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Dodgers Go Cold in Coors

Clayton Kershaw

Fresh off finding out that Rich Hill is on the DL again. The Dodgers got stymied by Rockies left hander Kyle Freeland yesterday. Hoping to recover the Dodgers sent their ace Clayton Kershaw to oppose Rockies legend in the making Jon Gray.  Kershaw didn’t seem his dominant self and surrendered a homer in the first to Nolan Arenado and back-to-back homers for the first time in his career, with Mark Reynolds and Gerardo Parra going deep in the sixth to help the Rockies beat the Dodgers 4-2 on Saturday night.

With the victory the Rockies move to 5-1 while the Dodgers fall to 3-3. The Rockies and Snakes are going to be tough this year.  Andrew Toles hit a solo shot in the fifth to tie the score at 1-1. The Dodgers have gone cold up in Coors as of late.  The Dodgers have scored three runs in the first two games of this series.

Parra of the Rockies also came up big with his glove, reaching up to take an extra-base hit away from Corey Seager in the third. An inning later, Parra saved at least a run with a diving catch on Yasiel Puig‘s sinking liner. The Dodgers had a threat going on in the 7th when Yasiel Puig  led off with double.  Chase Utley came up and struck out as well as Logan Forsythe.

Then Yasiel Puig got caught stealing third, I couldn’t figure why he was stealing but he did and got thrown out.  So the Dodgers managed very little pressure on Jon Gray who is a right hander. The Rockies bullpen also shut down the Dodgers.  The Dodgers are 1-12 with runners in scoring position in this series. Things won’t get any easier going forward as the Dodgers will face a left hander tomorrow.

Kenta Maeda who struggled in his first start will try to right the ship ansd salvage a game for the Dodgers in Coors.  The Dodgers will then  head to Wrigley to face the defending champion Chicago Cubs.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

59 thoughts on “Dodgers Go Cold in Coors

  1. Even the great ones lose now and then. Kershaw has always had trouble in Coor’s and with a lifetime ERA over 4 he actually pitched to form, except for the 3 dingers. I read some of the comments on the last thread and people are stressing out way too much over this. It is only the 6th game of the year. The Rockies have good hitters up and down their lineup. They can hit with anybody. The surprise is how effective their pitchers have been. Oldest starter on their team is Chatwood and he is only 27. Their BP is veteran and game tested. So they are going to be a force in the NL West this year as long as that pitching holds up. Az is 5-1 too. They also have some bashers in that lineup. And until the Dodger offense is hitting on all cylinders, you can expect games like this. I saw a lot of comments about Puig not running hard on his double, and then getting caught stealing. Well, the two hitters who came up while he was standing on 2nd both struck out looking. If the bat stays on your shoulder, you are not driving anybody home. Puig is one of the few guys on this team actually getting on base, so I would cut him some slack. He also made a perfect throw to the cut off man. And hustled all the way on Blackmon’s triple. This loss is on Kersh and the offense, not on one base running blunder by Puig.

    1. Michael

      Bottom line, Puig doesn’t know when he has hit a HR, so he needs to run everytime.

      And you would be all over another player, for doing something like that.

      I was one of the few people that supported Puig last year, when he did this, and Roberts benched him, for not hustling.

      Because I know he does hustle, but I also know, that Puig doesn’t know for sure, when he hits one out, so he needs to run.

      1. That ball was hit pretty good, and from the TV angle it looked like it was gone. The wind knocked it down. Bottom line, the fielder was right there, if Puig had been running all out it still would have only been a double. Result was the same. So I am not all over him for not breaking out of the box hard. From where he was at the plate it probably looked gone. I used to know by the sound off my bat if I crushed one. If he had gotten thrown out at 2nd base, I would have been all over him. Roberts bench’s him now he is a moron. Because Puig is one of the few guys hitting on this team. Like I said, you focused on one play that made no difference in the games outcome, and the one player who is always the lightning rod for criticism. The game was lost because of the pitcher giving up 3 dingers, and the offense’s inability to generate any offense. Not because Yasiel Puig did not break hard out of the box.

        1. Michael

          You have no way of knowing for sure, that Puig wouldn’t have made it to third, if he ran like should.

          When Puig is running like that, he also makes defensive players, bobble the ball, and double clutch, throws.

          He has had an on going problem, of not knowing, when he hits a ball out.

          And a compounded his mistake, by trying to steal third, when we were behind, in the game.

          And I wasn’t actually that upset with Puig, but to excuse his mistake, and expect so much from others, isn’t fair.

