reminded of Wade Davis’ failed attempts at being a quality starter. He really became a reliever in 2014 and assumed closer role after Greg Holland’s TJ surgery. His last two years were 70 IP/ 1.00 ERA/ 3.7 WAR and 67.1 IP/ .94 ERA/ 3.4 WAR for 2014 and 2015 respectively. Could Alex Wood have similar results? He generally is effective 1st time through the lineup. If he continues to falter as a starter, he should be moved to the pen. He is still 25. Too young to give up on.

    There has been a lot of discussion about depth and options. I wanted to revisit prospects and ETA. Urias, De Leon, Cotton, Montas, and Rhame all have a 2016 ETA; Chris Anderson a 2017 ETA; Chase DeJong and Grant Holmes a 2018 ETA; and Walker Buehler and Yadier Alveraz with a 2019 ETA. This does not take into consideration Bolsinger, Frias, Lee, Sierra, Bonilla, Avilan, Liberatore, Thomas, Burnett, and Thayer all considered ML ready. Chris Anderson will be 24 in July. I think he can be an effective pitcher, but his path as a SP is probably blocked by Stripling, Urias, DeLeon, and maybe Cotton. There are plenty of options, and I would suspect that we will see all of the 2016 ETAs and most of the ML ready pitchers with LAD this year. And while some question the term depth, I am certain and satisfied that there is enough quality in the names mentioned, that there will be a quality rotation and pen.

    I do not expect any significant trades or player signings until closer to the trading deadline. All you are going to see now are DFA type players that were signed in the last week. JP will continue to get his opportunities, but I suspect his leash is short and tied to Burnett, Avilan, and Liberatore’s minor league innings and results.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing all those young pitchers coming up. I hope to see many of them this year. I believe we will. Those pitchers who are high draft picks, and/or in their 20’s should be given some innings. Why not?

      I don’t expect big deal trade deadline moves either. I look for more of the same. Why expect something different? Just be setting myself up for disappointment.

      I think this current team of position players could actually be pretty good. I even have hope for Thompson and he’s a FAZ get. So is Hernandez, and I like him, though it would appear FAZ doesn’t. They seem to be doing everything they can to push him to the bench.

      So much more can, and will likely happen to this team in the coming months. Hard to really know how good they are. Division winner are 13th in ranking. Won’t be both and may not be either.

      Game is on tv here at 1. Against MT TEAM. Gee, I’m so conflicted. Brenly is such a Dodger hater it’s difficult to listen to him. He’s fine until the Blue get on the field in front of him. Then he gets stupid. Yes, I used a mover term. It actually applies with Brenly.

        1. I hate anything and everything Giants, and I have to endure too many of the Kuiper/Krukow shows. But if I were objective, I would agree that both Kuiper and Krukow are enjoyable, and very fair…even to Dodgers. It is the post game in the studio hosts that are truly obnoxious.

      1. I think the sleeper in the Dodger pitcher prospects is Alvarez. There are some in that long list that will fill any openings this year that the bullpen might have.

    2. That list of pitchers AlwaysCompete is AWESOME!!! Not very difficult to understand why FAZ didn’t pursue any high priced pitching with long contracts. Badger was right, there is a 2018 plan, its to get OUT OF LUXURY TAX and compete. And compete we will.

      Let the Midgets enjoy April, the term “June Swoon” was invented for them. They enjoyed April last year also, October not so much!

      1. Yeah, didn’t we have a couple of June Boom’s over the last few years? Fact is, the Giants under Bochy finish. Maybe Cueto and the Shark will be bad signings. Then again……

        I don’t want to go through a year hoping the way we win it is by watching our rivals flounder. That’s not to say I don’t occasionally find that scenario entertaining, I do, I would just rather see us bury them with superior play.

  11. My chiropractor told me that if your knee does not jerk then you are probably very depressed!

    Any LAD players get hurt today?

    Congrats to the best LAD – Vin Scully

    Congratst ot Urias on a very good outing = Depth?

  12. I think the Dodgers were praying JP would not accept his option opn 2016. Personally, I think we have gotten all we can from Howell. This was left over from Ned.

    Lots of you have stood up for Honeycutt… and rightfully so, but you do have to wonder why Latos comes to LA and sucks, Johnson come to LA and sucks, Wood comes to LA and sucks and on and on.

    It seems to me that the Dodgers have always drafted pitching more than hitting lately. Maybe it’s not Honeycutt making the pitchers look good, maybe it’s the pitchers making Honey look good. I mean, any staff that includes Clayton Kershaw is likely to be one of the best.

    If I have any complaints about FAZ, other than normal mistakes every GM makes, it’s that they stuck with Mattingly too long and I feel the same thing about Honey.

