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Dodgers Come Up Short in First Game of Freeway Series

Opening Day is almost here, which means it’s time for the annual Freeway Series.  It’s the Dodgers vs the Angels! Dave Roberts‘ baseball strategy vs Mike Scioscia‘s! Red vs Blue! LA vs Not LA!

Ok, it’s still Spring Training, so it’s not really that exciting. But it’s still baseball, and it’s fun. Here’s how Game 1 played out.

Kenta Maeda started things off right with a perfect three innings, topped off by four strike outs.

Ross Stripling and Luis Avilan followed up with equally quiet innings. Stripling had the only blemish with one walk in the fifth.

The game’s early innings flew by pretty fast. The Dodgers were hitting plenty of balls right on the screws, but they were also hitting them right at people. As a result, they went into the seventh inning with a very slim 1-0 lead. 

And then the big blue wheels came off the wagon.

Brandon Morrow came in and promptly gave up a double to lose the no-hitter. He eventually loaded the bases and then emptied them (in a bad way).  Morrow faced seven batters, walked two, and gave up three runs on 25 pitches. It was now 3-1 Angels. 

Kenley Jansen stepped in for the 8th and promptly gave up a lead off single to number 88. He then settled down and found his groove and his speed. The next three Angels went away accordingly. 

In the ninth, after Cody Bellinger went down on a third strike, one-knee swing a la Adrian Beltre, back up catcher Austin Barnes showed him how to properly bash one out. Barnes hit it high and far into the night to bring the Dodgers within one run.

The boys kept the rally going and eventually got two on with two out. Scott Van Lucky to Make the Team came up with the chance to be the hero. He sputtered one at the shortstop and the Angels were the winners 3-2.

Bright Spots:

Kiké Enrique Hernandez was solid at short stop.

Andrew Toles piled up offensive stats with most bases, a double, and a two out RBI.

They go at it again tomorrow in Anaheim. Got it? Not LA – Anaheim.

Oscar Martinez

I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

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Oscar Martinez
I was born in the shadow of Dodger Stadium and immediately drenched in Dodger Blue. Chavez Ravine is my baseball cathedral, Vin Scully was the golden voice of summer all my life, and Tommy Lasorda remains the greatest Dodgers manager ever. My favorite things are coffee, beer, and the Dodgers beating the Giants. I also blog about my baseball card hobby at All Trade Bait, All the Time.

53 thoughts on “Dodgers Come Up Short in First Game of Freeway Series

  1. Oscar, Kike played SS. Forsythe was at 2nd. Scotty had a decent spring and he also plays 1st base. That is why he made the team over Thompson. He can also play all 3 outfield positions. Give the Angel hurlers some credit, they made good pitches when they needed to and the Dodger bats were not exactly lighting up the night. Morrow had done a good job most of the spring and is headed to OKC anyway, so giving up 3 runs in an exhibition game means nothing. Gas Can Hatchet Man would probably have done the same. I was pleased that Joc had a solid hit his first AB and Puig was trying to hit the ball to right. They need to hit when the season starts on Monday…..I read that they want Thompson to play every day, and he was not going to do that in LA>

  2. Toles in LF? FAZ will accept less defense in exchange for offensive production. But I don’t know man, I don’t know!

    But we are predicted to win ninety something games, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

    1. He really does not look all that comfortable out there, but with Ethier injured it is him SVS or Gutierrez. Predictions mean nothing. I think this division is going to be a dog fight.

    2. Artieboy

      Unless I missed something that Toles did in the game last night, on defense, I don’t know what you are talking about with Tole’s defense.

      He actually had six or seven runs saved in leftfield last year, and that was more runs saved, then any other outfielder on the team.

      Both he and Thompson, need to learn how to run better routes, but Toles speed lets him catch up to more balls, while he is learning.

      He being out of baseball that one year, put him a little behind in the outfield.

      He did play all year last year, but he started playing in A ball.

      And I am sure he had a lot of his mind, with every step he went up in the Dodger’s system.

      Thompson also missed a bunch a time last year, but he hit better then I thought he would, so I hope he keeps it up.

