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It’s Time For Julio Urias Mania in Gotham City

Julio Urias

The start of Julio Urias mania will begin tonight in New York’s Citi Field against the Mets, and what a place for it to begin. We all knew Urias would be called up at some point soon. The anticipation for this event is unlike any other we have seen since maybe Clayton Kershaw’s debut. The 19-year old Mexican prospect was dominating hitters in the Pacific Coast League this season. Urias was 4-1 with a 1.10 ERA over seven starts at the triple-A level in Oklahoma City. Through 41 innings pitched he had allowed just 5 earned runs and struck out 44 while walking just 8 batters. He has struck out 9.7 batters per nine innings this season and has allowed 5.3 hits per nine. His consecutive scoreless innings streak had reached 27 innings before he was called up to the big club.

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Urias primarily has a three-pitch arsenal. He has a blazing fastball, changeup and curve. Urias is the first 19-year old Dodger pitcher to be called up to the majors since Fernando Valenzuela. He’s the first teenager to start a game for the Dodgers since Dick Calmus did it way back in 1963.

Dodgers Lineup @ New York

Utley 2B

Seager SS

Turner 3B

Gonzalez 1B

Kendrick LF

Pederson CF

Puig RF

Grandal C

Urias P

Julio Urias-0-0 vs. Jacob deGrom-3-1

Game time – 4:10 PM – TV-SNLA

He’ll just have to out-duel long haired right hander Jacob deGrom who was pitching in the World Series last year, while being in the pit of Gotham. Hey there no pressure kid. The Dodgers fly into New York on a happy note after sweeping the Reds and winning four straight games. However they are still 4.5 games behind the Giants in the NL West standings.

As for deGrom his season continues uninterrupted and his hair is still annoyingly long. The flame-throwing right hander has a 3-1 record and a 3.07 ERA in seven starts this season. deGrom has struck out 30 and walked 11 over 41 innings pitched. His strikeout rate seems to have decreased this season. Last year he struck out 9.7 per nine finishing with 205 whiffs. This season he’s striking out 6.6 per nine. deGrom’s ground ball rate is about the same as it was from last season but his line drive percentage is up from 20.9% last season to 23.4% this season.

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The Dodgers faced deGrom on May 10 at Dodger Stadium. In that game deGrom allowed two earned runs on eight hits over seven innings. He struck out four and walked none and picked up a no-decision in that game. deGrom has made four career starts against the Dodgers and has 0-2 with a 3.38 ERA. He is 0-1 with a 4.85 ERA at Dodger Stadium. The current Dodgers are hitting only .229 (25 for 109) against deGrom with three home runs and nine runs driven in. Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner hit deGrom the best. Gonzo is batting .375 (6 for 16) with two home runs against deGrom and Turner is batting .357 (5 for 14) with three doubles.

deGrom vs. Dodgers

Adrian Gonzalez 18 16 6 0 0 2 6 1 8 .375 .389 .750 1.139 0 1 0 0 0
Chase Utley 17 15 4 1 0 0 0 2 3 .267 .353 .333 .686 0 0 0 0 1
Justin Turner 14 14 5 3 0 0 1 0 1 .357 .357 .571 .929 0 0 0 0 0
Joc Pederson 12 9 1 1 0 0 0 3 2 .111 .333 .222 .556 0 0 1 0 0
Carl Crawford 11 9 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 .000 .182 .000 .182 0 0 0 0 0
Howie Kendrick 10 10 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .100 .100 .100 .200 0 0 0 0 0
Yasmani Grandal 9 8 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 .125 .222 .250 .472 0 0 0 0 0
Yasiel Puig 9 9 2 0 0 1 1 0 3 .222 .222 .556 .778 0 0 0 0 0
Corey Seager 9 9 3 2 0 0 1 0 4 .333 .333 .556 .889 0 0 0 0 0
A.J. Ellis 5 3 1 0 0 0 0 2 1 .333 .600 .333 .933 0 0 1 0 0
Enrique Hernandez 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 1
Clayton Kershaw 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 0 0 0 0 0
Alex Wood 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .500 .500 .500 1.000 0 0 0 0 0
Total 121 109 25 8 0 3 9 11 33 .229 .298 .385 .683 0 1 2 0 2


With Urias being called up, the Dodgers had to make a roster move. Left hander Luis Avilan was optioned back to Oklahoma City to clear room.

National League West Standings

We’ll see if Urias is allowed to stay in the majors or if this is just a spot start for now. Here’s hoping he sticks around for a while. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the game and watch some history unfolding in Gotham. Maybe we can pick up a game on the Giants too.

Go Blue!

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

77 thoughts on “It’s Time For Julio Urias Mania in Gotham City

  1. Looks like I’m showing up late to the party. Happens when work gets in the way of life. Just learned earlier today that Urias is making his debut tonight.

    Of course everyone should be excited. Urias has been talked about for, well a couple of years now. Do I expect him to be dominating? Not necessarily. But the fact that there is not a book on him might give him an advantage tonight but I’m sure with him being a rookie pitcher in NY that he might not get some borderline calls.

