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How Are The Dodgers Going To Deploy Newly Acquired Tyler White?

The Dodgers are flying into Washington D.C. to begin a weekend series against the Nationals. The trade deadline is looming and the club is already making moves. They’ve announced that Austin Barnes has been optioned to Oklahoma City and top prospect Will Smith has been called up. Smith will join the club in Washington on Friday. Lost in the shuffle of the Dodgers off-day roster moves was that they acquired infielder Tyler White from the Houston Astros in exchange for minor league pitcher Andre Scrubb.

I’m wondering what the Dodger’s long-term plans are for White. How does he fit into the Dodger’s roster? I’m contemplating if the Dodgers are planning on involving him in a bigger swap in the next few days. Or if they are planning on keeping him? How are the boys in blue going to deploy him?

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This could possibly signal that Enrique Hernandez’s hand injury is worse than first anticipated. With Chris Taylor still out with a fractured wrist, and Corey Seager still getting acclimated to playing full time after returning from the injured list, could possibly mean White is there as a backup/emergency infielder. But if we look at his resume we see that White has very little if any experience in the middle infield positions.

White has played just 6 career MLB games at second base, and has never played shortstop. He has just three games at third base as well. Most of the 28-year old’s time has been spent as a first baseman. Note he has made six appearances as a pitcher.

White may not be having a good season this year, (.225/.320/.330 with 3 home runs and a 75 OPS+ over 253 plate appearances); he was a very consistent hitter for Houston between 2017-2018 as a part time player. During that time he slashed .277/.349/.531 with 15 home runs across 304 plate appearances. 2018 was his best season, as he posted a 142 OPS+ and slugged 12 home runs while also batting .279 and reaching base at a .354 clip. During that time White has also hit left handed pitching well in tune to a .299 batting average.

More than likely, the Dodgers are just in need of a right handed bat. If I were to guess, White would probably serve as a pinch-hitter in the late innings and occasional starter at first base against left handers. The Dodgers are down two right handed bats (assuming Hernandez’s injury keeps him out long) and White has been a decent hitter at an affordable price. White was designated for assignment last week, ending his Houston Tenure. Tyler was originally a 33 round draft pick from the Astros out of Western Carolina University in the 2013 draft.

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47 thoughts on “How Are The Dodgers Going To Deploy Newly Acquired Tyler White?

  1. With Kiké, Seager, and Taylor on the mends, maybe it is time to give SS/2B Gavin Lux a shot.

    Actually, Seager has been looking better offensively and defensively lately.

  2. His career stats are underwhelming. If he was a catcher he would have some use. They need another 1st baseman like they need a hole in the head.. I doubt this clown hits his weight. 225.

    1. Scott said last week that Oscar is having some health issues. He should be back when he is well. Giants traded Derek Holland to the Cubs. Royals close to trading Diekman, but the team the trade is being worked on with has not been disclosed. Rumors have the Dodgers as the front runners to get him.

  3. Tyler White, a 5’11”, 225 lb, “Butterball Turkey”. I’m surprised he had not sunk to the bottom of the Walmart Dumpster. Maybe that is why AF had to move fast and dove in quick, to snatch him up before he sunk. Andy just loves to pick up those guys that other teams have dumped.

    They say they needed a right handed bat to fill in for Freese, and his ongoing health concerns. Also to fill in for the injured CT3 and Kiké.

    Hummm…. I would hate to think that this move could be a precursor to a big trade, which would include giving up on Joc Pederson? Poor Joc just cannot make his presence known, with his recently added playing time.

  4. Freese to the IL with a barking hammy again. White added to the roster. Martin is starting at catcher tonight. Deadline 5 days away.

  5. OMG… bottom of the ninth 4-1 Dodgers:

    Jansen surrenders a two-out Single,
    Defensive indifference and (intentional?) Balk, runner goes to third.
    Jansen (intentionally?) hits Eaton.
    Jansen allows Eaton to (intentionally?) steal 2nd.
    Jansen (intentionally?) walks the bases loaded.
    Jansen (intentionally?) walks in a run.
    Jansen (unintentionally?) strikes out Kendricks. Kendrick helped Jansen out of a jam.
    Jansen (unintentionally?) gets the save, thanks to ex-Dodger Howie (Jansen promised him a steak dinner).

    Ryu, pitches another gutsy gem, only to be let down by the offense and defense, giving up only one run. Dodgers found a way to cut down on RISP…. just don’t get anybody in scoring position.

    If not for JT’s long overdue 8th inning, 3-run HR, the Dodgers would have been toast. Kelly gets the win by default.

