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What I Miss?

Dodgers Clinch

As I’ve said before, sometimes life gets in the way of Dodger baseball. As I sit here and write this article I am in beautiful Cancun, Mexico with my beautiful girlfriend. I’ve had a wonderful and emotional vacation. I’ve also missed a lot of Dodger baseball this past week. Thankfully my amazing writers have picked up the slack. I can’t thank them enough. Those guys have not missed a beat while I’ve been sun tanning in the tropics. It’s also been a wonderful and emotional home stand for the Dodgers.

While I’ve been gone I’ve missed 6 games, but so much has happened in those six games. The Dodgers took two out of three from the hated Giants essentially leaving them for dead in the National League West, and then they swept the Rockies clinching their fourth consecutive division title on Sunday afternoon. Charlie Culberson’s walk-off home run in the bottom of the tenth inning won the game for the boys in blue sending Dodger Stadium and all of Los Angeles into delirium. When Culberson rounded the bases we all celebrated. The Dodgers have done it again, and in Vin Scully’s final home stand it was even more emotional. If you feel like crying go ahead, because I’m reaching for a tissue now.

The home stand was filled with even more tears when the Dodgers and all of Baseball said goodbye to beloved broadcaster Vin Scully with a moving ceremony to honor him. Scully is in his 67 and final season and will broadcast his final games in the Dodger’s last series of the regular season in San Francisco. We all must come to terms with the stark reality that Vin will not be there to guide us through the murky waters of the 162 game Dodger regular season. I get choked up as I type this.

But please be happy to know that Vin is going home to his family. He gets to spend more time with his wife, children and grand children, and knowing that makes me very happy. We’ll all miss him and Dodger baseball will never be the same. Vin is our guiding light. Dodger Stadium and baseball will be a little dimmer without his beautiful dulcet voice.

As the Dodgers won the division and said goodbye to Vin it played out in the background after the entire sports world was stunned by the tragic and painful loss of Miami Marlin’s pitcher Jose Fernandez. We all felt a little bit of the loss felt by Fernandez’s family and the Marlin’s organization.

The sudden passing of Fernandez reminds me of the terrible boating accident that claimed former Dodger pitchers Steve Olin and Tim Crews back in spring training of 1993. Losing Fernandez is such a painful mark on the end of the season. It seems silly to even be thinking of baseball games at a time like this. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Fernandez family and the Marlins during this horrible time.

As we head into the final week of the regular season the Dodgers will turn their attention on evaluating players to decide the postseason roster and get everyone healthy. The Dodgers are a deep and talented team and everyone has had a hand in helping the Dodgers advance to the postseason. First year manager Dave Roberts has simply done a tremendous job and should seriously be considered for NL manager of the year.

He may not be the greatest tactician, but his hardnosed approach and never give up attitude has permeated the clubhouse, rubbing off on the players. The front office while making a few mistakes along the way has done a terrific job of putting together the roster. The depth they acquired that some people including me scoffed at times is the reason why the Dodgers are going to the playoffs again. Most of all the players are talented and determined to win. The Dodgers have an excellent chance of winning the World Series this year.

This has been a frustrating season at times with the hoards of injuries that have befallen the Dodgers. However they battled through it like a true team. They overcame so much and now we have another nerve wracking postseason to look forward to. I hope you guys will join us over here for the ride. Let’s win this thing for Vin, and for Fernandez and everyone who has lost a loved one.

Oh and don’t forget to watch this over and over and over and over and over again.

Bluetober is back!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

98 thoughts on “What I Miss?

  1. posted in response to Mark, et al, from a previous thread:

    I’m gone too – and I’m 1/2 Jewish on my father’s side so make of that what you will.

    Really? People disagree with how the team is being run so they’re anti-Semitic?

    I really dislike the superior attitudes of some. I really hit the roof when bluto decided he needed to correct MJ on her spelling (that’s why I mentioned you misspell SABRmetrics).

    There is a major paradigm shift on how baseball is being managed. We can argue the relative merits of SABRmetrics (my view is that it’s a tool but one that has become overrused), but for the Braintrust fanboys who engage in hero worship and can’t accept that there is another way of looking at the baseball universe, anyone who disagrees is – what was the term you used yesterday – that’s right – A MORON OR AN IDIOT.

    I contend that every successful LA Dodger baseball team has been built on great starting pitching. The relevance of the stat I cited yesterday (regarding the extreme number of innings pitched by the ‘pen) is that it exemplifies how putrid the starting pitching has been this year. Sign the old and infirm and call it depth. If I never see the likes of Bud Norris, Brett Anderson, Scott Kazmir, Brandon McCarthy, etc. etc. in a Dodger uniform it will be OK by me.

    The Dodgers’ best starter other than Kershaw has been Maeda and he has thrown 169 innings in 30 starts (5.6 innings/start). In years past he would be a good 4th or 5th starter but until Kershaw got hurt he was #2 and that speaks volumes about how the Dodgers’ starting pitching has been this year.

