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Bellinger And Hill Shine in Another Win

Rich Hill

The Dodgers have been bashing teams left and right. So the hated ones are in town with Ty Blach on the mound who has had success against the Dodgers.  Rich Hill was on the mound for the Dodgers looking to continue his winning ways as of late. The backdrop of this magical season and this particular series is the MLB trade deadline, which is in two days.

In the bottom of the first Corey Seager hit a double to get things started. Cody Bellinger singled him home for the Dodgers to take a 1-0 lead. Bellinger leads the team in RBI’s. In the bottom of the third, Corey Seager hit another double. Seager lately has been red hot and the fact the Dodgers were getting some hits against a left hander made it so much sweeter. Cody Bellinger once again hit a single to collect another RBI and the Dodger took a 2-0 lead.

Meanwhile Rich Hill kept the Giants bats at bay. The patented curve-ball was curving and leaving the giants hitters like the fool on the hill. Through three innings, Hill kept the hated ones hit-less. Hunter Pence hit a solo shot for Giants to put them on the board and make the score 2-1. It was Rich Hill’s only mistake of the game.

Hill ended up pitching until the sixth inning of the game. Yasiel Puig pitched in the with a sliding catch to rob Buster Posey of at least a double. The Dodgers bullpen handled the rest of the game to secure the 2-1 victory which evened up the season series between the teams. Josh Fields, Luis Avilan, and Pedro bridged the gap till the big dog came in to take care of business.

Kenley Jansen earned yet another save. The Giants will try to save face tomorrow as they will move up Madison Bumgarner to face the Dodgers. The Dodgers won their 7th straight. So with this magical season progressing, the only question is will the Dodgers go for it all and try and capture the world series by adding to the rotation with their plethora of depth and prospects. We will find out soon enough if this ride will continue and how deep it can go based on what additions are made for the team. The time to strike seems to be now.

James Moya

Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

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James Moya
Hi I’m James Moya. I am an avid Dodgers fan. I graduated Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors in Communications. I used to freelance at the San Bernardino Sun. I’m excited about this opportunity to write for LA Dodger Report to gain experience. I’m a straight shooter on my opinions and I hope to get some good conversations going. My dream has always been to report on the Dodgers because Baseball is the National Past-time. I hope you enjoy the ride with me.

53 thoughts on “Bellinger And Hill Shine in Another Win

  1. Nice game, well played for the most part. Jansen gave us a little scare in the 9th, but stopped the threat. Corey is hot. Bellinger was clutch and the defense shined. Puig made a spectacular catch in RF.

  2. Seager has been hot this month and I think he may have been pacing himself. I think he said last year that he was a bit tired.

    August will be full of dog days, especially with such a big lead in the Division. Let’s see how they do and how Roberts can keep their focus or regain it in September.

  3. Just to prove how the best team doesn’t always win the World Series:

    Ranked by final winning %:
    1906 Chicago Cubs NL 116 36 .763 Lost 1906 World Series
    1902 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 103 36 .741 National League Champions
    1886 Chicago White Stockings NL 90 34 .726 Lost 1886 World Series
    1909 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 110 42 .724 Won 1909 World Series
    1954 Cleveland Indians AL 111 43 .721 Lost 1954 World Series
    2001 Seattle Mariners AL 116 46 .716 Lost 2001 ALCS
    1927 New York Yankees AL 110 44 .714 Won 1927 World Series
    1886 Detroit Wolverines NL 87 36 .707 2nd place in National League
    1897 Boston Beaneaters NL 93 39 .705 Lost 1897 Temple Cup
    1907 Chicago Cubs NL 107 45 .7039 Won 1907 World Series
    1931 Philadelphia Athletics AL 107 45 .7039 Lost 1931 World Series
    1998 New York Yankees AL 114 48 .7037 Won 1998 World Series
    1887 St. Louis Browns AA 95 40 .7037 Lost 1887 World Series
    1939 New York Yankees AL 106 45 .702 Won 1939 World Series

    1. The 1886 Detroit Wolverines?

      Going back to 2000 it looks like the best team won a couple of times. But so did Wild Card teams. The best record has meant little, but then the best record hasn’t meant home field. This year it does. That will help.

