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Dodgers Beat Twins To Reach 70 Wins

Seager and Forsythe

Mark your calendars Dodger fans, because on July 25, 2017 the Dodgers have won their 70th game of the season. This is the earliest in the season they have ever done this. They did it with a 6-2 win over the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night that included a four run fourth inning that put the Dodgers ahead for good. Kenta Maeda won his ninth of the season and Josh Ravin tossed three scoreless innings of relief for a three inning save. Oh and Chris Taylor continues to rake. He had another multi hit performance going 2 for 4 with two doubles and three runs driven in. The Dodgers beat the Twins in every way possible which even included a rule book challenge from bench coach Bob Geren that resulted in a 33-minute delay in the bottom of the sixth inning.

It wasn’t real pretty to watch, but Maeda gutted his way through five innings. He was in and out of trouble but managed to hold the Minnesota hitters at bay. He breezed through the first two innings before running into problems in the top of the third. There was a walk to Jorge Polanco, a single Jason Castro and a failed bunt strikeout from opposing starter Jose Berrios. After Brian Dozier was called out on strikes, Zack Granite’s single scored Polanco to give the Twins a 1-0 lead. Maeda lost Joe Mauer, but Eduardo Escobar to ground out to end the inning.

Joc’s great catch in the 4th

Twins      2 5 1

Dodgers 6 11 1




Maeda struggled through the fifth inning but was able to persevere through it without surrendering the lead. Escobar’s RBI single brought in the second run for the Twins. Maeda got several great defensive plays behind him that helped.

The Dodgers didn’t do much with the bats until they figured out Berrios in the bottom of the fourth inning. They scored four runs that frame. A single from Cody Bellinger and a double off the wall in center from Joc Pederson got the Dodgers on the board. Then consecutive singles from Chase Utley and Yasiel Puig notched another run to make the score 2-1 Dodgers. After Maeda moves the runners over with a sacrifice bunt, Taylor doubles in both runners on a line drive down the left field line to put the Dodgers up 4-1. The Dodgers were 7 for 13 with runners in scoring position on the night.

With the Dodgers up 4-2, they called to the bullpen and Luis Avilan came in to strike out the side in the top of the sixth. In the bottom of the sixth Trevor Hildenberger hit Joc with a pitch and then got Utley to ground out. This is where the confusion began. With Puig at the plate, the Twins pulled a double-switch bringing in Ryan Pressley to pitch.

Somehow the Twins messed up the double-switch, I’m still not entirely sure how. Dodger’s bench coach Bob Geren who is a stickler for the rules signaled to the umpires to check and call the scorers. There was a long delay and when play resumed the Twins were disoriented and dejected. So the Dodgers took advantage by plating two more runs. Puig singled into left and Joc stopped at third. Logan Forsythe’s single to center to score Joc. Another double from Taylor brought in another run and the Dodgers were up 6-2.

Newly recalled Josh Ravin pitched the final three innings and allowed just a walk and no hits to earn his first save of the season. Maeda, and Hyun-jin Ryu also have three inning saves for the Dodgers this year. Brock Stewart will make a spot start for the Dodgers as they look for another sweep in the series finale. Ervin Santana takes the mound for the Twins. First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 PM.

Kenta Maeda Line : 5 IP 5H 2R 1 ER 2BB 4K

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

115 thoughts on “Dodgers Beat Twins To Reach 70 Wins

  1. Good win and a great momentum we have now after Kershaw going down. We are serving notice to the rest of baseball and we need to keep it up.

  2. There is (finally) an article on Justin Turner being MVP. It’s on Baseball Essentials. What Justin is doing this year is off the charts and totally under the radar. I feel that he is Mr. Good Karma for us and signing him back was well done and a no brained.

    1. I’m holding my breath. The Dodgers have several guys playing out of their minds. Turner is one of them. Hang on ’til November boys!

        1. I think Turner still doesn’t feel up to par yet, because he hasn’t looked quite himself this week.

          I hope he can get over this virus soon, but you have to love Turner!

          I think Kershaw will be back sooner then people think, and I think the Dodgers know this, because they are not giving any prescribed time, when Kershaw will be back.

          The back of our line up had a nice inning, last night.

          Joc hit the first pitch for a double to hit a run in, and Utley had two hits last night, and Puig had three hits last night, and one of his hits, he hit to the right side, to hit a run in.

          And once again Taylor had a big hit with two outs, to hit two runs in too.

          Avilan had a clean inning also.

          Wasn’t that inning when the Twin’s manager made a mistake doing a double switch, annoying?

      1. Badger

        Turner has been playing well, since he got to this team.

        He has also always hit well in the post season too, so I don’t think Turner is having an outlier season.

        He isn’t going to hit 360 for the season maybe, but he is doing just like Murphy is doing on the Nats.

        And both Turner and Murphy have been hitting well, for at least three or four years now.

        But Turner plays well on both sides of the field, unlike Murphy.

  3. Michael N. Norris: “That is the problem with all you FAZ lovers. You think you are the end all know all of baseball knowledge. My head and ass are wired together, and I know what I am talking about.” Answer: I see your problem!

    Michael N. Norris: “#1 staff maybe, but for how long if you continue to burn the bullpen like you are and you just lost your best piece moron.” Answer: Stripling has most innings in bullpen, 45.2, on pace for a whopping 72 innings, Jansen on pace for 69 innings, Baez 66 innings. Not exactly a burning pace. Glad your head and ass are wired together, sad your shit for brains is doing all the transmitting! Facts, nothing but the facts.

