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Dodgers Beat Cardinals 9-4, Move Into First Place

Kike Hernandez

Tuesday afternoon was moving day for the Dodgers. They packed up their belongings and had a garage sale before relocating to a better place. That would be first place. The Dodgers came from behind surviving another lousy Kenta Maeda start to score four runs in the third and three more in the fifth to beat the Cardinals by a 9-4 score. The boys in blue have now won six in a row and are red hot.

Of course I was not able to watch the game due to work but I received the texts from Oscar. You know those feel good texts letting you know that the Dodgers had won. Maeda was awful again and I’m beginning to wonder if he actually does suck or if there’s something wrong with him physically. Maeda surrendered three first inning runs before the chairs were warm and was able to last a whopping 4 innings allowing three earned runs on four hits and striking out two. He walked three and made 82 pitches. His ERA is now 5.21.

Dodgers 9 11 3

Cardinals 4 8 1




Thankfully the dominating Dodger bullpen came to the rescue yet again. The fearsome crew tossed five innings of one-run ball. The scoreless streak came to an end after Chris Hatcher served up a home run to Yadier Molina in the top of the eighth inning but otherwise they didn’t give up anything else. Brandon Morrow, Adam Liberatore, Hatcher, Pedro Baez and Kenley Jansen all combined to limit the Cards to just one run on four hits with six strikeouts. Even Sergio Romo tossed a scoreless frame.

The offense was productive as well. The bats scored nine runs on 11 hits with eight walks. They were 4 for 12 with runners in scoring position and knocked opposing starter Michael Wacha out of the box after just three frames. Chase Utley collected three hits including a double, triple and scored two runs. Logan Forsythe, and Chris Taylor each had two hits and Austin Barnes had a run scoring double. There was a bases loaded walk from Puig, an error, and another bases loaded walk from Gutierrez.

Molina was the offensive star of the day for the Cardinals going 2 for 4 with three runs driven in. The Dodgers committed three errors in the game which included two throwing errors from Maeda. Morrow picked up the win in relief and the Dodgers are now 33-20 through the first 53 games of the season. They now have a half game lead over Colorado in the NL West. Arizona is 1.5 games back of the Dodgers in third place. The Dodgers are now 12-12 on the road.

The Dodgers look to keep their winning streak alive in the third game of the series. Left hander Hyun-jin Ryu will return to the rotation as the Cardinals will counter with Carlos Martinez at 5:15 PM PST. Yes everything is right with the world for now.

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

31 thoughts on “Dodgers Beat Cardinals 9-4, Move Into First Place

  1. One thing I’ve noticed is the team is doing better hitting with RISP and creating runs. In fact, wRC+ listing has the Dodgers as currently 4th in baseball with a value of 110, right behind the Nationals at 110. As great as the Nats have been offensively, their bullpen is a problem and eventually Zimmerman has to cool off.

    The Dodgers are still a bit below league average in Clutch ratings at -.83. The Astros are a machine, with a league leading WPA of 6.72 and a Clutch score of 1.91.

    I’m hoping the team doesn’t have to rely on Maeda long term. I think Urias comes back at some point and pitches more efficiently, Maeda becomes more of a fifth starter.

    1. Good stats. I’m sure the recent surge has moved them up in many offensive categories.

      It’s going well…. he says as he waits for a shoe to drop.

      Maybe this IS the year we put it together. The Cubs don’t look hungry anymore, the Nats have serious issues, as do the Cards. The Rockies start hot often, don’t finish well, and the dbacks just don’t have the talent we do.

      Stay healthy, please.

  2. Although Maeda didn’t pitch that well, our team didn’t help him much in the first inning, when they made two errors, so it wasn’t only the Cards making errors, in this game.

    In fact we didn’t look good early in this game, and our offense didn’t get Chase to score early in the game, after he had a lead off triple.

    Maeda is going to have to do something when he starts out in a game, to be more ready, to take care of the other team’s hitters, in the first inning.

    He wasn’t pulled yesterday, because he wasn’t doing well in the inning before, it was more to take advantage of the runners on base, in order to take a bigger lead.

    Chase was the offensive player of this game, and I believe he brought his average up close to 250, after this game yesterday.

    And Kike, Taylor, and Chase, have done a really good job, while Turner has been out!

    Bellinger loss ten points in his average yesterday, so maybe it is time to give Bellinger a day off, so he can rest his mind, more then anything else, like Roberts did with Corey, yesterday.