    I’m one that has been clamoring for the kids to be called up. Not winning a Championship with a bunch of rookies and first year players. The youngsters need experience at the MLB level in order to compete with the top teams. The sooner all of the kids get a year or two or three under their belts the sooner the Dodgers will compete for the big prize. But keep in mind that the Giants, Cubs, Cards and Mets aren’t exactly falling apart.

    1. Trouble with that is this, where are you going to play them, and who do they replace on the roster. The Dodgers had to move someone off the 40 man in order to activate Urias. I have been reading the moves on, but so far other than optioning Avilan, I have not seen who has been dropped from the 40 man to make room. Probably in an hour or so we will know. Also, none of the position players at AAA are even looking like they belong in AAA except maybe Segedin, who has been pretty consistent. None of the OF’s is MLB ready, and most are other teams castoff’s anyway. The pitchers, save Lee, Urias and Thomas, have been pretty pedestrian. One possibility is Matt West, who has been pretty good and got a look see last year.

  2. I cannot believe the morons in the Dodger front office. Still playing with a short bench and 13 pitchers? That is so totally stupid on so many levels. They need an offensive spark somewhere. Urias coming up and pitching is great, BUT….. The kid is not going to be in the starting rotation the rest of the year. He will most likely make 1 or 2 starts, and then be relegated to the bullpen so they can monitor his innings. They sent Avilan back down, which I agree with, but have not called up a much needed bat. How can you have a guy hitting .240 batting third? I know DR must be getting these screwy lineups from above. This team is full of more holes than Swiss cheese. At least Kendrick, who is in LF tonight has been scorching the ball. I just hope the kid can ignore the huge stage and hype and get a win in his first start……in 2017, he will be a mainstay in the rotation, but not this year gang. Ryu back in about 2 weeks.

  3. Oh by the way….Urias mania Scott? That is kind of putting the cart before the horse. These are MLB hitters, not a bunch of AAA guys. Let us hope he holds his own, and also hope he does not have a Zack Lee like debut.

  4. Now that Julio Urias has been placed on the 40 man, and 25 man roster — he is tech. off the Prospect Watch List — so the new Dodger farm hand has just moved from 20 to 19 = Jose de Leon, RHP.

    The new #2 Dodger has moved from #57 to #56 = Grant Holmes, RHP.

    The #3 Dodger Prospect has moved from #90 to #89 = Frankie Montas, RHP.

    The #4 Dodger P. has moved from #96 to #95 = Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF.

    And Alex Verdugo has moved from #97 to #96 as the 5th Dodger P.

    1. Verdugo is an OF…….they put Yimi Garcia on the 60 day DL to open up a roster spot……..

  5. I was thinking earlier this week that the only way to get this team moving was by a decent sized trade, but this call up might be a good alternative.

    If Urias can get things going then a move for a RH hitter might be in order.

  6. It’s midnight here, but I’m staying up for this one.

    At last, something to get excited about.

    I actually think this is our best lineup.

  7. I see that Hillary is controlling the e-mail content on this web site.

    Tired of the hype and lies of LAD. Google them and all I get is ticket sales.

    Lets just see some good fundamental baseball played against a good team. That would be a good beginning.

    1. Bobby
      Did this to himself. It is not like they really hit him. He is getting behind on the count way to much. And leaving his fastball, up to much. It looks like this moment is just to big for the kid from Mexico. I felt nervous for him. But the team needs to score some runs. I still think it is time for Roberts to finally move Turner down in the order. Turner couldn’t get around on Degrom’s fastball, right down the middle of the plate. And Degrom’s fastball, isn’t what it was.

    1. Urias started out with a low fastball, just like the one that struck Howie out, and the ump didn’t call it.

  8. I do not know what I expected from his first inning in the majors. But the Mets got to him. He was not fooling them at all. Was hit hard.

    1. Roger
      He was pitching behind the count. They really didn’t hurt him that bad, considering he pitched behind, and had a lot a high fastballs. But the team needs to get some runs. Degrom is just not that good, this year!

  9. Mets are wearing uniforms circa 1988. Maybe we’ll have some late inning heroics.

    Come on Julio….con ganas!

  10. Definitely better in the second. Over 50 pitches thrown. Maybe 1 more inning? How about 2? Sans any trouble let him go four innings.

        1. Sorry that I watch the game w/o my Dodger blue tinted glasses.

          It’s called pitching in the big leagues. Working behind in the count and not getting the minor league strikes.

          That’s why the kids need to be brought up….so they can learn. None of them are learning in the minors while waiting for the ‘washed up, non producing’ vets that are lingering in front of them.

  11. Cory looks tired and his is hitting way below 200 in his last seven games. I am suprised Roberts hasn’t noticed that Cory looks tired.

  12. Well what’s done is done. Clear it from your mind kid and get ready for your next game, wherever that may be. Down 3-1 could have been a lot worse. Let’s get some hits!

    1. They need to get some hits. This guy isn’t pitching that well. Both Joc and Puig are helping him out! Joc swung a two pitches, way over his head. Why is Puig swinging at his first pitch. Degrom Has had no control today.

