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Spoiled Urias Debut and Spoiled Utley Finish Spell Defeat for Dodgers 6-5

It was Game One of a weekend series in the Big Apple, and there was plenty on the plate. It was the first chance for Citi Field fans to see Chase Utley since the bitter NLCS of last season, and of course, the debut of the teen-aged phenom, Julio Urias.

Oh yeah, some guy named Jacob deGrom pitched for the Mets.  This is how it played out.

1st inning
Here’s what happened with the first four batters to face Urias:
Curtis Granderson – K looking (bit of a high strike)

Asorubal Cabrera – He hit a double, deep to LF  (Advanced to 3rd on WP)
David Wright – K
Walker hit another double. Mets 1-0
Single – score 2 more. Mets 3-1

Just first inning jitters, right?

Julio Urias bunted (deGrom Error ) to load the bases.
Chase Utley – Sac fly to bring Yasiel Puig home. 3-1
At 2 2/3 innings, with the bases loaded, and after 81 pitches, Urias’ debut was done.
Chris Hatcher in.
He got deGrom for the third out.

4th inning  Mets 3-1
Justin Turner and Adrian Gonzalez, the first two men got on. The Dodgers left them there.
Hatcher got three Ks, but David Wright hit a 2-out solo home run. 4-1

6th inning  Mets 4-1
This time Joe Blanton gave up the solo homer. 5-1

7th inning  Mets 5-1
The Dodgers handed deGrom an easy six pitch inning. Actually, they’d given him an easy seven innings total.

9th inning  Mets 5-1
Adrian Gonzalez base hit.
Howie Kendrick little nubber hit.
One out, base hit Yasiel Puig. Bases loaded.
Yasmani Grandal walked to bring in Gonzo.  5-2
Bases still loaded for Trayce Thompson. K for 2 out.
Chase Utley came up and blasted a gapper!

Bases cleared! Tie score! 5-5
Pedro Baez in.
Baez grooved one to Curtis Granderson. Right down Broadway. What do you think he did with it?
Ka-Boom! 6-5 walk off home run.

Dodgers lost 6-5

Julio Urias gave up three runs in the first inning, and he didn’t even make it out of the second. Some might call that a failure. While it certainly was anticlimactic, I think Urias did fairly well considering the circumstances surrounding his hurried debut.

He was rushed into the start. He had to fly cross-country into hostile territory, and barely had a New York minute to get familiar with his coaches and catchers. Throw in a teenager’s first time in NYC, and I’m surprised the kid didn’t puke his guts out before throwing the first pitch!  He did well enough, considering.

As for the rest of the Dodgers, they were their usual non-hitting selves for the better part of the game. It was 0’s in the 1,2,4,5,6,7, and 8th innings.

They had a great 9th inning that was capped off by the Mets’ enemy, Chase Utley. Unfortunately, the excitement, drama and happiness – as well as the win – were all destroyed by the Dodgers’ enemy – themselves.

I sure wish we had another rookie phenom to try out tomorrow.

Julio Urias went 2 /3 innings with 5 hits, 3 runs, 4 walks, 3 Ks.  ERA 10.13

Double: Chase Utley

Team with RISP: 2 for 10  More of the same.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

51 thoughts on “Spoiled Urias Debut and Spoiled Utley Finish Spell Defeat for Dodgers 6-5

  1. Where would they be without Utley this year? There’s a reason you want some veterans on the team. Otherwise another dreadful night with RISP.

    I’m sure Urias will get better, though I don’t think the hype surrounding his promotion was justified. Drysdale, Koufax, and Fernando all had a chance to pitch in relief before starting, just dip the toe in. And obviously we need a pitcher who can go more than four or five innings to avoid the soft underbelly of our bullpen.

    1. Snider
      I totally agree about Utley! He almost single handedly, try’s to make this team win, but he can’t do it himself!

  2. Greetings all. Well as I’m out of reach of cable TV while friends are allowing me to impose giving me temporary shelter I’m not able to view these games. I see the bullpen is a saga of a continuous bummer that just about every Dodgers fan on the planet would have addressed the issue years ago.

    I don’t care what their specs are if they give up those walk offs they don’t belong! The name of the game is winning and that is just what this bullpen does not do. They don’t do the job they’re paid for and if this F/O isn’t able to get the picture at this point I doubt they ever will. There’s power in all shapes and if the shape of the bullpen, it’s coaches or shot callers is constructed to screw the football it should take a different shape, no matter!

