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Dodgers 5 Rockies 2 A Thorough Appreciation for Vin Scully

Vin Scully


Vin Scully

Vin Scully’s retirement is near and it is finally sinking in that the legendary announcer won’t be calling games after next Sunday’s sure-to-be-emotional farewell in San Francisco. It was an emotional pregame ceremony which included Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti giving Scully a key to the city, and Mark Walter Jaime Jarrin, Clayton Kershaw, Kevin Costner, and Sandy Koufax paying tribute to the legendary announcer.

Scully of course has a way with words, as he brought the house down with a stunning speech.

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Vin began his pen-penultimate broadcast at Dodger stadium stating the spectacle of his own day would be a difficult act to follow, and boy it was.

The game began with Scott Kazmir starting the game optimistic in his chances of making the postseason roster and leaving the first inning with an injury (surprise). The Dodgers announced it was due to right intercostal spasms:

This might seem welcome news for most Dodger fans, and it would be for me if they had any depth left. But let’s be real, Jose De Leon hasn’t wowed since being promoted, Julio Urias is out of gas and innings, both of those things are true for Brock Stewart, Brett Anderson is a massive question mark, and we don’t know if Brandon McCarthy can even find the plate, the Dodgers need fourth starter and Kazmir getting hurt just means that the Dodgers have less options to work with, not something that you want to have happen, he finishes his season with a 4.56 ERA and a 4.46 FIP in 136 innings.

meh. I hope he looks better next year, (and yes he will be back).

On the flipside, Jon Gray was heroically worse, having no control over any of his pitches, he BB’d the bases loaded in the first inning, walking Corey Seager, hitting Justin Turner in the left arm, and walked Adrian Gonzalez. The Dodgers cashed in with a Yasmani Grandal (surprise) blooper into right field that scored Seager and a scrambling Turner giving the Dodgers a 2-0 lead.

Ross Stripling pitched 3 relatively clean innings, striking out 4 while walking 2. In my opinion, the Dodgers best option might be to give him the game 4 start and have Julio Urias available to combine for 6+ innings out of both of them instead of pitching for the aforementioned ‘mehness’.

Some cool stuff happened in the 4th inning, Gray’s struggles were briefly mentioned but at some point he had 100+ pitches, striking out 10 batters, walking 3, and giving up 2 monster dongs to some special players.

I wasn’t sure Joc was going to be a good major league player, well he’s up to 24 home runs in only 453 PA’s and has managed to maintain a .291 BABIP. A .839 OPS will play in centerfield and i don’t think we appreciate him enough.

But also something that has not happened since 2015 happened.

Andre Ethier hit a home run at Dodger Stadium.

It was a solid dong to right field and it got me thinking, it could very well be the last Andre Ethier home run that is called by Vin Scully at Dodger stadium. It might be the last Andre Ethier home run called by Vin Scully at all which immediately got me more sad. Hell it might even be the final home run Andre Ethier ever hits as a member of the Dodgers here considering the embarrassment of riches the Dodgers have as lefty crushing OF’s, but that’s another post for another time and I don’t want to cut too many onions here.

Josh Fields didn’t help his postseason case, giving up 2 runs in the bottom of the 6th including a dinger to demigod Nolan Arenado but the bullpen limited the damage.

Maybe Yasiel Puig should draw starts against RHP? I dunno he’s locked in, hitting a double in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Overall, a really feel good night for the Dodgers considering the Giants lost in San Diego bringing the magic number to a microscopic 2, so the Dodgers could clinch as early as tomorrow if the Giants lose and the Dodgers take care of business at home, take in as much Vin as you can cause he won’t be here for long.

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42 thoughts on “Dodgers 5 Rockies 2 A Thorough Appreciation for Vin Scully

  1. Hey Scott/Adrian/whomever

    I was at the game tonight, so I, along with everyone else, got a copy of Vin’s letter to the fans. If you like , I can text u a pic or email you a pdf of the letter so that you can post here for everyone else to see. Just tell me how to do it!


