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Dodgers Continue Recovery with Comeback Win Over Nats

The Los Angeles Dodgers are now playing .500 ball. While that may not seem like saying much, it’s welcome news for the blue faithful who have been hoping against hope the boys would shake off their early season funk and get back in the race before falling too far behind in the NL West. After sweeping the last place Padres, the even better news is the team has taken two of three from the Washington Nationals, and are looking at a 5-1 record over the past week. Throw in the hot bats of Corey Seager and Yasmani Grandal, the still shaky, but improving arms of Pedro Baez and Kenley Jansen, and the boys should be heading to bed tonight feeling pretty good about themselves.

The day didn’t start off so great, however, as starter Alex Wood was tagged early for two runs (one on a sac fly and the other a solo homer) before botching his way to a third Nats run when he advanced Michael Taylor to third on an ill-advised and even worse executed pick off throw in the sixth inning. Moises Sierra sacrified Taylor home and Washington was up 3-0 while the Dodgers were being quietly mowed down by Nats starter Jeremy Hellickson.

The Dodgers offense finally awakened in the sixth inning and it was beautiful to watch. Chris Taylor started things off with a one out double. After a Corey Seager walk, red hot Yasmani Grandal ripped a double down the right field line to score Taylor and Seager.


Cody Bellinger then hit the third Dodgers double of the inning to score Grandal and tie the game.

Josh Fields took over for Wood in the seventh, and despite a dicey inning, he kept the Nats from scoring. Austin Barnes started off the Dodgers’ seventh by getting plunked in the back with a pitch, and that turned out to be the difference in the game. Chris Taylor singled and Barnes made it to third base just ahead of Bryce Harper‘s throw. Corey Seager came through with a deep sacrifice fly, Barnes hurried home, and the Dodgers had the lead (4-3)for the first time in the game.

Tony Cingrani “The Savage” started off the eighth inning with a big strike out of Harper, and Pedro Baez came in to keep the rest of the frame scoreless. Then came the ninth and Kenley Jansen. The usual lights out closer has run hot and cold this season, and every Dramafornia outing has been an uncertain experience. Tonight began in nail-biting fashion as Jansen gave up back-to-back singles to the Nats eight and nine hitters, which brought up the top of Washington’s lineup.

Jansen reached down deep, raised his pitch velocity from 91 to 93 mph, and struck out the next two batters.  Up stepped old friend Howie Kendrick, with dangerous Bryce Harper on deck. I said to myself, “Please Howie, have an at bat like you used to with the Dodgers.” – and he did. Kendrick flied out to CF on a 2-2 pitch, Kenley Jansen picked up a save, and the Dodgers took the Washington series while balancing out their books.

It’s a whole new feeling at Chavez Ravine and the Dodgers will unwrap their new pitcher, Walker Buehler, tomorrow night when they open a three game series against another old friend, Don Mattingly, and his Miami Marlins. Things are looking up, finally.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

58 thoughts on “Dodgers Continue Recovery with Comeback Win Over Nats

      1. Buehler can handle the Marlins for 6. But he will probably only go 5.

        Muncy isn’t the answer. I’d tell you why they are using him but it’s already been explained multiple times so I won’t bother. Verdugo would be a better choice for those matchups the Dodgers love but I suspect they don’t yet want to start the clock on him. He’s only 21. No rush. Everything is a calculation with FAZ.

        Reading the posts here through the game last night was rather depressing. One wouldn’t have known we won the game. I feel compelled to remind you guys it’s a 9 inning game and a 162+ game season. This team will be fine. It might take a few weeks but we are still the best team in the West.

        1. Badger
          What I find depressing is Joc playing ahead of Kemp anytime. None of this left, right mumbo jumbo. Joc has got no business playing ahead of Kemp anytime. Check the splits. Maybe the last half inning of the game for defensive purposes but no other time. He has been in just 2 less games than Kemp. I cannot believe that Kemp is OK with it. He is being the good teammate. Those kinds of things breed discontent in my opinion and Dummy needs to knock it off. Even though though the Dodgers won, this type of managing casts a dark cloud of the team.

          1. Package

            I don’t think Joc will be starting for a while, because after he hit that fastball right down the middle of the plate, out, in this next game, he didn’t hit any balls, hard at all.