    So yes – this year’s team may be a team of destiny but it is in spite of the Dodgers’ starting rotation and not because of it and that’s why I contend that the team was not well constructed. I averred this before the season began and still do.

    I am as happy as anyone that the Dodgers won the division and I hope that the Giants are out of the post-season for good. I hope that the Dodgers go all of the way.

    I still disagree with how the team has been managed (too many platoons, too many pitching changes) and constructed and as a fan I have a right to an opinion. My opinion is as well informed as anyone’s and I don’t need to put up with abuse.

    I may read the abuse dished out by you and the other condescending gentlemen who can’t stand anyone who would disagree with the Majestic Braintrust but for the second and final time have decided to spend my time in more productive ways.

    1. I just skimmed.

      Look. You’re decent guy. You’re a Dodger fan. Stop being such a martyr and hypocrite. You went after Bluto and called one of his statements “moronic.” You can refer to folks here as “Braintrust fanboys.” Apparently you’re able to dish it out just fine. If someone has a different opinion and voices it, well then you’re a victim of abuse and bullied and you have to announce you’re leaving in dramatic fashion for about the fifth time.

      Just stop.

      Don’t try to cast yourself as a victim. You just have a problem with conflicting points of view, and especially those conflicting points of view that suggest you’re wrong. I’ve been paying attention to what Bluto’s written. He’s done nothing wrong. He’s not insulted anyone or called anyone any names. What he has done is simply be very good at making his points succinctly and without apology. It’s not his superior attitude that’s the problem, it’s HIS SUPERIOR ARGUMENT that you can’t handle. Be honest about that, and don’t try to cast him or Mark as the problem, when it’s really you.

      I hope you stay, but stop with this nonsense.

      1. Agreed, dodgerpatch. Those of us who could see the wisdom of the FAZ plan, have been in the minority on this board and have been subjected to all kinds of insults and name calling. Now, when it is damn near impossible to argue that the “small town Yokels did not know what they were doing, all the critics leave in full “victim” mode. So be it. I know they will be welcomed on that board where the resident genius was calling for a boycott of the Dodgers. Sadly, for them, there is probably some cruel “FAZophants” over there also.

        Badger was the worst name caller and the loudest complainer when Mark or some of us others returned the fire. How many “cute” and “creative” names did he have for FAZ and us FAZophants? But boy, don’t even say ANYTHING about the “geniuses” in AZ land that he admired so much. That was over the top. Well, its easy to see why he left, Mark is right, EMBARRASSED, about being so wrong (and maybe the 100 push-ups he owes me for our Gordon v. Kendrick bet).

        Sadly, many of these guys are probably rooting against the Dodgers in the post-season, thinking if the Dodgers lose, that is some sort of redemption for their misguided opinions. Very sad. I read an article the other day where Theo’s analysis of the this post-season was that after the Cubs added Chapman it increased their odds of winning it all to 25%. I would say 25% odds of winning it all this year makes them the clear favorite. But, I am enjoying the fourth division championship against the hated ones and will look to some of the Dodger players to “Step it Up” and not be denied. Get it Done, Dodgers!!!!

  2. For the record, I welcome dissenting viewpoints.

    I just dislike incessant whining and criticizing without offering a possible solution, such as “FAZ did a horrible job of building the starting rotation.OK, what should they have done? Sorry Tim!

    Rick has criticized FAZ all year. First the rotation, then the pen… well actually, everything. So here they sit with another division Championship. According to him, it’s because the team has grit and is lucky. The “horrible” pitching staff put together by FAZ is 4th in ERA in the majors (#2 in WHIP). The starters are TOP 6 in ERA (3rd in WHIP). The relief corps is #1 in all of baseball in ERA (2nd in WHIP). But, it doesn’t fit his narrative?

    Many others (some of whom are gone) criticized the lack of quality starting pitching and the lack of a bullpen. Most that did were smart enough to stop when it became apparent the facts contradicted their narrative. Some just left. I guess the truth hurts!

    This is flawed team – most teams are, but our depth has risen to the top. Rookies have played about 25% of the time this year. That bodes well for the future. We have lots of options. I think it can be argued that we gave up too much to get Rich Hill… but that is not known for a while. It can be argued that Toles should play over Reddick, and I can argue both sides, but I have no problem with stuff like that.

    Most, if not all of the commenters who have left were the ones who posted baseless postulations which have now been proven to be fiction, so they have taken their keyboards and went home.

    OK, like Vin says “Now, back to this one.”

    A walkoff HR in the 10th inning to win the NL West Division Title in Vin Scully’s last game. What a grand ending! We are all better for knowing him (yes we “knew” him) and we are richer for it, yet poorer for his loss.

    Let me ask a question: How can you keep Charlie Culberson off the playoff roster? There are going to be some hard choices….