    Below is the text of Scully’s letter:
    September 23, 2016
    Dear Friends,
    Many years ago, a little red-headed boy was walking home from school, passing a Chinese laundry and stopped to see the score of a World Series game posted in the window. The Yankees beat the Giants, 18-4, on October 2, 1936. The boy’s reaction was pity for the Giants and he became a rabid Giants’ fan from that day forward, until the joyous moment when he was hired to broadcast Brooklyn Dodgers games in 1950. Ironically, October 2, 2016 will mark my final broadcast of a Giants-Dodgers game. It will also be exactly 80 years to the day since that little boy fell in love with baseball.
    God has been very generous to that little boy, allowing him to fulfill a dream of becoming a broadcaster and to live it for 67 years. Since 1958, you and I have grown up together through the good times and the bad. The transistor radio is what bound us together. Were you at the Coliseum when we sang “Happy Birthday” to an umpire? Were you among the crowd that groaned at one of my puns? Did you kindly laugh at one of my little jokes? Did I put you to sleep with the transistor radio tucked under your pillow?
    You were simply always there for me. I have always felt that I needed you more than you needed me and that holds true to this very day. I have been privileged to share in your passion and love for this great game.
    My family means everything to me and I will now be able to share life’s experiences with them. My wife Sandi, our children, Kevin, Todd, Erin, Kelly, and Catherine, along with our entire family will join me in sharing God’s blessings of that precious gift of time.
    You folks have truly been “The Wind Beneath My Wings” and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this incredible journey of 67 years of broadcasting Dodger baseball.
    Heartfelt Thanks,
    Vin Scully

  3. The whole ceremony was great. The letter is great. Thanks for sharing the letter. Those of us who do not live in LA, and who could not get to the game appreciate you posting the letter. It certainly will be a sad day when we cannot hear that golden voice again. Time does move on for all of us.

  4. Well, to be honest the Kevin Costner thing played out lame. Dodgers get a pass from me by honoring Vin (A for effort) and winning.

    But, whomever dreamed up the Costner piece, very lame execution and WAY too long. That Marketing genius gets a C-. Audio was bungled and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I think even Vin was privately embarrassed.

    Did you see Vin light up when the suits ended their speech and Sandy Koufax appeared and spoke!! That’s the love of the game and epitomized my love for Vin and the Dodgers. Let’s win for Vin!!

    1. Costner probably planned his own bit, sounds like what we’d expect from him… I wonder if he’s part owner like Magic?

  5. I don’t think that was Costner inspired. He looked like a hire for the delivery to me. A paid gig. He must have known it was way too long. They built it and he came.

    You know he loves baseball and Vin. A honor for him, just a weak script.

    1. I doubt anyone would have had to be paid to be there. You know, a movie about Vin’s life would make a lot of money.

      Where do you live in Orange County? I used to live in Little Saigon.

  6. Vin, if we win tonite, could you take a lil vacation and come back for the playoffs??? Please, please and I promise I wont ask again!!!

  7. I think the best thing about Costner’s talk, was that he said, that we need to let Vin go, to enjoy the rest of his life.

    Costner told Vin it is ok to go live your life, and we will be ok.

    I think part of Vin not wanting to retire earlier, is he felt an obligation to us the fans.

    And Vin thought of all the other things people feel, when they are deciding to retire.

  8. I can’t even imagine that Anderson is getting any consideration for the post season.

    If the Dodgers are not going to use one of the young pitchers, I would rather have Wood build up his pitch count, and pitch before Anderson.

    Because before Wood was hurt, he was pitching really well, through five or six innings.

    And besides Kershaw, pitching about five or six innings, that is the normal for our starting rotation.

    And I can’t imagine that Kazmir, didn’t know that he was still hurting before he even pitched that one inning.

    Because he did have to build up his pitch count, and has had enough bullpen sessions, to already know he wasn’t there.

    And from what I have read about what Kazmir’ s condition, it sounds like he has a chronic condition, that isn’t just going to go away.