    Maybe I’m stupid, but it’s pretty clear that the smart way isn’t going so well. I COULD DESIGN A BETTER BULLPEN WITH A HELL OF A LOT LESS! Anyone here could and that isn’t a debate!

    1. Quas
      I have been thinking about you. I hope you get your connection, and your own place soon!

      As you know, it is the same old bullpen, and the same old guys, giving wins to the other team, just as soon as they can!

      Why these pitchers, can’t pitch a single inning, without giving up a HR, is a joke!

      I really would love to see where the Dodgers bullpen ranks, in giving up HRs, and giving away games!

  3. Hopefully the kids get at least one more start, preferably at Dodger Stadium.

    A little levity
    Fan: “I saw you pitch a game in NY”
    Pitcher: “Did I have a good night?”
    Fan: “I hope so, you had a lousy afternoon”

  4. Dirty Diapers tonight
    Seager 4
    Turner 3
    Pederson 4
    Total 18 LOB

    Lack of Clutch all night for the pee the pants crowd again tonight.

    Maybe Hatcher is the new 3 and 4th inning guy. Every bullpen needs one of those guys right?

    Too many throwers and not enough pitchers. Neddy Jr. is a complete failure at constructing a bullpen, as we have been saying for YEARS.

    Here are the total pitching rejects in the last 30 days that only a retarded Eunuch would keep on the 25 man roster:

    Tsao – 5.40, 0 HR WHIP 2.40
    Hatcher – 6.05, 5 HR, 1.76 WHIP
    Avilan – 2.077, O HR, 5.00 WHIP

    Congrats Urias on the 3.38 WHIP! Obviously NOT a ready for the prime time player, but still on pace for 2018. 🙂

    1. BOB
      It seemed like Cory always got a hit when no one was on base. I don’t know that that is true, but it would have been much better, if he could have got a hit, in his last at bat.

      Because we would have been ahead, and Kenley would have came in and pitched. I still think Cory looks a little tired.

  5. Last 30 days for the Diaper Dons

    Hernandez 0.73, 3 for 40, Needs to play everyday at AA
    Grandal .162, Terrible or hurt?
    Crawford .173, Terrible or Just old?
    Ellis .200
    Turner .221
    Pederson .227
    Puig .234
    Gonzalez .241

    This team is TERRIBLE. Time to delusionally blame it all on the Batting Coach?

    The best player is the last 30 days is Thompson, who you know will be sent down first when Van Slyke comes up (He should stay at AAA with his 1 remaining option until Hernandez is sent down) because he is the youngest and that is how unions work.

  6. Urias made his debut, let us not sugar coat it, it was a terrible debut.

    Just like this team, terrible.


    The bullpen, the offense, the starting pitching not named Kershaw………

    Essentially, the ENTIRE team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Disappointing, certainly. But I would say it was mediocre rather than terrible. What did we expect–seven innings of no-hit ball a la Ross Stripling? And if you want terrible, look at the Braves or the Reds. But $250 million for a .500 team should not be acceptable.

      You can look at numbers all you want, but we were beaten last night by a guy who’s below the Mendoza line. Timely hitting is more important than average, but we’ve not had much this year.

      1. Snider
        Almost all of those HRs, were given to hitters, that are not really hitting. And the other player, that hit a HR, had a decent batting average, but hadn’t hit a HR, until our bullpen, let him hit his first HR!

  7. We all know that baseball is a game of steaks. A guy hits .350 before the All-Star Game and .250 afterward is a .300 hitter, but in truth, he was great the first half and average the second half. I think we have to look at this team and say “What is going on?”


    Chase Utley is doing fine. His signing was greatly maligned, but so far he has been solid. Then we have Thompson and Seager who are both doing as expected. You could probably throw Pederson in the mix too. However, that leaves, A-Gon, Puig, Kendrick, Turner, Ellis, Grandal, Crawford and Hernandez left and all are greatly underperforming according to their own career averages. I am talking about what they have done in the past compared to what they are doing now. The fact is: 1/3 of the hitters are doing OK. The other 2/3 are really, really bad.

    But they have a new hitting coach and are learning a new system! That’s valid – I’ll but that… BUT NOT FOR TOO MUCH LONGER! I understand that learning a new system can take time, so I’ll give it until July! No excuses after that!