    2. Bluto

      I just looked at your list of teams and the years they won it all.

      And those are not very good examples, because those team’s odds, were much better back then, because there was no wild card teams, so you only had to beat one team in a series to make it to the World Series.

      And you only had to beat two teams in a series, to win the World Series!

      1. That only helps my point!

        The best team doesn’t always win, no matter how much better for the majority of the year.

        Random hot streaks. Player runs….

  4. The Yankees are getting better. They pick up Garcia and apparently are still in in Gray.

    I wonder what the Cubs and Nationals intend to do to match up better in a 7 game series against the Dodgers?

    1. Was thinking about this as well.

      I think the way to beat the Dodgers is well known, reduce Kershaw’s value by forcing him onto short rest.

      Maybe opposing teams sacrifice game 1 so they can have their top 2 pitchers go in games two and three? Down 2-1 would Roberts bring back Kershaw early? Maybe…

      1. Bluto

        Kershaw pitches better on short rest then with extra rest.

        And I don’t think it is wrong to expect Kershaw to pitch as well in the post season, that he does in the regular season.

        He is the highest paid pitcher in baseball.

        And just because the odds are not good, that doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything to improve your odds!

  5. I have been looking at salaries info on Baseball Reference and TrueBlue. The numbers don’t exactly match but I think if we pick up Verlander we still have an outside chance of being under the cap in 2018, but we will have to let some of our extra arbitration eligible relief arms go and also try to dump some salary at the winter meetings if we pick up not only Verlander, and also Wilson and/or Britton. If we don’t pick up Verlander, or if the Tigers eat a few millions of his salary, we are in good shape to be under the zap in 2018. And though it probably goes without saying, Gray and Darvish would not put us in jeopardy of going over the cap in 2018.

    To refresh people’s memories, we’ve been over the cap in 2016 and 2017, so being over in 2018 will trigger a 50% penalty for 2018 and any FA we sign after 2018 (and there are a lot of big FAs in the 2018 offseason – Machado, Trout, Kershaw ….). If we can get below the cap for 2018, we pay a 20% penalty for going over the cap again after signing FAs in the 2018 offseason.

    Kenley and Turner both did the Dodgers a big favor by taking a lower salary for 2018 – this went a long way in trying to keep us under the cap. Finally, if should be noted that the current glaring salary cap holds are FAZ signings, not the Colleti signings. Unless we were trying to get under the cap before 2018, which would be weird because as we are seeing, 2016 and 2017 have not been big FA years. One contract in particular stocks out – the Kazmir contract at $17.5m per year. I do note that once Crawford was waived it cleared a lot of space for 2018 – that was a key move and a great gutsy one by FAZ. There are also a bunch of churn moves that can get some cap holds off the books, like waiving Culbertson, etc.

    I’m by no means a cap expert and when it comes to baseball there are a lot on interpretations and possibilities when it comes to praising or criticizing the FO on moves that negatively impact cap holds. My main point here is that while Colleti deals did prevent FAZ somewhat in signing long term contracts in 2016-2017, actually they did err in Kazmir (and to a lesser extent McCarthy). Using second tier prospects last year was a good “cap” move but they may have made another mistake resigning Hill at $16m (because we are so close up the cap for 2018 that a couple of million more in cap room actually would let us keep some good bullpen arms).

    Nonetheless the team this year is very good, and trades can always happen in the winter. It’ll be interesting to see how FAZ handles it in the next day or so, or later as this is only the non-waiver deadline.

    1. Yeah, I more or less came to a similar conclusion YF. I posted yesterday that before any arb raises etc we currently sit at $177mm for ’18. To keep it under the luxury level is going to take some dancing. It will be easier to do this if we win it all this year. Then some laundering won’t bother anybody.