    So who knows if he will pitch the next two years.

    He has a healthy pay day, to supplement his retirement.

    The pitchers our front office choose to give multi year contracts too, is puzzling.

    I know they just wanted to fill a couple years, until the kids were ready, but McCarthy and Kazmir, are just not two pitchers, that I would want to bet on, to fulfill there obligation.

    It isn’t about there performance only, it is more about there attitudes.

  9. Their not there.

    It is, I believe, about term, cost and depth. None of them are long term, nor high cost and allow the team to accumulate depth at multiple org levels without blocking.

    Kazmir also has player options which, if he didn’t encounter such an injury, would lead to pick compensation.

    1. Enough with the damn money references! They are thinking like a small market team. Fine, accumulate talent, get rid of the big contracts, which includes Kersh, and play with rookies and mid career vets, and become the KC Royals or the Rays……I get it. Pick up players with marginal ability and keep one or two true superstars on your roster. Trade for players who’s saber stats say they have a high OBP, or they walk a ton, or they can get lefty’s out in tough situations, keep the cost down, increase the profits, and keep the fans interested. If we win a title or two along the way, that’s gravy. Load up with potential, and keep the OKC-LA flights full of players going up or down. That’s the way this team is built. In 2 years 2019, you will not recognize half the guys on the roster because the way they are built, it will be the kids. Kersh will probably leave for a very lucrative FA deal in his home state of Texas. And we will be Tampa Bay west, and Oakland south. Fine, I get it, does not mean it is going to work. It hasn’t for Tampa, or Oakland. If the FO is smart, they will sign the one real asset that they have to a long term deal, and that’s Seager. You get what you pay for, and with few exceptions this is a team loaded with low cost mediocrity. They are saber metric, not star driven and that is the way it will be until they either fall flat on their faces or prove that this is the way to build a dynasty. But I think they have a BIG roadblock, and that roadblock is the Chicago Cubs. Who have star power and depth….

      1. Is that you Michael? I thought for a minute Badger pirated your account. Are profits evil?

        “They are thinking like a small market team”. How so? Getting rid of the big contracts? You mean like Kemp, Ethier, Crawford? I agree FAZ would love to get rid of those contracts.

        “Pick up players with marginal abilities”? Really, Was I hallucinating when I looked at the standings this morning? Dodgers up 7!!! Proof is in the pudding.

        “If the FO is smart, they will sign the one real asset that they have to a long term deal, and that’s Seager.” I am sure they are working on it. Look at Friedman’s history, specifically Longoria. Of course, Seager’s agent has an obligation to maximize his earnings. Will he play ball?

        “They are saber metric, not star driven”. Seems like it is too early to say this. FAZ inherited MULTIPLE players with star salaries. Let them get rid of the big money “dead weight” contracts and let’s see what happens.

        “But I think they have a BIG roadblock, and that roadblock is the Chicago Cubs”. Cubs are a big roadblock. Oh course, the Cubs are built in the FAZ mold. Look at the attached salary link for the Cubs. The FAZ/Theo enhanced sabermetric way is the ONLY way to build a “Juggernaut” unless you believe they have UNLIMITED MONEY at their disposal, like Badger.

        1. The Cubs did pay a lot of money, this last off season, and the season before, when they signed Lester.

          But thy gave Hayward, way to much money!

          And that was based on his saber metric numbers.

          This is a good example, of why certain saber metic figures, are not a true inducator,
          of a players true worth.

      2. Whoa. I think I’ve figured out why I can’t relate to either Michael Norris or MJ’s perspective. You both seem to believe, or write to the effect that you can, predict the future.

        MJ seems to be under the pretext that he/she knew Kazmir would pitch poorly. Michael Norris seems to believe that he knows how the front office will deal with long term deals and talent.

        Both are undeniably unknowable, but onto specifics…

        “damn money references” – Unless you view baseball differently than most, money is only a part of every business decision. It would be silly to think that it’s not. I’m not sure how this team, which swallows dead money left and right is “thinking like a small market team.” Not to mention the mind-boggling amount of money spent internationally last off-season.