    Wacha has not been the same pitcher he was, when he first came up, and helped the Cards win the National League pennant.

  3. Repost from the other page (except the last bit, below). This team is doing great and recently they have been getting very timely hits (except for the minor point of how did we not score with Utley’s leadoff triple). We are due for a regression. But I am loving this in May even if our BABIP with RISP comes back to earth. Because it builds a sense of being able to come back. We will hit a bad spot soon but the team effort and the coaching is there. The mindset is more important at this stage, and at some point we need to pace the team for a breakout in September and October. So far I think Roberts is doing that because he’s not burning 1-2 relievers like Mattingly and Torre would have done. (But I think we still need 1 more long reliever.)

    We do not give our bullpen their due. We should just call Maeda, Hill, etc., “pre-starters”. Like a prequel. It’s pretending to be that real smash hit of years past, but the similarity is in name only and they are just milking the franchise for the bucks.

    On another blog, they were listing players who are streaking and players who are slumping. Bellinger for some reason made it onto the list of players who are “honorable mentions” for being on an good streak, contrary to all recent evidence to the contrary. Fans will be fans and they do dig the long ball, I guess.

    1. YF

      I agree about the bullpen!

      That is part of the reason that I was upset, that some of these starters are getting bigger money, even though the guys in our pen, are doing more work.

      About Bellinger, like I said, maybe it is time to give him a mental health day, so he can rest his mind.

      Because he isn’t trying to go the other way as much as he did, when he first came up.

      And he is going to need to shorten his swing at times, to go the other way, or he will fall prey to, to many strike outs, and his average will continue to go down.

      As we have already seen with Joc, power isn’t everything, especially when there isn’t enough contact, or hits, to be consistently, productive.

      Yes Bluto, a batting average means a lot more, then you think!

  4. Bellinger will have his ups and his downs. He will hit 20 or more homers, and drive in maybe 80 runs at this pace. But his K rate will be very high. He just does not shorten his swing with 2 strikes. Another thing he needs to work on is pitch recognition. His last AB when it was 3-2 on him, he struck out on a pitch that looked like what it was, a low breaker out of the K zone. He will have his ofers, and he will club some balls into the stratosphere on mistakes. But good pitchers with control are going to eat this kid alive. He is not Joc because he has for the most part been what his minor league stats say he is. Joc has not come close to what he did in the minors. It will be interesting to see what adjustments Pederson makes when he comes back. Which, the way it looks now, may be a while. He is still suffering from concussion symptoms. Taylor too will have those kind of days. His BA did a steady slide over the weekend. Then he comes back and gets a couple of hits yesterday and I believe it is because he is making adjustments every day. Joe had a interesting comment on Puig. He said the feeling about Yasiel is that he does not totally trust his new approach yet and that he looks over at Turner Ward a lot to make sure he is approaching the pitches correctly. I do think he is dealing better with frustration when he makes and out, except his last AB yesterday when he slammed his bat into the ground. And didn’t someone say a week or so ago that Utley was finished? The reports of his demise are obviously premature.

    1. Michael

      Even though I expect more from Joc at this point, it is still pretty early to know for sure about Bellinger, so I have to be fair.

      Joe said that Puig use to blame Ward’s approach, when he didn’t always get a hit.

      And Joe said now, that Puig takes a little more responsibility, then he did in the past.

      But I just saw something about Puig that is just not good.

      He now has as many strike outs, as he has hits, and that isn’t good.

      He isn’t the worse when it comes to hits and strike outs, but this is still not good.

      And Puig still has trouble at times, with pitch recognition, too.

      And he is getting mostly fastballs, so he should be hitting.

      I never said a thing about Chase, but some just expected to much from Chase, since he is only a part time player, that was not getting consistent at bats, until lately

      1. It wasn’t you. It was Jonah. He said Utley was toast. I agree about Puig, but taking responsibility is half the battle and he is doing better at that. If he sticks with what Ward teaches him, the results will come. Bellinger is striking out way more than Puig, and if you want to know why, just watch his swings. They are long. He is missing some of those pitches by a mile. As for Joc, who knows. The kid has as much power if not more than Bellinger. His contact rate is about the same. But this year, Joc for some reason has regressed. Me, I send him to AAA to get his swing straightened out. He is still the best CF on the team and I myself would rather see a real outfielder in CF other than Taylor. I have no clue why Puig is not catching up to fastballs other than most of them he is seeing are up in the zone and not usually right down the pike. He has crushed some balls in the middle of the plate. Oh well, nothing we as fans can do about it. It is up to him and Turner Ward to figure it out, all we fans do is bitch and moan.

