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Dodgers: Lots Rockies: Nots, One More

(AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo) ORG XMIT: OTKK
(AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo) ORG XMIT: OTKK

The Dodgers drubbed the Rockies Saturday night, lowering their magic number to 1, almost ensuring that their plight to 90 wins will be successful, and with that comes a 4th straight division title.

What. A. Night.

Scully’s penultimate game at Dodger stadium was a success for the team as they beat an overmatched Rockies squad 14-1, they didn’t clinch only because the Giants mounted an extra innings comeback against the Padres on the road, but nonetheless the offense exploded tonight against Chad Bettis.

The scoring got underway in the 2nd inning with Yasmani Grandal hitting a single to right field, Josh Reddick (more on him later) walked, and after a Howie Kendrick single to juice the bases, Joc Pederson singled to center plating 2 runs. Later that inning, Corey Seager drove in somehow only his 70th RBI of the season, with a fielder’s choice to first, Chase Utley being out at second. Justin Turner followed by driving in Pederson.

More damage came in the bottom of the 4th with the Dodgers tacking on 2 runs to the already insurmountable 6-0 lead.

It was of course insurmountable because of Clayton Kershaw. The Dodger’s left hander, in his last Dodger stadium start called by Vin Scully. I hope you guys got that on tape because I am going to have to replay this game for a long, long time. Anyways he was his near perfect self, not allowing a baserunner well into the 3rd inning, finishing with 7 innings pitched, allowing 3 hits, no walks, and 6 strikeouts. His numbers on the year? A 1.65 ERA and a 1.66 FIP. It is amazing that a pitcher who hasn’t won the Cy Young in consecutive years (I can’t imagine he will win this year ) is head and shoulders above everybody else.

He is amazing.

Oh and speaking of Clayton Kershaw, he drove home Josh Reddick and Joc Pederson to raise the scoring margin to 7-0. (halfway home).

The seventh inning belonged to Josh Reddick.

After Adrian Gonzalez singled in Joc Pederson and Chase Utley, Reddick blew up.

The beleaguered outfielder raised his season OPS 20 points in this game alone, as he hit a grand slam home run in the 7th inning off of Eddie Butler to drive home Justin Turner, Adrian Gonzalez and Yasmani Grandal.

Adrian Garcia

Adrian Garcia

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66 thoughts on “Dodgers: Lots Rockies: Nots, One More

  1. All cylinders firing for Dodgers! It’s very likely the clinch comes tomorrow. Hopefully all my cylinders will be firing as well as the last couple days they ain’t been. But all’s good and even better as ‘one’ way or the other the division is soon clinched. Cheers!

  2. Let’s give a warm welcome to Josh Reddick, a player who has just shown up to play. What a game!I had just said to myself: Wouldn’t it be great and timely if Reddick hit a grand slam. Boom!!!

  3. I’m slowly seeing the Josh R. that I had envisioned and hoped for…
    Well here we are again in the playoffs… Yep, a hot streak and a Gigante collapse… Its a beautiful thing!!!
    Standings baby…
    The last post & comments??? That’s painfully what ladodgerreport has become…
    Where’s Badger and Watford???

  4. Peterj – It frequently happens that when a player is traded from a team he has been with his whole career, he presses or whatever and does poorly for a time. Josh Reddick is a solid “Platoon” player, but I think that by the playoffs, Yasiel will be getting most of the AB’s. Just a hunch. I think the “time out” worked with Yas. I see him as a huge Wild Card in the playoffs. Where’s Badger and Watford??? I’m sure they will say I ran them off (I’m such a bad man), but they both denigrated this teams talent and they were simply false prophets. They are hiding in exile in their shame, like several others (likely plotting my demise).

    Insofar as the team, the starting staff is now solid for the playoffs. It remains to be seen if Anderson or McCarthy can be a factor but I just have a feeling that one will… most likely McCarthy. They both could be on the post-season roster. I do not think Urias or De Leon will be on the post-season roster. If he’s finally healthy, Mccarthy could be a force out of the pen. He needs a little “luck” but luck is where preparation meets opportunity. This is all conjecture right now, however.