    Michael N. Norris: “Hill might be turning his season around and it is about damn time he earned that huge contract. How long will Wood keep doing what he is doing? No one knows.” Answer: Sometimes answer is right before your nose, NO ONE KNOWS. No guarantees in life.

    Michael N. Norris: “It is better to have a solid foundation than to have to keep patching the damn. But you would not know anything about that sort of thing because you believe in the FAZBIBLE.” Answer: 2017 Dodgers fifth team to reach 70 wins by 101 games in expansion era. Solid Foundation!!!! Find religion!!

    Michael N. Norris: “The Dodgers might be leading in pitching stats right now, but anything can happen over the next 62.” Answer: Yes, anything can happen. Even your Shit for Brains gets it right sometimes.

    1. Michael has been more right than most, and I expect him to continue as he knows his stuff. And he never gloats when he’s right on – he just moves on to the next problem. Going after him reveals more about you than him.

        1. Actually he has, and this site has a lot of old timers takes that are dead on over the course of a season. And a lot of the opinions are ahead of the general blogosphere. For example our starting pitching has fallen apart again as predicted, but also as predicted the bullpen and the extra young arms are holding us together.

          Another example – I just read an article on ThinkBlue where a conversation with Justin Turner was reported. Turner was asked who Taylor reminded him of, and accordingly to the blogger he was surprised that Tuner said “myself”. Well several people here have proclaimed Taylor to be the second coming of Turner all season, since spring training. They are different players but they have the same mindset and the same routes to success. Very obvious but instead of focusing on the player, people want to lay laurels on FAZ (but never mind that Colletti picked up Turner for nothing). I appreciate what FAZ has done but I think Colletti’s and Logan White’s tenure, along with canning Mattingly in favor of Roberts, had more impact on the team to date.

          Not everything can be seen by numbers and actually people usually pick and choose what ever sets of numbers they like to prove a point. Michael is consistent and doesn’t play games, he watches the players develop and takes opinions with a solid basis. Anyone who goes after him, or goes after you for that matter, as you are also very consistent and constructive, just shows bad character.

          1. Ah. The argue by saying nothing.

            Very good.

            Yes, I’m sure Michael has been right. My point is he’s been wrong as well. To err is, after all, human.

            It’s very interesting how you note “our” (interesting pronoun choice there, especially as your greater point is to oddly diversify the Dodger fan base into “old-timers” and everyone else (I guess?)) starting pitching has fallen apart.

            If this is starting pitching falling apart, I wonder what the Phillies think.

            Michael is more opinion than fact. He admits that himself. Opinions are not facts, that’s my point.

          2. You are dead on. Take last nights starting lineup. Half was Colletti and White and half was FAZ. I base what I say on what I have seen over the years. The Dodgers since long ago in my memory, do not give up on youngsters who are at the MLB level all that easy. I consistently see calls to trade Joc, or sometimes Puig, and I get it. Fans want instant satisfaction. But not every player is Pete Rose or Ken Griffey JR. Joc is 25, Puig is 26. They have been given opportunities other players have not based on what the organization has seen in their development. Their basic baseball talent and potential, there’s that word again, is what has garnered this opportunity. I am just using those two as an example because they draw the most ire for not living up to the potential so far. I look back, and I see Steve Garvey, the 3rd baseman who could not find 1st with a road map. They did not dump him, they changed his position and he prospered. Same with Russell and Lopes. They were both outfielders. Jim Gilliam was never a star. But he could play multiple positions and play them well, and he was a decent hitter and probably the best I ever saw in the two hole till Seager came along. Different game then, and Gilliam was always giving up AB’s to move the leadoff man over. Will they keep Joc at least one more season to see if he really matures? Not my job to make that choice. Me, I still see a kid trying to figure it out. Same with Puig and Kike and a bunch of those guys on this roster. The are kids. Some more serious than others ( Seager). But I like to watch them grow into what ever type players they turn out to be. I want the team to win as I always do. I tend to be a little more patient than some, especially when I have seen them lose when they should have won.

    2. CatBox, do you think your mother is proud of the way you conduct yourself? I’d bet your brother in Canada doesn’t tell people he’s related to you… You are the Compleat Asshole.

      1. I think giving a player two plus years, in more then most players would get, on a team like the Dodgers.

        They have had more then a chance!

        And you expected more from Toles who was in his first year, then you did, of those two players, and they have had more then a chance!

  4. Catbox: “I’m a belligerent trouble maker with nothing to offer but ignorance and insults”.

    Why are you here? You contribute nothing, nobody likes you and your post-breath stinks. You have a severe case of e-litosis. Aren’t you more comfortable over at the name caller’s nest?

    1. BAAAAAger: “Why are you here?” Answer: Civic duty to educate and inform.

      BAAAAAger: “You contribute nothing, nobody likes you and your post-breath stinks.” Answer: HaHa, So says the poster who has been thrown off two boards. Not even you kissing butt at Fraudy’s foot stool could convince him to keep you on his board. Why did he throw you out, the stench of your feed bag? I tried multiple times to “educate and inform” you about him. You should have listened.

      BAAAAger: “Aren’t you more comfortable over at the name caller’s nest?” Answer: Kettle meet pot!!! Yes, but duty calls!!!!

  5. Box is butt buddy with The Catcher in the Rear (you know, the know it all, felon that spends most of his time slapping himself on the back, while taking both sides of each issue), that is why Box is here. Maybe he is trying to earn a free water system or something. Box is just a sniping troll at this point, best to be ignored, well laughed at works too.

