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Happy Thanksgiving Dodger Fam!

I know it’s been a bit slow over here over the last couple of weeks. However the hot stove is in a stand still until the owners and players agree upon a new collective bargaining agreement. The old CBA is due to expire on December 1st. So until that happens there is very little activity.

The winter meetings are scheduled from December 4-8, and it would seem unlikely for a new deal to be reached before then. Then again it is a possibility. Otherwise most of the free agent signings and trades will be pushed back a few weeks until the new agreement is reached.

I just wanted to reach out to everyone over here and let you all know that we are still here and committed to bringing you the best Dodger coverage on the internet. We’ll be covering all of the hot stove action for the Dodgers.

In the meantime enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, eat a lot of turkey and take some time to be thankful for what it means to be a Dodger fan. It means a lot to be a Dodger fan and there are many reasons for us to be thankful. From Vin Scully, to Clayton Kershaw, to Corey Seager, to beautiful Dodger Stadium, and of course Ladodgerreport!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us over here! We’ll return tomorrow. Same Dodger Site, same Dodger station. Always, go blue!

Scott Andes

Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

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Scott Andes
Scott Andes: Longtime writer and Dodger fanatic

120 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Dodger Fam!

  1. Segura traded to M’s. Now that is a guy I had wished the Dodgers would acquire but I didn’t think AZ would trade him and especially not to LA.

  2. From the last thread:

    My response to MJ:

    Here they are.
    Santana – 2 years/$27 Million – In retrospect he was OK
    Liriano – 2 years/$17 Million – Good in 15, bad in 16… really bad
    Masterson – Horrid and released – out of baseball in 16
    Hammel – A solid pitcher and would have been a good choice but he wanted to go back to Chicago.
    Volquez – $18 million/2 year deal – Good in 15. Absolutely awful in 16
    Villanueva – Not a starter and not good.
    Gallardo – Was a free agent after 15 – put up a 5.42ERA in 16 and has a 3 year/$35 million deal.

    You forgot JA Happ who was the gem. He signed after 15 for 3 years/$30 million and won 20 games in 16.

    The point is: It’s a crap shoot, JA HAPP? The Dodgers had good and bad luck with Anderson and Bad Luck with McCarthy. KAZ? He was OK – not horrid. They have two more years of Mac and Kaz. There is nothing the see here. Hardly a pattern.

    and really they didn’t even have to trade Haren, he would have been a decent number five pitcher. He was OK and now out of baseball.

    And what is the weather report for tommorow’s game?

    72 degrees and clear. It’s at Lucas Oil Stadium. Here’s a preview:


    I have never said I am smarter, nor do I think that. Maybe that is your perception…

    Badger says I am rich. I wish I knew where the money was.

    Badger said:

    Though I do realize how often at this particular site people are called stupid, idiots, morons, etc, I don’t believe Hazen is DUMB. You might want to revisit that. Then again, I may need to consider the source.

    You said the exact same thing when I skewered Lucille and the Drunk for getting Greinke and Miller. Let’s see where this stands the same time next year.

    1. Mark

      I didn’t do last year’s free agent pitchers, and that is why I didn’t use Happ.

      And Haren might have played longer, if he would have stayed on the west coast, like he wanted to do.

      And thanks for the info.

      I hope they can pull off this last win tomorrow.

      The weather should help.

      1. In 15, Anderson was better than Haren in my opinion. If he hadn’t taken that damn QO. Someone here said they knew he would – I’d like to talk to them about Powerball too!

        1. Mark

          I really don’t know about that QO.

          But we were really lucky with Anderson, for that one year.

          It will be interesting to see what Anderson is going to get offered, this year.

  3. One last thing – I find it quite intriguing that one who would stick up for Hazen, La Russa and Stewart and chastise ones who don’t, can turn around and denigrate Friedman, but it’s always been a double standard and talk out of both sides of a mouth with a forked tongue!

    I’ll say one thing: It’s consistent!

    1. Mark, would you trade Kershaw?

      Reasons to trade Kershaw:
      1. He might get a young plus 3rd baseman and a young plus 2nd baseman in return.
      2. If traded for young bats and gloves the Dodgers cut payroll.
      3. It seems like the Dodgers need 2 aces and a strong #2 to advance so what good is it to have 1 ace.
      4. Dodgers would only be without an ace for 2017, after that Urias becomes an ace.
      5. Dodgers probably will add another ace in 2029 in house in Alvarez.
      6. The 2017 rotation has too many pitchers with pitch limits and would be best served with a 6 man rotation.
      7. Six of Urias, De Leon, Maeda, Stewart, Stripling, Buehler, Wood, McCarthy, Kazmir would be a good rotation with depth.
      8. Kershaw can opt out in 2 years.
      9. Kershaw has a back that is worrisome.
      10. Kershaw has yet to pitch a complete game shutout in the playoffs.