    Here’s what’s not conjecture: Kershaw looks to be back 100%. They are skipping Hill just to make sure that blister goes away. They will want both him and Clayton to pitch deeper into games in the playoffs. The way he spins that ball, you can see why a blister forms. The Dodgers chances rest squarely on the arms of Kershaw and Hill… and I think both will be fresh in the playoffs. I would not be surprised to see Clayton skip his next start.


    1. Pretty shocking about Fernandez. It’s a shame….and the Marlins future was looking just a little bit better than their usual hopeless.

      There was a lot of angry fulminating over the trade for Hill and Reddick, and now there’s going to be a whole lot of silence, or as Wondering illustrates, a quick pivot to the next topic to complain about. There’s always a reason to complain at ladodgerreport. And really, if you want to be critical, there’s always going to roster moves and lineup decisions to complain about. That’s the nature of a game were perfection and infallibility are impossible. Decisions don’t always turn out in your favor. The best you can do is use the soundest judgement to marginally increase your odds.

      With Badger, he would probably say he was merely speaking truth to power and has boycotted to protest what he sees as some injustice, but it’s really all about preserving his ego. He just can’t stop responding to Mark, and in his absence he’s responding yet again. Pity that when fans ought to be happy – when the team is doing the best it has all season – is the very time they feel the most resentment.

      Right now is a pretty good time to be a Dodgers fan. My heart might be broken in the playoffs, but for now, I’m happy in the moment and fortunate to have experienced Vin.

      I searched and watched again Vin’s announcement to fans after 9/11. It’s worth a watch again. Unfortunately we won’t really see people like Vin any more.

      I heard Petros will be taking over Vin’s job.

      1. Dodger patch
        They have already announced that Joe Davis will be coming back next year.

        I can remember if it is only next year, or longer.

  5. On the verge of another western division title. Congrats to Dave Roberts and his resilient ball club. They did it with smoke, mirrors and grit. They did it with a rash of injuries to major players and scrubs as well. I wish them well in the playoffs. I will be leaving this site as of today, not because I feel bullied by the FAZ lovers, but because sometimes life gets in the way just when the fun is starting. Since my room mates passing I have been pretty busy taking care of his final wishes. Now I have to look to my own welfare and find a new place to live. This will pretty much take up all my time over the next couple of months. So I am packing up my non essentials, which to some may be surprising, but my computer is one of those things. I give no parting shots nor disparaging remarks to those who I have been adversarial with. You have your beliefs, and I have mine. Our opinions just do not coincide with each other. I will continue to be a skeptic from afar, and maybe somewhere down the road I will be able to get back on here. If I am proven wrong, well, so be it. I am man enough to admit when I am totally off base. I will say this. The average every day fan cares less about saber metrics. They watch the game for the love they have of the game. All the stats make no difference to them. You trade their favorite player, and they are not going to like it. It takes 27 or how ever many seasons to get back to the series, and they are not going to be happy. They will have opinions based on what they see happening with their eyes, and not on a sheet of paper. If they see a player suspended for using PEDS they for the most part do not want that guy on their team. If they see a player who takes a lot of chances and excites them on the playing field, they are going to embrace him. They see trades that do not make sense to them, they are going to question why, and all the stats in the world are not going to dent their opinion. They are the common fan, the one who buys the jerseys, caps and garlic fries, and then sits in the cheap seats and cheers for their team. They are the majority, who love the pureness of the game…….

      1. Thanks Mark. I just read about Jose Fernandez…..what a tragedy. Reminded me of the spring accident that injured Bobby Ojeda. Prayers for his family!

    1. Michael
      Sorry to hear that from you.

      If you need some kind words, or support, you know you can always come back here, and we will be here for you.

      Take care of yourself.

  6. So, when I was interrupted with the Fernandez news, I was going to say this:

    I don’t think there is a spot for both Ethier and Toles on the playoff roster. This is a tough one. Do you keep the 10-yet vet who has been a Dodgers his whole career or do you keep the youngster with speed, a hot bat and who plays all 3 outfield positions?

    They could keep them both, but that would involve leaving Kike off the roster and he is needed as a backup SS.

    Here we are:

    #4 in MLB in pitching (maybe 3rd as soon as today)

    #1 in MLP in Relief Pitching

    #5 in Fielding

    #22 in BA

    #13 in Runs

    But, they are peaking at the right time. Since the All-Star Game they are 3rd in Runs Scored and 7th in BA.