            But I am with you about Kemp, not only does he hit much better, he has lead this team on offense, when he was starting, and getting consistent, at bats.

            And Kemp is not a player that is used to being pulled in, and out of games, and because of that, I hope this has not affected his hitting.

            But he is a pro, and he will get back on track, if he has any trouble, after this.

            He was hitting 340 before all this happen, and he was our best run producer, in the last couple weeks, before this started.

            It was bad enough, that Roberts was pulling him out of games so early, let alone, sitting him out, for almost the entire National Series.

            He should have been in the line up in every game, if we are only going by what the numbers say.

          2. If we had a penchant for conspiracy theories we could postulate that:

            1. The Dodgers are purposely trying to antagonize Kemp so that when he voices his displeasure, the team will have a reason to DFA him.

            2. Kemp isn’t part of the fantasy league, and Joc is!

            3. Roberts likes Joc more than he likes Kemp, that’s why the former is starting.

            4. Kemp was a Logan White player!

            Thankfully, none of these are even close to reality (my reality, at least!)

        2. Badger

          As you know, Verdugo plays in the outfield.

          And Roberts already said, that Taylor wouldn’t be playing second very often, if much, at all.

          They need to give Farmer a chance, he plays good defense at third, and he is hitting for a decent average, considering the few at bats, and starts, he has been given.

          1. I don’t believe it matters who plays third at this point. Depth? Bullshit. Depth is an illusion. There’s the starting 8 and there’s everybody else.

            Yes, I know Verdugo plays the outfield. I didn’t think he was a left handed third baseman. This organization believes heavily on matchups. They loves them the righty lefty thing anytime they can get it. Bring him up and platoon him with Kemp.

            I have no inkling of what Kemp is thinking about this. It’s April. If this is still going on in June, and the team is still under .500, then there might be a scoop. Until then, I think it’s safe to expect more of the same.

          2. MJ
            Kemp better watch out because if anything physical happens to him, ANYTHING, he is out on the DL or worse so Dummy can play Joc.

  1. I thought the top of our line up last night, had good at bats almost every time they came up to bat, last night.

    Corey, Grandal, and Cody, had some really good at bats, toward the end of this game.

    Corey had a big sac fly, and Grandal and Cody, had some big hits, to put us ahead too.

    The actually played some good small ball yesterday also.

    And our relief pitching did a good job too, last night.

    And it will be interesting to see what Buehler will do tonight, after getting his feet wet, last year.

    I find the strike zone to be the biggest adjustment young pitchers need to make, when they come up to the majors, from AAA.

  2. Through the 5th inning it looked like another loss. Then that 3rd time through the lineup jinx popped up and all of a sudden Hellickson was toast. He had a deer in the headlights look sitting in the Nats dugout. Looked to me like the Dodgers quit trying to kill the ball and just went with where it was pitched. Grandal’s double was the product of positioning. Because Granny hit that thing down the line and Zimmerman was off the bag just enough for it to get by him. Then they managed the go ahead run the next inning. Scored all their runs playing small ball instead of trying to bludgeon the opposition to death. Everyone got nervous in the 9th when Kenley gave up the hit that put 2 on, but he dug down and got out of the mess. Pretty dull game until the 6th, but after that it was a nail biter. So Buehler tonight against the Fish. I still wonder who they will send down or put on the DL. They already have a short bench, so I doubt it will be a position player…..Font would be my choice…just DFA the guy and get it over…he has not pitched in a week. ..Old friend Josh Ravin DFA’d by the Braves.

    1. I saw the mispositioning at first too. Soft tosser, protect the line. We got lucky. It’s going to happen overc 162.

      What’s with Yul?

      1. Badger
        in reference to an earlier comment. Please no platoons. You can see that it doesn’t work with Joc and sometimes it puts players in unfamiliar surroundings. Not sure if it is the way to go?

          1. Bluto
            I am sorry you didn’t understand my point. I don’t hate Joc. I hate Roberts, he is the SOB that keeps putting Joc in the lineup. Joc has as much business in the lineup as I do. He needs to be DFAed soon as he is not worth a crap ridin or walkin. I hope I have answered any question about how I feel about Joc.

