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Dodgers 10-6 Windswept Victory Avoids Colorado Sweep

The red-hot Dodgers who took three of four games from the Padres went ice-cold upon arrival in Colorado. 

It wasn’t just the bats that sputtered in the high altitude, even the great Clayton Kershaw slipped up, allowing back-to-back homers for the first time in his career, while losing to the Rockies.

After the Dodgers scored just three runs in the first two games of this series, they came to the ballpark today with a revamped lineup and renewed energy. It paid off immediately. 

The first two Dodger batters rapped out a double and a walk, with Justin Turner blasting a double into the left field corner to score Logan Forsythe and a sprinting Corey Seager. 

 Kenta Maeda did his part for the cause by sitting the Rocks down one, two, three in the bottom of the first.

The boys struck again in the second as Corey Seager (with Logan Forsythe on again) slammed a home run deep into the Rockies CF forest.  

Maeda was dialed in for the first 2 1/3 innings. He kept the Rockies quiet with four Ks through three innings, sitting the first seven batters he faced, but his dominance didn’t last long. Midway through the third, Maeda suddely gave up a two run home run. The Dodgers’ lead was cut in half, to 4-2. 

Could the Dodgers’ bats keep up the scoring to bolster their pitcher? 

The answer came in the next inning when Forsythe drove in a run to up the score 5-2.  

Maeda settled down in the fourth and made a too many pitches in the fifth. The Rocks rallied for two more runs to make it 5-4 before he closed out the inning. 

In the 6th, PH Andrew Toles (batting for Maeda) knocked in Austin Barnes after his wind-assisted triple high off the RF wall to reset the Dodgers’ two run lead at 6 – 4. 

Josh Fields took over for the Dodgers in the sixth. After a walk and a strike out, Luis Avilan took over for him and finished the scoreless inning. 

In a bizarre top of the seventh inning that lasted over 30 minutes and included pitches in the dugout and baserunners hit with thrown balls, the Dodgers started out with two on and no out, but they quickly ran into two outs with no one scoring. Amazingly, they rallied to come away with three runs to extend their lead 9 – 4.  

The Dodgers scored again in the ninth when Scott Van Slyke knocked in Adrian Gonzalez for his third RBI of the season. The boys went to the bottom of the ninth leading 10-4. 

Kenley Kansen came in to get some work because he hadn’t pitched in almost a week. 

Jansen gave up a run on a couple of hits and a windblown triple, but the real news was Yasiel Puig twisted his ankle while leaping against the scoreboard trying to catch that ball. TV showed Puig coming off the field with a slight limp at the end of the game. As of this writing, there was no news about the ankle, so let’s hope it was nothing serious. 

After four hours of windy baseball, the Dodgers limped out of Colorado with one win, 10-6. 

Line up bright spot: The number one-two batters (Forsythe, Seager) scored four runs in the first two innings. They eventually knocked in or scored five runs today. 

Better Late Than Never Offense: The offense scored six runs today with two out. That’s a definite improvement.

Home Run: Corey Seager

Kenta Maeda went five innings and gave up four runs on five hits, with five Ks and 1 walk. ERA: 6.30

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

73 thoughts on “Dodgers 10-6 Windswept Victory Avoids Colorado Sweep

  1. Oscar, Toles hit was an infield single and he was doubled off when there was a fly ball to CF that he was running on. Barnes hit the triple. He was the one who scored on Toles single.

    1. Oscar said that Toles hit Barnes in, after Barne’s triple.

      And who cares if it was an infield single, that is better then a strike out, with a runner on third base.

      And that is what hustle, and speed does!

      And Toles was running on the pitch, because the count was full, and there were two outs.

      Because Toles left on the pitch, he was already at second, so he did the correct thing, and picked up his third base coach.

      And Nomar said this on the post game show.

      1. I am tired of arguing with you. You think what you want and I will think what I want. Originally on this post Oscar said Toles hit a triple, he obviously corrected that. And I do not get the Dodger post game show so I did not hear what Nomar said.

        1. For the record: I did not change anything in the post about that play.

          “In the 6th, PH Andrew Toles (batting for Maeda) knocked in Austin Barnes after his wind-assisted triple high off the RF wall to reset the Dodgers’ two run lead at 6 – 4.”

          While I admit I could have constructed the sentence better, MJ read it correctly the first time.

    1. If he comes next year, then it’s capped by the new CBA. No outbidding. Guggenheim can’t outbid anyone/everyone anymore in the int’l market.

      That said, if Otani waits until 2018, he will come into the MLB market as a UFA.