      1. As much as I like him, I would be temped to… with the appropriate return. It would have to be a lot. The thing is, Friedman has been charged by Guggs to keep the team competitive while re-building so I don;t think Guggs will allow it.

        I would do it for all the reasons listed, but this is the best pitcher in baseball so it would take 5 or 6 TOP 5 Prospects – that would mean a three or four team deal. I would try and package Ethier and Gonzo too. Pay half their salaries and get more prospects.

        The Dodgers farm system is the deepest it has ever been. I mean, Scott Barlow is rated #56 and he might be TOP 20 in some organizations. His stats aren’t that impressive, but he is a stud. Watch and see. If I trade Kershaw, I would blow it all up and build around Corey, Joc, Yasmani, Cody and Alex and well as all the starters we have. That’s has always been my choice but Guggs won’t allow it!

        If we added that many prospects, we would have one bad year – 2017 – and then we would be better positioned than the Cubs. I’ll vote for it! Just don’t tell Clayton.

        1. Moncada, Betts, Sandoval for Kershaw, Gonzales, and Verdugo. Although the Sandoval inclusion was to again help Boston out of a terrible contract while Gonzales and Ramirez would platoon at first and DH. Sandoval would platoon with Bellinger at first for the Dodgers.

          1. Bum

            Remember Agone was already with the Red Sox, and they traded him.

            Hanley might be a good enough hitter, that they wouldn’t have to platoon him.

            Really the Red Sox don’t do a lot of platooning.

            They do it in left, or to give guys days off, but not like we do.

            I think we need to do exactly what the Red Sox do.

            Because it isn’t better to platoon most of your line up against lefties, with these part time players.

            The good teams don’t go that far with platooning, and that is the right way.

            The more at bats players get, and the more they play, gives them a edge.

            Of course give players a day off from time to time, but not all at once, like Mattingly did.

          2. Betts? A 23 year old coming off a 9.6 WAR year?

            How about working a deal with his home town team? Hamels, Mendez, Dyson and Odor. Or Gallo.

      2. Bum

        I think we need to at least keep Kershaw for this year, because we don’t know that Urias will be a number one, or be a number one for a while.

        And Kershaw is going to have to be healthy all year, to make himself look as valuable as he did, before his back problem.

        I personally believe that Kershaw will be fine, because he addressed what was causing his back problem already.

        He had a weakness in his oblique, and that is why he had the back problem.

        But now that he has strengthened his oblique, he has been fine.

        1. MJ, I would hate to trade Kershaw. He is an awesome pitcher and person and teammate. The alternative to trading him is to:

          1. trade for Sale or Archer which will cost prospects, add to payroll,
          2. Require the team to re-sign a 32 year old Turner for too many years and add cost.
          3. Trade for a second baseman and windup with a 2 year rental for an older player.
          4. Lose many prospects plus Puig.
          5. Have a rotation that has an expensive ace that has to pitch every 5th day to justify his cost and 4 other pitchers better suited to a 6 man rotation unless Sale is obtained.

          1. Bum

            I can understand your points.

            But it will be cheaper just to sign Turner.

            He isn’t going to get an outrageous contract.

            He has to many things going against him, to have this contract, to get out of hand.

            And Iike I have continually said, the Dodgers have an edge, when it comes to Turner.

            These teams don’t like to lose there number one picks.

            I just think we need to see how well our young pitchers, will pitch next year.

            We just don’t know if Urias will be a number one pitcher, or how long it will take Urias, to be a number one.

            And this isn’t about Kershaw either.

            A former major league pitcher, said that Urias had better stuff, then Kershaw.

            So Urias does have what it takes, to be a number one, but he just needs to get his time in, so he can learn.

  4. “I’ll say one thing”

    No you won’t.

    “It’s consistent”

    Yes it is. Has been since 2003.

    Lucille and the Drunk. That’s how you treat everyone who disagrees with you, which is and has been a majority I suspect your entire life. Idiots and morons. You’re surrounded by them.

  5. Of course you’d package the Trade… You’d package him for your next new car at Car Max…
    Wow that just came out of no where… I better eat…

  6. Kershaw certainly has been the best regular season pitcher the last few years. Not so much post season – .364 win %, 4.55 ERA. He had a rather serious physical hiccup this year. Is he 100%? Will he remain 100% for the remainder of his contract? He’s owed $35.5mm for the next 4 years. He’s 29 next year. The truth might be we have seen the best of Clayton Kershaw and we did what we could with it. This might be the right time to move him – if teams believe he is 100%. Knowing what I know about back injuries, I don’t believe he will ever be the same. None of us are after 30. Well, Bonds was, but those days are over.