          2. So true and so funny. They really do Michael, and given Package’s response it’s an ironic one.

            Because I can much easier understand people not appreciating Joc (he’s been underwhelming) than Roberts (who’s been spectacular.)

            But everybody has opinions.

          3. Bluto
            If the Dodgers would fill all their slots with premium players there would be no reason to employ a platoon system anywhere. They are one of those things that look good on paper but seldom do well, or ALL teams would use them ALL the time.

          4. Package,

            that’s silly. You can’t do that. You can’t have, unless you operating pre-Free Agency or struck gold with a complete tank/rebuild, premium players at every position.

            It’s not possible.

            Your second point is even sillier. All teams CANNOT and WOULD NOT do platoons all the time, because of:

            1. It’s not an even split of LHP and RHP
            2. Roster limitations
            3. Injuries

      2. Pic is from my favorite Yul role. The robot gunslinger in Westworld. I have not watched the HBO reboot because to me you cannot improve on something that was great the first time, same reason Lou Diamond Phillips version of The Angel and the Badman sucked as did any remake of Stagecoach….there have been 3…all bad…..The smoke coming out of Yul’s head is also a perfect picture of what has been happening to Dodger fans heads over these first 20 games…..According to Roberts, Buehler is also here to start against the Giants in the second game of the double header Saturday before he goes back to OKC.

        1. Bluto

          Platoons are certainly not an advantage, when one player, hits both righties, and lefties better, then their quote platoon partner.

          And no one hates Joc here, we just want our best players starting, and getting the at bats.

          The only thing people hate about Joc, is the fact he doesn’t want to put the work in, in the off season, to get better.

  3. Whatever happened to the idea that a call would only be reversed if there is compelling evidence? I guess that isn’t the case anymore, just look at the tag on Taylor at second base, that really was an abuse of power from New York.

    Kindly Gascan tried to light it up but got thru it somehow. Wow the guy has lost 3 to 4 mph. Is it injury, not doing something mechanically the same as in the past, aging process or the Club Med Spring Training? From the limited times that I have seen him this season and from seeing him often last season, Kindly started losing his pitch location beginning in August last season. Earlier in his career he struggled mightily with the same issue and now it has returned. He often misses quite badly, catcher sets up down and away, Kindly delivers it up and middle in and visa versa. Kindly will remain Gascan if he doesn’t get that rectified.

    Seriously? Joc has to be sat down, this really is getting to the point of ridiculous, especially when you see that the most productive batter is having to sit in order to keep Itch in the line-up.

    1. They must have seen an angle all the in stadium camera’s missed. He should have repeated the great slide Bellinger made when he rolled, raised his arm and tagged the bag with the other one. It was a close call, but like you I did not see enough evidence to overturn…on the other hand, Grandal getting picked off in the 8th was inexcusable….

        1. Not talking to you and I was pointing out when he did it. 8th inning. That’s really stupid. I don’t hate Grandal….I just don’t like him, but at least until that play he was doing ok. You had best just mind your own business and stay off my back lady. As for Joc, you are the one always attacking the kid. I am not standing up for him but I understand what Roberts is doing and I also understand, and you are too dense to, that the FO and Roberts like the kid and that is why he is still here….take your frippen complaints elsewhere….not my problem.

        2. And as I told you on an earlier stream, you have no clue what or how I feel so keep that crap to yourself…

    2. True

      I thought the same about that call at second, after the ump called Taylor safe.

      Because like you said, after watching that three times on tape, it didn’t look there was any compelling evidence to change that call, by Blue.

      And have you seen Farmer in the dugout, because he has certainly not been up to bat, or in the line up, for a while.

      After all, he is the true rookie in that clubhouse, yet no one caters to him.

  4. great to see Jansen rounding back into form.

    Stuff from all around:

    MILB dot com has a piece of Gavin Lux, who is trying to regain momentum as a prospect:
    Lux also added muscle. Dodgers director of player development Brandon Gomes told that the youngster has become “much more physical,” in part because of an offseason weightlifting routine that, according to Lux, “wasn’t so much about how big I could get but what I could do to stay healthy,” and focused especially on leg strength and explosiveness. Those changes coupled with his other adjustments suggest that Lux could be in for a special season. But one of the most important lessons he learned last year was to take things as they come.