          1. Otani has Yankees written all over him. Rangers will be competitive too. He will be 23 next year, it would be wise to keep him on the schedule he is used to. He’s pitching every 6th day, DH’ing between starts.

  2. So far, I think it’s safe to say we know nothing about how things will play out in the NL West, other than the Padres suck.

    Our starters don’t look great, and both SVS and Kike needs to turn it around fast. Hatcher has been a pleasant surprise so far – I say keep using him early while he’s on a roll and avoid using him in leverage situations. I’d like to see Chris Taylor up soon, and maybe Roberts surprises us by sending both Kike and SVS down in favor of Taylor and Ethier (when Ethier is ready to go).

    Plug, I think he’s doing fine and showing progress. He just needs to stay the course. Statistically speaking he’s top 5 right now in the league and he’s making himself more valuable (tradable) by the day.

    1. YF

      Hatcher almost always seems to pitch fine when we are behind by a few runs, so I guess he has trouble more with his mental, game.

      Avilan has looked good, and Fields has also looked good, since he has come up.

      Field’s velocity is now where it was, last year.

      And I think our whole bullpen, has been really good, in these first few games.

      The game is a National Broadcast tonight, I hate these National Broadcast games.

      I think the Dodger’s Broadcast would be better, if Nomar, was on it.

      He is the opposite of Orel, because Nomar isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind, he isn’t the ra ra guy, that Orel is.

    2. Taylor below the Mendoza line at OKC so far, but he is a superior SS to Kike, What I noticed is that he has been playing 2B.

  3. With Lester on the mound, Cubs favored -160. I was surprised to see the Dodgers favored yesterday with a LHer pitching. Not today.

    1. Badger

      With the DH in Japan, when does he hit, because I know he is suppose to be a good hitter, with power?

      1. When does he hit? That’s a trick question too right?

        .322/.416/.588. Yeah, he hits and hits with power. And he’s still just 22.

        Otani pitches in Japan, so that means he pitches every 6th day. Between starts he is the designated hitter, I believe for 3 days. He played outfield before, but hurt an ankle so he doesn’t play defense anymore. He’s already stated he wants to do here what he is doing there. MLB is obviously anxious to get him here as quickly as possible. Unless the National League adopts the DH this winter, Shohei Otani is an American League player.

        1. Badger

          Thanks I didn’t know all of that.

          I guess a team is going to have to get some great insurance, so Otani can DH, like he does.

          But if that doesn’t work out, maybe he would settle on hitting once a week.

          I can’t see us getting him, because we will be blocking some of our young pitchers, that should be up, in the next few years.

          But he would be a big draw, that is for sure.

          Don’t the Japanese players, have to play on one of there teams, for five years, or something like that?

          He would be the ultimate free agent, since he is so young if his team, let him go.

          I was looking at Ballet Anderson’s stats, and he has only started one game, and he only gave up one run, but he only pitched, five innings.

          One of the players, that get a severe shift, should try bunting against the shift, in the game, we face Anderson in.

          We know he doesn’t make it to first, that often, let alone, being able to field a bunt easily.

          1. Apparently, his club has already agreed to letting him come over here. I wouldn’t worry about blocking a young pitcher, they’re not all going to become stars anyway. FAZ can always trade the young pitcher for a piece of crap like Josh Reddick or something, he does that, you know…

  4. The horse and mule live thirty years
    And nothing know of wines and beers;
    The goat and sheep at twenty die
    And never taste of Scotch or Rye;
    The cow drinks water by the ton
    And at eighteen is mostly done;
    The dog at fifteen cashes in
    And without the aid of rum or gin;
    The cat in milk and water soaks
    And then in twelve short years it croaks;
    The modest, sober, bone-dry hen
    Lays eggs for nogs, then dies at ten.
    All animals are strictly dry,
    They sinless live and early die.
    But sinful, ginful, rum-soaked men–
    Survive for three-score years and ten!

  5. MJ–I would be happy with Nomar and Orel, period. Davis has a nice voice and is smooth but is missing one big thing: color. He’s so smooth it becomes bland. Why settle for that? Let’s not make this a twenty-year trial. I say end this first stab at replacing Vinny well before the sixty whatever odd years Vinny went before it’s too late. The Big Blue Machine must have better!

    1. I agree. He is totally boring and drones on and on. I know replacing Vinny is an impossible job for anybody, but me, if they made the change, give me Steiner. He is funny, and the rapport between him and Monday is great. And Monday is a much better color guy than Orel or Nomar.

    2. Emerson

      I thought of your name, because ELO was inducted into I think, the Rock and Roll, Hall of Fame this weekend.

      But I don’t know why I made that connection.

      I appreciated there music, more after they were popular.