    I would consider moving him now. We likely won’t catch the Cubs in wins the next two years so this could be time for the rebuild. That “win while rebuilding” is fools gold. Go for it or rebuild it. No more McCarthy, Anderson, Hill, Kazmir, Tepesh, Latos, Norris b.s. Do it right or blow it up.

  7. November 24, 2016 at 8:28 pm
    “In 15, Anderson was better than Haren in my opinion.”

    No. He wasn’t.

    And I’m sure you figured nobody would bother to compare the two. Your comment made no sense to me so I looked it up. Haren, more IP, lower ERA, higher WAR.

    Anderson was just another in a series of poor pitching acquisitions by FAZ. Maybe once free of those manufactured payroll concerns they will be better at this. Until then, I think we can expect more of the same.

    1. I didn’t know for sure about Haren, but he was traded to the Cubs, at the trade deadline that year.

      I just think we were really lucky that Anderson made it through that entire year.

      I guess the biggest problem was that they bet on two pitchers like that, to make up the starting pitching rotation.

      And like Scott said, it is ok to maybe take a risk on that fifth starter.

      I personally wouldn’t sign one of these risky pitchers to fill my starting rotation.

      But to sign one to be part of the back up depth, wouldn’t kill you.

      1. We paid Anderson $26 million for .7 WAR. No matter how you couch it, that is a terrible return. McCarthy is worse. Yeah, sure, he COULD turn it around. But until he does he is EXACTLY what I predicted he would be – a bad signing. And until we see some of the young players these guys picked up actually do something noteworthy for a full year, it is exactly what the numbers say it is.

  8. If the Red Sox get a number one pitcher, they would probably be the team to beat the Cubs.

    Because the Red Sox have a better offensive team, and there players are also good defensively.

    There former GM must be a very good judge of talent, or he has the right people, that are good with evaluating talent.

    They have Betts, Bogarts, and Bradley, and they are all in there middle twentys.

    They also found a pretty good hitting catcher last year too.

    They were saying on the MLB Channel, that the Red Sox will be the team to challenge the Cubs.

    The Red Sox don’t have the starting pitching, so they might trade for a top pitcher.

    But I wouldn’t trade for Kershaw, if I were them, because then they would have two pitchers, that have had problems pitching in the post season.

    That is part of the reason I didn’t want Price.

  9. Bum

    Hanley hit 19 HRs against righties, and hit 268 and his OPS was 798.

    I don’t think he needs to be platooned.

    But he does kill lefties!

    We never replaced Hanley and Kemp’s bat, and that is why our team has had these problems with lefties.

    And Agone had these guys batting in front of him, and behind him, so he had plenty of protection.

    I bet if Agone was still protected by these two hitters, even next year, when he was a year older, that he would still be as good as he was, when they were here.

      1. Watford

        I didn’t eat to much turkey, because I didn’t want to upset my English friend.

        But I do suspect that that is part of Agone’s numbers going down each year.

        His power seems to be going down because of his age.

        But in True Blue LA, they said once Agone had those three games off, his numbers returned to his past numbers, even the power numbers, were about the same.

        We do need at least that righthand bat, that Hanley and Kemp supplied, on this team, but I don’t see that happening.

        And I am not expecting Puig to be that bat.

    1. Agon would replace Big Pappy so the platoon would not take Ramirez or Agon out of the lineup, just give them rest time from playing defense. Boston is thinking about using Sandoval in place of Pappy. They could use a lefty bat now that Pappy is gone.

      This is just food for thought and food for discussion.

      1. Bum

        It makes sense, but the Red Sox traded Agone, and I don’t see them going back.

        Doesn’t that new young outfielder, that the Red Sox brought up, bat leftie?

        I know that Bradley does, and I believe Holt does too.

        I know they don’t have the same power as Poppie, but they are a pretty balanced line up.

        That is what people didn’t get about the Panda, he isn’t a big power bat.

        And actually he had only a little above average numbers, during the regular season.

  10. Trade Kershaw if he is healthy??? Where will the 18-20 wins come from? How about the wear and tear on the bullpen when he doesn’t pitch. No way. The bigger issue is whether to re-sign him after next year and for how much and how long. We may have a problem there. The entire team rallies around this guy, and to lose him would be disaster. Of course, no one is bigger than the team, but we have to see next year who the replacements realistically will be. Right now, I don’t see any. Next year will be a big year for the future of this team. If the young guys flame out, and they may, we have to re-sign Kershaw, and if some stars are born, maybe not. He will be hard to get rid of under any scenario, regardless of the return.