    1. Ah, more useless stuff from True Blue.

      How we haven’t missed you.

      The homophobia was also a welcome absence.

  6. We all might as well take a 5 day nap and re-open the Internet about an hour before midnight on the 31st, FAZ won’t make a move before then…. When all the possible solutions are gone and only the dregs nobody wanted are what’s there, then he will move in and make his move, as cheaply as possible. Get ready to welcome Josh Reddick 2.0……

  7. Which poster here wrote the below to Dan Szymborski @ ESPN?

    Come on. Fess up.

    Joking of course, but the crazy Kemp love is clearly spreading to Atlanta.

  8. Nosler at Dodgers Digest put up his trade comps for Verlander finally. He thinks Calhoun and lower level talent can get Verlander and Wilson, and I tend to agree.

    The salary cap issue is a big one as the repeaters penalties are significant. However I also think the news of Dodgers moving on from Verlander (or the Orioles saying Britton is unavailable) are all posturing moves at this point.

      1. Salary ain’t a problem. His fWAR in LA should average 4 a year – right? And if he helps win a championship who cares if it doesn’t. We are accustomed to paying dead weight contracts. What’s another one if we win?

    1. Wait.

      YF, what do you think of the repeater penalty? I think it is a serious impediment to obtaining Verlander. And I have no idea why, as some have postulated, the Tigers would take on Kazmir or Gonzalez (or any other big, low value salary) without asking for more prospects.

      For me this luxury tax thing is very real. Friedman, Kasten and nearly everyone else has stated they don’t want to run a massive budget as a regular part of the Dodger’s business.

      1. Of course they stated that. They said that early, then raised payroll to $300 million.

        They are trying to win a Championship. I think they know they swallowed choads two deadlines running. I look for them to unzip their fly and expose the boys this year! We’re in pace for 200 forty-leven wins. It’s WS or bust now!

  9. A couple of things about last nights game. And I will not address what the Box said since his beliefs are his and he is entitled to be a dick. First off, that 18 minute fiasco was excruciating to endure. We got 18 minutes of Orel and Joe trying to explain what was going on and neither knowing their head from their ass. The umpires looked more confused than anybody. I did not even know there was a rule in the book that said a player pulled from the game could return after a pitch had been made. I think the team making the boo boo should be penalized something, like losing both players maybe! SNICKER, or at least having a ball automatically called on the hitter. Maeda breezes through 2 and then becomes the reincarnation of Pedro Baez when a man gets on. You could have timed him with a sun dial if it was a day game. Not exactly inspiring stuff. The BP did it’s job again, but did anyone realize there are 14 pitchers on the roster right now? That’s right, there were 3 guys on the bench and 2 got used as PH’s. They cannot do that for long. Here is a novel idea, they have 3 very unproductive players at AAA who are sucking up roster spots. Van Slyke, Eibner and sadly, Thompson. Make some deals to send these guys to teams where they would be called DEPTH. Call up Verdugo and Calhoun, DFA Hatcher and Kazmir. Figure out which 7 or 8 guys you want in the pen, I prefer 7 since I think 4 man benches are too thin and settle on those guys. Now you have 2 lefty sticks off the bench that can actually make contact with a baseball. And that’s the main idea right? To hit it? Finally, I say the things I say because I have been watching this team since childhood. I studied the game, played the game, and watched lord knows how many games. I have seen the great, and the terrible. Just because I do not subscribe to the new ways of evaluating players does not mean I do not know a good player when I see one or a bad trade when it happens. I have watched Friedman and Zaidi and the way they work and evaluate over the last 2 1/2 years. They have operated, and this has been said by more media types than I can count, like they are still a small market franchise. There obviously is no panic in them. They do not make gut check moves. Friedman is not one who likes to give up his prospects, hence the farm system is very good. But he is also used to letting those guys either walk, or get traded when they reach free agency. Now, that probably would not happen here in LA because the FO will be more inclined to give it’s stars long deals. Not so in Tampa or Oakland. They are not panicking now. They are doing their due diligence and kicking the tires. That’s fine, I get it. I also know that the fan base expects and wants nothing less than a Championship. It has been too long in their minds. And the fact that the Gnats won 3 in 5 years does not make it any easier to swallow. So, does that make me a head case when I point out that even though the team is winning, that they win nothing unless they win it all? What have they proved? They have proved that they are very good at assembling a playoff team. But the nucleus was here before they got here. They have added some nice pieces, and used patchwork pitching staffs behind the ACE to get it done. Taylor has been nothing short of spectacular and very consistent. In his 3rd season as a Dodger, Wood reinvented himself and is a solid # 2. Hill the last month is finally earning that money. Maeda, McCarthy, have been good at times, not so good others. Ryu is still struggling with consistency issues, but he also at times just reverts to the pitcher he was a few years ago. Turner, well Justin is having a career year AFTER signing a big deal. And that is not usually the norm. Most guys who sign huge deals then try too hard to live up to the money…..see Heyward and the Cubs. Seager has not suffered from the sophomore slump, Barnes has played very well when he is in there and has given the Dodgers a solid 1-2 punch at catcher. I do not like Grandal, but he has not gone into a prolonged slump, and has been pretty consistent. He has improved his catching skills and is throwing out runners at a much better rate. I do not have to like a guy just because he is a Dodger, but I give credit where it is due and he has earned that. Puig has all the tools in the world. Turner Ward seems to have established a solid relationship with him and we see flashes of the 2013 version. I also think sometimes too much is expected of him and some think he should be that 2013 guy all the time. But I see a lot more maturity in him and his performance is reflecting that. Less mistakes on throws to bases and such. He still chases that outside breaking ball once in a while, but not nearly as bad as before. The one constant with him is his defense. He is the best RF in the league period. Forsythe has not been what they expected. But I think that DL stint really set him back because he was raking in spring. And he got hurt very early in the year. I did not even expect Utley to be with the team. But he does his job, and still surprises teams now and then with a clutch hit. Kike has done a great job considering it is one of the hardest in the game to do. Myself, I would not play him all that much against RHP, but he kills lefty’s and that’s why he is a Dodger. A solid baseball team. With Kersh, they are pretty damn good. But me, and this is my opinion only, I want that second stud starter behind my ACE. I want that guy who can stop losing streaks just like my ACE can. I want an innings eater who takes the strain off of my bullpen. But that’s the way I was raised watching the game. We had 3 lock down guys most of the years since they moved here. In the Championship years we had those guys. Today, not so much. Of course over the next 5 days we will see how Friedman and Zaidi address the issues. Do they go bold, which is not their MO, or do they go for the temporary patch on the tire. We will find out very soon.