        You do realize that the Cubs, who Michael fondly references in the final sentence, are built by a front office following the same basic team-building principles? As are the Red Sox, widely considered the best team in the AL.

        I don’t even know where to start with “good gamer attitude”. You realize, of course, that it’s the manager and pitching coach who decide when pitchers come out of games? You also realize, I hope, that the Dodgers are employing a strategy where pitchers are only needed for 5-6 innings. Are people actually questioning if McCarthy and Kazmir who endlessly rehab their significant injuries, are not competitors? Perhaps it’s a different definition of competitor

        Finally, MJ’s incomprehensible post about insurance. Sure, some teams don’t solicit insurance, and I’m sure premiums are higher on injured players like Kazmir, but who is talking about insurance? Now that it’s brought up, it’s a reason we should be thankful to have a big-budget team. We can take risks, educated risks, on players like Kazmir and Anderson.

        1. Bluto
          I thought all players are insurable, but I have read differently with some players.

          Just like ordinary people, who have preexisting injuries, some players with long injury histories are not insurable sometimes.

          Yes managers do go out there to pull pitchers, but most good pitchers, don’t want to come out, especially pitchers, that are very competitive.
          About thinking that Kazmir won’t pitch well, he hasn’t pitched well, most of the year, and he has a history, of not pitching well, in the second half of the season.

          And that is not just based on one year.

          In 2011 I believe, the Angels had to release Kazmir, because he was ineffective.

          And the Angels lost money then too.

          And Kazmir was pitching in an independent league after that.

          People are not stupid, we have watched both of these pitchers pitch.

          And we do know there history, so it only takes common sense, to make an educated guess.

          Kazmir has not pitched consistent well all year.

          And that is why I am only one, of many people, that don’t expect to much out of these two pitchers.

          1. And most bullpens won’t hold up well, if all of the starting pitchers, only pitched five innings.

            We our really lucky, that our bullpen guys have held up pretty well, considering the work they have put in.

            And we are lucky, that Roberts and Honeycutt, did a good job, not to over work any one guy.

            And with Kazmir’s short history as a Dodger, he hasn’t pitched well, most of the time.

          2. their not there.

            In 2011 Kazmir WAS ineffective?

            What about 2013, 2014 and 2015? Which are more recent. Perhaps it is that history that people should use for an educated guess?

    2. You are right on, Bluto.

      The McCarthy/Kazmir signing were about “term, cost and depth”. Unfortunate that both have suffered various injuries, but, even now both are probably tradeable, with Dodgers at worst eating some small portion of their future salaries. Very thin free-agent pitching market this year, I am sure this was considered by FAZ.

      MJ, is correct on FAZ wanting “to fill a couple years, until the kids were ready”, but, don’t understand her statement, “It isn’t about their performance only, it is more about their attitudes”. What was wrong about their attitudes?

      1. Boxout
        They don’t have that gamer attitude in them, and that is what I mean.

        They are both to happy, to come out of games.

        Now Maeda has that good gamer attitude.

        Remember when Maeda was hit on the finger’s of his pitching hand, by a very hard hit ball, from a batter in NY?

        Maeda stayed in the game, and gave the team, another four or five innings.

        That is what I am talking about.

        Hill has that good attitude too.

        And with Kershaw, you have to practically drag him off the field, because he never wants to come out.

        They are all great competitors.

    3. Bluto

      And so did Anderson, and look what happened there.

      At this point, McCarthy has not pitched much at all, in the first two years of his contract, so if the Dodgers are not getting paid from insurance money, it is still lost money.

      And not all players are insurable.

      And Kazmir who knows there.

      But some thought giving Kazmir an opt out, after one year, was a brilliant idea.

      I never did, because I knew Kazmir, would never pitch well enough, to be able to opt out.

      And really for a pitcher like Kazmir, and with Kazmir’ s history, Kazmir has a really good deal.