  11. I see Scott used the Dodger Blue Turkey picture I posted yesterday, he is more than welcome to any meager offering I post here. As is anyone else. I figure anything posted on the Internet is free for the taking.

  12. Badger: “We paid Anderson $26 million for .7 WAR. No matter how you couch it, that is a terrible return. McCarthy is worse. Yeah, sure, he COULD turn it around. But until he does he is EXACTLY what I predicted he would be – a bad signing.”

    Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Do Figure

    Actually, according to ESPN, it was 1.6 WAR in 2015 on 180 IP and -.8 WAR in 2016 on his 11.1 IP. Just shows how misleading WAR can be.

    BREAKING NEWS!!! When pitchers are injured their pitching stats will not look good.

    I know, I know, many of the posters here possess psychic abilities that allow them to see injuries coming! LIKE YOU!! But until you explain how your psychic abilities let you down on your DBag competing forecast, and ALL your crying about FAZ not signing Greinke, your predictions appear less reliable than a coin flip.

    Most on this board just complain unless FAZ signs the most EXPENSIVE players available. When FAZ doesn’t go with the most expensive these posters predict failure for the players signed. Most posters here cried that Greinke should have been signed, whatever the cost, instead of McCarthy, Anderson, Kazmir and Maeda. Now, the same posters want to tell us what good “fortune tellers” they were. Well you guys were wrong, Greinke was the DISASTER SIGNING!!!!

    FACT IS, TODAY AZ GM Hazen, would be all over a trade of Greinke for McCarthy, Kazmir and Maeda!!

    1. Boxout

      I am glad you learned from my lesson yesterday, about judging a pitchers era, on only one game.

      But the problem with Anderson’s 11 innings, is that he was only able to pitch eleven innings, in the three games, he started.

      And most of those innings, were pitched in one game.

      And about your trade about Greinke, I would do that trade, and I wouldn’t be the only one here, that would do that trade.

  13. I’m a liar now?

    Simple math really. 1.5 minus .8 = .7. I could comment on your math skills, but, no need really.

    Psychic abilities? Not really. The ability to read is all that is needed.

    No one said anything about signing “the most expensive players”. While we are in this rebuild mode cost effective players would suffice.

    And your lack of knowledge concerning Hazen comes as no surprise. Again, the ability to read……

    1. Badger: “I’m a liar now?”

      I think a self-professed scholar like yourself knows what the phrase means: ”The great trouble with statistics; liars and cranks will add, subtract, divide and theorize. they will use statistics to prove whatever point one wishes to establish.”

      Truth is, Anderson earned much more of his salary than your “statistics” showed. His 1.6 WAR in 2015 was worth more than his $10M salary. Because of injury in 2016 he was really worth zero, not a negative WAR.

      The FACT remains for all of you arguing against the walking wounded program of McCarthy, Anderson, Kazmir and Maeda vs. Greinke, Greinke was the DISASTER!!

      You don’t think Hazen would jump all over a Greinke for McCarthy, Kazmir and Maeda trade today? I would think the “depth” and $100M savings would be enticing to him.

      1. Boxout

        Anderson did earn his money the first year, but he was paid 26 million for two years.

        With Anderson’s injury history, we were really lucky that he was able to pitch that full year, because the odds were not good at all.

        He was a very very risky bet!

        And by him accepting that QO, that says that the front office had more faith in Anderson, then even Anderson did, in himself.

        Or the front office, wouldn’t have made that QO.

  14. Wow – the same old stuff. People who disagree with each other calling names and denigrating each other. Great.

    As to the issue of psychic abilities, there are several who post here, (myself, among others) who were against the signing of McCarthy and Anderson due to their histories of injury and the likelihood that they would again be unavailable to pitch. I have posted previously on the proclivity of the injury prone to reinjury due to their physical makeup. It’s science. I was not as gloomy on Kazmir’s prospects as he had been largely injury–free for 3 years, but did observe that it seemed like he was signed because all of the other good free agent pitchers were already snatched up.

