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Dodger Stadium Loses Power, Then Dodgers Lose Game

During the exhibition Freeway Series a pipe burst underneath Dodger Stadium spewing noxious liquid onto the field. That seemed to be a smelly omen as the Dodgers got off to one of the worst starts to a regular season in nearly 60 years. On Monday evening there was a power outage at Dodger Stadium during the top of the second inning that delayed the game for 23 minutes. This again was sure to be a fateful sign. But it wasn’t the electricity that developed a power outage, but actually the Dodger bats. The boys in blue dropped the opening game of their four game series versus the Milwaukee Brewers by a 5-2 score.

This wasn’t like the Sunday game against Atlanta in which they were nearly no-hit. The Dodgers stranded an unfathomable 11 men and were 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. Throughout the game the Dodgers had the opportunity to knock opposing starter Wily Peralta out of the box but again were not able to gather a hit with runners in scoring position.

Brewers 5 10 0

Dodgers 2 5 0




The Dodgers returned home after a long and grueling road trip saw them win 6 of the 10 games against good teams. This was Manny Machado’s Dodger Stadium debut and he did not disappoint in that regard. He homered in the bottom of the ninth and scored the Dodgers only other run. Otherwise there wasn’t much to cheer for on the offensive side.

The Dodgers scored their first of two runs in the bottom of the third when Manny Machado walked and Max Muncy tripled him in. At that point the Dodgers were down 4-1. Then back-to-back walks loaded the bases, but as I mentioned above, the Dodgers were unable to get any situational hitting as they left the bases loaded. They then went on to leave two on in the fourth, one in the fifth, and two more in the seventh.

Dodger starter Kenta Maeda just didn’t have it. The Brewers loaded the bases in the top of the first and plated the first run on an RBI single from Travis Shaw. Maeda recovered nicely to retire the next three hitters and after a 1-2-3 second inning things seemed to have settled down for him. But with two outs in the top of the third (consecutive line drive outs were a sign) the Milwaukee club got a walk to Shaw, a single to Ryan Braun and then Eric Thames smashed a three-run homer to put the Brew Crew up 4-0. Machado did homer in the bottom of the ninth with nobody on base but it was too little too late.

The Brewers added one more in the top of the eighth and that was all she wrote. Luckily for the Dodgers the Dbacks lost in Arlington so their 1.5 game lead in the National League West is still intact. Colorado lost too so the Dodgers don’t lose any ground in the division. On a tough note the Dodgers placed Ross Stripling on the disabled list before the game due to right toe inflammation. That’s a rough blow for the Dodgers as he has been their best starter this season. In the meantime there is nothing new to report on the trade front with the deadline approaching tomorrow. The Brewers/Dodgers series continues on Tuesday as Walker Buehler takes the mound for the Dodgers. Milwaukee will counter with left hander Wade Miley.

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

46 thoughts on “Dodger Stadium Loses Power, Then Dodgers Lose Game

  1. If any one of the starters should go to the bullpen, it’s Maeda. He’s such a mediocre pitcher to watch. There’s nothing exciting about him at all. He’s not overpowering. He doesn’t have crazy stuff, and he gives up too many games early on. He is not a real starter, imo.

    How about that Muncy triple and the way Machado flew across the bases to home plate safely. He’s one of the most exciting runners I’ve seen in a long time. The guy makes me want to watch a game. Unfortunately, most of the other Dodgers are putting me to sleep. Bellinger is shrinking once again. He has no balance in his swings and is not seeing the ball. Kemp is slumping, too. Grandal and Joc continue to find a way to get on. Here are two guys who are usually heavily weighed down at this time of year in the annual slumpathon but somehow they have broken out of it. I still don’t know what to think about Puig. This team is really boring right now.

    1. Another thing about that play that was clearly shown in the video clip above was the pitcher in the perfect position backing up the throw that got by the catcher. I hope someone makes that dumbass Jansen watch it… Remember we lost a game a week or ago when he didn’t back up the catcher…

  2. Given his age and salary condition, how attractive would Maeda be to other teams? I wonder if FAZ is working on getting Archer and flipping Maeda somewhere else… He has sure let some good relief pitchers go to other teams when we easily could have afforded them.

  3. Jeff

    Puig got on base, as much as Joc did.

    In fact Chase hit a double, and Puig walked, and Maeda sacrificed Chase to third and Puig to second, and Joc came up with one out, and popped the ball up.

    He has to get that ball into the outfield there, or hit a grounder to the right side.

    Kemp didn’t start the game, and he has been able to help the team off the bench, but he is use to being an everyday player.

    Kemp only had two at bats, because Roberts didn’t start Kemp, he only brought him in, after Joc had three at bats.

    As usual, a lot of players left runners on base, I believe Taylor left 5 or six runners on base, but he gets a break, because he has hit the most runners in, in July.

    But it is the usual with this team, when runners are on base, or in scoring position.