    Here’s where I have Major Questions! Half of the pitching staff is doing well. Count Liberatore, Jansen (even with 2 blown saves), Kershaw, Blanton (yes he has allowed 3 HR, but his WHIP is 0.78), Coleman (very nice pickup) and maybe Maeda (he has regressed as of late) as success stories.

    That leaves Wood, Bolsinger, Kazmir, Howell, Hatcher, Baez and Avilan – all whom are much worse than their averages. Is this just the “first half blues” and are they going to raise the bar? Wood has shown flashes and so has KAZ. OK, that still leaves the pen. Many say that FAZ did nothing for the pen, but in reality Coleman and Blanton have performed exceptionally well with a combined 0.88 WHIP.

    Look at this:

    Howell – 3.78 Career ERA – 5.28 this year
    Hatcher – 4.68 Career ERA – 6.05 this year and his career ERA was about 3.55 BEFORE he came to LA.
    Baez – 3.38 Career ERA – 4.29 ERA this year (Now his WHIP is 1.06, but….)
    Avilan – 3.08 Career ERA – 27.00 ERA this year.

    To me, it’s one of three things:

    1. These guys have just regressed and no longer are viable bullpen options;
    2. These guys will right the ship and finish the year smoking hot; or
    3. These guys need a new voice.

    My question is: Is Rick Honeycutt part of the problem or the solution. Face it, he has had excellent pitching staffs over the years. Does he still resonate with today’s pitchers?

    JP Howell is a great teammate, beloved by all, but his smoke and mirrors show is almost at the end. Th e Dodgers were hoping he would decline his option, which is why deals for bullpen arms seldom are good.

    What really bothers me is the regression of Baez, Avilan and Hatcher. To me it seems like other teams see a pitching pattern and jump on it. Baez had a 2.63 ERA as a rookie, 3.35 in his second year and now sits at 4.29. Hatcher has never been the pitcher he was in Florida except for a few flashes.

    I think the Dodgers have to take a long hard look at those four pitchers. They have internal options:

    Montas is probably a few weeks away, but a guy who throws 100+ always is viable (he struck out 4 in 1.2 IP last night with no walks).

    Cotton could be a solid arm in the pen.

    Frias is building arms strength as a starter, but he’s a possibility.

    But, I think the possibility of a trade exists. Van Slyke and Kendrick could net a nice power arm in a trade with a team who needs a 2B, 3B or outfielder – shoot SVS can play 1B. I look for the team to bring in an arm via trade, but I am still stuck on: Is Honeycutt part of the problem?

    1. Stop including Agone in the list of not hitting up to what he should hit. He has no one protecting him in this line up. Turner needs to be moved down tonight.

      He isn’t hitting, let alone hitting like a number three hitter! Agone, and Utley, and Puig, were the only Dodgers, that got hits, in that final inning, when the Dodgers tied the game. Agone is the one Dodger, that every other team’s pitcher, doesn’t want to beat them, so they pitch very carefully to Agone.

      But when Agone has people in front, and in back of him, not hitting, he doesn’t get any good pitches to hit! Why would a pitcher, pitch to Agone, when Turner, isn’t hitting over 240. And Turner hasn’t hit all year.

      He needs to be moved down in the order, just like Roberts did to Puig and Grandal! Cory and Utley got on base twice, and then Turner hit into a double play, and didn’t hit, and he ended both of those posible rally’s last night.

      This has been happening all year. His recovery from that surgery he had, takes a very long time, to recover from. And it is hard to strengthen muscles, and to be able to play at a top level, that soon in the recovery, of what Turner had done in the off season.

      It will be better for the team, and Turner himself, to move Turner down in the order. Turner would get more pitches to hit, lower in the order, and he won’t hurt the team, as much!

      1. I think they put Howie fifth to protect AGone; Turner should be seeing better pitches with AGone behind him, but he’s not seeing them well, apparently.

        1. Snider
          I think that Turner’s surgery has affected his hitting. It really has a long recovery period, let alone a player, hitting at the top of there game.

          1. Snider
            As you know, Pitchers pitch hitters, a lot harder, in the heart of the line up, so Turner will probably have easier at bats, lower in the line up!