    1. Whoa! I honestly don’t mean to be a dick and want to offer constructive criticism, but that’s really hard to read without paragraphs.

  10. I agree Verlander isn’t all that much (I mean ability, not salary…) but look at the crap he could replace in our rotation, I think it would be an improvement. Two necessary factors before I approve that deal: Wilson too and they have to take Kazmir to offset some money. We have to send several prospects too, so be it, fair’s fair.

    1. If we get the guy that pitched Monday, I second that whole heartedly……send them some deadwood, can we include Hatcher???????

    2. Something to consider with Verlander – in LA he becomes a 5 inning pitcher. That means his 200 innings is cut to 150 – or less! Hill put up near 4 WAR in 110 innings last year. If Verlander was used like that he might could pitch until he’s 40!

  11. Everyone who has read anything I have posted knows I do not care for saber metrics and evaluating players on those geek stats. I have always been an eyeball test kind of guy. I care less about your WAR or OBP, what I want to see is a single with the bases loaded and my team down 2 in the 9th. I want to look in the paper, sorry too old school for some of you, read a box score that says you are hitting 300 with 20 homers and 75 RBI’s. I know that is the way things get done in baseball now. But I also think my game was better. More entertaining, less specialized and certainly cheaper to watch. Baseball and all sports are big business these days and I think the fans more than anyone else have been cheated. Today you go to a baseball card convention to get a players signature, you pay 20 bucks and more. You can get them is spring pretty easy if you live in Arizona or Florida. Folks go to games simply to get the giveaways and then sell them on EBAY. Players were more accessible and usually pretty friendly with the fans. I met my hero, Duke Snider, at a baseball card convention in Anaheim in 1980. He signed a 8×10 black and white photo that I did not have to purchase. It is framed and hanging on my wall. Does believing my game was better and more fun and wishing they still did it that way make me wrong because I do not embrace saber metrics? Maybe, but I think using all those stats that most of the fan base does not even know what the abbreviations are for, fails the eye test. Just my opinion, agree or not, makes no difference to me.

    1. Far from changing the game for the worst, players themselves are actively researching measurement based evaluation and looking at game film and statcast metrics to improve their own game. Players are not only in better shape, but they’re smarter, better prepared and better students of the game. Yes, there’s an attraction to remembering fondly when players just showed up to Spring training without any prior preparation after a multi-month layoff, and did some calisthenics and started the season. Players had to have exceptional memories: they had to remember what so-and-so pitcher threw in a certain situation months ago. Now they have the research at their disposal. The game is changed, but to make the argument that it is not good as it was, you also have to make the argument that a lower level of quality was somehow more pure to the sport and more watchable.

      1. Good point patch. But Michael’s point still stands – the game is slower and it’s the old timers who are really following the game. Also, just maybe the widespread use of stats, or better stats, can educate the league officials to change the game to improve it.

        Look at the NBA, we had 15 years of unwatchable isolation basketball with 7 foot stiffs who couldn’t shoot getting picked number 1 and paid tens of millions (Oloeokandi, and also that nice kid Kwame Brown that Jordan ruined). A bunch of rule changes later, the teams that have a chance are back to the type of fast paced, team oriented basketball we had in the 80s. And a new age of fans are back packing the arenas. A lot of that was aided by research and improved players and management.

        Major League Baseball with its earlier, and arguably more thorough stats revolution, seems to be half way and half baked when it comes to putting a better product on the field.

      2. So if today’s players are so much better prepared, why are so many a. not able to play 162 games and pitch 300 innings, and 2. why are so many going on the DL?

        Yesterday’s stars not only played everyday, and pitched every 4th day, they held down full time jobs in the winter.

        And I completely reject your “lower level of quality” statement. A millennial comment is on the tip of my tongue. I’ll leave it parked there.

        1. “So if today’s players are so much better prepared, why are so many a. not able to play 162 games and pitch 300 innings, and 2. why are so many going on the DL?”

          Because every game and every inning and every moment is played to a higher level of intensity.