    1. I’m happy as heck the Dodgers clinched the division. I’d love to give credit to the FO for the brilliant job they did bringing in pitching, trading for nobodies, and bringing up prospects from the farm. But, I just can’t. There is too much glaring weakness on this team for my taste and we got an awful lot of help from a more than mediocre league, this year. The Giants collapsed big time. The rest of the division has serious problems and the only teams worth talking about are the Cubs and Washington. So, we got a lot of help from teams that didn’t rise this year and we still have a lot of unanswered questions about the team and players that are on the roster as well as prospects that could be.

      Now, in spite of my above statement, on paper, we can’t win the pennant. We can’t match up with both the Cubs and Washington, yet I think there is a glimmer of hope that we could go all the way. It’s a chance, but, then again, they may sink in the mud come playoffs. No one is going to like that if it comes to pass.

      I don’t think this is a team that is even near being dominant, yet strange things happen. FAZ are definitely survivors in a changing MLB. Is it because of SABRmetrics? Look at the A’s, a team many identify with this type of view. Bottom dwellers. If FAZ can produce a team that wins it all or goes deep for the next few years, I will sign up for the praise-fest. Until then……….

  3. Speaking of The Truth Hurts, he bought into the negativity early on. I truly hope he didn’t stop watching because when I knew him he was a true Dodger fan.

    Guys and Gals: We are seeing history in the making. Enjoy the ride. These could be Destiny’s Dodgers. The Big Dodger in the Sky may like FAZ!

    1. Some people buy into the negativity because some people are fundamentally negative. Being a cynic is often falsely equated with wisdom or insight. “I’m not negative, I’m a realist.”

      If you’ve staked your existence as a fan on being fundamentally a pessimist, then the truth must hurt right about now. That’s perhaps the tragedy in being a preternaturally negative Dodger fan. You simply can’t enjoy their success. Truther’s probably not even paying attention to baseball. He’s a millennial, and probably too busy being offended by some microaggression somewhere.

  4. Great win especially on Vin’s last day. Those who have criticized FAZ all year just cannot bring themselves to say something positive about FAZ. They compliment the manager, coaches and players. They all did great including FAZ. Some of us were called ass kissers. Our farm system looks very good. There will be many interesting decisions coming this winter. The only two players that should be Locked up are Kershaw and Seager. Selecting the play off roster is going to be interesting. Go Dodgers.

    1. Idahoal
      Scott is the only one that mentioned ass kissers, and he didn’t say that to anyone personally.

      And by the way, I almost always have given a lot of credit to Roberts and his coaches.

      And I have said, the best move the front office has made, is getting rid of Mattingly and getting Roberts to be the manager.

      If you don’t think Roberts and the coaches, hasn’t made profound difference on this team this year, I don’t know what to say.

      When Kershaw went down, and most of the starters went out, the players on this team, banded together, to give that extra effort, to make up for Kershaw going out.

      And Mark said that they might do that at that time, after hearing about Kershaw going out.

      It was the hitting and the bullpen, that kept this team in the hunt.

      And Roberts kept this team togther.

        1. Jeff
          I really don’t.

          Have you watched Roberts on the slide lines?

          Have you seen how all of the players, relate to him and his coaches?

          I don’t think a front office should make up a starting rotation, with any pitchers with long injury histories, and expect them to make there starts.

          And after the kids come up and fill the rotation, I don’t expect them to sign pitchers, that have these long injury histories, for the pitching rotation.

          If they want to sign a risky pitcher for back up depth, that is fine to me, but not the first depth, which is one of the five spots in the rotation.

          And Mark has said, they won’t be doing that, once the kids are up.

          I think Roberts interacts with his coaches and players really well.

          And he is open to anything his coaches would suggest to him.

          I think the players, have took on the personality of Roberts, who was a scrappy player.

          And I think the youth in Roberts and his coaches, have been able to relate better with the players.

          Mattingly didn’t show much or any emotion, and the team’s he managed, never would come back and win a game, after the seventh inning.

          And last year after Murphy jiy that go ahead HR off Greinke in the sixth, the team looked like the game was over on the side lines, and they still had four more times to hit.

        2. Jeff
          On Dodger Nation site they have three or four videos of the players celebrating, and thanking the fans.

          On one of these videos, it is under Agone’s name, and it is all the players, circled around, and Roberts gets in the middle, and the players go crazy, and spray a bunch of champagne on Roberts.

          Take a look at this instrgram, or video, under Agone’s name.

          It will show you how the players feel about Roberts.

  5. Season begins October 7. Cannot wait! Of course, there’s a few things we could do before that:

    1) gain home field vs the Nats
    2) knock SF out of the playoffs this weekend AT their place!

    1. Bobby
      I always get a little worried about that four or five day period, when the teams or not playing, because they waiting for the wild card teams to play.

      There is always the question about how to keep the players sharp, during that time.

      I think this lay off, is one of the reasons, that a lot of wild card winners, have went on to the World Series, because they don’t have to much time off, like in the regular baseball season.