  8. Some serious backup needs to continue in the plan. Like: AGon who could have more injury days off this season. And then need more time to get back into high gear. So a solid backup 1b. SVS is possible; minor leaguer is possible. But stay away from Turner or Kendrick for any length of time.

    Many of the Dodger hitters look out of sink at the plate. Pederson looked terrible last night.

    We keep hoping that the guys will finally pull it together and start winning games. But this club has too many weaknesses. Starting pitching is a weakness, relief pitching is a weakness. Hitters are a weakness. Wait ! that is most of the game of baseball.

    1. Bum
      Joc didn’t stay within his game last night, when he came up to bat, with runners on base, as you know. I hope he has better at bats tonight, but that is going to be harder to do.

      Because the pitcher pitching tonight, is the Mets hardest pitcher to hit. Degrom didn’t really pitch a good game last night. The only reason he won that game, was because many of the Dodger’s hitters, were making his job way to easy, by swinging at bad pitches.

      Even though Degrom had problem with his control all night long! And the Mets hitters, are not really hitting better then the Dodgers, but they did last night.

      Because two of the HRs, that our relief pitchers gave up, were to hitters, that are not hitting much better, then at the Mendosa line. And the other HR, was a hitters, first HR this year!

    2. Bum
      I know it is not just the Dodgers not hitting. But when they score runs, we can’t count on the bullpen, to stop the other team from scoring! Didn’t you feel bad, right after Baez gave up that HR?

  9. Well the little woman and I were up at Chukchansi Park, the home of the Fresno Grizzlies, Tuesday and Wed. with tickets in hand awaiting Julio’s start Wed. Ya, well you know the rest… To make things worse it was SF’s AAA club and to make things worser, they swept our arses…
    No matter how many times I remove and clean my Blue tinted glasses and put em back on, one thing remains a constant, We Suck… I’m happy for Julio nd his family, but he struggled mightally… I think he will be able to learn from it… In my mind, much like Seager, were looking at very special talent..

  10. Interesting question Mark. You’ve raised it before and the response has been mostly vague, as in gee, maybe after years of success, Honeycutt has lost his touch. My response to it today is the same as it was the first few times it was asked – I don’t think it’s the pitching coach, I think it’s the pitching.

    I don’t know what it is with Hatcher and Baez, but they continue to make the same stupid mistakes over and over. If I can see it I’m sure Honeycutt can see it. We also have Maddux and Hershiser hanging around so good advice is available. Maybe these guys don’t listen, or maybe they are incapable of change. Not sure what is going on with Howell, but his reverse splits are screwy, in 32 at bats LH hitters are batting .313, but the last 28 days he’s holding opponents to a .143 BA with a 0.84 WHIP.

    Where does change begin Mark? You run a company, let me ask you where the buck stops at U.S. Water Systems? If you hire an employee who turns out to be unproductive, do you fire the supervisor or the employee?

    My gut tells me the pitchers Honeycutt has been given to work with just aren’t all that and if he were to be fired, a new pitching coach, at this point in a season, might make matters worse.

    THIS is our team for 2016. Yes, trades could be made, but since the FAZ team took over in 2014 several trades have already been made – resulting in THIS team. Can we trust that the next trade will be the right one? Well, frankly I can’t. I remain hopeful, but I look around this organization and what I see now is the same thing I’ve seen for months and why I’m not the least bit surprised by where this team finds itself. Yes, we have potential. I believe we have more potential than most ML clubs, but transformation is not 10 minutes from now, it’s a present activity. The time is now.

    I agree with your timetable of July. I’ve already said it – if this continues, it would be wise to consider selling. There are a handful of NL teams that are currently playing better than we are. Picturing our team in a 5 game series against them I honestly don’t see us coming out with 3 wins. But, that could change any day. We win this series, and the next one in Chicago, who knows where that could lead. But it has to start now.

  11. Mea Culpa! Fresno AAA is Astro affiliate…
    IMO Honey cut is not the problem… You cant make a silk purse from a pig’s ear and a pitcher in a slump is a bitch I.E. Matt Harvey…
    This is a humbling game for sure… Penthouse one day, outhouse the next…

      1. Career averages? Who are we talking about here? Wood? Kazmir? Maeda? Hatcher? Baez? Stripling? Who is it you expect more out of?