          Pitchers throw harder, and every pitch is thrown with a higher degree of purpose and intensity. In previous generations I think pitchers pitched with the expectation of going longer. They established a flow and a rhythm and didn’t quite throw as hard on every single pitch. In the past I remember it being somewhat exceptional when a pitcher threw in the 90s. A starting pitcher with a low 90s fastball was considered above average. Now that’s a minimum; low 90s is almost considered slow. Now you don’t get mentioned unless you have a four seamer in the high 90s.

          Players are on the clock every day all year long. They are bigger and stronger and more athletically peaked because they’re also strength training throughout the year and during the season. Also, there is no off season. In the interim, there’s all manner of winter ball leagues and means for players to continue to play, drill and hone their craft. They are constantly working. They are constantly trying to be at their absolute peak. They never get a break. Players are always near a level of peak athletic fitness and skill because there really is no down time. That’s what’s required to be competitive and be at the top of your game and the expectations of the game in this era.

          As a result, if you train and play constantly to where you’re near your physiological and mental limit, and you continue to do that day after day and month after month, eventually cracks form. You break down.

          I think specialization from a young age is a factor. To even have a hope of reaching the bigs, ambitious parents and coaches cultivate talent in their kids from a young age. Those kids are constantly drilling, throwing and going to camps. In the past, kids played all sports. They became well rounded physically because they adapted more generally to all physical activity and there was more of a foundation of strength and fitness. Baseball hopefuls today zero in on being baseball players rather than multi-sport athletes. They drill and drill and drill and throw and throw and throw. They become highly skilled at those specific movements, but weaker foundationally. You put enough miles in one specific physical movement, eventually you wear out. And if it starts before you’re a teen, by the time you’re in your 20s, it’s just a matter of time.

          …If you’re going to tell me that players in previous generations were MORE physically fit and more prepared, and if you’re using the rate of injury as evidence, I’m telling you there’s a serious flaw in your argument. It’s just the natural order of progress. If there is a motivation to improve and advance, each succeeding generation will be marginally better than the last.

          1. Exactly right, dodgerpatch! Well stated.

            In sports “each succeeding generation will be marginally better than the last”.

            Why does the past always seem better than the present to some people?

            Answer: Because they spend their present comparing it with ONLY the “great” memories of their past.

  12. From around the web:

    Dan Syzmborski offers a possible Darvish trade:

    Los Angeles Dodgers acquire: RHP Yu Darvish

    Texas Rangers receive: RHP Yadier Alvarez, 2B Willie Calhoun, RHP Jordan Sheffield

    Sure, it’s a rental, but even if Clayton Kershaw is out for just the six weeks, there’s no denying that his injury does create some uncertainty. The Dodgers are likely the best team in baseball and risk is their enemy. If they’re not willing to give up Walker Buehler or Alex Verdugo, they’ll still have to part with a few players they’d rather keep. Darvish may end up going for an unfair trade, but I think this would be a fair one for both sides.

    Buster Olney also opines that the Dodgers should move for Darvish. “This is the year” type reasoning…

    Dave Cameron had a FanGraphs chat, here are some Dodger tidbits:

    Dave Cameron: I’d guess Chris Taylor ~+2.5 WAR.

    Free Willie: Who is the best player the Dodgers could get back with a package centered around Calhoun as the top piece? And shouldn’t they do it immediately?

    Dave Cameron: Wouldn’t be surprised if he went for a reliever. If Tigers think they can get Kinsler to waive his no-trade , could fit Calhoun in Detroit as part of a Justin Wilson deal.

    Dave Cameron: Yeah, I think Calhoun and something could be a Britton package. But I’m way of Britton right now and would trade for a lower-risk arm if I was LA.

    Jason: Regarding Darvish – would the Dodgers really have to include two of Verdugo/Buehler/Alvarez to get a deal done? If you were the Rangers, would you take one of the three plus some other parts (Calhoun plus ?) for a rental?

    Dave Cameron: The Dodgers wouldn’t move any of those three for a rental.

    Dave Cameron: And I don’t think the kind of offer the Dodgers would make would incentivize Texas to move him.

    Moltar: Most of the chatter about the Dodgers acquiring pitching comes with the caveat that they don’t need another starter to reach the postseason. But shouldn’t that mean they should be planning now for their postseason rotation? Even if fully healthy, Kershaw has been forced to start on short rest too many times in recent memory, and the Dodgers should leverage their resources to make sure that does not need to happen again this year

    Dave Cameron: Alex Wood and Rich Hill are good. Kenta Maeda is fine. They don’t need to start Kershaw on short rest even without another starter.

    Dave Cameron: Darvish just came back from TJ last year and is running the lowest K% of his career. It’s not like he’s any sure thing.

    Go Dodgers : Buehler, Verdugo and Calhoun for DeGrom- Mets can’t turn that down can they?

    Dave Cameron: And Dodgers aren’t dumb enough to offer that.

    Eric Longenhagen chat:

    Coolguy: Think Starling Heredia can make top 100 lists this fall? Or is he playing at too low of a level?

    Eric A Longenhagen: He has the tools for that. The Pioneer league is hitter-friendly but Heredia has above average speed and power at age 18. He’s a big dude for 18, but can still really move. Probably more of a 45 FV guy for now like most, low-level tooled up guys, but if he keeps hitting like this all season he might merit consideration for the back of the 100

    Big Tuna: Isn’t Willie Calhoun a solid name for the Dodgers to include in talks for an arm? He doesn’t have a real position but could DH for an AL team.

    Eric A Longenhagen: Yes, but if I’m talking to the Dodgers I’m asking for three guys ahead of him.