      I think that is a good idea, but I don’t know whether Nomar or Orel, are ready to do the play, by play.

      There are a few former players, that do a good job, with the play by play, like Monday.

      But I think that Orel and Joe’s voices, or to close in range, and that is what makes them, more blah.

      And at times, it seems that it is more about, what is going on between those two, then what is happening, in the game.

      And I have heard a lot of people say, that Joe is to much of a Buck clone.

      And anyone who sounds like Buck, isn’t going to make a Dodger fan happy, since Buck hasn’t had much good to say, about the Dodgers

      And I have heard other people say, that Orel talks to much.

      I guess Orel didn’t get the same memo from Red, that Vinny got.

      That was don’t be afraid to be silent, during a broadcast.

      But the Dodgers signed a pretty young guy, to be there announcer.

      Before last year, I thought Vinny was going to recommend someone, and bring them along, himself.

      1. I think he took that moniker from the rock band Emerson-Lake and Palmer. Had some hits in the 70’s.

    1. 3ish. 50 pitches. 5 days off. 50 more

      There are 8 guys younger than him in AAA?

      Nice poem Jonah. “Of all the words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these – he’s drunk again”. 27% of people over the age of 18 report that they engaged in binge drinking in the last month. 6.2% of that group (15 million people) suffer Alcohol Use Disorder. I’m thinking that figure is about to go up. No farm animals are among the AUD group.

      1. So sad. I drank for a short time in my life, about 40 years ago. Only at home, and no bad results from it. When it started hurting the next morning, I quit. Now, maybe a six pack a year, a coca cola once a month. Mostly coffee. Our hypocritical country condemns nicotine and alcohol but allows people to buy all they want as long as they pay taxes on it. Heroin and cocain can’t be far behind….

        1. Alcoholism has been a national problem for decades. Heroin is also the big issue now. Opioid addictions. Street heroin is often cheaper than what the unconscionable pharmaceutical corporatocracy charge for OxyContin. We have our collective head up our constitutional ass. Where to from here? Who the hell knows. Oxy scripts are going north on the charts, which reminds me…… I read an article in Business Insider that said in counties in the rust belt where there was skyrocketing addiction and drug use there was also unexpected support for Trump. That says it all for me. We need leadership and money spent on addiction programs, and I don’t see how that happens now.

          How did we get on this topic? Oh yeah, your poem. Stop it Dirk. This is a Dodger site!

        2. Jonah

          I think all drugs should be legalized, to take away there allure, and save all the money spent, to prevent them.

          There would be more money left, to help people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

          I answered your ditty, with my own ditty, above.

          1. Saw that. Drugs will never be legalized, too much money in them the way they are. If you legalize drugs, you lay off half the useless police and prison guards in the country. They might be OK with that but then it gets too close to home… Wouldn’t need half as many lawyers, judges, court personnel, Campaign funds and under the table money for the legislators would evaporate. You think the economy is bad now??? Safe bet that it never happens.

        3. Jonah

          I think cigarettes had to be the worse one, because smoking was a very sociable thing, at one time.

          People were actually given a longer break to smoke, then non smokers were, at certain companies.

          I feel worse for the people in my mom, and dad’s generation, which was the greatest generation, because they were never made aware, at a young age,
          just how bad, smoking really was.

          1. Never even tried it. If our government was honest and moral, they’d outlaw it. But we know what would happen then…

          2. I didn’t smoke til boot camp. The first time the DI lit the smoking lamp all non smokers did push-ups. You see, there are no individuals in the Marine Corps, you do everything as a unit. One guy held out about a week, the rest of us got the message. I smoked about 4 years. Gave it up the same day I became vegetarian. That was in ’70.

      1. My guess is not until at least July. They have stripling and Wood on the present roster, both of whom can start. They signed a couple of former starters who are now at OKC, so there is not any reason to rush I would think, unless they totally go in the tank these first two months. MJ I think they feel the veterans they have can handle the load. Who knows. So far the results have been less than inspiring. McCarthy surprisingly looks better than Maeda, or Hill. We will see how Ryu does his next start.

          1. FAZ is full of surprises and off the radar moves. Hell he might trade a couple guys and call the rookies up. Never can tell with him. And don’t forget Kazmanure. He is throwing again. Me, I want Ethier back. I think he makes the bench better, and I would rather see him out in LF against RHP.

      1. Yeah, they do that to him a lot. LA has had some pretty good beat writers. I really miss reading Bud Furillo’s columns. They don’t make them like that any more. Most of the writers today are yes men. Bugs the daylights out of me.

        1. I think Andy McCullough is one of the best Baseball beat writers I’ve read in years. Insightful, humorous and prolific.