    Heyman takes an early look at next year’s FA crop.
    Dodgers mentioned for Harper (I can only hope) and he writes everyone (not sure of context) thinks Kershaw stays.

    In today’s game Alex Verdugo hit his 4th home run of the season for OKC, in his 65th PA. He had 6 HR last season in 495 PA in Triple-A.

    One-time top NYY prospect Manny Bañuelos went 4 innings this afternoon: 4 IP, 0 H, 0 R, BB, 9 K. 77 pitches/47 strikes.

    1. There was a write up on Dodger Digest about Locastro being the Dodger lead off man of the future. Pretty good piece. It cited his slash line at OKC and the fact that he is a true base stealer and the Dodgers have not had a true lead off hitter for a while.

    2. Harper to Dodgers is a pipe dream. That guy is cementing a 40 million dollar a year contract, and if the Dodgers keep Kershaw, no way they get Harper.

      1. Mr. Norris
        I believe the Dodgers have a chance of keeping Kershaw, not a good one however. Harper will never happen and would not have happened even if they did not retain Kershaw. This ownership/management will not spend money on premium players period. They are here to make money not spend money.

        1. Package

          No, because it isn’t anything personal, it is about performance.

          I find most people want the best players starting, and getting consistent at bats.

        2. Yep, they have a chance. Depends on how much they feel comfortable spending. How long would you sign a 31 year old pitcher for who has 3 Cy Youngs, and MVP, and no World Series titles? What is Kershaw worth a year to you? He makes over 30 mil a year now. He will command that and much more on the free agent market and he will get it. Harper’s asking price is going to be astronomical……they would have been better off trading for Stanton.

  5. Bluto,
    I keep trying to answer you but I find it hard to find a reply button. The first thing I would say is usually a team doesn’t think about platooning until they find a weak spot in the lineup and then in order to strenghten it they find 2 players they can combine to make 1 good position. The Dodgers have enough money to fill many of their positions with better players except a few especially the outfield and 2nd base. You like platooning so to say platoon Kemp with Joc sounds great except for the fact that Joc is not any good. Where are our other platoons ? 2nd base? Makes sense as it is weak but the Dodgers chose not to get Kinsler and Dozier because of money. They are paying Kemp millions but they play a 2 bit player who can’t hit as a platoon player that hits better than him from both sides of the plate. It makes no sense and you know it.

    1. I’m really not even sure what your point is anymore Package, nor am I sure how we got to this confusing point from your silly point about everyone platooning all the time as anyone’s ideal lineup.

      You use a platoon when the sum is better than the parts. It’s not a difficult concept. I don’t and haven’t said putting Kemp into a platoon is good, I said the concept of platoons is good.

      I don’t think Kemp is in a platoon, you know why? Because Roberts said he wasn’t:
      “He’s definitely not nor has he ever been a platoon guy,” Roberts said of Kemp. “It’s more of the right situation and using him and the other guys on our club the right way. You look at that position, call it 650 plate appearances. Now it’s our job to kind of figure out how we divvy those up. With Matt, certainly platoon doesn’t even come into play.”

      1. Bluto
        You can call it silly if you want but I have yet to see where any of Joc’s plate appearances were justified. Kemp should have hit every time. Also if Robert’s is not a platoon guy why does he continue to take out Kemp so Joc can play? My point is this: I don’t think Joc should ever replace Kemp in a hitting situation. EVER. Except for injury or late inning defense.
        Call it platoon or whatever you will. If you think it is OK it is fine with me. Have at it.

        1. Ah, I see. You don’t even seem to care what platoon means, you are just against Pederson playing instead of Kemp. Even as a defensive sub, I think.

          For the record, and I think you know understand this. It’s not a platoon, it’s just trying to create the best environment for every player involved. Again, don’t take my word for it. Take the manager’s:

          “I think it was more driven by getting Joc in there, trying to get him going a little bit, said manager Dave Roberts. “Knowing we’ve got some lefties
          coming up and just to give him back-to-back days. (Joc) is a big part of what we’re trying to do and the way that Matt has played early on, he’s earned those opportunities. I still want to be mindful of Joc to stay encouraged because we’re going to need him.”
          The club still feels their young outfielder is having good at-bats despite the results.