    Slaphappy (Indiana ): Overall, who is the best pitching prospect in the Midwest League?

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: The league is deep in pitching this year. A few weeks ago I would have said Dylan Cease. I think Emmett is high on Dustin May, I like Reggie Lawson. – Nathan

    CCA (LA): Is Keibert Ruiz a top 100 prospect?

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: I don’t think he’s quite there yet, but he is making an impressive case for himself. Depends on what kind of power numbers he puts up the rest of the season I think. -Emmett

    Steve (LA): Thoughts on the Great Lakes rotation? Obviously Dustin May is dreamy, but I’d love to hear more about A.J. Alexy. Thanks.

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: I wish I could tell you about Alexy, but I’ve missed him this year. I’ve had some misfortune with Great Lakes and ended up with Jordan Sheffield three times. I can confirm that May is very dreamy though, I saw him twice and think he’s legit. -Emmett

    Steve (LA): Is Keibert Ruiz the next big “catchers are weird BUT…” prospect? Seems like one of the few exceptions to the rule where the bat could play elsewhere and/or they look like they can stick behind the plate.

    Emmett Rosenbaum & Nathan Graham: Yeah. I think Ruiz sticks behind the plate, and I know Wilson Karaman been impressed with his defense up in Rancho too. Like I said though, I think his power potential is pretty limited, but he can hit. -Emmett

      1. brutus, I’ve noticed your posts are best when you actually just regurgitate what someone else actually wrote. Nice copy and paste skills. Why don’t you run back to little neighborhood of the Catcher’s ass-kissers? What a bunch of cheerleading sheep!

        1. Here you go True Blue. BAAAAAAger.

          Good News for you! jonah says, no need for you to be Blue, with BAAAAger around! And he is speaking from experience!!! Lots of experience!

          1. Looks more like your self portrait. Badger is ten times the man you are and a hell of a lot more intelligent.

          2. Man Michael, your response is over-the-top vicious.

            I have heard, never get between a mother bear and her cub, but that’s nothing compared to getting between a Cowboy and his Ewe.

        2. True Blue,

          I’ve noticed your posts are best when you offer insight and clever commentary.

          Which is why I’ve never noticed nor appreciated a post of yours.

        3. I’m sure you have many meaningful and quality personal relationships that you’ve cultivated over your lifetime through your charm, selflessness and generosity of spirit.

    1. Thanks Bluto!

      The lux tax repeater tax is an issue and you can check out the stats online – I won’t post links as it will cause my post to be moderated.

      1. If your post gets moderated by the spam filter, we will push it through. The spam filter is here for the greater good, trust me. Otherwise there would be like 1,000 spam posts from random websites.

    1. I guess the easiest way would be to look at all those guys stats as of this point. Some would move up, some would drop. Joc would probably still be somewhere in the middle of the field. Guys like Fowler would no doubt drop some because they have been injured. Joc is what he is, and although he has not really lived up to his potential, he is still as solid as they come on defense and surprises on offense sometimes.

      1. Joc is what he is. He might improve in some areas, especially if becomes more conscious with two strikes. But these all or nothing guys are putting up WAR numbers. Strikeouts? They don’t care. And as long as that is the course they choose, they’ll continue to force and swing out of their shoes.

        1. Yeah I just do not get that. Striking out was a cardinal sin when I played and I hated striking out. I always shortened my swing with 2 strikes and choked up a little on the bat. I remember one game, this pitcher got me 3 times on exactly the same pitch. I was furious with myself. Fastball looked like it was belt high and then just rose in the zone and I chased it. Learned the lessen though. Next time I moved up in the box a couple of inches and caught it before it started to rise. I did like Joc’s approach last night. A lot more controlled than usual and Yasiel definitely looked better.

          1. I too don’t really get the overlooking of strikeouts, nor so I understand why none of the more recent metrics (to my knowledge) puts a value on working a long count.

            Would love to be enlightened if one does.

          2. Same here. K’s are just wasted outs and I for one do not see how anyone could look at it any differently. If memory serves, we had a guy on second and no outs and I think it was Grandal, could have been someone else, struck out without getting him over to 3rd and the next hitter flied out deep enough that he could have scored. But they did not because of the K. last night after Joc doubled, Utley got him to third with his single and then Puig knocked him in. Strikeouts kill rally’s or at the very least keep them from starting. Old pal Bret Anderson DFA’d by the Cubbies. Maybe FAZ will sign him….

      2. Joc’s defensive metrics are not good this year!

        He is a negative 9 in defensive runs saved, and most of his defensive numbers, are negative.

        And he isn’t going to get any faster, as he ages.

        1. Like I said MJ, I do not worry about metrics, I use the eye test. I see a guy who gets to almost everything he goes after. He runs good routes. He does not get fooled often. Every player has some part of the game that needs improving. Taylor has misplayed some balls, same with Puig, Thompson and anyone else out there. And Joc last night made a mistake and threw to 3rd when he should have just hit the cut off man. But he is solid. He does not make a lot of mistakes out there. Just tell the pitchers to keep the ball on the infield and problem solved!

          1. I know. I was just saying, I think those stats are overblown. I would rather see the fielding percentage and how many chances they get to know whether they are doing a good job out there or not. You get too worked up when I post on something you said to someone else. Never is an attack on your post, just an opinion.

    2. Jonah

      Look up Joc on fangraphs, and check out his advanced, defensive numbers.

      They are not good at all.