        We have 8 blown saves, tied for third in MLB. That is the highest number in the West. SV% is 24th. Our starters ERA is 7th and their BAA is actually quite good at .223. Our earned runs given up is 5th best in the NL.

        I see this as a team effort and we have just enough weakness at key positions, blown at bats in key opportunities, and bullpen meltdowns to be a middle of the pack team. Remove Kershaw from this collection and we would be bottom middle. Other than our middle of the order hitters all catching fire at the same time I don’t see where these 95 wins you predict are going to come from.

        As of today, this IS who we are. Until further notice, as in a significant showing against the better teams in the league, this is who we will be.

    1. You ask tough questions Mark but here is my stab at one possible answer:

      1 + 1/4 + 1/9 + 1/16 +1/25 +… = π/6

      It is a simple answer but true. Who would have thought?

      I’m still looking for Newton’s Sky Falling formula. I hope I find it because it fits perfectly in here.

      1. Skyfall only happens in the movies.

        And telling it like it is isn’t whining, it’s reporting, which in the Dodgers case does sound like whining. I can see how some might arrive at that conclusion.

  12. I have just purchased shares in Tillamook Cheese in Tillamook, OR. Their stock should go up with so many people probably wanting cheese with all their whine.

    Mark is rubbing off on me.

    1. Bum
      Dodger fans, have a right, to be mad, after this bullpen, continues to give up games, at a high rate, and are so good doing this, they can give away, a hard fought win, in mere seconds! And nothing is ever done, to fix this pink elephant, of a problem!

          1. Cincinatti, Minnesota, Atlanta, Seattle – and others depending on what stat you look at.

            Payroll? Safe to say – considerably less than ours.

      1. Badger
        I was thinking ofputting Howie in the number two slot, and have Cory bat third. I would put Agone in number three position, if he wasn’t such a slow runner. But having Turner batting third, is not working, and although there are not a lot of choices, there are hitters, that are hitting better then Turner is, and has, all year. Turner has been hitting below 250 almost all year. And the only power, that Turner has really exhibited, were in pinch hit, at bats. But I would give Cory a day off, when I could. It is to bad, that Roberts didn’t give Cory a day off, against the Reds.

        Roberts is saying the right things about the offense. He said that they are not having good at bats, and giving outs to fast, and not working as a team offensively. So I am sure that this will be addressed.

  13. The problem is that this front office choose, to not do anything to help this terrible bullpen. And this front office proved, that they knew that the Dodgers bullpen was terrible, when they tried to get Chapman, for the bullpen. But after not getting Chapman, the only thing they did, to try to help this bullpen, was sign Blanton.
    And sorry, the signing of Blanton, is not even close to fixing this terrible bullpen. Blanton has already given up three HRs in this short season.

    And Blanton only gave up one HR, in the second half, of last season, when he was on the Pirates. So Blanton is already over his HR total last year, when he pitched primarly in the bullpen. And Blanton should not be pitching late in games, or setting up games, like he has done, at times this year! Blanton should never be the set up man, in the Dodgers bullpen!

    Having Blanton set up, is just pure desperation! And Baez and Hatcher, the big two, have already given up more HRs this year, then they did, all of last year! I can’t understand why these pitchers, can’t pitch one single inning, without given up a game winning hit , a HR, or just giving away a game.

    And they do this often, in a mere minute, after a starting pitcher, and the team, has played out a hard game, and took the lead. And most of these bullpen problems, are not surprising to anyone who follows the Dodgers closely.

    Maybe the front office, should come down from there offices, and make all of the moves in the bullpen, since they can’t get the point, and can’t understand, how devastating these bullpen loses are, for a team, and the people who support the team!

    Every time this bullpen, gives away another game, it takes the life, out all of the players, that have played hard, to get a ninth inning tie, and takes away all of the fun, of watching the Dodgers play. Because they know if the Dodgers are leading, or just tied a game, that that doesn’t mean a thing, because the bullpen, finds a way, way to often, to give away a game.

    And these give aways, are happening at a even higher rate, early this year!

  14. Mark has offered a clear-eyed and rational post, but I have a few thoughts to add:

    1 – He seems willing to give the new hitting coach a pass because he’s new, even though almost all of the Dodgers’ hitters are performing below their statistical averages, but not Honeycutt. Why is that? I would note that a new hitting coach might have a different approach with hitters and hitting, but experienced major league hitters aren’t going to re-learn how to hit with a new hitting coach. The hitting coach will point out flaws or problems and help hitter work out their problems, but that is it. So – is the pitching coach (who has fine historical averages to tout as well) to blame for the poor performances of many of the pitchers, but the hitting coach allowed a free pass because he’s new, even though the hitter are as a group performing worse than the pitchers?