    Jansen (and Kelly) will not get the Dodgers to the World Series Championship.

    Hello Front Office…. anybody home? 5 days to deadline?

  6. What an ef abortion. This GasKanley thing is ridiculous, the Dodgers are going to throw away another season apparently.

  7. Another good win over a quality team.

    Reports that if it is hard to find value at reliever the team cold get a starter.

    Ludicrous depth and quality player development is a great asset

  8. TThis is the type of move that I absolutely hate. Signing a fringe AAAA player to block our kids. We’ve got a huge lead in the division; we don’t need to lateral in AAAA projects at this point.

    We’ve got kids in AAA waiting. Garlick, Beatty, et all all deserve some more time. Lux is ready. Ok none of them play first base. So what. Move some people around, like Bellinger back to first (his natural and best position!) for a couple of weeks. Actually Bellinger may be running out of gas … maybe give him a blow by playing him at his natural and best position would be a way to avoid a burn out?

    Did I mention I hate these types of signings?

  9. Yueh, they did not sign him, they traded for him. Why, he is replacing Freese, which none of those kids can do. He is a RH bat off of the bench and he plays 1st base. He is not blocking Beatty, Garlick is a RH bat, but does not play 1st. Roberts said today that Lux is not coming up to replace Kike if he goes on the IL. Why? Because they want Lux playing everyday. I am pretty sure they know what they need and what they are doing. White has MLB experience and did reasonably well as a part time player in Houston. They knew Freese had some issues with his knee so AF traded for a guy to fill in. No one at AAA was available to do the job.

    1. Michael, between AAA and MLB there was no one to fill a part time first base pinch hitter??!? Give me a break! They are playing Pederson at first! Why not give our own kids a chance and play Bellinger at first? That’s the issue.

      1. I’m with you Yueh. Playing the “Kids” does not mean they will be wasted as part-time players and pinch hitters. Just because they are farmhands they do not deserve to take on an everyday player role in the “Bigs”?… come on. The Dodgers so-called everyday veteran regulars are not doing their job, so why not sit these veterans, and give the kids a shot.

        Give these veterans a little competition and a little humblness.

      2. Part time.

        They’d rather have the kids play full time.

        And this is all temporary until Freese returns.

        When the kids “get their chance” it should be a full, real chance.

      3. Nobody who is a right handed hitter. Most of the guys who play 1st down there are left handed. Rios, Garlick is RH, but he does not play 1st base. Better check the roster down there Yueh. They got White because he was cheap and he can play 1st and 3rd. And he is a RH hitter with power. Sure, they could have brought Rios or Garlick back, but that did not fill the need. Bellinger is not playing first, and if you read the reports you would know this, because he suffered a shoulder injury diving for a ball there and the Dodgers do not want to chance that happening again. They are playing Pederson at 1st because they want to keep his and Verdugo’s bats in the game. I would much rather have Belli at first, but I have to believe that they know what they need more than I do. And there was no one on the roster who could replace Freese’s bat from the right side. Kike is hurt, Taylor is hurt, there is no one else. Hey, I did not like the trade either.

  10. Connor Joe, who is RH has been playing some 1st base, but he is not on the 40 man nor considered MLB ready yet. The 1st baseman at AA is also a lefty. No one fills the job Freese had.

  11. Bad game all around. Buehler looked good early and then faded. HR’s plague the pitching staff again. Uneventful first AB for White and Schultz looks like nothing special.

  12. Stroman is traded to the Mets for a couple of minor leaguers. Indians get Wood and Arroyo from the Rays for a minor leaguer and some international money. Report has the Dodgers in serious talks with the Tigers about Greene. Not sure how close they might be, but talks are on going.

  13. Strasburg pitched a gem, as Dodger pitching took to the old BP HR Derby game-plan, coupled with sloppy defense again. Buehler struggled giving up 7 runs (which included a two-run jack), of which 3 were unearned due to costly error by Pederson in the 6th. Shultz put the game out of reach, allowing 4 more runs (which included a two-run jack) in the bottom of the eighth.

    Dodger offense silenced by the Nats’s ace. Only three hits and 9 K’s before Seager’s 3 run blast…. by the way, the two Dodger baserunners were walked on and set the table for Cory. A little too late, because the damage was done.

    Tyler White’s Dodger debut was a weak, PH pop out with two runners on, so AF’s dumpster pick brought nothing to the team, today.