      And really both Toles and Thompson, don’t normally play left or right field, when they play in the minors, so they have to adapt to the other outfield positions, unlike Joc and Puig.

      But I trust Puig in the other outfield positions, more then anyone else.

      I have never seen Joc play elsewhere, but centerfield is the easiest outfield position, to see the ball off the bat, but Joc does play a good centerfield.

      And if a player is playing the same position all the time, that is easier then having to move around.

      1. Toles is ok out there. If he can hit around .275 I’d be happy with him. He and Gut will likely platoon. I would think the two of them would add up to an average ML left fielder, and that is all we will need as we are above average at a few other positions.

        Ok Hill. Show us you’re game face.

      2. Trouble is, he is not a starter. If Ethier was healthy he would not even be on the roster. He would be in OKC. Now most likely he will be starting a lot because a majority of pitchers are right handed. RF and CF are covered by Puig and Pederson and they are going to get the bulk of the playing time out there. Both are superior defenders at their positions. Players on this team who can play more than one position are highly valued. About the only guys you are going to see playing the same position every time they are out there are Gonzo, Seager, Grandal, Puig and Pederson. Everyone else plays multiple positions and that is how this FO likes it. I read that story on Zaidi in the Times and he and Roberts really value versatility. That’s one reason I am sure Bellinger is a lock to come up in September. He can play a very decent CF. When you are a player like Toles, Thompson, SVS, you need to be flexible in where you can play. The day of the one position player is dwindling down to zero. CF is not the easiest position to see the ball off the bat. It is very easy to lose a ball out there. I played CF, I played right and left too, and 1st base. But I always felt I could tract a ball better in one of the corner positions. Baseball has changed a lot. You also said you thought he had a lot on his mind. Mental makeup and character have a lot to do with how you play the game. With Puig we saw a lot of maturity problems. Toles had personal issues a few years ago. Apparently he has overcome that. I am sure there was a lot of anxiety there for a while, but they get paid a lot of money to play a child’s game. At some point professionalism should kick in. He better play well, because when Ethier is ready in about a month, he will most likely be on his way to OKC.

        1. Michael

          What I was talking about Toles starting in A ball, and going all the way up to the majors, after being off for an entire year.

          He has anxiety issues when he first started playing, but he hasn’t had that problem at all, now.

          When he was climbing up the Dodger’s organization last year, he had to meet a bunch of new players and coaches on the way up, and had to move to different areas along the way.

          You make an excuse for Puig, after he has been in the majors for four years, but you can’t understand what Toles had to do last year, and what he went through, on the way up in the Dodger system?

          Unlike Puig, Toles has always went out of his way,
          to hustle, and follow his program to get ready everyday.

          And you are wrong about centerfield.

          Anything up the middle of the field, it is easier to see the flight of the ball, off the bat.

          That is a known fact.

          I have played shortstop and centerfield, and it is much easier to see the ball off the bat.

          And anyone in baseball, will tell you it is easier to see the flight of the ball, off the bat, in center.

          And Puig also better hit well enough this year, because he isn’t going to be playing right field everyday, if he doesn’t, and he may be traded.

          I am giving Puig a chance, to show that he is ready to do it this year.

          Because I have always liked Puig, when he is out there, playing like he should, but he has had problems, doing what he is suppose to do, after four years, in the majors.

          You are much easier on Joc and Puig.

          And this is Joc’s third year, and this will be Puig’s fifth year.

          Unlike Toles, who played only in July through the post season last year, after starting in A ball.

          Puig somewhat did that, but Joc sure didn’t make that same climb.

          And if Joc doesn’t hit lefties, he will only be a platoon outfielder too, and that is why Kike is on this team.

          And Joc did have a nice single last night, but he hadn’t hit that well, in the last couple weeks.

          And Toles had his second two out, RBI this week last night, and that was the only run, until Barnes hit one out.