    BTW, Urias will be on the team by June. That’s my story!

    1. Honeycut has done a great job as the Dodger pitching coach but I agree that it might at least be near the time that a new coach would be able to help the Dodgers more.

      It has to be hard for most pitchers to come to LA at the end of a season and in the middle of a pennant race and blend in to the environment, find a place to live, create a friend, work with new coaches, and pitch in front of 55,000 people. Its always better to begin the year with a new team, go through spring training with them where they are all staying in hotels and not going to their own homes after games.

      1. Yeah, it certainly could be possible new blood is needed there. I wonder if Hershiser or Maddux would be interested.

        1. Both Hershiser and Maddux had long careers and made lots of money so they would have to love being in uniform and down on the field. At least Hershiser is already on the road with the team but Maddux might prefer to travel less. Between the two, I would love for Maddux to be the pitching coach.

          Did you see Stripling’s comment about Maddux Badger? He said Maddux stood behind a net directly behind Stripling during a spring backfield game I think and would say did you notice what the batter did there? Stripling would say no, what did you see. Maddux would say he did something with his foot so throw this pitch next and see what happens.

          1. And that is why Maddux is so valuable to the young pitchers. Hershiser is in the same mold. They are both very smart. I don’t know what Honeycutt might be thinking now, but if the results don’t surface, I could see a move being made there. The thing is, he’s the one guy not replaced this year. That says a lot to me. He’s well thought of my everybody.

    2. Mark, I am totally fine with both Urias and/or DeLeon getting the call in June. Just not before May 30. I have tickets for the 4 game series between OKC and Sacramento River Cats here in Sacramento May27-May30. I know…very selfish.

        1. That would be awesome. The best pitched game I ever saw at Raley Field (River Cats Stadium), was from King Felix in 2005. He was absolutely unhittable against a very good River Cats team. Urias will be about five months older in May than Hernandez was when I saw him pitch.

          1. Is it sound judgment to believe Urias is as advanced at his age as Hernandez and Fernandez were at 19-20? I’m ready to hear an affirmative on that. You know my confidence level in our 2-5 ain’t all that. Stripling, Urias and De Leon are all high on my must see list.

          2. Badger, I have not seen Urias pitch live yet so it would be hard for me to compare him to Felix, and I have never seen Fernandez pitch. The night Hernandez pitched, it was electric and exciting in the stadium, and this was from the River Cats fans. You get a real feel when you can see the batter and their expression/approach when they face a dominant pitcher. Every scouting report has Urias as a can’t miss top of the rotation pitcher. I hope I get to see him pitch in Sacramento.

      1. Totally understand AlwaysCompete, but May 30, isn’t selfish, I have OKC tickets July 14, 15, 16 and 17 in Reno. That is selfish.

        1. Box, thanks for reminding me that OKC plays Reno in Reno this year. I will need to talk with my son to get tickets.

      2. I hope Urias pitches one of those 4 games AC. If Urias only pitches between 150 and 180 innings this year, I wonder which months and which club will those innings be pitched.

    3. So far I think Turner Ward is making a difference with the team’s offense. Puig has a much better attitude, it seems, and that can be attributed mostly to Puig realizing he has to change, but also a better relationship with the coaching staff.

      Coaching matters

      I doubt there’s going to be any major upheaval, and I don’t think there really even should be – no Mickey Hatcher and the Angels type of axing. But the evidence seems to be drip, drip dripping with these pitchers who stink when they’re here and excel when they leave – and vice versa. All last year Badger was bemoaning the lack of secondary pitches among all these hard throwing relievers and their fastballs that hitters would eventually catch up to without the timing or location deception. That seems like an issue of coaching and preparation.

      Ray Searage is doing something that Honeycutt isn’t. I don’t know what it is, but the results are compelling. Pay him whatever he wants. Just please get him over here.

    4. I’ve started wondering the same about Honeycutt. Nicasio looked great in his first start with Pitt, and there is starting to be a list of pitchers who were fine other places who have come here and stunk it up. The only guy I can think of that has come here and made significant improvement is Bolsinger but maybe I am forgetting somebody. Though Honeycutt has a great reputation, so it’s hard to know.

  13. I love the fact that Panik said: “the Giants won, because they have character. ” That’s bulletin board material for Dave Roberts. The opposite of that is that Joe Panik is saying “the Dodgers have no character.”

    If I were Roberts, that is something I’d pound on everyday! Thanks, Joe! That’s just what the Doc ordered!