  6. There isn’t anybody here that I’ve ever completely been in total agreement with while I share some opinions with all. I’m certain Mark had voiced strongly my direction where we’ve disagreed but I can tell everybody that Mark Timmons is a true friend to me and I have not the slightest doubt that he’s a real friend to one and all here. I know I’d enjoy tipping a beer with any one of you. I trust nobody here will lie to me when their opinion differs from the way I see things. You’re supposed to stand up and say it like you see it. I sorta hate someone who won’t argue. If any here needs to dump on, well dump it on me, I can take it! Got some pretty thick skin friends.
    Hey my brother Scott, here’s to Kenny! And Kenny, CHEERS, brother!

    1. Quas, I admire you because if anyone should whine, it would be you. But, you play the hand you are dealt and you are hopeful and logical. I don’t disagree with you often. I respect you immensely!

  7. Culberson was 1 happy guy. Moments like that are the reason you play ball. Makes all the hard work and disappointments worth while. Not that I’d really know, but I know I’m green with envy for moments like that.

    1. Culberson was so humble in the locker room interview I heard. Very grateful, very docile. Just a cool guy to listen to. I was impressed.

  8. Cannot imagine the Marlins having to finish off this season after the tragedy of Jose Fernandez. The real tragedy is we’ll never see the beauty and total happiness that was Jose Fernandez on the pitchers mound doing his thing, ever again. A hall of famer for sure…lost. So sorry. Giveth and taketh away.

    1. Rick, you seem a lot smarter to me than to run away from this board because of 1 person.

      I like your posts; I tend to agree with you more often than not, and you write and express your opinions and reasons for those opinions better than I can. We spent the last 7 months, from spring training to now, getting to this playoff point. The real season starts Oct 7. Why ruin your Dodger love for this nonsense.

      If you want to leave, then go. But leave for a good reason. Not cuz 1 person can get under your skin.

      And that applies to anyone who threatens or has threatened to leave this board throughout the year, only to come back. I swear, sometimes it seems some of you are ridiculously mentally weak.

    2. Rick, when you quote me at least get it right.

      Here is what I said: There are well over a dozen commenters who are gone. They are gone because they had an unnatural and illogical hatred of FAZ and the Dodgers. Freedman is a Jew – Zaidi is an Arab. The longer I think about it the more likely it seems to me to be racial… but that’s on them. Maybe I am wrong.

      I said it seems likely. I said I might be wrong, but you are just one – if it’s not racial, I apologize. It just seems illogical to me, but I have no problem apologizing like some people.

      I also DO KNOW FOR A FACT that it was racial with some. I accept you at your word. You have my apology!

    3. My Grandmother was Jewish. Her family was from the region of Poland that was completely decimated of its Jewish population during the Holocaust. ..we can all find reasons to be offended or indignant. Don’t make that a substitute for a coherent rebuttal. That happens much too often today in this country.

      “Your argument is invalid because I’m offended. Shut up!” (I’m not attributing this quote to you. I’m paraphrasing the all-too-common rhetorical device used by those who use contrived grievance as leverage)

      Personally, I don’t really agree with Mark’s angle. Yes, I think the hatred of the FO is irrational for most of the critics. I don’t think it’s racially or ethnically inspired. I don’t see compelling evidence for that. You can disagree and make the same point. You don’t make the case by being offended. It’s a waste of time and a waste of energy and does nothing to further your cause, unless it’s to generate moral weight through sympathy and victimhood, which is unfortunately the norm in our social climate.

  9. Hard to believe that on this happy baseball day, so much anger. This is ONLY the internet. Not mentioned much: Culberson was a giant not long ago. He says he loves playing baseball and yesterday was probably the biggest moment of his baseball life. I thought he should have been on the team out of spring training just because of his attitude and experience. I think he was, but was then sent down, where he was a good soldier and played at OKC the entire rest of the year. Good for him. This team seems to have a different spirit than those before. Maybe winning does this, but it still seems different. Youth and Roberts are the keys, for me. Now for the Mets and Cards to do their parts to keep the giants out of the playoffs, where they could still be dangerous. This weekend was defined by the Vinnie Effect, which I hope lasts about another month. I thought the Rockies would put up a fight, but they were overcome by the team and all the emotion involved with Vinnie. I hope they put on their big boy pants for the giants starting Tuesday. Go Rockies.

    1. It is to bad that Culberson doesn’t play centerfield, because he has maintained a decent average against lefties this year, unlike Kike, who still looks lost, most of the time, when he is up to bat.

  10. One last comment before I have to pack up and go. I will miss the repartee, but not the vitriol. I will miss the back and forth, but not the name calling, and on what is a happy day for Dodger fans, and a sad one for baseball, I will miss all of you on here whether we have agreed or not. I will miss Vinny because he nursed and informed in my baseball infancy. I will never forget the 1959 playoffs and Vinny bringing those games to life. Or hearing that familiar voice on armed forces radio when I was in Korea and Germany bringing Dodger baseball back to me. I also will not forget 1962 and watching the Dodgers go down in flames in the 9th inning of the 3rd playoff game as Stan Williams blew a 2 run lead and they lost to the hated ones. Vin was calm through it all. The sweep in 63, the comeback in 65. Tommy’s enthusiasm, It all is locked in my memory. We all hope this year has that kind of ending…………take care, and tolerate each other a little more, after all, we are all Dodger fans here………….