          1. I hate to tell you this, but Toles is maybe the 6th or 7th best outfielder in this organization. I am not easy on Puig, I just think the guy has a lot more talent than almost anyone out there. And also MJ, Puig has played in parts of 4 seasons, but according to the MLB his actual service time at the beginning of last year was 2 years 116 days. So you take the days he was actually on a major league roster and now he is just over 3. Joc Pederson is a far better CF than Kike, he does not need to crush lefty’s. just be decent. a .250 average against LH pitching would be very acceptable for Joc, will he hit that, remains to be seen. For me playing a corner position was easier than CF. Especially when the ball is hit right at you. But that’s me. CF are usually the best athletes on the field. SS are highly skilled too. But one of the best CF I ever saw was also a 1st baseman…..Wes Parker. He had great instincts out there. And I do not look at Hernandez as any kind of substitute for Pederson. He takes lousy routes, he has not proved he can man any position for any length of time. He is adequate at best out there, but I would rather see Thompson. I watched the game and I know what Toles and the entire team did. Yeah, Toles went from A ball to the majors and had an impact on some games. That is an accomplishment. It is a testament to his work ethic. He has talent, but he is not Puig, who had to adjust to an entirely different culture, nor a Pederson, who talent wise is much better. Different up bringing , different paths. Granted, Toles has done some good things, and he might continue to do good things, but as much as you think I give Puig a pass, I think most fans are down on him more for his off field capers than for his performance on the field. Yeah , he has slipped backwards, and this is probably his last shot with the Dodgers. But I believe he will deliver, if not and I am wrong, he will be most likely traded to the highest bidder. But he is still the most exciting player on this team simply because of that raw talent. Pederson and Puig are at career crossroads. Pederson as much as Puig needs to show improvement and maturity as ballplayers. I am not totally blind to what Toles did last year, and in hindsight the signing was a brilliant move by the FO. But lots of other players have overcome things like that too. The biggest difference between Puig and Toles is that Toles did not have to adapt to a new culture, new foods, and a new language…..just different cities and people.

  3. Artiebo

    I agree with MJ. I saw nothing last night that would tell me Toles is a bad defensive outfielder.

    1. Not saying he is a bad outfielder. I was saying he looked very uncomfortable out there last night and it looked like he might be having problems with the lights. I think what artieboy is referring to is Toles lack of pop. Ethier, SVS, Gutierrez, and Thompson all are power hitters. You usually like your corner outfielder to have some home run pop. And MJ, where he starts playing has no impact on how he plays. He does not take very good routes, and neither does Thompson, but they both can over come some mistakes because of speed. Ethier and the others have experience. One reason I do not like Kike in the outfield is because he takes terrible routes. He is in my estimation a very mediocre replacement for Joc out there. And his infielders arm does him little good out there.

      1. Michael

        We have plenty in this line up, that can hit the ball out.

        We need a player to keep this offense more productive, not another all or nothing hitter, like Joc and Grandal.

        Those two, can be two easy outs, at the end of the line up, at times.

        But Grandal has tried to make himself a better hitter this year, and he hasn’t tried to hit every ball out, in spring training.

        And Toles does have more power then some think.

        He also seems to hit the ball out, when there are runners on base, and that is why he has two grand slams, unlike some of these players.

        And he hit in the only run last night, with two outs, until Barnes hit the ball out.

        And he has speed and the Dodgers don’t have much of that, except for Puig.

        1. And I agree with you about Kike.

          It isn’t fair that he is on the major league team, because of what he did, in the first year, he was on the team.

        2. Remember that’s why Mattingly pushed for more night games in ST. It is an adjustment going from day games in AZ to night games in pro stadiums. Especially Dodger Stadium.

          I’m not sure why you don’t consider him a real starter though. He started in the post season last year, crushed it last year, and tore it up in ST. It was going to be neck and neck between him and Andre. I hope they hit him 2nd and he runs with it. The Dodgers could use some speed at the top of the order.

          1. He would not have made the team if Andre had not been injured. Why? Andre’s contract. And the fact the only way they would have gotten him off the team would be to release him because he said early he would use his veto power as a 10-5 player to veto any trade.

      2. Michael

        I guess your a just HR men.