    1. I didn’t even get through the article when I tried reading it.

      Personally, I would have taken him out the previous inning when he walked those two batters and was behind in the count with nearly every hitter he was facing. He was clearly out of gas. If he’s throwing a 1 hit shutout there’s no question he’s pulled. You play to win the game. Everything else is secondary. If the Dodgers are up 10 zip, fine, leave him in. It was a two run game.

      1. Dodger patch I totally agree, and if Hatcher did his easy job, nothing would be said. A Dodger win, always trumps individual awards, or fetes.

  14. Thanks Mark. I finally have someone who agrees with me on Honeycutt. Not that I do not think he is a decent coach. His time has come and gone. I really think he coaches the pitchers like a country club. He lets each pitcher do his own thing. Just like Mattingly managed last year. We needed to clean the house out last year and we did not do it.

    Some pitchers are going to be on short leases. We have Ryu, Cotton, Urias, McCarthy, DeLeon and Montas ready and waiting.

    1. Idahoal I have agreed with you about Honeycutt, and I have listed all of the pitchers, that the Dodgers have had, and left the very next season, and became much better, after the Pirate’s coach, has worked with them. Abd with Nacasio being, the most recent pitcher, to leave the Dodgers, and to become a better pitcher.

      I think that Mattingly was part of the Latos’s problem, because Mattingly can’t handle any kind of conflict, and Latos’ personality is suppose to be nothing but conflict.

      I think they are suppose to be having Honeycutt to go up to an office job, after this year, I believe. It is to bad about Orel, because he has a better job, with what he is doing now. I think he would be much better, then Honeycutt.

  15. The OKC pitching staff should be the hottest ticket in town especially when De Leon gets going… I’m heading to Fresno to check em out next month…
    From Simers to Mitchell…Yikes

  16. Watford, now that the dust has settled, did you see the meltdown by the kid at the Masters??? He’s young and he will learn from it!!! The Masters and Augusta will do that to the best em…

    1. Yep Pete I saw it. Couldn’t see anything else but a Speith win after 9. Just goes to show what pressure can do.
      He is a great player though & boy can he putt. Those Greens at Augusta are like nowhere else.

      As for the Dodgers, the Pen needs to rebuild its collective confidence. A few good outings and things might be ok.

      Good time to play The Snakes.

      1. The snakes, my team, can hit. This series will be a good test for our staff.

        Ok, enough of that my team bullsh*t. I want a sweep of Brenly’s Bastards.

        1. Badger did you see that our cuban shortstop, is in AA, and hit two HRs? It must be all of that extra weight, that he has put on.

          1. Actually no MJ, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll check him out. Do you think he’s good enough to move Seager to third?

  17. Damn, bring on the Snakes!!! This is why we play the game…
    Speaking of playing the game, do you guess they’ve pee tested Story yet or is it that thin air of Co.???

    1. He has only hit in Arizona and Colorado, so he was in very good hitting stadiums, when he hit all of those HRs.

    2. Badger I really don’t know, and even if he was, I don’t think that would happen. I really like Cory out at shortstop, because I want him to feel comfortable in his first year, and I think he should play there, will he can.

      And Turner is doing a good job playing third, for now. I think Turner got a little to anxious to hit in SF. He did get some hits, but I think he would tell you, he could have hit better.

      I think the Dodgers should trade EA, if they can, because I think he has burned his chance with the Dodgers, and it would be best for him, and the Dodgers.

      I wonder if Guerrero is really that hurt, or this is a good way to keep him off, the roster. I know, sometimes they do stuff like that. He was actually not that bad at third, if you look at his metrics, so maybe if Turner leaves, he might get a chance, next year.

      It was to bad he got hurt in spring training, but he should have came to spring, in the shape he was in, when he first came to the Dodgers. He would have better range, and wouldn’t be as easily hurt. I hope he gets that, but he may be just really discouraged, at this point.

    1. Peter I thought the Rockies played the Dbacks and then went home, and played the Padres. Are you talking about his HRs in Arizona only, because he hit at least one, at home.

  18. I hate the giants. But they do have character, as a group. That comes with the same group winning 3 rings. Any team with 3 rings in 5 years would have character. For me, the biggest problem is how smug their fans are. Hard to stomach. Their fans DO NOT HAVE CHARACTER. That last series was won because of all the HRS the giants hit. And our poor pitching. It’s funny how HRs build character when you win. I think in that environment, in the rain, with a lot of our guys out, with a first timer pitching in a hostile environment, against a veteran, healthy, good team, one win was ok. When we play them again soon in our house, I won’t be so nice. This next series will tell more about our team, and I hope CK is set to pitch one of the games. The giants love to beat us in LA, where they have many fans, and if we don’t at least win that series, I will be Mr. Cynical again.

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