    2. The Other-Blogger-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless….because he triggers people…actually brought up an excellent point: that there is a clause whereby a team over the cap at a certain tier starts to have their 1rst round draft selection impacted.

      No way the Dodgers let happen. The talk about Guggs just sitting piles of money they can toss around without consequence is fantasy….in general terms…but this just drives that home.

      1. That is already known by everyone here patch. You’d know that if you actually read posts. He probably read it here.

        Like I said, we’ll see. Money doesn’t matter, but selections might. I say might because the system is pretty good now, one player won’t make much difference. Also – they can buy just about whatever they will need, now and for forever. I doubt they will short change the present for a maybe in the future.

        1. See what I mean by trigger? A mere mention of the name and you go right to 10 on the Condescension Scale.

          You’re right. I don’t read every post. I skim through. I could be wrong, but I’m fairly confident that you’re practicing a bit of revisionist history here.

          No. Timmons didn’t get that nugget from you – come now, Badger, it’s not always about you. Here’s the excerpt that he copied from MLB Trade Rumors:

          “LB’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement contains a previously unknown detail that could potentially affect teams that spend heavily, Baseball America’s J.J. Cooper writes. In addition to the luxury tax, the CBA includes two surcharge thresholds that could cost big spenders extra money and that could even lower their top draft picks.

          The financial details of the surcharge thresholds were previously known. If a team spends above $217MM in 2018, it will receive an extra 12% tax in addition to the usual 20%, 30% or 50% luxury tax. If a team spends over $237MM, it will receive an extra 42.5% or 45% surcharge tax.

          Beginning in 2018, there will be an extra penalty for teams in that second category, Cooper notes. A team that spends above $237MM will also have its top draft pick lowered ten spots, unless that pick is in the top six, in which case the team’s second pick will be lowered ten spots.

          As Cooper points out, the new rule could be a significant deterrent to teams hoping to be among baseball’s biggest spenders, since teams are generally quite protective of early-round draft picks. The Dodgers, for example, have had payrolls above $237MM for the past several seasons. Under the new system, they would pay a very significant penalty for spending so heavily. Cooper notes that a $260MM payroll in 2018 would cost the Dodgers over $50MM in luxury tax, plus the lowered draft pick.”

          …notice the very first sentence? In fact, if you look even a little more closely, there’s a key phrase: “contains a previously unknown detail.”

          I hadn’t known of it. Based on that excerpt It seems like most of the baseball sports journalist world didn’t, either. I’m doubtful that you did.

          But I could be wrong. I often am.

          You see what I just did there? I just conceded that I’m wrong on occasion. I accepted that my knowledge is finite – that I don’t ALWAYS have to be right or my predictions always be prescient. I think you have a problem with that. And when that intersects with a particular guy who likes always being right, too? Trigger city.

          I just mentioned that because I thought it was an interesting point that was relevant and worthy of further discussion.

      2. As Timmons is wont to do to fit his agenda, he only gives the half of the facts that best suits his agenda of the week. That -10 draft spots issue is already known by several posters here, and I believe that’s only triggered if we are like $40m over the cap. As it stands, even if we pick up Verlander, Wilson AND Britton, we would still not be $40 million over.

        I think the main issue for FAZ on Verlander is getting below the lux tax in 2018 so they can try to sign a big time FA or two in 2018/2019 at only a 20% penalty instead of 50%.

        1. That’s the goal, I suppose. And I think we might have about $20 million to manuever with. I think there are around 10 arb guys, and several more team controlled. Not sure what adding stars would cost, but if $196mm is the goal, I doubt retaining Darvish is on the table. It will be interesting to see how they do it. They’re moneyball dudes, so they no doubt are working the problem. I can’t help but think with such deep pockets, if they can get a couple of those big time FA to commit here, screw that first round pick. A true dynasty is worth more than the 30th pick in the draft.

    3. YF,

      I’m thankful that you seem to be well-versed in this area.

      I am not.