          1. I expect pros to do their job, and I watched that play develop, if that ball had caromed away from the outfielder, yeah, Puig would have made it to 3rd. I have already said, stealing 3rd was dumb. But if Utley and Forsythe had done their jobs, no one would even be talking about it. And nothing was said by Roberts or on any of the reports on the game, so why beat a dead horse and blame it on Puig. Hey, that costs us the game, I am all over that guy. But he hit the ball hard, was robbed on a great play by Parra, and Kershaw was bad. I am not going to make one play that did not impact the games outcome that important, when all the guys behind him did not do their jobs. Fair????? They get paid a lot of money to hit the ball. They both struck out. It is on them and if you think that is not fair, well I am totally sorry, but I disagree with your take.

  2. You want to see the root of the problem, out side of Turner, Gonzo, Puig, Seager and Gutierrez, everyone else is at or below the Mendoza line, and that includes our power hitting catcher who is at .118. Good pitching beats good hitting. Good pitching dominates bad hitting, and that is pretty much what you have seen the last 2 games at Coor’s. They actually have a better shot at winning today because Maeda’s career ERA at Coor’s is about 2.12. But then again, the Rocks have a lefty going so the RH scrubs will be in there again.

    1. I agree Michael. We’re lucky we only lost by 2. Three home runs, it could have been worse. I do however have to say Puig’s base running gaff was really stupid. I’m a fan of his as you know, but that was really a huge mistake at that point of a close game. I’m sure he heard about it.

      I’m not all that concerned about the offense. I think the sticks will wake up. I’m not as as confident about our pitching. You can’t wake up from blisters and weak wings. I accept we are a 5 inning staff. I just hope we can get 5 innings of 3 ERA out of all these guys. We do, we might be ok. But obviously you have to hit with them to play with them.

      1. Badger

        I agree with you, and thank you for being consistent.

        Puig doesn’t know when he hits it out, so he needs to run, instead of stand there, and admire his hit.

        I think Puig tried to steal third, because he didn’t run his hit out from the beginning, and he wanted to make up, for doing that.

        They didn’t hit much yesterday, and Turner was really quiet, and they really missed, his bat.

        Turner is our most important hitter, on this team.

        And he is the one hitter, that the Rockies, don’t want to hurt them, so they have been trying to pitch him, tougher.

        But they won’t keep him down, for long!

        But he is usually there, and he can’t do it every night.

        It was good to see Agone continue to hit, because I think some people, just don’t give him enough credit, for what he has done, for this team.

        He has been the top RBI guy for this team, and I know he is regressing, but he still is a smart player, and he good hitter, especially when runners, are on base.

        And he has gotten some nice hits, against lefties, in the last few games.

        We did hit better then the box score will show, because the Rockies did, make some good plays on defense, to take hits away.

        Sometimes I think Kershaw gets a little careless, because he is use to being so dominate, and he isn’t use to hitters, being able to hit him, especially leftie hitters.

        He gets himself in trouble by trying to be around the plate to much, because he doesn’t want to walk anyone, so he throws his fastball, almost all the time, when he is down in the count.

        He needs to throw his other pitches, when he is down on the count more, to keep the hitters honest.

        But I know in Colorado his other pitches, are not the same.

        Watching Scotty strike out twice, looking, wasn’t fun to watch.

        He didn’t even lift his bat up, in his last at bat, and he watched two good pitches go across the plate, and he looked at a pitch, that was to close to look at, with two strikes.

        1. A lot in that post MJ.

          Colorado pitching looks improved. They won’t stink as a team this year. I think they may know how good they are. So does Arizona.

          You may be right about why Puig tried to steal third, but two wrongs don’t make it right. It was a bad baseball play. And I don’t know how you reach these players that showboat out of the box. So many of them do it. It drives the older guys nuts, but it doesn’t change. For me it’s just lack of hustle, like so many outfielders that stand around watching plays unfold in front of them without moving. On every pitch 9 guys should be in motion. This isn’t chess where you have to think 5 moves ahead. It’s always next pitch. Move dammit. Anticipate the overthrow and get your ass in position to back up a base. I learned that in Pony League. These guys just don’t do it and it’s league wide. Lack of hustle. Inexcusable in my book. My book is really old.

          SVS looks lost. Forsythe is right there with him. They better wake up soon. I anticipate they will. AGon usually starts hot, but he will need time off come summer. Not sure how this team will look in August and September but it will churn. Now? Next game next pitch.

          1. Badger

            Like I just told Michael, every player needs to run out of the box, and especially Puig, because he has no idea for sure, when he hits ball out.

