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The Dodgers Glove You All: Boys in Blue Continue To Dazzle Defensively

Justin Turner Smiles

The Dodgers defeated the Giants again on Saturday afternoon beating San Francisco by a 2-1 score. Cody Bellinger’s two RBI singles were enough to back another strong pitching performance from Rich Hill and the Dodger bullpen. The Dodgers didn’t just impress with the arms today as they won their seventh straight game, they also dazzled with the gloves.

The Dodgers made two outstanding defensive plays during their 2-1 win over the Giants. Justin Turner made a fantastic lunging stop on a Denard Span grounder in the top of the fourth inning. From his glove side he turned and threw as he swayed towards the foul line. He was able to get Span by a step. What a wonderful play! That’s one for the web gems.

Earlier in the game during the top of the second inning, Yasiel Puig made a terrific sliding catch in the right field corner on a Buster Posey slicing line drive. Puig made the catch while sliding into the low wall in foul territory. It looks like the ball probably would have landed fair and Puig robbed Posey from what could have been a for sure double or triple.

It’s important to remember that the Dodgers lead all of baseball in defensive efficiency rating. That calculates how often a team turns batted balls into outs. With outstanding plays like these, it’s no wonder the Dodgers have the most efficient defensive unit in MLB. Keep on flashing that leather boys!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

7 thoughts on “The Dodgers Glove You All: Boys in Blue Continue To Dazzle Defensively

  1. I think we should call up DJ Peters tomorrow for 1 day just to piss off Bumgarner. (He hit 2 homers against him in the same inning earlier this year in a rehab start.)

  2. Impressive thing about Puig’s catch was that the ball was like a snow cone in the top of his glove and as he was sliding towards the wall, he opened his glove so the ball would be in the pocket and not pop out when he hit the wall. Pretty heady stuff. Another trade for depth in the minors, but nothing for the big club. Watched Beltre get his 2999th hit, he is coming up in the bottom of the 9th looking for #3000. Well he will have to wait at least 1 more day.

  3. Getting a bad feeling about this…. I think we’ll end up with Darvish but minus Verdugo and Alvarez. I wouldn’t mind too much trading them for Sonny but not just for a rental. Probably what FAZ intended all along, the rest of it was just to muddy the water, tease the loyal fans…

    1. We need a strong starter. FAZ knows that. And we know he will trade prospects for a rental. But not the best prospects. I don’t think he lets both those guys go for Darvish.

  4. This morning Dodger blue said they were looking for bargains. nuff said, no biggies on the radar even if they still are talking to the Rangers.

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