    As to the idea of trading Kershaw, I am wholly against it!
    1 – Look at all of the teams who were in the most recent post-season. Washington had Scherzer (and Strasburg, although he was injured during the playoffs); Cubs had Lester, Hendricks and Arrieta, SF had Bumgarner and Cueto, Cleveland had Kluber, Mets had Syndergaard, etc. You get to the post-season and win with great pitching most of the time. (The Bosox tried to do it with offense alone but even with the best offense in baseball, they couldn’t win without pitching). Last year the Dodgers had Kershaw and the 7 dwarves until they traded for Hill and it wasn’t enough. They should be trying to improve their starting pitching, not trading their best.
    2 – You win by accumulating as much talent in as many areas as possible. The Dodgers’ 2 weakness last year were starting pitching and offense against southpaws. If you want to improve, you try to supplement what you had and patch up your weaknesses. Trading your one great pitcher is no way to improve your starting pitching.
    3 – The only reason you trade Kershaw is if you are trying to blow the team up to start over. In that case you trade everyone except your youngest players (Seager, Pederson, et al). Does anyone here really support 4 or 5 years of last place finishes in hope that they will be great in 2022? Remember, the teardown doesn’t always work as intended. Many teams do this and don’t recover for years. It depends on how well you draft and what prospects your existing players get in return.

    There is a formula for being better in 2017. It doesn’t including trading Kershaw and having a rotation of 6 Bud Norrises or his ilk.

    1. You never mention MAEDA!!! Any discussion of signing walking wounded pitchers must include him!!

      dodgerrick: “I have posted previously on the proclivity of the injury prone to reinjury due to their physical makeup. It’s science.”

      Well, would you trade injury prone McCarthy, Kazmir and Maeda for Greinke, today? That is the bottom line today. I bet AZ GM Hazen wishes he was in FAZ’s shoes today, with three injury prone pitchers, instead of his one!!

      “Depth and options”!!

    2. Yep rick, nothing new here. The Dodgers laid another egg, we offered more platoons than the US Army and injury prone pitchers were injured. Duh.

      And no matter how you slice it 1.5 – .8 = .7. Simple arithmetic. And $26 million for .7 WAR is a serious overpay. As was Cotton, Holmes and Montas for Hill and Reddick.

      You say don’t trade your best pitcher. You say it would guarantee 4 years of last place finishes. I beg to differ. The Dodgers played like .600 ball without him. They caught and passed the giants without him. His playoff numbers remain unimpressive. We don’t need him. Trade him and his bulging disc to Texas for Hamels, Mendez and Odor and we get the 200 innings now and 200 more later with Mendez and add a 3 WAR team controlled young second baseman.

      We didn’t win with Kershaw in his prime. Time to regroup.

      Was that convincing? Cuz I’m not at all sure about that trading thing.

      1. Badger

        I don’t dis agree with what you have said about Kershaw.

        But we would get more value out of him, if he can pitch injury free, for his entire 2017 season.

        The last game he pitched in the post season, is still to clear in everyone’s minds.

          1. OK, maybe the eyes are fine pre-troglodyte, but, now I am back to my original premise:

            Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Do Figure

            I see you adjusted your WAR figure by -.01 WAAadj. Everyone knows you don’t do that!!!

          2. OK, maybe the eyes are fine pre-troglodyte, but, now I am back to my original premise:

            Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Do Figure

            I see you adjusted your WAR figure by the -.01 WAAadj. Everyone knows you don’t do that!!!

          3. OK, I apologize, that was mean-spirited of me! I knew if I posted that twice, you would be stressing about seeing double. I won’t do it again.

    3. Dodger rick

      You have more faith in Kazmir, then most.

      But if his chronic condition is coming in the way of his control, what good is he going to be?

      He was the leading HR giver, on this team.


    Just saw this on Greinke.

    Zack Greinke’s massive contract leaves Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen without much payroll space to work with, leaving ESPN.com’s Buster Olney (subscription required) to wonder whether Hazen can convince ownership to deal Greinke. Despite Greinke’s off year in 2016, Olney argues that he still has value to other teams, though the D’Backs will have to eat some money to make a deal happen (something ownership wasn’t willing to do in brief talks with the Dodgers last summer). If Greinke struggles again in 2017, however, then his value will plummet and the contract could become a total albatross for Hazen and the team.

    This is a pretty good explanation why FAZ went with the “bridge over troubled waters” and walking wounded pitchers instead of Greinke.

    Cmon, no one want to be on record for trading McCarthy, Kazmir and Maeda for Greinke?

    1. Boxout

      Look above!

      I would do that trade, and I wouldn’t be the only one, doing that trade.

      That looks like enough money, to off set Greinke’s contract.

      There is 52 million between Kazmir and McCarthy alone!

      I don’t dislike Maeda, but I would do that trade, and let a couple of the young pitchers pitch, and maybe find a decent veteran pitcher.

      1. Wondering

        Half of those two pitchers salary, which is there last two years, will pay Greinke’s salary for the next two years, and we would have money left over.