          “I think the at-bat quality has been good, I really do,” Roberts said. “As far as finishing off an at-bat, it’s probably a question and it’s tougher when you’re not playing all the time. He’s seen a lot of pitches and is taking walks when he needs to.”

          OK, fine. Personally? I find Pederson infuriating in his streakiness. But the team believes in his potential.

          What I think is OK, is what Michael alluded to below. That the people who run this team (smart people, IMO) stick to their guns and principles.

          It’s worked so far.

          1. Bluto
            Fine. I am glad you are happy with Roberts. We shall see how he does when it becomes all FAZ players. I think it is wonderful you think they should stick to their guns. Just remember when they are not successful, don’t complain about losing. Knowing Roberts is your guy makes it real easy to understand.

          2. Oh, they will lose at some point.

            this year they will probably lose more games than last. That doesn’t mean the team is getting worse over the long haul.

            Process > outcome.

    1. I am glad Farmer is getting a start, but he has been sitting on the bench so long, how can he stay sharp enough to hit major league pitching.

      I would love to see him get some starts in a row, to really see what he can do.

      And although Grandal has been better overall, it is good to see Barnes catching tonight, because Grandal has been catching a lot lately, and Barnes is a good all around player.

      The reason we are not seeing Joc, because a leftie is pitching tonight.

      In fact we will be facing two lefties in this series.

      I guess Mattingly thinks we can’t hit lefties well, still.

      I wish Corey was playing, because it looks like he is begining to hit.

      Really young and even older players don’t need rest or days off, so early in the season, especially with all the days off, the Dodgers have had this month.

  6. Here is what I know. A lot of you are too young to remember Alston very well, but Badger and I do. He was the master of platoon baseball, and for most of their first 20 or so years here, that’s the way Alston made out his lineup. He played the hot hand, he played matchups, The only thing that was set was his starting rotation. At least when it was Koufax, Drysdale, Podres, and who ever. Some of it was because of injury and some of it was necessity. In 65 I think it was they had an all switch hitting infield. You rarely see that. Parker, Lefebvre, Wills and Gilliam. But the outfield was always in flux that year, especially after Tommy Davis went down. Then Lasorda took over and walla, same 8 guys most every night. As long as it lasted LA fans got used to running those guys out there. Now Roberts is here with the sabermetric boys and they chart and use every device at their disposal to play the guys they feel give them the best chance to win. The days of running the best 8 out there in LA are long over with. So all the bitching and moaning about Joc or Kike or Grandal or anyone else is useless. They have their own ideas and they are sticking to them.

    1. Mr. Norris
      I too am old enough to remember Alston and the Dodgers. I do remember the switch hitting infield but I did not see the platooning that you speak of. I also understand what Roberts is trying to do. I also know that you understand that even though you understand what he is trying to do that does not make it right. I get that you don’t like to hear me bitch but am I hearing that you agree with it or you just understand it?
      You know when I worked I was a lot like I am now and I never had patience with stupidity. I might bitch and moan and groan like you say but I will never just agree to go along with the crowd. Roberts is wrong about his Joc idea and he hurts the team when he does it. I know you see what I am saying. I will not agree with stupid stuff. If you hurt the Dodgers then you hurt me and I will continue to complain until Joc is gone or something else changes.

      1. Never said I agreed with it, just said it is here to stay. Hell, I did not like it when Alston did it and we all know how bad Joc is playing. As far as bitching about it, I am not singling out anyone, I am just saying it is a total waste of breath. I know, I was doing it most of last year, and some of this year. Some of Roberts lineups are very puzzling. Tonight he has his all righty group out there. No Corey, only lefty is Cody. But I know that Roberts is a sabermetric guy, and that’s why he is doing it because he buys into what the FO is selling. Now as to right or wrong, well that’s in the eye of the beholder. You think it is wrong, Roberts and the FO think it is the way to do things. They have the power and we the fans pay the price. Bitch all you want, to me it is a waste of energy. As far as Ole Smokey goes, Alston was constantly altering the lineups. Especially in 1959. He had a bunch of aging stars, Furillo, Snider, Hodges, Erskine, and some up and coming kids , Wills, Fairly, Howard and the Davis boys. Later on, he rotated left against right a lot. Guys like Fairly were not everyday guys. Wills was, and so was Parker, but he rotated everyone else a lot.