        1. Michael

          The fastballs that Puig is getting are right down the middle of the plate, at times.

          And he either fouls them off, or just misses them.

          And they are not usually above his belt.

          He has trouble keeping his swing compact, so he can get a better and a quicker patch, to the ball.

          Puig swings gets to big at times too.

          Of course Bellinger has struck out at a higher rate then Puig has.

          Bellinger has only been up for just a little more then a month, and this is Puig’s fifth year, in the majors.

          And Joc struck out at a higher rate in the minors, then Bellinger did.

          And the scouts say that Bellinger has much more natural power, then Joc.

          I believe Kike is playing in right tonight, and Puig is getting a day off, today.

          The Card’s pitcher tonight, does throw pretty hard at times, so maybe that is why Roberts is giving Puig a day off.

          Like I said, I think Bellinger needs a day off, too.

          I think this is Joc’s last day on the DL, or maybe he is starting, tonight.

          I wonder why Puig wears glasses at times when he is in right, maybe he is just not seeing the ball well.

          I wonder if he has had his eyes checked.

          1. Bellinger strikes out more because his swing is a lot longer than Puig’s. Has nothing to do with time in the majors. Yeah Puig has been missing fastballs a lot, which is perplexing since he killed them when he first came up. Both Bellinger and Pederson struck out a lot in the minors. In 361 games, Bellinger has struck out 352 times. Joc struck out 416 times in 447 games and actually has a batting average over 300 in the minors. Bellinger’s is .271. Joc’s OBP, OPS and slugging all higher than Bellinger’s. More Home runs and RBI’s and more than 100 more walks. So Joc was more than his equal in the minors. It just has not translated to the majors as of yet. We will see how Bellinger fares the rest of the year. Bellinger may be younger than Joc when he came up, and he is doing pretty well for being that young. But Joc is still a young guy too with only 2 full years under his belt. Maybe he gets better, maybe he does not, but he has about the same talent level as Bellinger. Puig never really spent much time in the minors so he is learning on the fly at the big league level.

          2. MJ, Joc had 1 full season at AAA. He hit .303 that season. He hit .278 the year prior at AA and .313 at A ball in 2012. In 2011 he hit a combined .323 with 2 teams in rookie ball. His strikeouts went from 63 in rookie ball to 81 at A ball 114 at AA and 149 in AAA. Bellinger on the other hand has only a handful of games at AAA. He played 114 games at AA last year, but only hit .263. He had 94 strikeouts. When he played at RC, A ball in 2015 he played in 128 games and struck out 150 times. Only hitting .264. He is 21 years old. Joc was 22 when he came up. Only 1 year older, and his first half of 2015 he played about what you expect out of a 22 year old. He slumped badly the 2nd half and played a lot less. In 2016 he reversed that, played bad the first half and improved a lot in the 2nd. His fielding has never suffered from his batting slumps and for a guy who just turned 25 in April, he still has a lot to learn. The injuries this year have slowed him down a lot. There is only 80 some games difference in the amount of minor league time he has over Bellinger. But he performed better than Bellinger at the lower levels. That’s what the stats say. You cannot predict what a player is going to do over the course of his career. I give Bellinger a lot of slack because he is so young. So their stats are comparable because they spent about the same time at those lower levels. You take away Joc’s full year at AAA and his stats are still better than Cody. But in baseball terms they are both still kids. I expect Joc to be more patient and swing at better pitches. He has not done that yet, and maybe a stint in the minors would help. But Cody is trending down a lot the last week or so and probably will slide some more unless he cuts down that swing. He looked bad today. And MJ, when Joc debuted in 2014 he was just a shade over 22.

        2. I gave Utley his proper due a few days ago. If we’re going to start keeping score on each other, I better sharpen some pencils…

          1. Jonah

            Would you like me to send you a calculator?

            I don’t think anyone is really doing that.

            I know I am not!

          2. I got a new sharpener. LOL….not a problem my friend….just turning the proverbial screws a little.

          3. Michael

            First Joc was not 21 when he came up to the majors, like Cody.