        I like HRs too, but I don’t think our line up needs another all, or nothing hitter.

        And I do like Ethier, he is a good hitter, with power.

        He actually was the most productive player on offense in the outfield, the last time he played, the entire season.

        And he was the best offensive player on the team that year, in the second half of the season.

        And really our outfield last year, didn’t have a lot of offensive production.

        1. MJ, Joc is a lot better hitter than Grandal. He actually improved the 2nd half of last year. He does not hit into as many DP’s as Grandal, and he almost hit .250. He has 40 homer potential. He does strike out a lot, but most power hitters do. Toles is to me a nice complementary piece. But an everyday outfielder? That remains to be seen. He has played less than 3 months in the majors. So we will see what he does with this opportunity to play extended innings. I like Thompson better. I think he is a more skilled outfielder. I think had he not been injured last year, he would be on the 25 man now. Grandal is a mediocre hitter with power. He says he is healthy and that may be true, but even though he hit .300 this spring, I see him slipping into his old habits now and then. For the first time I can remember, Joc stuck with a stance for more than a game or two. He looks very comfortable now. The results are not where he wants them to be, but a lot of times this spring I saw both him and Puig go over after an AB and talk to Turner Ward the batting coach. They are all still kids, playing a game that many find too difficult to play. Be successful 30% of the time and you are a star. You see a QB in the NFL do that, he is out of the league. Ethier is a pro’s pro. It is a shame that injury’s have impacted his last 2 seasons in blue.

    2. I also agree. I’m not sure he is a bad defensive outfielder. He does hustle. Sometimes he takes bad angles. I also agree with Michael that he does not look comfortable out there…….so my thought is that he is always trying to prove himself (hence coming up mid-season last year & then this year being the odd man out) and plays with much pressure. It is possible that if he was out there on a regular basis that he would relax and quite possibly improve his defensive play.

      But is that the way of the Dodgers going forward, to have one guy get 85%+ of the innings at one position?

      1. Chili

        That is all I am saying, is give him a chance.

        He did start at A ball last year.

        And we need a hitter that keeps this offense going, so I hope he can hit like he has.

        This offense has problems, hitting runs in, when people are on base.

        1. Again MJ, where he started makes not one iota of difference. It is a personal accomplishment and nothing else. You are basing a lot on hope, well we all hope for the best. you like Toles and his slap style a lot, that’s great. And when the pitchers start dialing it up, it is not as easy to get those 2 out hits. Games on the line, it is going to come down to what have you done for me lately. And Chili, the everyday player is slowly going the way of the DoDo. Except for the superstars, teams are looking for those multi-positional players.

          1. Michael

            You right about that, everyone is going to have to adjust as the season, goes along.

            And I do hope Toles can make that adjustment.

            And I will give him a chance.

            I am tired of players being on third and second, and watching certain players, swinging from there heels, with two strikes.

            When a hit or a sac fly, or ground out, to the right, will get a run home.

            And those type of all or nothing hitters, don’t hit thar well, in the post season.

          2. And It is your hope, that Joc will be able to hit 250 and still hit lefties.

            And I hope Joc will too, because that would mean, he is becoming a better hitter.

          3. MJ when I said .250, I mean hit that against lefty’s. I think Joc has the tools to hit at least .275 or better. He should crush righty’s with that swing. We will see how he adjusts. My biggest problem with Toles is really not his fault. I think his speed is wasted at the tail end of the lineup. He should be batting in a spot where he sets the table, not clears it.

    3. Michael is right about seeing the ball off of the bat in center field, typically the pitcher is in the way.
      I used to move over just enough to see, which would sometimes put me out of position.

  4. What is it about this site that triggers so many moderations? It interrupts the flow of conversation and is annoying.

    1. Badger

      I haven’t had any problems lately, so maybe you should ask Scott.

      I know when I have to much history on my phone, Scott says that that, can cause that.

      1. Good tip MJ. That might have been it. Just cleared about 18 pages.

        I think all but one guy, who ain’t here anymore, would like to see a full year out of Ethier, but I’m fine with a Gutioles platoon. I’m more concerned about our pitching, but even with that I think we win the West.