          1. Wondering

            Have you ever seen me propose a trade?

            I don’t propose trades either.

            I just extrapolate on others trade, suggestions.

          2. Art and Michelle, obviously I am the opposite of you guys regarding trades. I get annoyed when somebody identifies a weakness and doesn’t suggest who might be the best player to fix the weakness and follow that with who they think the Dodgers might have to give up to get that person.

            Same thing with saying somebody should hit lower in the lineup without saying what the lineup you would prefer. There might not be a better lineup if the same players are used.

            For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction I guess.

        1. The dbacks would never do a deal as dumb as that one. An ace for 3 rag arm pitchers? (Maeda will join the injured list very soon).

          If Greinke comes back from his oblique, and I have it on good authority he is fine, he could be a very valuable deadline asset. Yes, some salary may have to be eaten, but Hazen is one smart dude. He will know how to handle this. Frankly, the talk down here is Arizona being competitive in ’17.

          1. Bum

            I do give suggestions.

            I just don’t agree with some players, you want to trade.

            Have I ever said anything about you trading McCarthy and Kazmir?

            I have said I agree with you.

            Even the Kershaw trade, you proposed, I could see your point, but I just don’t think this is the time to do it.

            I never say rude things about your trades.

        2. I would rather trade McCarthy, Kazmir, and Ethier for Greinke. I would feel like we would be unfair to Maeda if we traded him after only one year given the type of contract he signed.

          1. Why would anyone do a trade and take Kazmir, McCarthy and Ethier? No one would, even to dump salary.

          2. See Boxout,

            It isn’t about the front office with these pitchers.

            Everyone really doesn’t want to trade Maeda.

            They just don’t like some of these pitchers, that the front office, has signed, not all of them.

            And I told you, most here would do that trade in a minute!

            It would pay two years of Greinke’s salary, and with the money left over, not adding Maeda’s salary, that leaves us another 8 million dollars, to use elsewhere.

            And I wouldn’t be suprised, if Greinke alone, would pitch more innings in the next two years, then both Kazmir and McCarthy.

          3. Rick, I am just adding my support for getting those three off the team. If the Dodgers have to add more players or money that would be part of the equation. We here don’t have to balance a trade, we can only deal in concepts.

  16. 2015

    Anderson, 180 IP, 3.69 ERA, 1.6 WAR, $10M salary
    McCarthy, Injured, $12M salary
    Summary, 1.6 WAR for $22M. $13.75M/WAR


    Maeda, 175 IP, 3.48 ERA, 2.4 WAR, $11M salary ????
    Kazmir, 136 IP, 4.56 ERA, .2 WAR, $16M salary
    Anderson, Injured, $17M salary
    McCarthy, Injured, $12M salary
    Summary, 2.6 WAR for $56M. $21.5M/WAR

    Greinke, 158 IP, 4.37 ERA, 2.3 WAR, $34M salary
    Summary, 2.3 WAR for $34M salary. $14.8M/WAR
    or 2.3 WAR for $34M salary + $15.5M loss in contract value. $21.5M/WAR

    I believe Greinke’s contract lost AT LEAST $15.5M last season. What say you?

    AZ Future salary, Greinke, $170.5M

    Dodger Future salary, Kazmir, $32M, McCarthy, $24M, Maeda, $?????


    Greinke potential $170M ALBATROSS
    Maeda, positive trade value
    Kazmir, around breakeven trade value
    McCarthy, around breakeven trade value.

  17. MJ: “And about your trade about Greinke, I would do that trade, and I wouldn’t be the only one here, that would do that trade.”

    OK, We will see how your $170M Greinke signing goes after giving away three starting pitchers!!

    Wondering: “Neither FAZ nor the Snakes will do the trade, so a rather pointless debate.”

    AZ would be all over that trade!! Usually there is at least ONE trading partner who would make a proposed trade!!

    Badger: “The dbacks would never do a deal as dumb as that one. An ace for 3 rag arm pitchers? (Maeda will join the injured list very soon).
    If Greinke comes back from his oblique, and I have it on good authority he is fine, he could be a very valuable deadline asset. Yes, some salary may have to be eaten, but Hazen is one smart dude. He will know how to handle this. Frankly, the talk down here is Arizona being competitive in ’17.”

    I think Hazen wisely would be ALL OVER THAT!! Another year and it might take them Lamb and Goldie to get out of the $170M ALBATROSS!!!

    I have it on good authority the oblique is fine, but, the elbow is shot! TJ surgery coming right up! The talk in AZ town was being competitive in 2016. Some on us knew better!!! I asked my crystal (eight) ball!!!