    1. Interesting you bring up WRISP MJ. I just looked at team splits. Guess who is last in the NL West hitting with runners in scoring position? Yep. The Dodgers. Colorado is 6th, AZ is 13th, SF 15th, SD 18th and the Dodgers 20th. The best? Boston and Houston. No surprise there. We suck in the clutch. Have for quite a while.

      1. Badger Thanks!

        I was wondering about that, after you posted the team batting averages of the Astros, and the Red Sox’s.

        I do think there is a connection there, although I don’t know if the numbers support that, but it seems obvious to me.

        And why wouldn’t any team what more then one way to score runs?

        But when a player can just picks up a walk, and that raises their OPS, why worry about a batting average, or being able to hit in runs.

        I am not against OBP, but for some hitters, that don’t know how to hit for much of an average, they are able to skate from their lack of batting average, with walks.

        And like I already said, I think a player that hits for a better batting average, will be better when runners are in scoring position.

        But I do know that is not a given, with every hitter that hits for a decent batting average, although even those hitters, will probably come through more then players that hit, just above 200.

      2. The Rocks and Dbacks SEEM to have grown a wee since last year.

        Part of D success last decade has been soft teams from those places.

        Might be an enjoyable stretch battle. Hope so….

  4. I am in full agreement with Package that Roberts is a poor excuse for a manager. Unlike him, I can maybe see a reason for resting him some. And I totally recognize the futility of protesting about it. But have any of you amateur statisticians ever compared the team’s won/lost record on games he starts versus games he doesn’t? I have no idea, just curious…

  5. From MLBTRL
    Meanwhile, both Mish and Nightengale have tweeted that Ziegler has been traded, though multiple reports have stated otherwise. Neither Mish nor Nightengale has been able to glean exactly where Ziegler is headed. It seems fairly obvious that Ziegler will be moved, but things appear to be fluid as the Marlins try to hammer out a final deal.

    Is this our gift from FAZ this year?

  6. I am so ready to be thoroughly underwhelmed by the FBZ’s deadline trade this year. I think they’ve packed for vacation already after getting Machado, just like they packed their bags last year after getting Darvish (while the Astros kept working and landed Verlander at a bargain).

    1. I think FAZ has tunnel vision. He sets his goal as some fringe improvement type player (Machado excepted, of course) and slavishly works toward securing him as cheaply as he can. He does not look at the other items on sale nor at their prices. In so doing, he passes up some bargains. But his ego will never let him see that.

          1. Dbacks relievers are very good. Starters aren’t as good as ours though. Over 4 ERA as a staff.

  7. Holy shit! Forsythe for Dozier. Nothing for nothing. I’d rather play Kike and Chunky Monkey. And prospects to them as well! I would rather have just DFAed Forsythe.

    1. Jonah

      YF was right!

      They should have just let Forsythe go!

      We don’t need another all or nothing hitter, that is just hitting above the Mendoza line!

      And another player from the American League, that has not seen many of the pitchers in the National League.

      This is a waste of a roster spot!

      How many second baseman does this team need?

      This is ridiculous!

  8. At least they flushed Shyte, we know what we get with him, along with our despair watching him. It wasn’t very long ago that a lot of you were clamoring to get Dozier, don’t forget.

    Shyte I’m glad Shyte is gone! Maybe we can trade Brutus to the Twins fan board, except he has “no value”.

    1. Package

      I will for you, but I just hate all or nothing hitters, and this is the last thing this team needs.

        1. Package

          We already have to many second baseman on this team.

          He is better at hitting HRs, but he is hitting 220 in the American League, and he has not seen most of the pitchers in the National League.

          But I will give him a chance for you, but I am doing that against my judgement.

          I heard on the Dodger radio channe today, who makes the decisions for the line ups and the other things.

          And they said it is mutual between Roberts, his bench coach, and the front office.

  9. Meh. Dozier hits lhp better than Forsythe but he stinks against right handers, which he will see more often. He’s a FAZ guy, another squirrel. It’s a small step forward. Unless of course in a new uniform he gets motivated and lights it up. I understand he finishes well. Guess we’ll see. Forsythe had to go. He gone.

    1. Badger
      I had Dozier on a fantasy team for 2 years and I can tell you he is very streaky but when he hits he really rakes. It rains runs and hits. He may not be that player anymore but like you said the money is a wash so why not give Dozier a chance.

  10. Since Badger already took “meh” – I’ll go with underwhelming.

    This team needs to take two or three steps to play champ ball,
    and I don’t see anyone right now there to take them.

    FO still mediocre bang-for-buck. (Please name for me the kid(s)
    they drafted now playing every day for Ds. I’ll settle for one, just
    one). 🙂

    Have to check back mid-September.

    Hope everyone everywhere avoids injury.

  11. What was the point of burning prospects to get Manny when he didn’t help the bullpen and of course they want resign Manny either. FAZ still doesn’t impress me one iota….