      2. Okay, you can get this from baseball reference..1965 Dodgers WC team. During the regular season only Parker, Lefebvre, Wills and Fairly played more then 150 games. No one played all 162. Roseboro, Willie Davis and Johnson, (Sweet Lou) were the only other players over 130. Gilliam was in 111, and John Kennedy, the SS, was in 100. The highest BA by any of the so called regulars was .286 by Maury Wills. Gilliam and Fairly were the only other players over .270. Wally Moon, Willie Crawford, Al Ferrara and Tommy Davis also saw time in the outfield that year. Tommy was the starter until he broke his ankle on a slide. While Rosey saw most of the catching duties, Torborg, who caught Sandy’s perfect game in September, and hector Valle both saw time behind the dish. Werhas, Smith, Tracewski, Lejohn, Griffith, Kennedy and Nate Oliver all saw time in the infield. The rotation was Koufax, Drysdale, Osteen, Podres, and the closer was Perranoski. Miller, Reed, Purdin, Brewer, Willhite and Kekich all got spot starts. Rookie Bill Singer got into 2 games in relief. Podres only started 22 games, the other 3 over 40 each. So winning the pennant and the WS was accomplished by a bunch of 2nd stringers basically and a really great starting 3 pitchers and a shut down closer. Platooned every one of them at one time in the season.

          1. Oh I knew who the starters were. I listened to almost every game, checked the box scores, and got the Sporting News every week. I can get a pretty good idea who is doing what. Dave Roberts does it a lot different than Walt did, but Walt still did it and he started doing it his first year in Brooklyn. Jackie Robinson was considered a utility player in 1954. He played in 124 games, but the starting 2nd baseman was Jr. Gilliam. Don Hoak was the primary 3rd baseman replacing Billy Cox who only played in 77 games. Only 2 players played in 150 or more games, Hodges and Furillo. Snider was in 149. Walker was Campy’s prime backup because Roy only played in 111 games. If memory serves, Roy was injured that year because he only hit .207 with 19 dingers. The backup outfielders were Walt Moryn, George Shuba and Dick Williams. Robinson, Cox and Zimmer the main back up infielders. At the end of this year I will know who made the most starts and who was more of a back up. That is easy to do.

    2. i don’t know Alston at all, but I trust Michael’s recollection.

      His last point is most important to me. The front office has a set of ideals, ideas and processes. They are sticking to them. I’d 1000x prefer that to a front office that fluctuates from one tenet to another. Or one (as I saw Colletti) that makes moves with a rationale that shifts and often seems baseless.

      To me those ideas seem founded in logic and make sense, thus that’s all that matters. As a fan I hope those three things work out and the team does well.

      1. What matters on all fronts Bluto is that this is the way they do things. They have not changed the approach since they got here and I doubt, no matter how much any of us disagrees or dislikes it that they will ever change that approach. Exactly the reason I do not believe they will pursue high dollar free agents. Not their MO gang.

  7. I feel bad about Font but it is what it is. He had a real chance to stick, he knew it since ST, and things just pan out.

    I’m pretty much a simple guy when it comes to players like Joc. I agree with SABR moves and platooning when done correctly. I believe in giving people chances, especially young and cost controlled players. But when they’ve been given those chances and they don’t step up; give the next chances to the next guy. I believe in maximizing value when a player is on the 25 man and the 40 man rosters. So when you have deadweights on your roster, coach them and play to their strengths so that they contribute on the field and off the field (via trade).

    What is happening with Kemp and Joc is just the reverse of good baseball, SABR and non-SABR. The excuse of trying to get Joc hot and rewarding him for good at-bats is not credible. Putting up an all lefty lineup is ok but Joc should not be on the 25 man as the last lefty. What about Jake Peter who bats left and can all corner infield and outfield spots? More versatility than Joc and that’s the depth isnt it?

    1. YF

      Especially a player in their fourth year in the majors.

      It should be fun to watch the kid tonight.

      I had forgot he only piched in relief when he came up.

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