      1. Well I tried to understand what they post and it is all Egyptian to me, cannot understand any of it, so I went to the old stand by and checked the defensive stats on Joc has had 100 chances in 69 games. He has made 1 error. So his fielding percentage is .990. That’s pretty damn good and so is just 1 error. It means he is getting 1.3 chances per game. So only making 1 error makes him a damn good outfielder. The only Dodger outfielder with more than 1 error is Trayce Thompson. 3 guys have been perfect out there. Gutierrez, Eibner and believe it or not Van Slyke. The best fielding percentage by a regular belongs to Yasiel Puig at .996, Taylor and Joc both at .990, then Bellinger at .983, Kike .982, Toles .977 and Thompson at .900. Puig and Joc the only ones with at least 100 chances, Taylor has 97. Taylor, Puig and Kike have the most assists. So that right there tells me we have a pretty decent batch of fly catchers. I do not need advanced numbers to know that. 8 total outfield errors in 101 games, that’s pretty good stuff. I looked up also where Joc is in the overall picture, he is right about where I said he was, in the middle. Guys with higher fielding percentages than he has have more chances than he does and most have played more games. He has a higher fielding pct than Blackmon, McCutcheon, Cain, Dyson, he is tied with Jackie Bradley, So as it goes forward his percentage should climb accordingly. I think advanced metrics were designed by some geek to make himself feel more important. I notice those stats did not keep Matt Kemp from making a great play in one of those games against Atlanta. So you keep quoting your stats, and I will watch the game and see who makes the plays and who does not.

  13. I will only address one thing from Michael’s posts above, since he is entitled to be a dick.

    Paragraphs, Paragraphs, Paragraphs!!!

    1. You an English teacher now besides being a first rate asshole? I care less what you think because you are just one of those people who thinks they know best. It shows in every post you make. Just like Timmons, you are a self serving egotist. Your boys have never won a thing. Until they do, keep your gloating down to a minimum. When they have won some titles that are not just division related and a World Series, then you can brag, and rightfully so about their genius, until then they are nothing more than card dealers at a Vegas casino shuffling pieces and trying to win the house money. And that son, is a fact. I guess you do not post a picture on here because everyone could then see what kind of a moron you are.

        1. yeah, I know that for sure, I do have a legitimate question though. How long do you think they let Roberts play with a short deck as to bench players? There are 14 pitchers on the roster and 11 position guys, should be the other way around.

          1. Michael, I think that is temporary. Roberts will use the DL as a huge part of his bench strategy the rest of the way. He knows his pen will wear down. He knows his starters will likely only go five. He has to win the Division, but also prepare for a grueling second season against the best teams in baseball.

            Take a look at the schedule from August 5th to end of the year. 42 games with 3 days off. He’s preparing his roster for that run. It’s going to be a real test. Guys like Forsythe, Utley, Grandal and Turner are going to need some time off. Guys like Kiké, Barnes and Taylor have to continue to pitch in night after night, AND be ready for October.

            It’s going to get interesting. Roster expansion will obviously help. I wonder who will be left to bring up.

      1. That is a good analogy Michael. I know professionals investors that support professional card players and they are very similar to hedge fund guys, and the new wave sports GMs. It’s the Ivy League way to get into the world they missed while they were acing high school and college. Ok, ok that was a cheap shot – I know many high school jocks are super smart too and end up in the professional world (myself included, ha ha, takes one to know one).

        1. I get that. But look at it this way. Other than the 1 appearance Friedman got the Rays to in the series, they have not been successful at winning a title. Epstein on the other hand, has used both ways to win. In Boston and in Chicago he was not afraid to pull the trigger on a trade or player move that ended up helping his team win. It took longer in Chicago because he had to do a lot more to get that team competitive. For all his acumen and being the leader of the Money Ball charge, Billy Beane has won nothing. He trades his best pieces constantly because ownership there won’t spend a dime. But spending does not always win the title either, look at the Yankees. They stripped their system trying to string a bunch together and that ended up with a bunch of over the hill hanging on types barely competing. KC used the saber metric route and it worked for them. The Giants won because they have a really shrewd guy in charge. Sabean is one of those guys who pretty much looks at his team and sees what he needs. Not helping turn around the team that they have now, but you can bet, when they do come back, it will be with winning it all as their main focus.

          1. And Sabean is on record as an old school type. He uses SABR but he trusts his eyes more than the numbers. McCovey Chronicles’s Brisbee is on record saying he wishes Sabean is more sabermetrics friendly.

            I will have a post coming on how the greatness of sabermetrics is being ruined by its wide availability and mis-use by bloggers.

  14. Brutus and Box, grab hands and skip back to the narcissistic site that you dwell in.

    Time to ignore the “Moron” site and it’s trolls.

    1. Go make more infrequent appearances and homophobic slurs.

      Nobody misses you when you are here, nor celebrates you (and your inability to use it’s correctly) when you are.

      1. Brutus, lose the hard-on you have for me. It’s getting old. Don’t even start talking about being celebrated, you are disdained in here.

        1. Just keep telling yourself that True Blue.

          I definitely see a lot of people celebrating your wit and insight.

          In fact, I remember Badger doing it the other day.

          Oh wait, that was for something YF wrote.

          Maybe when Michael was complimentary?

          Nope. Couldn’t find that either.

          Oh well, I bet somebody here appreciates you.

          In fact, why don’t you go Google around and see if you can find one.

          Nobody here will miss you while you are gone.

        2. I love, love, love the fact that you think me insulting you is indicative of me having a sexual attraction for you.

          It explains so much about your acumen and powers of perception.