    1. I’m still not sure they intend to resign Manny.

      Also, epic FanGraphs headline:
      The Dodgers Acquire Subpar Dozier for More Subpar Forsythe

      1. Devin Smeltzer is a left-handed starter with a 7.21 K/9 and a 2.04 BB/9 as a 22-year old in Double-A, but a pedestrian fastball limits his ability to start long-term. Our prospect analysts give him a presently above-average changeup and curveball, though, with both progressing to plus as well as 50 future command. It’s a 40 FV and perhaps that’s a situational bullpen arm moving forward, if Smeltzer progresses as expected. He’s not someone the Dodgers will miss, though.

        Raley is a 23-year-old first-baseman for the Dodgers’ Double-A affiliate slashing .275/.345/.477 for a 119 wRC+. He made Eric Longenhagen’s “fliers with big pop” category on the Dodgers list in May, a possible future bench piece per continued development.

        The Dodgers, really, won’t miss any of the return surrendered. With a strong player development system, the organization routinely churns out players with more to offer than when they arrived. For two months of Brian Dozier, I have to imagine other front offices are seeing similar things to what I have laid out in this piece. The Angels received two high-octane relievers for two months of Ian Kinsler, and the Phillies received Franklyn Kilome, a 50 FV starting pitcher who landed on Eric and Kiley’s midseason prospect list. The Dodgers have to be content with themselves at this moment, giving up three extraneous pieces — pieces they didn’t need — for a capable starting second baseman who’ll help during the stretch run. The Twins, on the other hand, are banking on both a Forsythe turnaround and a miracle in player development.

  12. Dozier saves money and gives more versatility. Costs very little.

    The idea of banking on starters performing as bullpen arms is a little perplexing. But it could work, I guess.

    I’m very enthused that the team has been able to develop the prospects they’ve traded. Which has enabled them to hold onto most of the int’l crew, as well as the top picks. Well, the top picks that the team actually signed.

  13. Dozier trade is a big time FBZ cost cutting move, for those who appreciate that sort of thing. Now we are several million below the luxury tax threshold. Maeda doesn’t look like he will get a boatload of bonuses, the way he’s pitching. I wouldn’t be surprised they put Dozier on waivers and see if anyone picks him up.

    On the baseball side, they picked up Axford on the cheap, hoping for a turn around. They won’t get it – Axford has already pitched 51 innings as a reliever this year and has a FIP if over 4.

    These trade deadline moves by the FBZ are so predictable.

  14. Dozier and Forsythe both make $9 million. The money is a wash. Dozier is a + WAR player, Forsythe is a – WAR player. I think this is about value. Dozier has it, Forsythe doesn’t. For that reason alone it moves the needle, but, enough to make a difference? I don’t know, but it doesn’t feel like it.

    It’s my opinion the Dodgers will bludgeon the opposition IF they squirrel-up as a team and the pitching will keep us in it IF those who on the DL heal up well enough to provide quality innings. I find this to be an odd collection, but an entertaining one. I’m looking forward to the finish.

    1. This is correct, I think.

      I mean the Astros basically bludgeoned their way to the WS title without any kind of bullpen.

      Well, that and some tipped pitches.

      Dozier saves $5mm from what I’ve read. I wonder if the team needed that.

      I’d be shocked if Dozier went on waivers, unless he shits the boat.

      Zaidi on whether Dodgers had any interest in Roberto Osuna after backing away from an Aroldis Chapman trade two years ago: “You can draw your own conclusions.”

      Zaidi: “Our lineup against left-handed pitching has been a concern of ours, particularly over the last month or two. We have a lot of guys who have versatility to move around the field. That allowed us to look for … handedness more than a (defensive) position.”

        1. Badger

          I see Dozier as a back up for Muncy, who is slumping.

          They would have been better off, to just release Forsythe!

          And this doesn’t make up for giving Forsythe that raise, I don’t care about the war, and Bill James doesn’t think that much about War either.

        2. Axford is a LOOGY based on the numbers. They traded a player who they were going to have to expose in the Rule 5 draft

          Here’s what I read about the Dozier/Forsythe salaries:
          Dozier is in the final year of a four year, $20 million deal, while Forsythe was on the end of his club option year at $9 million. This saves the Dodgers money since Dozier counts for $5 million against the tax threshold they’re trying to stay under, while Forsythe counts for the full contract amount ($9m).

      1. The Astros could hit with runners in scoring position, and that is exactly why they won game seven, and we didn’t.

        It doesn’t matter how many hitters get on base, if a team can’t get them in!

          1. Bluto

            Springer’s double started it all!

            And their third baseman’s unselfish at bat, to get Springer over, is what started their rally!

            We had the exact same situation, in the next half inning, with Taylor’s double, but both Corey and Cody struck out, instead of putting the ball in play,
            to move Taylor over, and in.

            Those runs in that first inning, is all the Astros needed, to win that game.

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