    1. Michael, best of luck to you. I hope everything works out well for you. Please post that utube of you performing one of these days. I’d love to see it and am sure many others would also.

      1962, My siblings and parents to a lessor degree didn’t care much about MLB. But to pacify me the diehard Dodger fan since 1959. My Dad would take me to one game per year, time and money were always tight. We went to the very last regular season game in 1962 (also my first game at Dodger Stadium). Without looking and totally relying on memory, I believe Gene Oliver the Cardinal catcher hit a 2 run home run, for a 2 – 0 loss to the Cardinals, causing the playoff. Big bummer over the next few days that year, as you noted.

  11. I went back to Spring Training and copied a bunch of comments directed at me from many people – most of whom are gone. Maybe I’ll post them and let you see what I have put up with all year.

    I am man enough to admit if I am wrong and apologize. Most aren’t! Of course, I am going to rub their noses in the fact they were wrong. You cannot even imagine how much crap they talked.

    1. Are you man enough to quit beating a dead horse? You’ve driven out many of those who dare disagree with you, and more of us are right on the verge of going. Don’t you ever get tired, not to mention embarrassed, at listening to your self? I think you still own this message board and Scott is fronting for you for some reason. And some of your “sycophants” here are actually, well, you yourself posting under a different name. You’ve proven you still have control of the board. It occurs to me that the missing Badger might very well have been quietly kicked off and blocked by you. I think I shall now join the others who have shown good taste in leaving.

      1. Badger was not kicked off. He left under his own discretion. Get your facts straight. I talk to Badger over email. If you don’t like Mark, then stop responding to him. Im not banning anyone over here unless they really piss me off. Mark doesn’t control this board. He has very little to do with this site other than commenting and posting a couple of guest articles. You are paranoid and need to get a grip. I’ve provided a great forum for everyone over here to discuss the Dodgers and I don’t appreciate other posters throwing a tantrum and leaving just because they don’t like Mark. if you don’t like Mark fine, then stop responding to him. Nobody is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to reply to his posts. people leaving only hurts our community over here.

  12. Does anyone have a link to Charley Steiner breaking down on the radio yesterday? It was, I have read, quite touching and memorable.

  13. Ok, so here is me falling on my sword (actually my plastic knife). Yes I am very happy and surprised at where we stand right now. You can begin the humble pie recipe and start fermenting the crow. However, we ain’t done yet. I don’t want to come in third or fourth again this year. I was extremely skeptical most of the year. I was blown away by the Gints second half collapse. So far we have won the weakest division in baseball. Now we MUST figure out a way to get home field advantage for the NLDS because we can’t afford too many road games. I still am cautious of the Gints somehow sneaking in with a wild card. No celebration in my book until they are put away.

    As for a few comments posted recently. Mark, I don’t mind the bold type as a point of emphasis, it’s the times you do it in a demeaning manner that is very rude. I do agree that sometimes it is probably done to get people to stop and read what you have posted. And quite often those are very valid well thought out points you have typed.
    Also, all of the anti-Semitic comments that were posted by numerous others? I scrolled back through a ton of posts and the only really bad one I saw was from BOB in mid-June. It was a bit over the top even if it was meant as a joke. But then BOB was over the top more often than not. Other than that I couldn’t find any others. If there are then so be it. Your comment a few days ago was also off base a bit and not really needed. I found it offensive and posted a reply but a new thread was soon started and my comment got lost in the shuffle. I don’t think anyone on here was or is being racial at all. If there is/was I can pretty much guess it wasn’t intentional, like yours, but was a just slip of the keyboard.

    As for rubbing everyone’s nose in the recent success. Don’t count your chickens yet. Now the real season begins and we will be tested to the max. If this team continues to play like we have the last 4-6 weeks I feel we have a true shot at destiny. But we have also been very inconsistent on offense and in the playoffs that gets exposed big time. Roberts has done a great job not over working the pen, and the starting pitching is doing an admirable job. Yes the depth has saved us, but should we really have needed so much depth? I agree with the others that it was some very questionable moves that necessitated the “Depth”. But it is a long season for every team and FAZ seems to have had the right prescription for all of the ailments.

    Now about FAZ, I never knew FAZ was “a” person. I thought it was originally Friedman “and” Zaidi. Then when Anthropolus joined it was a true acronym. So how could people be calling for “him” to be fired? I have always looked at the FO as a collection of people, not this “FAZ guy” making moves. Just my two cents on that part because the “FAZ’ references are all over the place as to the intent.

    Let’s all relish the clinch and pray for destiny. If it becomes reality it will be made for show business, and what better place for that to happen than gold old SOCAL.

    Cheers Everyone!!!!