  10. I love Vin Sculley, but I’m glad all the rah-rah is almost over. I agree with Vin that baseball will go on just fine without him. But a great guy, a solid person, with a strong and unwavering belief system the likes of which we don’t see much anymore. Remember when belief systems were simple, with simple rules we could all follow–or not? I miss those days. Our culture has made things too complicated for most of us to grasp or handle. Give me back Right or Wrong. On the game: finally I can breathe easier. It’s on to the Nats in the NLDS. It would be great if we can knock the giants out of the playoffs along the way, but the Cards have to do their job vs the Cubs, and so far, have not. Great play by Reddick, coming up throwing. Are Pederson and Grandal the same hitters? It would be nice if they were more consistent, but with power, I guess it doesn’t matter so much. It will in the playoffs. Dave Roberts is King for the Season, in my book. What a job with this group! Look at the Marlins and Mattingly. With him as manager, we would be no where near the postseason. A throw-away game for Kershaw today,but he won’t approach it that way. This next week is all gravy, the best week of the season for me. So far.

    1. Bobbie 17

      The difference is that Grandal is a switch hitter, and he gets these little injuries, that makes it hard for him to hit consistently at times.

      With Joc, he is to enamored with HRs, and how far he can hit them.

      Joc’s first hit, after he hit that long HR, was the HR last night.

      He went about four of five days, without a hit, because he has been over swinging, since that long HR.

      Both him and Grandal made it a point to be more patient in there at bats, and wait for there pitch, in the last couple of games.

      Grandal had that big night, and Joc got some walks, in the last couple games, but they both over swing, at times.

  11. This coming week is not “just gravy”. We still have important objectives to obtain. First and foremost is home field advantage vs Washington. Secondary is adding injury to insult by burying the hated ones. However the Mets and St. Louis have to help themselves.
    Nothing would satisfy me more(other than winning the WS) than to have the hated ones and their fans watch the WS on TV.

  12. Will miss Vin, but I miss Harry Carey too and his Budweiser slurred voice. Joe Garagiola, and a few others. They get old, retire, or die. We all do. But I was privileged to listen to the best there ever was. Vin Scully.

    1. To me Vin and Harry are a great representation of the two organizations and their history. One a classy man educating his listeners on baseball and sharing stories of baseball legends while the other is represented by a drunken idiot trying to say Hershisher backwards when the Dodgers are in town. I will miss Vin a lot. I already do when I’ve had to listen to music inept people like Eric Collins and such mediocrity from Davis.

  13. Julio, Jose, Brock and Strip are all kids with a kids energy and enthusiasm. To say they’re worn out and unimpressive makes me think it’s been a while since Scott has covered a team with good talented rookies. Give them an occasion and I guarantee they will rise to it. OK, I can’t really guarantee anything but I can seriously believe, and I do.

  14. FAZ plan is not complicated and I am incredulous that MJ and others don’t grasp it:

    1. First of all, the Dodgers do not act like a small market team – in case you haven’t checked, they have the highest payroll in baseball. So, small market team, my ass!

    2. The reason FAZ signed or traded for players like Kazmir (3 years/$45 million), Anderson (2 years/$30 million), McCarthy (4 years/$48 million), Maeda (6 years/$15 mil guaranteed), Wood (1 year/$500,000), Hill (1 year/$6 million) and Norris (1 year/$2.5 million) instead of paying someone like Greinke $207 million for 6 years is that you don’t know going forward what any player will do. The D-Bags owe Greinke all $207 million. The Dodgers owe all of those pitchers combined $147 million… and this year they outperformed Greinke! Hello! Past performance is no indicator of future accomplishments. FAZ was NEVER going to sign a long-term deal to any aging pitcher… even though they were in on almost every negotiation. Most long-term deals kill you.

    3. You sign injury-prone players because if they are not injury prone, they usually got those big $100 to $200 million dollar long-term deals. FAZ is not going to do that because they are not that stupid! Simple concept. Can you grasp that?