        1. Badger

          Yes I do like Toles, but I do like Ethier too.

          And if Ethier would have been healthy last year, his offense, would have helped a lot.

          And he is still the best bat we have, in the outfield.

          I have a feeling we will not win it all, until 2018, because that will be thirty years.

          And Urias will be farther along, as well, as our other young pitchers.

          But I always hope, it is this year.

          What do you think about the two long men, in the bullpen?

          I think there will only be one, after a while, but I think because we only have couple days off this month, is why they went with two long men.

  5. I’m all for giving Toles a chance, he earned it. But he looks: shaky, nervous, anxious, etc in LF, for whatever reason. And I have no idea why. Not used to LF? Day games in AZ, now a night game? His personal history? Who knows

    Hopefully that begins to dwindle. Otherwise as Michael Norris said, he’ll be on a flight back to OKC when Ethier returns.

    1. Artieboy

      You seem like a very fair guy, so that is why I was suprised you said that.

      But I think Chili is right about about Toles, just being a little nervous, and trying to be perfect, so he won’t let the team down.

      And you must have sensed that.

      I just give Michael a hard time, because he is a lot more understanding, when it comes to Puig and Joc.

      But he is a good guy too!

      1. Funny we have been talking about Toles fielding in LF and he makes an error on a ball that he should have picked up with his hand, but instead tried to use his glove. The error did not hurt the team, but they had to pitch out of trouble with a guy on 3rd. Not long after that play Orel and Joe were talking about Toles and how he had said that he needed to work on balls on the ground to him in LF. Because those are the ones that give him trouble. He made a nice play on a long drive to left that was almost against the fence. These guys forget how to hit already? Angel hurlers shut them down last night and tonight all the have is a Turner solo shot and a Pederson single. Only other runners on errors and walks.

      2. You give me a hard time? Naw, you just disagree with me a lot, and I look at the game a lot different than you since I played until I was in my late 20’s. Then the legs went. Toles is nervous? I think Toles is doing the same thing in a different way that Puig and Pederson are doing. He is putting pressure on himself. When you press, you hold the bat a little tighter and you are not loosey goosey when you play. More than anything at the major league level, you need to play relaxed and not put pressure on yourself.

  6. My predictions:
    1 – 4 of the Dodgers’ opening 5 starting pitchers will end up on the DL this year (Kershaw the exception). Kazmir already on the DL; Ryu the 1st of the opening 5 to get there
    2 – This will be the year that the Dodgers trade Puig. He’ll go in a deadline deal.
    3 – The Dodgers will use at least 13 starting pitchers this year – the current 5 plus Kazmir, Wood, Urias, Stripling, Stewart, 2 other guys from the minors and a deadline acquisition. (They used 15 last year.)
    4 – Kershaw wins another Cy and is in the running for MVP.
    5 – The Dodgers win 93 but flame out in the playoffs because the Cubs/National/Giants/Mets have more ace quality starters. They win the Division again.
    6 – The Dodgers do not solve their trouble hitting with RISP and end up around .250 (again).
    7 – The Dodgers end up with OF platoons in all 3 positions.

    1. Dodger Rick,

      You are the guy that makes it real, and I can see much of that happening.

      But I do know you want the best for the team.

      I wish we had at least one more really good pitcher too.

      I hope our young pitchers get up to the majors soon.

      1. Well you are stuck with Hill for 3 years, McCarthy for 2…….so that’s 2 old guys blocking the kid starters, and of course we do not know what Kersh is going to do, oh yeah Kazmania has 2 years left on his deal. Wood I think will end up being trade bait.

  7. DR—-
    1 – Agree. In fact it could easily be all 5.
    2 – Puig goes IF the Dodgers are not in first place at the deadline and he is tradable (i.e. not on DL).
    3 – Agree on 13 as well.
    4 – IF Kershaw throws 220 Innings plus than yes.
    5 – I’ve got 88 wins and I’m sticking to it.
    6 – Agree
    7 – If that happens that is not a good sign for a couple of the OF’s.