          Not sure I’d call him a “yes” man, but I have heard him express surprise at the antipathy Dodger fans have to the new front office.

          1. I think I should clarify that yes man thing. A lot of the writers today do not criticize the management or the players. They want their story’s and so they keep it toned down some. I like McCullough, he is pretty good, can’t stand Gurnick.

    1. Excellent article. I remember all those moves. I also remember the pressure he was under from the LA press. What I remember most was the incident in spring between Jesse Orosco and Kirk Gibson. When Orosco put the eye black in Gibson’s cap. He was infuriated, and he let the whole team know it. That kind of lit a fire under that team. And the bench players on that team played a huge part in winning the pennant and the series. Just was a shooting at a school in San Berdoo. There are still some whacko’s out there.

        1. That was what it said on YAHOO news. Sad, people still feel the only way to fix a problem is kill it.

      1. He would be the steadiest. Joc has the most power, Puig the best tools, Toles has speed and a contact bat. Thompson could end up being the real wild card out there because I believe him capable of 20 plus homers a year, great defense, and speed. Our best defensive outfield would be Thompson, Pederson and Puig. That would be one of the best defensive outfields in the majors. SVS is best suited to be Gonzo’s caddy and a RH power bat off the bench. Although he is a pretty good defensive outfielder.

        1. If Thompson is 100% I don’t know how they keep him off the roster. A Thompson/Toles platoon sounds likely next year. I too wanted Ethier out there all year. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. SVS? I don’t know. Trade him – to Philadelphia where he will become Jayson Werth.

          1. Badger

            I don’t know why Toles changed, his swing.

            I have this article on how, and why Toles changed his swing, and the info, is at the bottom of my post.

            Can you take a look, on the article below that I listed, and tell me, what you think?

            This article is in SB Nation, on March second, 2017.

            The title is, “How does Andrew Toles Fit in the Dodger Outfield.”

          2. I agree Badger. The last report on Ethier was not encouraging and it is sad that a guy who at one time was Mr. Clutch is ending his time with the Dodgers on such a downer. SVS is an enigma. The guy has a ton of power, is a decent 1st baseman and outfielder, but really is nothing more than Gonzo’s caddy right now. I like Thompsons power, and he is pretty graceful out there. He is still learning though. I have no idea who the Dodgers outfield coach is, but if he learns better routes, he is almost as solid in CF as Joc.

        2. Michael

          I think Trayce and Toles, are a toss up on defense.

          They both need to learn how to run, better routes.

          They both have speed, but it is in a
          different way.

          I like them both.

          1. Yes, they are close. I think Thompson will turn out to be the better player and more of an everyday guy because he does have power and usually you want and get that from your corner outfielders.

  6. You guys are ‘killing’ me. But I rolled out of bed and found my gin waiting by my bedside this morning. What better way to start the day, gin and baseball. Then I lit a victory cigar. Yes, we should all be celebrating as our beloved Dodgers almost went below that .500 level. FAZ said we would not be swept by the Rockies and they were right. Thank you FAZ.

    It’s getting closer to game time and here I sit, smoking my best cigs, drinking some Dodger Blue Kool-Aid and well, enjoying some recently purchased heroin. Been doing so for the past couple of hours and let me tell you, this stuff is good. Some of you need to get a hold of this stuff…….not sure if it’s the Kool-Aid or heroin but let me tell you. I can see something gold with a lot of needles protruding from it…..maybe those are symbolic of foul poles (or is it fair poles) with flags flying. My mind is really racing and trying to keep fair/foul straight is the last thing on my mind but white lines are a turn on. While attempting to concentrate more intently, I can see Fernando. Is that Valenzuela or is that Hyun-Gin Ryu? He’s mowing them down. The big Mexican, I mean Asian is locked and loaded. I then see Kazmir. Is that Scott Kazmir or is that Cole Hamels? The two look the same on the mound but after another big swig of this very tasteful Blue Kool-Aid, yes IT IS Kazmir. Wow. FAZ knew we did not need Hamels. Guess that’s why they are the great and powerful.

    I see both babies and teenagers. Teenagers seem to be dancing joyfully around…….around I guess those are base paths while the babies are watching them from the center. The older gents, grandpa types are sitting to the side talking quietly to one another while the ‘kids’ play.

    But there is this one goat. He is not smiling. He appears to be all business. Has a beautiful coat and everyone treats him as the King……my mind is fading…..another cold drink of the Kool-Aid and another quick hit.