    4. Now, in the next two years, the Dodgers will have $60+ million a year come off the books (Gonzo, Andre and Crawfish). Then, you will see a long-term FA deal or two, but not with a 30-something star. That has been deemed moronic by sane people everywhere. If you disagree, they need to put you on a 72-hour mental health hold.

    5. If you don’t like sabermetrics then you should take up soccer because every MLB, NFL and NBA team has moved or is moving in that direction. No one should worship sabermetrics, but it’s another tool.

    6. Kershaw was the only current Dodger player up there with Vin last night. Why? I’ll tell you why: because Guggs and Company plan to make him a lifetime Dodgers along the lines of Sandy.

    7. I cannot even begin to overstate how much nearly everyone here bitched “FAZ didn’t fix the pen! No one even mentions it now that the Dodgers are #1 in all of MLB in bullpen efficiency !”

    8. There are supporters of this point of view here now, but 6 to 10 months ago, I was routinely skewered daily by many (most of who are now gone because they are too ashamed) as I defended what FAZ is/was doing. The story is not close to being told – time and history will tell the true story, but here we are poised to win our 4th consecutive NL West championship – EVER! I has happend just about like I predicted. Now, I am no genius (you all know that), but it ‘s easy to figure out, if don’t allow your biases to cloud your vision.

    9. All I am going to say is that I take a big picture view of things – you will drive yourself crazy trying to micro-manage every move (and some moves will be better than others and some will be bad). So far, the Big Picture is pretty good. We have a top farm system and FAZ signed some really good players (Hill, Toles, Reddick, Kendrick, Utley, Blanton, Liberatore, Ravin, Maeda, et al) who have helped a disastrous DL season turn into a Championship season (potentially). Yet, some of you still can’t enjoy it and I feel sorry for you.

    10. My advice is to enjoy this run – I think it has a shot of being pretty good.

    1. Mark
      I’m sorry and I don’t like signing pitchers with long injury histories, and have them as your top depth of your starting rotation.

      And I understand fine.

      This is all because I don’t think Kazmir, or Anderson, should pitch in the post season.

      And people with injury histories, are judged by there injury history.

      Insurance companies, do it all the time.

      You don’t sign pitchers with long injury histories, and expect them to make there starts.

      And why take such big risks with pitchers, that are not that good anyways.

      At least Hill is something special, and that is why I think it is smart to sign him, to be back up depth in the starting pitching rotation.

      But I wouldn’t expect him to make all of his starts, and that is why he would be back up depth.

        1. Mark

          There are second tere pitchers, that don’t have long injury histories, that are decent number four or five pitchers.

          I have never wanted the Dodgers to sign Price.

          1. MJ: “And really for a pitcher like Kazmir, and with Kazmir’ s history, Kazmir has a really good deal.”


            Kazmir, 3yrs $48M
            Leake, 5 yrs $80M, no trade clause
            Samardzija, 5 yrs $90M

            What makes those other two pitchers worth so much more?

            Kazmir, not exactly a long injury history.

            2013, 158 IP
            2014, 190 IP
            2015, 183 IP

            I have a post above, that is “awaiting moderation” because I linked career stats for these three pitchers. Therefore, you will have to look yourself, but, looked to me Kazmir was a bargain with a similar history to the other two pitchers.

        2. And I am enjoying this.

          We all have wanted a team that doesn’t give up, and works as a team.

          The team’s offense is better then it has been, in a long time.

          But I do think Roberts is a very big factor.

          We have also been lucky that the bullpen has held up.

          Kershaw going down, could have turned out badly, if the team didn’t band together and play there hearts out.

          It take a lot of luck too.

          A team needs a lot of things to go right, in the long season.

      1. And about saber metrics that is the reason the Cubs signed Heyward, and you like me, didn’t want the Dodgers to sign him.

        He is getting way over paid, and that is all based on his sabermetric numbers.

        I didn’t say I don’t believe in saber metric numbers.
        what I said, was that I don’t believe all saber metric formulas are true indicators of a players value.

        Saber metrics, are only a tool, they are not absolute.

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