    1. I doubt they platoon in CF. Puig’s play will dictate whether it happens in RF, but LF is definitely a platoon position.

  8. I was reading a story on the best defensive outfielders in the majors on Not one Dodger outfielder cracks the top 5 at any OF spot. I thought that was weird since Puig and Pederson are two of the best in the NL, but not according to statcast, which is one reason I dislike sabermetrics so much

      1. They had Hamilton up there, Blackmon and Pollock. In the AL the big gun is Keirmeier of the Rays other CF over Joc, Adam Eaton of the Nats and Starling Marte who moves there from LF for the Bucco’s

    1. I think, and have read, that rating defensive players the best is a hard game to play (pun!)

      On one hand several metrics use distance covered and best route as key metrics, but doing so penalizes players who play for teams that move their OF around a lot (like, incidentally, the Dodgers.) Other systems deal more with the balls played (good throws, quick release, clean pick up of grounders) which tends to often miscredit OFs who don’t move very far and just handle what is hit directly at them.

    1. Bobby

      I bet your really excited for opening day this year, since you have your season tickets.

      I hope you can get the day off, and go to the game!

  9. SVS playing CF now. Gutierrez in LF. Hatcher actually got 4 outs without giving up a run…..alert the MEDIA!

  10. Well Dodgers square the series 1-1 with a 3-1 win. Hill went 3 2/3rds but was not impressive at all. He did get robbed on a couple of calls and Toles put him in a bad spot with an error that allowed a runner to get to 3rd, but the defense bailed him out, especially Forsythe who was playing 3rd while Turner was the DH. He made a couple of spectacular plays. Avilan, Hatcher, Romo Jansen and Ishler closed it out. Bats were pretty silent most of the night except for Turners solo blast. Then they scored 2 in the 8th on a couple of back to back doubles. Gutierrez’s double was off the top of the wall in right center, and almost was a homer, off a right handed pitcher. Tonight was the first time the Dodgers have beaten the Angels in Anaheim in an exhibition game since 2003………

    1. Michael

      Even though you got all upset because people got upset with Puig for striking out, then having a tantrum and throwing his bat down on the ground in front of the umpire, you do the exact same thing to Toles.

      He isn’t the first outfielder, that had trouble fielding a grounder that hits off, and rolls against the fence.

      Puig actually has over ran hits on the ground in the outfield, trying to get to the ball, and has made misplays on the same type of hit, that Toles dealt with last night.

      In fact Puig hit a ball on the ground to the outfield last year, and the Nats centerfielder over ran Puig’s hit, and Puig got a little league HR off that misplay.

      Puig made the same misplay last year, later in the season, because the Dodger pregame show, showed when Puig made the same misplay.

      And I don’t get upset with Puig, because he is just trying hard to get to the ball, and I am not different with any other player, that hustles.

      Toles should have got to the grounder, but it wasn’t like he made such a bad play.

      That ball was hit hard against the wall.

      Orel said he was told that he needs to clean up his defense, on things like that, but he had no problems with catching on the fly.

      That is the reason he is probably putting pressure on himself, and he just needs to forget it, and play like he can.

      This is the first year that Puig is under the pressure, that Toles is probably feeling now.

      Let’s see what Puig does.