    As my vision comes back. I can see leaves falling. People wearing costumes or maybe they aren’t. Maybe that’s the look of the locals. I wouldn’t know. I see the colors of sea green, baby blue and yellow. These must be the colors of victory as I can see FAZ perched on a high seat with these colors. They appear to be preparing for a feast. I can’t see who else is at the table.

    The goat is coming back into focus. I see him on top of this hill. It looks like he has been eating on the greenery but as I look closer beneath him lays 2 blood red socks. Can’t tell if he devoured what was inside the socks but he looks very satisfied.

    I cannot put this Kool-Aid down. Really, everyone should be drinking this stuff. I’m back in this large room, one designed for large feasts and I see, I think there is something gold on the table and close by I believe that is FAZ sitting there beside it. Close by is the goat and next to him is a magic man.

    I’ve got to stop. On second thought this stuff might be too potent. When magic men start entering my vision it’s time to go back to bed.

    1. I don’t know how you intended that comment but I found it funny and entertaining. I hope you do more like that. Baseball is just a game, taking it and ourselves too serious is just wrong. There is so much more to life.

      1. Jonah,

        Glad you enjoyed it and got the humor.

        Thought I was partaking in the conversation of smoke, drugs and alcohol.

        Just gave my account of how that 2017 Dodger blue kool-aid might be more potent than all of the above.

    2. Michael

      That is true, but since Joc has power there is no need for Toles, to have that much power.

      And by the way, he has more power, then you think.

      This team needs a consistent hitter, more then another all or nothing hitter.

      Our offense is stagnate once it is past, the top four hitters, and gets even worse, at the bottom.

      And Puig has to stay healthy, because he hasn’t hit more then 10 or 11 HRs, in the last three years.

      1. Michael

        And Trayce has never hit above 260 in AAA, and the most HRs, he has hit in AAA was 13 HRs.

        He hit twenty two HRs in A ball, five years ago.

  7. You guys mentioned L.A writers a few posts ago, remember Alan Mallamud of the Herald Examiner? His column was great. Simers followed him and he could be okay sometimes but he was also a prick. Malamud was a one of a kind.
    Someone also mentioned Reddick. At Houston he’s hitting 278 with 5 hits, 4 strikeouts and zero RBI’s and suprsingly no errors. He sure was worth those prospects for the time we had him.
    Will be intersting to see if the bats come alive for tonights game. Will be intersting to see if the Cubs play off the high of the banner raising or if it is a distraction. Hopefully we come out of the gate hitting Lester. Still no Dodger lineup posted. Although it will probably be the JV squad or a version of.

    1. Tim

      Let me guess, all five hits were singles.

      But that is better then he did, in the first month, here.

      At least we didn’t give him a five year contract to platoon, like the Astros did.

      I can’t believe his contract is almost as much, as Turner’s contract.

      1. Supply and demand MJ. They paid him for his quote, Veteran Presence. They sure did not pay him for that weak assed bat. Nor his defense. With Hill on the DL (again) it makes that trade look pretty bad. If we get 20 starts out of Fragile Man, I will be totally shocked. And right now it does not look good.

    2. I remember Malamud well. He was a strange looking guy, but very intelligent and witty. He and Furillo were the reason I read the Examiner over the Times. They used to print some of his columns in the Long Beach Press Telegram and the South Bay Daily Breeze. It is a shame LA has no writers like those two guys anymore. Furillo and Lasorda became pretty good buddy’s.

    3. I would bet they trot out the same squad as yesterday since they all had decent looks at a lefty and some success. Corey with a HR off a LH pitcher and some extra base hits mixed in, so it would be Forsythe, Seager, Turner, Gutierrez, Puig, Gonzo, Hernandez, Barnes and the pitcher….they might put Grandy man back in the lineup down in the order.

      1. Corey had the second highest exit velocity for a leftie against a leftie pitcher, in a of baseball last year.

        Only Papi hit lefties harder.

  8. I need an interpreter and Chili needs rehab.

    It is a foul pole because anything on the outside of it is foul. I think the gold thing is the Commissioners Trophy, the koolaid is what FAZ is dispensing, the goat is a Chicago thing, so maybe they will play the Red Sox in the World Series, but then Magic is sitting there with FAZ feasting in front of the trophy – hell I don’t know. I know heroin is nothing to joke about. Baby blue and yellow? UCLA? Kazmir and Hamels look NOTHING alike, nor would anyone confuse Fernando and Ryu. Fernando was the 6 time All Star, Cy and ROY winner. Ryu won 14 a couple times, but that seems like a long time ago.

    Sure am I glad I gave up alcohol.

    Jim Murray. The best ever.

    Lester on the mound against Alex Wood. The Cubs could be higher than Chili and win this one.

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