    1. Tim,

      You are a man! I find it interesting that most of the people leaving the board were abusing that live horse repeatedly, over-and-over. I have barely beat it and they leave? We know why they are leaving.


      Badger is not banned – I checked. No one is banned. Scott runs the board and has said he will not do that. I disagree but respect his decision.

      As for whether I am posting under another name, I guess my “sycophants” (i really didn’t know I had any) will have to answer as to that. I used to post under Mountainmover at my home computer, but it confused some people so I just went to Mark Timmons. I think you can ask Scott or Oscar or James or Adrian if anyone is banned or if I am posting under different monikers. They all have access.

      Here are just three comments – I can show you hundreds… no actually over 2,000 just like them and I am beating a dead horse?

      You guys killed that horse long ago with your beatings:

      1. Polish this turd all you want, if you could not SEE this offensive implosion coming from 2015, you were not paying attention. I can’t stand this team anymore, this is NOT Dodger baseball, this is a robotic Friedman machine that has become the farthest thing from a Dodger club I have ever witnessed.

      2. These clowns in the FO just don’t know anything about big time baseball. I can plainly see the intent of “their plan” and yes it is a good idea/plan. The problem is FAZ has zero idea how to do it in the world of MLB, and especially not in big old Los Angeles.

      3. If I were the GM, I would look over rosters of the other teams, and see which hitters are approaching their walk season and I would go after a hitter, giving up a couple of young players. Just to keep ALL the youth here, and have that lineup Mark calls for above — is stupid. That is a train wreck.

      So, I gloat a little…

      1. Mark, I like you being you. I will never understand why you and Badger couldn’t get along in the playground though.

        There were plenty of snarky comments made about the FO and the team. There are a couple of commenters here that love to make 10 word or less snarky comments that surprise me when they actually have a take that actually adds to the conversation.

        I have said this before that you are not the person that has driven people away from this blog. That has to be blamed on the person in charge and the tone they establish that attracts the people that come here. Some are here because basically this blog replaced your blog LADodgertalk.

        The comments that bother me are the ones that complain and make the same complaint repeatedly without offering an alternative. Some don’t like the makeup of the team but don’t want to say how they would make that change. Some love to throw cold water on others thoughts instead of trying to explore that thought.

        Some made a knee jerk negative and angry reaction to bad news like not signing Greinke. That said I worry about the Front Office. I worry not because I fear they can’t build a consistently winning team but that I won’t like that team. I wonder why Oakland signed Hill for a one year $6M contract and the Dodger Front Office offered Anderson a QO.

        That’s all for now.

        1. Bum
          That is a good question, I think that Mark had said, that the front office tried to sign Hill in the off season.

          I could be wrong, but I do think Mark said that.

          I wouldn’t want to sign Hill for my top five places in the rotatation, but it would be ok to sign him for second and third depth.

  14. And of course, Dee led off the bottom of the 1st with HR. He totally lost it rounding the bases and coming into the dugout.

    It was surreal

  15. I think the question of platoons is interesting.

    Do people here think if SVS were healthy and swinging a good power bat, that he would have been in a 1B platoon (maybe a less dogmatic one) with Agon? Or is Agon like Seager and beyond the platoon?

    Also, I do t think Ethier will be in play for left field, but against lefties in high leverage situations who will be in play for LF IF Kendrick moves to 2nd?

    1. Just a guess, but I think Utley might start every game. He’s the heart of the team. He just finds ways to get it done when needed. Defensively, he’s extremely valuable. His numbers don’t tell his value.

      1. I forgot about A-Gon… he wouldn’t platoon in the playoffs… even with SVS on the team… Going forward? Well, he’s not getting any younger. Next year? That’s a tough one. Bellinger is 1/2 season away… or closer.

  16. Looks like Nats starting catcher Wilson Ramos came down awkwardly on his left knee just now, and had to be helped of the field.

    That could be a big factor for the next couple weeks

    1. Naturally I don’t wish for any player on any team(except Bumsnot) physical harm. Nevertheless Ramos being out a big factor as you said.
      I looked at the Nationals team(before their game tonite) and it turns out that Ramos is their leading hitter vs LHP .330BA. Matter of fact that is the team that scares me, not the Cubs.
      Consider vs LHP: Ramos .330; Murphy .329; Werth .328; T. Thomas .316. That’s half their lineup. Except for Culberson .341(14-41) we have NO ONE hitting near those numbers for us. Corey and Howie are the closest at .255.

      1. Yeah, he’s been batting behind Murphy and Harper. If he’s hurt (hopefully not), it would definitely hurt them.

        Let’s see what happens over the next 10 days.

    2. Bobby
      Ramos has had a very good year, and been a pretty good offensive force for the Nationals this year.

      That is to bad, because they already have Strasberg and before Harper hurt his thumb in the slide, there was talk that Harper had a bad shoulder.

      When Cueto and Crawford got hurt in that last series, when we played the Giants, I thought this was a sign, that this year wasn’t the Giant’s year.