            Joc also had just overr 400 at bats, in AAA, and Cody has had only about 70 some at bats, in AAA.

            Because Cody only played in AAA for about a month.

            Unlike Joc, who spent a year at AAA before his first major league, season.

            Joc is four years older then Cody is, so their minor league stats, are really not compatible.

            Joc is currently 25 and Cody is only 21.

            I have no idea why Joc calls himself young Joc, when both Corey and Cody, are younger then him.

    1. ‘Okay’, some fuel to continue that one and reason for me doubting till I’m told another thing or two. But okie dokie I’ll buy it as gospel, which is something I don’t really bite into.

  5. MJ, you mentioned picking up your meds yesterday… Won’t Kaiser mail you a 90 day supply? That’s the way they did mine 15 years ago.
    Rough day. Left home about 8:30. Filled up water bottles. Picked up mail. Saw opthamologist, (hour and a half wait). Went to regular doctor to give Nurse Dracula some blood. Went to bank. Smith’s. Walmart. Subway. Took nephew’s sandwich to him. Came home and carried in supplies. 12:30. Totally exhausted. Won’t leave home for a week. I’m too old for this shit…..

    1. Jonah

      Yes they do send meds still, but they don’t send pain meds, because of the problem with them now.

      I use to have to drive to Riverside every month, to pick my pain meds up, but now they allow certain doctors, to put the prescriptions through the internet, to the nearest pharmacy, where their patients live.

      I hate waiting that long, but Kaiser has gotten better through the years, so I have not had to wait to long.

      I bring my phone in, but I can’t use it, until I start a account on Kaiser.

      But I will say this, Kaiser conventionally doesnt have many clocks or any clocks, in there waiting rooms.

      But waiting does wear me out, so I can imagine how glad you are, to be home now.

      But it is good that you and your nephew take turns in going out to get food, and other stuff.

      I wish my brother still lived in California.

      My bother and his wife, have talked about living in California in the winter time, but who knows if they will do that.

      I go out twice a month like you do, and do my big shopping, and I do go to the store occasionally throughout the month, but I mostly get everything in those two trips.

      I just buy my water, why do you go through filling up your water?

      I guess it must be cheaper, because I bet the containers probably are most of the cost, is that right?

      I see people do that here.

      But I buy those individual Arrowhead waters, that come in a big pack, and I just bring a few into my fridge, from my car, because the water is to heavy for me, to bring in when I first get it.

      I give my dog this water and I force myself to drink at least one a day, after I ride my bike.

      I don’t like water that much.

      Just be glad that all of your errands are done now, and you can relax, until the next time!

      1. They say you’re supposed to drink at least a gallon a day, but I drink very little. I also use it to make coffee. The well water plugs up the coffee pot real quick. I’ve saved my one gallon Sunny D and Arizona iced tea bottles to fill up, costs 25 cents a gallon. Can’t handle the 5 gallon bottles anymore. Smith’s sells the 16 ounce bottles 4 cases for $10.00. That works out $2.50 for 3 gallon. I’d rather pay $0.75. I’m cheap. A penny saved is a penny earned. I’m not wealthy like Badger and Bluto…

    2. My room mate had the same thing with pain meds from the VA. Until he came under hospice care we had to pick up his pain meds in Denver when he went to an appt there. After hospice took over, they brought his meds to the house as needed. VA can no longer send pain meds through the mail. Too much abuse.

      1. I have a couple hundred pain pills. My doctor has prescribed them over the last couple of years. I might take one a month, usually two halves a week apart. I’m lucky I don’t have very much pain to deal with.

  6. Who’s injured? Never mind.
    At least Agon hasn’t forgotten how to hit into double plays. A strike out would have been better, MJ.

    1. Jonah

      Your right about that!

      I saw the first innning, and then took my dog for his walk.

      I am actually switching back and forth with the game and CNN, and MSNBC.

      So many things happening about all these Russian contacts, as well as You know who, let’s them take pictures in the White House, and didn’t have any American press there.

      But the Russians were happy to show the pictures to the World.

  7. Actually Ryu did look different out there today: different in a good way.

    Hopefully is shoulder is healing and he’s getting some of his mojo back!

  8. Ryu will have to pace himself. He can be a difference maker in the post season. Build up arms strength and stamina, but don’t push it. Just tinker and fine tune the control for the next few months, pitch to contact, then turn it on in September.

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