    Bumsrap: “I would rather trade McCarthy, Kazmir, and Ethier for Greinke.”

    Your getting “warmer” add in Crawford’s 2017 salary, Arruebarrena, Alexander Guerrero and FAZ might consider it!!

    Dodgerrick: “Why would anyone do a trade and take Kazmir, McCarthy and Ethier? No one would, even to dump salary.”

    Well, I can think of 170 million reasons!!!

  18. Question for the resident DBag expert, Badger, does Greinke have a no trade clause?

    If Stewart gave him one, just another reason Stewart is again roaming the alleys of Hollywierd!

  19. Cool down, Box. Some of us would make the trade, some of us wouldn’t, no big deal since it’ll probably never happen anyway…. this is the Toy Store…

  20. Is anyone else getting the feeling this inactivity presages a FAZian 12 man blockbuster involving 3, maybe 4 teams?

  21. Rick, your argument about not trading Kershaw is missing half of your argument. What might that be you ask?

    If Kershaw and the 7 dwarfs isn’t enough to win who do you replace some of the 7 dwarfs with and what would it cost? Your argument is half baked. Finish baking it. Otherwise you are just taking pot shots at my proposal in drive by fashion.

    1. I would make a run at Chris Sale . He’s young, reasonably priced salary-wise, healthy (as far as we know) and an ace.

      I have no idea what it would cost to obtain him from the Sox and whether the haul that the Sox would want back would be palatable. Backup plan might be Jose Quintana or Chris Archer, although I’m not convinced that either would give the Dodgers what they need.

      1. Rick, is Sale and Kershaw enough to win a WS? If not, why give up good prospects. If you don’t know who it would take then say who you would give up to get Sale. That might not be enough or it might be too much but what it does is tell us what you are willing to live with to get him.

        Would you give up Puig, De Leon, Alvarez, and Verdugo to get Sale?

        1. There are no guarantees of course – there aren’t with any trade. I ask the question “would the Dodgers be better with such a trade? Would it improve on a weakness? Is it unduly expensive?”.

          The answers are yes, yes and no.

          I would probably make the trade for the prospect that you have listed.

          1. I might do that trade as well but I would try to keep Alvarez. I think he could be a co-ace with Urias in a couple of years. Maybe Shefield instead of Alvarez. I would maybe do that trade because I love Kershaw but I don’t think that is the way to go.

            I guess without Puig and Verdugo the outfield would have to be Toles, Pederson, and Thompson with Ethier in the mix and with Diaz in a few years.

            The team would still have holes at third and second if Turner isn’t signed and those holes don’t have long term solutions. Catcher is set with Wil Smith and Barnes backing Grandal long term.

  22. Yawn….

    A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words:

    … and there are no words for this – a second State Championship in his four year high school career!

        1. A red card? Really? I get kicked out? For being bored? Even Mark was bored with it. He yawned first.

          So much more could be said about this. But, I’ve been expulsed.

  23. Here’s an interesting chart showing when the current Dodgers’ 40 man roster was acquired and how.

    Lots of trades by the Braintrust – not many free agent signings. They’d rather trade players/prospects than take on payroll. (Big surprise).

        1. Richie

          I don’t count those few at bats, that a got against the other team’s closers, after Calaspo was traded to the team.

          He never got any consistent at bats.

          And that is hard to do when a player, has only played full time.

          I was suprised that Puig did as well as he did, after he wasn’t played much, but even he couldn’t keep it up..

          Take a look at his AAA stats.

  24. Some crazy trade rumors out there but this one is on a level all by itself:
    Sale, Quintana, Robertson and Frazier for DeLeon, Bellinger, Verdugo and Puig.
    Odds: 12-1. It was from a “writer” on Yahoo Sports. Talk about living in Fantasy Land.
    Why would the Chisox trade their #1 &#2 SP + their closer and 3rd Basemen for 3 unproven minor leaguers and Puig.
    Sale, Quintana, and Robertson have a total of 9 years & $99MM left on their contracts which includes team options.
    Someone is living in fantasy land but I would do it in a NY minute even if it meant we would have 4 LHP in our starting rotation. We could then drop Maeda down to 4th or 5th spot in order to give him more rest.

    1. I would love to swap Calhoun for Bellinger. Maybe Calhoun’s best position is first base. I would add a player if Calhoun isn’t enough to keep Bellinger. Maybe Schefield, Calhoun, De Leon, Verdugo, and Puig.