    I like what is happening!

    1. I first thought that when Reddick was traded here, he would be a better outfielder, and a better choice, then more one demensional Jay Bruce.

      This is because I thought Reddick would be a much better defensive outfielder, then Bruce.

      But I also knew we needed a big right hand bat, that hit lefties well, and neither one of these players, really fit our needs.

      But I also knew there wasn’t much in the free agent market, that fit our needs too.

      I am not impressed with Reddick hitting a HR and a double, after we were 8 runs ahead, against a team that isn’t in the pennant race.

      The Rockies best relief pitchers, were not out there, at that time of the game.

      But I do see why the front office, wanted Hill.

      Hill is a special pitcher, and I hope he can get better command with his fastball, with the little time he has to throw, in between his starts.

      But I am concerned about Hill being able to pitch in these short series in the post season, because of his blister problem.

      I think Toles will definitely be on the post season roster.

      Because having Toles on the post season roster, is the best thing for the team.

      Toles makes a differences on both defense, and offense, and Toles can be a difference maker on the bases too.

      I just wish Ethier could have came back sooner, because maybe we wouldn’t have had to take Reddick too, in the trade to get Hill.

      Because it was common knowledge in baseball, that Puig was out, and we needed a rightfielder, to take Puig’s place.

      I think if they plan to use Puig on the post season roster, Roberts is going to have to have Puig start and play in more games, the rest of the season.

      I hope Reddick’s defense in right, doesn’t come back and bite us in the post season, because he has been shakey on defense.

      He might be a veteran player, but he hasn’t played like one, since he joined the team.

      And really besides Ethier, the rest of the Dodgers outfielders, have out played Reddick, with less playing time, and with less at bats.

      And actually Ethier has come back and hit much sooner then Reddick did, in very few at bats, and far less playing time.

      And Ethier has done this, after being out, almost the entire season.

      I just hope Puig can play well in the post season, because he hasn’t played that well in the past.

      I hope Puig’s new attitude will help him play better in the post season, and he can put his past post season play behind.

      Both Puig and Reddick are the two players, that I am more concerned with, when it comes to the post season.

      I hope McCarthy can come out today, and pitch like he did, when he first came back this year.

      Because McCarthy did pitch quite well, in his first few starts.

  7. Mark, good points about Toles v. Ethier. I personally think Toles speed and d are more needed in the first 2 rounds against good pitching, where runs may be at a premium. But yes, Andre for sure deserves something as he’s been here for so damn long!!

    Sad about Jose Fernandez. Of course we don’t know the man, but the pitcher was an absolute stud. I wanted us to trade for him so bad this past offseason. Prayers for his pregnant girlfriend.

    Today is clinching day!

    1. Bobby
      As you will see above, I agree with you about Toles.

      Picking the post season roster, should be about, just picking the players, that make the team better, and nothing else.

      But unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

      That is so sad about Fernandez, because he was so young.

      I was glad to hear from Bobby that his Mother and Grand Mother, will at least have his child that will be left behind to love on.

      Because I know Jose was very close to his mother and grand mother.

      It always seems so senseless to lose someone that is so young.

      1. It certainly is a huge tragedy. He was a great pitcher and had his best years ahead of him. So sorry for his entire family and his pregnant girlfriend anf for the unborn child who will never know his father.
        My question is: why was he in the boat so early in the morning(he and the two others were found about 3:30AM EST) when he was scheduled to pitch today at 1:10PM EST.

  8. I love Costner’s quote from the movie “For Love of the Game.” Vinnie was a big part of that movie and Costner was the star. One of the best baseball films, but for some, maybe too mushy. Ethier can’t be on the playoff roster. He doesn’t have enough to contribute, at this point. Maybe come World Series time, depending on how the team is situationally performing, he can be given a roster spot. How about this? Do we carry the young arms in the bullpen or the damaged old ones? Tough call. Swing and miss potential vs experience. I go with the youth. Can’t beat it. McCarthy is pitching for a bullpen spot today. He has to be able to find the strike zone. Walks and bad counts in the high pressure of the playoffs will not do. Segedin has had quite a ride. The suits must think highly about him. It was nice to see Reddick finally find the seats. He golfed a too high breaking pitch. Maybe he’s calming down at just the right time. This will be a fun week. My eyes are on the giants series. We can’t let them get into the playoffs, where their shitty season might turn golden again. It’s time to put that fork in them. Go Mets/Cards.