      Were Hill, McCarthy or Kazmir resigned/signed before or after the new CBA?

      What was the impact of being over the threshold in the old CBA?

      1. Well Bluto I’m no expert either.

        I think all the FOs knew the implications of the new CBA well in advance. The salary caps thresholds calculations were not changed much. And actually I think the terms of the old and new CBAs are also not that different, and there’s an equalizing clause to even put the penalty for the transition period between the two CBAs. Also I believe the old CBA had the repeater penalty too (per Wikipedia, albeit with lower repeater penalty oercentages). But the minus 10 spots is new, and I think that was put in the new CBA to prevent teams like the Giants and the Red Sox from doing well one year by overspending a whole bunch, then dive the next year. In fact recent history shows that Giants/Red Sox strategy actually seems to work better than going to the playoffs every year since you get 2 top picks out of every 4-5 years and still go the postseason with a chance to win in the other years, which both the Giants and the Red Sox did. Meanwhile we get like 5 rookies of the years but no home grown MVPs in ages. Very annoying.

  6. Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Rangers are “more sold than ever” that they will trade Darvish. The Dodgers and Yankees are the two likeliest landing spots, though a trade isn’t likely to be announced on Sunday. Rangers GM Jon Daniels and other execs met with Darvish last weekend to explain to him the possibility that he’d be traded, Wilson continues. Texas hopes to trade Darvish to a contending club and re-sign him, and while Wilson reports that the right-hander has told the team he hopes to continue his career with them, he also is curious to see what the open market will bear.’s T.R. Sullivan also tweets that the Dodgers and Yankees are both in on Darvish, but he hears there’s a third team in the mix that no one anticipated. (Hooray for the mystery team!) The Cubs aren’t heavily involved in Darvish talks, according to Wilson (Twitter link). Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News speculates that the Indians could be interested (Twitter links). Grant also notes that the Astros have expressed interest, though the Rangers feel that would be the toughest deal to complete.

  7. “Texas hopes to trade Darvish to a contending club and re-sign him”

    All the more reason why a deal with the Dodgers doesn’t happen unless it’s a bag of balls and a fungo bat. At least with Hill, FAZ really liked him and wanted to re-sign him…which they did.

    I don’t think the Dodgers are serious about Yu. They shouldn’t be.

    1. Dodgerpatch

      I don’t think the Dodgers go after him, but that has nothing, to do about the Rangers wanting to resign Darvish.

      If you read all of that article, it said that Darvish would like to see how he did, on the open market, so the Rangers have no assurances, that Darvish will resign with the Rangers.

      And Darvish and Hill, are not even in the same market.

  8. Lots of rumors, little action so far. I will say this about Farrell and Ysla, they fit FAZ’s profile of low risk high reward players. Ysla’s main problem is control it seems. Farrell has average stuff, so anything they get out of him is a plus.

  9. Great snippet on why Texas will likely move Yu:

    Another thing to remember regarding the Darvish market are the new Qualifying Offer rules that were set forth by the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was ratified during the offseason. Under the new QO rules, only teams that receive revenue sharing can receive a first-round compensation pick when a free agent rejects a QO to sign elsewhere.
    According to’s Jon Paul Morosi, the Rangers are not on the list of 16 clubs that will receive revenue sharing, which isn’t surprising given the size of their market. As a result, the best they can do if Darvish rejects a qualifying offer and leaves is a comp pick before the third round (likely in the 70s). These new rules could incentivize a trade, as Darvish would certainly bring back a prospect package more valuable than a Draft pick in that range.

    1. Bobby

      Thanks for the good information!

      That makes a big difference when it comes to Darvish, and what the Rangers might do.

  10. Melky Cabrera back to the Royals from the White Sox. Some nut from NY on twitter says the Mets are close to trading Jay Bruce to the Dodgers. I would not pay him much mind though. In July he said the Mets had traded DeGrom to the Royals. Cubs now focusing on Avila rather than Ellis. Pirates insider source says Cole could be traded by Monday.