      I could be wrong, but I do believe in fate, and a lot of things had to go right, when the Giants won there three World Series, because they were clearly not the best team in baseball.

      1. I think the Cardnals might end of on top of this wild card race, because they are close enough to the Mets and he Giants, and they just got through the toughest part of there schedule.

        The Mets has had the easiest schedule, but they keep losing to teams they should beat.

        And the Giants just had trouble beating the Padres, and I think the Rockies are much tougher, and the Rockies.

        And the Rockies have been able to beat the Giants at home a lot, in the last couple of years.

        But I hope the Mets get there act togther and don’t let the Giants get that second wild card spot.

  17. Mark with all due respect, let it go dude!

    You are doing yourself internal damage. And all over what? Comments on a dodger blog??

    Take a que from Vinny. Enjoy a flower, a sunrise, a collection of clouds that look like cotton candy “good enough to eat”. As we saw yesterday life is a gift from God, a gift that can be taken from any of us at any moment.

    Un abrazo from a distance.

    1. Artie,

      You have been around here for a while. So let me make sure I understand: After thousands (yes thousands) of people basically telling me I was horribly wrong for over a year, it turns out they were wrong and they leave blaming it on my running them off. So, I should just forget it and move on?

      I don’t live for this. I have a very busy life – family, kids, business, travel, sports, life and so on. I do enjoy all that. I am blessed. In the morning, I will be sipping coffee on the deck watching the sunrise and enjoying the deer and eagles in my backyard.

      Tomorrow night, I will be cooking steaks for the family under the deck awaiting the Dodger game. In the interim, I work and take off whenever I want. This really has no control over me – I just tell people who said stupid things that they were wrong after all the times they told me I was wrong.

      Artie, you are pretty level-headed – never too high, never too low. I dig that! After I leave the blog, I am done with it. I believe in telling it like I see it and that’s just me.

      So, I should just let it all go? Let them off the hook? Just ignore all the crap they said to me? That’s pretty hard for me to do. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but he threw people out of places when he was passionate.

      I won’t harp on it forever, but todays a good day to remind them what fools they were.

  18. We’re now 1 game back of Washington

    This will be an interesting week, and I think it’s a good thing we won’t be able to let up for the rest of the year. We want to top Wash, and we end the year at SF, trying to keep them home for October.

  19. Mark in the 3 examples you posted, the first two were general complaints without targeting you. The fact you mention letting a poster “off the hook” is a god sign you need to change your state of mind.

    People have their takes and not all are supported. And there is no need to direct it back at a poster.

    I’m with Artie – you should let it go. When you just post your takes it goes over fine. It’s when you then point out or show up posters that comes across as a bully or worse.

  20. Personally I’m totally happy just winning the div, cause that IS the hardest part. The rest is just pure luck, being the hottest team at the right time.

  21. Hope I don’t get kicked off this blog. I already got kicked off the blog for cursing out a bunch of unreasonable negs. [that’s short for negatives so don’t call me racist.]

    1. Since 1958

      I was wondering what happened with that at the MLB site with you.

      LikeI have said before, I have never seen you do anything to get kicked off that place.

      I will tell you this, a lot of those people that were kicked off, are back with a new names.

      You should look into see if you can do the same.

      Some of those Giant trolls are just constantly on the Dodger site, and they are terrible.

      1. I really had more of a problem with Dodger posters with little baseball knowledge just bashing FAZ and Guggs for not going out and getting the best players $ could buy for 1 year and selling any and every prospect the Dodgers had for a “chance” at winning a WS. With no thought or notion of the future or good business practices. I wish I could blame alcohol but I don’t drink. I just dropped down and took the low road, so I got what I deserved for being STUPID. At least on this blog the negatives have some obvious baseball knowledge and experience. They also have a good target rich environment with Mark expressing his often controversial opinions. I’m glad he posts a lot, makes this site fun. What I did really wasn’t that bad, I was just trying to be funny in a disgusting way and I offended some people and obviously Got flagged too many times and end of story. Kinda hurt my feelings but I bounce back quick and am perfectly happy expressing my useless opinions on this blog. So please Scott, don’t kick me out.

        1. Scott
          Wants this to be a totally free forum that lets people express there feelings or opinions freely.

          And that I why I like it here.

          1. Thank you MJ. I think people just need to start ignoring the posters that they don’t like. Stomping their feet and saying they will leave and not come back only hurts the community here

  22. Tonight’s game is actually huge because JDL still has a legit shot at starting game 4. Can he show the folks in charge that he is a viable option?

    1. Bobby
      JDL hasn’t pitched as many games, as Urias, Stewart, and Stripling, to get the experience to make the changes he needs to make, to improve, so I do hope he comes back strong tonight, and does well, and gets another start to get even more experience, and maybe gets a chance at the post season roster.

  23. Jose just needs more MLB experience and he will get better and better like Julio did. He is a major talent. He’ll rise to any occasion IMO.