            And I think every player should do the same, because that, is just good baseball!

            And when Puig runs like he should, he can cause defensive players, to make mistakes, rushing to get the ball, because they know how fast Puig is, and how agressive he is, on the bases.

            I know Agone will need rest, I just don’t like, that some people, don’t realize what he still does for this team.

          2. Just to make a point my high school coach used to say stupid stuff like “you don’t know what might happen, the (pick any fielder) could pull a muscle or have a heart attack and the ball would fall to the ground”. Out of respect for the game, run full speed out of the box. Pulling up at second is not the problem, showboating out of the box is.

  3. Fully agree, Michael. Puig is one of the few players making things happen. Without his homers and his defense, we are 5 games (!) out at this point. And the bullpen has held up. We essentially forfeited two games with our JV line up for LHs. And our bullpen has been rock solild. What happens when our bats wake up but our bullpen starts tiring?

    Looks like we will need COL, ARZ and SF pitchers to choke again this year (or get hit with injuries). If those teams’ pitching staffs make it through the year without major hiccups, lord help us all.

  4. After 6 games there are only 2 teams in all of baseball whose starting staff is averaging 6 IP and both are in the AL. No surprise that SF starting pitchers lead the NL. I think they will all year. It appears that baseball is trending that direction, (fewer innings) so, being next to last in SP stamina could be considered trend setting. Yea us!

    Agree with MJ regarding full speed out of the box. Always, full speed out of the box. We were taught think triple until otherwise advised. Did you see Toles on his home run? He was accelerating into triple gear at second base before he knew the ball was gone. Take note Yassie. In fact, take note Dodgers.

    1. Badger

      Puig just doesn’t know when he hits it out, so he does need to run every ball out.

      He is having really good at bats, and has gotten some good hits, so he doesn’t need to shoot himself in the foot, and take away from the good things, he has done.

      1. You have made the same statement about Puig 3 times. We get it. Like I said, the same thing would have happened had he busted out of the box. Still would have been a double. No harm, no foul. The attempt to steal 3rd was dumb, and I am sure Roberts said something to him. Bottom line, he is the one guy in this lineup, outside of Turner, who when he gets hot can carry this team. But the fact of the matter is the other guys have to contribute too. Focusing on one play that had absolutely no effect on the outcome of the game is dumb.

          1. Makes no difference, you said the same thing in every post. We get it. That’s why I said something. You have a tendency to beat a dead horse and repeat the same thing over and over. Sometimes it gets irritating, this is one of those times, and when you post on a site like this, anyone can reply to anything you say to anyone. I like you MJ, you are a passionate fan, and I respect that. But sometimes it is best to just say it once.

          2. So, Micheal N. Norris, using this argument can we all expect and hope that you will never, ever mention that you dislike Grandal ever again, or that you dislike FAZ ever again, or that you didn’t like the Hill signing ever again?

            We get it.

            “brah rah rah…..I can say anything I damn well please!! brah rah rah ..I don’t care what anyone says…brah rah rah!”

            Yeah, I know. I get it.

        1. No Patch, If Grandy man does well I will compliment him. I do not care for FAZ and probably never will. But that’s just me. I think sometimes we as fans expect way too much, but if there is a valid point, I am down with that. I just think the same thing was being said over and over. Beating a dead horse. Do I care what other people think of what I post? No, just like I am pretty sure most people do not care what anyone thinks of what they post. You have valid points fine. I get it. But I am old school. Play hard and do your job. We all have opinions, no one else’s is more valid than another person. MJ is a passionate fan, she wants Puig to do well as we all do. But every game you can find fault with someone on the field. Puig basically made another base running blunder today, when Parra trapped Gonzo’s shot to left. I am sure the manager will say something to both him and Toles who also made a base running blunder getting doubled off on a fly to left. Also, my name is spelled MICHAEL not the other way around. So get it right or just shut up.

    2. You know and I know baseball players today do not always do that. Especially players coming from other cultures. I can name at least 50 guys who stay at the plate and admire the shot. So if there is a fault there, it is because the coaches and managers have not instilled that hustle all the time attitude. You or I would have busted out of the box, but different times and different philosophy’s have crept into our game. Puig does it and it is news. Other guys do it and it is flair.

      1. Michael

        This has nothing to do with anyone’s culture!

        This is about Puig not knowing, when he hits a ball out.

        I have never seen another player, think they have hit a ball out, and they didn’t, as often, as Puig has.

        This is not the first time, that Puig has done this, he has done this a lot.

        I understand he wants to Pimp, after hitting a HR.