  11. Cole is an interesting target. Orange County boy. UCLA. Would you trade Buehler for him? They might do it if we included Seager and Urias. Cue catbox. (Grab the Febrese)

    I think I might do it. Might. Cole has ace stuff. A great #2. Acey Duecy. Not a free agent unto 2020.

    1. I could see them trading two of the big four, say Alvarez and Calhoun, but they could expand the trade and get Watson too. Baltimore wants a kings ransom for Britton, and so do the Padres for Hand. I still think they are talking to the Marlins about Straily, who’s record almost mirrors Gray.

  12. RIP Lee May. Member of the Big Red Machine who passed away yesterday. I remember him well. Heyman reports Dodgers still talking with Rangers about Darvish and it could become a 3 team trade. We will see, expect nothing until tomorrow.

  13. I would much rather have Sonny for two years plus than rent Darvish. No matter how good a prospect looks in Oklahoma, he’s not “made” until he does it in the bigs. Sonny buys us time. Two years to develop his replacement. For those reasons I would give Verdugo and Mr. Tree Trunks, and even Alveraz if necessary to get him. At this point he is a much better bet than Verdugo or Alvarez. Also spend some lesser lights for someone like Wilson or Hand. Maybe we can trade Joc for some more prospects…..

    1. Being “made” didn’t work out so well for Tommy DeVito.

      Well your logic sounds reasonable but I don’t give up Verdugo or Buehler. They are my this year’s Seager and Urias. We got other talent that should interest Oakland. Alvarez, Calhoun and one of our catching prospects might do it.

      1. Consider this; Ready or not, we really don’t have roster spots for either of them. If we got Sonny G, we could dump Kazmir/McCarthy for 30 cents on the dollar maybe. It would help…. Or, how about this: Joc is blocking Verdugo, we have to move Joc to create an opening for Verdugo….

    1. Him along with Piazza, Clemente, Pedro, and a few others, the Dodgers threw away a complete team of Hall Of Famers. Maybe FAZ is our punishment?

  14. I have been making too many posts here. No one else seems to care if anything is posted or not, so I won’t either.

    1. I care. I’m reading every word with interest and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzeal.

      There is room on the DL for everybody.

      I don’t believe management wants to insert Verdugo into a championship run with no experience. He is being blocked but I don’t see any centerfield change until next Spring. It’s Joc, for better or for worse.

      Im prepared to be wrong.

  15. There is a big difference between Darvish and Gray. Darvish is a rental and will not cost very much. We should offer Calhoun, a catcher, not Ruiz, and a lower player. This will not get it done, but that is what he is worth. Gray has two years left on his contract. He is going to cost us a lot more. We have to give up Verdugo and/or Beuhler, with three other minor league players. There is no way they will give up Beuhler. Calhoun is available, but nobody seems to want him. He cannot field. I doubt if they give up Verdugo, but he would be the one I think you could give up because of what we have in the minors. Also, Toles is coming back next year.

    1. “He cannot field”

      Why do people keep saying that? 300 chances, .980 fielding %, 4.06 RF. (Forsythe. – .985 and 3.75).

      I am sure teams would want Calhoun. And I’m pretty sure both Texas and Oakland would be among them.

      1. Somebody posted a link to’s updated Dodger prospects.

        Calhoun is #4, but they echo his problems at 2nd. They do mention he is working hard to improve…..

        1. That somebody was jonah right here in this thread. And that particular scouting report is months old. Somebody else posted his current fielding percentage and RF numbers after 300 chances at second base. Only 6 errors.

          1. Badger admit it you’re just a softie for hard working one trick ponies like Calhoun. Ok maybe 2 tricks – he can hit for average and power. (Sounds like a half dozen hall of ga
            famers ….)

  16. If we make a trade. It will cost us some pretty good players. If we win the WS , it will be worth it. If not, and the players we traded are good major league players, we will all say who made the trade. That is the job for FAZ. They get the big bucks.

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