  9. Fernandez was among three men who were found dead after a Coast Guard Patrol spotted an overturned boat off Miami Beach at 3:30 a.m. ET. The 32-foot boat the group was on had a “severe impact” with a jetty, Lorenzo Veloz of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told the Associated Press. There’s “no indication of alcohol or illegal drugs involved,” though the high rate of speed at which the boat was traveling factored into the crash, the Coast Guard said (via and Adam Kuperstein of NBC 6).

  10. Fernandez made me think of JR Richards. Although JR didn’t pass away, he was on the verge of becoming the most dominant pitcher in the NL when he had his stroke. Very sad.

    Toles will most definitely be on the playoff roster. I think there may be room for both the first series.

    1. I much prefer carrying the firepower of both Ethier AND Toles rather than some injured pitcher who may or may not be able to pitch when needed.

      1. Wondering
        It is a shame that the players, that make the team better, are not always the players, put on the post season

        1. Sometimes there is a good reason for that but not always. I think Roberts is much too prone to change pitchers unnecessarily and will have lots of pitchers on the post-season roster at the cost of a couple of position players whom I think could be better used.

          1. Wondering
            You might be right.

            Roberts did learn from Bochy, but he might be changing a lot of pitchers, to not only have a good match up, it might be to keep every pitcher from pitching to much, since our bullpen, has carried this team much of the season.

            Vinny is suppose to talk or do something after this game is over today, so we are suppose to be there right after the game is over.

            I won’t be there, but I will be watching, so I hope everyone who can’t get the Dodgers post game show, will be able to see what Vinny will do today, like me.

  11. I’m gonna go out on a limb and declare this season an unqualified success. Now, with a ton of luck maybe the Dodgers can get hot and make a dent in the softball tournament called the post season.

    1. The success of this season must be shared by both Ned Colletti and FAZ. I do not like either one of them and neither of them has lost any sleep over it. Nor have I. I actually applaud what FAZ is trying to do, getting some fiscal responsibility back into baseball. I just disagree with some of his methods and decisions and as a fan I have that right. He’s not losing sleep over that either. I think he’s trying to change the baseball world too quickly but just my opinion and you know what that’s worth. I like the Maeda signing and hate the Kazmir signing. I’d bet they weren’t his first choices either. I think he actually tried to sign some of the other pitchers we wanted but negotiated just a little too hard and lost them to someone who would pay more money than he would. I give him grudging respect for that. And even Reddick is starting to look like at least an acceptable acquisition, but I still don’t like him and that is what this whole comment is about. It gets right down to likes and dislikes, just opinions. All of you have your own and as much right as I to espouse them. So most of us can get along. But there is one person here whose name I do not even have to mention, whose attitude, demeanor, and abusive personality make the site unpleasant for everyone else. I guess every site must have its Nazi…

      1. Wondering
        I agree I think the true answer is somewhere in the middle.

        I don’t care who the front office is, everyone makes mistakes, along with some good deals.

        But I don’t expect perfection either.

        1. And you know me Wondering, I think Roberts and his coaches, are one of the biggest reasons, this team is where they are.

          If Roberts wasn’t able to change the team culture, things could have turned out, much differently.

          Everyone have a very nice day!

    2. I’ll say it is a success given the starting pitching mash unit. Mazda has been great.

      And yes the post season tournament is about luck and but also about committing mistakes.

  12. Reddick is hitting .390 this month with a 1.005 OPS. This after an August in which he batted .161 with a .396 OPS.

    Pederson is batting .304/.467/.695/1.162 with six homers. He is ranks third in September in OPS among all Major Leaguers.

    Yasiel Puig is OPSing .988 in 43 plate appearances with four home runs.

    Andrew Toles has slowed at the plate, going 8 for 38 but he has hit a lot of balls hard that wound up being outs while Reddick has hit a lot of balls soft that turned out to be hits.