      1. Very possible. Some will worry that Calhoun isn’t very tall but there have been some very good ones in smaller packages than Agon. Better speed, reflexes, and judgement can more than make up for reach. His baserunning speed alone would probably be enough to offset size problems. But he has to hit, no two ways about that…

        1. Wondering

          Mark said Calhoun wasn’t a faster runner, but he run around the bases fine in that Allstar game.

          He isn’t a slow runner, is the point.

          The Dodgers can’t eliminate players, that don’t fit the mold for quote the perfect size, or they will lose some good players.

          Just look at Betts and the Red Sox’s second baseman.

          They are really good players.

          Baseball is the one sport, that anyone any size can play, unlike basketball, and football.

          And even in those sports, there are players, that are the exception, when it comes to size.

          That is why the Dodgers traded Pedro.

          He wasn’t that quote size for a pitcher.

          But he had extremely long fingers, that gave him a better grip on the ball, then most players his size.

          Some here, say that Calhoun doesn’t move laterally fast enough, to play second in the majors.

          With all of these shifts, I think sometimes, a players defense isn’t that important, if they make the routine plays, and can hit well.

          I would take Daniel Murphy at second, in a minute, because of the way he can hit.

          Hitting is the hardest thing, to do in sports.

    1. Mark

      They made that an easy game to watch yesterday.

      They were ahead early, and just dominated on offense, and defense.

  25. A once is a lifetime thing… and my son had the privilege of winning two State Championships in High School. These kids started out 1-4 and won out – 10 in a row to win it all! We are so proud. They double and triple teamed my son so that opened it up for others. What a win!

      1. I noticed some of the players wearing the black marks under their eyes, something which has always bugged me. My reasoning being, If it really helped, everyone would use it. I thought it was just an affectation to make them look more capable… So I looked it up on the Internet. “I thought we would find it to be like war paint and a psychological advantage more than anything else,” Dr. Brian M. DeBroff, the lead author of the Yale study, told The New York Times. “We were surprised to find a benefit from the grease.”

        1. I was backpacking on snow and found something dark to put under my eyes and it made a huge difference on the glare. I needed to do something and that worked.

          1. That’s what I always thought but after reading that article I’m not so sure. It does say the benefits are minimal. I was hoping someone would comment on the warrior stripes I put on Tweety.

  26. Wondering

    Maybe it draws in the sunlight more, just like black cars, and dark interiors get much hotter, then lighter color cars, and lighter interiors.

    Everybody must be busy this weekend.

    I just got back from going to pick up my prescriptions, but the doctor screwed my order up.

    The doctor made the transfer for all my meds, but the doctor didn’t finish it up, and send the hard copy in, so the pharmacy wouldn’t give me them.

    And I double checked yesterday, before I went in today, so I wasn’t happy.

    And this is suppose to be the coldest weekend this year, and it is suppose to rain later.

    1. I have Humana Medicare which is an HMO type alternative to Medicare. If I have my doctor write 90 day prescriptions, they fill them for free (most of them anyway) from their in house mail order pharmacy and give me a $50 per quarter allowance for over the counter non-prescription items. Can’t beat that.

  27. If no one else is interested in using this facility, I might as well use it for a little daydreaming. Just thinking about what I would most like to eat.
    Green beans with new potatoes, Fried green tomatoes, Corn on the cob, Lettuce with hot bacon grease dressing, Sliced red tomatoes, Cantaloupe, and Corn bread. All from our own garden. Those were the days…

    1. Wondering

      I have Kaiser insurance, from when I worked.

      They deduct
      Medicare B, but I don’t know what that really covers.

      I pay mostly ten dollars for most of my prescriptions.

      I can only get my pain meds, once a month.

      And since my doctor has been out on maternity leave since May, it has been a hassle trying to get them filled every month.

      Tomatoes taste so much better, from a garden.

      It has been raining here, for the last few hours.

      Have you got any rain yet

      1. Not yet, we might get some tomorrow. I had Kaiser for 35 years when I lived down there and I cannot imagine a better way to handle medical care. I would switch in a heart beat if it were available here. The government should just designate Kaiser as the National Medicare Provider, cut out all the insurance companies and price gouging doctors and hospitals who have driven up the price of medicine to where most of the people in our country cannot afford it. Death to all politicians!

        P.S. Are you posting on your tablet yet?

    1. Wondering

      It stopped raining, and it is 48 degrees right now.

      And my dog wants a walk, and he is spoiled, so I probably will take him for a short walk.

      Guerrero couldn’t get with another team, because of his contract, that allowed him to be a free agent, if he went to another team.

      The last time he was playing at AAA on a rehab assignment, they said he purposely did bad, to get released.

      Going to play in Japan is probably a good idea for him.

      When does the Japnese season start, and finish?

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