        And that wouldn’t bother me that much, if he knew, when he hit a ball, out.

        And I know a lot of players from other countries, play and celebrate baseball, in a different way.

        I don’t have a problem with that!

        This has nothing to do with that.

      2. Michael

        I am not beating a dead horse, I am just saying the truth.

        I have said this three times, twice in response to you,and when I have been answering something, that Badger said.

        You are so critical on some players, but with certain players, it doesn’t matter, what they do..

        And that isn’t fair.

        I like you too, but you are not understanding where I am coming from.

        1. Okay. dumb move Toles. You should never have gotten doubled up on that fly ball. Shame on you Yasiel, 0-3 against these guys! I am critical when I think the situation calls for it. That particular play in my mind was no big deal. He did after all hit a 2 bagger and the truth is MJ, the guys behind him failed to do theirs. He has busted his tail this game so I am pretty sure the manager said something to him. I was very critical of Puig last year a lot, because he kept swinging at those balls low and away, he even did that today on one swing. But he has changed his approach, is one of only 3 Dodgers over .300, so I think he is doing his job. We disagree. Okay by me. I understand totally what you are saying. But in truth, it has no bearing what so ever on what I think. I treat them all fair. Even was pulling for the automatic out Grandal to have a good year, but he has done nothing since opening day. They do their jobs, I will say so accordingly. Puig does not do his, I will do the same.

        2. The truth as you see it. Fine I get it. And that is your right. Our opinions of his actions differ. I will be critical when I think a player deserves it. Both Toles and Puig made base running blunders today. Puig did not have a great day at the plate. But his team mates picked him up as it should be. Maeda was mediocre again. He was lucky to get the W. Jansen looked rusty in the 9th. Fields, Avilan and Romo looked good. Forsythe hit the way they expected him too. So did Corey, Turner and Gonzo. Gutierrez even contributed and Barnes got his first 2 hits of the season. SVS had a late inning hit and ribbie, so they made sure they did not go into Chicago on a 3 game losing streak. They get Baez back in Chicago.

  5. Some things never change… Matt Kemp would have been a huge benefit to this club, both this year and last. It’s not the Babe Ruth trade but FAZ’s stupid blunder will tarnish his reputation the rest of his (hopefully short) career.

    1. Kemp in the middle of this lineup? Wow. He would make all of them better. His average at Coor’s is north of .350.

    2. Jonah

      If Mattingly would have handled Kemp differently, he might have been, still here.

      Mattingly should have been more understanding after Matt came back, after being injured, and not have benched him, after Matt, didn’t want to play left field.

      He should have went about that, much differently, and maybe Kemp would have had no problem, playing left field eventually.

    3. I’d do that trade again, today.

      You weren’t saying that last year. The guy get’s hot for the first five games and everyone forgets about his horrid defense and starts making comparisons the the Babe Ruth trade.

      1. Dodger patch

        I was only talking about the way that Mattingly handled Kemp.

        And maybe the Kemp situation would have turned out differently if he did play left, when he was told.

        I don’t want Kemp on this team, after the things he has said, since he has left.

        He said it was good to be with the Braves, because that was a real baseball town.

        And he said he wasn’t playing as hard as he should, when he was a Dodgers, and the Padres.

        I just don’t think that some of these defensive metrics, are accurate.

        I think it is really hard to tell just how much a players bad defense, takes away from there offense.

        I know some here don’t like Grandal, but I like Grandal.

      2. Yeah, you would. That’s cool. Horrid defense>? Well who had more errors last year, Kemp or Grandal>? Answer, Grandal, 5 in 106 starts. Kemp had 3 in 151 games. 2 in SD, and 1 in Atlanta. Kemp had 990 fielding percentage and 6 outfield assists. Grandal had a 979 fielding percentage and 10 passed balls to go along with is 5 errors. I think Kemp was better in the ATL because the outfield there is not as big as San Diego’s. And for my part, give me Kemp’s 35 dingers and 100 ribbies with a .268 average and OPS of 803 over Grandal’s .228 average, 27 HR’s and 72 ribbies and inferior defense. Bad trade then, bad trade today. Now the unseen part of that trade was the accusations that Kemp was a clubhouse cancer. Maybe so, but the Bison is a game changer and a run producer, the same cannot be said of Grandal.

  6. It’s sky fall in SF, how you folks doing?

    Hey James, nice job; Cal State Fullerton, alright! My hometown.