    2. At least Urias didn’t give up a HR, like Hatcher did. And David Wright hasn’t been hitting good.

      1. Snider
        When is Roberts going to move Turner down? He can’t keep him batting third, and expect to win!

  13. I loved his cool during the game and in the dugout after he was done. We witnessed the start of a pitcher that might soon be, lets say famous. Urias’ parents were cool as well.

    It would have been fun to see him go 5 but, really, 19 years old, parents flown in from Mexico, New York City, sell out crowd, spent the night with the team in a fancy hotel in NYC; the whole thing was a privilege to watch.

    1. Bum
      Joc didn’t have very good at bats today. He made Degrom’s job easy, by swinging at two pitches, way over his head, with people on base.

  14. Yep Bum – he threw some good pitches. He just needed that third out in the 1st innings and things might have been different.

    1. I’m sorry, I am sick of teams like the Padres and the Mets, having better bullpens. And Turner needs to be moved down in the order. It is about the team, not Turner’s ego!

    2. That hit up the middle didn’t help him, but he really never settled down. But he didn’t give up a HR, like Hatcher and Blanton!

  15. Baseball is a team game. Even if the Mets had only scored 2 runs — Dodgers still lose . . . . . . . . . . because they are a weak, poor hitting team.

    Our hitters needed to step up tonight and not hit into so many double plays.

    This could be a hard 7 game stretch with the Mets and Cubs. No let downs here.

  16. Some here say that maybe Seager is tired and needs a rest.

    Also could be, what happened to Puig is happening to Seager. The league is catching up to him.

    1. Roger believe it or not, but the Mets are not hitting much better, or better, then the Dodgers. Take a look at there batting averages. It is the same three pitchers, from the bullpen, that gave up three HRs, and did it in one game!

  17. For me — this loss is pinned on the GM, who does not have enough major league ready pitchers. Baez is AAA at best.

  18. I hate the Dodgers’ bullpen. After coming back from being 4 runs down, Baez gives up the HR on the 1st pitch.

    How many close games does the ‘pen have to lose? How many blown saves?

    1. Dodger rick
      It only lasted for one pitch! This game, is lost by the same old bullpen pitchers, and Friedman! Hatcher, Blanton, and Baez each gave up a HR in this game. How many bullpen pitchers, are really this bad! Friedman couldn’t keep Chapman, but that is ok, because he signed Blanton.

        1. Badger
          There is no such stats! I have never seen a bullpen, give up so many HRs. And give away, so many games. This is the worse bullpen I have ever saw! Badger have you ever saw a bullpen, that is this bad?

  19. This bullpen is a joke! The Dodgers come back and tie the game in the ninth. And two pitches later, the game is already over! This bullpen gives up three HRs
    Tonight! Thanks again, Andrew Friedman! You could waste money on MCCarthy,
    Anderson, Beachy, but you did nothing for the bullpen!

    How many bullpens give up three HRs, in a game?

    The big three Hatcher, Blanton, and Baez, and Baez doesn’t even keep the lead, for more then two pitches!

  20. Granderson isn’t even hitting well, but Baez Grooved him an inside pitch, to pull. How many games has this bullpen lost the team this year?

  21. Am I surprised? A little. Not by the outcomes, of both Urias (his line was gawd awful) and the game (bullpen), I am surprised that we ended up making it so close. But – notta to worry, Kershaw is scheduled to pitch Sunday. Of course that means he won’t pitch in Chicago, so…………

    Maybe “the plan” is to hide in the weeds playing like crap so nobody takes us seriously, then WHAM!! …. like Billy Mills we come from behind and win the Gold. Whatever. Think I’ll read a book and fall asleep early.

    Yup. They suck.

    1. Jason
      Blanton has given up his share of HRs too! You forgot him! He was the front office’s answer, after they didn’t keep Chapman! That was there big signing !

  22. I am OK with not having a knucklehead like Chapman on the team. The rumor is that a lot of people including the girl who were witnesses suddenly refused to testify. I wonder why that is? Chapman is likely a big problem and it will bite the Yankees again. Maybe you want those kind of guys – I know Art Briles did – but I don’t!

    That said, Hatcher and Baez can’t stay on this team. I am sick of them! Blanton will be fine. When Ryu returns, option Baez and move Wood to the pen. When McCarthy returns, DFA Hatcher and move Urias to the pen.

    By the way, I am not surprised Urias was nervous. His stuff speaks for itself. He got hammered when he was moved to AAA last year, but you saw what he did this year. He certainly did not get hammered in NY – he was just wild. He will be fine. I saw a lot of good in what he did.

    I saw a lot of good in the Dodgers comeback – Baez blown game is a killer. He has to go.

    Finally, second-guessers are never wrong!

    1. I agree with your take on Chapman, Hatcher, Baez, Blanton – you left out Howell.

      There is still a problem – not enough good pen options, even with the game killers gone.

      1. Dodger rick
        Blanton gave up seven HRs, last year, and he has already given up three.
        Hatcher and Baez have now given up more HRs this year, then last year. I don’t want to watch Blanton give up four more HRs!

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