  13. Padres one run up in 7th inning. I’ll take it backing in, I don’t care. It’d be so nice to clinch at home with a day off tomorrow.

  14. I guess he never imagined they would switch pitchers when he brought in Joc. I’d rather have Puig bat against a righty than have Joc bat against a lefty. Bad move on Roberts.

      1. Actually Charlie Steiner….he lost it on the air. He was literally sobbing. Vin can sing!

        I remember when Don Drysdale was a Dodgers radio announcer during the 88 season. I watched the NBC broadcast of the Gibson homer with Vin and Joe Garagiola like most people…but I got chance to hear a replay of Don announcing that homer….he lost it. He couldn’t contain himself.

        I love my Dodgers

  15. I see some morons at certain blogs have already posted their playoff rosters. They will be scrambling after McCarthy’s start today. Anderson has one more start. I have no opinion on him, but if Anderson has a good start, McCarthy would be a great addition to the bullpen.

  16. I look back on this year and I can name names, but I won’t. There are well over a dozen commenters who are gone. They are gone because they had an unnatural and illogical hatred of FAZ and the Dodgers. Freedman is a Jew – Zaidi is an Arab. The longer I think about it the more likely it seems to me to be racial… but that’s on them. Maybe I am wrong. The fact of the matter is that they were wrong… dead wrong! They were totally and deadly wrong about FAZ and Roberts and this team. I know some of you don’t understand why I am so adamant about this, but it was “death by a thousand cuts” by them for a long time (some longer than others). They just kept railing and railing on me… led by Badger (his name is appropriate).

    I have heard that you are only supposed to say good things about people who are gone, so “They are gone… Good!”

    1. I’m gone too – and I’m 1/2 Jewish on my father’s side so make of that what you will.

      Really? People disagree with how the team is being run so they’re anti-Semitic?

      I really dislike the superior attitudes of some. I really hit the roof when bluto decided he needed to correct MJ on her spelling (that’s why I mentioned you misspell SABRmetrics).

      There is a major paradigm shift on how baseball is being managed. We can argue the relative merits of SABRmetrics (my view is that it’s a tool but one that has become overrused), but for the Braintrust fanboys who engage in hero worship and can’t accept that there is another way of looking at the baseball universe, anyone who disagrees is – what was the term you used yesterday – that’s right – A MORON OR AN IDIOT.

      I contend that every successful LA Dodger baseball team has been built on great starting pitching. The relevance of the stat I cited yesterday (regarding the extreme number of innings pitched by the ‘pen) is that it exemplifies how putrid the starting pitching has been this year. Sign the old and infirm and call it depth. If I never see the likes of Bud Norris, Brett Anderson, Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, etc. etc. in a Dodger uniform it will be OK by me.

      The Dodgers’ best starter other than Kershaw has been Maeda and he has thrown 169 innings in 30 starts (5.6 innings/start). In years past he would be a good 4th or 5th starter but until Kershaw got hurt he was #2 and that speaks volumes about how the Dodgers’ starting pitching has been this year.

      So yes – this year’s team may be a team of destiny but it is in spite of the Dodgers’ starting rotation and not because of it and that’s why I contend that the team was not well constructed. I averred this before the season began and still do.

      I am as happy as anyone that the Dodgers won the division and I hope that the Giants are out of the post-season for good. I hope that the Dodgers go all of the way.

      I still disagree with how the team has been managed (too many platoons, too many pitching changes) and constructed and as a fan I have a right to an opinion. My opinion is as well informed as anyone’s and I don’t need to put up with abuse.

      I may read the abuse dished out by you and the other condescending gentlemen who can’t stand anyone who would disagree with the Majestic Braintrust but for the second and final time have decided to spend my time in more productive ways.

  17. Mark, did you really just say this is about the front office being Jewish and Arab as a reason for why people have a different opinion about how they operate?
    Mark, you just crossed a line I never thought you could. I may disagree with you, but I have respected you for all that you have done for your employees and friends in time of need, but to make that comment is beyond reproach.
    I truly hope you take it back.
    On another note here is to the post season. I have been very pleasantly surprised. I will have a double order of humble pie and a couple shots of crow if we pull this off.
    But wow!!! Mark, that was Soooo uncalled for.
    Cheers all

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