    Yeah man, Rockies and DBacks making early statements that they mean to compete.
    Giants have some systematic problems. OF is bad, LF is a black hole, Denard Span has a hip issue again, they’ve signed BJ Upton, Hunter Pence isn’t what he used to be, Matt Cain is a nothing on the hill but Giants will run him out at least a few more times, and the bullpens ability to get ball to Melancon is dubious.

    So it must bring some relief to know the Giants are off to their worst start since ’08.

    1. They are floundering. And their offense is almost as bad as ours right now. They find a way though if the last few years are any indication. Rockies and D-Backs both have very pitching staffs. At least on the starting side. Greinke is the oldest D-Back starter, and Tyler Chatwood who is only 27 the oldest on the Rocks. But their BP is much improved and in my mind will give our guys a run for their money. We get Baez back in Chicago, so that should help. But the offense is the main concern right now. Lets see how they do against a guy who has had pretty good success and never lost to them.

    2. Rye

      I think Pence is getting older, and he can’t play with his hair on fire, like he use to play.

      And Posey can’t do it all.

    1. Interesting lineup. At least he kept the regular infielders in there. Gonzo hitting 6th. But I do not like Hernandez in CF, especially in Coors. At least he is not hitting him at the top of the lineup.

      1. Dodgers still favored, -119. -125 at Wynn’s. I don’t know about that.

        Why isn’t SVS or Grandal playing 1b?

    1. Training does not prepare you for blisters. He probably needs to adjust the way he grips the ball. But wussies? I doubt that. They are a different breed than the guys I grew up watching and they train all winter, where guys like Hodges, and Snider had to get off season jobs. They are trained by experts in sports therapy. And they make a ton of money, so teams are a lot more careful with their investments. Snider never made more than 50,000 in any season.

      1. Gutierrez is one of only 5 Dodgers over the Mendoza line. Not doing great, but at least he is hitting more than his weight.

      2. Well Kike still can’t hit period, Gutierrez had a hit and Barnes 2. Puig was a big culprit today, got out of his new approach and was chasing pitches out of the zone. He did get aboard on an error, but then mis read Gonzo’s shot to left that was trapped and was thrown out at first. If he had gone halfway, he could have made it to 2nd. Toles doubled up on an easy fly to Blackmon. But most of the game the team responded to what ever the Rocks did. Good hitting off the bench, bullpen was nails, and Maeda was just good enough. Although he did not look that great out there.

        1. I don’t get what Puig did that was improper. It looked like the guy caught the ball, so he went back to first.

          By asking, I’m obviously showing how clueless I am about the intricacies, but it seemed like Puig ran that one properly, no?

          Maeda still gives me pause, but the ‘pen is again going to be a strength and the team finally hit lefties.

          1. I watched the replay and I think he was fooled because Parra was in the shadows and it really looked like he caught the ball.

        2. Michael

          Toles was running on a full count, with two outs, so he was doing the right thing.

          And Nomar said that, on the post game show.

          He also hit in a run, with a hit today.

          He also hit a HR to tie the game last night.

          1. He was deeked by the 2nd baseman so maybe you give the guy a pass. But you have to watch where the ball is going when it is hit. I saw the game and the homer. He is hitting .250. That squibber got him above the Mendoza line. But he still should have been watching the flight of the ball. Especially with the wind blowing the way it was, as for Puig, I think he was fooled by the shadows because every replay I saw, it looked like Parra caught the ball.

      1. Michael

        Toles was running hard looking at his third base coach, because the he had his back to the play.

        He isn’t suppose to turn his head around, and watch where the ball went, he was doing the right thing, watching his third base coach.

        And I am only repeating everything Nomar said.

        That is funny, because everyone else, talked about how hard of a play,
        that was, for the Padres, former shortstop.

        And Toles made contact, when it was needed, and not everyone else, was able to do that.

        And I didn’t say a thing.
        about Puig, But your answer, doesn’t suprise me.

        1. ya know MJ, at this point I do not frippen care. You make the same argument over and over and it gets old. So I will not post anymore on your posts and I will keep my opinions on what you think to myself.

  7. Unless there has been a change, as I recall, all bases on overthrows are determined by release of ball. Seager was on second when the ball was released. One base from the infield, two bases from the outfield. It looked like none of those umps, or Roberts, knew the rule. I don’t remember that a pitch is ruled differently.

  8. Final view of the day. 7 games played, 3 blow out wins, and 1 win in a close game. 2 loses by 2 runs and 1 by 1 run. They hit at all in those 3 losses and they are 7-0. They could very easily be 3-4 instead of 4-3. On to Chicago and another lefty. Lets hope todays game taught them something.

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