      1. I am pretty critical sometimes. I know that. But I played the game long enough to know it is not that easy. So when players do things I try to gauge the situation. If it is a really dumb move, then I get a little more irritated. That ball Toles booted was under the padding out there, trying to field it with your glove in that position is not a smart thing to do. But it did not cause them to lose, so it is a learning experience. I think you misjudge the fact that Puig is always under pressure. The reason is because the guy is under the microscope most of the time. Players trying to make a roster are always under a little more scrutiny and therefore more pressure. That is one reason I really disliked the decision to keep Kike instead of Taylor, and I think the excuse they used, that Kike can also play CF is lame. Taylor rose to the occasion and contributed. He is a far superior fielder to Kike, and he played CF a few times. They have 4 outfielders, and I do not consider Hernandez an outfielder, who are capable of playing CF. Toles, Pederson, SVS, and Thompson. I think Kike is getting a free ride because of what he did in 2015, plus he is a FAZ pickup, and we all know how FAZ likes his boys. I think Toles is a very talented player. I think he will probably be a valuable piece to the team. Whether he can do it every day at the major league level, remains to be seen. Puig on the other hand has been there and produced. His problems can be traced to off the field antics, and injury’s. This is pretty much his last shot with the Dodgers, and even if he gets close to what he did in 2013, there is the possibility they will trade him when his trade value peaks. I look at the whole picture rather than just pieces of it. All these players, except the guys with the big contracts, are being pushed by the talent at the AAA level and some below. Bellinger, probably 1 year away, but I would bet that kid makes the 25 man next spring. Toles knows what he needs to do to be out there every day. But what happens when Ethier gets healthy enough to play? Toles will be the odd man out unless Puig totally flops. It is going to be interesting, and probably somewhat painful at times to watch. But that’s why they play the game on the field and not on the screens of computers. Oh and Puig tossing the bat when he struck out, well first off it was a bad call by the umpire, Puig was frustrated and having a bad game, and myself having been there and done that, I cannot criticize a player for having a temper. Mine got me into trouble a few times. It is a very human reaction.

        1. Michael

          I had high hopes for Puig, when I found out that Roberts would be, the manager.

          I already knew that Mattingly didn’t handle certain players well, so I thought Roberts, would be the manager, that would accept Puig, and try to help Puig, get better.

          But after I found out, that Puig wasn’t doing what he was suppose to do, and he was being a hand full for Roberts.

          I felt Puig needed to grow up, and do the things he is suppose to do, and not take advantage, of Robert’s kindness.

          And that is when I changed my mind about Puig.

          I still can root for Puig, but I expect more from Puig, at this point.

          Puig has looked more serious this year, but it is hard to believe in him, because we all have heard that, before.

          I can understand why that would be painful for you, if Puig doesn’t deliver, and really, for all of us.

          I am concerned that Puig isn’t getting it, and I mean hitting.

          I know for sure, he can hit 260 with his eyes closed, but he has so much untapped potential, it is frustrating to watch him, at times.

          He should be able to hit as many balls out, as Joc does, if not more, with the way, that Puig is built.

          But as you know, hitting a baseball thrown by a major league pitcher, has to be the hardest thing, to do, of all things, in sports.

          I really don’t have one favorite player, but we all like certain players more, but at the same time, we want all of the players to do well, to help the team.

          We all have our little emotional attachments, to the Dodger’s players.

          You can only imagine how I felt, when Toles didn’t pick up that ball cleanly.

          Because I want him to do well, and I know if he doesn’t hold on to that, he will be fine, like he was, most of last year, when he came up.

          I feel the exact same way as you do, when it comes to Kike, and Hatcher.

          I just think placing these players on the team, when they haven’t produced for a long while, and didn’t produce in spring training this year, is not a good example to the other players, and especially, to the young players.

          Can you imagine how Taylor feels, and some of the other pitchers, that pitched well, in spring training, after being sent down?

          That isn’t good for the moral, of the other players, who had to go down to AAA, after they had, a really good spring, unlike both Kike, and Hatcher.

    2. Michael

      And about Gutierrez, I thought since he played in the same league as the Angels, he would know the Angel’s pitchers, pretty well.

      1. The guy he got the double off of, Yates is new to the Angels. He came from the Yankees system, so I do not think Gutierrez has seen this kid before. Garret Parker, the last Angel pitcher last night, has struck out the last 17 batters he has faced……that is totally unbelievable, and nobody wanted the guy this winter. He had been released 4 times….

        1. Michael

          I guess we should give be a little more understanding, when the front office, takes a chance with pitchers, like Parker.

          Like they did, when they got Dayton.

          The Angels must have two pitchers with the first name Garret.

          Wasn’t the Angels pitcher, that started the game, also named Garret, but his last name, is Richards?

          I wonder where Badger is today.

          I hope he is out having a good time.

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