  14. Dodgers traded for a utility infielder tonight. Kris Negron from the Mariners for minor league infielder, Daniel Castro. This guy is a no stick player. He is close to the Mendoza line. Has to be a stop gap kind of guy so Kike can go on the 10 day IL. Not impressed with this trade one bit. He is no Chris Taylor, but he is there to be Corey’s backup with Kike and Taylor down.

    1. Sad that they had to waste a Dodger Farmhand to acquire a band-aid replacement for Kiké and CT3. A “Mendoza” caliber, part time player. I guess it makes sense, replace an automatic out for an automatic out. Would have been a prime opportunity to bring up Lux and play him every day at 2nd, until Kiké and or CT3 return. I guess that would make too much sense.

      Defensive woes will no doubt continue. I like Pederson, but the 1st base audition has got to cease. He also has failed to step up his game in this opportune time. He might be a valuable trading piece in the search for bullpen help. The constant shuffling of the infield prevents the players from playing as a cohesive unit. Errors are inevitable.

      The shelfs are bare in the relief market, so it seems the Dodgers are looking for a starter, and move Maeda to the pen…. poor Maeda. But, the trooper he is, he does what ever the team needs, even if it means he will put his incentive laden bonuses in jeopardy.

      The failure of the starters to go at least 7 innings, has really put a burden on the ragged bullpen, and Jansen’s shortcomings have really put a big question mark on the Dodgers’ chances to be successful in October. Not much time left to make a move, before the deadline. AF probably rummaging through the dumpsters during this road trip, as it is apparent that he is unwilling to spend the money, or lose prospects.

      1. Castro not really a prospect at all. He was signed to a minor league deal in the off season. Typical good glove no bat kind of player. It was basically a trade of castoff pieces. I know how you feel, but the fact remains it is very difficult to learn a new position on the fly, especially at the major league level. And Joc is trying to do that. I am pretty sure if he had his druthers he would much rather be out in the outfield. He is playing first to keep his and Verdugo’s bats in the lineup. And in his defense, the entire teams defense has gone from good to mediocre. They have made 20 errors in their last 17 games and went from being one of the best in the NL to the worst. Roberts said yesterday they know they have to get better in that department. Somebody said they should trade Joc for a really good relief pitcher. That won’t happen. I cannot remember a time when a 20 plus homer guy was traded for a reliever. And I am pretty sure AF feels the same way. And again, spending the money is not up to Friedman, no matter who he trades for, if it includes a big salary, ownership has to sign off on it first. Friedman does not control that part at all. They don’t think 7 innings anymore….it is more like 6. Kershaw and Ryu are the only 2 that regularly get close to that. Bigger problem with the starters is not holding leads and giving up homers. I wish I could see the stats on shut down innings. Offense gave Buehler the lead yesterday and he immediately in the bottom of the inning gave it up. Another Achilles’ heel problem is homers. And the pen and the starters are both guilty of giving up a lot.

        1. SPOT ON Michael! I have said this on many occasion about starters including CK, Maeda, Buehler and others giving up early HR’s in the game with men on, thereby putting Dodgers in a quick hole. I have also see the BP do the same with men on that ultimately costs Dodgers any chance of winning the game.

  15. In the month of July, 22 year old cristian Santana has collected 9 R, 15 RBI, and 12 XBH. Accompanied by his .154 ISO, the 22-year old is having a strong month at Tulsa.

    I think there may be upcoming Rule 5 decisions with him.

    1. He was signed in 2014. So he can be exposed to the rule 5 draft if he is not added to the roster this winter. Good chance he will be. One of the brighter spots on the farm. Of course that depends on whether they think of him that way. He could also be included in a trade.

  16. As for Lux, Roberts explanation was that they want Lux playing everyday and he would not be doing that here, the other thing is that Lux is another lefty bat, and they are already lefty heavy.

    1. Bring Lux up for 10 days, or whenever the “automatic outs” return. He can play everyday, and validate or invalidate the soothsayers. Better than a worthless acquisition, of a player who was destined to be thrown in the dumpster. Regardless of Castro’s abilities, it is a loss to have to sacrifice a farmhand in the deal, rather than wait for White to be tossed in the dumpster, and get him for nothing. As far as this lefty righty crap, you know how I fell about that… don’t get me started!?

      1. Same here. But we know AF works in mysterious ways. Dodgers just signed a reliever….Tyler Thornburg…..there is your BP help! They are said to be in serious talks with the Mets about Diaz.

        1. Thornburg? Thorn in the ass….. 7.71 ERA?. Seriously?

          Must have been the Target Dumpster, in Colorado this morning. I think the thin air got to AF, real bad.