    2. It’s hard to ignore the Moron Site when the participants here constantly and obsessively keep bringing it up.

      That’s one of the perplexing questions I’ve never quite been able to figure out: why Timmons seems to have such a powerful effect and why he occupies such a large space in some of your heads.

      I just find it curious.

      …actually, in a lot of cases, hatred is really projection.

      1. Agree.

        It’s not like the posts over there are great content, they are very verbose and blustery.

        However, the discussion is just a little more varied and robust.

  15. I am looking forward in seeing Stewart pitch tonight.

    I hope he does a good job!

    He sure has looked good when he has pitched!

    Kershaw was put on the 10 day DL, on Monday.

    1. I think he will do fine. I know he is on a pitch count because he has not been stretched out this year. But it is not his first rodeo and the butterfly will not be fluttering as much as if it was his first time.

    1. I like Stewart, not sure how those were earned though.
      Wasn’t that an error on the bunt? Not to mention the passed ball and error on Forsythe.

    2. Speaking of depth, I”m amazed at the depths you can go to cling to this narrative that the FO is incompetent..and that you would do things differently..and better. I don’t know how much more evidence you need: best pitching, best record, best starting pitching, best bullpen, second best defensive WAR, fourth best offensive production…etc.

      But nooo. A new starting pitcher is called up and is let down by his defense, gives up five, and it becomes a sweeping and snarky indictment of the current FO and their so-called, mirage like “depth.”

      There’s the irrational exuberance by fanboys about FAZ and the current Dodgers record. On the flip side is the reflexive impulse to complain and present a broad criticism over a four inning sample size.

  16. I don’t know if any of those runs were really earned on Stewart. The d let him down a few times, and obviously he couldn’t get the big out when needed.

    Meanwhile, Neshchek (however you spell it) is on his way to the Rockies.

    1. They just corrected it at 3 earned.

      Still – 3.2 IP. Only 55 pitches. Leave him in there for at least 75 pitches. He’s a starter. Make him work.

        1. That’s not true. He started tonight. He also started 4 in the minors.

          Do you do any research before you post an opinion?

          1. Badger.

            You are too good to be engaged in semantic exercises.

            He appeared in 3 games in the minors and pitched a total of 8 innings. Fine. He “started” them, but it was to get him work, not to put him on a path to starting for the MLB team.

            If you saw that, and interpreted it as the team “stretching” him out to be a starter, then you are not the knowledgable person I thought you to be.

          2. He’s a starter. Apparently they thought he was ready to start a game in the Major Leagues. You said he hadn’t started since last year. Just like you said Calhoun had been switched to left field, you were wrong. I’m merely pointing out your mistake. Sorry you feel violated by it. At least it got you to look it up.

            Hey, this is the Dodgers. Maybe they only expected 3, then turn it over to the bullpen. He’s pitched multiple innings 6 times in the bigs this year, regularly for weeks. and started 4 in the minors. If he’s not ready, why is he in there? Maybe it’s time to get more better starting pitching.

            As far as your comment about me, I was about to say the same thing regarding your cheap shot insults to True Blue. You don’t want to stoop to catbox levels. And that wasn’t semantic exercise. It was sophomoric bullshit. Maybe we should all try a little harder.

          3. That was just sad, Badger.

            Yes, Calhoun has been playing left. No, Stewart hasn’t been a starter this year.

            You can be better.

          4. We can all try to do better. Except catbox. He’s hopeless.

            What’s sad is the Dodgers are in need of, and looking for, starting pitching, Stewart obviously being one. If yesterday is any indication, he ain’t ready.

            See you on the next thread.

  17. Ervin Santanna, by the way, is their ace this year. 5 Runs, no earned runs for Stewart, but like Badger I would have him go 75 pitches. Stripling did well to hold down the fort and give our guys a chance in the late innings. Let’s see what happens with our bats in the late innings ….

    1. Yes. I think our crowd got to them. The Twins haven’t played in front of this large a crowd since 2009. And unlike yesteryears, our fans are not leaving even down 5-0 early or down 3 late, or down 1 very late.

  18. Amazing game AGAIN!

    Great at bats by Kike and Forsythe in the 8th inning, and Jansen sending two hitters down with 7 pitches after their go ahead run gets to third completely deflated them.

    I feel sorry for their closer, Kintzler. Valiant effort, and this is a tough lineup to negotiate in the late innings.

    1. So many strange things are happening it’s hard to figure out wtf is going on here. This team is good, no doubt about that. Are they this good? Yeah. Maybe.

      We’ve used 20 pitchers this year, and that number is going to climb in the coming weeks. Can they keep this up? I knew we would eventually score, and we have. We are 5th in runs and 8th in BA. But in the worshipped OPS department we are 3rd. We are still a pitching franchise of course, first in ERA, and though considerably better than last year, we are 12th in SP IP. Doesn’t seem to matter. Not yet anyway.

      I’m surprised. Sure hope this version of the Dodgers is a better playoff team. As exciting as this is, it doesn’t really mean that much. Everybody picked us to win the West. How will we stack up against the better teams in the playoffs. That is the pressing question.

      Nationals have a strong interest in Gray. That rotation with him in it would be formidable. Hope they don’t get him.

      1. Nats are no longer in on Gray or Darvish. …last I read. If I believe that. Sources also say the Dodgers are in on Darvish. Not sure I believe that.

        1. I don’t believe any of them. Until something actually happens, everything said is just fake news being leaked.

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