    2 – The failure of the bullpen must be laid at the feet of the Braintrust. There are several reasons for the failure, I think. First, they were unsuccessful at bringing in much in the way of new talent for the ‘pen. Second, they seem to believe that if you can throw 95+, you will be a successful relief pitcher. Baseball history is replete with examples of hard throwers who weren’t good pitchers. Yes, Baez and Hatcher can throw hard, but they aren’t good pitchers.

    3 – The failure of the rotation must also be chalked up to the cupidity of the Braintrust. As many have posted here, they have made a tactical decision – bring in the mediocre or injury-prone and keep the spending down, and hope that the team will be generally competitive while waiting for the jewels of the farm system to make their appearances. As a result, we have suffered with 1 1/4 seasons of Anderson, McCarthy, Kazmir, Wood, Maeda and the loss of Greinke. The outcome was predictable, and what has transpired is what many have predicted.

    1. Dodgerrick
      Turner is the biggest whole in the Dodger’s offense, and his at bats, are affecting everyone else’s at bats, that hit in the heart of the order. Turner has mostly hit below 250 all year, and the only real power, Turner has displayed, were in two pinch hit at bats.

      The surgery that Turner had, has a very long recovery time, let alone a player, being able, to play at the top of there game, like Turner is trying to do! Turner shouldn’t be getting, more at bats then Agone.

      And Turner is not hitting better, then most of the players, hitting way down in the Dodger’s order. But he is getting more at bats, then everyone, in the line up, except Cory and Utley!

      Roberts needs to finally put Turner, farther down in the order, so the Dodgers can have more chances, to get more hits, especially when people, are one base.

      And you are right that this bullpen, is all on this front office, but I don’t agree with you about Chapman. Chapman was no big risk, for the Dodgers, or the Yankees.

      The Dodgers would have had him, for less then a year, and in a contract year, for Chapman. Chapman would have been on his best behavior, in a contract year. The only thing that Chapman would have wanted to do, in a contract year, would be pitch at the top of his game! And especially after being suspended!

      And having Chapman for less then a year, is less risky, then all of these injury prone pitchers, that this front office, choose to give contracts to. And at least Chapman’s performance, would well be worth his risk, and he would only be a Dodger, for less then a year.

      And when this front office didn’t get Chapman, they should have used all of there efforts, to make this bullpen better. And signing Blanton, is not even close. Blanton, hasn’t been that much better, then Baez and Hatcher, when it comes to HRs.

      He has already given up three HRs, pretty early, in the season. And when he was with the Pirates, for that half of a season, he only gave up one HR. And right now, we are not close to half way mark yet.

      And this front office better have that pitcher, they got from the White Sox, in the off season, up to the big team, on June second, when he is able to come up to the big team! I don’t understand how Hatcher, is still with this team, besides the fact, that this front office didn’t do there job, in the off season.

      Hatchet has put 39 players on base, in just 19 innings, that he has pitched.

  15. Sabermetrices obviously does not include quantifying the number of times per week a player wets the bed. Sunflower seeds actually help prevent bed wetting. They should be mandatory for all of the LAD players and should replace all of the chewing tabaco. I am not sure, and I do not really want to know, but are these players all 10 pounds overweight or are they actually wearing Depends under their uniforms.

    Anyway they all need to see a shrink and may be hypnotized.

    Honey Butt Grabber should have bee promoted to Special Assistant during the winter because he CAN NOT CAN NOT CANOT see what is wrong in real time. He still does great with film and therefore is still valuable for long term development of the pitchers.

    1. Bob, it is pretty much accepted that the manager is not a manager but merely relays orders from the FO. Is it a reach to believe that the pitching coach is obliged to operate under the same restrictions? A bomb in the FO would do wonders for this team.

    2. BOB
      Your funny! I do think that Puig should be hypnotized, because he is not much good under pressure. But he has gotten some clutch hits late in innings, in the last week.

      1. And benched for the second time this week. I will probably fall asleep during tonight’s game.

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