      2. No way the Dodgers start Lux’s arb clock for a mere ten day stint.

        What would be the point of that?

        1. Give him a shot. You never know. He might earn a stay til the end of the season, the way these Dodgers are playing.

          If he does well, i’d start him over Kiké any day

    2. Exactly, Michael. But once Lux does get here, one or 2 of the numerous lefty bats would have to be moved. I am for dealing Joc as of now because he is certainly not hitting enough at all to warrant continued experimentation at 1st. It is hurting this team. and as I might have said a while back, this left hand heavy lineup might very well be exposed come the PS.

      1. Just who would you deal him for and who replaces that power? Beaty has some pop, a lot more than Verdugo does, and Alex has been slumping as has Cody, who has seen his average dip about 10 points in a week. They are not going to trade Joc for a relief pitcher. That’s just not a good idea. Especially if it were a rental. You had better check Joc’s OBP. That’s why he is leading off. He gets walks and he is striking out less. They do not have a pure leadoff hitter, and Joc has hit 6 leadoff dingers this year. Beaty is not really a very good outfielder. He showed that on Sunday when he was out in LF, Verdugo is a much better defensive outfielder than both of them. Joc is learning on the fly, not defending that, but that’s a fact and the fact remains that the team wants him over there. With both Taylor and Kike down, Muncy is going to get the lions share of playing time at second. Negron is nothing more than a defensive safety for Seager and Muncy. The Mets would not want Joc in a trade because they also are lefty heavy in the outfield and both of those guys are corner outfielders like Joc is. I do not have all the answer’s, I wish I did. But the fact remains’ that none of us has any idea what AF is thinking or has on the fire. We all have to sit and wait.

      2. I’d move Joc. Joc definitely has pop, but he has not shown he can do it on a consistent bases. He certainly is not popping now. With the HR Derby exposure, pitchers know where not to throw to him. That, coupled with him learning a new position, that has put way too much pressure on Joc. He unfortunately will not be ready to take on a full time role at 1B, come October. Would hate to see him go, but Trade him.

        1. Again, the question remains, for who? Give me a name that is worth a power hitting outfielder, and don’t say Velazquez or Diaz, because he is not getting that trade done. That’s a pipe dream. Joc is like a lot of hitters, streaky. He has been decent all year and I argue the HR derby does not show a pitcher a hitters weakness. They are throwing cookies up there, and no pitcher is trying to that anyway. In a package deal maybe for another starter. I would do that since we are down two starters anyway. For a RH hitting power outfielder, yep, that I would do also…Puig is available….LOL

          1. Well, Michael. Not too picky as to whom I would take for Joc and maybe a couple low prospects, just another arm a bit better than a Dumpster pick, or at least better than they have in the pen right now. Can’t get something for nothing, but at least Joc will sweeten the deal. Not really any premier relievers avail right now, anyway, without sacrificing one or two of the quality prospects.

            Joc may be a power hitter, but too streaky fo my tastes, and the so called power hitter is not even a sparkler at this point. It is obvious the Dodgers are not going to play him regularly if the 1st base experiment does not pan out. He will just be benched and used sparingly against right handers. He can’t even hit right handers now. Streaky hitters do not do well sitting on the bench or in platoon situations.

            I just think it is time to cut ties and move on. I was sad when they moved Puig, but that turned out to be the right call. Same can be said about Joc. They will also avoid having to arbitrate with him next season.

          2. Well you are wrong about Joc’s stats lately. He is only hitting .002 points below his season average. His OBP is .326 over that time. While you might not be too picky about who you would trade him for, I would bet AF is not even considering it unless they got someone good back. And certainly not for a reliever. Packaged for a good starting pitcher maybe, but you do not trade a power hitter for a relief pitcher. It just is not done. By the way, Joc is outhitting Bellinger over the last 14 days, and out homering him. Belli has 1, Joc has 3.

  17. Gammons:

    There are teams facing the pressure to act before tea and crumpets are brought to the board room Wednesday:

    • Dodgers. Andrew Friedman is a really good executive who sees all pictures, big and small. But the Dodgers haven’t won it all since 1988. They’ve made it to the World Series two straight years, and now ownership believes they should win the whole thing. The problem is that …

    Friedman almost has to say the Pirates can have any prospect not named Lux, Smith, Gonsolin or May to go along with Keibert Ruiz….

  18. Ryu gets no run support, and another no decision. These no decisions may end up jeopardizing Ryu’s chances for Cy Young.

    And The Dodger Beat Goes On…. same tune, different smell.

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