  24. Goal for this week: eliminate the giants. Period. I was asked if the Dodgers would just let the giants win this weekend. NO WAY! Biggest question for me in this year’s playoffs is whether Kershaw can carry this staff to the title. Would be amazing this year with bad back and all. Seeing him and Koufax together the other night reminded me that one has 4 rings and the other has none. For some reason that monkey doesn’t feel as large this time. Maybe because of all the other stories relating to the team. Maybe this is THE YEAR because it seems so improbable. We took 5-6 from the Nats, so I think that matchup is a good one for us. Dusty Baker v Dave Roberts. Veteran v rookie. Neat.

  25. 7 minor leaguers made the big team this year. I love it. Movement in the system is what makes it work long term. Not good to be a veteran on this team. Oh well. It’s a young man’s game, maybe younger than ever, with no? PEDs. Look for some of our veterans to be let go. Or maybe a big trade.

  26. Let’s catch the Nattie Lights and get home field. Don’t take the foot off the accelerator. Deleon, Anderson, and McCarthy are still getting auditions.

    Joey Pancakes
    Ross Stripling

    12 on the bubble for the last 6 spots
    Baez-I think he’s in, but will leave him here for now
    Howell-I think he’s out though

    Fields-although they see something in him that I don’t

    Of course the make of the roster can change form NLDS to NLCS and I do think Deleon is a long shot right now to make the roster.

  27. I’d feel a lot better if SF is just out of the play offs all together, so yes, hope the Dodgers can lay a skunk on em this weekend.

    1. Since 1958

      I actually think that Stewart has almost pitched as well as Urias, in the last couple of games, he pitched in.

      Remember he pitched such a good game against the Cubbies.

  28. Yueh_Fei said:

    Mark in the 3 examples you posted, the first two were general complaints without targeting you. The fact you mention letting a poster “off the hook” is a god sign you need to change your state of mind.

    People have their takes and not all are supported. And there is no need to direct it back at a poster.

    I’m with Artie – you should let it go. When you just post your takes it goes over fine. It’s when you then point out or show up posters that comes across as a bully or worse.

    In every case, it was in response to something I posted in support of FAZ… and as I mentioned there are literally thousands of these. These morons… and yes they all are morons except SloTim (not SlowTim) who turned from the darkside and joined The Force, just spew out all this baseless stupid stuff in response to what I post and I am just going to say “OK – that’s all good?”

    Sorry, I think you are asking me to be politically correct and that’s never going to happen. It’s more likely a glacier will run you over. Now, when a standup guy like Tim comes back and says he was wrong and wants to enjoy the ride, I’ll never mention it again.

    No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full!

    1. Well….this is a discussion forum. It is implied that there are disagreements. Personally I find the positions taken months ago compared to what has actually happened to be entertaining reading. If the facts are presented matter-of-factly without name calling or gratuitous insult, I think quoting the positions of commenters here is absolutely fair game.

      I’d like to see quotes attributed to authors.

  29. In important news, Nats catcher Wilson Ramos has a torn ACL. Horrible news for them, as he was batting 4th, behind Murphy and Harper.

  30. On the roster, one thing I don’t get is how people are just automatically including Enrique Hernandez. He has bee a real bust this season, and has undermined the whole platooning scenario. If you’re going to start him against every left-hander, you’re guaranteeing some easy outs for the other team. Hernandez is so last year. This year, he’s a stiff at the plate–and he never was a really good fielder either in the outfield and definitely not at shortstop (a position people use as a rational for keeping him. If he has to play shortstop for us, we got big problems). The guy we need instead is slick-fielding Charlie Culbertson, who has an excellent BA against left-handers–and of course a recent track-record of success.

    1. I agree about what you’re saying but in the NL his ability to play infield and outfield probably makes him a lock. Like someone else said last week when he came off the DL, he should have spent a greater amount of time in the minors finding his swing. He is totally pull happy and can’t hit anything other than a fastball middle-in.

  31. Well, my eyes tell me he can’t play SS, but he has 259 games of experience at SS and Kike only has 84, so there is that!

    Both have had short MLB careers and Kike hit’s .275 against LH pitching while Charlie hits .255, this year included.

    I can make an argument for both, but only one will make the roster, IMHO.

  32. Culberson or Kike? The suits love Kike, if he is healthy, and I have to go with him because of his versatility. I love Culberson, though. Just a baller, a baseball rat. Health might make the determination easy. Rosters can change for each series, I think, so we might see both. I’m sure the stat heads are sifting through the different matchups. No one who is not 100% healthy should be on the roster.

  33. Culberson. I know the suits love Kike, but I figured his sub .200 average might loosen the love bonds. I’d rather skip the center filed platoon and stick with Pederson in center. He’s earned a full-time job.

  34. I’d take Culberson and Chavez. Leave Kike off the post season roster. Kike has too much pressure building up. If we want another outfielder then Ethier over Chavez. It makes no sense but neither did 1988 and he’s going to be our Mike Davis for this year.

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